Gracepoint (2014) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

1 Previously on Gracepoint I have this thing.
I get messages.
She says she forgives you about the pendant.
If you delete something from a hard drive, is it gone forever? Tom? What are you doing? You have no alibi for the night of Danny's death.
Have you thought more about the baby? I know what you did.
Tell me everything.
Shut your mouth! - Dad, look, it's Danny's.
- Put it down.
Who took my dog? Archie! What are we gonna do with you, huh, boy? They saw a flashlight on in the Harvey Ridge hut.
Somebody's inside.
Emmett: Stop! [Gasping] - Sir, what's happening? - I think I'm dying.
[Dark music] You nearly died on me.
You need an operation.
This won't affect the case.
- I won't let it.
- It already has.
We lost our suspect because you collapsed.
You lost him.
You didn't need to stop.
We're nearly there, Miller.
Male suspect, medium build.
That could be Mark Solano, Vince.
- It could be the minister.
- No, no, no.
I'm going back to work.
I need to finish this case.
I can't let the family down.
You're unfit for duty.
Don't leave, Miller.
No, don't leave, Miller.
Wait, Miller.
That's an order.
[Dark music] (Ellie) CSI is at the hut.
Now, Frank, go through our list of people of interest, questionable alibis on the night of Danny's death.
Knock on their doors and find out where they were last night.
We think the killer was there.
We were close.
Now, we have Susan Wright in custody.
We have her connected to the site where Danny's body was found.
We're contin I'm continuing to question her, but we're running out of time before we have to charge her with something.
We have to find her dog.
She's very attached.
It might help her talk.
You probably already know this, but the boss was taken to the hospital last night.
I don't know when he'll be back.
We cannot let ourselves be distracted by this.
We have a duty to the Solanos, and that remains the most important thing.
So what time is the appointment? 4:30.
I can't do it.
I have to cancel.
What? H-hold on.
Now, you You told Mark about the baby.
You both decided you want the baby.
Why not go to the ultrasound to get to see your child growing? It should be wonderful.
Yeah, it should be.
That's the point.
It still feels wrong, like I'm letting Danny down or moving on from him.
You know you're not.
How can I face this baby that I'm supposed to take care of, to keep safe, when I know that I can't do that? When there are sick people and evil And the people you love the most, you can't trust? Do you mean someone specific? Who do you mean you can't trust? Mark had sex with Gemma Fisher.
You may have known that.
I guess I had an idea.
So then tell me what to do.
Seriously, tell me what to do, Paul, 'cause I don't know if we'll make it.
We are both so angry about Danny, at each other.
To bring a child into that, into all of our sadness? It's all right.
Come here.
Shh I'm scared.
Shh, it's okay.
I'm here.
I'm right here.
(Ellie) Sir.
- Don't start, Miller.
- You can't be here.
And yet I am.
You're gonna kill yourself.
Well, if that's what it takes, then you'll get my job, what you've always wanted.
That is horrible thing I don't want your job.
Probably best, you're not really qualified.
Excuse me? Carver and Miller, my office, now.
I've referred you to the county medical office first thing tomorrow.
I'm not leaving till this is solved.
Doesn't matter if you go or not.
When she sees your medical records in the morning, you're done.
You have until then to tie up any loose ends.
Why take this job if you knew you were sick? Well, I guess I have till tomorrow then.
Carver, I need your firearm.
You're blacking out.
I can't allow you to carry a weapon.
Don't make this difficult.
Okay, see you tomorrow.
Thank you very much.
Okay, bye.
Hold up.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Pull over a sec.
Three cigarettes, same brand you smoke, were sifted from the sand right next to Danny Solano's body.
Plenty of people smoke those.
You gave Danny's skateboard to my son Tom.
Your fingerprints are all over it, as are Danny's.
There are flecks of skateboard paint in your closet.
Now, what were you doing on the beach next to Danny's body? Where's Archie? Where's my dog Archie? All right, Susan, or Ruth, or whatever your name is, I have been working this case a long time now, and I'm out of patience.
Tell me how you got that skateboard.
If you refuse, I will charge you with obstructing a murder investigation, and then you're gonna end up in custody, and if you end up in custody, what will happen to Archie? If there's no one there to take care of him, he could be put down, and that would make us all feel terrible.
I was out walking, me and Archie, middle of the night.
We went up the hill from the Trailer Park out onto the cliff.
When we got up there, I saw it down on the beach.
Saw what? The boy's body, lying there.
And then? We went back down the hill onto the sand.
What time was this? 2:00, maybe 3:00.
That's when you walk your dog? It's nice that time of night.
So you were on the beach.
He was all splayed out.
Skateboard was next to him.
And then what did you do? Had a cigarette.
Then another.
Stood there for a while looking at him.
He was beautiful.
Hey, mom, just a reminder that rent's due on Monday, so you should probably call the landlord and let him know you're not gonna pay on time.
Damn it.
Call me back.
[Sighs] You need some help with that? No, thanks.
I'm fine.
Fair enough.
Look, you've made it pretty clear that you hate me.
That's a strong word.
Well, at least that you don't want anything to do with me.
You and just about everyone else I've met in this town.
So what are you doing here? Saying sorry.
Saying good-bye.
Boss pulled the plug? That too.
Listen, there's one thing that I want to tell you before I go, and you can take it or leave it.
Let's say he'll leave it.
No, she's just about to go.
Let's hear her out.
About Danny Solano? It's about Detective Carver.
You have one minute.
Heather Jenks works reception over at the hospital.
I met her when I went to ask about Tom Miller's injury.
She left me a message this morning.
Saying what? He has a serious heart condition.
He collapsed on the job.
Now he's discharged himself.
And you're just letting this go? You're not gonna use this to push him on everything, on Rosemont? There are some halfway decent writers who happen to live and work in Gracepoint.
I figure you've got it covered.
Sir, are you all right? Bring me up to speed with great economy.
I clearly don't have a lot of time.
Susan Wright saw Danny's body on the beach the night he was killed.
We've got a match for her prints at the hut, but the park service has confirmed that she cleans there.
No prints or DNA found on Danny's body.
You don't think she killed him.
I really don't, but she knows something.
I'm sure of it.
Well, don't stand there talking to me.
Go get it out of her.
[Dark music] Do you have children? Yeah, why? If you have kids, I don't understand how you could stand over his body smoking and then just keep walking your dog.
I knew someone would find him.
Didn't want to get involved.
You people destroyed my family.
How? - Doesn't matter.
- It does to me.
Maybe I care more about people than the other cops you've dealt with.
My husband was an electrician.
We had two girls.
He used to have sex with the older one.
I didn't know.
Then he tried it with the little one.
My older daughter decided to protect her baby sister.
She got herself killed.
He told me she'd run away with a boyfriend.
After a while, your kind came, started asking questions, charged him with murder.
They put my younger one in foster care.
He told them I knew, that I was a part of it But I didn't know.
I never knew.
Look at you, same expression they had.
I'm just listening.
They found her body buried in the woods three miles away.
I was pregnant.
Social services took the baby, said I was an unfit mother.
My husband was convicted.
Hanged himself two months later in his cell.
Death gets its claws in you, it never lets go.
I was Looking at that boy's body on the beach wondering if my girl looked that peaceful after he killed her.
I don't bet she did.
Thought you were at work.
Mark, can we talk for a minute? Oh, you want to talk? Why don't we start with you telling me what you were doing with Paul Coates today? I was trying to figure out what you were doing over there in the middle of the day in his apartment.
A little confession, a little one-on-one prayer session, is that what it was? - I went for advice.
- Oh, my God.
Don't shake your head.
He's our priest.
I wish he'd act like it.
And he is my friend.
I went because I was scared, because I woke up this morning, and I knew we had this ultrasound today, and I didn't want to go.
So we're back to this? - You said you want the baby.
- I do want it.
Then what's the problem? - I want it to be happy.
- Oh.
I want it to have a happy family, not Whatever we have turned into, broken, miserable, fighting.
Oh, is that what you told Paul? Pretending one trip to the Bowling Alley fixes everything.
What else did you tell him? You tell him about Gemma, 'cause now he's gonna act all holy when he's trying to get in your pants.
- He's not trying to get in my pants.
- Yeah.
And he's looking to break us up.
Oh, my God, if you would please just listen.
He told me that he is not the right person to counsel me about our marriage, and he gave me a card, someone in winstead that we can go to.
Yeah, a shrink.
A psychiatrist, someone who deals with loss.
Have fun.
Mark, please, will you just be open to it? Open to what, talking to a stranger? Probably like a little friend of his.
You think I want to do that? Why are you doing this? Because I love you, Mark, I love you.
Don't you get that? Oh, my God, I don't care.
I do not care.
I don't care about Paul, all right? I just want us to be okay, you and me.
Please tell me that is possible.
Oh, hey, Tom.
You look healed, walking well.
Can I please have my computer back? It's sitting in my office.
I haven't been sure what to do with it.
How about you just give it back? Have you talked to your mom about why you were smashing it? You know, I listen to people's secrets all the time.
It's part of my job.
Was something on there about Danny? About that backpacker, pierson? That's got nothing to do with it.
Are you trying to protect someone? You need to tell me the truth, Tom.
Otherwise, I'll have to have a talk with your mom or Detective Carver.
You do that, and I'll tell them you hit Danny on the camping trip.
Why would you tell them that? Tom, you need to think about what you just said.
You're the one that needs to think about it.
Tom! You are the last person that I expected to call.
I thought nothing was a surprise to you.
Is that what you came here for, to make fun of me? What do you want? Prove to me you're for real.
I did already.
I told you about the pendant.
That she forgives you.
What does that mean? I think you know what it means.
I could see it when I first said it.
I can see it now.
That's what I'm getting from you.
That And you've been here before.
- Excuse me? - You have.
You've been here in Gracepoint before.
I'm right, aren't I? The Solano case I'll take anything, because I'm running out of time, so if you have something, please give it to me now.
Thank you.
The message from Danny about it being close to home That felt the strongest.
What does that mean? Close geographically? Family, friends, what? I don't know.
Just don't ignore it.
- Detective Carver.
- No.
You don't even know what I want.
I know the answer: No.
- How you feeling? - Why? Since you left the hospital, how are you feeling? You want to tell me what you're doing? You were rushed to the hospital last night, and you checked yourself out this morning.
That's not the first time you've done that.
My instincts tell me your health is your own business.
Help me follow my instincts.
What do you want? An exclusive.
On what? Here's what I'm struggling with.
I know these cliffs.
I've lived here all my life.
If you're walking your dog, you can't see straight down.
Unless you go right up to the edge and lean over, you couldn't have seen Danny's body.
It's the wrong angle.
You don't believe me, that's your problem.
I'm convinced you saw more than you're saying.
I didn't see anything.
Just like you didn't see what your husband was up to.
You want me to believe that if only you knew, you would have said something to save your daughters, so tell me what you know about Danny Solano.
What did you see? A boat.
I wasn't up on the cliff.
I was down on the beach.
I saw a boat come in.
(Ellie) How many people on board? - (Susan) One.
- (Ellie) That's it? Yeah, took the boy's body out of the boat, laid it down on the beach.
Then he got back in the boat and took off.
Did you recognize the person who laid Danny's body on the beach? I did.
His name is Vince.
He works with the boy's dad.
[Police radio chatter] You have the right to remain silent.
(Vince) I won't be gone long, ma.
Just stay inside, all right? [Ellie murmuring] (Vince) I'll be right back, ma, okay? [Dog barking] So he likes weapons, knew Danny well, built his skateboard, right? I think so.
Tom's too.
Is after Mark for a raise.
What else? Any history of violence, mental health issues? He's had a very rough time at home.
No dad, no siblings.
He's had to care for his mom on his own.
She said something very strange to me at the house.
She said that Vince loved Danny and that he put him on his arm.
- What does that mean? - I asked, did he pick him up? Did he carry him around? Maybe did she mean when he was little? She couldn't answer.
She's very in and out.
Do you know this woman, Vince? No.
Did you build a skateboard for Tom Miller? Yeah.
- How about Danny Solano? - Him too.
Why did this woman have the skateboard - you built for Danny? - I don't know.
- You didn't give it to her? - No.
Do you own a dog, Vince? - Not really.
- Not really? What, you own one sometimes? This funny to you? No, it's not funny.
Why was there a dog in your garage? Someone asked me to watch him for them.
This woman, Susan Wright, who you say you don't know, hmm? If you're gonna lie to me, Vince, at least have the respect to lie well.
The night of Danny Solano's death, first you were with Mark, and then you weren't.
Then you were home with your mom, but then she fell asleep after you gave her cough medicine, so we still have no clear idea where you were.
I don't know her.
Can I please see your arms, Vince? You want to see my arms? Your tattoos.
Take your shirt off.
Now the other one.
Got it after he died.
You put the name of your boss' son on your right arm? Yeah, what's wrong with that? That was great, Mrs.
Thank you.
Just call me Beth, please.
Solano makes me feel like I'm Mark's mother.
Oh, yeah, none of us want that.
[Laughter] Well, I got you something.
For me? For all of you, the family, for letting me in.
Mostly for the new baby.
It's so soft.
Thank you.
It's the first one.
- I'm sorry if I - No, it's all right, buddy.
Just kind of a big day.
- You're all right, though, right, babe? - Mm-hmm.
Should we bring Pete some dessert, ask him about Vince? I already, um, talked to him before we ate.
There's no new news.
It's not Vince, dad.
You know it isn't.
- I mean, do I? - Mark.
No, I mean, I just don't know what to think anymore.
Like, he's been asking me for a raise every week since last summer.
So what are you saying, that he would take that out on Danny? He wouldn't do that.
Chloe's right.
I went out hunting with them once, and the way the two of them were just joking around, nonstop talking, you would think they were brothers.
Wait, he Th-they went hunting? When was this? A while ago, like October, November.
I mean, they said they'd been out before.
They said you knew.
We didn't know.
Is this yours, Vince? Yeah.
What'd you use it for? I hunt.
Did you spend a lot of time with Danny? Yeah, he he was my friend's son, so Yeah, your friend who called in, who said you took his son hunting without his parents' permission.
Did you take Danny out hunting the night he died? No, no, I didn't.
Let's talk about the skateboard.
Did you charge Danny for it? The kids all paid me.
Right, makes up for the money you're not getting from Mark.
What is this? Mark pays me fine.
Yeah? How do you know Susan Wright? I don't know her.
I've told her to leave me alone, but she just keeps harassing me.
Susan Wright has told us she believes you killed Danny Solano.
That's insane.
Did you kill Danny Solano? Did you use the butt of your rifle and smash his head in? I would never do that! Why would I kill my friend's son? You tell me.
Why does Susan Wright think you did? What's she got to harass you about? Vince.
She says she's my mother.
[Machine pulsing softly] I told you They took him away from me when everything happened.
I never knew where he ended up, whether he was all right.
Then the law changed.
It was okay to make contact.
Took me 18 months to track him down.
No one ever told me I was adopted, not till she showed up.
The lady who adopted him, she hid all the letters I sent.
Never got one response.
Turns out she's lost her mind, dementia, but she knew what she was doing.
He thought she was his real mother until I tracked him down.
Now, that's not right, not at all.
(Susan) If I'd known how things would go, I might've handled it differently.
He Didn't want anything to do with me.
Pushed me away, shut me out.
(Vince) She doesn't belong here.
With everything that's happened, it's too much to handle.
When you took home that skateboard Did you know he had made it? Yeah, I thought he might want it back, that if I took it, he'd have to talk to me.
She kept saying that I needed her, that we needed each other.
I thought I was protecting him.
You sure she's not the one who killed Danny? Because she's that sick.
She lies about everything.
(Ellie) Does he know about your family, about what happened? Don't you dare tell him.
But here's where I'm confused, Susan.
If Vince is your son and you want to be reconciled, why tell us you saw him at the beach that Thursday night? I'm a mom too, and I'm sure whatever my child did, I would want to protect him.
Well, I am protecting him.
Don't you get that? I see how angry he is, and I'm scared for him, other kids.
It's not his fault, but it's clear just looking at him.
That boy is his father's son.
He murdered that child.
(Susan) So what else is he capable of? Who's he gonna hurt next? [Vince chuckles] She lies about everything.
She claims that I'm her son.
That bitch is insane.
Why would you believe anything she says? There are articles in here about her Her husband, and their children.
I think you might want to read them.
(Ellie) You did what? He deserved to see it, and it could help us.
- I promised her.
- Well, you shouldn't have.
We need everything out now.
We need to cut through what's linked to Danny and what isn't.
These are people's lives you're screwing with.
I should file a complaint.
Go ahead.
Add it to the list.
I'll sign it.
Vince is our prime suspect.
He had a weapon, a family history of violence.
He was seen with the body.
Anything I can do to break him down, I'm gonna do.
You should have let her tell him.
You should have waited.
What else should we wait for, huh? - We're running out of time.
- You might be.
- I'm sorry.
- Look at this.
The call from last night telling us the light was on at the hut the trace came back.
It's Danny's cell, the missing smart phone.
My God, Danny's killer called in.
Why would they do that? Why tell us where they are and then take off? It's like they're trying to provoke us.
[Phone ringing] [Click] Carver here.
All right, all right.
I'll be right there.
(Paul) This is Tom Miller's laptop, or was.
I caught him smashing it in his driveway.
You just stumbled across him? Happens a lot these days.
I was on my way home.
That's the route I take.
Any idea why he'd destroy it, what he was trying to get rid of? I tried to get him to tell me.
You think it had to do with Danny? Honestly, my sense is, Tom's scared.
He and Danny were best friends, but they'd been growing apart.
Why do you say that? I'd seen it, overheard things at Sunday school.
Danny quit his dad's team.
Tom made fun of him for doing that normal 12-year-old stuff.
But that doesn't mean he's not afraid that you'd make more out of it.
Detective Miller never said anything.
She might not have known.
I should let you know, Tom threatened to tell you that I hit Danny if I handed this over.
And did you hit Danny? I did not.
I need a favor, quick and discreet.
Things are complicated here.
How are you with damaged hard drives? [Distorted music] All right, we're letting you go.
What about Vince? Vince is staying.
Does he know about our family? He was told.
I'm so sorry.
You're all the same.
Can I see him? Tell them you made a mistake.
Tell them you lied about seeing me there that night, then get out of my life.
I'm so lonely, Vince.
Just be sweet to me, son.
If you don't tell them that you lied and then leave this town, as soon as I get out of here, I'm gonna slit your dog's throat, then I'm gonna come after you.
Do you understand me? You're just like your father! You're sick, just like him.
That's enough.
Let's go.
You've got him in you.
It was you I saw that night.
It was you! [Metal door clanks] (Emmett) There's not much I can tell you.
I was pursuing a suspect.
There was an incident, and I was injured.
Can you name the suspect? No.
Give us time to close this case.
We're almost there.
Like you were in Rosemont.
I'm sorry? In Rosemont, you had your guy.
Case fell apart.
Why don't you tell us what went wrong? Why don't you ask your friend Renee Clemons? Or just read what she wrote? She had it all covered.
(Kathy) All? Rene thinks you're hiding something, that there's more to the story.
Does she? Why don't you let us decide if there's more? Unless you'd prefer that all of Gracepoint learn about your hospital visit.
So you're threatening me? There must be some part of you that's sick of having a secret.
Keeping a secret like that's exhausting, weighs on your heart.
Hey! Oh, at least you love me.
Yes, you do.
You'll need to report in to us every evening at 6:00.
Shouldn't be a problem.
Why do you keep looking at me like that? Back then, in your own house, how could you not know? Your husband, your child.
Come on.
(Emmett) We knew we had the right guy.
The trial was underway, but the evidence was circumstantial.
And then we tracked down a car that he'd sold before his arrest.
One of my detectives found the pendant belonging to one of the girls.
There were prints on it, our smoking gun.
My detective was taking the bag of evidence back to the station, and she stopped at a hotel on the way for a drink And her car was broken into.
CD player, GPS, all taken.
Quick in and out.
Kids probably.
- And the pendant.
- Yeah.
We couldn't make the case after that.
He's still out there.
Why'd she stop at a hotel? [Ahem] She was having an affair with one of the other detectives on the team.
They thought they'd celebrate.
Renee's coverage, all the papers, they said it was you who lost the evidence, your car.
Happened on my watch.
(Owen) Right, but that detective She was my wife.
We have a daughter.
I didn't want her knowing that about her mother.
Those parents think it's your fault.
That's an enormous strain.
People deserve to know about this.
Do they really? Do me a favor.
Tell the families first.
Tell them I haven't given up on their daughters.
The Rosemont case is still open.
Then do whatever you want.
Put it on your front page.
Let Renee know she was right.
Just please don't name that detective.
That's all I ask.
I'm done.
- Miller! - Yup.
Forensics from the hut.
Boot print in the mud up the hill matched with the print they found inside, man's size 10.
What's Vince Novik's shoe size? Uh [papers rustling] So what? Susan did see Vince? We're back in with him first thing in the morning.
By the way, Tom and Danny How close were they actually? They were best friends.
Paul Coates said there were tensions.
They were drifting apart.
What? When did he say this? Just today.
You know, you do this when you get desperate.
You lash out at people.
When was the last time Danny was at your house? It's 2:00 A.
I don't know.
A month before he died, two months? Maybe longer.
Can we borrow Tom's computer? Would you bring it in tomorrow? Fine.
Have a good night.
[Whispering] What are you doing? [Whispering] Where is his computer? Can't this wait till the morning? It should be here.
Where is it? We'll find it tomorrow.
That's what you always say: "We'll do it tomorrow.
We'll find it tomorrow.
We'll do it tomorrow.
" What are you mad at me for? - I didn't do anything.
- I know.
You never do anything, and I feel like I'm carrying oh, I just all I do is work, and all I do is worry, and you you haven't even painted this room.
It's been months.
What Do you do all day? [Phone vibrating] It's my sister.
What does she want? You got it? [Paper rustles] Oh, I knew you'd come through, my softy sister.
Wouldn't let me get evicted for missing rent again.
Okay, Sara, we're running out of time, okay? My boss, I think, is being let go tomorrow, and I'm scared another child is gonna get hurt, so tell me what you saw.
The night Danny was killed, I was well, I admit it.
I was driving back after drinking too much.
I took hill road through the woods, and I saw, as I came up the slope towards the shore, a Solano plumbing truck parked off the road in the trees.
I saw a man with a wool hat come around the side carrying something heavy wrapped in a tarp.
I didn't see his face.
You're only telling me this just now? It was the only thing of value I had left.
Plus I'd had more than a few drinks, and I wasn't completely sure.
I don't know if it was Mark or not, but it was definitely his van.
It wasn't Mark.
I know who drives that van.
[Suspenseful music]