Grand Hotel (2019) s01e01 Episode Script


For your safety, we're asking guests to relocate to the ballroom.
It's just a precaution.
[WIND WHISTLING] But let's go now.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] MATEO: This way, please, this way, thank you.
Good evening, Mr.
and Mrs.
Good evening.
Ruiz, looking lovely tonight.
Everyone proceed calmly to the ballroom, please.
Everything's fine.
Ballroom service starts in five.
Where are the finished plates? We're down a line cook, ma'am.
Sky? Well, where is she? [ELECTRICITY POWERS DOWN] Keep working, people! It's a hurricane, not the apocalypse! WOMAN: As this Category 4 hurricane took an unexpected veer to the west, many locals did not have the chance to evacuate.
If you are in Miami Beach tonight, - please stay safe.
Oh, I can't stay long.
The kitchen will be looking for me.
They'll manage.
Sky, you have something that doesn't belong to you, and I'm giving you the opportunity to return it.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I haven't called you here in the middle of a hurricane to play games.
You give it back - or y - What? You'll fire me? You can't touch me.
U-Unless, of course, you want the entire world t-to know what your husband did.
I can see you are nervous.
Trust me, I know hurricanes.
And, uh, during a storm like this, you can do one of two things panic - or drink.
- [LAUGHTER] Now, who is this impossibly handsome man trying to distract you from the weather? My name is Santiago Mendoza, and I am your host and the owner of this hotel.
[APPLAUSE] The Riviera Grand has been here since 1951, and I promise, we will be here tomorrow.
[SPEAKING SPANISH] [LAUGHTER] Now, without further ado, welcome to your first hurricane party.
[RAPID FOOTSTEPS] [DOOR OPENS] [SCREAMING] Leave me alone! [GRUNTS] Oh, my, my - What is this feeling inside? - Morning, mi amor.
Buen día.
So, you're giving the whole city a show, huh? Nobody can see me up here.
Except for you.
You didn't sleep.
I'll sleep better when we get through this week.
Carolina's getting married, Alicia's coming home.
It's a happy time, Santiago.
[PLATE THUDS] Do you think your kids and my kids will get along for once? They used to be friends.
You and I used to be friends.
Things change.
Cafecito, el señor.
I don't deserve you.
That is so true.
[CHUCKLES] Now, go get ready.
Alicia's flight gets in any minute.
Santiago, have you told her yet? No, I I need to tell her in person.
Don't wait too long.
[SIGHS] You waited tables at The Ritz.
Yes, ma'am, in Orlando.
Oh Also, the Breakers Palm Beach, uh, the St.
Regis You move around a lot.
I have in the past.
But I am committed to Miami.
No fraternizing with the staff or guests - That's a rule here.
- Yes, ma'am.
That means no sex.
Honestly, Danny, there's something about you I just don't like, but, um we're understaffed, we have a wedding on Sunday, and Jason here tells me if I don't hire someone today, the other waiters will revolt.
So I'm-a start you now on a trial basis.
Ma'am, thank you.
- And I promise that I will not - Danny.
You won.
Stop talking.
Jason's gonna show you around.
She's a real ball-buster, huh? She's my mother.
And yes, she is.
Yeah, baby I like it like that You gotta believe me when I tell you I said I like it like that Tell the driver, close the curtains - I said I like it like that - Whoo Bad chick make you nervous - I said I like it like that - Welcome home, señorita.
Nico, how are you? How's your beautiful daughter? She's turning 5 next week.
5? That's crazy.
She was a baby just a minute ago.
Señorita, this is from the kitchen in honor of your graduation.
Aww, you didn't.
Thank you, Carlos.
SANTIAGO: Hey, hey, hey, hey! Enough with the welcome wagon.
She's my daughter.
[LAUGHS] Papi.
You look like a million bucks! Mm.
- Papi, the place looks fantastic! - Yeah.
I was so worried about the hurricane.
Yeah, we were lucky.
Some of the trees fell over, a couple of broken windows Nothing too terrible.
A girl disappeared.
That's pretty terrible.
That's That's all behind us now.
Welcome, honey.
Look, we have we have to talk about the future.
Maybe we can go for one of our walks.
Hmm, yes, I have so many ideas about marketing.
Is that ElRey, the rapper? "King of Miami.
" He set off fireworks in his living room Burned down the whole damn house So he's gonna stay with us for a few weeks.
Aren't you gonna go greet the big celebrity? I just did.
[BOTH LAUGH] - Go, do your thing.
- Yeah.
Oh, uh, where's Javi? Oh, your brother.
God only knows.
Good morning, beautiful.
As much as I would love to do this all day [CHUCKLES] I gotta go to this family brunch thing.
Did you need some help? Why would I need help? I'm sorry.
O-Of course not.
[SLEEVE SLIDES] [EXHALES DEEPLY] What are you looking at? You.
So brave.
I had a cousin who had cancer A different kind, but Yeah, yeah.
I'm sorry.
I just I gotta finish getting ready, and checkout's in an hour, so you should probably, you know Oh, I'm not checking out today.
I'll be here all week.
[CHUCKLES] Great There she is.
- [SQUEALS] Mrs.
P! - Mm! All right.
Don't let the staff see me being soft.
They'll think I got a beating heart.
- [LAUGHS] - I missed you.
Honey, we are all so proud of you Getting your MBA.
I just wish your mom was here to see you now.
Yeah, this mural was her favorite thing in the whole hotel.
Every Sunday morning, she'd march me and Javi down here, make us shake hands with all the guests.
"My kids are gonna run the place someday!" Well, I'm sure she'd be thrilled the way things have turned out.
Maybe not thrilled about Dad's new wife, - but everything else - Well, speaking of Gigi, she wanted me to remind you that the welcome brunch for your sister is at 11:00.
Well, she is! [LAUGHS] - [BOTH LAUGHS] - Come here! Welcome back, baby.
New waiters do everything here Restaurants, poolside, beachside, and room service.
Now, if you have any questions about staff, you can just ask.
I've been working here since high school, so I'm pretty much down with everybody.
Oh, hey! Morning, Ingrid.
How's it going? That kind of day, huh? Shut up.
I didn't say anything.
We're the last family-owned hotel on the strip, - and that is the family - [INDISTINCT CONVERSATION] so look alive.
Who's that? That's boss-man's daughter, Alicia.
Otherwise known as "off-limits.
" Let's go.
Let's go.
It was so sweet of you to fly in for my wedding.
Oh, actually, the timing worked out great.
I just finished up at Cornell a couple weeks ago.
- Right.
10 seconds in and she's already talking about Cornell.
We get it.
You're smart.
[CHUCKLING] Um, so, you and Byron have only known each other, what, six months? It's been a whirlwind, but when you know, you know.
[CHUCKLES] And I hope you're okay with not being a bridesmaid.
I didn't want anyone to feel left out, so Yoli's my Maid of Honor, and that's it.
Mm, the frumpy twin sister was less likely to steal her thunder.
Why would you say that? You steal my thunder all the time.
- You're beautiful.
- [CHUCKLES] Um, will you guys excuse me for a minute? You just flew in, pobrecita.
You probably want to run up and change.
Nope! [CHUCKLES] - Look at you! - [GROANING] [GROWLING] Aah! Uh, I saw you playing nice with the evil stepsisters over there.
Yeah, well, they're harmless, if you just ignore the hideous things they say.
- Mm.
- You okay? You look tired.
Well, that's 'cause I didn't sleep much.
- [SNORTS] - Oh, God.
You know Dad hates it when you hook up with the guests.
Added bonus.
Thank you.
We are so glad you could join us, some of you all the way from Beijing.
[CHUCKLES] - Huanying! - [BYRON LAUGHS] - Did I say it right? - Uh I hope you had a chance to meet our lovely bride, Carolina, and her sister, Yolanda.
They're twins! Fraternal, obviously.
[CHUCKLES] And we're also blessed to have my children here Alicia and Javier.
We are a "blended" family, and today, we're thrilled to welcome you, Byron, into the blend.
- Salud, everyone.
- ALICIA: Salud.
Apologies, sir.
I would like to offer our celebrity friend, ElRey, the use of the grand cabana today, with your permission, of course.
[SCOFFS] You hardly need my permission for anything, Mateo.
Go ahead.
Very well.
Excuse me.
ElRey is here? We have to get him to play at the wedding.
- Okay.
- [TAPS GLASS] So, uh, first, thanks to Carolina for marrying me.
You're hilarious, unbelievably beautiful.
[CHUCKLING] I mean, my friends can't believe how hot you are.
[CHUCKLES] I also want to thank Gigi and Santiago.
It's not always easy mixing family and business, but, uh you have made this deal a total breeze.
- Deal? - Thank you, Byron.
Huangfu Development has been exploring the market for a long time, and we're just delighted to be purchasing this wonderful property.
[CHUCKLES] Cheers.
Dad! You sold the hotel? You sold it?! It's done? Deal closes next Friday.
I never meant for you to find out this way.
[SNORTS, SCOFFS] Is this funny to you? Oh, I-I mean, I'm the big disappointment, so I get why you don't tell me, but Alicia I mean, she wasted two years in business school on this.
It's not a waste! You can do anything you want with that degree.
But this was the plan.
This was Mami's hotel before it was yours.
She wanted us to have it.
- [SIGHS] - I know everyone is upset, but you're making an awful scene.
- Why are you talking right now? - Javier.
Because I'm part of this family.
No, our mother is rolling in her grave right now, okay? You were her best friend, and you wasted no time before swooping in like a vulture.
That's enough.
[SCOFFS] I mean, are you at least gonna tell me why? I'm getting older, and it's time to retire.
Gigi wants to travel.
Oh, so this is her doing? No.
This is a business decision.
But this is not just a business.
This is home.
GIGI: Alicia, we should've told you sooner, but can you please go back to the table? This is Carolina's big weekend.
I don't want to spoil it.
It's a little late for that.
Never did beach service before.
Sand makes it a little harder, huh? Well, we can slow down if you're getting tired.
Come on.
VIP order.
[J BALVIN & WILLY WILLIAM'S "MI GENTE" PLAYS] [SINGING IN SPANISH] Perdón? Perdón! ElRey? - Yeah? - We're with the hotel.
I'm Yoli.
This is Carolina.
Is there a problem, ladies? Oh, no.
Huge fan.
Actually, I-I'm getting married this weekend, and we would be so honored if you would attend.
Maybe perform a song? What about you, Gordita, you like my music, too? Did you just call me "Gordita"? It's a compliment, mamá.
I like a thick and juicy girl.
Oh, my God.
Is he bullying me? No, he's flirting.
Come, join the party.
Have a drink.
Loosen up, Gordita.
Yeah, okay.
But you call me that again, I'm-a have to break your face.
Damn, girl.
You spicy, too.
[LAUGHS] MAN: Whoo! [GLASSES CLATTER] Are you kidding me?! Hey, I'm sorry, man.
You're "sorry, man.
" You don't sound sorry, man! And this is Cavalli! Our deepest apologies, ElRey.
The hotel will cover everything - Food, drinks - What about the shirt? This is a $900 shirt.
It's a shirt! No one died.
[LAUGHS] Okay.
Come here, mami.
- Are you good? - Come here, mami.
I'm good now.
So you know, everything I just comped comes from your paycheck.
Come on, Mateo.
My dad listens to you.
You're his right-hand man.
[CHUCKLES] I think you're overestimating my influence.
I only handle the guests.
Help me fight this.
He can't just sell the hotel.
[SIGHS] Maybe this is a good thing.
You'll be free to do whatever you want.
Hey, does my dad seem a little off to you? No, not really.
Why? Selling the hotel, keeping it a secret.
I asked him about the girl that went missing in the hurricane.
He got all weird and changed the subject.
I think your dad selling this place has really thrown you for a loop, Alicia.
Seriously, y-y-your brain is working overtime, trying to figure out what else he's hiding.
But the truth is, you just don't like what's happening and I don't blame you.
[CAMILA CABELLO'S "HAVANA" PLAYS] SANTIAGO: If you haven't taken a dip yet, this is one of the iconic pools in Miami beach.
My late wife, Beatriz, actually helped design it.
Yeah, it's just so round.
Circles are cool and everything, but, uh but what if we changed it to a diamond? [CHUCKLING] Wouldn't that be awesome? - Yeah, a diamond.
- Why don't we find some shade and get you gentlemen out of the sun? Have you seen the spa? - No, no.
- It is beautiful.
He didn't walk up with that "how you doin'?" When he came in the room Javier, mijo, you're in public.
Put on some pants, please.
But I can't without you I knew him forever in a minute Sorry about that.
Dad thinks I'm gonna scare off all the guests with this thing.
He got me feelin' like You don't seem very scared.
- I knew it when I met him - Not at all.
But I am curious.
How did it happen? Oh.
- Yep.
- Wow.
Unit was protecting a bunch of kids A school, actually.
Wow, that's Thank you for your service.
No, I was just doing what I thought was right.
Look, I'm gonna, uh, head up to my room.
Do you want to come with? I don't know how my boyfriend would like that.
Havana, ooh na-na I mean, he doesn't have to know, you know.
Just tell him you're going to the gift shop.
You're on vacation.
- Live a little.
- [CHUCKLES] Havana, ooh na-na Oh, my God.
[LAUGHS] [MOANS] So, um Does the leg come off or Yeah, yeah.
Is that okay? Yeah, I want to see you.
I want to see all of you.
- All right.
- [CHUCKLES] My heart is in Havana - Havana, ooh Na-na - [LAUGHS] - You like that? - Yeah.
- Yeah? - But, um Unh-unh.
Ooh na-na - Oh, come on.
I've never been with someone like you before.
Let me see it.
No! No.
- Come here.
- Okay.
[GRUNTS] I said no! Javi - [QUIETLY] Hey - Get out.
I don't understand how you're so calm.
When the sale goes through, you may be out of a job, too.
Whatever happens, we'll land on our feet.
It's just so unfair.
You spent half your life working for the Mendozas.
- You practically raised those kids.
- Hey.
You don't get far in life expecting people to be fair.
Now, how's it going with that new waiter you made me hire? Danny.
Any problems? No.
No, very helpful.
So he didn't spill drinks all over a VIP guest? Forgot you know everything.
Yes, I do, and I don't want to hear any more complaints about him.
[VACUUM POWERS DOWN] I think that one spot is clean enough.
Let's find somewhere else to be completely useless.
[CRYING] Ohh no, no, no.
Hey, she didn't mean it.
No, I'm sorry.
It's not her.
I just I don't know what's wrong with me today.
- Okay.
- [SIGHS HEAVILY] Come with me.
When I feel down, I like to sneak into an empty room, I get under the covers, I just pretend my life is is different.
I'm on vacation.
I can actually afford this room.
I wonder what's taking room service so long.
You know I'm just gonna have to make the bed after this.
You worried about losing your job when they sell the hotel? I hate my job.
Is there something you'd rather be doing? Yeah, I'd rather be doing nothing, have lots of money, marry rich.
- Yeah, you don't mean that.
- Yeah, I do, if it means I never have to scrub a toilet again! [CHUCKLES] I'm I'm pregnant.
I didn't realize that That you were seeing somebody.
It's complicated.
[SIGHS HEAVILY] And when I tell him about this Maybe he'll step up.
Maybe realize what a good thing he has.
Who would want to be with a pregnant housekeeper? A lot of people would.
I would.
If it was me, I mean.
Well, now you're just trying to make me feel better.
[SIGHS HEAVILY] But thanks.
You're a good friend.
[LUIS FONSI AND DEMI LOVATO'S "ECHAME LA CULPA" PLAYS] [CHUCKLES] Oh, my God, I'm not super-late, am I? It's the rehearsal dinner, Yolanda.
Well, we were just talking, and I lost track of time.
What? Who were you talking to? ElRey? You invited him here? You wanted him at your wedding! Now, these are some good-looking kids.
No, no, no, that's enough, Rame.
Thank you.
I'm not a child.
Then stop acting like one.
You shouldn't be so hard on him, you know.
I can't believe she would - do this to me.
- Okay, this is fine.
- Do you want ElRey to be here? - What do you mean?! - [INDISTINCT ARGUING] - This might take a while.
You want to go for that walk now? You have no idea how sorry I am about the hotel, about everything.
You should've told us.
Even Gigi and her kids knew.
Just feels like that's your family now, and me and Javi and Mom, you're just you're erasing us.
No, corazón.
You're breaking my heart.
All my memories of her, Papi All of them are wrapped up in that hotel.
It's no wonder Gigi wants to get rid of it.
You have to stop thinking of her as the enemy.
But she makes it so easy.
I wanted you to run it, I swear.
But these chains and corporations, we can't compete anymore.
What happens to the staff? They move on.
Byron's family doesn't need a staff.
They're converting it to luxury condos.
It's not gonna be a hotel anymore.
What's all this about? Sky Garibaldi.
She was one of our line chefs.
But she went missing in the hurricane.
I don't remember seeing anything about that in the news.
[SCOFFS] No, Mr.
Mendoza made sure that didn't get any press.
Nothing bad ever happens at the Riviera Grand.
Didn't you know? Hey, um, some of the staff are getting drinks after shifts - if you want to come.
- Nah, I'm beat.
Rain check? Cool.
Hello? Hello?! Aw, damn it.
[SHOUTING] Get off of me! - I'm sorry! - What the hell?! I'm sorry! I didn't know if you were in trouble or I just wanted to be alone! I didn't need to saved.
Honest mistake.
I mean, the pool is closed, and you were face-down in the water.
You looked kinda dead.
I was floating, okay? It's something I do.
It relaxes me.
You don't seem relaxed.
You seem upset.
Well, I'm not about to talk about it with a total stranger, so Got it.
Well, I'm already wet, so I'm just gonna swim over there for a bit.
You can ignore me.
Or talk to me.
Whatever you want.
Hope I'm not interrupting.
It's Carolina.
We met before.
Oh, yeah, Yoli's sister.
- Yeah.
- Oh.
That's actually why I'm here.
Yoli's a good person.
She doesn't have a lot of experience, and if you're just teasing her I'm not playing.
I like her.
You? The "King of Miami"? Surrounded by all your little fans and models? And you pick Yoli? Yeah.
She doesn't care about the celebrity crap.
She's real.
I just want to get to know her.
Well, good! Good.
What? Thanks for keeping me company even though I told you to go away.
I'm a pretty persistent person.
It's either charming or annoying, - depending on your perspective.
- [LAUGHS] Well, I vote charming, but I'll let you know if I change my mind.
This place is no joke.
I thought it was incredible during the day, but at night I don't think I've ever seen anything so beautiful.
I'm glad you like it.
I'm sorry I talked your ear off about selling this place.
You have every right to be pissed off.
This is your home.
You know, you're a pretty good listener.
I have my moments.
You know, this used to be the only hotel on the strip.
This was the spot to be? In the '60s, Frank Sinatra once played here an entire month.
Fans just lined all up and down the beach.
It was amazing.
Where'd you just go? I was just thinking What if the hotel could go back to its glory days? Wait.
[CHUCKLES] You're leaving? Um, I gotta run, but I want to see you again.
What room are you in? - Oh.
- You know what? I'll just find you.
Hi, sorry to disturb you.
I'm with the hotel, and I have a time-sensitive matter - I'd like to discuss with you.
- Hey, this was fun and everything, but let's just keep this between us, okay? Hello.
Oh, my God! The night before her wedding.
That slut! You should talk.
You've probably slept with half the girls out here.
Well, no, maybe one or two.
Look, this is great.
When it gets out that Carolina cheated, it's gonna blow up everything The engagement, the hotel deal.
But I'd be ruining her life on her wedding day.
You don't think that's a little cruel? Yes, it's cruel! That's why it's great, 'cause we can't stand her.
Oh, good.
Coffee refill Table two.
Boss's kids? Maybe you should handle Just go.
I think there's another way that we can save this place.
I had this idea about ElRey doing a residency here like Celine does in Vegas.
Or you could just use the giant bomb that fell in your lap? Oh, excuse me! Danny? You're a waiter? What else would he be? I was gonna say something last night, but you got out of the water so fast.
You went night-swimming with this guy? I didn't know he worked here.
He said that he was a guest.
Well, actually, you assumed I was a guest.
Oh! Now who's the slut? - What? - You could've said something I see.
Thank you.
Bad time? Personnel matter I'm handling.
I know that selling the hotel is painful.
I know you're loyal to the staff, your people.
I thought they were our people.
Helen we are dedicating a portion of the sale to you, for your many years of service.
I hope that makes you feel better about things.
Does that make you feel better? - Thanks for letting me know.
- Of course.
Do you have a minute? Of course.
For you, always.
What's going on? I'm pregnant.
I haven't you know, told anyone about us.
I know the rules.
Don't worry.
It's fine.
I'll be there for you through all this, okay? Really? Of course.
Let's do this.
Let me know when you make the appointment, I'll take the day off, and we can go together.
The appointment? Of course, I'll pay for everything.
You don't need to worry about that.
Thank you for being such an adult about all this.
Is there anything else? Okay.
Thank God you came by.
I want to talk to you about last night.
You really don't have to explain.
You can't tell anyone.
I'm begging you.
- As my sister - GIGI: Lina.
The hair lady's ready for you.
Everything okay in here? Mm-hmm.
It's nothing.
Before I forget, I have little present for you.
[CHUCKLES] Mami's necklace.
She used to wear this every day.
- How did you even - It's not hers.
It's mine.
Beatriz and I bought these together when we were 15 One for each of us.
I wanted you to know how grateful I am that you came home for this.
This is so nice.
You sound so shocked! [CHUCKLES] I want things to be better between us, Alicia.
I know you think I married your father because of his money.
- Gigi, I - Por favor.
Your brother called me a vulture.
You know what drew me to Santiago? He missed your mom.
And so did I.
You're just like her, you know? - [CHUCKLES] - Beautiful and smart.
Thank you.
This is Thanks.
I'm just, um I'm glad we finally had this talk.
Me, too.
- Come here.
- [BOTH CHUCKLE] Mmm, Alicia.
[BOTH CHUCKLE] - [DOOR CLOSES] - Why did you have to interrupt? I was handling it.
Don't make yourself upset.
You'll just ruin your makeup.
It's done.
You're sure? She has a blind spot about her mother.
All it took was that ratty, old necklace.
Wait a minute.
She's not gonna tell.
She doesn't have the balls.
[INSTRUMENTAL VERSION OF ONEREPUBLIC'S "SECRETS" PLAYS] I've had a lot to be thankful for in my life, but I'm most thankful for Byron.
He's all the things the world needs more of.
I can't wait to start my life with you.
And for those who were asking, the dress is Monique Lhuillier Custom.
[LAUGHTER] You could've stopped this dumpster fire, you know.
Oh, sweetheart, you're not wearing your necklace.
Oh, I wasn't sure if it went.
After all, it is just a ratty, old thing.
Carolina is an amazing liar.
- [MUSIC STOPS] - What? She lied to you all right now - when she said she loved me.
- What are you doing?! - Byron.
- Last night while I was writing my vows, she was having sex with him! - [GASPING] - Why would you say something like that? [CROWD SHOUTING] [GLASS SHATTERING] - You slept with ElRey?! - Not now, Yoli! I love you so much right now.
Byron! Stop it! What are you doing?! You gonna hide behind your little entourage?! Byron, stop it, I said! - [GRUNTS] - [GASPING] ALICIA: Dad! [GRUNTS] I'm sorry, Papi, but I just couldn't sit back and let it happen.
You don't know what you've done.
I know that you don't think that we can compete, - but we can, and - [GLASS SLAMS] You're not listening.
The hotel is failing, losing money for years.
It's a money pit.
It wasn't Gigi who wanted to unload this place, it was me.
You never said I'm supposed to admit to my children I couldn't keep us afloat? - And the debt - [SIGHS, CHUCKLES] The debt, dios mío [CHUCKLES] It's gonna be okay.
I'll help however I can, and we're gonna pay back the bank.
It's not the bank we owe.
What does that mean? Dad? Who do we owe?! Things are about to get tough around here.
I'm not going anywhere.
We need to make big cutbacks Staff layoffs and salaries I don't even know where to begin.
Your son.
He doesn't work.
He's a leech, Santiago.
You don't think I know that? He sits by the pool all day, picking up girls.
Every day a different one.
He can't even remember all the girls he slept with.
I'll make a trim to the budget, but I can't cut off my son.
If you stop giving him money, it might do him some good.
You don't know the whole story.
I'm not doing it.
What are you talking about? What story? [SIGHS] It's my fault.
His leg What happened to him? It's my fault.
I don't need a turndown.
Oh, I'm I'm not here for that.
I thought we could talk.
[DOOR CLOSES] Sorry, I'm a little nervous.
The thing is I'm pregnant.
Uh, no offense, Ingrid? [CHUCKLES] Wh-Why are you telling me? Did we? Oh, God.
Oh, God Yoli, please.
I'm sorry about ElRey.
The one time, Lina.
The one time a guy liked me and not you.
I know.
I was jealous.
I love you, Yoli, more than anyone in the world.
I need us to be good.
Tell me we're good.
[GASPS, SCREAMS] If you set up shop here, we bring the audience to you.
You talk good, blanquita.
But the truth is, I don't need your cheap-ass hotel.
Come on.
You had one good album but nothing new in years, you just burned down a $20 million house, and you tried to pay for your room with points.
I'm not gonna lie The hotel needs help.
We need a win.
But so do you.
Uh, you wanted to see me, ma'am? Did you invent your résumé from whole cloth? I-I needed the work, and I knew I didn't have the right experience.
Well, if it was up to me, you'd be out on your ass right now.
But Mr.
Mendoza was impressed with you at the wedding.
So you can stay, but I'm gonna be watching you very close.
You best remember that.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] Santiago.
I was wondering when I would get a visit from you.
How can I help? You know, it's funny, Mateo.
You do such an excellent job with the guests that, uh sometimes I forget you don't really work for me.
I don't? Be real.
The only reason you're here is to supervise the money that your people lent me.
Very well.
What do you need? More time.
[SIGHS DEEPLY] I know I've said that before, but, uh Santiago.
You sound nervous.
We're friends.
You need more time, we'll figure something out.
Alicia, is she, um Is she home for good? She's all grown up now.
She's such a beauty.
Don't talk about my daughter.
All I said was that she was beautiful and really smart, too.
She asked me a lot of questions about that missing girl.
She doesn't know anything.
So leave her out of this! Thought I might find you in here.
I wanted to say thanks for what you did at the wedding.
Things were out of control, and you Oh, it was nothing.
Uh, what ended up happening? You know, with the hotel? Well, it's staying in the family, um, but things are crazy and my dad is furious at me and I should not be telling you this.
Because I'm a waiter? About that.
If I was weird when I found out you were a waiter You were.
It's my family business.
I can't be, you know, with employees.
Totally get it.
Good night, Danny.
Good night.
I told you, I can't talk when I'm here.
[BILLIE EILISH'S "COPYCAT" PLAYS] They set up a memorial.
Pictures, flowers.
Almost like they gave a rat's ass about her.
- But I know the truth.
- Don't be cautious Don't be kind No matter what they say, she didn't just disappear.
Your got your finger on the trigger One of these people did something to my sister.
And I'm gonna find them.
And when I do whoever it was is gonna pay.