Grand Army (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

See Me

[tense music plays]
[keys tapping]
So look,
we got an hour and a half to make $47.
It'll be easy. We got this.
If we want Dom
to make good with Administration for us,
-we'd better fucking do this.
-Oh, come on. We good. We got this.
-All right. You ready?
-Yes, sir. Let's get it.
One, two, a-one, two
[playing jazz music]
[reporter 1]
Today, citizens of Brooklyn, New York
await answers following Friday's
devastating attack in Grand Army Plaza.
Schools are in session,
subways are up and running,
-but tensions are high.
-[hip-hop music plays]
[reporter 1] Mosques in California,
Georgia, Minnesota, and New York
were evacuated over the weekend
due to threats of violence.
And in Washington,
we've seen the debate
around immigration intensify.
But here's the thing:
this kid was American.
Look, we are experiencing
an epidemic of terrorism in this country
from far-right extremists
and never do we see
the racial profiling of young white men
like we see of young brown men.
When a brown man commits a crime
in this country,
people use the incident,
no matter how rare,
to validate their bigotry.
It's the politics of privilege.
[man] Hey.
Good morning.
[reporter 2] In an interview last night
on 60 Minutes
God, these people.
that he often expressed
strong political
What? It offends your politics
if I call terrorists "these people"?
Racism offends my politics.
-I just want you to be careful today, OK?
-I think I should put you in an Uber.
-No. The subway's fine.
[dad] I just want you
to be really aware of what you're doing.
I'm very aware of what I'm doing.
Are you?
Do you seriously think
that you get to question me
and my choices right now?
[dad] Just be careful, OK?
Let me know if you--
These bitches don't like me ♪
These bitches wanna fight me ♪
And doin' shit just to spite me ♪
I see 'em talking on the IG ♪
Think you jealous maybe high key ♪
I got the juice, I got the high seat ♪
If you get stopped today,
I don't want you talking back.
Show them you're not
like these sick Muslims.
I can definitely, 100%,
host my art show at the restaurant, right?
I don't understand
why you need to call it "feminist art."
OK, thank you.
[dad] Do you know how these people
see you? Especially after Friday?
Yes. And you remind me every time.
[dad] So you need to work harder.
He does!
[dad] If he had worked harder,
do you think he would have been deferred?
[mom] Life is about priorities.
Not your swim team. Not your girlfriend--
[Meera] Oh my God. He gets it.
If they ask to check your backpack,
be polite.
Hey, you're "their son."
They have big dreams for you.
They have dreams for me too.
Be a good girl
[tense music plays]
be a virgin,
marry an Indian guy,
have Indian babies
What's going on with your shirt?
Joey Del Marco is doing
a no-bra thing today
'cause dress code's sexist.
I'm protesting with her.
That's dumb. Put that back on.
-So, my natural breasts are dumb?
[playing jazz music]
[jazz music continues in distance]
[jazz music continues]
[crowd applauds]
Yo, Brooklyn, show your love
for my boy Owen Williams!
[woman] Yeah!
-[Jay] Let's go!
-[whooping, cheering]
Excuse me.
Hold up. Hold up.
It's time to wrap this up, guys. Let's go.
-Just let us play one more?
-Today's not the day or the time for this.
We're working towards a goal.
We're almost there.
I already told you no.
-Come on.
-Wrap it up.
-You don't like our stuff?
-Yo. Jay, come on, bro.
Yo, everybody give it up for NYPD.
-Keeping us safe.
-[man] All right!
[Jay] Look, see? See?
See? Come on, man. They like our music.
[tense music plays]
I'm scared.
[sirens wail, dog barks]
-She wants to, like, smash my face.
-Wait, wait. She's up there.
Fuck. This is a nightmare.
Do you think she's pretty?
I mean, yeah.
OK, let me show you
George's thing one more time.
"Yo, Luke's all good.
Broken leg. I'll hit you up."
I mean, what is that
OK, wait. She's gone. Let's go.
-So the girls are doing this--
-If he was actually into me,
he would've DM'd me
more than once since the party.
Right? They all hate me
because of Luke's accident.
I really don't think they do though.
Hey, you guys.
-What the fuck? Don't.
-Wearing them loose today, right?
Yeah, totally. Boundless!
-Wait. What?
-The dance team thing.
I was trying to tell you
What are you doing?
I need an older guy's opinion
on the George thing.
-[loud bang]
-[students exclaim]
[boy] What was that?
-[kids laughing]
-[boy 2] Are you all right?
Rachel, are your boobs itchy
or something?
Is it obvious they're lopsided?
[sighs] Fuck, this is so bad.
OK, what if I went
No. No, that just accentuates it.
But why aren't you wearing a bra?
[boy] OK!
For the ladies with that ♪
Where my girls with the blonde hair? ♪
Where my girls?
Where my girls with the jet black? ♪
-[echoing] Yo, guys!
-Where my girls with the purple hair? ♪
-Whip it, whip it everywhere ♪
-I'm right here!
Whip, whip it everywhere ♪
Whip, whip, whip it everywhere ♪
Looking pretty obscene, girl!
[Anna giggles]
Yeah. Isn't that the point?
[Luke] Yo, nice.
Yo, I can't believe you made these, Jo.
-Y'all crafty as shit.
-Just don't put them on until after.
We know the plan.
[Joey] OK.
Seriously, do I look like a porn star?
No, it's mild. I was just fucking around.
-Thank you.
-Hey, check me out.
Wow, ultra-mild.
I'm just fucking with you. You're perfect.
[Luke] You're gonna put something over it
before the AP bio.
-[Tim] Why should she?
-We got a quiz.
Bro, part of the point
she's trying to make
is that her body isn't a distraction.
[Luke] I know.
I'm obviously down for that.
If it does distract you,
-that's your problem, not hers.
-I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one.
-[both] No!
-[Luke] Timmy, you dick.
If you think you're schooling me
on misogyny
like I don't fucking understand?
Yo, please.
[squeals] I love you guys! My woke boys.
Yes, I'm gonna cover up
until after the quiz.
I'm not giving that bitch
the satisfaction of failing me.
Me and my bitches
We about to start a riot ♪
[boy] Slut.
[Anna] Yo, say that again.
I fucking dare you.
To my girls in every shade
Getting paid, getting good grades ♪
Stay prayed up
Perfume stay sprayed up ♪
[Joey and Anna giggle]
So, are you gonna go braless with us?
OK, don't do it then. I'm just saying
that the dance team mandated it.
So, I have to, for solidarity or
I don't feel like I need
to make a statement by doing that.
-[George] Hi.
-[Rachel] How's your leg?
-[Leila] Oh my God, yeah. Um
I'm so sorry about Friday night.
Are you OK?
I heard you're gonna have to sit out
a few of your swim team matches.
Yeah, it's your fault.
Look, uh, Luke's parents
need your parents' contact info.
-For what?
-The lawsuit.
I'm suing you.
[Luke and George snicker]
You guys are actual dicks.
Leila, it's all good, homie, all right?
It's my fault.
I was smacked off my ass, OK?
Yo, later, G.
Later, Leila. Later, uh
Leila's friend. What's your name?
Hey, can you hang out later?
-Uh yeah.
-OK, I'll hit you up.
Oh, you're, like,
burning your bra today too, right?
'Cause you got to.
So you're all anti "free the nipple,"
then he mansplains it at you,
and you're all into it?
Do you think he's gonna wanna,
like, do stuff later?
Yeah, he wants to hook up.
OK, but, like, what does that mean?
[Tim] You know, AOC's
actually gonna be there, I think.
She's gonna do your interview?
I think she's just gonna be in the office,
but I'm gonna meet her.
-That's fucking amazing.
You're gonna kill it.
Like, dopest job ever?
If I get it, yeah.
I was gonna bring up Friday.
-What do you think?
Talk about the lockdown, the whole
Jesus, Jo!
Your sister's gonna be worried about this.
[bell rings]
Yo, I could be plucking
the tiniest hair from my nipple, right,
and I can deadass feel a pinch on my hip.
Yo, I got puffy nipples. I hate it.
Shit, girl, I love it.
Eh-eh! [giggles]
Remember how I constantly got dress-coded
in my sophomore year 'cause I got curves?
Because I strut.
Well, fuck that. I'm here for the cause.
OK, who can apply the chain rule
to this sample equation?
Oh! Get up here.
Hey, maybe you should go up there
and sit with your man?
-You could tutor him.
Oh God.
He's pretty, but he can't do calc.
[teacher] Dom,
you wanna give Mr. Ellis a hand?
She really does.
So, I think that was a strong attempt,
but it's actually 32 times 4x
plus one to the seventh.
You got thrown
'cause you forgot to multiply
by the derivative
of what's in the parentheses.
She's Einstein. Let her take over.
[teacher] OK, no, no, no.
Dominique, thank you kindly, as always.
-Well said.
-[Jay] Yo, Dom.
-[teacher] Your marker, please.
-Idiot boy wants your attention.
[teacher] Continue.
OK, no. Well, OK,
so you did a great job finding
the derivative of the outside function
-[Dom] What?
-We got it all.
You know, Owen has it. He's over there.
How amazing was it
that John was OK after all that?
I mean, when he walked
through those doors, we were like "Oh!"
I mean, you got a thing for him,
don't you?
-Just saying I know him
-Do you know how to stop?
[Dom] Hey.
[chuckles] No.
Yeah, it's the full 200.
We hustled all weekend in the subway.
You would have loved it.
This cop tried to stop us
Yup, not interested. Just give me the bag.
Look, Dom,
we're really genuinely sorry, all right?
[Dom] Yup. Got it.
-So, we all good then now, right?
-I'm confused.
Do you want a pat on your back
or something?
No, no, no, no, no.
We just wondered
if you could do us a small favor.
You want me to do you a favor?
[Jay] It's gonna be annoying for us
to get all kinds of people involved.
Fucking Joey Del Marco is saying shit,
and the school all up in this.
It would be amazing
if you let the office know
-that we're handling this.
-I worked for that money.
It wasn't a birthday present
from my rich auntie or whatever,
and I needed it for something important
to me and my family,
and you guys really fucked it up.
Dom? Don't you have calc right now?
Yeah, I do.
All right. You wanna head back, please?
-Boys, where are you supposed to be?
-Here. It's our free.
OK. Keep the noise down, please.
[sighs] I think
we'll actually be good, bro.
How ya doing?
Yeah, you know.
[teacher] Um Still recovering.
I was here for 9/11.
I was downtown
covered in all the white stuff.
I hope you guys know
that trauma counselors are here.
-They're happy to talk.
-No, I'm good.
All right.
Doesn't look like you liked it.
No, it's fine.
So, why is it just fine then?
Look, Sid, if we're gonna send something
at this point,
it has to be brilliant.
I could put five other kids' names
on this.
You're not in here at all.
Well, I guess
I'm just not interesting enough.
And honestly, I don't have more time to--
Do you know Victor Borin?
I mean, we have AP psych together.
He helped some kids
with their personal statements this year.
He's actually very good at it.
Could you talk to him today?
Brainstorm? Last-ditch effort.
Am I supposed to tell him
I didn't get an early decision?
I'm not really interested
in people knowing that.
Just thinking maybe
you need an outside, peer perspective.
[cell phone vibrates]
[suspenseful music plays]
OK, that's it. Pass them up, please.
[students muttering]
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you. Thanks.
Yo, this is hilarious.
It's fucking annoying.
-[Luke] She's dying on the inside though.
-Oh yeah.
She's cracking.
I may need to borrow your notes tonight
if Luke's are shit.
Cellular respiration is the process
in which microorganisms
obtain their energy from carbohydrates.
They take these carbohydrates
into their cytoplasm
and through a complex series of
You can step out now, Joey.
Head down to the office, please.
[students giggling]
[Wilder] Well, for one thing, you're wet.
Oh, it'll dry.
I don't wanna miss
the start of the new unit.
Also, you're dressed inappropriately
for school.
-I'm wearing a T-shirt.
-[Wilder] With incendiary text.
[Joey] There are no curse words
or drug paraphernalia.
You're wasting my time.
I'm not trying to do that.
Let's just keep going.
I can see your whole world
through your shirt.
It's not welcome in my class.
-My whole world?
-I need you to cover up.
-She means your nipples.
Mr. Friedman, I do not need you
to articulate on my behalf.
Wait, wait, wait. So my nipples
aren't welcome in your biology class?
Step out now, please.
Everybody has nipples.
What's inappropriate about mine?
If you're gonna kick me out of a class
I have every right to be in,
I should at least get an explanation
as to what your exact problem is.
It's offensive.
This is a classroom,
and you're dressed like a hooker.
[boy] The fuck?
[Wilder] You're basically
prostituting yourself for attention,
and it's disruptive, Joey.
I wish you had some self-respect.
But for now, I am asking you
to make your way to Mr. Burley's office.
[students whisper, mutter]
We got you.
[teacher] president
of the United States,
left an astounding legacy.
Leila, can you finish us off?
One more transformative moment
in the American Progressive Era?
[student coughs]
The fire
at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory.
Uh, it led
to a women's garment worker union
and new fire codes.
Yes, ma'am. Well done.
OK, Prohibition's up next.
This is a crazy fun time, so prepare.
[bell rings]
Thank you.
All my hot girls wit' me ♪
And we dance around
And bounce those titties ♪
Dance around and bounce those ♪
-[Grace] What the fuck?
You want me to smack
the actual shit out of you, JAP pussy?
-[girl 1] Ooh, ooh!
-Get out!
-[girl 2] Ouch!
[Grace] And, uh,
George likes deep-throating.
How's your gag reflex?
[man] Nancy, did I hear that right?
Twenty-three kids?
-[Nancy] Yup.
-[man] Anything concerning?
[Nancy] Tears,
some experiences with racial slurs.
-No one opted to go home.
-So mostly mild signs of PTSD?
OK, listen, please send out reminders
to the teachers
that we're shooting mandatory new IDs,
and I need to get that NYPD assembly
scheduled today.
You're hearing all the inner workings.
So, what's going on here?
I wore this to school today,
and Ms. Wilder said it was disruptive,
so she kicked me out of AP bio.
[opens door]
So, we're looking at
another dress code violation.
No. [chuckles]
Nothing I'm wearing
violates the dress code.
It's see-through.
It's just white and a lightweight fabric.
I know for a fact there are other students
at school today wearing thin white shirts,
but they're not down here missing class.
"Free the nipple"?
It's a political movement.
Well, school is not the right place
for this particular movement.
Could we get Ms. Wilder down here
to weigh in?
Isn't school the place where we're
supposed to learn to be active citizens?
[Burley] Absolutely, but not when wearing
nothing under your sheer shirt.
Your clothing leaves very little
to the imagination, Joey.
Is that why you opened the door?
So you wouldn't have to be alone with me?
Because my body's somehow dangerous
to you. Is that why?
-[Burley] Joey, that's very inappropriate.
-Is that why you called Ms. Wilder in?
So that you could have a female witness?
Mr. B., can you acknowledge
how messed up that is?
Let's write you up,
and then you can zip up your hoodie
or pick something out
of the Lost and Found.
-Mr. Burley, I've got three boys here
saying they're supposed to be
part of this discussion?
I was there with Joey
when everything happened.
[Burley] OK. [chuckles]
Guys, actually,
this is a one-on-one disciplinary
They're not wearing anything
under their shirts.
Mr. B., how can you regulate my body
and not theirs?
I'm genuinely asking.
It's a double standard.
What can you see on me
that you can't also see on them?
-[chuckles] It's a different issue.
But it's a you issue.
It's not a me-and-my-body issue.
Bras aren't mentioned
in the student handbook.
The school can't force me to wear a bra.
Also, there are at least 100 other girls
not wearing bras today,
including members
of the Women's Empowerment Club,
the Equality Club, Drama Club,
everyone on Dance Team.
I printed out a list of names for you.
They'd all be more than happy
to come talk to you.
If you require me to change
or cover up,
or if you send me home,
you'll just have to do the same
for all of them.
So, write them up too,
or you can send us all back to class,
which is a far more valuable use
of everyone's time.
-I've got Ms. Wilder.
OK, Ms. Del Marco.
You make a good point,
but I reserve the right to continue
this conversation in the future.
Let's not further interrupt
the school day.
Sound fair?
Fair enough, yeah. Thank you.
Oh, Mr. B.?
Um, I wanted you to know that Ms. Wilder,
she called me a prostitute
before she sent me down here.
I'm really not OK with that.
It's true. I mean, in front of everyone.
OK, I'm very sorry to hear that.
And I appreciate you letting me know.
Joey, do you wanna file a complaint?
I'd love an apology.
Yo, hey, Vito,
you gave him an offer he couldn't refuse.
-[Tim] That was so good!
Holy crap.
That was so good!
[Joey] Stop!
[Wilder clears throat]
[Burley] Uh, guys, off to class.
And get passes.
Joey, the language I used
was absolutely unacceptable.
Nothing warrants
me speaking to you like I did.
I'm sorry.
[captain] This is captain material.
This is how we rise to the top
of the Grand Army Slut Squad.
By saying "fuck the fucking patriarchy!"
-[girl] Heck yeah!
[captain] OK, guys,
we're gonna split up into small groups
and drill the new sequence.
Georgia, take that group.
I'll take this group, and
You know what?
I want Joey to take the final group!
-Yeah, go! [chuckles]
-[giggles excitedly]
[Joey] What the fuck?
-It's so amazing.
Final group.
[rap music plays]
Tim, you're gonna be late.
Nah, I'm good.
Um I didn't get to see you
for the rest of the day. I just
I wanted to say that you inspire me.
That's all.
Thank you for helping.
What are you doing after practice?
-Continuing my victory lap.
Hey, you got this!
[Sid] I got this.
-[boy] You sure?
-[Sid] Yeah.
[boy] Thanks, man.
So I was saying that I think
the key is gonna be finding the thing
that takes the most balls to say.
What would reveal most about you?
Don't play it safe.
I could talk about Friday.
OK, interesting. How?
Like, how it feels
when someone who looks like me
blows himself and four others apart
just feet from my fucking school.
How that fucks with my head
and fucks with the way people see me.
[chuckles] That's definitely stronger
than what you have now.
I wonder if you could dig even deeper.
Like maybe how that assumed identity
that people impose on you
makes you reckon with who you really are.
You know?
Man, you're gonna figure this out.
It's a solid idea.
It's standout.
It's gonna be fine.
You OK?
You talk to one
of those, uh, trauma counselors today?
[chuckles] No.
-Why, did you?
I'm having fucking nightmares, man,
about getting my legs blown off.
I wake up sweating. [chuckles]
-Think this will be a topic in psych?
-[Victor] What?
Panic? [chuckles]
-[girl] Sid.
-Hey, Flo.
So, did you cure my guy?
Yeah, I think so.
Yeah, apparently I just need
to be more vulnerable, so, easy for me.
Babe, that's your thing.
Bro, just give me a call whenever.
Happy to look at a draft.
[hip-hop music plays]
[George] Not like that.
[George] Ah! Ow!
[Leila] Am I doing it wrong?
Ah! I got it, I got it. I got it.
[breathing heavily]
[grunts, moans]
-I'm sorry.
[exhales slowly]
[girls] Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
-[George chuckles]
-[girls giggle]
-[girl 1] Oh my God, Joey, you're amazing.
-[girl 2] Yeah, Joey!
[girls chant] Joey! Joey!
[girls cheer, giggle]
[George sighs]
You gotta see this Insta vid.
It's got like 870 views.
It's fucking awesome.
Joey's a savage.
[girls giggle, cheer]
[girls whoop]
Geisha girl,
your nipples are so dark.
I'm Chinese. Um
Oh! [George chuckles]
Right. China doll.
[chuckles] Asian girls have dark nipples.
It's crazy funny.
I like it.
I mean, you know what else
is really funny, is
Asian people,
like, get really red when they drink.
I mean, did you notice
how red my face got Friday night?
-Yeah. Jews just get gassy all the time.
-Wait, you're Jewish?
-Uh, half, but I'm not religious.
-Oh, same. I mean,
both of my parents are Jewish, and
Yeah, but you're not technically
a member of the tribe.
No, I know.
Hmm? [scoffs]
[rock music plays]
[George] Hey! What the fuck?
No, no, no!
[growling, snarling]
Do it!
-[George] Hey!
[George] Holy shit!
[Joey] Do it! I'm proud of you.
Hurry up and eat my clit
before I let them kill you.
[Joey] Get it, bitch!
[giggles softly]
[girl 1] Oh my God.
-[girl 2] Oh
That looks very cool.
-[Grace] Ooh! Do the vampire teeth.
[Joey] No, I'm gonna do the barbell.
You're my girl power girl, JoJo.
Gracie, if you don't stop acting
like you're 12,
they're gonna question
my fucking fake, OK?
OK, I know.
I just hate everything right now.
It's making me insane.
But you know who I'm kind of in love with?
[Joey] Who?
Just hold on.
What is wrong with you?
-Get that--
-[Grace] Sorry, but he's so fucking hot.
-I've been thinking that.
-[girl] What?
Is it twisted that I'd have sex with him?
-Yes, it's fucking pathological.
-[phone vibrates]
-[girls giggle]
[girl 1] I like that one, actually.
That one, I'd get.
Would that hurt?
-[girl 2] Uh I think everything does.
-[girl 1] Yeah. [giggles]
Can I get you to lean back?
Yes, you can.
[piercer] This is gonna feel
a little cool.
It's cold.
[girls giggle]
[cell phone vibrates]
What are you two doing?
-I don't know. Nothing.
-Feel numbed up?
-Um Yeah, I think so.
-[piercer] All right. Let's do this.
[girls giggle]
Deep breath.
Oh my God, Joey,
your nipples are my sheroes!
[girls giggle]
One, two, three.
Ooh! Ha!
[Grace] Oh my God.
It's amazing.
[Joey] I did it!
[woman] Principal Metta would like
Dominique to join him in his office
tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m.
to address the incident.
[in Creole] We're buying too much, Mommy.
[woman] Grand Army has
a zero-tolerance policy,
and Dominique will be notified
of her legal rights
-Can I get this?
Yes. Put it in the cart.
[in Creole]
Now I wanna get one more thing
We came here for their project supplies.
We don't need all this other stuff.
[in English]
OD, Tristian, go put the toys back.
-I'm timing you.
-You mess up everything.
[in Creole] Francine brought up her nephew
again today.
I'm not interested in that.
God, please give my daughter
the strength to act responsibly
for herself and her family.
Ask God what he thinks about you
and Francine trying to arrange
Odette, Tristian!
It's just an option. That's all.
[Dom in English]
We're gonna use this gift card.
[clerk] There's only $4.27
on the gift card.
Balance is $209.26.
[in Creole] There's not enough, Mommy.
This is humiliating!
Let's get out of line for a second, and
[in English]
Do you have a way to pay for the rest?
[in Creole] The last time I was here,
I only used a bit of it.
I have more money on that card.
You're wrong.
[in English] We just put some back.
[Dom, in Creole] Oh my God.
I have some money. We can just
[mom] Oh!
Were you hiding that from me?
No, Mom! It's the kids' fencing money.
Those boys paid me back.
I just didn't wanna use it for this junk.
-[in English] Dom?
-I didn't know you worked here.
Do you still wanna remove stuff?
[in Creole] Who's this?
[in English] Um We can
The sweatshirts can go, and
Oh, hold up. Let me hook you up.
[Dom] No, it's fine. No.
Audrey, I wanna use my employee discount
for my cousin.
It's It's really I don't even
[till beeping]
Thank you so much.
Um you didn't have to do that.
-I still only want the school stuff.
-Hi, I'm John.
I go to GA with Dom.
-[mom] Mm-hmm.
-[John] We play basketball together,
and she totally schooled me earlier
in math, so
-[mom] Hmm.
-Yeah. [chuckles]
So I gotta get back.
Um, y'all good?
Yeah, all good.
Thank you so much.
You really didn't have to do that.
-No problem.
-[Dom chuckles]
[in Creole] Is this boy why
you won't consider Francine's son?
-[in English] Get off my back, Mommy.
-[mom chuckles] Aye, aye, aye!
[taps keyboard]
[suspenseful music plays]
[taps keyboard]
[breathes shakily]
-[knocking on door]
[dad] Siddhartha, how's your work going?
[horns honking]
[Leila] Hey! Um
We were just hanging out.
Um, I wanted to tell you
what you did today was so important
and cool.
-Thank you.
-You didn't join in though.
I mean, I really wanted to.
Could you not tell Grace
you saw me here?
Because I just don't want her
to, like, think anything
[George] OK, that's good. We're done here.
You cool?
I'll hit you up later, OK?
[calling tone sounds]
Oh my God. Hey, what happened?
I think it was really good.
But, I mean, like,
I don't even know. Um
But it was actually, like, really fun.
She couldn't make me come. [chuckles]
-I had to finish myself off.
Well, what did you do for her?
Come on, Geo!
kills the buzz
Every time they open up their mouth ♪
I'm home too.
knows someone who thinks
They're cooler than everybody else ♪
-And I think we've seen enough ♪
-Can I stay for dinner?
[Rebecca] Of course you can, Geo.
-Why don't you giddy up, giddy up ♪
-Daughter, can I get some love?
-Hi, Mama.
-How was the day, baby love?
-Dramatic, but it was so good.
Practice was amazing.
-The seniors singled me out.
I think that captain's mine! I'm serious!
I wanna hear more. Wow.
Oh, and can you please text your dad?
Because when you don't,
-he texts me all day long.
-Mom, I did. I texted him, OK?
-Hi, Frankelicious.
Come on. Get your groove on.
Let's see what you got.
Hey there.
-OK, I'm gonna drop my stuff, Mom.
-[Rebecca] OK.
'Cause everyone knows someone
Who kills the buzz ♪
[camera clicks]
[chuckles lightly]
That was very helpful, girls.
I just think that people should be
held responsible for their actions.
Me too. So, please, have a seat out here.
I'll have a little more information
for you
when I wrap up with the boys, OK?
Sure. No problem.
What's going to happen?
'Cause they paid me back,
and I know I said that in there, but
Completely understood.
Just hang tight, OK?
[door closes]
[man] OK.
Shall we?
I just wanna say again
that we accept full responsibility.
-Jay, hold on, please.
-[Owen] We do though.
Sorry, not to interrupt you, Mr. Jackson,
but we understand
that we caused Dominique distress.
-We made a mistake.
-Can I jump in here quickly?
I just wanna say these boys
are two of the most focused, talented
young musicians I've ever worked with.
-Thanks. It's 'cause of you.
-[music teacher chuckles]
Look, Mike, uh, Friday was a terrible day.
Not everybody was thinking clearly.
I agree, and that is actually something
I factored into my decisions,
which I'd like to share with you now.
OK. I'm heading back to class.
I just, uh wanted to offer my support.
[Mike] Thanks, John.
After reading Ms. Wilder's report
and, of course,
hearing from Ms. Pierre and Ms. Del Marco,
I'm deeply disturbed that you both chose
to behave like you did
in the midst of a national tragedy.
So we have a zero-tolerance policy
here at Grand Army,
-and this was an instance of theft.
-Well, that's hyperbolic.
[Mike] The NYPD was notified.
Dominique was given the option
of reporting a crime,
which luckily, she didn't.
Jayson, you're receiving
a Principal's Suspension of seven days.
[Jay's dad] Are you serious?
It was a prank.
Now, Owen,
you personally
went into another student's bag
and stole their property.
Effective today,
I'm issuing a Superintendent's Suspension.
Wait. We we don't know what that means.
[Mike] There will be a hearing
in two weeks' time
to determine the exact length
of the suspension.
Anywhere from time served to expulsion.
The school will provide testimony
and witnesses.
Owen is free to do the same.
[faded] Here is a packet
explaining his rights.
Look, I know this is disappointing,
as the principal of this school,
I have no other way forward.
Owe, I know we can fix this, bro.
I'll be at the hearing.
My parents will be there.
-It'll be all right.
They suspended us.
How many times did I tell you
this could happen to you?
You gonna listen to me now?
Stop crying.
Let's go tell your dad.
Let's go.
This is fucking crazy.
I feel really bad.
Do you?
You three will be asked to be witnesses
at Owen's suspension hearing.
The information is all in there.
[tapping keys]
[tense electronic music plays]
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