Grand Star (2007) s01e11 Episode Script

Chapter XI

(Multicom jingle)
- [Narrator] Previously, on Grand Star.
- Sometimes I wish so hard we
would have lived in the past,
when there was a sun.
- Well, that's a choice we don't have.
This is our world.
- Lieutenant Damien!
Have you captured any of those terrorists
that have been causing these blackouts?
He's totally after Suki,
and you're blind to it
and it's driving me crazy!
- I am not blind!
I know very well that he's all over Suki,
and it hurts me more than anything.
- And yet you're standing here,
and you're doing nothing about it.
- I propose that we delay
the exodus from Grand Star.
- Professor Ragg, we must move on!
- What will happen if we leave
30,000 people behind to die?
- Five council members
voted for Ragg's proposal.
I want to know their names, fast.
- Consider it done, sir.
(exciting, tense music)
(ice crackling)
(train whooshing)
(gentle playful music)
(man chuckles)
- Sorry to disturb you.
We're just off the four
o'clock Vladivostok express,
and I'm afraid we're terribly lost.
Would you be kind enough to tell us
where we might find CEO Palidor?
Thank you so much.
- (chuckles) Wowee, who would that be?
- I haven't the slightest idea.
- I do.
- Yeah?
- That was my dad.
- Marcus, you always did
know how to make an entrance.
- [Marcus] Truth is, I'm
getting better at it.
- I'm sorry, we haven't been introduced.
- Love Me.
- And you are?
- Tender.
- Marcus, can we talk?
- That's good news, isn't it?
- I haven't seen the man in 10 years.
My mom hasn't even said
his name in 15 years;
I bump into some psychedelic,
decadent has-been
who's supposed to be my father
and that's good news, eh?
- So you're angry?
- Yeah, I'm really angry.
- Well go tell him that.
- Why, he's not even gonna
recognize me, what's the point?
- To get it out of your system.
- I don't care!
We've got real stuff to fight for!
- Hey, we'll find those
things that we're looking for.
Kurt, no matter what you
do, that man is your father.
So, you need to go--
- This is none of your business!
- Hey!
If my mother was here,
I would go talk to her,
but I don't have that option.
(brooding, melancholy music)
- Marcus, you know how power
is a very lonely affair.
- Of course.
- And keeping the loyalty
of one's entourage
is a never-ending effort.
- Of course.
- Marcus, I don't trust
anyone in my entourage.
They're all filled with resentment,
even my closest collaborators are filled
with bad intentions, which
is why I turn to you, Marcus,
who I've always considered
to be a true and dear friend.
- What can I do for you?
- People instinctively trust you, Marcus.
- I've never done any harm, that's why.
- Precisely.
I'm giving a party at the cabaret,
to show my gratitude to the Grand Council
and a few of the more
influential people of Grand Star.
During the course of the evening,
I want you to act and talk
as though you're sympathetic to the cause
of the Renewers of the Sun.
- What's your intention?
- Ha ha!
Do you know the old saying,
big things come in small packages?
These two cameras that I have here
will record the reactions
of my so-called allies.
And I, I want you to reveal to me
what they really think of me.
(enigmatic intriguing music)
- Why didn't you tell me he was coming?
- I didn't know what to
say; I'm sorry, I tried.
- So you knew that he was coming
and you just decided not to tell me?
- Well, what would you
have done if you had known?
- I don't know, Mom,
but I would have liked
the chance to prepare; I
haven't seen him in 10 years!
- Neither have I.
But what are you going
to do now he's here?
- Pray for him to leave.
- Oh, Kurt.
(tender emotional music)
(sighs) It takes two to tango, you know.
- What does that mean?
- Kurt, darling, you've
got to move on in life,
you can't let yourself be
consumed with resentment.
Besides, your father, he looks
happy, it makes me feel good.
- Well Mom, I never
thought you'd be capable
of so much generosity.
- Just for that, I'm glad he came.
(exciting uptempo music)
- Need I remind you that
half the governing council
voted against me.
Now, during this party
that I'm gonna be giving
at the cabaret, I want you
to be in charge of spying.
- A cabaret, sir?
Do you think that's really the ideal place
for such an event?
- Yes.
I want people to feel
free, I want them to mix,
I want them to lose their inhibitions;
the cabaret is the perfect place for that.
- Yes, yes, of course it is, sir.
- And Damien,
I want to know what they
really think about me.
(tense dramatic string music)
- You're looking great.
- You too.
- I wanted to warn you sooner
that I was coming back, but then--
- Yes; then with your usual courage,
you decided it wasn't a very good idea.
- Tara, I've changed.
- Oh, if I could only
believe that, Marcus.
Listen, if ever you do any
harm to Kurt, I'll destroy you.
- I'm here to make peace,
with everyone: you, Kurt.
Trust me.
(Tara groans)
- Ah, this is so good.
I've changed.
I'm a traditionalist now.
I can't stand the way we live.
I believe in the past.
- You're even more crazy than before.
- No, Tara!
I just don't believe
they're rubbish anymore.
I read this book about
how people used to live
in the 21st century, fascinating stuff.
They used to go on holiday
to all these sunny places:
Mexico, Jamaica, San Paolo.
- Interesting.
- [Marcus] I think the sun was something
quite extraordinary.
- Very interesting.
- And what about your own son?
Didn't you ever think
he was extraordinary?
You keep on talking like
that, I'll have to tell Kurt
his father ended up in prison!
- Well, that went jolly well.
- Hm.
Oh, Marcus.
(Marcus exhales heavily)
- May I come in?
- What's the matter?
- I won't be long.
Palidor is organizing a
party here tomorrow night
at the cabaret.
- So?
(mischievous, playful music)
- So, nothing must transpire
of our relationship.
Do you see what I mean?
- Our relationship?
We don't have a relationship.
- Right.
No, I just meant that people shouldn't
pick up on the fact
that we know each other.
I really must go.
(head-bobbing club music)
- Kurt Masters.
- Marcus Masters.
- Hey.
Come here!
So, what have you been
doing for the last 10 years?
- Growing up.
Too bad you missed it.
- Guess I deserve that.
- How about you?
- Oh, I drifted from station to station
for a couple of years after
your mother and I split up--
- You ran out on her, you mean?
- Sure, okay.
If that's how you wanna put
it, after I ran out on her.
Well, then I got together
with a few people
and ventured into various businesses--
- That's impressive.
Worth giving up your family for?
- I left your mother.
I didn't want to leave you.
- But you did.
- Yes.
And of all the things I feel sorry about,
that's the one that hurts me most.
Look, I just wanted to see you, apologize.
Now that I've done that, I
won't ask any more of you.
But if you want to talk,
or whatever, I'm here.
I'm still your father.
(tender, emotional string music)
- [Kurt] How can anyone be so insensitive?
- Well, what'd he say?
- Nothing!
He said he apologized,
just like you would say,
'Please pass the salt,'
and that's it, he left.
- I can't believe you guys can't connect.
A father and his son have to connect.
- No, this guy doesn't even see me.
I don't exist to him, I'm not real.
- Well you know what you're gonna do?
You're gonna go to the
party tomorrow night
and you're gonna show him you exist.
- No way.
- Look, why do you have to be so stubborn?
I mean, don't you get it?
He's the one acting like a kid,
so you act like a grown-up.
- I don't want to!
(Cal scoffs)
(upbeat electronic music)
- Ah, Governor, welcome
to the Palidor party!
(laughs) Good to see you.
Let me introduce my charming assistants.
This is Love Me.
- I will.
Hello, darling.
- And Miss Tender.
- Tender.
- Indeed, you are.
- You'll be seeing lots more of them later
if you're a very good boy.
Everything is on CEO
Palidor, so enjoy yourself.
- [Liam] Marcus, it's been a long time.
- [Marcus] It certainly has.
- You seem to be doing well.
- Very well.
- [Liam] This is my son, Cal.
- [Cal] Mr. Masters.
- Kurt was telling me that
you and he are still close.
That makes me very, very happy.
Well, enjoy yourself, the governor's here,
already having fun.
- See you later.
- We'll see you later, certainly.
Well girls, well done.
- Oh, Marcus.
You bad boy.
- Let's get to work.
Ladies and gentlemen,
CEO Palidor wishes to
thank you for coming,
and he's asked me to make sure
that you spend a most agreeable evening!
There's food, there's
drink, there's dancing,
and whatever happens after that,
I'll leave it for you to decide.
And now, let the festivities commence
with someone I have yet to discover.
They tell me she is unforgettable;
her name is Suki!
(audience applauds and cheers)
(uptempo dance music)
- Didn't think this
was your kind of scene.
- It's not.
- That Suki is really
quite something, isn't she?
- Yeah, she is.
- Do you think you could ever
just talk to me normally?
- I don't see any reason to.
- Don't know what she sees in you.
- You know, that doesn't surprise me.
And don't bother, 'cause
you'll never understand.
If you keep buzzing around her,
I'll make you wish you were never born.
- Oh really?
What are you going to do, exactly?
- This is just wrong.
- What's that, Cal?
- These power cuts to Grand Star,
the cost of services are going up,
(laughs) look at this council.
- Hold it.
These people work hard.
- So do the people of Grand Star.
- Come with me.
I need to talk to you.
- Hey!
- Hey.
- [Suki] You changed your mind, you came.
- Yeah.
- I was just about to get
myself something to drink,
you want anything?
- Where's Cal?
- Talking to his dad.
Come on.
You don't wanna be a part
of that conversation.
- (sighs) Let's go get a drink.
(enigmatic electronic music)
- Listen, the council
is getting a backbone.
We've turned down three
of Palidor's initiatives
in the last few months.
- [Cal] That's funny.
- [Liam] What's funny?
- [Cal] That you guys are against him
and he's throwing you this party.
- Well, exactly, he's trying to win favor.
- Seems to be working.
- Cal, if the people lose
faith in the council,
then Palidor will be unopposed.
- Palidor already controls everything!
- Yeah, but it'd be worse
if the council didn't exist,
believe me.
- Okay.
- Okay what?
- Okay, I believe you.
(intriguing party music)
- So, enjoying ourselves,
are we, Governor?
- [Governor Cleary]
Brilliant party, Marcus.
- I wanted something totally retro.
Retro is in.
- [Governor Cleary] I can see.
- [Marcus] This yellow light
is supposed to evoke sunshine,
but for us now, subliminal message.
- What would life be without
a little controversy, huh?
- [Marcus] I thought I was alone.
- Oh no, no no no.
My wife redecorated our vacation trailer.
She installed a huge
bathtub with saltwater.
(imitates whooshing) The
sound system emits the sounds
of waves and wind, and on
the wall's a giant painting
titled Sunset Over Paradise.
All this information is
strictly confidential,
you understand?
Mr. Masters?
- All right.
CEO Palidor mustn't find out
about your secret bathtub.
- CEO Palidor?
(laughs) Come on.
Look, between you and I, he's losing it.
The man is going completely insane.
(Governor Cleary laughs)
- Yes, yes.
- Your dad's up to something.
- Like what?
- I don't know, I can just sense it.
- What, another one of
your special powers?
- No.
No, look at his assistants.
- Yeah, they've got really short skirts,
my mom already made a remark.
- No, not that.
Look at the way they position themselves.
- What is he doing?
- I don't know.
Spying for Palidor?
- That's crazy.
- I know it is.
- I would trust me, one day
the sun will come back again.
It's inevitable.
All the greatest
civilizations of our world
are evolved around the sun.
- [Council Member] Mr. Masters,
I know this is not the place
to discuss this kind of thing--
- [Marcus] You're right.
- But just between you and me,
I think you're absolutely correct.
This whole business of forbidding people
to talk about the sun is ludicrous,
it's old-fashioned politics.
Young people need independence.
- Well, it's comforting to
know I'm not the only one
having such thoughts.
- No, no, no.
Actually, quite a number
of us share these ideas.
I mean, in this very room, you might find
a certain number of us.
- Hey.
I heard everything you guys were saying
about freedom and the sun and all that,
that's some pretty far-out stuff.
- Kurt, I'm pretty busy
right now; later, later?
- No no no, no no no, I think
we should do this right now.
I've been waiting a long time,
I think that I should be able
to exchange some deep
ideas with my father.
- Kurt, not now, eh?
Get away.
- I'm just like you guys.
I think this world needs the
sun to come back real fast.
- Kurt, don't be stupid!
- Everyone else said the sun's up there.
This life would be so much better off
without those terrible lies--
- Shut up!
- Oh, so now, suddenly you're
listening to your son, huh?
What are you so afraid of?
Should I tell everybody
in here what's going on?
- Shut up!
(slap smacks)
(people murmuring)
- What's happening here?
What's happening here?
Can't you tell all your guests
simply once without lying?
- Kurt, don't do this to me.
- Why is it so hard for
you to tell the truth?
(soaring, valiant music)
- This is for you, kid.
I suppose I should let you know.
I've been recording every one
of you with these cameras.
- Oh no, Marcus.
You don't want to do that to me.
- Our very distinguished
master CEO Palidor--
- Don't even think about it.
- Has been watching us.
Forgive me, CEO Palidor.
I thought I could erase
my past and do all this.
- No!
- But,
for once in my life, and
because I want my family
to have a good opinion of me--
- You've just signed
your own death warrant.
- I must say the truth.
- There you go, mate.
- I'll be seeing you, kid.
But now I've got to run out of here.
Come on.
- No!
Stop them!
(militaristic aggressive music)
- It's fine, everything's fine.
- Damien!
- [Suki] By the way, what
did you say to Damien?
I saw you guys talking.
- Well, I told him that I loved you,
and that I've never loved
anyone quite like I love you,
and that the world would
be a much better place
without people like him.
- You feel better?
(tender emotional music)
- Eh.
You know what I forgot?
To tell him that one
day the sun would shine,
and when it does, they'll melt away.
(moves into militaristic aggressive music)
(exciting dramatic music)
(Multicom jingle)
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