Grand Army (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Safety On

[tense music plays]
[tapping keys]
[laughter on TV]
[woman on TV]
I've always been judged by what I am.
-Always been a fat, ugly dyke.
-[phone buzzes]
-I'm dead inside. I can cope.
But you fellas bit soft in the belly?
You're like, "No!"
You hear "Straight, white man,"
you're like, "No.
No, that's reverse sexism."
No, it's not. You wrote the rules.
Read them.
[audience laughs, applauds]
[Anna] Joey, those videos.
Yeah, I know.
Dude, I got blood on my underwear.
Can I please have yours?
[Anna] Yeah.
I can get you a tampon if you
-[Rebecca] Hey.
Are you gonna leave this room today?
Mom, I told you, I don't feel good.
[Rebecca] Well, that's what happens
when you're hungover.
If you think I don't know what's going on,
you are delusional.
And if you can't handle yourself, Jo,
then you are done going out.
Because I'm not gonna
go through this with you.
[Rebecca sighs]
[TV continues playing]
[Rebecca] Take a shower.
You'll feel better.
[TV] That's a refreshing perspective.
[audience laughs]
"You hate men so much,
why do you try so fucking hard
to look like one?"
[TV] 'Cause you need a good role model
right now, fellas.
[audience laughs, applauds]
[TV] Dropping like flies.
And it is a difficult
and confusing time for you now.
You know, it's changing, it's shifting.
-I understand that.
-[Joey sighs]
[TV] But may I just, you know,
suggest that you learn to sort of
move beyond your defensiveness.
Right? That's your first point,
you're stuck on it,
but you need to get some space around it.
Learn to develop
You know, try and develop a sense of humor
about it all. You need to lighten up.
Learn to laugh.
I tell you what might help.
How about a good dicking?
-Get a cock up ya. Drink some jizz!
-[audience laughs]
You gotta laugh!
[in Creole] Don't come at me again
with the same nonsense again
-about me being irresponsible.
-You didn't respond.
You didn't show up.
You didn't consider anyone but yourself.
Put some of that on my plate, please.
You know where you need to be
on Saturdays! We both work, Dom.
-[in English] What's the problem, Odie?
-Tristie cheated. He was peeking.
-[in Creole] Are people eating my chicken?
-Yeah. Almost gone. It's a hit.
[mom] Mm-mmm!
Francine made the fish.
[sister] It's dry.
-[Dom] Mm-hmm.
-[mom chuckles]
How do you think it makes me look, huh,
to everyone in our building
when I have to knock on doors
for last-minute childcare
while you're off doing whatever?
They're not my kids!
I don't want you to do this here.
[man] Hello, ladies!
God bless.
Happy Sunday.
[mom and sister chuckle]
You enjoying the evening?
Oh, it's beautiful. Thank you.
Yes, thank you, Pastor.
[in English] I'm glad.
Mademoiselle Dominique Pierre,
you are the person I'm looking for. May I?
[in Creole] Yes, yes.
[in English] Your mother mentioned
last week
that you are searching
for an internship for the summer.
I am.
[pastor] Something having to do
with psychology.
Have you heard of Sisters Thrive?
I don't think so.
It's an initiative of Chirlane McCray
uh, the mayor's wife.
It's a city program that takes on
mental health and substance abuse,
and they are training women of color
in mental health first aid.
So this is only an internship position
That sounds amazing.
[pastor] Good, good.
I have an old friend of mine
who works for the project.
I'm going to contact her
so she can call you directly
and send you the information
about the job.
-Sound good?
-Yes. Thank you so much, Pastor.
Good, good, good. Sabine
send my best to Dante.
[Sabine] OK,
we gotta get the kids home now.
[both chuckle]
[indistinct muffled chattering]
[woman, muffled]
Yeah. It's the office on 32nd, not 38th.
[girl] Dad, can we stop at Dunkin'?
[dad] It's her allergist,
not the pediatrician, you told me.
-We'll see, OK?
-[Rebecca] Just making sure
'cause I said 7:00, and you're late,
so all I can do is--
-I'm not doing this with you right now.
-[Joey] OK. Oh my God.
Nina, Frankie, let's go. Go.
-[Rebecca] Jo Jo, Jo!
-Mom! No, stop it.
You're not eating?
You're fine with her not eating?
[cacophony of whispering,
snickering, breathing]
[cacophony of sounds continues]
[boy laughing] Oh no. No!
[snickering, whispering continues]
-[Tim] Yo. Jo, how you doing?
-[George] Yo!
-[Tim] You OK?
-[Joey] Hi.
[George] I'm hooking you up so hard
right now.
It's lemon poppy-glazed. Do you love me?
You know I do.
[Luke] You need mad grease
after being that rocked.
[Tim] Did you finish Gatsby?
-Yeah, like a week ago.
-[Tim] Fuck you.
I can't get through it.
Can you give me some insights?
-On the whole fucking book?
-No, just the end.
Maybe we can, like,
FaceTime tonight, or
[Luke] Wait. Yo, bro, stop for a second.
Jo, for real. Um
I really wanna ask you about
something really important.
Should I change my haircut to this,
-or does it look too '90s?
-[bell rings]
-[George] Oh my God.
I'm serious. I wanna change my look.
Jo's opinion matters to me, all right?
So fuck off.
[Luke] I'm sorry.
[chuckling] Bye.
She's walking around like it's nothing.
And Grace hates her.
OK, we've still got time.
I wanna run it again.
Practice was nuts yesterday.
Like, so tense. Really, really bad.
[Leila] I wanted to try so many things:
kissing, touching,
all sorts of heavy petting.
-I bought edible underwear.
-Are you still pissed?
Um, I straddled. I writhed, and yet
I'm still left frustrated and unsatis--
He's such a fuckboy.
It's hard for me to judge her though.
You know? Like, fuck as many guys
as you want, I guess.
Why can't you see I have desire?
I have desire. I have desire.
[indistinct chattering in distance]
OK, look, I think she's a whore,
but I'm done letting it affect me.
In a week, it'll be nothing.
Like it never fucking happened.
No, I never shat in the woods.
[sighs] Anna
yes, you fuckin' did.
-[Anna] No!
-You diarrhea'd in the woods. [chuckles]
-[George] Ooh!
Eat the vomit jellybean, dude.
Oh my God.
-[Anna coughs]
[retches] OK, my turn.
Never have I ever had an orgy
with my friends.
[Anna giggles]
That's fucked up.
-[Anna] What?
-[George chuckles] Come on.
[Anna] What? I haven't. Here, eat it.
[Joey] What?
[chuckling] Come on. Rules are rules.
[Luke and George chuckling, yelling]
[George] Oh shit!
You are out of fucking control.
[Luke giggles]
[Joey] Yeah, it feels so fucking good!
[girl 1] Joey!
[hip-hop music plays]
You good?
Let's go.
Hit that pose, take that flick
Check your angle, post that ♪
Hit that pose, take that flick
Check your angle, post that ♪
My will get on the ground
Just to make sure the light is found ♪
The way she make them angles hit
She like Bill Cunningham with that ♪
I mean that shot ♪
Richard Avedon
To make me look like ♪
[girl 2] OK, stop. Stop.
[woman] All right, ladies
[girl 2] Five, six, seven, eight.
[woman] Come on, ladies, you can do this.
Hit that pose, take that flick
Check your angle, post that ♪
Hit that pose, take that flick
Check your ♪
What's wrong?
Too tired from sucking so much dick?
[girl 2] OK, stop. Stop. Um
That's not working. It's really weak.
Jo, you're gonna have to hit the back
till your brain's in it, OK?
All right, let's go again.
[Grace scoffs]
-[woman] Come on, ladies.
[hip-hop music plays]
Nine more to go.
Why don't I get cut abs from this shit?
[girl] Just keep going.
So, I'm running up the hill,
and I'm holding on to my belly.
When I get to the top,
my skin starts to stretch
[Dom] Oh Jesus. I know what's coming.
My fuckin' stomach rips open,
and this baby comes out.
Only the baby's already
a one-year-old. Yeah.
-And then I woke up, sweating.
Twenty-five. [exhales]
[Dom] Pregnancy dreams usually mean
you're anxious about a big project
coming up.
You're working hard
to give birth to something new.
Yo, see! This is why
you're gonna get that internship.
Why not?
Have me a photo shoot right on the block ♪
I put two lanes on gridlock ♪
So I could sit in a fierce squat ♪
Spent big money on a wristwatch ♪
I like to own tip-top ♪
-I emailed the application yesterday.
-[girl 3] They're gonna love you.
It'd be nice for someone to love me.
-Oh my God.
-You'd be pissed too
if some girl was ghosting you!
Have you called or texted him?
-[girl 3] He should reach out first.
-[Dom] Yes, he should.
John is ghosting.
-Domo, you're the ghost!
-Come on!
take that flick
Check your angle, post that ♪
Galliano, I'm in Galliano ♪
What the fuck?
My bad. Sorry.
No, you're not.
You're seriously that bad of a player?
If you have a problem with me,
that's fine,
but don't come at me
with this weak-ass shit, all right?
Hey! That that is enough!
Throwing shady looks at me all day.
Trying to throw
a fucking basketball at my head?
[girl 1] Joey!
[teacher] Dominique, I need you to focus.
-You good?
-I'm good.
I'm good.
All right, ladies, back to practice.
[hip-hop music plays]
[girl 2] Five, six, seven, eight.
Hit that pose, take that flick
Check your angle, post that ♪
Hit that pose, take that flick
Check your angle, post that ♪
[Dom] You know what?
I don't know
who the fuck you think you are,
but you do not get
to talk to me like that.
Spitting shit in my face
in front of people, then you got the
nerve to come in here and fucking hide?
-[Dom] What's going on? What happened?
-[Joey] Shut the door!
[distant giggling]
[distant chattering, giggling]
[Bhangra music plays]
[Jay] No. Don't be difficult.
Get over here.
[Sonia, giggling] What is he doing?
Ai, Jay, he's so cute!
Yeah, but he's a pain in my ass
at the same time.
-[dog whines]
-[Jay] Here, man.
So, last day. Sad your vacation's over?
[Jay scoffs]
Anything from Owen yet?
Not yet. None of my text messages
are going through.
-[baby fusses]
-He's not responding to none of my DMs.
[Sonia] I told you to call him.
And I told you I have been.
But today, I got this message
about the number being disconnected.
-[jazz music plays]
-So, I just
Yo, I'mma hit you back.
Look I'm not sayin' I'm mad at you.
I'm sayin' go to your room,
and bring out the other records
I gave you.
I'm gonna take 'em to my house,
so they'll be safe.
[chuckles, coos]
[Jay] OK, Grandpa.
I'll get them after dinner.
I should have saved them for my baby girl.
-Jay, apologize to your grandfather.
-I told you I was sorry, Grandpa.
[mom] I'm sorry!
-Funders' meeting ran late
-[Jay] Hi.
and the dang trains
Hi, baby!
Hi, baby. [kisses]
[mom] Oh!
-Looks good, babe.
-Thank you.
[baby grizzles]
Are you OK?
Grandpa's pissed at me, so
Jay, go get his records.
Whoa, now.
[dad] Now.
[grandpa] Oh, come on.
[chair slides back]
Look, uh, I'm glad you did what you did.
It was, uh [chuckles]
I'm basically just messing around.
-All right? A toast to my grandson.
-[dad] Dad.
[grandpa chuckles]
Go back with your head up tomorrow, kid.
-[dad] Dad.
-[grandpa] Go back unafraid, unashamed!
[dad] Dad. Dad!
Dad, this isn't a celebratory dinner.
We're not celebrating
our son's suspension.
He's a 15-year-old child
who was made to feel like a criminal.
And you know I'm not happy
with how it was handled, Dad,
but he fooled around.
There are consequences for actions.
He needs to learn that.
-What about his little friend there?
-[Jay] Owen.
[mom] Actually, Deborah called me.
Wait. She did?
Yeah, but it was brief.
She didn't mention Owen.
She just wanted to make sure
we were set for the hearing
and that, most of all,
you were gonna be on your best behavior.
[grandpa] What?
Oh. Aw
Yeah, you better
"pull up your sagging pants,
support your own damn kids,
turn down your ghetto music,
and don't you wear that hoodie, boy."
[mom] Jesus, Hank.
[Hank] Well, this is how they do it.
This is how they have always done it.
They push these boys out of school, Nicky.
Why didn't you two hire a lawyer--
[dad] Are you serious?
-[Nicky] It's important for him to under--
-[baby cries]
Actually, I got her. I got her. I got her.
Look, I don't really wanna talk
about this anymore.
Hi, baby. Come on, Gigi.
Let's go get cleaned up.
You're gonna clear the table tonight
after we're done.
Wanna go down? Hmm?
[Jay sighs]
-[Gigi fusses]
-[ringing tone]
[intercept message] We're sorry.
You've reached a number
that has been disconnected
or is not in service.
And take a nice, deep breath ♪
The Big Bang happened
When the black balloon ignited ♪
I feel the pain shoulder to shoulder
As I was knighted ♪
The night turns to day
And my days don't seem the brightest ♪
It's like itis
I wanna take a bite out of what life is ♪
If the president fuck around
And piss off ISIS ♪
Bury my in blueberry bills
Jewels and ices ♪
Let's connect from mind to mind ♪
Lies are on the rise
Increase to bigger size ♪
Hard to victimize
When evil's idolized ♪
[plays jazz music]
[teacher] Jayson Jackson!
Welcome back. How are you holding up?
-Good, you know.
-[teacher] Good.
You know Lou Cheng, right?
You sound good, bro.
I'm pumped to be playing with you guys.
I've been waiting for a spot for a while.
I'm glad something finally opened up.
-A spot hasn't opened up.
-Oh [chuckles]
I don't understand.
He's gonna fill in for Owen.
But Owen's hearing is next week,
and then he'll be back.
We don't know how that's gonna go.
It's gonna go fine.
They just wanna get the facts.
He could get nothing. No days at all.
It's not cool that you're giving up on him
and replacing him like this.
I'm not replacing Owen. Look, I
-[Lou plays jazz music]
-Think of Lou as an understudy.
He's a strong player and a good fit.
-You're flat.
-[playing stops]
[Tim] The juxtaposition of prohibition
and excess in 1920s America
creates an effective
and dramatic backdrop.
This time of real progression,
cultural and social oppression
[voice fades]
[tense music plays]
-[Luke and George giggle]
-[Joey] No!
[George] You don't know wet pussy, bro,
'cause she's dry as a fucking desert, man.
[Tim] not because Jay Gatsby rises
from genuine poverty to extreme wealth,
but because it examines
the destructive power of the dream.
And I think for Gatsby, you know,
Daisy is the personification of the dream.
Like, she represents everything he wants.
Money, status,
you know, a better life in general.
I think that his yearning for her
epitomizes his yearning
to make it in America.
[jazz music continues]
Yeah, Jo. Go for it.
Can we shut the door, please?
The music is really distracting.
-[girl giggles]
-[door closes]
I completely disagree with you.
[indistinct muttering]
The world just can't get enough of shoving
white boy stories down our throats
and labeling them
as American culture at its finest.
This is as bad as Catcher.
This is basically 1920s Woody Allen.
[exhales shakily]
"And I hope she'll be a fool.
That's the best thing
a girl can be in this world,
a beautiful little fool."
That's genius?
Who needs Fitzgerald's
twisted mansplaining?
And he's all about an American Dream
most people have never had access to,
and we're supposed to care and pretend
like we gain something from it.
And this is racist!
Jo, you OK?
[Joey] I'm sorry.
I don't know why I'm crying. [chuckles]
I hate this book.
I think that's a fair assault.
Does anyone wanna unpack Joey's comments?
Yeah, it's racist,
but I actually wanna focus
on the structure.
Why does he choose to tell the story
through the point of view of Nick,
an unreliable narrator?
At some points,
he presents the events objectively,
and at other points, subjectively.
So, which Nick do we believe?
[Joey] I'm sorry,
can I go to the bathroom?
I'm sorry.
Uh Yeah, of course. Take the pass.
It's just us.
Thanks for helping me.
I can't fucking sleep.
It's so bad.
Come here.
[Luke] Well
this shit'll make you even.
Here. You can swallow them.
You can crush 'em up and snort 'em,
which is better.
Hits you harder.
Will it make me feel psychotic, you think?
[Luke] Fuck no.
They're just gonna chill you out.
[Joey] OK.
[exhales sharply]
-[Luke] I gave you eight.
It should hold you over for a while.
[water runs]
[Joey exhales]
How much should I pay you?
If you need more, we'll talk about it.
We'll figure it out.
Look, stop stressing.
Everybody's been there.
[Sid] Inappropriate!
Stop being such a homo, bro.
Thanks, Lukey.
-She's still talking to you fuckers?
She likes getting off
just as much as we do.
Where you headed?
Gonzales. Then lunch.
Catch you in the caf?
Nah, I'm stepping out.
Damn! Senior perks.
All right.
Be good, yo.
Now, hurry up and get your lazy ass
out of that boot, Lukey.
-Need you for the pool.
-[counselor] Hey.
That's breathtaking.
I mean, that bomb imagery?
That was very effective.
-[Sid] It's not too much?
It's been in my head nonstop, so
Well, would it be helpful
to talk to someone?
It's not, like, real PTSD or anything.
No, Sid, I mean about your sexuality.
For what? I'm
I'm fine.
Ye I know. I mean, it's just a lot
to process on your own, right? So
I'm completely fine. Please don't.
I just need it to be edited and
[Gonzales] No, I don't think
it needs editing. It's there.
Are you 100% sure
that you wanna share this?
No. No, I don't want to at all.
Like you said,
how else am I gonna distinguish myself
from the 20,000 other Asian kids applying?
So, I need to.
[breathes shakily]
Look, I'm operating under the assumption
I can trust you.
-I know my parents reach out to you--
-Sid, we're good, OK?
I promise. I would never.
-[Gonzales] OK.
So, can we just do it now?
[inhales, exhales deeply]
Uh, so, I put together an email
to Harvard admissions.
[taps keyboard]
And I'm just gonna attach your essay.
[clicks mouse]
You know, I'm gonna let you hit send. OK?
[clicks mouse]
[Gonzales] You should feel good, Sid.
-Want me to hang on to this?
-No, I'll take that.
-You bet.
Um You know,
I'm always here if you wanna talk, or
Nope, I'm good.
-[heavy breathing]
-[boy] Is this good? Are you good?
[woman] Manager price check
at register seven, please.
-Manager price check.
-[gasping, chuckling]
-[door handle rattles]
Nobody's gonna come in.
[heavy breathing]
I need to hear you say that you're OK.
Yeah, this is good.
[boy] Don't worry. I'll go easy.
-[boy sniffs]
-[belt buckle unbuckling]
[boy breathes heavily]
[breathing heavily]
What's your name?
I don't do that. [boy chuckles]
I need to know.
No, you don't, bro.
Do you want me to stop?
[Sid] No.
[boy exhales deeply]
[breathing shakily]
[moans lightly]
I deserve an earth-shattering,
full-body experience.
[girl] Hold, please.
Can you try it again?
And this time really find the bravery.
You're talking about
your right to pleasure.
Your right to understand your own desire.
You get what I'm saying?
[whispers] Meera.
What if she just tried to
[Meera] Yeah.
Yeah, go ahead, tell her.
Hi! I was just saying
if you could try to connect
to something in your own life, maybe?
Like, just really bring yourself to this.
I deserve an earth-shattering,
full-body experience.
[door opens]
I want the tickle.
I want
the explosion.
I want to gasp for air.
I want to scream.
In movies
-[Meera] Do you need the line?
-It happens simultaneous--
simultaneously because they're in love
or they're just sexy and good at it.
My sister says I should stop waiting
and just
-explore on my own body.
-[snickers, coughs]
[Meera] Oh, are you auditioning, George?
Wanna tell me about female pleasure?
-Fuck yeah. I'm very knowledgeable.
-[Meera] Uh-huh. Sure you are. Bye, Geo.
Omar, can you make sure
no one comes in here
who isn't supposed to be auditioning?
Thanks, Leila, we're all good.
Meera, come on. It was my fault.
Meera, I agree, actually.
It was an unfair distraction.
-Maybe we should give her another chance.
-I'm actually all set. Thank you.
[rock music plays]
-[snarling continues]
-[Joey and George grunt]
[Leila] I let him touch my boobs.
[Leila] I sent him nudes.
[Joey whimpers]
I shaved my vag.
-[Joey whimpers]
-[both groan]
And you still don't get who I really am!
[rabbi] A queen!
[Leila] Rabbi?
[Joey squealing]
It would be so important for me
to be cast in this.
I mean, to me I mean.
Thank you.
[Omar] You were great.
I'm Omar, by the way.
I'll put in a good word.
'Cause I'm actually better
than what I just did.
-[Omar chuckles]
yeah. Thanks.
Yo, I'm really sorry.
I I didn't mean to throw you.
-[door opens]
-[George] She's pissed.
Do you know how to listen?
Stop your bullshit and leave.
You're an idiot.
I hate it.
[George] What are you on?
Don't be greedy. Share.
Let's go.
[in Creole]
Do not pull your hair out like that.
That's why your hair is so damaged.
-[The Cosby Show plays on TV]
-[mom laughs]
If you wore long sleeves
under your scrubs,
maybe you wouldn't bruise.
[Sabine exhales]
-[mom] Hmm?
Don't forget to give Odette
her ear drops before bed.
Odie, Tristie, get your butts over here.
Say bye.
[Sabine] Hurry up!
[recording in English]
How much we know ourselves
is extremely important,
-but how we treat ourselves--
-[knocking on door]
[Odette] Dommo, I need to go!
[recording] I don't know about you,
knowing is much easier to me than feeling.
[in English] I need privacy now, Odie.
I'm doing my homework.
But I gotta go poop.
-And your pot is bubbling
-Oh shit.
and you told me to tell you when.
[mom chuckles]
[Dom in Creole] How can you watch
that show? He assaulted people.
[mom] They never proved that.
Lord, look at that house!
[man 1 on TV] At the disco?
Soul Train.
-[in English] You're done with this.
-No, I won't do it, I promise!
PJs, now.
[in Creole]
And yes, they did prove it, actually.
-[mom] Aye.
-[on TV] Son, I had the stuff.
I had a maroon suit.
[laughter on TV]
[mom chuckles]
-[man 1] Tell me more, man.
-[man 2] I was king of the dance floor.
Everybody would circle around me,
and they would chant.
-[phone rings]
-[man 1] Yeah.
Oh shit.
[man 1] Mom's the one who can dance, Dad.
[phone continues ringing]
[man 2] What?
Boy, you better watch yourself.
[mom laughs] Aye, aye, aye.
[man 1]
You just don't know what I'm capable of.
[man 2] Oh yeah?
[John] Yo, what's good?
-[door opens]
-Eh. Not much, you know?
My poop clogged the toilet,
and now there's brown stuff on the floor.
[mom laughs]
[man 1 on TV] What's so funny, huh?
Why are you laughing?
-[Odette] Poop soup all over the place.
-[boy] Is there any food?
I got poop soup coming out of my butt.
[in Creole] Where have you been?
[boy coughs]
Yo! What kind of pudding you cooking?
It's not pudding, you fucking stupid.
It's my hair cream.
[gasps, winces]
-[breathes shakily]
-[door opens]
We're forced to listen to uneducated pigs
lecture us about security.
[boy 2] But they're clueless
about the leftist deep state
that actually threatens this country.
[boy 1] Bullshit socialist propaganda.
-You know what we're saying, bro?
-[toilet flushes]
[Sid] Hey.
How's the progress?
Haven't heard from you. I saw Flora.
Yeah. That's
-I mean, we're, uh
-[George] Punjab!
-Yo, bro!
-I thought you would have hit me up.
Yeah, New Delhi, why didn't you call
or text like you promised?
-That the best you got, Geo?
-I'm actually finished.
-Handed it in yesterday.
-[Victor] Amazing.
Can I read it?
Bro, you're not gonna believe
whose liberated vag
Orlov is moving on
-right this second.
-I'm actually good, but thanks.
Your fucking sister's, bro!
[indistinct chattering]
What's happening here?
Good fuckin' luck, bro.
-You got your hands full. [chuckles]
-What's that supposed to mean?
[Luke] Hustle up, boys.
Don't wanna miss the big show!
[Metta] We'll be implementing
new safety procedures
over the coming months.
And right now,
we'll discuss ways we can work
with the NYPD to stay vigilant.
Please welcome Officer Crisco
and Officer Valdez of the NYPD.
-[applause, cheering, whistling]
-[officer 1] In this day and age,
we need you to understand
your responsibility
-as citizens.
-Yo, sign this.
What the fuck is that?
It's for my friend Nah, pass it down.
It's for my friend.
Got suspended as part
of this bullshit zero-tolerance policy.
Yo, I love people
who dog on zero tolerance.
They're the ones
who can't learn to control themselves.
[officer 1] You are your friends'
and classmates' first line of defense.
You are there to protect them
like they are there to protect you.
And the only way to do that
is to keep your eyes open
-and speak up when you notice a threat.
-[boy 1] I can't breathe!
[muttering, whistling]
[Metta] I expect respect, folks!
Let's take this seriously, please!
-Some people are so fucking rude.
[officer 1] Well, here's the thing
-about people that put us at risk.
-[Joey groans]
[officer 1] They don't always look like
the sketchy dude on the subway.
They look like people you know.
After an act of violence,
-knowing how to spot potential danger
-Are you OK?
-is key.
-[boy 2] You're on crack, bro.
[officer 1] There's a reason
you always hear,
"He looked like a regular guy.
He seemed nice."
Be honest, you guys.
Do I look like a terrorist to you?
-[officer 1] I'm not saying this
to scare you.
I'm saying this so you wake up.
[George] What's wrong, Jo?
-[chuckling] Nothing's wrong.
[tense music plays]
[distorted laughter]
You know you wanna come.
[groans lightly]
-[boy 1] I can't breathe!
[Metta] This is not the time
and place, people.
-Teachers, please settle your students!
-[boy chants] I can't breathe!
The recent terror attack
touched all of us.
-That is our focus for today.
-[indistinct muttering]
-Come on. Someone got to do it again.
-How these dudes gonna keep going?
[officer 2] Listen,
the Grand Army bomber
dressed like a student,
wore a backpack like a student,
because all too recently he was a student.
[officer 1] Look, in order for us
to do our jobs,
we need you to do your job.
-We need to trust each other.
-[John] Yo.
-[officer 1] That's one of the reasons
-we're here today.
-[girl] You about to get haunted.
-[officer 1] Our door is always
-I know you hung up on me, like, twice,
but you wanna hang out later?
-[boy 2 shouts] For real.
-Say yes.
-[officer 1] fears about the bombing
Yeah, OK.
[officer 1] and about the current state
of security in your city.
I can't breathe!
-[students cheer, whistle]
-[giggles softly]
[Metta] That is enough!
-[boy 3] I can't breathe!
-[officer 1] We know.
[officer 1] We hear you.
[officer 1] This is
about keeping you safe,
about keeping you vigilant
and protecting your community.
-[Tim] Yo, you OK? I got you.
-[Anna] No. I got her.
-JoJo! I got her.
-[Joey] I'm gonna pass out.
-[officer 1] Everything OK?
-That's OK. Heads up here.
-[Joey groans]
-[officer 1] Let's give her a minute.
These are triggering conversations.
You all have experienced terror firsthand.
[girl in Mandarin]
She's an attention whore.
I don't wanna talk shit right now.
[girl] What?
Are you criticizing me?
No. This is just a serious thing.
This whole auditorium
is like a terror target
right now  with us all in here
and you're
You both need to stop.
[officer 1]
to process all this with you
and talk you through
surviving this experience
[Joey sighs]
Your mom said she'd be here in 40 minutes.
It's been like 30, OK?
God, everything is so fucked.
People get blown up outside our school,
and we have an assembly?
Look, I'm sorry if I've been a bitch.
Yes, dude.
I've been really selfish
-about the whole situation, and
OK, honestly,
everything is totally chill, OK?
I just love you so much. [chuckles]
[Joey exhales sharply]
[knocking on door]
I wanted to make sure you're OK.
-Are your legs Are they still--
-No. No, I'm OK.
I'm OK. Thank you.
I got her. Don't worry.
OK, that was so sweet, but that was,
like, really fucking random, right?
[Joey sighs]
[indistinct chattering]
[exhales sharply]
-[footsteps approaching]
-[lock clicking]
-Mr. Williams, I wanted to check on Owen.
-[woman] Who is it?
-I've been trying to call and text, but--
-He doesn't have a phone
because he doesn't need to be having
any conversations with anyone.
I wanted to let him know
that people at school
were thinking about him.
Today I got 185 signatures.
I don't want my son's name associated
with any of your antics anymore.
No. It's for the hearing.
It's not like that.
Time for you to get home.
I don't wanna have to call your parents.
Wait. Wait. C Can I just
Can I just see him real quick?
Good night, Mr. Jackson.
He He's my best friend.
You been a good friend to my child?
-I had to do it.
My son, organizing all sorts of chaos.
-You should be proud of that.
-And the police just kept going?
I think it would have been
even more humiliating
-if they stopped.
-Oh, these times we're living in.
you will be 18 soon,
and you can get your ass out and vote.
Hey, Dom's almost 18 too.
I started kindergarten late.
You play basketball too?
-Yeah, but just for fun. [chuckles]
-[mom] Hmm.
You know, I was the first in my family
to go to college too.
[John] I told her.
-[mom] What are you sorry about?
[chuckles] That's the damn hustle, girl.
And the hustle is different for you and me
than it is for my son.
And don't let him forget it.
Stay focused. You can do it.
-[mom chuckles]
-don't lecture.
-[Dom laughs]
-I'm a professor, kid!
-[Dom giggles]
I can't help it.
All right.
I'm gonna have a shower.
She's really nice.
She's all right.
I'm really glad you came over.
I'm glad you invited me.
What I believe in's
Got me looking up to you ♪
What I'm receiving ♪
Keeps me feeling like I do ♪
Oh yeah ♪
And so sweet ♪
Got me looking up
Got me looking up to you ♪
So sweet, babe ♪
Got me looking up to you ♪
But so sweet ♪
Got me looking up ♪
-Got me looking up to you ♪
-So sweet ♪
Got me looking up to you ♪
You know these times ♪
Can take you through so many changes ♪
[song fades]
[mom] We pay for the month and next,
but later,
because my daughter, she
-[in Creole] I lost my job!
-Why? What's wrong?
[mom in English] Yes, we late, but
She fucking fell!
Odie, get off! You're gonna--
Please stop, Odie!
You're hurting me.
[Sabine winces, breathes heavily]
[in Creole] I was lifting him
out of the bath, and he slipped.
I told his daughter.
I said, "He's 91 years old!
He needs a seat in the tub!"
So, I pulled him toward me,
and he fell on me.
[kisses teeth]
He's OK, thank God.
[in English] Jesus.
[in Creole] But my back just exploded!
I pushed myself to get him up
and get through the end of my shift.
Then Mummy met me at the emergency room.
I have
a ruptured disk!
-[mom] Mm-hmm.
-[Sabine in English] Thank you, baby boy.
[mom] Mm-hmm.
[Sabine] Dante, calm down, baby.
-I am.
-[mom] I understand.
No, no. We will have
[in Creole] I can't walk.
I might need surgery.
When I told that bitch
I needed a little time off,
she fired me.
She's done paying me.
I got paid for half the month, that's it.
Mm. [chuckles]
Stop! You'll break your phone!
[in English] Odie, baby, please move.
Move, OK?
I know you're just trying to help--
-[mom in Creole] Take one of the pills.
-No. They're addictive. I told you that.
[Sabine sighs]
What did they say?
I don't know!
I think ten days. If we don't pay
[kisses teeth] Yap.
They'll take action if we're late.
[Dante] What does that mean?
-[in English] Can you speak English?
-Don't talk to--
[shrieks, winces]
[Sabine groans, breathes heavily]
[Dante kisses teeth]
Go in the other room
until you can stop acting crazy.
[TV plays in background]
[door opens, closes]
When can you start working again?
[in Creole] Maybe I can fill in for you?
[Sabine] How?
You're already working.
[in English] Yeah. Mm-hmm.
[in Creole] Like a month
or two months or
If comedians had done their job properly
and made fun of the man
who abused his power,
then perhaps we might have had
a middle-aged woman
with an appropriate amount of experience
in the White House, instead,
as we do,
a man who openly admitted
to sexually assaulting
vulnerable young women
-because he could.
-[door opens]
-[Nina] I need your gray sports bra.
-[Joey groans] No, Nina.
[Nina] You're not even using it.
[Joey] Nina
[Joey groans]
[TV] Do you know what should be the target
-of our jokes at the moment
-Nina, stop.
-[TV] Our obsession with reputation.
-[Joey] Nina.
-What the fuck is this?
[TV] We think reputation is more important
than anything else, including humanity.
And do you know who takes the mantle
of this myopic--
-[Joey] Wait!
-[Luke and George chuckle]
[heavy breathing]
[George] What's wrong?
Come on.
Shit, I'm tired.
Fuck this.
[Joey sobs]
-[TV] And comedians are not immune.
-They're all cut from the same cloth.
-[Rebecca] Hey.
-[Joey sobs]
-Donald Trump, Pablo Picasso
-Come on, baby.
-Harvey Weinstein
[Rebecca] What's going on?
-Woody Allen, Roman Polanski.
These men are not exceptions.
They are the rule.
They raped me, Mom. [cries]
[TV] And the moral of our story is,
"We don't give a shit.
We don't give a fuck
about women or children."
[TV] "We only care
about a man's reputation."
It was George. [sniffles]
-[TV] These men control our stories!
-[Rebecca] What?
-[Joey sobs]
[Joey] Last Saturday after we went
and saw that movie together.
[sobs, sniffles]
-[TV] Fuck reputation.
-Hindsight is a gift.
-[Rebecca] Are you sure?
[TV] Stop wasting my time!
-[Rebecca] Oh
-They pinned me down in the cab, Mom.
-[sobs] And Tim
I'm humiliated.
-[Rebecca] OK, sweetheart.
[Joey sobs, sniffles]
Please don't tell Dad.
[Rebecca] No.
[TV] people in the room are going,
"Now, look,
I think she's lost control
of the tension."
[tapping keys]
[tense music plays]
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