Grand Star (2007) s01e04 Episode Script

Chapter IV

(Multicom jingle)
- [Narrator] Previously on "Grand Star."
- You can't fall in love with her.
She's part of the cabaret troupe.
She's gonna be gone in a couple of weeks.
- Suki, huh?
- [Damien] I am the authority.
- Stay away from her, Damien.
- Because you think she's yours?
- Get it straight, I'm
neither one of yours.
Why are you doing this?
- My parents will never let you leave.
- There's something happening to me.
If I think something, it starts to happen.
- [Suki] What's going on?
- [Man] I don't know.
- Do you believe all that
stuff about the sun system?
Cal, tell me.
- [Cal] Everything that
we've been taught is a lie.
(intense music)
(ice crackling)
(intense music)
(Suki whistles)
(man whistles)
(Suki whistles)
- Liquid sunshine.
200 credits.
- My liquid sunshine is the best.
The finest hydroponics in all Grand Star.
- So, where's the goods boys?
- It's over there.
- Look, I told you I'd pay.
- Oh yes, you'll pay.
(intense music)
(lights buzzing)
- [Suki] I don't know what it was,
just old stuff from the ancient world.
- [Cal] What were you
doing down there alone?
- I was looking for something.
- What?
- Nothing.
- You can tell me.
- Cal, I came to talk to
you about what I found.
Thought you might be interested.
- Why don't you tell me
what you were looking for down there?
- Books.
- Books?
That's stupid, you should not
be going into the underworld alone.
- Hey, I didn't come
here to get a lecture.
- Suki.
I'm sorry.
Okay, it's just 'cause I'm worried.
There's lots of stuff happening right now.
And since we've been to Folkstone,
I think we're being watched.
You too.
- Oh yeah?
And a little shrimp like
you is going to protect me?
- Suki, I said I was sorry.
- You know, it's okay to try to find out
if the sun exists or not,
and all that nonsense
you've been feeding us,
but maybe you should
start paying attention
to the people around you.
Might make you a more interesting person.
I just thought what I
discovered down there
might be useful to you, that's all.
There's nothing more to it.
(emotional music)
(ominous music)
- For some absurd reason,
I thought you'd be more incisive.
I thought you'd be the one
to decipher what that
scientist Ragg is hiding,
what his son is plotting.
They are planning something, aren't they?
- I tried to--
- Since when have I allowed
you to interrupt me?
You've repeatedly used force, to no avail.
Perhaps now you should meditate
on using some other more subtle means
of extracting information.
Something more in line
with the sophistication of the Pointsmen.
Now go.
- Hey.
- Now I know.
- What?
- I think I
- You love her?
- Suki.
I can't stop thinking about her.
I mean I think about her at night,
I think about her when I wake up.
- Have you told her?
- No.
She came to tell me
about some secret room,
and I didn't react.
I told her she was stupid
for going into the underworld alone.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
We gotta bring back some
logic into all this.
A little logic, little rationality.
I suggest you go talk to her.
- No.
- I suggest I go talk to her.
- No!
Would you?
- Yeah, I'll go right now.
- What are you gonna say to her?
- I think I'm gonna make my move.
I'm gonna tell her
you're a great guy, Cal.
(somber music)
- [Cal] So?
- Good news, bad news.
What do you want?
- I'll have the good news.
- Well, the good news is that
she doesn't wanna see you.
- What?
- Yeah, do you wanna hear the bad news?
- Yeah.
- She told me all about that place,
and it sounds like a goldmine.
Do you realize that she
may have stumbled across
a piece of the past, the
way the world used to be,
and you didn't even react to it?
So now we gotta go down there,
and we gotta check that place out.
Hey, you're the one who
got us all interested
with your ridiculous theories
about the sun and the world,
so now you gotta live up to it.
- Come in.
- You have an admirer on Grand Star.
(eerie music)
(intense music)
(crowd cheering)
(crowd applauding)
(eerie music)
- I uh,
I hope they were to your liking.
- What can I do for
you, Lieutenant Damien?
- I was hoping you'd accompany
me to dinner this evening.
These flowers are just
a hint of the things
that a man in my position can obtain.
- So I hope you're not
considering me a thing.
- No, no.
No of course not.
- You look like a clown.
- Thought we would get noticed.
- Yeah.
Let's go.
And let's hope she tells
us where to find it.
- Tells me, she's not talkin' to you.
- She didn't say that
I looked like a clown.
She said that I looked cool.
- And?
- And, she gave me very precise directions
on how to get there.
- And?
- And, pbth, okay.
It's only because you're my friend
that I'm telling you this,
but she's having dinner
with Lieutenant Damien of
the almighty Pointsmen,
and she wishes us well.
- Dinner with Damien?
- It's only dinner.
- With a Pointsman!
- Look, you just met her, okay?
Women need infinite
tolerance and understanding.
- Shut up.
- Know what, forget about her.
There's a thousand women
out there exactly like her.
- I'm not worried.
- What is it with women, anyway?
Show them a man in
uniform and they're crazy.
Probably not this one.
After you?
(ominous music)
- Lieutenant Damien,
they're heading back
toward the black market.
(wind whistling)
- Demetri.
- Good evening, sir.
- [Suki] Nice suit.
- I hope all this is to your liking.
- Thought this crowd would
be in bed asleep by now.
- Suki, would you like something to drink?
- Yeah, sure.
How about some
liquid sunshine?
- Liquid sunshine?
I see you like the finer things in life.
I like that.
Two glasses.
(ominous music)
- [Kurt] See who your real friends are?
- [Cal] Huh?
- See who's down here with you?
Me, not her.
- That's because she's at dinner.
- Yeah, with Damien.
Listen, we have to be careful with her.
- I hope you're not suggesting that she--
- I've been thinking about it, okay?
We don't know her that well.
Who's to say she hasn't been working
with the Pointsmen the whole time?
- Okay, she's from the cabaret.
She's not a Pointsmen spy.
(eerie music)
- It's this way.
So, where do we start?
- Well, we'll see if they have
any data in here and take it out.
- Okay, we'll probably need
to take some of the players.
- Yeah, already on it.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
(soothing music)
It's like drinking light.
I can see why it gets such
a high price on the market.
- I don't believe they
sell it in the market.
- Black market.
- You go there?
- If I did, I sure
wouldn't be telling you.
(Damien chuckles)
- Quite a naughty girl.
You know,
they say this is what the sun looked like.
- [Suki] It's bitter.
- Yes, but sweet on the inside.
That's the magic.
(device chirps)
Excuse me.
- [Man] They split.
- Continue observing.
- I could arrest them--
- No, just observe for now.
Sorry about that.
No rest for the wicked.
- If you're planning to get this girl
magnetized by your magnetism,
there's a couple rules
that you're gonna have
to consider at least.
This might be a little
bit tough for you to hear.
- What would that be?
- Well, Cal,
you were raised by your father.
You're not used to having women around.
- Well that's who I am.
What do you want me to do?
- Well, keep me around, for starters.
Hey, I can be very inventive
and creative counsel
on these types of questions.
- Okay, I'll keep you in the loop.
But if you try anything,
I will transform you into an ice cube.
(Kurt scoffs)
So what do you think these things even do?
- Maybe they're for these?
- Wow, not so stupid after all.
- Maybe not.
(intense music)
(device chirps)
- Lieutenant Damien.
The Ragg boy and his friend
have been gone for 30 minutes.
They entered an air
vent in corridor seven.
I'm going to investigate.
(intense music)
- If the Pointsmen are involved,
there's something interesting in there.
- Sorry.
You asked me, where was I born?
I was a railway child.
State school, and then
the Pointsmen academy.
I was one of the youngest graduates.
- You're not so special.
I was a railway child as well.
- You've never met your parents?
- Uh-uh, wouldn't be here if I had.
- So, so we're alike.
- Yeah.
Hey, maybe we're brother and sister, huh?
I'm a true redhead, you know?
(Damien chuckles)
- And how did you end up in the cabaret?
- How do you think?
The guy who runs the place, he bought me.
- You know, you and I are
different from those two
you've been hanging out with.
- Oh yeah, how's that?
- I knew Cal when we were growing up,
and he's the son of a scientist.
His friend Kurt, one of the elites.
Those two have never had to work
for anything in their lives.
Not like us.
- Were you ever friends?
(Damien laughs)
- Them, friends with me?
An orphan with nothing?
Hardly likely.
- Think you can get this stuff working?
- Yeah of course.
- Okay, let's go.
(eerie music)
(metal clangs)
Kurt, someone's coming.
(intense music)
- How nice of you to drop by.
- You didn't eat your green stuff.
- I'm sorry, would you just
excuse me for a moment?
Cal Ragg?
Sorry about that.
- Yeah, me too.
I have to go.
- Go, but the evening's just--
- I have to go.
I don't feel too good.
- Well, then let me
accompany you back to your--
- I can go on my own, thanks.
It's nothing personal, lieutenant.
I just, I just don't think
this is my kind of place.
- Will I see you again?
- I've never been too
good at making plans.
Hey, thanks for the liquid sunshine.
(soothing music)
- Hey, hey you can't do that!
Those are important historical artifacts!
- So, they must be worth something.
- Don't take them!
Look, I'll pay you.
- Ah, they must really be worth something.
(device chirps)
- Damien.
- I was attacked by them.
- [Damien] Are they still there?
- I'm going to investigate.
- Wait for reinforcements.
- Roger.
(ominous music)
- Squad two, get to section seven
in the forbidden zone immediately.
(intense music)
- Suki?
- Pointsmen know you're here.
- Where'd you learn that?
- I'm full of surprises.
(ominous music)
- Come on, come on.
- You shouldn't come alone in
dangerous parts of Grand Star.
It's stupid.
- I know, I would've waited for you,
but you had dinner.
How was it?
- Nice.
Very nice.
- I'm glad that you finally--
- I'm glad I finally came.
- Hey stupids!
Do you really think this is
time to fulfill your destiny?
Come on!
(ominous music)
- Lieutenant Damien?
- Yes.
- [Officer] Someone's identity card.
- I wonder who this belongs to, hm?
(intense music)
(dramatic music)
- Can you imagine
being surrounded by water, warm water?
Being able to move and dance?
- It's called swimming, Suki.
- So our ancestors didn't
have all that ice around them.
Looks like fun.
You know, trees,
grass, hills, boats.
Oceans and beaches.
- Yeah.
According to this, apparently the world
before the deep freeze
wasn't so terrible after all.
- Yeah, makes you wonder what else
they've been lying to us about.
- Makes you wanna find out.
- We're going to.
(gentle piano music)
(intense music)
(Multicom jingle)
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