Grand Star (2007) s01e06 Episode Script

Chapter VI

(Multicom Jingle)
- [Announcer] Previously on Grand Star.
- What's the meaning of this,
you can't just barge in here.
- We found your son's identification card
in a restricted area.
You were down there with Cal Ragg
because the two of you are conspiring
against our corporation.
- They've just arrested Kurt.
They can hold him for two years.
- Two years?
- [Liam] What did he steal?
- Apparently the world
before the deep freeze
wasn't so terrible after all.
You're out?
- Yeah, I'm joining the Pointsman Academy.
- What?
- You're my brother, OK?
Don't ever forget that.
- We maintain order.
If we are not strong,
then our world will die.
- [Recruits] Yes, Sergeant Stahl!
- You impress me.
- Kurt.
- Don't touch me.
I'm a Pointsman now.
(dramatic music)
(ice crackles)
(dramatic music)
- [Stahl] You are on the
path to being respected,
and admired by all.
Being a Pointsman is the most
important job in the world.
If we are not strong,
then our world will die.
(techno club music)
(audience applauds)
(techno music)
- Welcome, future Pointsmen.
Now is the time for you
to prove to the world
and to yourselves that you're worthy.
You are no longer slaves to your body,
with all the erratic
thoughts and impulses.
That is why we're sending you now
on your first mission.
(techno music)
This examination will
tell us if you're worthy.
Those who aren't, let's just say,
they'll be sent to places
somewhat less hospitable than this one.
- I have to go get him, he's my friend.
- You don't even know where he is.
- His mother said they were on a mission.
- People make choices, you know.
- Yeah, and they also
make really bad ones,
and I know becoming a
Pointsman is a bad idea.
- Even if it makes Kurt happy?
He made a decision about what
he wants to do with his life.
- And I'm supposed to just accept that?
- Yes.
And if you think saving the
world is your destiny, fine.
But it doesn't mean it's everybody else's.
- OK, it's my fault
that he got in trouble.
If he wasn't in trouble, he would not be
turning into some sort of lunatic.
- Cal, you gotta stop thinking
you can change everything.
I mean, the world is the way it is,
and there comes a moment when
you just gotta accept it.
- I've accepted my share
of the world I didn't want.
- Your mother?
- Yeah.
- Cal.
You can talk about it, you know.
- There's not much I can say.
I never met her.
- Your father doesn't
talk to you about her?
- Nah, barely anything.
- Doesn't tell you stories about her?
You know what, I never knew my parents.
- No?
- So, we're on.
- What are you talking about?
- Oh, I'm going with you.
- No you're not, Suki.
I wanted to say goodbye, and
I wanted to warn you, OK.
I don't wanna cause any more problems.
(lush electronic music)
How come you decide when we kiss?
(Suki laughs)
- I can stop if you want.
Come on, let's go.
(fast electronic music)
What happens if your father
finds out you took it out?
- Nothing, I'll just tell
him you were getting restless
and I had to take you
out for a little walk.
- Oh, okay, well
if that's your idea of a
pleasant little promenade.
(icebox vrooms)
(fast electronic music)
- You are entering a new
era of your existence.
A time when your body will
serve a higher purpose.
I suppose I should be honest with you.
We only just discovered this place.
Black marketers were going to smuggle
all this garbage into our stations.
Beautiful, hmm?
Isn't it beautiful?
(ominous music)
(icebox vrooms)
- Do you actually know where you're going?
- Well, it's a forbidden zone.
No one goes there, no one mentions it,
no one really knows anything about it.
- Sounds perfect to me.
- They called it art.
Filthy, deceptive fantasy.
An illusion that corrupts your brain.
Art is nothing but a drug
that perverts your perception
and weakens your will,
thus giving us the right, no!
The honor to eradicate it
physically, morally, and
visually from our society.
We have our mission.
- He speaks well.
Fancy words, fancy ideas, he's good, huh?
- What about you, Kurt Masters?
(laughing) Are you moved by the images?
Do they
stir strange emotions in your heart?
Come on.
Be honest.
- Yes.
- Good.
Is it the same feeling that
you shared with your friend Cal Ragg?
Kurt Masters is struggling
with evil forces
contaminating his brain, so?
- Yes.
- I didn't hear you, louder.
- Yes.
- Louder!
- Yes!
- That's why we're all here,
to fix the errors of the past.
Good man.
(somber music)
(idyllic music)
- Aren't you gonna tell me a story?
- A story?
- Yeah.
Don't you know any stories?
(Cal exhales loudly)
Well, what kind of story?
- I don't know, any story.
How 'bout something nice
about people who have a normal life?
Who are happy?
- Normal life and happy people?
I meet them all the time.
once upon a time,
there was a, a.
- There was a what?
- I don't know, I'm
making this up as I go.
- A woman has to dream, Cal.
Wake me up when you've got a story.
(rapid peeping)
(intense music)
(wood shatters loudly)
- Finally, we're actually doing something.
I've been waiting all my life
to do something meaningful.
(recruits laugh)
- Recruit Masters.
- You're not gonna wish me good luck?
- Recruit Masters!
(high energy techno music)
- That was fun.
- It's not about fun, it's about ethics.
Trust me, Kurt Masters.
I will do whatever I can
to bring back some integrity
to your poor existence.
(fast electronic music)
- There it is, the Pointsmen's train.
- Now what?
- Well, I'm gonna find a way in
and I'll bring him back.
- You scared?
- Yeah.
- [Suki] You gonna watch your step?
- Yeah.
- You're my little hero?
- Yes.
(suspenseful music)
- So, what'd you think of our
little mission there, huh?
It's pretty interesting.
Whoa, did you actually just
communicate something to me?
Seriously, are you buying all this crap
that they're giving us?
(labored breathing)
- Are you with the Pointsmen?
- No.
- So what are you doing here?
- It's a, it's a difficult
it's a difficult personal reason.
- Ah.
Can you come with me?
I want you to meet someone.
- No, I can't, I gotta.
- Don't be afraid.
- I'm not afraid.
(solemn music)
- Thank you for coming
to see us, young man.
Do you know who we are?
- Yes, you're the People of the Cold.
- We are the forgotten ones.
As you may know, our
bodies can only survive
at extremely low temperatures.
Which is why we cannot come
to see you in your stations
and tell you how we suffer.
(rapid beeping)
You're the first to have been
to see us for many years,
which is why you were asked to come.
What else do you know about us?
- Um, my father said the Pointsmen
treat you guys like slaves.
- Yes, but we're not very good slaves,
because we don't really
think of ourselves as slaves.
Inside, we are free.
They can make us do many terrible things
and work us like machines
until we are exhausted,
but in the end, it's what
you think that is important.
- What do you want me to do for you?
- Talk about us.
Talk to your people.
Tell them that we're like them.
That it's time they open their minds.
Can a world function if it's
other half is forgotten?
- [Stahl] Being a Pointsman
is the most important job in the world.
- Kurt.
- Trust me, Kurt Masters.
- You're one of us now.
- We're here to fix
the errors of the past.
- [Cal] Kurt, you're an idiot.
- Look, it's sunny.
Come dance with me.
- [Cal] Kurt, wake up, you and I both know
you're not gonna be a Pointsman,
so let's get out of here.
- Let's build sand castles.
- Hey, idiot.
Wake up.
(gasping breaths)
- [Stahl] Is the most
important job in the world.
(fast electronic music)
You are on the path to
being respected and admired.
Being a Pointsman is the most
important job in the world.
(rapid beeping)
- Cal (shivering).
Are you coming back or what?
It's really, it's really cold here.
(rapid beeping)
- Hey, Suki.
Suki, look at me!
- Cal?
- Suki!
- Is that you?
- Can you hear me?
Suki can you hear me?
Suki, I still gotta get Kurt.
I need his help to change the battery,
so you're gonna stay here and wait for me.
- [Suki] Did you think of a story?
- Suki, can you hear me?
OK, yeah, sing a song, sing a song.
Sing a song aloud, OK?
And don't stop until I get back,
do you promise me?
Suki, do you promise me?
- A song.
- OK, I'll be back.
All right, I promise you.
OK, sing.
OK, sing!
Sing a song.
(hums softly)
(fast-paced music)
Shh, please, don't say, ow.
It's me.
- Cal?
- Shh.
- Cal, you can't, you gotta be careful.
They're not gonna wake up.
They're totally hypnotized
and lobotomized,
and they're digging holes in our heads
and they're telling us what to think.
It's the most beautiful day in my life,
I'm so glad that you came.
- Suki's on the icebox,
the battery's dead.
So we need to charge the battery,
and hurry up and be quiet so let's go.
(fast electronic music)
Come on let's go.
(rapid beeping)
- Suki, Suki!
Suki we're back.
Come on, Suki, come on wake up, wake up.
Suki, we need you.
Suki, the heat's back on,
we got the battery charged.
- She's cold.
Suki, we're gonna get you warm.
Suki, we're gonna be all right.
OK, here we go, Suki, Suki wake up.
We're gonna get you warm, OK?
Warm up, come on.
- And this is what I found.
- Well, well young man,
if what you're saying is the truth,
that would be a severe accusation.
Lieutenant Damien, a
Pointsman becomes a Pointsman
because his heart tells him.
The truth cannot be drilled into someone.
This is the very basis of our society.
(snaps fingers)
- [Stahl] Being a Pointsman
is the most important job in the world.
If we are not strong,
then our world will die.
- These methods are totally unacceptable.
They belong to a long-vanished era.
Kurt Masters, the council
wishes to thank you
for bringing to its
attention these methods.
You are free to leave
the Pointsmen's Academy
if such is your desire.
The rest of this matter
will be taken care of in due course.
And believe you me,
I will find the appropriate sanctions.
(dramatic music)
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