Grand Hotel (2019) s01e02 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Grand Hotel" JASON: We're the last family-owned hotel on the strip.
- You waited tables at The Ritz.
- Yes, ma'am.
So I'm-a start you now on a trial basis.
- Who's that? - That's boss-man's daughter, otherwise known as "off-limits.
" - [GLASSES CLINKING] - I want to thank Gigi and Santiago.
We're just delighted to be purchasing this wonderful property.
Dad! You sold the hotel? I know everyone is upset.
Our mother is rolling in her grave.
You wasted no time before swooping in like a vulture.
The hotel is failing.
We're gonna pay back the bank.
It's not the bank we owe.
The only reason you're here is to supervise the money that your people lent me.
- You seem upset.
- Well, I'm not about to talk about it - with a total stranger.
- Whatever you want.
Danny? You're a waiter? I was gonna say something last night.
I'm pregnant.
And when I tell him about this Maybe he'll step up.
MATEO: Let me know when you make the appointment.
Of course, I'll pay for everything.
Your son, he can't even remember all the girls he slept with.
- I'm pregnant.
- Oh, God - [ENGINE REVVING] - Is that ElRey, the rapper? SANTIAGO: "King of Miami.
" If you set up shop here, we bring the audience to you.
- Did you invent your résumé? - I needed the work.
But I'm gonna be watching you very close.
What's all this about? She went missing in the hurricane.
Sky, you have something that doesn't belong to you.
I don't know what you're talking about.
[SCREAMING] Leave me alone! [GRUNTS] DANNY: One of these people did something to my sister.
Whoever it was is gonna pay.
[RAIN FALLING, WIND WHISTLING] First time in a hurricane.
[SIGHS] It's intense.
It'll be okay.
The hotel pretty much the safest place you can be.
Mendoza wants to see you in the Presidential Suite.
What did you do? [SCOFFS] I didn't do anything.
WOMAN: This way, sir.
MAN: Hey, come on.
We got to get going.
Watch your step.
It's me.
I know I-I haven't called in a while, but, um [WHISPERS] I found something at the hotel.
[WIND WHISTLING] At first, I thought it could be good for me, but now they know I took it.
[GROANS] Why aren't you there? I need you, Danny.
Look, I gotta deal with this.
I love you.
Oh, you're here early.
Yeah, just to trying to make a good impression.
I was reading some of those notes to the girl who disappeared.
And her stuff is still in there.
You can see through the slats.
The police never went through it? Well, wasn't much of an investigation.
Once the police found her key card on the pool deck, they said that she must've gone outside during the storm, got swept away.
Case closed.
Why'd she go outside at all? Doesn't that seem mysterious? You know what's mysterious to me is why you're standing around trading gossip on company time.
Sorry, ma'am.
Don't be sorry, be useful.
[LOCKER CLOSES] [LOCK CLICKS] So, he faked his résumé.
You gonna stay mad about it forever, Mom? It's not just that.
He's up to something.
Aren't you a little busy for all this? You can't spy on him all the time.
But you can.
Bringing that fire Takin' it higher No limit, no Watch me go, watch me go [RAPPING] I'll be at the top because I hustle, I hustle - Morning, Robbie! - Hey, good morning.
- Take it all the way, oh - Carla, looking sharp.
CARLA: Good morning.
For "hustle," hustle Turn me up, I turn you down Ah - Are you all right? - Ah.
Deeply embarrassed, but other than that, fine.
Well, I-I mean, it's not your fault.
Th-that column came out of nowhere.
[CHUCKLES] Of course this would happen on my first day.
Right! The new manager gig.
Hence the dorky blazer.
I don't know.
You look pretty good to me.
[CHUCKLES] I mean, that's what I would say if we weren't keeping this strictly professional.
Well, you know, just trying to look the part.
Yeah, with your, uh, name tag, your clipboard, your key card.
Oh, this one? Yeah, highest security clearance.
I'm basically Secret Service with this thing.
'Cause mine won't even let me into the gym.
As if you need to spend more time at the gym is what I would say if I were being less professional.
[CHUCKLES] - I should get back to work.
- Mm.
[CHUCKLES] Watch out for those columns.
[DOOR OPENS] Why don't you put that down and come have some breakfast? - [KEYBOARD CLACKING] - Mm-hmm.
Okay, you better be looking at porn if you're not looking at me.
[CHUCKLES] Whoa, mi amor.
Uh, I'm I'm I'm sorry, I-I think I finally got a plan here.
It'll take time, but I I can turn this hotel around.
So we're not looking for another buyer? 'Cause you were ready to sell.
I-I-It never felt right.
I put everything into this hotel.
My whole life.
I mean, we have to fight to keep it all, no? Let me help.
Okay Have you thought about reaching out to the media? Because a little publicity could go a long way.
I got us into this mess, and I'll I'll get us out of it.
Well, you don't have to do it alone.
You want to help me? - [GLASSES THUD] - This helps me.
That's not what I meant, first of all, you [LOUD MUSIC PLAYING IN DISTANCE] - Are you kidding me? - Really? - [GROANS] - Can't be serious.
Come on.
Your music is too loud.
Sorry, boss man.
Can't Can't really hear you.
Your music! Turn it down! Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Hey, can we get some more towels up in this bitch, baby? Papi? [PHONE SLAMS] Hello? Este imbecil seduces my daughter, starts a brawl at the wedding the twins are not even talking to each other.
I understand that he's a big celebrity, - but, come on.
- No, no, I'm kicking the guy out.
He'll be gone by tonight.
[CHUCKLES] So, I've been thinking about this whole I-got-you-pregnant thing, and I gotta be honest, I don't remember us hooking up.
Like at all.
Well, I'm not surprised.
You were pretty drunk.
But I remember every single detail.
How could I forget? You ever get a glimpse of Javi, you know, peek under the towel? Let me put it this way.
Javi may have lost a leg, but he was born with three.
- The boy is - very well endowed.
Everybody knows that, but how did you get pregnant? I always use protection.
I remember.
Aztecs in the gold wrapper.
- Ohh.
- You should probably switch brands.
Those clearly aren't working too well.
I-I'm sorry.
None of this is ringing a bell.
That hurts my feelings.
I thought we had a nice time.
You ever get any noise complaints for room 1401? [LAUGHS] Yep.
You called me "Mamacita.
" Over and over, all night long.
We totally had sex.
And I'm not looking for you to be a dad or anything.
There's just a lot of expenses with pregnancy.
One small hiccup.
Um, I live here for free, I get a lot of free stuff, but I don't exactly have money.
Are Are you serious? I can get you unlimited popcorn shrimp at the pool bar.
I mean Are you not a shrimp person? - Javi! - Okay, okay, yes.
I want to help.
I'll figure something out.
You better.
As you might have heard, the hotel is facing some financial challenges.
Good news is, I know how to get us back on track.
Mendoza, w-we're all dedicated to achieving your vision, but "consolidating departments"? Does that mean layoffs? Yes, there will be layoffs.
We have to reduce staff before we can grow.
Speaking of growth, I have an idea.
Yes, Alicia.
I spoke to ElRey, and he's willing to be the hotel's resident artist.
This could be a huge moneymaker, not just with tickets, but vacation packages Not to mention sales on food and beverage.
Oh, and merchandise.
- People love T-shirts.
- Right, and if this works, we may not have to make any cutbacks at all.
All right, thank you, Alicia.
I promise I'll give it my careful consideration.
[SIGHS] Ingrid.
How are you? Busy.
I've got six more rooms on this floor, so I-I just wanted to see how you were doing with the pregnancy.
I handled it.
- Already? - Mm-hmm.
It's not your problem anymore.
[INHALES SHARPLY] Look, when when you told me the news, it.
it caught me off guard.
I'm afraid I didn't take it very well.
Mateo, you have plenty of guests to manage.
You don't need to manage me, too.
[SIGHS] Alicia, a minute.
Are you kidding me? What? You're the one who said we're in terrible debt.
ElRey could help! That man has caused enough trouble.
Dad, wait.
I ran the numbers, okay? And if we do our own marketing, we could make 300, 400 grand a night.
Maybe $500,000 if we charged a premium on tickets Forget about ElRey.
The man is a menace.
Gigi and I are evicting him today.
And that is that.
- Hey.
I just want to say thank you for opening up to me the other day.
I think you're so courageous Uh, c-can we not talk about that here? I just don't want it getting out, you know? Yeah, cool, cool, cool.
I'll see you later! Hey, buddy.
How's your day? Pretty good.
Hillier in 406 gave me a $40 tip and wrote "nice buns" on the check.
- For real? - [CHUCKLES] She gave me a five and told me to stop slouching.
You okay? Yeah.
Yeah, uh, what happened to the girl's locker? Sky? Oh, my mom cleared that out.
Yeah, she boxed everything up.
Said it was time to move on.
Why do you care? Well, I don't.
[DOOR OPENS] [LOCKER SLAMS] I'm doing everything I can to cut costs.
I hope your people can see that.
It's okay, Santiago.
I've been authorized to extend your loan.
Well, that's, um - Thank you.
- But there is a catch.
Before the sale blew up, we were expecting to be paid in full.
So we're gonna need a small payment up front.
How small? Half a million dollars by the end of the week.
[CHUCKLES] You know I don't have that kind of money.
I know a lot about you and your family, so If you want to keep this hotel, you will find the money.
I'm the King of Miami! Listen, you You don't just throw out royalty! And I'm gonna tweet about this, girl.
Ooh! I'm gonna tweet about this and my fans I got fans, and they're crazy.
I'm so sorry, ElRey.
I had nothing to do with this.
Y'all be getting terrible reviews on TripAdvisor.
No stars! Rey! There you are! Why are you leaving? Because you wanted him to move out? I wanted him to move up.
To the penthouse! Please, take these bags to the Royal Suite.
[QUIETLY] That's what I'm talking about.
We gonna be neighbors, yo.
Mm! Okay, what's going on? Uh, I-I realized I was too rash about your idea.
Let's try one concert, see how it goes.
Really? But but you were so against him.
I know, I know.
But I trust you.
You think you can pull it all together? Yes.
I did a whole independent study on hospitality events.
Give me two months, and I got this in the bag.
We're doing the concert on Friday.
I have to get the permits, rent the stage, meet with ElRey to talk logistics.
I mean, how am I gonna pull this off by Friday? Why are you complaining? I mean, all you got to do is bat your big puppy eyes and Dad's all [AS SANTIAGO] "Good, Alicia! It's genius, Alicia! Why can't your brother be as good as you, Alicia?" Okay, for your information, Dad actually hated the idea at first.
So I'm not even sure why he came around.
That was smooth.
What is going on with you and your waiter guy? Nothing.
I'm a manager.
I'm practically his boss.
It would be wildly inappropriate.
Is he still there? Please stop embarrassing yourself.
But for the sake of argument if I were interested in Danny which I am not what's the worst that could happen? You could get pregnant and ruin your life over a stupid fling that you don't even remember.
That seems highly unlikely.
And frankly a little prudish coming from you.
Well Maybe I'm, uh turning over a new leaf.
Ooh, Yolanda, mira.
You should try that on.
You haven't gotten anything yet.
And that's totally your color.
Mm, Mami, please tell my ho-bag sister that I don't care what she thinks.
I am getting a little tired of this.
Her fiancé just left her.
Be nice.
Her fiancé left her because she's a nasty slut who banged ElRey the night before her wedding.
Ya está bueno, basta! We're kicking ElRey out today, so I expect both of you to stop all the fighting, please.
I know I hurt you.
But I would do anything for your forgiveness.
Just name it.
Give yourself bangs.
- [GASPS] - Within reason, Yolanda.
She said anything! There's a salon right there.
Her hair is her most beautiful feature.
It's like asking you to change your Oh, my God! - [SIGHS] - [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] MALCOLM: Hey! I hear layoffs are coming.
Just give it to me straight.
Am I on the chopping block? Let's just say you're lucky you're married to the boss, hm? [CHUCKLES] That is lucky.
- Yeah.
- Are you okay? [INDISTINCT CONVERSATION] I know you hate letting people go.
[SIGHS] It's just I don't know how I'm supposed to decide - on who stays and who goes.
- [DOOR OPENS] WOMAN: Oh, my God! What? - Oh, h-hi.
Uh - Ingrid? - I - What on God's green earth? She was asleep on our bed! No, no! I was, uh, smoothing out the sheets.
It's an old housekeeping trick.
My deepest apologies.
- What? - While you wait on new linens, please enjoy a cocktail at the bar on me.
Uh [DOOR CLOSES] I'm so sorry.
I worked a double shift last night Ingrid, it gives me no pleasure to do this.
You're fired.
You can finish out the rest of this week.
[SIGHS] I was wrong.
It gave me a little pleasure.
[DOOR SLAMS] - Morning.
- Good morning.
- Hey.
- My boy Danny! Hey.
Mm, mm.
Okay, I'm stopping this now.
I just want to say it was really cool getting to know you, and I bet you'll find a new job really soon.
I'm getting fired? Oh, man.
You didn't know.
Y-you didn't hear it from me, but Paul told management that you slow down the front desk.
[SCOFFS] I slow us down? I'm not the one who spends half the day posting pics of my corgi.
Dolly is a beautiful dog, and she brings people joy.
You should be fired, not me.
Touch me again.
I dare you.
P? Uh, Nelson and Paul are fighting about the layoffs.
Like, physically fighting.
Y-you have to stop them.
[SIGHS] I'll call security.
Well, I think if you just went out there right now and told them to cut it out You're so imposing, you know? "Imposing"? Uh, I just mean, you know, people listen to you.
[INHALES SHARPLY] Well, from what I understand, you're the expert at breaking up fights, so how about you do that and I'll stay here and do my work? [PUNCHES LANDING, GRUNTING CONTINUES] Yes, ma'am.
So, I found a guy in Hialeah who can print the banners.
But the city says it's gonna take a month - to get all the permits.
- No, no, no.
I'll make a call, and, uh, we'll get the permits tomorrow.
And we have to put the stage out front at the marina.
A concert under the stars.
- Yes.
- I love it! - [DOOR CLOSES] - You won't believe the day I had today.
The twins are still fighting like animals, and I don't Oh.
Hi, Alicia.
[SIGHS] Uh, tesoro.
We need to talk about ElRey.
Was he mad when you threw him out? - That awful man.
- [DOOR OPENS] - [CHUCKLING] I bet he was so mad.
- [DOOR CLOSES] Da-a-amn! That's a swanky-ass bathroom, baby! Oh, what's up, mami? Oh.
Don't worry, I washed my hands.
This is what I was trying to tell you.
Um, ElRey has agreed to give a concert at the Riviera Grand.
It was my idea.
We have people to do that.
It's better that I keep my hands busy.
Look, I know we both dislike ElRey, but we have to take our emotions out of it.
- [SIGHS] - There are a million good reasons not to go into business with that man.
He burned down his own house! You want to bring in a musical act? That's fine, we'll find someone, but an artist that we can rely on.
He wasn't my first choice either, but we need the money now.
Why?! Why? [SIGHS] Santiago! All I know is this morning, when I offered to help, you wanted to solve the problems all by yourself.
But then Alicia had an idea.
Yeah, a good idea.
She's been home a week, Santiago.
I've been helping you around this place for years now.
It's my hotel, my neck on the line.
You don't know what it's like to make these hard decisions.
Because you don't let me.
Beatriz and Alicia those opinions you value, but you don't care what I think.
How many more years, Santiago? Before you see me as more than your trophy wife? [EXHALES SHARPLY] [KNOCKING ON DOOR] [SIGHS] Hey.
- Sorry, I was just working out.
- [DOOR CLOSES] Nothing you haven't seen before, right? Right.
So, um I got fired.
What? Why? Because Mrs.
P has it out for me, that's why! And she caught me napping in a guest room.
[SNORTS] - It's not funny! - It's a little funny.
Do you have any idea how exhausting it is to be pregnant? This is your fault! And I really can't afford to be out of work right now.
Can I help? Yes.
Your family owns this place.
Save my job.
I mean, I'll try, but, to be honest, Mrs.
P kind of she kind of scares me.
She scares everyone.
Suck it up.
Can I join you? I thought you'd be running around, helping - with the whole ElRey extravaganza.
- [SCOFFS] Apparently, this is what I'm good at.
Yoli, look! I got bangs! No, you didn't.
You got a blowout.
It looks better.
The point is, I changed my hair for you.
Now you have to forgive me.
You know what? Here.
Take my seat.
You take everything else.
Such a drama queen.
When the hell are you gonna grow up, Carolina? Why are you mad at me? She needs to get over this ElRey thing.
This is not about ElRey.
Your sister feels invisible.
She tries so hard, and she never gets her moment in the spotlight.
It's a horrible feeling, Carolina.
Trust me.
Oh, na, na, na [DANCE MUSIC PLAYING] - Yeah.
- Whoo! ElRey.
Oh, hell no.
Go away, crazy! Hasta never! It's about my sister.
Yoli? Is she okay? What about her? She's not even returning my texts.
Well, maybe we can change that.
- [DOOR OPENS] Javier! What are you doing down here with the worker bees? Shouldn't you be at the beach? Um no.
I was hoping to ask you for a favor.
One of the employees is losing her job, and it would be better for me if she didn't.
Well, that's, uh that's Mrs.
P's domain.
I know.
I thought it would be easier to have this talk man-to-man.
And, uh, please keep this a secret.
- Yeah.
- But I got a maid pregnant.
Which maid? Ingrid.
All of Sky's stuff is just sitting in my manager's office, but I'm telling you, she never leaves.
Danny! I gotta go.
We're busting our asses all for this concert.
If my mom catches you on your phone - when you're supposed to be working - Got it.
Won't happen again.
MAN: Okay, I think we're short one amplifier.
Okay, there need to be more bar stations.
And tell Yvette that specialty cocktails are $20 each.
It's South Beach.
People will pay.
DANNY: You okay? You look like you could use one of those $20 cocktails.
I have slept one hour since we started planning this, and I still have so much to do.
Testing? Testing! Why is nothing working?! Is it on? [MICROPHONE TURNS ON] I would've figured I would've figured that out eventually.
[CHUCKLES] Alicia, can you just take a breath and look at what you have done? There was nothing here before, and now All of this is happening because of you.
Yeah, I guess I did need to hear that.
Um [SIGHS] Well, there was a ladder here.
Oh, here.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
[GRUNTS] [BOTH CHUCKLE] Um Well, it's almost showtime! Thanks buddy.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] SANTIAGO: Buenas noches, Miami! Welcome to the Riviera Grand! [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] All right, so, ladies and gentlemen, the one, the only, King of Miami ElRey! [DANCE MUSIC PLAYS] Let me get you a drink And if you don't drink, a conversation to think And if you don't want to think And you just wanna move Well, baby, they don't call me The king of the groove for nothing Gigi looks even more pissed off than usual.
She's fighting with Dad.
She probably hates that this was my idea.
It don't matter where we are - Don't Javi, don't - Hey, Gigi! Aren't you gonna congratulate Alicia? ELREY: And as long as I'm with you Other than your side, there's nowhere I [MUSIC THUMPING IN BACKGROUND] What are you doing? Oh, um, I'm supposed to finish cleaning before everyone's back from the concert.
That's not what I'm talking about.
Javi Mendoza got you pregnant? Who told you? Javi Mendoza.
He asked me to help you keep your job.
You said you handled it.
You weren't interested in helping.
And the Mendozas have more money than God.
So that's how I handled it.
What happens when he finds out it's not his baby, hmm? Or worse? That it's mine.
Are you stepping up? [SIGHS] [SCOFFS] Then step off.
I'll talk to Mrs.
P about keeping your job, but you're playing with fire, Ingrid.
You don't know what that family is capable of.
Yeah, yeah Get the rotation, yeah, yeah Let me take them hips on vacation - It don't matter where we are - Look at you! [CHUCKLES] Letting your hair down.
Oh, yeah.
I'm a huge ElRey fan.
Can't you tell? Can you believe we pulled this off so quickly? I sure can.
I'm just not sure why.
You know, last week, you were trying to sell this place, and now what? You're putting on a concert with a man you despise? I've known you half my life, Santiago.
What kind of trouble have you gotten us into? - Enjoy the show, Helen.
- What I'm feeling And it feels so good Please, have me feeling Stay Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where are you going? Who's covering the tent bars? Uh, we're out of rum.
Uh, I was gonna grab some from the cellar.
Oh, I got a case right here.
Oh, good.
We're out of tequila, too.
Yeah, I'll be fast.
It don't matter where we are The V.
area you asked for is all set up, honey.
Thanks, Malcolm.
I'm just gonna run this cash up to the safe.
Oh, my God.
What's wrong? My access card.
There's so many people here, anyone could have found it.
Okay, let's just deactivate it before it falls into the wrong hands.
[SIGHS] Oh, dude! Hey, Nelson.
So, um, yeah, listen, listen.
Thanks for giving me a heads-up about the job sitch.
Let's see if I can remember how to do this.
I don't really have, like, a lot of friends here, so it means a lot to me that you'd actually, like, - take the time to - Sorry! Oh, I'll see you later! [COMPUTER BEEPING] [BEEPING] [LOCK CLICKS] You're a life saver! We take the party to royalty - Whoo! - [SONG ENDS] [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] Okay, I think I've seen enough.
What are you doing? You can't leave.
Not yet.
Caro, I'm serious.
Don't make me kick your ass.
Now, I want to dedicate this next song to someone special.
And you know when you meet someone, and just suddenly it's like there's no one else in that room with you? Yoli this is for you.
MAN: Ah, she's right there.
- WOMAN: You're gorgeous! - No.
Not me.
This this song's this song's for her.
This song's Mirror, on the wall Tell us she's the fairest of them all [METAL CLATTERS] The way, just the way, just the way Just the way you are This is for you, Yoli! [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] I-I never pulled a permit for fireworks.
Is this even safe? Definitely not.
The hell are you doing? - Were you stealing? - No.
Nothing like that, I swear.
You better start talking.
Sky Garibaldi is my sister.
I came here to find out what really happened to her.
[ALARM RINGING] We're not finished.
Don't run.
Just Congratulations, Alicia.
[INDISTINCT SHOUTING] REPORTER: This is Channel 5 Miami, coming to you live from the Riviera Grand where notoriously reckless rapper ElRey held a concert last night, which some are calling "an epic fail.
" [SIGHS] Is that Channel 4 or Channel 10 out there? It's all the channels.
[SIGHS] I'm sorry, Papi.
You put your faith in me, and I blew it.
No, mija, no.
It wasn't your fault.
You know, working with you in these past few days it was like bringing your mother back to life.
And that brought me back to life, too.
Dad [SMOOCHES, CHUCKLES] No, chiquita, no.
So no more tears, okay? Gigi, if you're here to gloat, I don't want to hear it.
Are you two done with the pity party? Because I have an idea.
REPORTER: Was anyone injured in the fire? A-are you bracing for lawsuits? And what about the fans? Are you refunding tickets? O-okay, okay.
We knew that the concert was gonna be hot.
- We just didn't know how hot.
- [LAUGHTER] Last night, ElRey gave his fans an experience they will never forget.
Was it wild? Yes, it was.
But was it dangerous? - Also yes.
- [LAUGHTER] Which is why every single one of you wishes you could have been there to see it live.
Because who doesn't love a little excitement? Come on.
Well, maybe that guy.
[LAUGHTER] Yeah, she's good at this, no? Scary good.
I am so pleased to announce that ElRey is gonna be performing five nights a week, exclusively at the Riviera Grand.
Whoo! En fuego, baby! Next time I'm-a burn down the whole hotel! [LAUGHS] After last night, do you really believe people will turn out for this? Um, why don't you ask the 2,000 people who have already called booking their reservations? [REPORTERS MURMURING] Whoo! Better snatch up them tickets! [CHUCKLES] Yes.
Thank you, everybody.
REPORTER: All right, thank you.
2,000 reservations? Well, I may have exaggerated just a little.
It's okay.
NELSON: Riviera Grand, please hold for reservations.
- I'll check.
- Please hold for reservations.
But it's true now.
You are incredible.
I know.
SKY: I found something at the hotel.
At first, I thought it could be good for me, but now they know I took it.
I saw her that night.
She seemed scared, but I-I thought it was because of the hurricane.
What do you think she found? I don't know.
The family that runs this place is powerful.
You know, the police, the press nobody wants to help.
Will you? Hey, hey.
No fraternizing on the job.
It's against the rules, and it's gross.
Well, I can't help it.
- Your mom's pretty cute.
- [CHUCKLES] Okay, bye, Dad.
Thanks, Jay.
Oh, how's it going with that Danny? Anything to report? Nope.
Not a thing.
Can I offer you some sparkling wine? How did you get stuck serving family dinner? I requested it.
Oh, and we were cleaning up after the concert today, and I found this.
My key card! How did you? Thank you.
You always save the day, don't you? ElRey was looking for you after the show.
Come on, I-I don't actually like ElRey.
I just like the attention, you know? And even though last night was totally humiliating I forgive you.
- Really? - Mostly because I feel bad for you.
You know, getting dumped at your own wedding.
I know it must be really hard getting over Byron.
That new waiter is a total smokeshow! [SCOFFS] CAROLINA: Alicia.
What's with you and that guy? Are you, like, a thing? Danny? Just friends.
I mean, obviously he's easy on the eyes, but Um, I'm a manager, so no dating staff.
[CHUCKLES] Well, good thing I'm not a manager.
[CHUCKLES] - [TAPPING ON GLASS] - Everybody! A toast.
Alicia, corazón, thank you for putting together that concert.
It was a big success even if I do still smell like smoke.
[LAUGHTER] And Gigi.
You took a disaster and spun it into gold.
And, amor, it's time to officially recognize all your hard work.
So, if you will accept, I would like to make you Vice President of PR and Events.
GIGI: Oh, my God.
- Yeah? - Yes.
- [LAUGHING] Yes? - Are you kidding? I accept.
- CAROLINA: Mami! - All right.
Salud! - TOGETHER: Salud! - What just happened? Um, I'm pretty sure Dad just made Gigi your boss.
- Oh, yeah.
[SIGHS DEEPLY] That should cover it.
[SIGHS] You made the deadline.
- [SCOFFS] - That's wonderful.
So, you guys were rooting for us? This relationship has been very profitable for us.
We are happy to see it continue.
I have a great team.
We'll get you your money.
[SIGHS] I, uh I admire your confidence, Santiago, but what makes you think you can turn things around now, hmm? My family.
I'm betting on my family.
[SAM DEW'S "RUNNER" PLAYS] [SIGHS DEEPLY] Mm, mm Got to face facts I always come back Back to you, but Thank God I'm a runner I'm a runner, girl [PAPER RUSTLES] Guess I could run a little faster My little natural disaster Comes naturally, so Thank God I'm a runner