Grand Star (2007) s01e05 Episode Script

Chapter V

(Multicom Jingle)
- [Narrator] Previously on "Grand Star."
- You have repeatedly
used force to no avail.
Perhaps now should you
meditate on using some other
more subtle means of extracting
information, something
more in line with the
sophistication of the Pointsmen.
- Hey, I came to talk to
you, look what I found.
- That's stupid, you should not
be going into the Underworld alone.
- After you.
- Hey you can't do that,
those are important historical artifacts.
- So, they must be worth something.
- Where'd you learn that?
- I'm full of surprises.
- Apparently the world before
the deep freeze wasn't
so terrible after all.
- Makes you wonder what else
they've been lying to us about.
- [Soldier] Someone's identity card.
- I wonder who this belongs to.
(dramatic electronic music)
(anxious electronic music)
Out of my way.
Come on, move.
(relaxed piano music)
- Perhaps you could invite your friend
Cal and his father over this evening.
- Mom, why don't you just
invite Liam over yourself?
You don't need to use Cal
and I to hide your motives.
- What motives?
- Mom.
- Has Liam mentioned something?
- Mom.
- What's the meaning of this?
You can't just barge in here.
- I'm sorry, Mrs. Masters but
we do have a search warrant.
We found your son's identification
card in a restricted area.
We believe he has company
property in his possession.
- Kurt?
- I don't know what he's talking about.
- Look everywhere, I'm sure
there's something here.
Would you explain to us how
these came to be in your possession?
Take him.
Good day, Mrs. Masters.
- It'll be okay, mom.
- Oh, Kurt.
(up tempo electronic music)
- Do you expect me to believe that you,
Kurt Masters, went alone
to the Black Market
and for some unfathomable reason
bought these highly forbidden
remnants from the past,
not for the pleasure of
watching them but merely
for fun?
Shall I tell you what
you were really doing?
Oh, please let me.
You were down there with Cal Ragg.
You were down there with Cal Ragg because
the two of you are conspiring
against our corporation.
Because the two of you are searching
for any data that will undermine our rule
and this I will not permit.
Cal Ragg was with you.
- Never.
- Are you fully aware of
the punishment awaiting you?
- Yes.
- I don't think you are.
(anxious violin tones)
- [Liam] Cal?
- [Cal] Yeah, come in.
- They've just arrested Kurt.
- I know.
- They can hold him for two years.
- Two years?
- But if he joins the Pointsmen Academy,
then they can let him go right away.
What did he steal?
- I don't know.
- You have to be careful.
If the Pointsmen get after
you, I can't protect you,
just like Tara couldn't protect Kurt.
- I'd run.
- You can't run.
- I'd run.
I'd become a Renewer.
- Don't you ever mention that word to me.
- They exist, don't they?
- It's a band of fellas that believe
that the sun still exists, so what?
- So they're right, the sun does exist.
- You forget the Renewers.
- But it's my fault, right?
He never would have been in trouble
if it wasn't for me
dragging him into all this.
- Kurt came along because his conscience
told him it was the right thing to do.
- You think so?
- Yeah.
I mean he gives the impression
of being a clown but inside--
- Oh yes.
- You're out?
- Yeah.
Looks to me like you're
looking at a Pointsman.
- What?
- Yeah, I'm joining the Pointsmen Academy.
It's great.
It was that or lock-up,
so the Academy it is.
- You could run away.
- Right.
- You're not gonna turn into
another Damien, are you?
- Shut up, of course I'm not.
I'll just go and pretend that I'm a good,
loyal soldier and then I'll come back.
In the meantime, you got
a spy working for you.
- [Palidor] Lieutenant,
we have created the
highest form of society.
It's beautiful, isn't it?
- Yes, yes.
(Palidor chuckles)
- Yes, yes.
Your generation's so confused,
so confused it's confusing.
- President Palidor,
I believe Cal Ragg was with Kurt Masters
in the restricted area and that they both
purchased illegal images
belonging to the past.
- Belief or proof?
- Well for Kurt Masters,
I have the proof
and for Kyle Ragg, I have the belief.
- Bring me proof, Lieutenant.
- Very good, sir.
- Suki, today's the big day.
I just finished packing and I don't
really know how to say this.
he's on his own, right?
And I mean his father
tries really hard but
(sigh) the guy's the
loneliest soul I've ever met
and I'm worried about him.
He's not gonna have me around
to listen to him anymore.
- You want me to take care of him?
- Yeah.
Yeah, take care of him.
- I'll do it.
- Okay.
(door clanking)
- You take good care of yourself.
- I will.
(soft somber piano music)
You're my brother, okay?
Don't forget that, don't
ever forget that, okay?
(dramatic drumbeat)
- Other rig security has disconnected
in KWW area, substitute monitoring.
- [Recruit] Yeah, try it now.
Well at least you've got to admit it.
- Attention.
I'd like to introduce to you
our newest recruit, Kurt Masters.
- Hey,
how you doing?
(anxious violin tones)
Are you all right?
- Don't.
- But he's freezing.
- It's hypothermia.
Sergeant Stahl left him out
in the ice for three hours.
It's up to him to survive.
If you help him, the
next time it'll be you.
(tense warbling)
(anxious electronic music)
- [Cal] I have the tapes over here.
Let's see if this works.
- [Narrator] Yet the Amazon
remains a marvel of Mother Nature.
It's as if man had never set foot there.
Its beauty is only paralleled
by its ability to sustain life.
Researchers have proven
that the Amazon rainforest
holds the cure for many
of man's ills and diseases
as well as providing us with
the air that we breathe.
(bird cawing)
And yet it remains constantly
threatened by mankind.
- Turn it off, Cal.
Maybe we were born in the wrong period.
imagine just to walk on grass,
Just that.
We'll never know.
- Most of you came here with nothing.
Many from poor families with
no prospects for the future.
But now you are on the path
to being respected and admired by all,
a Pointsman.
Our society is new.
Our entire population lives in stations
like this one spread
out all over the world.
It is not an easy way to live
but since the sun went supernova,
it has become our way of life.
how are you feeling?
- I'm okay.
- I was hard on Henrick
yesterday but I have to be.
Being a Pointsman is the most
important job in the world.
We maintain order.
If we are not strong,
then our world will die.
You are the keepers
of civilization.
(mid tempo drumbeat)
(anxious violin tones)
- Hey.
- Oh I forgot, you're Kurt Masters.
You own all the space in here.
You're the reason why
we're eating this slop.
Can't march in a straight line.
- Leave him alone.
- What will you do,
sick your mother on me?
- My mother, you think you're gonna
upset me by insulting my mother?
- I hate your mother, my father
worked for her, you know,
at the Masters Mining Corporation.
He was injured on the job.
- I'm very sorry to hear that.
- He got nothing, not
even medical treatment.
He died three months later.
What's left of my family
lives in the tunnels now.
She killed him.
- I'm sorry.
(tense violin music)
- Tyler, that's enough.
Take him to the detention.
And you,
come with me.
Tell control we are
heading back to Grand Star.
- I had nothing to do with what happened.
Tyler grabbed me outta nowhere
and started throwing punches.
You can ask anybody that was in there.
- Kurt, Kurt, Kurt.
I know.
I heard what happened.
You impressed me.
- What?
- You stuck up for Henrick, well done.
- So,
you're not gonna do anything?
Why are you being so decent?
- Kurt, you're about to join
the ranks of the Pointsmen.
You'll only be punished if you
bring dishonor onto your uniform.
- That sounds fair.
Thanks, Damien.
- Recruit Masters,
in here, it's Lieutenant Damien,
all right?
- All right.
Thanks, Lieutenant Damien.
- Get outta here.
(electronic beeping)
Cal Ragg.
Just the person I was hoping to see.
I have some very encouraging
news about our mutual friend.
- Mutual friend?
- Kurt Masters, he's turning
out to be one of the most
promising recruits we've
seen for quite some time.
How long has he been at the Academy again?
- A month and 12 days.
- A month and 12 days.
Well, goes to show, that's the time
you need if you really want
to rectify someone, so long.
- Rectify?
- Silence.
This is one of the best
squads to serve this facility.
And good work deserves reward.
You will be attending this evening
the Governor's Ball as
guests of CEO Palidor
and I want your shoes to shine.
- [Recruits] Yes, Sergeant Stahl.
- The Governor's Ball, why
do I have to go to that?
- To prove to everyone that you
are a respectable member of this society.
- Maybe that's exactly
what I don't wanna be.
- Look, this is not a game.
Lieutenant Damien is after you,
he'd like to put you in prison.
- And how is this going to help?
- Well, the only people who can stand up
to the Pointsmen are
the Governing Council.
They'll be at the Ball
and they need to know you,
they need to know that you share
the aims and objectives of this society.
- And if I don't?
- Well you keep your mouth shut
and you pretend that you do.
- I wanna bring Suki.
- Well she's not invited.
- I'm not going unless I can bring Suki.
- What's so important about Suki?
- Hey,
I don't wanna be the only
guy there without a date.
- You won't be the only one
without a date, there's me.
- [Stahl] Ladies and
gentlemen, ElectriCorp
and CEO Palidor are proud to bring you--
- So Cal, plenty of important people here.
- [Stahl] They are the future.
(classical violin music)
- Liam.
- Yes.
- Wonderful news, the Governor
has spoken to Palidor.
They're going to let
Kurt leave the Academy.
- Ooh.
You have influence in high places.
- You just have to know
where the strings are.
- That's great, was he
causing too much trouble?
- No, actually they said
he was an ideal student.
Shall we dance?
- Sure.
- Excuse me.
Hey, you wanna go dance?
- Finally, I was about to ask Damien.
(classical violin music)
- Hey Kurt, how's a going?
- Good.
- So you got any news for me?
- [Kurt] Excuse me?
- You're my Pointsman spy, right?
- Oh yeah, right.
- So what's going on, talk to me.
- [Kurt] Cal, I'm trying to dance here.
- Okay, sure.
- Jeez.
- So you hear the good news?
- What good news?
- Your mom got you out.
You don't have to go
to the Academy anymore.
- That's not her decision.
I'm staying.
- You're staying?
No way.
- Excuse me for one second.
It's not your decision either.
- All right, what did they do to you?
- I don't expect you to understand this,
Cal, but I actually like it
there and I'm not leaving.
- Well what about what we had to do?
- And what's that?
- [Cal] Finding the sun.
- There is no sun, that's just propaganda.
- I saw it.
- That's what you say, I didn't.
- Well what about that old woman?
She saw it.
- The old woman was blind.
She didn't see anything.
- Kurt, you can't do this.
- Why, because you say I can't?
This is my life, Cal, and
I'm taking charge of it.
I'm tired of doing whatever you want.
- Kurt.
- Don't touch me.
I'm a Pointsman now.
Excuse me.
(classical violin music)
(low warbling)
- They did something to him.
- Maybe.
- No, of course they did.
I mean he used to hate the
Pointsmen as much as I did.
- Looks like that's changed.
- But I can't do it without him.
- You've got me, that's something.
- Yeah, yeah it is.
(soft piano, violin music)
- [Stahl] You are on the
path to being respected
and admired by all,
a Pointsman.
Our society is new.
Being a Pointsman is the most
important job in the world.
We maintain order.
You are the keepers
of civilization.
If we are not strong,
then our world will die.
(dramatic electronic ensemble music)
(Multicom Jingle)
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