Grand Army (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Relationship Goals

[water flowing]
[tense music plays]
[tapping keys]
[steady breathing]
[playing "The Star-Spangled Banner"]
[girl sings] early light ♪
What so proudly we hailed ♪
At the twilight's last gleaming? ♪
Whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪
Through the perilous fight ♪
-O'er the ramparts we watched ♪
-[boys cheering]
Were so gallantly streaming? ♪
[continues playing
"The Star-Spangled Banner"]
Yo! Come on, guys!
-[girl] Gave proof through the night ♪
That our flag was still there ♪
Oh, say ♪
Does that star-spangled banner ♪
Yet wave ♪
-O'er the land of the free ♪
-[jeering continues]
[continues playing
"The Star-Spangled Banner"]
[dog pants]
-Work, work it, work it ♪
-[whistle blows]
Work, work it, work it ♪
Work, work it, work it ♪
Bodies so insane ♪
These girls are off the chain ♪
[whistle blows]
[crowd groans]
Bodies so insane
These girls are off the chain ♪
[crowd whistles, cheers]
Bodies so insane
These girls are off the chain ♪
[Sid] Here's what they "know"
when they see me:
a brown man, an Indian,
a foreigner reeking of incense
and body odor
Work it, work it, crazy ♪
a fundamentalist,
a terrorist, a cell member,
a bomber like the Brooklyn bomber
[hip-hop music plays]
a math genius, computer scientist,
a curry lover coming for American jobs.
An athlete, a fuckboy, a future husband,
a bro, an aggressive kid, an angry kid.
Bodies so insane
These girls are off the chain ♪
Bodies so insane ♪
[Sid] Here's what they don't know
Bodies so insane
These girls are off the chain ♪
I'm scared.
Yes! Yes, king!
[announcer] Lane 4, Siddartha Pakam,
Grand Army High School.
-[Luke] Look at that!
-[boy 1] Yeah!
[Luke] Let's go, baby!
Look at that!
[boys exclaim]
[boy 2] Sit your ass down!
[Luke] Good job, baby.
[boy 3] We love you, Punjabi!
[boys laugh, whoop]
Dude [Joey chuckles]
you at Cornell and me at Syracuse.
I am not getting into Cornell.
It makes me sad when you say that.
[scoffs] Fucking 1375.
Yeah, on the PSATs,
and you've prepped hard since then.
[Anna] Mm.
And do I have to remind you
1360, bitch.
But, fine, OK.
How about we say that no matter what,
we save up,
and we study abroad together?
-Oh my God, fucking Spain!
Or gap year?
-Holy fuck.
-[exhales heavily]
Ma Would you be cool
with me doing a gap year?
No, it could impact your aid.
What would you even do? Travel?
With what money, babe?
-OK. [Joey snickers]
-[Anna] That went well.
[Joey groans] Dude, skip babysitting.
Come to the movies with us.
I can't.
But I'll meet up with you guys after.
[Anna grunts]
[sighs] I have Tim issues.
I just don't want something with him
to mess up you and me.
-You know?
-[chuckles lightly]
So, don't let that happen then.
Yeah, but maybe it wouldn't,
though, right?
It probably would, so
[Joey groans]
I really like him.
Like, I really like him.
[inhales sharply]
Yeah, I think he feels like that
about you too.
And you hate that.
-[Anna scoffs]
You do!
-You hate that.
-Not exactly.
But, like, what if we fell in love
and then we got married,
and then you and I could be sisters.
OK. Jo, come on. I know what you do.
Um, me?
Your brother is a fucking fuckboy.
Need I remind you?
OK, this See?
This is exactly what I'm talking about.
Come on.
You both fuck people over.
Fine, that's great.
I don't care.
But I don't wanna hear you guys
bitch about each other to me
and put me in the middle of it.
You really think he'd fuck with me?
-Do you really want a relationship?
-[Joey groans lightly]
-[Anna] 'Cause
I don't think that you do.
[Joey sighs]
[inhales deeply]
I mean, I definitely don't wanna feel,
like, trapped, you know?
Yeah, I totally feel that.
Is that shitty?
[Anna] No.
-But he's my brother.
[Joey] Yeah.
I just wish that
I just wish
that Tim and I could, like
be able to do whatever we're doing
and whatever else,
and not have it be this whole thing
and ruin everything, you know?
Did you have sex with my brother?
[Joey] What?
I didn't have sex with your brother.
-What the fuck? [groans]
-Jo. Joey, listen Hey, Joey? You can't.
You can't ever. I'm so serious.
You can't, OK? Not ever.
-Joey Del Marco
Why? [chuckles]
-[girl] Rachel, come on.
-One second. I'll be right back.
[man] OK, everybody.
Everybody get together.
-[woman] Honey!
-[man] Scooch in. There you go.
Now say, "Mazel Tov."
[group] Mazel Tov!
[camera clicks]
[kids giggling]
Jesus Christ!
Oh my God. Are you OK?
-Dude, is my mascara--
-[Rachel] Yeah. Here.
Siman Tov u' Mazel Tov ♪
-OK, wait. I need to show you something.
I sent him this.
-You shouldn't have done that.
-Why? What's wrong about it?
It's like like you're begging for him
to pay attention to you.
So, I look pathetic?
Dude, he hasn't responded.
It's been 12 fucking hours.
And I know he's on his phone
because he's, like,
commenting all this shit
on Joey Del Marco's Insta, and I--
-I can't do this right now.
-I want him to say about me
-the same stuff he says about her.
Is it because
I fucked up the hand job?
You need to stop texting him.
[photographer] Big smiles.
Big smiles. Everybody, big smiles.
[boy 1 snickers]
She can't even walk in those hooker heels.
-Yeah. Hooker heels.
-Hooker heels.
[boys snicker]
Fuck you, you 8th-grade microdicks.
Go choke on each other's cocks.
[camera shutter clicking]
[Dom] My calves look dope.
-[girl] Don't make that constipated face!
-[Dom giggling]
I'm sorry. Sorry.
Yo, you sure you wanna work here?
I just want the discount!
We'd rather tour Europe all summer,
but we all can't be like you, bitch.
Dommo, get me for your gram real quick!
Look, these boots, they match my wrap.
God, I make you look good, girl.
[girl] You do.
You'll still at least hook us up, right?
[Dom] I already told you, probably.
I'm just gonna put the internship first,
if I can get one.
Some of them just look so fuckin' bad,
like data entry and filing and shit.
I want some hands-on action
if I'm not gonna get paid.
OK, stop fucking around. Let's practice.
OK, so I'm John Ellis,
and I'm coming out of work,
and I'm probably on my phone
Oh shit, sorry.
This is mad funny, right?
I didn't know you'd be here.
So yeah.
Did you see me choke at today's game?
No, no, no, no.
What did I tell you?
Flash him your power. OK?
What does Brené Brown say?
There's power in vulnerability.
Yes, and you're a strong,
complex woman, dumbass. Own it.
OK, fuck it.
And that's why I'm doing this
-That's right.
-because I am me
-[girl] Mm-hmm.
-and I'm a badass bitch.
-OK, but keep it chill. [giggling]
I'm gonna be like,
"Congrats on the win today.
I'm so glad I'm running into you
because I just wanna say thank you
for being so good to my mom and me
the other day and, um"
Fuck. I'm too vulnerable
in these "fuck me" shoes. I can't.
Hey, sorry for interrupting.
You're not.
Um I'm collecting homework for Jay
while he's out.
What up, man? How you living?
I get to miss school, right?
Here are the packets.
Trig's a bitch,
but I'll talk you through it.
FaceTime me later?
So, Dom,
I just wanted to touch base with you
about the hearing.
I wanted to ask what you were gonna say.
Dude, it's fucking Saturday.
I'm not trying to be a dick,
but I'm here with my girls,
and you just show up
and make my day about you.
Yeah. No, it's OK. Never mind.
-[Jay] It's OK.
Look, my parents are waiting for me
outside in the car anyway, so
Thank you so much.
See y'all next week.
You got a thing with this kid now?
What? No. It's not even like that.
-[Sonia] Hey, Dom, come on.
Yeah, he's a clown sometimes,
but he's not out to hurt anybody.
You took a knee today, Dom.
So are you really trying to act
like you don't see any similarities
between what happened to Jay and Owen
and the bullshit policing
we've been protesting at games?
[Joey] I feel bad they got suspended,
so I'm, like, gonna support, obviously.
People are always like "be an ally,"
so I try to be a fucking ally,
and she's dead grilling me.
What the fuck?
Am I a fucking racist white cunt,
co-opting shit?
Dude, if you're racist,
then we're all racist, and
-[whispers] I'm not racist.
-[Joey] Ugh!
[trailer plays loudly]
[Luke] Look,
I think it's just complicated.
Give yourself a break.
This is why I don't get political.
Everyone's so fucking sensitive
all the time.
Oh, wait Yo, Joey.
-Uh, George, why don't you sit there?
-[Joey] It's
It's OK. If I sit here,
I'll be closer to the aisle, so
[trailer plays loudly]
[Joey clears throat]
[trailer plays loudly]
[tapping keys]
[trailer continues]
Yo, I'mma go get food. Who wants?
Large popcorn, bro.
Oh, uh get me Milk Duds and Sprite.
[movie plays loudly]
I'm good.
Yeah, I'll pay you later.
-[Luke sighs]
-[trailer plays loudly]
-[George] Do you wanna hear an idea?
-[Joey] What?
-OK. So we do a group theme for prom.
Kinda like a whole pimps and hos thing.
[Joey] Nuh-uh!
-No? [laughs]
-No fucking way!
OK, how about Boogie Nights?
Retro '70s porn-style, like with Jew-fros!
No, I'm not doing anything porn-related
with you guys.
Check this dude in the back row.
[Joey] What?
Alt-right haircut,
sitting by himself, wife-beater on
-[Luke] Sorry, tank top! But fucking look!
He's got a duffel bag. Could be guns.
Nah, bro, we're not gun people here.
He could be
some fucking Staten Island psychopath.
I'm gonna go pee. [Joey chuckles]
-[Joey] Oof!
-[boys whisper]
Don't be a pussy.
If he pulls anything out of that bag,
I'll fucking body him!
Yeah, I'll use your crutches.
I'll be on him like a fucking ninja!
I'll protect you, my good bro.
-You? OK.
-Yeah, relax.
[advert] Turn off your phone now.
[indistinct chattering]
Well, yeah, I'm assuming so. It's all
[cashier] I like that.
It's gonna be $26.69.
Thank you.
-[cash register beeps]
You're being weird.
[Joey] No.
[Tim chuckles]
[intense music plays]
[cashier] Next.
[Joey] For you.
-[Tim] Yo, your Sprite.
-[man] Be quiet!
[movie plays loudly]
[Tim] Hold that for Joey.
[Luke] Please, watch out.
[man] Shh! Sit down.
[Luke] Pour some in.
[Joey] OK.
[Tim] Here.
[Joey grunts, squeals]
[movie plays loudly]
[Joey snickers]
-How you doing?
[movie plays loudly]
That's good.
I'm not being weird.
[whispers] I just want things to
to keep being normal.
[sighs] And you don't have to like that,
but, you know, I just want
You don't have to be, like
throwing yourself at my friends
to, like, send me a message.
-Fuck you, dude.
-[Tim] What?
[man] "Twick or Tweet, I dissent!"
And that was the start of Hannah's
famous girl-power Halloween costumes.
She dressed up as Virginia Woolf,
complete with prosthetic nose,
Gloria Steinem
Oh, Jane Goodall.
Hannah carried around a stuffed gorilla
the size of her entire body
on her back all night long.
[applause, cheering]
[movie plays loudly]
[Joey sniffs]
[Joey coughs]
So, what if I sent Leila this link
and be like "Study Guide"? [snickers]
-George! Put that shit away.
-Everyone will see that shit.
-[man shushes]
You know you love it though.
-No, I don't! Sorry.
-[man] Shut the fuck up!
[Joey] George, it's not funny.
You remember when you used to bring
a little Looney Tunes lunch box to school?
That was a great lunch box, right?
You remember that lunch box?
[clicks tongue] I like that George
a lot better than pervy George.
-Oh yeah?
-Oh yeah?
-Oh yeah?
-[woman] Yo, shut up!
-I'm sorry.
George, you can't do that right now.
Tim, come sit with us.
[whispers] Come closer.
[movie plays loudly]
Watch that!
[man] She has her Bubby Liza's wild hair,
-her mother's determination
-[guests] Aww!
and her sister's clothes.
But since birth, Hannah has always been
a true individual
I know you think
I'm the dumbest person ever,
but I messaged him.
[man] When Hannah came
-Was that bad?
-OK. No, I know. I just need to--
-No. Like, actually stop.
[man] Oy vey, iz mir,
my eyes almost popped out of my head.
-Go home or something.
[man] But then we laughed
because, of course
It's just like
this is a really important day
for my sister and my parents,
-[man] she raised over three
it's really fucking offensive
that you're making it all about you
and this douchebag guy.
[man] 12 family clinics in Manhattan
Yeah, I don't think he's that into you.
[man] with tampons and pads
[Rachel] I feel like you're just acting
like this girl we would hate, so
just I'm done.
but you will always be my baby girl.
-[man] And now,
the secret to Hannah's success
Rabbi Sadie Schultz!
[cheering, applause]
When I was working with Hannah
to prepare for her bat mitzvah,
I asked her why she chooses Judaism.
She said, "Because Judaism
gives me a place to be my real self.
Judaism gives me history."
Today we heard Hannah read
a powerful Torah portion.
You know, it's 2020, people.
Why do we still turn
to these ancient texts?
when you're coming into the world
like Hannah,
or you're lost in the world,
it gives us something to lean on
and reminds us
that we're part of a larger community.
Today, I am so proud of Hannah
and her feminist, activist generation
[whooping, cheering]
for taking the lessons
of this millennial-old faith
and using them to make the world
more just and open to all.
Congrats, Hannah.
[cheering, applause]
And let's party! L'chaim!
[Sid] My parents took me to India
for the first time last year.
I was surrounded by aunts and uncles
I'd never met,
architecture out of storybooks,
the sound of the sitar,
and the chanting of devout Muslims
and equally devout Hindus.
And I remembered something:
in this country
my parents are so proud of,
homosexual sex was illegal
until two years ago.
It's not even some erotic capture
of lesbian intimacy. It's just fucked up.
it's literally made
all for you. [chuckles]
You guys are literally conditioned
to be addicted to this shit.
You don't even know
if you actually like it.
Yeah, we like naked women.
And two are better than one.
I'll eat all your food
-if you don't get in there.
You don't actually like naked women.
You like pornified naked women,
which means blonde, and shaven,
-and completely plastic-surgeried out.
So, I mean, come on.
I mean, I love you.
I'm not offended that you watch porn.
I watch porn. It's in my head,
dictating my fucking sexuality to me
because it's like,
"Hey, ladies, fuck whoever you want,
whenever you want, and be dirty as fuck.
Really own that shit."
But if you do that shit in real life,
you're a whore.
So it's fucking us all up.
Guys our age have erectile dysfunction
because of this shit.
Babe, are you OK?
It's OK.
You know, it's like
[inhales slowly]
[clears throat]
I need to, like
[inhales sharply]
I'm feeling like this is a lot.
[Flora] I know,
but we can talk about literally anything.
No, I mean, like
Yeah, I don't have the time
to keep this stuff up, and
[sighs] 'Cause I don't.
Like, just out of fucking nowhere?
Baby, what the fuck is going on?
-Is it because of what I said?
No, it's just over for me.
[inhales slowly]
[sighs] I didn't wanna do this
while we were eating.
Your parents will love this shit.
-[Flora grunts]
-[Sid sighs]
It's not that I don't love you.
You could have texted me this bullshit.
I took the train for a fucking hour
to come to fucking Queens.
Thanks for wasting my night.
[door opens]
[Dom] Please don't let this be
-a waste of a night, dear Lord.
-Or a whole damn day, actually.
OK, go do it.
-Go, go, go!
-Hurry up, girl.
[girl] You got it.
[music plays through headphones]
John, hey!
-[chuckling] Yo!
-[Dom] What's up?
-What's up?
-Funny seeing you here.
[John] Yeah, man.
-Sorry, I--
-Damn, they got you working on game day?
Yeah. Unfortunately.
-Hey, tough beat today.
You got mad aggression on that court.
I love that. I need more of that.
Nah. [chuckles]
So, um, what are you doing now?
I'm just gonna go home
and chill, honestly.
Oh, OK.
-Just got to get some downtime.
Oh man, yeah.
Well, good luck with that.
You too
-whatever you got going on.
-[chuckles lightly]
See you, Dom. See you Monday.
[gentle music plays]
[John] What do you got going on?
What? [giggles]
I was just asking
what you got going on tonight?
Um nothing really.
You wanna do something with me?
[Sonia] My girl!
Hey! Hey.
Excuse me. Hi.
Can I ask you a question?
Yo, what the fuck's she doing?
[Joey] What's in your bag?
Fuckin' runnin' up to fucking random dudes
and shit?
-Dude, you got to chill off this girl.
-Don't fucking touch me.
It's not even like that.
Yeah, maybe not, but you were hoping
it was gonna be something.
It's been that obvious, bro.
-To JoJo too
which is probably why
she's been acting so weird, man.
Yo, fuck you, dude.
You fucking love it
when her attention's on you.
You know, her and I,
we've actually been fucking--
What, bro? Sucking face?
Whee! [snickers]
Yo, I
I am getting attention from her,
and and so is he.
Have you been watching?
I'm just saying,
if you haven't fucked her yet,
it's 'cause you're a pussy.
Because that girl
is down for whatever, man.
She's ready to deep-throat
some Nazi cock right now.
-I mean, come on, bro.
-[Luke] That's what he's saying.
Joey's just fucking
wilding out right now, that's it.
Exactly. Thank you.
Doesn't bother me though.
OK, good for you, man. Enjoy it.
[George] Ah
-Oh yeah?
Yeah. I mean,
she's a fucking good friend, but it's
-It's not like we're fucking
-[Joey giggles]
It's not it's not a bomb or guns.
Guess what's in his bag?
-Guess! Guess, guess, guess!
-Dead bodies?
-[George] Uh heroin?
-[chuckles] Uh dildos?
[Joey] It's sex toys!
It's a bag full of fucking sex toys!
He comes in from Long Island,
-and he goes to parties and shit
-[Tim] That's great.
and he's staying
at a friend's house right now,
but he wanted to see a movie
so that he could kill some time,
and [giggles]
he gave me he gave me a present.
[George gasps]
It's a little mini vibrator just for me!
No, it's mine!
[hip-hop music plays]
[Joey] George!
You dropped it!
No, George. Stop it!
-[George] I got her!
-[Joey] George!
-Just like that. Yeah, yeah.
You have them drizzle red sauce
on your white slices?
I like it how I like it. [chuckles]
I'm learning a lot about you.
-You're a freak. [giggles]
is the kind of shit
I'm gonna miss next year.
-There might be good pizza in Chapel Hill.
-[snickers] Please!
[phone buzzes]
[John] So, if you could go anywhere
for college, where would you go?
[Dom] Anywhere.
[John] Yeah, anywhere.
Yeah. I'm answering.
I'd go anywhere.
I just wanna go.
No one in my family's
ever gone before, so
With a scholarship.
But if I'm dreaming
[John] Yeah.
-Washington University or Hopkins.
Both have top psych programs,
and they're not here.
I wanna get away for school.
Try something new.
Dr. Pierre, huh?
-Mm-hmm. [chuckles]
My mom was the first in her family
to go to college, and she's hardcore.
You have a sister, right?
Why didn't she go?
She didn't finish high school.
She got pregnant.
[George] Fuckin' weekend train bullshit.
-[horns honking]
-[Joey grunts]
[Tim] The surge is gonna be like 42 bucks.
[Luke] Yo, people are gonna be at my crib!
[Tim] Let's just go to Jay Street
and catch the C.
Run! [giggles]
-[George] Jo!
-Jesus Fucking Christ, Jo!
Hey! Can you wait?
-[George] Get on the sidewalk!
-[Joey] Oh my God!
-Be careful!
-[Joey] What the fuck?
I'm just getting that cab over there.
Let go of me. Jesus!
-What did you think I was doing?
-[horns honking]
[Joey] Can you pop the trunk, please?
You guys, I got one!
-Go ahead, Joey. You can get in.
-What? You're being all nice now?
[Bhangra music plays]
Can you sit in the front?
Because of your leg?
I'm not fucking sitting with Muhammed.
That's fucking so racist, for real, Luke.
Fine, we'll just squish.
[Bhangra music continues]
Sir, we're going
to the corner of 8th and Horatio.
[brakes screech]
[Joey] Shit!
We got you, girl!
Be fucking careful!
[George snickers]
[Joey] Hey, I wanna talk to you.
What the fuck is the problem?
Switch spots with me
so I can sit closer to Tim.
-[George] Fuck no!
-You belong to me.
-[Joey] George
You fucker! Stop.
[disco music plays]
[Rabbi] Remind me of your name again?
[sniffles] Leila Zimmer.
-I just really loved your speech
-[Rabbi] Oh.
You're so sweet.
you're just having one of those days.
It's just, like, stupid boy stuff. And
[sobs] you know Rachel?
She's my best friend, and she's, like
pissed at me, and I just feel like
-Oh, kiddo, I hear you.
[Rabbi] Is this something
that can be fixed?
[Rabbi] Well, OK.
Can you think of the steps to fix it?
Good news again!
I am happy to know you,
and I'm really glad you're here, OK?
You know what I think we should do?
I got you.
Come on.
[upbeat music plays]
Fuck you.
[Leila] I'm sorry about everything,
but I love you the most,
and Hannah did such a good job tonight.
[both giggle]
[music intensifies]
[Joey] Whoo!
-[boys chuckle]
-[Joey giggles] Whoo!
-[boys giggle]
-[Bhangra music plays]
[George] Hey! Yo, look at you two! Nice!
-[Joey] Mwah!
-[George] Oh!
Hey, yo, blast your new toy.
Oh, you mean this one?
-[George] Yep!
[George] Yeah!
All right, yo,
Joey D got a little present
from some Nazi,
and now she's gonna torture us with it.
Yo, do it here, but like
Yo, Joey, be careful!
[Joey] OK.
Ha ha ha! Ohh!
Yo. Yo, I want some.
[Joey] OK, where you want it?
Anna's already at your place.
She said people are chilling outside.
They're gonna be waiting awhile.
This fucking traffic!
Yo, let's go!
[Joey] Hey.
-You want me to taser you?
Should I tell her
to tell everyone to peace?
[Luke] Nah, bro.
Oh, so, you're not
talking to me anymore,
I'm not not talking to you.
[slurring] But you're not having fun
with me anymore, and
-this is what I was talking about.
-What? You wanna get on top of me, huh?
You wanna give me a lap dance
or some shit?
You need more fucking attention, Jo?
OK, no problem. Let's go.
Don't fucking talk to me like that!
Hey. Chill!
Bro, I promise you she's not gonna be
any more into you
if you, like,
start crying like a little homo.
[Luke] Yo, where'd you cop this shit?
It's getting me fucked up.
[George] Yo, DM Punjab for me real quick
and see if he's coming to Luke's.
I don't give a fuck if that kid's trying
to have a night with his girl.
I'm gonna get that kid lit!
He earned it.
[horns honking]
[Sid] If I pull this trigger,
will I turn my athlete image to dust,
my "one-of-the-guys" status into debris?
Yes. I'm a kid of color
with an explosive strapped to me.
A truth that could crater
my entire existence
and fling shrapnel into the future
my parents dream for me.
But when that bomb went off,
my clock started ticking.
And I don't seek to hurt or destroy.
Simply trying to figure out,
before I combust,
how to live openly and freely as me
a first-generation Indian-American
gay son.
[taps keyboard]
[sighs deeply]
[phone buzzes]
[suspenseful music plays]
[chuckles lightly]
[breathes shakily]
[Bhangra music plays loudly]
[all giggling]
-[Joey] Hey!
-[George] Oi oi!
It's, like, so hypocritical of you.
Like, you're gonna sit there
and judge me?
You know how many girls
I've watched you fuck around with, Tim?
That girl that we met at Model UN,
The one who you fingered
in the dirty
-fucking White Castle bathroom?
-[George] Oh!
And I didn't say shit about that, did I?
But you just go fucking right ahead
and judge me, right?
And I'm not even doing that kind of shit!
That's so fucking funny to me.
-I'm not judging you, girl.
-[Joey] It's so
-I'm not!
I don't need any of you guys' attention,
but I get to have fuckin' fun
with you and whoever the fuck I want,
whenever I want to.
-[Luke] All right!
-Because I
-All right. Come on now.
Yo, you're being mad loud.
-And I'm not sorry about that, OK?
-Fuck yeah!
Cut it out, dude. Stop!
Is that so wrong to you?
I'm not gonna
I'm not gonna feel like shit for
[giggles] Fuck!
[squeals] No. Fuck!
Stop, I'm fucking pissed!
[Joey giggles, squeals]
I'm gonna piss all over you!
-[George] We need to tie this animal down!
-[shrieks] OK, wait!
Hold on! Jesus!
[Joey] I'm saying
I'm saying you guys get to do
what you want
Well, so can I!
[Luke] Do whatever the fuck, like
I'm not saying you can't.
But yeah, you are.
I just don't need to fucking watch.
[Bhangra music plays]
Just scooch over a little.
Thanks so much.
[George chuckles] Oh shit!
Holy shit!
[Bhangra music continues playing]
[Joey] See?
I get to do that.
[Luke] Ha!
I need to be able to do that.
And you can't make me feel fucking guilty.
-[Dom] So maybe I'm a hypocrite.
-[John] Nah.
I don't think I should feel bad
about their suspension.
-But you do.
-But I do, which
You think Joey should feel guilty?
Yes, actually,
but that's a whole different thing.
I hear that.
[Dom] It bothered me
to see them on their knees today.
I really don't see a problem with it.
Look, just 'cause I said what happened
to Jayson and Owen was fucked,
doesn't mean I think it's on you.
No, no. Yeah.
And I was filling you in
about Black Student Union plans
'cause, you know,
I take this kind of shit mad seriously.
Yeah, me too.
Like school-to-prison pipeline shit.
It's real, you know?
Makes me wanna blow shit up. So
Yeah, but I also want people to act adult
and be fucking considerate.
[John] Yeah.
[gentle music plays]
All I'm really trying to say is
-I'm having a really good time tonight.
Earlier, before,
when we bumped into each other,
I was trying to thank you
for hooking me up at Target that day.
That was
really embarrassing for me,
honestly, and I really appreciated it.
So, thank you.
[John] You for real?
I was happy to do it.
You ever envisage yourself
just conquering this city?
Fuck yes!
Best city on fucking Earth, right?
And the coldest. [chuckles]
Maybe we should start,
like, heading somewhere.
[John] Let me see.
[Bhangra music plays loudly]
[Luke] Ha ha!
Get it! Yeah!
Jo, you are fucking allowed!
[Luke laughs]
[Joey moans]
[Luke] Yo, hey, what about me?
Ow, that hurt!
[George] Does that tickle?
-[Joey] Ow!
You guys
Wait. Please, just wait.
Just wait.
-[tense music plays]
-[Joey grunts]
[Luke and George snicker]
[Luke and George giggle]
[Joey] Please, just wait.
[George] I know what you like.
Tim [voice catches]
[Luke and George chuckle]
Oh-ho-ho! [George moans]
-[Joey moans]
-[Luke and George chuckle]
[Joey grunts]
[Joey gasps]
-[Joey moans]
-[George] Oh fuck!
[Luke and George chuckle]
[Luke and George giggle]
[George] You're so wet!
Oh fuck!
[indistinct muttering, chuckling]
Your time's up, son.
[Tim] Yo, over that shit.
[Luke] Yo!
[hip-hop music plays in distance]
[intense music plays]
[sniffles, sobs]
-[knocking on door]
-[girl] Hey, is there somebody in there?
[sobs gently]
[clears throat]
[sighs, sniffles]
[phone buzzes]
[retches, vomits, coughs]
[retches, coughs]
[knocking on door]
[Anna] Jo? It's me. Can I come in?
[flushes toilet]
[hip-hop music plays in distance]
Play wit' it, play wit' it ♪
Play wit' it, play wit' it ♪
Play wit' it, play wit' it ♪
Play wit' it, play wit' it ♪
Touch it, work it, you can date it ♪
If you like it, you can name it ♪
Touch it, work it, you can date it ♪
If you like it, you can name it ♪
Play wit' it, play wit' it ♪
Play wit' it, play wit' it ♪
Play wit' it, play wit' it ♪
Play wit' it, play wit' it ♪
Tomboy, you can have it
But you want it automatic ♪
Tomboy, you can have it
But you want it automatic ♪
Tomboy, you can have it
But you want it automatic ♪
Tomboy, you can have it
But you want it automatic ♪
Play wit' the pussy
Wanna play wit' the pussy ♪
Come get a hooky, baby
Come get a hooky ♪
I wanna fuck you, baby
I wanna fuck you ♪
If we not fuckin', baby
Come get it poppin' ♪
Play wit' it, play wit' it ♪
Play wit' it, play wit' it ♪
Play wit' it, play wit' it ♪
Play wit' it, play wit' it ♪
You can play, get it wet all night ♪
It's okay, just come inside ♪
I'll be there if it's what you like ♪
If it's what you like ♪
-Uh ♪
-Don't wanna get it back, back, back ♪
-Uh ♪
-You can keep it if you pet that cat ♪
-Uh ♪
-Don't wanna get it back, back, back ♪
-Uh ♪
-You can keep it if you pet that ♪
You want me, you want me
You wanna play the pussy ♪
You want me, you want me
You wanna play the pussy ♪
Play wit' the pussy
Wanna play wit' the pussy ♪
Come get a hooky, baby
Come get a hooky ♪
I wanna fuck you, baby
I wanna fuck you ♪
If we not fuckin', baby
Come get it poppin' ♪
Play wit' it, play wit' it ♪
Play wit' it, play wit' it ♪
Play wit' it, play wit' it ♪
Tomboy, you can have it
But you want it automatic ♪
Tomboy, you can have it
But you want it automatic ♪
Tomboy, you can have it
But you want it automatic ♪
Tomboy, you can have it
But you want it automatic ♪
Play wit' the pussy
Wanna play wit' the pussy ♪
Come get a hooky, baby
Come get a hooky ♪
I wanna fuck you, baby
I wanna fuck you ♪
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