Grand Army (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Valentine's Day

[tense music plays]
[tapping keys]
[heavy breathing]
Lollipop, lollipop
Oh lolly, lolly, lolly ♪
Lollipop, lollipop
Oh lolly, lolly… ♪
Is she even allowed
to bring candy to school?
[mom] Hmm.
-Yes, there's no nuts in them.
-[Dom] Mm.
[TV plays in background]
[in Creole] I think you can think of it
as meaning nothing.
It's a contract.
Like in business.
You sign it and OK…
Then you sign another one, and it ends.
[in English] It's too early to be playing
this kind of music. Turn it off.
I like it!
[music stops]
[in Creole] I don't know what else to do.
He's nice-looking.
He's been in the US
since he was a little boy…
$10,000 could help us for a long time.
We wouldn't have to worry…
You're not gonna drop out of school.
Dante is too young to work.
-He's 14. He could help. He could--
-Please don't raise your voice.
It wouldn't be real.
You know I would do it if I could.
You need to take the kids, remember?
[mom sighs]
It's not just about the money.
You'd be helping someone stay here…
a whole other family.
That says a lot about who you are,
And I love who you are.
[in English] OK, Mommy.
[in Creole] Love you too.
[cartoon plays in background]
-[in English] Happy Valentine's, Aunt!
-[mom] Shh!
That's too loud.
[woman on recording]
The original definition of "courage"
when it came into the English language,
it's from the Latin word cor,
meaning heart.
And the original definition was
to tell the story of who you are
with your whole heart.
And so these folks had, very simply,
the courage to be imperfect.
They had the compassion
to be kind to themselves first
and then to others,
because, as it turns out,
we can't practice compa…
[romantic music plays]
…talk about it ♪
Get in line ♪
Smile for the photo ID ♪
Inside ♪
That's where we can be free ♪
Your highness ♪
Caught you sippin' on lean ♪
Reminds me… ♪
[man over PA] This is 79th. 72nd's next.
Excuse me, is that anyone's bag?
It's just sitting there.
Does anyone know whose bag this is?
[brakes hiss]
[man over PA]
Stand clear of the closing doors, please.
[man] All right!
No one was claiming it, so…
It's not OK for bags
to be left unattended like that.
I just… After what happened…
Ooh, baby, turn out the light
You're gonna make my body fry ♪
Ooh, baby, don't you cry
Shit gets weird when you talk about it ♪
Ooh, baby, turn out the light
You're gonna make my body fry ♪
Ooh, baby, don't you cry
Shit gets weird when you talk about it ♪
Get in line ♪
Smile for the photo ID ♪
Inside ♪
That's where we can be free ♪
Your highness ♪
Caught you sippin' on lean ♪
Reminds me ♪
-[indistinct announcement over PA]
-[tense music plays]
You good?
-Let me carry that for you.
-No, I'm good.
Are you hungry? You wanna stop
and get a muffin or something?
No, thanks.
You can be done, Jo.
Whenever you wanna be done.
You're in charge here. Mom and I just--
I wanna do this.
It's my decision.
[indistinct announcement over PA]
[man] Sir. Fresh flowers
for your lovely ladies. Eight bucks.
Fresh flowers. Fresh flowers.
[woman over PA] Dr. Patel to oncology.
Dr. Patel to oncology.
[knocking, door opens]
[door closes]
Can I do anything
to make you more comfortable?
[doctor] OK.
[Joey sniffles]
Joey, nothing will happen
without your consent.
[woman] Thank you.
-[indistinct chattering, laughter]
[woman] Next.
[Omar] How reactionary
and pointless is this, huh?
-[woman] Next.
-Oh, hey.
Know what I mean? What does this prevent?
People aren't bringing bombs into school.
-[Omar] It's just fear-mongering.
Our whole culture is fear-based.
It, like, doesn't even make any sense.
[girl] Grace. Um, here.
-You have more than one. Four of them.
-Oh my God!
[chuckles] These are so funny!
I fucking love this day.
[girl] Uh, Christina, for you.
[Christina] Thanks.
And for you.
-[woman] Next.
-[girl] And…
-uh, for you.
-Thank you.
-You're friends with Joey Del Marco?
-[girl] Can I give you her candy grams?
-Yeah, of course.
-[girl] Thanks.
-[Anna] Thanks.
[Anna] Hey.
Where'd you take that video of Joey today?
Uh, 72nd. The 2/3 stop.
OK. But don't ever post shit
about my friends again, all right?
-OK, I didn't mean to--
-[Tim] What the fuck is wrong with her?
She had a really serious panic attack
on Friday, OK?
Yeah, but why is she
on the Upper West Side?
Her dad lives there?
Doctor's maybe?
I don't know, OK? Just…
-[woman] Next.
-Come on.
[Omar] Hey, so…
I wanted to come find you real quick
I think I have some really good news.
-Meera finished casting.
-Yeah, and you got--
-[gasps] Oh my God! Oh my God!
-Yeah, I know, it's… it's gonna be great.
You got understudy,
which is actually pretty cool.
I think it'll be a good opportunity
for you, and--
[boy] Oh, I think we're next in line.
And no smile, please.
It's actually a good thing.
I mean, you're only a freshman,
and you have--
The whole cast is freshman.
Yeah, but like 60 people auditioned,
and 11 got cast, including you.
No, it's so embarrassing.
[Omar] Why? It's an opportunity.
You're not seeing the good side.
-I honestly thought you'd be happy.
-[girl] Neisha Brown?
-Is Neisha Brown…
-Excuse me.
-Do you have any for us?
-What are your names?
Omar Biller and Leila Zimmer.
Oh… [chuckles]
[man] David. David Malick.
[Leila] This is crazy.
Who's it from?
-It says "guess who?"
-[Omar] Yeah.
That's so…
I know who it's from.
You do?
[romantic music plays]
Shit. Is this even you?
-Hang on.
-No, I got it. [giggles]
Wait, wait, wait. Wait. Are you sure?
-Yeah. Why? You don't want to?
-No, I do. I was just making sure.
[both chuckle]
-[George chuckles]
-[Leila giggles]
[breathing heavily]
I've, like… Shit.
Shit. I've, like, never had this much fun
with somebody before.
Hey, hey ♪
Whoa-oh-oh-oh, oh, oh ♪
Whoa-oh-oh-oh, oh, oh ♪
If you don't wanna cry like I do ♪
-A keep away from Runaround Sue ♪
-Hey ♪
Whoa… ♪
Zero gag reflex.
[girl] What? That's insane.
OK, let me try. [sniffs]
[girl coughs, chuckles]
You two are fuckin' ridiculous.
-It takes practice.
[teacher] Almost time to get started,
friends. Let's settle in, please.
[slurps] You know you wanna try it.
[girls snicker]
[teacher] All right, everyone.
It's the start of a new unit today.
We're gonna spend the next three weeks
exploring stimulus and response,
which was the focus
of last night's reading.
We'll break that down in just a moment
if you'd like to skim over your notes.
Everyone will need a partner
for lab experiments.
-Quickly find a seat…
-[Victor] Hey.
…next to who you wanna work with.
Is Meera OK?
Uh, yeah. Why?
And the nude?
And you two, please.
Victor, just take a seat right there.
For what?
Lab partners. For this unit.
[teacher] Raquel and Suki, yes?
Great. That works.
-And you two, please.
-What are you talking about?
There's a nude of Meera going around.
Sorry, I thought you knew.
No, I mean…
What type of pic are we talking about?
-[boy coughs]
Stimulus and response theory.
Tell me about it, people.
Yes, Suki.
The core psychological concept
that all behavior can be reduced
to a simple stimulus-response association.
Yes. And who can we thank for the theory?
A tit pic, basically.
[teacher] Victor?
Uh… Ivan Pavlov.
Uh… John B. Watson.
BF Skinner.
[teacher] Yes, thank you, guys.
Now, the simplest type of response
is a direct one-to-one
stimulus-response reaction.
-Maybe you should--
-None of your business, bro.
[teacher] is the stimulus.
The reactions of the organism
is the response.
And that's what you'll be spending
some time out of class
testing with your partners.
[phone rings]
I don't give a fuck.
I don't give a fuck. I don't give a fuck…
Why won't they let me talk to him?
I don't know.
All parents have their own way
of dealing with things.
Maybe they think
if anyone sees you and Owen talking,
it'll hurt his chances.
[Nicole] Try to relax, huh?
Do some homework?
Yeah, but we've been waiting for so long.
[guard] Gonna need you to take a seat.
Bro, I've been waiting, like, two hours.
Sit down. I'm not gonna tell you again.
[kisses teeth]
[indistinct message over radio]
Jesus Christ.
[Jay] Yo, what you doing?
I'm just kinda like, at this point,
I'd rather still be in school, right?
[Jay's dad mutters indistinctly]
[Nicole] It's our 26th.
[dad] It's our 27th Valentine's, baby.
You just never count the first one.
-I don't know.
-[Nicole] You're right, I don't.
-[dad chuckles]
-[Jay] Why?
See, your mom was determined
to profess her love for me,
-and she went wild.
[Nicole] Oh, dear God.
[dad] She got caught scratching
"NC hearts SJ" into my locker…
I got detention for a month for that shit,
and you--
-You got detention?
-Oh, hell yeah.
Yo, Jay, your mom was bad, Jay.
-For real?
-Yeah. That's where you get it.
That's why I gotta keep everybody in line.
But you know what? That's when I knew.
I was like, I'm gonna marry this girl.
[Jay] Oh, come on now.
-I'm right here, Dad, chill.
-[dad] Fine.
[Nicole] It's our 27th. Now shut up!
[dad] And I personally think they're
just getting more and more romantic!
[Jay chuckles]
[dad] I mean… I mean, baby…
Baby, look where we are.
[woman] Owen Williams, please.
[phone rings]
I'm going to ask you to place your feet up
in the stirrups when you're ready.
You OK, Joey?
We can stop.
No, I'm OK.
[pulls stool out]
Just scoot further for me a bit.
Is it OK if I lift up your gown a bit?
[doctor] Hmm?
I'm going to take some pictures,
like I'd explained.
Is that OK?
OK, and you tell me if you want
or need me to stop at any time.
Yeah, I'm OK.
[doctor] Flash is bright,
so you may wanna look away.
[shutter clicks]
[shutter clicks]
[shutter clicks]
[shutter clicks]
[shutter clicks rapidly]
-[teacher] The cult of domesticity…
-[Luke] Damaged goods. Broken bullshit.
No, I like mine like this
'cause I can eat it in little bits.
Just be glad you got one, all right, bro?
-I got six, bro.
-[knocking on door]
[Burley] Sorry to interrupt.
I need Luke Friedman and George Wright
to come with me immediately, please.
Boys, now. Please.
Yeah, why?
Just leave your things.
The officers would like to speak with you.
[tense music plays]
[Burley] Let's make this easy.
Let's go.
[whispers] Bro, my Xan stash.
[doctor] We're taking swabs of the inside
of your vagina now. You doing OK?
Mm-hmm. [cracks knuckles]
-[groans lightly]
-[doctor] I know.
We're almost done. Just keep breathing.
Almost done. Just try to let your knees
fall to the side a bit more.
-I can't. I'm sorry.
-[doctor] No, that's OK. Don't be sorry.
OK, Joey.
I'm going to remove the speculum now.
There's gonna be a bit of pressure.
[Joey groans]
OK. All done.
[exhales] You're OK. You're OK.
You're OK. You're OK.
You're OK.
I'm gonna let you
clean up and get dressed.
[teacher] …involuntary mass dispersion
of populations…
[rock music plays]
[glass shatters]
[George screams]
[cell phone vibrates]
[students mutter indistinctly]
Damn. What did your boyfriend do?
[girl] Oh my God!
[Anna] You can't just take them
out of class.
You have to tell them what they did.
What did they even do?
Anna, they're gonna
bring the boys down to the precinct.
Well, did you notify our parents?
Because they are minors.
-Tim! Come on!
-I'm sure everything is gonna be fine.
The officers have some questions.
I understand you wanna call your parents.
I need you to stay in the building.
Where are you even taking them, huh?
Back to your classrooms now, please.
It was messing around
that got out of hand.
That's how I see it.
Is it a matter of fact that Mr. Williams
took your wallet from your bag?
I know he didn't take my money.
Thank you, Ms. Pierre. [sighs]
You have another witness listed?
Yes, Joanna Del Marco.
She's out sick this week.
Her parents called.
OK, well, we're limited for time.
So I'm gonna ask you a few questions now,
Mr. Jackson, OK?
Yeah, um… [clears throat]
that's great. Yeah.
[woman] Whose idea was it
to go inside Ms. Pierre's bag?
[woman] Did Ms. Pierre, at any point,
give permission to you or Mr. Williams
to touch her property?
No, she didn't.
[woman] Did you, at any point,
touch Ms. Pierre's bag?
[woman] Did you see Mr. Williams touch
and enter Ms. Pierre's bag?
Did you watch Mr. Williams
take her wallet from her bag?
Was that something that you saw?
Mr. Jackson, we're pressed for time.
I just wanna make sure
you have the folder that I brought.
I've collected over 200 signatures for--
You were there at the time of the theft,
were you not?
Yeah, but it wasn't theft though.
Just because he took the wallet
out of Dom's bag, as a joke,
doesn't make him a thief.
It wasn't like that. You…
-Uh, what I mean is he didn't actually--
-[woman] We're set, Mr. Jackson.
Thank you.
As I said earlier, this hearing is solely
about the facts of the incident,
and you've helped clarify those facts,
and I appreciate that.
Based on what was presented here
and in the principal's report,
I feel it's appropriate to move forward
with the superintendent's suspension.
Given the seriousness of the violation,
we're issuing a 60-day suspension
beginning today.
Owen, we'll provide you
with your suspension site information
before you go.
[Joey sighs]
[Joey] It's Anna.
[Joey sighs]
I'm gonna hang onto your phone
for now, OK?
The boys got picked up.
I didn't want that to happen at school.
We know, Jo.
It'll be all right.
I'm starving.
Are you hungry, babes?
[Rebecca] Come on.
How good…
would White Castle sliders be right now?
Hmm? We can go right after this.
You make me wanna vomit.
[Rebecca chuckles]
With a Diet Coke,
some fries with ranch.
I can go for that.
[Joey chuckles]
Your taste in fast food's so basic.
It's sad.
[Rebecca chuckles]
Everybody's gonna hate me.
I don't believe that.
And your dad and I love you endlessly.
[dad] Yeah.
[door opens]
They were acting like nothing happened.
Or, no, like it was just
some fucked-up orgy. [sniffles]
And the whole week I was questioning
what I was remembering, which is…
Which I couldn't.
And I'm just so fucking angry.
They don't get to do that to me.
But now I'm the bad guy.
[therapist] Why are you the bad guy?
Because I am.
[sighs] I'm already getting texts.
I'm fucking them over.
And even though they did what they did,
and they did,
I'm still fucking them.
[therapist] Do you think that, or…
are you concerned other people think that?
[therapist] Are you sleeping?
[inhales slowly]
Not really. [exhales]
I'm just up, over-analyzing.
[therapist] What specifically?
What I did.
What they did.
Reporting it. Getting the rape kit.
My parents.
My sisters.
just what's gonna happen…
[therapist] What do you want to happen?
I don't know. [exhales]
I know that that's a shitty answer,
but I don't… I don't know.
[therapist] I think it's a fine answer.
I mean…
…it's probably obvious, but…
you know what sucks more than anything?
[therapist] Tell me.
They're my friends.
And I love them.
Or I loved them.
And part of me feels
like I'm betraying them.
But then I also don't regret
what I'm doing, so I'm just…
I don't know.
[therapist] Yeah.
[inhales deeply, sighs]
I bought them all candy grams.
It was Valentine's Day.
My school does this fundraiser thing…
…and I bought them all valentines.
[man] The accusations are serious,
and I don't think
we're gonna get them back.
Excuse me. I have your…
[Sid] My bag.
This shit's been crazy.
My apologies
if I'm interrupting something.
I appreciate you holding on to it for me.
No problem. I got the rest of the notes
from class, so we can just…
I'll hit you up about our project.
It's all good. OK.
Tell Meera I said break a leg tonight.
I'm sending someone from the paper
to cover it, so…
-[Sid] Cool.
-Sorry again about that.
So, we need to figure out
a new configuration for the relay team.
You lose something?
No. Uh, yeah, I agree.
I'm gonna tell you something
I wouldn't normally tell you.
The Harvard scouts are coming.
The week you guys are back
from February break.
-Are you serious?
This is amazing!
But you gotta think carefully
about who you wanna swim with.
George and Luke are gone.
So I'm thinking…
-[coach] Yeah.
I know he can be lazy,
but he's stronger
than all the other swimmers.
[boy 1] No good action movies
are directed by women.
[boy 2] Inaccurate.
[boy 1] Don't say Wonder Woman.
You're gay.
[boy 2] Hurt Locker, bro.
Hey, man.
-Look, I-I-I didn't--
-You didn't what?
She sent it to me, bro.
I didn't ask. She just sent it.
-I shared it with two guys--
-You don't do that.
[Sid] Bo.
This is supposed to be
a fuckin' brotherhood, man.
I know.
That's my fuckin' sister.
And you and me are in this together.
All right. I'm sorry.
It's a fuckin' distraction, you know?
can you work your ass off
the next week and a half, for real?
You're gonna relay with me.
Let's fucking get it, kid!
Hell yeah! [chuckles]
You fucking piece of shit!
I'll fucking kill you!
I don't know why
we have to sit here and talk shit.
-I'm not.
-[girl] You weren't even there.
[Grace] So, what?
Our friends are fucking rapists now?
[chuckles] Is that what you're saying?
You don't get arrested for nothing.
Uh, it happens all the time.
-[girl] I know they do weird shit.
-[Grace] Really, Chris?
[Chris] Yeah.
I've experienced it.
Me too.
OK, you don't need to talk, Rachel. OK?
And weird shit is not assault.
She… she had a fucking vibrator!
She's def not gonna be captain anymore.
What do you think about this shit?
[retching, coughing]
I can't do it.
Nothing's coming out.
So stop.
[toilet flushes]
I know. I'm really upset too.
No, it's more like…
I gave him a blow job today…
in the drama department.
And I swallowed, which is gross,
but I didn't know what else to do.
I don't really know
what you want me to say.
He didn't actually rape her, right?
-I don't know.
She's a fucking slut,
and you're defending her.
-I'm not. I'm--
-Yeah, you basically are!
It's like I don't even know you
sometimes anymore.
For real. And I'm not talking
about you giving him head.
I mean, suck as many dicks as you want,
I guess, but…
last year, if some girl had been like,
"I was raped,"
you would have believed her.
You wanna be in feminist theater,
and you're acting like--
You're the one acting weird.
We're not normal anymore.
We don't hang out.
I don't know.
[distant chattering, giggling]
[door slams]
[hip hop music plays]
[boy 1] You see that shit?
They got him on the ground.
Look, see,
that's the difference right there.
Shit, that's fucked.
They got taken easy.
[boy 2] Get off of me!
I'm taking in new clients, so hit me up.
And your friends…
I can hook y'all up with a group rate.
Book sooner than later.
-Oh, hey, can I get one?
-[Dom] Yeah.
[John] Yo, can we focus back up, please?
So we have to decide
on the sticker slogan today.
I think we stay on theme.
Something to do with voting.
-[girl 1] John, can we--
Ideas? Remember…
-these aren't party tickets.
-What about "Ready for the Black wave"?
-Like the blue wave, but…
How about "Here comes the Black wave"?
-[girl 2] That's not good.
Hey, how about "Vote your voice"?
[girl 3] No… "Voice your vote."
-That's what I meant. That's what I meant.
-That's it.
[John] Come on. You know we can do better
than this. These are lame.
-How was…
-Dom didn't tell you?
[Sonia] No, she basically just got here.
Why? What's…
Bad. He got 60 days.
And it's technically my fault.
[John] Hey, man.
Yo, throw an idea out.
Tell them about Owen.
[John] You gonna start coming to meetings,
you should participate. Why not?
Man, I was just coming to…
We need a promo slogan
for an event coming up.
We're raising a bunch of money
for a busload of us
to go do voter registration in Philly.
How about
"Grand Army's coming to enlist you."
-[students exclaim approval]
-[girl 4] I like that.
-[girl 5] Yeah?
-[boy 3] Yeah.
Yo, can I share something?
So, some of you may know this
about me already,
but I was suspended
for making a dumbass mistake on bomb day.
But I just found out my best friend,
Owen Williams, got it even worse.
He got 60 days.
-[girl 6] What?
-[boy 4] Shit.
[students murmuring]
I'm sorry, man.
Yeah. And I don't really know
what to do with it all, or whatever.
I guess I just… wanted someone to know.
[boy 5] That's wild.
[indistinct muttering]
[John] All right, everybody.
Take a minute.
You OK?
Today was rough, I guess. Yeah?
[chuckles lightly] Yeah.
Do you think it's my fault?
[romantic music plays]
What's this?
I love it.
[Dom giggles]
[Dom] Oh!
[John] We still gonna chill
after practice, right?
I leave in the morning for break.
I wanna see you.
I can't.
I got some family shit.
I'm sorry.
But I didn't forget about you though.
-No way. [John chuckles]
Hope you like it. [giggles]
-[chuckles] Thanks.
-No problem.
Why don't you give me
some of them flyers to hang up?
-[Dom giggles]
Happy Valentine's Day.
[Dom chuckles]
[Meera] You're here on Valentine's Day
for a reason.
My goal with "Love the Goddess:
Her Art,
Her Power, Her Freedom"
is to illustrate women's,
in particular Indian women's,
right to agency
in matters love and sexuality.
-[Flora] Yeah!
It's not about being desired
-or sought after…
-[women cheer]
…or being deemed worthy.
It's about embodying our own desires.
[whooping, cheering]
Thank you guys so much for coming.
I'd like to thank the brilliant artists
who shared their work.
[whooping, cheering]
And my wonderful parents
for daring to host this event.
Now go enjoy the art and food.
[whooping, cheering]
[Flora] So amazing.
I'm really proud of you.
Thank you so much for coming.
I know it's awkward.
Shut the fuck up. Are you OK?
Yeah, I'm fine.
-I'm kind of pissed, but I'm not ashamed.
Why the fuck
can't these guys get a fucking nude,
do what they need to do with it,
and, like, keep it to themselves.
Luckily, a ton of other shit
happened today, so…
I know. What the hell?
This is dope.
For real.
Mom and Dad seem stunned.
-Told you.
-Jesus, why do you always--
[woman] Meera, come here for a sec.
[Sid coughs awkwardly]
You didn't have any better shit to do?
No. How was your day?
I fucking miss you, man.
[Flora] Uh…
You didn't get me a life-sized teddy bear,
so I'm not sure…
Oh God.
I'm such a dick.
Need help?
I love you a lot.
Me too.
[Sid exhales sharply]
[Flora gasps]
[both moan gently]
-[Sid exhales sharply]
[Sid grunts lightly]
[in Creole] Happy V-Day, big sissy.
-Aww! Let's see.
-[Dom chuckles]
So, I've been thinking…
I don't want to embarrass you guys.
I don't really want to do it.
I don't want to.
It feels really wrong in my gut,
and I just…
It would be a Band-Aid, wouldn't it?
[in English] Oh, sorry.
[in Creole] But I have a plan, OK?
I did the math
based on your income,
Mummy's, and our monthly expenses.
We're losing Sabine's wages,
but I think I can cover it.
You're not dropping out of…
[in English] No shit.
[in Creole] Watch your mouth!
But if I do hair
four to five times a week,
I can make about $350 a week, right?
That's $1,400 a month
and $4,200 for the next three months.
Over the next three months,
Sabine is probably going to feel better.
Or she can figure out a job from here,
telemarketing, and…
we spend less.
[Sabine] It's a good plan.
But that's a lot of hours, Dommo.
But I can hustle.
I can do it.
I think I should at least try?
[parents argue indistinctly]
[pop music plays]
Fuck this shit.
[dad] …what, a 5% chance it'll result
in any evidence at this point?
[parents continue arguing indistinctly]
-[dad] Absolutely no--
-[Rebecca] She--
-[dad] Stop saying--
-[Rebecca] It was her choice.
And I want her to know
that she's in control here.
I want her to know
that she gets to make choices
for her body.
[dad] I think this is a mistake.
I don't know…
[Frankie] JoJo.
[dad] I don't know what to say.
[Frankie] Did you get it?
[dad talks indistinctly]
Yes! Come on.
[dad] And we sat in the waiting room
and did nothing.
-Do you think that's right?
-So hot.
-[Joey chuckles]
[Frankie] I've seen it before!
-The night we met I knew I ♪
-Needed you so… ♪
-I love Baby's crop tops.
I love her Keds.
-[Nina] Same.
…had the chance ♪
-I'd never let you go ♪
-[Joey chuckles]
So won't you say you love me… ♪
Hey, what's wrong, Bubba?
Did they rape you?
…make 'em turn their heads ♪
Every place we go ♪
So won't you please… ♪
What does that mean?
Say you'll be my darling ♪
-Be my, be my… ♪
Be my baby now ♪
Whoa, oh, oh, oh… ♪
[clicks tongue]
It means that they…
hurt my body in…
certain ways.
Are you gonna be OK?
I think so.
I have been waiting for you ♪
-You know I will adore you ♪
Till eternity ♪
So won't you please ♪
Be my, be my ♪
-Be my little baby ♪
-My one and only ♪
-[cell phone buzzes]
-Say you'll be my darling ♪
Be my, be my baby ♪
-Be my baby now ♪
-My one and only baby ♪
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
Ooh, so come on and please ♪
Be my, be my ♪
Be my little baby ♪
My one and only ♪
-Say you'll be my darling ♪
-Be my, be my ♪
-Be my baby now ♪
-My one and only ♪
Whoa, oh, oh, oh ♪
-Be my, be my ♪
-[tapping keys]
Be my little baby ♪
My one and only ♪
Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh ♪
-Be my, be my baby ♪
Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh ♪
-My one and only baby ♪
-Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
Be my, be my baby ♪
-My one and only baby ♪
-Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh ♪
Be my, be my ♪
Be my baby now… ♪
[tense music plays]
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