Grace (2021) s02e01 Episode Script

Not Dead Enough

Ben, what is that? It's nothing.
Come here.
It's nothing.
- What?, What is that? - It's nothing.
Sorry, madam.
This is a Grace, is it? You called it in? Yeah.
Cleo Morey, I'm the on-call Senior Anatomical Pathology Technician.
- You're new.
- To you.
What?, I'm new to you.
Oh, right, yeah, sorry, that's what I That's why I hadn't I've been at the mortuary for two months.
Have you? Right.
You won't know my colleague, Darren, either.
He is new.
He's been with us less than a fortnight.
We're cleared to take over from here if you need to liaise with your people.
Er, your jacket? - Yeah.
- Er I know it is, it matches your bottoms.
The question was, would you like it back? Oh, right.
Er Mm Probably not.
- Yeah.
- OK, I'll, er It was a it was a kind thing to do.
Covering her.
- Morning.
- Morning.
- DS Grace, do you have a statement? - DS Grace is it a murder? - Is it a murder, DS Grace? - Do you have you any comments? Have you got any leads yet? - Mr Bishop? - Yeah.
Detective Sergeant Potting.
East Sussex CID.
This is my colleague, DC Nicholl.
Can we have a word, please? I'm halfway through a golf tournament.
Can't it wait? No.
Not really.
Oh, my God.
Hol? There's been a development.
You know I've been getting a bit flirty-flirty with you-know-who? So, he just turned up out of the blue last night, really late, and, erm, it all went a bit Christian Grey.
I was wondering Mr Bishop, if you could give me an account of your movements over the last 24 hours.
All right.
Er, yesterday, I was at my office.
I live in London through the week.
I had supper with my financial adviser, then went back to my flat and went to bed.
I left around half-six this morning and drove down here.
Look, what is this about? When did you last see your wife, Mr Bishop? No, no sign of forced entry according to CSI.
I want all CCTV footage from all surveillance cameras within a two-mile radius, and all routes in and out of Brighton.
Yeah, the Home Office pathologist is on the way.
OK, I'll be in touch.
No sign of any blowfly activity.
- They're pretty quick off the mark.
- Recent, then.
Er, pathologist's call, less than 24 would be my best estimate.
Most likely in the small hours.
Oh, we'll need the lab to confirm this, but, erm, UV showed up traces of sexual activity.
Ties are knotted in a Somerville bowline.
Did you know blowflies can smell death from up to five miles away? You don't say.
You've heard of them, presumably? Katya and Kit Bishop.
Brighton and Hove's golden couple, they're in all the magazines.
Well, they don't go big on lifestyle in Carp Monthly.
He's International Rostering Solutions.
Offices around the world.
He's also a dedicated petrol head.
- Races sports cars for a hobby.
- And Mrs Bishop? - Socialite.
- Oh.
They're personal friends of the Police and Crime Commissioner.
They raise a lot of money for charitable causes.
So the Chief Constable is keen that we don't let the grass grow.
"Without fear or favour.
" That-that is still the oath, isn't it? Have you got enough officers on the team for this one, with DC Boutwood still out of the game? Should do, yeah.
Glenn's back today.
If his counsellor signs him off, fingers crossed.
Having your playmate back might put a spring in your step.
Quite an experience getting shot? Yeah, well, it's, er.
Not one I'm keen to repeat.
Once is enough for any lifetime, eh? 'Urgent medical assistance required.
' 'How are you feeling?' 'Yeah.
Yeah, I'm great.
I'm raring to go, you know.
' Can't wait to get back to work.
I mean, compared to my colleague, DC Boutwood, Emma-Jane .
yeah, I was, er I was lucky.
This isn't about her.
This is about you.
It's understandable to want to relativise, Glenn, but it can also become a way of distancing oneself - from the reality of what happened.
- Trust me I'm as close to the reality of what happened as it gets.
I've done the physio.
OK? I'm here.
I've read the pamphlets.
I've I've had a good cry with my wife.
'I've hugged the kids.
I've done everything on that tick list.
'But now I just want to get back to work.
' What about this one? Nah, that's not what he's after, it's not an MG.
- 'Morning.
' - Sorry.
It's It's not a good time.
- Kit, what is it? What's happened? - 'It's, erm' I'm-I'm just about to go into a police station.
'It's Katya, she's, erm' - She's-she's dead.
- What? 'How? When?' I don't know.
But they keep asking me where I was last night.
So, tell them you were at mine.
That's very sweet of you, but I really don't wanna involve you.
- Kit - Look, Soph, I can't talk now.
I have to go in.
So, how did Mr Bishop seem? Like a bloke who's told his wife's been murdered.
You see, it's insight like that that makes me glad I asked you - to join the team full-time, Norman.
- Not the bubbly personality? What can I tell you? Look, he wasn't bawling.
- Quite buttoned down, I'd say.
- It could be shock.
Oh, it could.
OR he could be a stone-cold killer with something to hide.
Detective Superintendent Roy Grace, Mr Bishop.
I'm the Senior Investigating Officer for this incident.
My sincere condolences.
It would be very helpful if you could help us with some background questions.
I've already answered a lot of questions.
I appreciate that.
And I'll try and keep this as brief as possible.
How long have you been married, Mr Bishop? Er Five years, April just gone.
It was a happy marriage? Yes.
Where did you sleep last night? At my flat, in London.
- Can anyone vouch for that? - The concierge, Oliver, I suppose.
And when did you see him? Last night, around seven, when I came back from the office.
And again first thing this morning, around half-six.
He helped me load my clubs into the car.
Can anyone vouch for your whereabouts between seven last night and half-six this morning? I had dinner with my financial adviser at a restaurant in Piccadilly.
That wound up around nine-thirty.
Would you mind telling me what happened AFTER your dinner? I think I would mind, actually, if it's all the same to you.
I have been incredibly patient, but I've answered all the questions I'm going to for now.
I want to see my wife.
It really would be in your best interest to make that happen.
'I want to see my wife.
'It really would be in your best interest to make that happen.
' Nice little flash of temper at the death there.
And a threat to boot.
Whey! Look who it isn't! - Aye-aye, big man.
- You guys! - Hey, congrats on the baby, Nick.
- Thanking you.
- You picked your morning.
- So I hear.
Right, so did he do it? Well, he didn't ask for a lawyer.
But did he kill his wife? I don't know.
- I'll let you get settled in.
- And my wife? I was told I'd be able to see her.
You'll be able to see her when the postmortem's concluded.
Cause of death is asphyxia.
Katya Bishop was strangled with a ligature around her neck of either thin cord or wire.
There are also signs sexual intercourse had taken place at some point close to death.
What is strange is that there are no marks on her body.
Well, you would've thought if she resisted her assailant, there'd be scratches or bruises, wouldn't you? Mm-hmm.
So it could be someone she knew.
You've not been here very long, Miss Morey tells me.
Cle? - No.
That's right.
- How're you finding it? - I like the variety.
- Oh, yeah.
- Where were you before? - Hickson's Abattoir, slaughterman.
It's very thoughtful, what you do.
The care you take.
I'm sure it means a lot.
To the families.
It's nice if it does.
But it's for her, really.
Maybe give back some of what was taken.
Can you give us a minute? I'd like to be alone with my wife.
He's hurting.
Or he knows we're watching.
Soph? I'm under the drier.
What's going on? You haven't seen the news? - No.
- 'It's Kit.
' They're saying his wife's been killed.
' Keep a close eye and a tight rein.
You're the good cop.
- Let him trust you.
- You think he did it? I think any spouse in a murder case is bound to be a person of significant interest, and he's no different.
Detective Superintendent? Roy, Miss Morey.
Sorry, erm, I almost forgot, your tracksuit top.
I'll, er It's perfectly clean.
I put it through the washer-drier we have here.
Wow, that's-that's that's really very kind of you.
- You didn't need to do that.
- No.
Well, it's done now.
Erm, I'll understand if you don't want it.
- Some people are squeamish.
- No.
I'm very grateful.
Thank you.
You'll have to be careful I don't start bringing all my laundry to the mortuary.
Erm, any news on the body from the water? The unknown female? No.
No distinguishing features and decomposition rules out fingerprints.
Dental records? Her jaw's intact, so we'll send those out tomorrow along with her measurements, description and photographs - to the Missing Persons Helpline.
- No idea as to the cause? No.
No obvious suspicious injuries.
So we're waiting on the consultant pathologist to perform a postmortem.
Well, erm, thanks again for this.
I'll, er - Yeah, I'll see you again, I'm sure.
- Yeah.
- What's that about? - Unknown female from the beach.
Oh, er tracksuit top.
What? It's not like that.
- Like what? - Whatever it is that you're thinking.
What am I thinking? That it's something.
And why shouldn't it be? Roy, you're allowed to feel something for another human being.
If you need permission You can't be faithful to a ghost.
'The body was found this morning by a domestic cleaner 'at the home of Kit and Katya Bishop, 'a young and popular couple at the heart of Brighton's social scene.
' Mr Bishop? I thought you'd want 'Hello, you've reached Kit Bishop.
I can't take your call.
'Please leave a message.
' Mr Bishop, this is Detective Superintendent Grace.
Please call me as soon as you get this message.
- Did he have any luggage? - Overnight bag and a laptop.
I've left the FLO on site in case he comes back and notified the scene guard at the family home.
Check with local taxis, see if anyone's picked up a man matching Bishop's description in the vicinity of the hotel between 5:20, 5:30 this afternoon.
Norman, where are we with, erm, CSI from the Bishops' house? Two computers taken for analysis.
Landline recordings requisitioned, that's the same with the mobile phone records for both him and her.
We've got one mobile phone message recovered.
It's a withheld number.
Ten past 11 yesterday morning.
- Have a listen.
- 'I'll see you later.
' Is that Bishop? It doesn't sound like him.
I've been on to the phone company, they're going to get me the records soon as.
But we've also got a car parking ticket found in the footwell of her motor.
Now, it was bought at 11 minutes past five .
Thursday afternoon, in Salvesen Street, Lewes.
Pursuing enquiries.
And that's the same with a petrol receipt from a garage - on the A27 just outside of Lewes.
- CCTV? There's only one camera that covers the forecourt.
We should have that tomorrow.
I'm gonna pop over later, speak to the attendant.
See if they said anything.
When do we expect the results from the DNA recovered - from the sheets and the postmortem? - Monday at the earliest.
Sorry, Roy.
This just in, 10:47 last night, M23 just outside Gatwick, ANPR camera picks up the plate of a Jaguar registered to Kit Bishop, heading towards Brighton.
- Didn't he say he never left London? - Well, he could've come down, - done the nasty, and gone back.
- Can we plot the route? See, once it's past Crawley, the car just disappears off the grid.
What d'you mean, disappears off the grid? It's not clocked again.
So maybe he travels down via B-roads and doubles back to avoid his movements being picked up.
Anything within two miles of the Bishops' house? No.
The Jag, no.
What about on the Northbound M23, heading back to London? Nope.
It just disappears into thin air.
Kit Bishop was picked up by taxi at the rear of the Holiday Inn two hours ago.
- Destination, Hotel du Vin.
- Let's go.
Thanks, Bella.
Who's there? Who is that? Oh, it's you! Jeez, you gave me a fright.
How d'you get in? - Oh, the door was on the latch.
- Oh, erm So what was all that about today? I don't need protecting from the police, Kit.
I'm WITH you.
You've got to tell them about us.
If you were here last night, you couldn't have been there, right? Sure.
- You going somewhere? - I've, er, got a party this evening.
Why? I I thought we might .
pick up from where we left off.
- Someone abandoned that van last night.
- OK, I'll take a look.
That's it, innit? Bingo.
Yeah, we still need to get that other one, though.
The MG.
Take that.
I drove down as soon as I heard.
- Why didn't you call me? - Shock, I suppose.
The police dragging me around from one place to another.
The identification.
It's, erm It's been a day.
- How are you holding up? - I don't know.
The police want me to stay local.
They've put me in this wretched hotel.
Well, you're not staying there.
We've got a suite of rooms on the top floor for clients and partners.
Thanks, but I'd better do what they ask.
That is the last thing that you'd better do.
You're staying here under my care and protection until you are allowed to go home.
Yes! Thanks.
Do they have any idea who did it? The way they're treating me, I think they're convinced that I did it.
Immediate family and friends are always suspects in any murder inquiry.
It's not personal.
I swear to God, Bobbie, they've got me scared half to death.
I know.
But I'm here now.
I know there's making an entrance, honey, but listen, after what you told me today, I'm worried about you.
If I don't hear from you in 15, I'm coming round, yeah? Ah, I thought I'd find you here.
I've, er .
missed the view.
How are you? Good.
Never better.
I'm in the shape of my life.
But there's only so much cash a man can watch people find in the attic before a major incident gets declared.
Yeah, Ari said you'd started to be insufferable around the house.
- When did you talk to Ari? - Er we talk.
We have someone we love in common.
He can be a bit reckless sometimes, but we don't wanna be without him.
- That was just bad luck.
- I know.
But I don't want any more of it.
Not as far as you're concerned.
So, no more heroics, please.
Not after last time.
Just ease yourself back in gently.
Sod that! Roy, I've been stuck on that bench for months.
OK? I'm sick of Grace.
Bishop's just walked into the front office.
He's lawyered up.
Let me have a go at him.
We're curious, Mr Bishop, as to why you checked out of the Holiday Inn and went to the Hotel du Vin.
You care to explain your reasons? My reasons? My reasons are that you told me to move there.
One of you anyway, the police.
The room phone rang around 5:30.
The guy said the place was being staked out by journos - and you were moving me.
- Did he give you his name? Er Canning.
DS Canning.
He said that I should take the fire escape stairs, and there'd be a cab waiting outside the back entrance.
After you checked in to the Hotel du Vin, where did you go? Just went for a walk along the front.
Needed to get some air, clear my head.
Where have you been up until now? I had a drink in a bar and then I went to Ms Vernon's office.
So - is there any news? - I'm afraid not.
Do you have any enemies? Anybody that might want to do harm to you or your wife? Men of Mr Bishop's wealth and profile invariably attract a legion of enemies, as you call them.
What would you call them, Ms Vernon? Free-range disturbed, for the most part.
And these days, that's almost anyone with access to a screen and a social media account, weirdos, beggars, critics.
Long-lost relatives who aren't.
Would-be blackmailers.
We've a department dedicated to keeping them at bay.
- Threats? - Oh, almost daily.
A cease and desist usually pulls them up short, but the more persistently deranged, we pass on to the Met.
It would be useful if we could see anything you've received like that - over the past, say, five years.
- I'll see what I can do about that.
Now, for the record, if you have any further questions for my client, I would like them referred to the office of my firm, which is where he shall be staying for the time being.
Today has come as a terrible shock, it's been a real ordeal for him.
She called me this afternoon in a pretty bad way.
There's this guy that she's been into for a while.
Soph said that his wife had been murdered.
- Kit Bishop? - Yeah.
Yeah, that's him.
He was freaking that the police thought that he'd done it.
- But Soph said that he couldn't have.
- How's that? - Cos he was with her last night.
- What, here? Yeah.
Soph said that that he just turned up out the blue and things got a bit "A little light bondage" is how she put it.
- Cause of death? - Same as Bishop's wife.
I'd prefer we wait on the postmortem before we say that with any degree of certainty.
But, yes, there are similarities.
If it's any help, the ropes have been tied in a Somerville bowline.
The same knot used on Katya Bishop.
Katya Bishop was a tireless worker for local charities and one of this city's most popular residents.
'We offer our deepest condolences to her family 'and we assure them that we will be working around the clock 'to bring the evil creature responsible for this to justice.
' And what about the young woman murdered last night, named locally as Sophie Carrington? Has that been formally linked to Katya Bishop? I'm afraid, for sound operational reasons, we're unable to give details about that particular investigation.
ACC Vosper, if the killer continues to elude your officers, will you allow Detective Superintendent Grace to consult a medium? It's not normal practice for the police to follow such lines of enquiry.
But we will listen to anyone who can provide us with information, and then we will assess how it may progress the investigation.
You don't rule it out, then? I think I've already given you my answer.
Any more questions? - ACC Vosper? - DS Grace? - Nick.
- 'Hi, Norm, I've got a name and address for the account holder 'at the landline that left a message on Katya Bishop's mobile.
' Mr Chancellor? DS Norman Potting.
East Sussex CID.
I was wondering if I might have a word.
It's about Katya Bishop.
But you probably already know that.
Come in.
Do we have anything to place Bishop at the scene with Sophie Carrington? No DNA evidence back as yet, but we have a neighbour who says they saw a man outside the flat who may or may not be Bishop.
They're coming in later to help us develop an e-fit.
- Does he admit to knowing her? - I don't know.
We we're about to question him.
Where are we with his story about this "DS Canning"? Nobody of that name works anywhere in East Sussex Constabulary, ma'am.
So, either somebody got wind that we had Bishop holed up in the Holiday Inn.
Press, possibly? Or? Or he's lying.
On the one hand, he's a credible, grieving husband.
On the other, he disappears off radar, and the next thing you know, a young woman he's supposedly involved with ends up murdered in similar circumstances to his wife.
And all the while, he knows we're watching him.
Is that some kind of compulsion? Or he's supremely confident in his ability to get away with murder.
So Mrs Bishop was with you Thursday evening? Till what time? Erm half-11, quarter to 12, - something like that.
- Ah.
You and Mrs Bishop was a full relationship, was it? She was lonely.
Her husband was obsessed with work and was never around.
So she might've been less lonely than bored and frustrated.
How d'you meet? A charity Katya was involved with auctioned off one of my paintings.
And this is her, huh? How long's it take you to do something like that? A week, maybe.
Mm! Does the name "Sophie Carrington" mean anything to you, Mr Bishop? No.
No, it doesn't.
- Should it? - Not necessarily.
I'd like to ask you about a life insurance policy you took out on your wife with South Laines Assurance six months ago for 4 million.
I'm afraid you're mistaken.
I don't believe in life insurance.
A copy of the policy was found in your home.
As may be, but I've no knowledge of it.
Look I pay people to manage all this for me.
I just sign things.
Mr Bishop's fiscal affairs are quite complex.
It's possible that that policy was a requirement of a financial instrument pertaining to the business.
Or that it's something Mrs Bishop took out herself.
Do you have any further questions, Detective Superintendent? He goes for a walk, a haircut or an ice cream, - I want to know.
Yes? - OK.
No problems, sir.
So she sets up a life insurance on herself that he's paying for but doesn't know about? I don't buy it.
I'll get Nick to chase the financial adviser.
He's lying, though, right? About Sophie Carrington.
Oh, yeah.
He knows her.
Or knew her.
- But you didn't want to push him? - Not yet, no.
When I do, I want it backed up by hard evidence.
So he can't wriggle out of it.
Let's see what her phone records offer up.
If Sophie told Holly the truth, about Bishop being at her place the night his wife was killed, that would put him in the clear for the murder, right? So why would he kill his alibi? Sophie Carrington.
Ligature marks and petechial haemorrhaging suggests cause of death is again asphyxia.
Penetrative sex has taken place, but unlike with Mrs Bishop, the injuries are such it is highly unlikely this was a consensual act.
And there's another curiosity That's the same tattoo as Katya Bishop.
Except this was most likely done in the last 12 to 24 hours.
Can we withdraw a sample of the ink for analysis? If we identify the manufacturer, we might be able to find out - whoever they supplied in Brighton.
- Already done.
Maybe Bishop likes to mark his property.
He denies knowing her.
He's not gonna say he made her get a tattoo.
Look, I'll get a photo of the tatt out to parlours, see if anyone recognises the style or font of someone's handiwork.
Oh, hold on.
Hello? DS Benson Detective Superintendent? Roy, Miss Morey.
Look, erm do you want to go for a drink? Yes.
Yes, I do.
Erm, two minutes? That was Sandra Taylor, analyst at the Force Intelligence Unit.
Did you know Bishop has previous? Two years at a young offenders' for sexual assault on a 15-year-old girl at his school.
And an 18-month probation at 20 for GBH on another woman.
Well, I can see why he might be reluctant to volunteer that information.
- Shall I bring him in? - When we're ready.
If he thinks he's playing with us, let's let him think it.
When the time comes, I want to lay out our cards nine, ten, jack.
So, back to base, yeah? I'm gonna I'm gonna hang on here for a minute.
You're gonna hang on at a mortuary? For what? Er, I'm gonna have a word with Dr De Sancha.
- I'll wait, no worries.
- No, you're all right.
- All good? - You're, er? Booking off.
Booking off, so Yeah, er understood.
- Shall we? - Yeah.
- So, what was all that about? - All what? It's funny.
Most days, it doesn't touch you, and others It's the cruelty.
- That's what's hard to take.
- Yeah.
When you bring intent into it.
The stuff that freaks most people, the motorway accidents, the fires, people barely recognisable as people.
That's just physical.
Because accidents happen, right? And it's not personal and it's it's just any one of us.
- Mm.
- Luck of the draw.
Do you wanna go and get something to eat? Yeah.
Yeah, food would be good.
You recently remortgaged the house on Ocean Rise, didn't you? Yeah.
Had to raise some cash for a rights issue.
We had a brief liquidity problem.
Why? Well, mortgage companies normally require some kind of life-insurance cover on large loans.
Maybe that's why you did it? I'll call your financial adviser in the morning.
Right, I'm gonna go to the workshop for a couple of hours.
Think working on the car might take my mind off things.
What if the police call? You can let me know, I'll be back in 20 minutes.
Can I take your car? They're watching mine.
There's a back way out, right? - This was nice.
- Yes.
Yes, it was.
- I'm not going to sleep with you.
- No Tonight, I mean.
To clarify, I-I am going to sleep with you, just - .
not tonight.
- OK.
- Good? - To have clarity.
I mean, that's assuming you want to sleep with me.
Do you want to sleep with me? Would you like it in writing or is there a form I can fill in online? Thanks.
For what? For not making tonight a history lesson.
I'm not big on all our yesterdays.
Some dates you go on, there's so much of it, you come away thinking you've had a past-life experience.
- Do you know what I mean? - Yes, I do.
But you didn't talk about your past.
Not once.
Nor did you.
- Oh, I'm all about the now.
- Are you? Not the right now, obviously.
I-I think they want to close.
Erm, sorry, can I get the bill, please? - Can I get this? - Please! Did Destiny's Child teach you nothing? You can do the tip.
This is me.
I'd invite you in, but, erm - you might wake the goldfish.
- You keep goldfish? Just one.
For the conversation.
- So do I.
- Oh! Yeah, Marlon.
He's a Kawarimono.
Is he? Kawarimono.
What's that, some sort of Chinese carp? Yes, it is.
I won him at a raffle.
How about you? Er, just, erm, a common or garden funfair.
So, erm Rematch? Sure.
Which one of us had the garlic bread? Oh, that was me.
See, something like that, you need to plan ahead.
Next time.
- Thanks for the lift, Darren.
- Don't mention it.
Er, Cle? What?! Further to the discovery of a car park ticket found in Katya Bishop's vehicle, issued Thursday afternoon at a pay and despair on Salvesen Street in Lewes - Pay and display, surely? - Have you ever been to Lewes? A landline number on Katya Bishop's mobile turned up Barty Chancellor, an artist on Salvesen Street.
Now yesterday, I went to see him, and he admitted to me that he was the man saying, "See you later," on her voicemail.
- So they were having an affair.
- Exactly.
She left him around half-11 Thursday night, which would agree with the time on her receipt from the garage on the A27.
Now, CCTV for that is coming in this morning.
- What d'you make of him? - What, Chancellor? Oh, he's no love for Mr Bishop, but he certainly likes the ladies.
Plenty of raunchy nudes on display, including one or two of Mrs Bishop.
Define "raunchy".
Well, not the sort of stuff you'd want to show your elderly mum.
- You don't know my elderly mum.
- Well, either way, he's coming in at half-nine to make a statement so you can ask him yourself.
Now, I also spoke to Tessa Merrick, who's the wife of Bishop's golfing partner and good friend of Katya's, who said she thought she was gonna give lover-boy the Spanish archer.
She was going to leave him.
For all the philanthropy and charity stuff you read about .
Kit Bishop is a very nasty piece of work.
In what way? Was he violent towards her? Not physically, but mentally very cruel.
Obsessive and extremely jealous.
You said earlier that you have no alibi for after Mrs Bishop left your house.
It was nearly midnight by the time Katya left and .
I fell asleep.
It's been put to us that Mrs Bishop was thinking of ending your relationship.
Is that true? If she was .
it's the first I've heard about it.
So, she didn't break it off with you Thursday night? No! We were going to spend the rest of our lives together.
- If you need to go home, please do.
- No, I'll be fine.
Thank you.
The body you pulled out of the sea, just been identified by her dental records.
Julia Abbott.
Looks like she was dead before she went in to the water.
Julia, head-of-the-PNC-department Julia? - Left to go "travelling"? - She was getting married.
- Has the fiance been notified? - We're trying to find him.
Anything from the garage? A new roof for my MG would be nice.
Actually, I've got a hard-top in the shed.
You couldn't follow us back from work - and help me put it on, could you? - Sure.
Anything for you, Cle.
I'll fetch you back a Turkish delight.
OK, this is CCTV footage of the forecourt of the petrol station.
We're on the Westbound A27 just outside of Lewes, where Katya Bishop stopped at 11:58 Thursday.
This is her there.
Now, the Merc at pump six has dash cams fore and aft.
The rear are facing away, down the slip road to the garage.
Now, these are the headlights of a van that was dumped on the road just outside of the garage.
Now, it was stolen in Lewes that afternoon and belongs to Juwett and Co, which is a South Coast spray painting services.
Meanwhile, the Merc fills his tank, Mrs Bishop waits for a coffee.
Mrs Stacey, who's in the people carrier, she pays.
And what about the driver of the Range Rover? Pays at the pump.
But now this is where it gets weird.
Mrs Stacey, in the people carrier, has her daughters in the back.
Now one of them is asleep, but the other looks across to Katya Bishop's car.
Now, the little girl didn't mention it at the time, but ever since that night, she's awoken with nightmares about a man with a scary face.
Anything in that? Well, normally I'd put it down to kids playing silly buggers, but Mr Juwett, who owns the van, said a gas mask was taken from the vehicle.
- A gas mask? - Well, a a full-head respirator, he uses it for spray painting.
He said that was the only thing that had gone missing.
- Who is, please? - , Gas board, meter reading.
So, what do we think? Did Bishop know that Chancellor was sleeping with his wife? Did he dump his Jag, steal a van, tail her to the petrol station so that she wouldn't recognise his car? Why not just wait for her at home? To avoid CCTV and Traf-cams, presumably.
Yeah, or was it Barty Chancellor getting her back because she'd chucked him? Only he's too smart to kill her at his place.
Or someone we don't know about.
Which of 'em's most likely to know this Somerville knot? Well, Barty Chancellor strings his own frames cos I saw that at his studio.
Bishop's financial adviser finally got back.
Receipt for their restaurant bill is time stamped at 9:57.
He says he put Bishop in a taxi on Piccadilly for his flat at Notting Hill just after ten.
So say he was home by, what, 10:20, he'd have to get from there to the ANPR picking up his licence plate - on the M23 outside Gatwick by 10:47.
- So that's 27 minutes.
It could be done.
He's a professional racer.
Well, let's see if we can get a Traf-Pol unit to make that run in that time.
The concierge also confirmed that he did help Bishop load his golf clubs into his Jag at 6:30, and then he saw him off for Brighton.
Did the financial adviser say anything about the life insurance? Only that if Bishop did take out insurance on his wife, then he did so privately.
- What do you mean he's not here? - My client's not under arrest.
You've not charged him with anything, you've no evidence of any wrongdoing on his part.
He's the grieving widower of a murder victim.
You want to speak to him, make an appointment and I'll see if he's agreeable to meet you here.
So, where is he? Look, I'm sure you think you're helping your client by not answering, but when he does turn up, I want him down at the station where he will be formally interviewed.
OK? - Hello.
, Hi, it's me.
- I know.
Your name comes up.
So, how was your day? Er, my day is the roof of my MG got slashed overnight, so that was nice to come in to.
Oh, no.
I'm so sorry.
'Forget it.
It's probably kids.
' Anyway, Darren's gonna pick me up from work - and help me put the hard top on.
- I'll be getting jealous.
'Why don't you come round later?' OK.
'If you're sure.
' Hello? Who is it? - 'Hello?' - Cleo? L-listen, I've gotta go.
I'll I'll see you tonight.
All right? Bye.
Hello? Jesus, Darren! - Why didn't you answer me? - I had my buds in.
The garage was out of Turkish.
Now let's talk about your juvenile conviction.
My what? Two years in a young offenders' institute for the sexual assault of a young girl.
- No, wait a minute - My client's never been convicted of anything in his life.
It may have been a long time ago and he may have been a juvenile, Ms Vernon, but these offences remain on file.
As does his GBH against a woman committed aged 20, for which he received an 18-month probation.
I mean, we have it on record, Mr Bishop.
This is not my I suggest you check your records again because they're wrong.
How about Mr Bishop's mobile telephone records .
are they also wrong? The last call that Sophie Carrington made was to you.
And on close examination of both your call histories throughout the year, it becomes clear there's a significant amount of communication between the two of you.
Any comment? You don't have to answer that.
I met her at a conference.
It was a flirtation, but that was all.
So you never slept with her? - No.
- Right.
Only, she told her best friend that you turned up at her flat in the small hours of Friday morning and did exactly that.
The last time I spoke to Sophie, I-I told her about Katya and I I felt that you suspected me.
And she said to tell you that I'd been with her all night.
- So why didn't you? - Because it wasn't true.
OK, she thought she was making up an alibi because, well because, well, clearly, she had a crush on me.
But I said it was better to tell the truth when dealing with the police.
Were you aware your wife was having an affair, Mr Bishop? - Was it the artist in Lewes? - You knew about him, then? Not knew, suspected.
I knew she'd got close to him when he did her portrait, but, er, I suppose I didn't want to believe it.
How did you feel when you suspected that your wife was being unfaithful? You mean, did I want to kill her? Did you? No.
E-fit of a man seen by a neighbour outside Sophie Carrington's flat at eight o'clock Friday night.
That's Bishop, isn't it? It's got to be.
So we've got his wife's life insurance, his previous criminal record, why aren't we bringing him in? He and his lawyer say our records are wrong.
But we're not giving that any credence, are we? I'll double-check it with Lorna when she gets in, but I can't see there's anything in it.
I think they're just trying to avoid damage to brand Bishop.
And also, ma'am, we've got two independent witnesses that place him in London either side of the time of his wife's murder.
Yeah, but there's an ANPR camera that puts him at Gatwick, heading south.
We had a traffic unit make the same run and they made it by the skin of their teeth, and that was using blues and twos.
He didn't have that advantage.
- The camera never lies, Roy.
- It could be false plates.
Villains, maybe.
Career crims.
One half of Brighton's golden couple? Please.
Well, they could've switched it on the hard shoulder just after they were clocked by the cameras, couldn't they? You're not seriously suggesting you don't think that Bishop did this? Not for a second.
All I know is that whatever pieces we've got, we've gotta make them fit, otherwise it's not gonna stand up in court.
Oi, there! It's an MG.
- And it's the right colour, look.
- All right, babe, slow down.
I'm gonna miss the lights, aren't I? All right, well, not too far up his arse, you're gonna spook him.
Oh, so that's where he lives, then.
Don't look, just drive past and pull in round the corner.
What the? Oi! Oi! What you doing? Open the door! Oi, this is my bloody car, you little bastard.
Open the door! Here, take this.
- Are you all right? - I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Our car thief is Sonny Kirke, AKA Skunk.
Prolific offender.
High-end and collectible motors stolen to order.
According to CSI, there's no question the vehicle was sabotaged.
Was set to blow whenever an electrical connection was made to the ignition.
The wiring of the central door locking system - was also tampered with.
- So specialist knowledge, then.
CSI's opinion, whoever did this intended to kill the driver.
No doubt.
Look, I'm sorry that it's me that has to ask you this, but is there anybody from your personal life, an ex maybe Erm Well, there was a guy who was weird for a while after we broke up, but that was years ago.
I can't imagine You can never tell what people are capable of.
Erm, is there is there any news on that poor boy? He's in the burns unit.
Could go either way.
This isn't how I live, Roy.
This isn't my world.
Crazy people and car bombs or whatever it was I know.
Listen, I've asked for extra uniform patrols here - and at the mortuary.
- OK.
I'll come round tonight, if that's all right? Yeah.
- We'll find them.
OK? - Yeah.
You really shouldn't be here, Mr Bishop.
I just came back to get a fresh change of clothes.
- And a watch.
- I'll need to go through these.
"An evil creature.
" That's what you called him.
Is that what you think? Well, he's certainly a deeply disturbed individual.
What if it was someone with a genuine grievance? Nothing justifies the murder of another human being, Mr Bishop.
I've been reading about you.
If you had the person who killed your wife in front of you, wouldn't you want to kill them? Well, I don't know that she IS dead.
But if she were, and I had the person responsible at my mercy, I would like to think I'd have the strength to do the right thing.
- Right by law or right by nature? - Right by justice.
If someone had hurt me in that way, I wouldn't think twice.
I doubt Bobbie Vernon would be very happy with that answer.
Who cares what he wants? Your lawyer, Mr Bishop .
Ms Vernon.
I thought you meant Bobby Farnon, Head of Public Relations.
Sorry, it's been a difficult few days.
Now, I really am going to have to ask you to leave, Mr Bishop.
- Hey, Lorna.
- Hey.
Could you look up, er, a criminal record for me? - Kit Desmond Bishop, 07.
- Sure.
I was so sorry to hear about Julia.
One minute she's falling in love and moving to Australia to get married and now What about her family, have they been notified? There was only Julia.
Late and only child.
What about her fiance? All she'd say is he was married but he wouldn't be soon, and that he was very well off.
Right, here's your man, Bishop.
1993, Brighton Juvenile court.
Two years in a young offenders' for sexual assault on a 15-year-old girl.
1999, 18 months' probation for GBH on a woman.
And it's a regular entry, is it? There's no anomaly of any kind? He's denying any previous.
The only time records as old as these get amended is if there's new evidence, a conviction being quashed or a mistake that needs rectifying.
Er, there's an electronic footprint left anytime they're changed.
Actually there's one here.
That's strange.
It's Julia's code.
You think Julia Abbott gave Bishop a bogus criminal history? What if, instead of adding it, she just reinstated it? - Go on.
- Boyfriend's married, right? Loaded.
What if her mystery man is Bishop? Say he got close to Julia, right, he buttered her up, promised her the earth to get rid of his criminal past.
So, why does she alter it on her last day at work? Then why put it back? I don't know, maybe she sussed his true nature, - and was gonna call it off.
- They argue .
she tells him what she's done.
He kills her for it, dumps her body in the sea.
Have you got a minute? I've put together Bishop's movements the night Sophie Carrington was murdered.
Something's off.
Half-seven, mobile phone plotting has him leaving his hotel and heading east.
He's caught on CCTV at Little East Street at five to eight.
Er, that's a completely different direction from the one he'd have to take to get to Sophie Carrington's.
Here's the kicker.
He's sighted again at 8:07 in front of the Arches.
Mobile masts indicate Bishop remained static for the next 45 minutes and headed back to his hotel.
Staff at Arrows, a seafront bar, confirmed he was there, 8:10 to 8:50.
Then how was he outside Sophie Carrington's at eight? I mean, the distance is too great to cover, even by taxi.
Which means either Bishop didn't kill Sophie Carrington or he had an accomplice.
Or I mean, a man can't be in two places at the same time, can he? What do we know about his family? 'I was an only child.
' You know, I found out after my mother died.
I was going through her papers and found my adoption papers.
One small thing, Mr Bishop.
Do you know Julia Abbott? No.
Never heard of her.
Why? Who is she? If you really don't know her, Mr Bishop, it doesn't matter.
She won't mean anything to you.
Did you ever make any attempt to find your birth parents? Katya looked into it, I think.
She got hold of my original birth certificate.
But it's not a rock I ever wanted to look under.
Can we see it? It's at the house.
It's in a safe that's hidden in the walk-in wardrobe.
Birth Certificate.
Desmond William Matthews.
September 7th 1978.
- That's it, then, isn't it? - That's what? 3:47am.
In England and Wales, the time of birth is only put down for multiple births.
That's Kit Bishop's adoption notice, presumably.
It's an adoption notice, but not for him.
Frederick Roger Matthews.
Looks like Katya Bishop got somewhere with her digging.
Derek and Joan Talbot.
Here, look, there's a Dorking address.
Presumably that's Frederick's adoptive parents.
Kit Bishop has a twin brother.
Freddie was premature.
Emergency caesarean.
His lungs were under developed, so he always had a weak chest.
And very bad asthma.
Do you know anything about his twin brother? Only his name.
- He died.
- Sorry .
are you sure Freddie's brother died? Well, that's what we were told by Social Services.
I can't see why they would say he had if he hadn't.
Where can we find Freddie, Mrs Talbot? It's rather important that we speak with him.
- You can't, I'm afraid.
- Why not? He went to a party Millennium eve.
Forgot to take his inhaler with him.
He had a particularly bad attack of asthma.
His heart gave out.
Poor love.
He never really lived much of a life.
Excuse me for a minute.
Yeah, go ahead, Nick.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Biscuit? Thank you.
Yeah, thanks, all right, no problem.
I'll tell him.
So why would Social Services say that Frederick's brother had died? It happens sometimes.
Presumably because they didn't want the Talbots to know that the boy they adopted had a surviving twin.
Desmond William Matthews.
Who grew up to be Kit Bishop.
Bad luck.
It was a nice try, but listen So, did somebody go to the trouble of having plastic surgery to make themselves look like Bishop? Somebody with an axe to grind maybe? No.
Word just in, lab results on DNA found at both crime scenes.
They're a 100% match for Kit Bishop.
Vosper wants us to charge him.
The case against Bishop is watertight.
Whatever Julia Abbott changed online, there's one thing nobody could alter, that's Bishop's DNA results.
Glenn's gonna bring him in.
I've gotta see a man about a car.
You're not sticking around? No-one likes a sore loser, Roy.
I just think it'd be best for DS Branson - to get back on the horse, ma'am.
- OK.
- Well, how's he settling back in? - Yeah, he's, er he's-he's fine.
So how was it you and Skunk went for that particular MG? We were just driving around and we saw it.
He'd been told to get an MG.
So we followed the guy until he parked up.
And then we went past him and round the corner.
And then Skunk went back and You followed it until the guy parked up? What guy? It was parked outside where it happened, wasn't it? No.
We was driving around looking for it.
And then it just pulled out of this alleyway.
What alleyway, Bethany? Bella.
Have we got anything on file for a lock-up down an alley near Waldegrave Villas? - In connection with what? - I don't know yet, but there may be a link to the sabotage of Cleo Morey's car.
'Hang on.
' I don't know about a lock-up, but we've got a flag on an NH Jecks.
Jecks? - What's the flag? - 'Wait a minute.
' Erm A tattoo parlour, maybe? How's that? We got a couple of hundred hits on the ink used on Sophie Carrington's tatt.
A batch was delivered to 11A Waldegrave Villas.
Well, it-it doesn't look much like a tattoo parlour to me.
'Well, that's what I've got.
' NH Jecks, 11A, Waldegrave Villas.
Can you organise a search warrant? And start a dig into Jecks' background.
I think there's a connection with Roberta Vernon's freaks' roll-call.
Will do.
Pick up, pick up, pick up! Come on, come on.
Roy? Cleo, put on the safety chain and don't open the door - until I'm with you.
- Sure.
What-what's going on? 'I'm on my way.
I'll tell you when I'm there.
' That's very good advice.
Cleo! Cleo.
- Cleo! - Roy, he's here! He's in the house! Requesting urgent assistance.
In pursuit of suspect on Ramwell Road.
He's heading for the station.
You called me an evil creature.
We assumed twins, not triplets.
Katya Bishop assumed the same as we did.
If she'd turned the page in the registry, she'd have seen the entry for the third brother.
He worked in the software department at South Laines Assurance Company.
He left three days after Bishop took out life insurance on his wife.
And Bishop's criminal record? Both offences were recorded by Julia Abbott at Jecks' request.
He was posing as Bishop while involved with her.
- Why did he hate Bishop so much? - Jealousy, I suppose.
Three babies were born, one died, one was saved and one was damned.
Freddie went to the Talbots.
He died of an asthma attack aged 21.
Kit went to the Bishops, he led a life of wealth and privilege.
'And Norman Henry Jecks ended up with an adoptive father 'who should never have been within a million miles of any child.
' It was you at the house.
Not Bishop.
"He," you said, when I mentioned Bobbie Vernon.
"He" not "she".
Well, at least now, even you'll be able to tell us apart.
The joke is, that's how it started, someone mistook me for him in a bar.
- You hadn't heard of him? - No.
Only for some reason, I found myself saying, "Yeah.
" I was Bishop.
For the rest of the night, I never put my hand in my pocket.
So you had no idea you had a brother? None.
I thought I was Arthur Jecks' only natural son.
" Oh, I had a younger sister.
Least that's what they called her.
She was my little light in the darkness.
I thought, "At least if he's doing it to me, he's not doing it to her.
" It wasn't till later on I realised that he did it to all the other boys and girls that came through the house, his foster children.
Now, he really was an evil creature, so you'll see why I might take exception to being compared to someone like that.
I always knew something was missing, some .
piece of me, but it wasn't until someone took me for Bishop that I started looking into it and I realised I'd been adopted.
So you contacted him? Tried to.
No, I wrote him a letter to his company.
I just got a curt letter back from his legal department, warning me they'd take action if I ever tried to contact him again.
Legal action.
His own flesh and blood.
I didn't want anything from him.
Not that he couldn't spare it.
Is that why you did it? Well, I thought, if he won't share what he has with me, I'll share what I have with him.
The pain.
The fear.
But it was Katya you killed.
His wife.
And Sophie Carrington.
They'd never done you any harm.
You don't get it, do you? If you want to hurt someone, you don't kill them.
You kill the thing they love.
My father taught me that.
'Jecks is no more my brother than you are.
' Family's not just DNA.
Is it? Well, hopefully, he'll be going to a place where no-one - will ever see him again.
- I'll see him.
Every day.
I will wake up, look in the mirror, and see the man who killed the woman I loved.
And the worst of it is that she died thinking it was me.
That's the last thing she saw.
My face.
But not your eyes.
I've seen Jecks' face, Mr Bishop, I've seen it close up.
The fury.
I doubt that you've ever looked at anyone like that, certainly not your wife.
She wouldn't have recognised that face as yours.
Some small part of her, even at the end .
she would've known that that wasn't you.
I'm gonna head off.
How's Cleo? As well as can be expected, in the circumstances.
She's, er she's nice.
Yeah, I think so.
Oh, come on, Roy.
You don't give much away, do you? Well, you know what? I think it's good.
And for what it's worth so does Ari.
You told Ari? Only that you'd gone for a drink, sure.
Look, you know we both loved Sandy, right? But we love you, too.
It's OK to move on.
Look, you are doing nothing against Sandy's memory.
I'll see you tomorrow.
'It's just until I get my place straight.
' Yeah, I know, I know.
Well, I'll have the spare room and you can have mine.
Don't think that was the plan, was it? There was a plan? Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Whatever you say.

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