Grand Star (2007) s01e09 Episode Script

Chapter IX

(Multicom Jingle)
- [Announcer] Previously on Grand Star.
- On your knees!
On your knees!
- We have 400,000
kilowatt-hours left of energy,
and if you don't find us a
place where we can relocate--
- We will go the way of the dinosaurs.
- Suki!
Of all the people, you have
to hang out with Damien?
- Why are you doing this?
- My parents will never let you leave.
- Deep Silence, do you read me?
- Dad, what are we doing here?
We're in a restricted area.
- I'm not gonna tell you where I'm going,
and you are never going to
ask me a single question
about all this.
This relocation involves
leaving behind 30,000 people,
all of whom will die.
You will have that on your
conscience, and so will I.
(dramatic music)
(ice crackling)
(dramatic music)
(train horn blares)
(dramatic music)
(upbeat music)
(people chattering)
(upbeat music)
- Do you recognize me?
- Yeah, you're Jonah.
- Then you know why I'm here.
- No.
- You liar!
After you left, the Pointsmen
came and took my parents.
You sent them!
- That's not true.
- How come they found us?
- I don't know.
I don't know.
- I want to find my parents.
(people yelling)
(alarm blaring)
- [Cal] Come on, come with me.
- [Man On Loudspeaker] Alpha
to sector G-9, level two.
- What's going on?
- It's okay, it's just a blackout.
- Visitors of Grand Star,
you're experiencing
technical difficulties.
Electricity is like nature.
It cannot be fully domesticated,
and our resources are few.
We realize these power
cuts are an inconvenience.
- [Man On Loudspeaker]
Pointsmen to main platform.
Pointsmen to main platform.
- [Palidor On Loudspeaker]
And our resources
are not unlimited.
- I need to get you to a safe place.
Come with me.
- But be assured we are doing our best
to restore full power.
- [Cal] Come on.
- As soon as possible.
- (panting) Come on!
(dramatic music)
Up here.
We have our own generator.
Here, you can clean
yourself in the bathroom,
and I'll get you some clothes.
- You think I'll find my parents?
- Hey, I will do everything I can.
(gentle music)
- Where are your parents?
- It's a long story.
(gentle music)
- Do they believe the sun
still exists, like mine?
- Jonah.
Jonah, look at me.
We're gonna find your mom and dad,
but meanwhile, you need to trust me, okay?
Now you mustn't leave here.
(gentle music)
You ever been to a station before?
- No.
- Oh.
Well, did your village have running water?
- Running water?
- Come.
I'll show you how the bathroom works.
(gentle music)
Ah, your clothes smell like fish.
(dramatic music)
- What are you doing here?
You must be out of your mind.
- I need you to establish
a liaison for me.
It's about the great change.
- I don't need to know.
- No, I need to know
that you're gonna do it.
- You're not supposed to contact me
unless it's a question of--
- Life and death?
30,000 people, is that enough for you?
- What is your message?
(upbeat techno music)
- Cal.
Can you feel it?
Can you feel the new energy in the air?
- What are you talking about?
- This is the dawn of a new age.
That gleaming darkness was
the work of the Renewers.
- I mean, it could have
just been a power shortage.
- Shut up!
Don't tell me you believe Palidor.
- Hey look, remember that kid
Jonah from the fishing camp?
- Of course I do.
- Well, he's here.
- What, how?
- I have no idea,
but his parents were taken by
the Pointsmen after we left,
and I promised him we'd find them.
- Just like that?
- Well, I mean, you were a Pointsmen,
you have your ins and outs.
Hey, Kurt!
This kid's alone.
He has no parents, he's got
no friends, he's got nothing.
We have no choice.
I'll catch you later.
I have to see if Su can
keep an eye on the kid.
- [Kurt] Wait, you want Suki to watch him?
- Yeah, is that a problem?
- Yeah, she's been hanging
around with Damien.
If Damien sees the kid
- What?!
- Man, you can't treat her
like a stranger one day
and expect her to be
there for you the next.
- I was just trying to protect her.
- [Kurt] It doesn't work that way.
(people chattering)
(door beeping)
(gentle music)
- Liam?
Are you all right?
I heard Palidor called
you in for a meeting.
I've been so anxious, Liam.
What happened?
(gentle music)
Aren't you going to
tell me what's going on?
You're not going to tell
me anything, are you?
- [Cal] I don't know.
I got off the train, and
Jonah started attacking me.
- Poor kid.
It must have been an ordeal
for him getting here.
- [Cal] And you're the only
person that I can trust
who can take care of him.
- I'll do it, Cal.
- [Cal] Is there anything
you wanna tell me?
- No.
But it seems you do.
- Damien?
- Oh, I see.
Somebody gave you a full report.
What do you think, Cal?
Do you think I betrayed you with Damien?
- Uh
- Wow.
What makes you distrust the world so much?
- Maybe the world doesn't give
me much reason to trust it.
- Well, are you gonna let me prove to you
that some people can be trusted?
- Damien?
I mean, Damien?
He represents everything
that I hate about this world.
He's the symbol of lies and deception.
He's the one who hunts and
arrests people like me,
who believe that there's
still a sun shining
behind that filthy, filthy sky.
- (giggling) You're jealous, Cal Ragg!
I love it when you're jealous.
- Ah!
I'll go get the kid.
(Suki laughing)
(dramatic music)
- Go!
- These blackouts are the
fault of the Renewers!
Everyone knows it but you!
It's a disgrace!
- With all respect, sir,
we don't know for sure
that it's a saboteur.
- Are you mad?!
This endangers our plans for the exodus!
I need the total trust of
every member of the population!
- We're pursuing every lead, sir.
- [Palidor] Have you isolated
the cause of this incident?
- Not yet, sir.
- Then do so!
You have carte blanche!
- Sir, I can't arrest
everybody on Grand Star.
- Why not?!
Because of some dusty old laws?
Arrest the innocent!
That always makes the guilty nervous.
Now go!
(dramatic music)
- Okay, young man, we're moving out.
- You found my parents?
- No, but we're moving to a safe place.
- [Jonah] I wanna stay here.
- No, it's too dangerous.
- I'm not moving until
you find my parents.
- What's the matter with you?
Can't you see I'm doing everything I can?
And being a spoiled little
child is not gonna help,
so on your feet and let's go.
- I'm not moving.
- Jonah!
- Well, I know more about the
exodus from Grand Star now.
Is that why you came to see me?
- You know we're leaving
half the population behind?
- We have to.
We're running out of power.
- That's not true.
We have three years of reserves.
- Those are strategic reserves,
we need that power for battle.
- Battle?
Against whom?
- The Renewers.
Who else?
- I don't know they exist.
- But of course they exist.
Liam, what do you want from me?
- I want you to oppose the exodus.
- Well, that'll make Palidor very happy.
- I need your vote.
It'll be decisive.
- That's all you need
from me, is it, Liam?
My vote?
What's in it for me?
- Your conscience will be clear.
- Ah.
The conscience thing.
(gentle music)
- Ah, Mister decided to change his mind.
- Yeah, she's okay.
- I'll take Jonah back to the cabaret.
I can hide him there.
(people chattering)
(upbeat music)
Like what you see, Jonah?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- [Suki] (laughing)
Come on, it's this way.
- His parents are probably
on a prisoner transport
heading in or out of Grand Star.
- Okay.
Why am I doing this, why am I doing this?
This is crazy.
I'm playing with fire.
I'm loving this.
Hey, there's a prison
train due to move out
to penal colony seven.
I don't think that anyone
that's been sent there
has ever been shipped back.
- How do we know his
parents are on this one?
- We don't!
- Okay, we've got nothing!
Is there any way of finding out
who's in the jails of Grand Star?
- I mean, there's gotta
be a list somewhere.
- Yeah, there's gotta be a list
of the people they've arrested.
- I got it.
- What?
- No.
- What, what is it?
- No, it's too horrible.
- What?
- Damien.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
I don't think so.
- You live here?
It's amazing.
- Not if you don't wanna be here.
I've moved from station to station
on this train my whole life.
- At least you moved.
My whole life has been spent in one place.
- Yeah, I move, but after a while,
every station's the same.
- Let's go.
- Where?
- Anywhere.
There's more to see.
- It's dangerous for you to
be walking around like that.
- Who cares?
- No, no, I can't do this.
She'll kill me!
No, no, I'm not doing it.
- How many of these stations
are there in the world?
- Oh, some people say there are hundreds.
- My parents never said
it was like this here.
- What'd they say it was like?
- They said the people
who lived in the stations
are full of evil, and dirt, and disease.
- Have they ever been here?
- My father, as a young man.
He said the people were
not better than slaves.
I guess he lied to me.
- I'm sorry, my man.
This is for the good of
the destiny of the history
of this big, beautiful world.
We don't have a choice.
- Hey, Suk!
Hey, we need to talk to you for a second.
Jonah, if you don't mind,
can we please have some time alone?
(whimsical music)
- I can't believe it!
After all the crap you
guys have been giving me,
now you want me to go and see Damien
and get me to tell him
where the kid's parents
are being kept?
Tell me you're joking.
This was your idea, wasn't it?
I can smell it.
Oh, Mr. Sunshine finds the
idea brilliant, I suppose?
Don't you have any sense of morality?
I'm not doing it.
You should be ashamed of yourselves.
- Can't you see?
These two clowns won't find my parents.
Suki, you've got to help
a poor, abandoned child.
(dramatic music)
- In private?
- I don't think this is
the best place to talk.
- Oh yes, of course.
- Meet me in two hours, Black Market,
by the fire post, A-9.
And come discreet.
- Yes, of course.
Actually, Suki, I'm
pretty swamped with work.
I don't imagine I could really leave my--
- Wait, you were the one who told me
to come to you if I ever needed anything.
Well, I need something.
- Right.
Okay, I'll be there.
You can count on me.
- I thought so.
(earpiece beeping)
- [Palidor] Have you isolated
the cause of this incident?
- Yes, President Palidor.
I have a very strong lead that
I'll be looking into shortly.
- Whatever it takes, Lieutenant.
Whatever it takes.
(dramatic music)
- You're in total breach
of security codes.
I will have to report this.
- I have found alternative energy sources
that can supply power to New Station.
I have requested authorization
to reveal this to Palidor.
There are thousands of
people's lives in our hands.
- I must ask you to leave at once.
- Listen, there's gonna
be a vital council meeting
in a few days, I need an answer!
- This meeting is over.
(dramatic music)
- Well, I'm here.
So what did you have in mind?
(upbeat dance music)
- So people come here and what?
They talk, they drink--
- Jonah, we're trying to concentrate.
We're worried, because
Suki is doing something
very dangerous for you.
- Relax, she's gonna do fine.
But what about the screen--
- [Both] Jonah!
- I know, shut up.
- Suki, do you realize
what you're asking me?
I could have you arrested just for that.
What have you got yourself involved in?
- In life.
- This is not a good time, my love.
We are facing all kinds
of terrorist attacks
from the Renewers, and
these loving parents,
well, they're highly implicated.
- Are you sure these
people are terrorists?
- They're currently facing
an investigation, yes.
Look, Suki, just stop right here.
Stay well out of this.
- Why?
Because you think I'm
just a cute little girl
from the cabaret, and I
don't know the difference
between right and wrong?
Damien, please.
This kid is gonna become an orphan.
I thought you'd be sensitive to that.
Don't you remember what
it was to be an orphan?
- No.
No, I don't remember anything.
This is not right.
I'm sorry, Suki.
You're going too far.
(dramatic music)
If you ever mention where you
got this information from
- Thank you.
(upbeat music)
I got the information.
Let's go to your parents.
We're out of here.
(upbeat music)
- [Cal] Jonah's parents are being held
in a prisoner transport in sector G-4.
You can bet a bunch of Points
will be there waiting for us.
We'll have to find a way on the train
and knock out anyone that gets in our way,
find and rescue the parents
before we're caught or killed.
- [Kurt] Piece of cake, Cal.
(gentle upbeat music)
(Multicom Jingle)
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