Grand Star (2007) s01e10 Episode Script

Chapter X

(Multicom jingle)
- [Narrator] Previously on "Grand Star."
- On your knees!
- Why are you doing this?
- My parents will never let you leave.
Do you recognize me?
- [Cal] Yeah, you're Jonah.
- Then you know why I'm here.
- No.
- You liar!
After you left, the Pointsmen
came and took my parents!
- This kid's alone, he has no parents,
no friends, he's got nothing.
I promised him we'd find them.
- What's going on?
- It's okay.
It's just a blackout.
- These blackouts are the
fault of the Renewers!
This endangers our plans for the exodus!
- This kid is gonna become an orphan.
- [Cal] Jonah's parents
are being held in a prison
in transporting sector G4.
They've even got a bunch of
Pointsmen there waiting for us.
- Piece of cake, Cal.
(intense music)
(ice crackling)
- And?
- I came to tell you that I was sorry,
and that I was suspicious
that something happened
between you and Damien.
And it was stupid of me even to ask you
to go talk to Damien
to see where Jonah's parents were anyway.
I mean, it was very very
disrespectful of me,
and I want you to know that I think
you are one of the most
decent people I've ever met.
I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings,
and thank you for listening to me.
(funky music)
- Cal?
Come here.
You don't think you can
just walk away like that.
Come on, I won't bite.
One more step.
I need a kiss.
- How come you always
decide when we get to kiss?
- Because, we would never kiss otherwise.
(funky music)
- What took you so long, huh?
Don't you wanna go risk our
lives to rescue Jonah's parents?
- Of course I do.
- Well then let's go!
We have to get there before
Heinrick is off shift.
I had to listen to so
many Pointsman stories
from my former comrades to
find out who was on shift.
Heinrick had better be
there, the silly fool.
(machinery beeping)
(intense music)
(monitors beeping)
- We could ask Suki to come help.
- We don't need her.
You just want her by your side
'cause you're afraid
she's gonna run off again.
- No, not after what just happened.
- What, what'd she do, what'd she say?
Come on!
- She, she said she needed a kiss.
- I love it, I love it,
I love it, then what?
- I'm not saying anything else.
- Pfft, did you ask her
what happened with Damien?
I mean, he told her where
Jonah's parents are being held.
That's pretty confidential information.
She must have done something.
- Hey, you're talking about someone
I really care about, okay?
So I'm gonna say it once more, stop.
- I'm just trying to figure out--
- Stop!
(intense music)
- Okay good, he's here.
Watch this.
- So much for handling it quietly.
(suspenseful music)
- [Kurt] Heinrick buddy, long time no see!
- I know you, don't I?
- Do you know me?
Are you kidding me?
It's Kurt.
Kurt Masters.
Ah, you're killin' me.
Soon as I found out you were
here, I rushed right down.
- Kurt Masters?
Never thought I'd see you again.
- Hey hey, I'm here incognito
so I'm gonna have to ask
for a little restraint, okay?
You look good though, man.
You look happy, life's treatin' you well?
Heinrick, my man.
I do a little freelancing
for you guys now.
Yeah, a little plainclothes,
a little side work,
a little hush-hush work.
- That so?
- Yeah, it's great pay, great pay,
but you have to be really
silent about all this, okay?
That's my buddy.
Hey, all this is confidential, right?
- Of course, hey, I'm used to that!
- I know you are, buddy, I know you are.
That's also why I sought you out.
- Hey, why don't we
tell him why we're here?
- My buddy here always sticks
to the point, I like that.
Listen, there's a couple prisoners here
that you have in your custody
we need to interrogate.
- Prisoners?
- Yeah, top secret operation.
We have to get in there and
extract some information
before they're taken away.
- Yeah, your superior said
you wouldn't interfere
with our mission, and we
know they're in there.
- Hey, you're not gonna interfere
with our mission, are ya?
- Hey, gotcha.
- So about those prisoners?
- What are we gonna do about it?
- So, they pay you, they feed you.
It's a good deal.
- Yeah, except I don't
ever settle anywhere.
I've no real home.
Jonah, the truth is I'm not free.
The cabaret owns me.
They bought me when I was a child.
I have to follow them around,
whether I want to or not.
- You're a slave.
- [Suki] Some people say that.
- I'll get it.
(door creaks)
Hey, who's this guy?
- He's a friend.
Come in, Lieutenant Damien.
- No, I'll um,
I'll come back later.
- Yeah, see you later.
- Uh Jonah?
We're gonna have to have
a little talk, young man.
- You're a good man, Heinrick.
My superiors will be very pleased.
(ominous music)
- No.
Please, please listen to me.
I'm gonna get you outta here.
- You destroyed our lives!
- Yeah, and now I came to fix it.
- Where's my son, where's Jonah?
- He's in Grand Star, he's safe.
He's with my friend Suki.
- He's not supposed to
come here, not ever.
- You should be happy that he did.
The only reason we found
you is because of him.
Just a second, Heinrick, please!
Come on, we gotta get outta here.
- Okay okay, tomorrow I'm gonna come back,
get you outta here,
I'll be there with your son,
and I'll take you guys home.
- Why should we trust you?
You brought the Pointsmen to us.
- I'm sorry.
If in any way I was involved with that,
I'm trying to fix it.
You have to trust me!
Can't you see I'm trying to help?
Tomorrow night this train
will be back in Grand Star.
Use that to subdue the guard on duty.
I'll come back to get you.
- Get us and our son home, please.
- Come on, let's go.
(somber music)
(intense music)
Lieutenant Damien!
Just the man I wanted to see.
- Not really the moment, Kurt.
- I just, I have to
ask you really quickly,
have you captured any of those
awful, awful, terrible terrorists
that have been causing these blackouts?
- They're not acts of sabotage, Kurt.
They're merely power shortages, all right?
- Okay, but I gotta tell you
that the rumor on the street
is that there is a wild pack of Renewers
that are planning a string of attacks,
so I don't know, maybe you
guys should plan a retaliation
instead of spending your time flirting.
- Do you realize what
you're saying, Kurt Masters?
- I am merely concerned for the safety
of the citizens of Grand Star Station.
- Yes, well why don't
you let us professionals
do the worrying about security, hm?
(dramatic music)
(Kurt laughs)
- Oh no.
That's too perfect.
- Are you trying to get us arrested?
- I don't know, every
time I see a Pointsman
I just get fired up now.
This is not my fault, you started this!
- You need to control
your emotions, all right?
- I can't, I've got a sunrise in my head.
I've gotta let it out!
- What, what are you talking about?
- You don't even see it.
The way that he cruises
around the cabaret,
I can't stand it!
He's totally after Suki,
and you're blind to it,
and it's driving me crazy!
- I am not blind, okay?
I know very well that he's all over Suki.
And it hurts me more than anything.
- And yet you're standing here,
and you're doing nothing about it.
(dramatic music)
- Life's full of surprises.
Last week, everything was fine.
Now there are power cuts, attacks.
Palidor's going to announce
the relocation of the population.
Things are moving so fast.
What's going on?
- Too many lies, too many years.
Something had to give.
We're using energy we don't even have.
- And these Renewers of the Sun
have the answer for everything, hm?
- Oh, nothing.
I hadn't realized your
eyes sparkle like that
when you are sarcastic.
- You came to tell me that?
- [Liam] No.
- What is it, Liam?
- If anything happened to
me, you'd look after Cal?
- As usual, you're a
million light years late.
Kurt and Cal are like brothers.
You don't think I've already
considered that possibility?
I know something could happen
with this crazy work of yours.
Cal will always be part of my family.
- Thank you, Tara.
- It's not the boys I'm
worried about, it's you.
(upbeat music)
- And then, what happens?
- Well, we take you and your
parents back to your home.
- Can't we go in a couple of days?
- Absolutely not.
- Okay.
- Okay good, it's settled.
Tomorrow you're going home.
(upbeat music)
- Lieutenant Damien.
I have a report here
about a group of commuters
on one of our trains
having a conversation about
the Renewers of the Sun.
A nice, cozy little conversation
on one of our trains about the sun!
You have one function in life, Damien,
and that's to stop that!
- I'm doing the best I
can with the means I have.
- Do you have any information
about Professor Ragg?
- Jonah.
Jonah, this isn't a game.
Has anyone seen Jonah?
Have you seen Jonah?
Oh is he gonna get it when I
get my hands on him, Jonah!
(intense music)
When I went to get him
this morning, he was gone.
- You're sure?
- Yes!
Yeah, I looked everywhere.
- Okay, hey hey.
Hey relax, okay?
- Cal, I should've known.
- No, we'll find him.
- I should've known.
- Suki, we'll find him.
- If we don't find him, Cal,
I just don't wanna say, but--
- Hey, we'll find him.
- This is all my fault.
- No.
It's no one's fault.
We'll find him.
(tense music)
- Never seen you around.
- Just arrived.
- Arrived?
No one arrives here.
Where are you from?
- The truth?
- Well if you want to stay
down here, yes, the truth.
- I'm running from the Pointsmen.
- Hm, that was the right answer.
I didn't say you couldn't follow us.
(intense music)
- Ladies and gentlemen,
members of the council,
I'm very proud to announce
that the new station is ready.
I have decided, therefore,
and I hope the council will
reach the same conclusion,
that the only solution
to our energy problem
is to rapidly relocate our
population to New Station.
- Members of the council,
we will now vote.
- [Liam] I should like
to propose a motion.
- A motion?
- Yes.
I propose that we delay
the exodus from Grand Star
for at least a year.
I've visited the New Station site,
and I don't believe it's habitable.
- Professor Ragg, you're a dreamer,
a dangerous, delusional dreamer.
- We're gonna have to leave people behind.
What will happen to them?
- While all dreamers dream, Ragg,
history must do what it has to do.
(intense music)
- Hey, you guys hang back.
I'll handle this.
Hey Jonah, hear me out.
- I'm thirsty.
(intense music)
I'm not going.
- Jonah, it's not safe here.
Okay, and I told your parents--
- You think my parents
will ever be safe again?
- If you don't leave, you'll
never see your parents again.
- It's my choice.
- Jonah, they're your family.
Jonah, I've never even seen my mother.
I would give anything
just to look at her face.
You can't abandon them.
- It's time for me to live my life.
- Hey, you are very courageous, Jonah,
but you don't know what life is here.
Okay, it's a lot harder than you think.
- You can teach me.
- Here are the results of
Liam Ragg's resolution.
Those in favor of continuing
with the exodus as planned, six.
Those opposed, five.
Therefore, the exodus
will proceed as planned.
- Good.
- There'll be more and more
of these power failures.
- Professor Ragg, I've
heard that people are saying
that the elite are
hoarding energy resources.
Have you heard the same?
- Yes I have heard rumors, sir.
But that is nothing
compared to what'll happen
if we leave 30,000 people behind to die.
- I'm sure our technicians
will find a solution.
- Have you contacted the other stations?
Couldn't they take them in?
- No, they're already at full capacity.
Professor Ragg, we built New Station
based on your recommendations
that there were
large amounts of resources
to be found there!
Now that we've built it, we must move on!
- I never indicated that
we would find enough energy
at New Station to sustain our population!
- Professor Ragg, as a scientist,
and I use the term advisably,
you're just not accustomed to
making political decisions!
- As a scientist, I am not accustomed
to meting widespread and systematic lies!
- Five.
Five council members
voted for Ragg's proposal.
That's intolerable.
I want to know their names,
I want to know their motivations,
and I want to know them now, fast.
- Consider it done, sir.
(ominous music)
- Fast, Damien!
(wind whistling)
(intense music)
- Oh, where's my son?
- Come with us.
- Where's Jonah?
- It's not the place to talk, he's safe.
(intense music)
- [Woman] Where's my son?
- He chose to stay.
- Then we go back and get him.
- No, we can't do that.
- The Pointsmen are going
to be looking for you, okay?
It's a matter of minutes.
- Look, I'm taking you
home, that was the deal.
- Not without our son.
- I tried.
We all tried to convince
him to go back with you.
- He chose?
- Yeah, he wanted to stay in Grand Star.
See what his life would be like here.
Why, I don't know.
Maybe he just needed some space.
Needed to see a part of the
world he'd never seen before.
- If you had never, never
shown up in our lives!
- I'm sorry.
- Because of you, we've lost our son!
- He's not lost.
- He is to us.
- Look, he made a decision about his life.
There comes a time when he
has to make the decisions.
- Come on, come on, come on.
- We have to go.
Come on.
(somber music)
- Is this world ever going
to be a peaceful place?
- Hey, don't get all moody on me.
- Sometimes I wish so hard we
would've lived in the past.
You know, when there was a sun.
- Well that's a choice we don't have.
This is our world.
Just gonna have to make it work, no?
(somber music)
(intense music)
(Multicom jingle)
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