Grand Star (2007) s01e12 Episode Script

Chapter XII

(Multicom Jingle)
- [Narrator] Previously on Grand Star
- Wowee who would that be?
- That was my dad.
I haven't seen the man in 10 years.
My mom hasn't even said
his name in 15 years.
- Hey, if my mother was
here, I would go talk to her.
- Masters, you always did
know how to make an entrance.
I'm giving a party.
I want you to act as though
you're sympathetic to
the renewals of the sun.
Welcome to the Palidor party.
These two cameras will
record my so called allies.
Very interesting.
- Can't you tell all your guests
simply once without lying?
- Thanks to you kid, CEO
Palidor has been watching us.
- No!
Stop them!
(Grand Star theme)
(ice crackling)
- [Intercom Voice] Attention
citizens of Grand Star.
We have an escaped prisoner
who is considered very dangerous.
Any suspicious activity must be reported
at the nearest pointsman station.
- Please explain to me how it's possible
for someone to vanish in Grand Star.
- It is theoretically impossible.
- It's a reality.
And I want him found!
I want him screened, I want him mashed up,
and made into a turtle ice cube!
Marcus Masters betrayed me!
He humiliated me!
And you, my charge of security,
if you want to keep those
pretty blue eyes of yours,
then find him. Now!
(dramatic music)
- Come on.
Oh, I can't believe it. You are helpless.
The two of you. There's
nothing I can do with you.
Your sister maybe, but you,
I can't do anything with you.
Try again, come on. Hurry up.
Oh geez,
good bye.
Bon Voyage
Go back to your miserable life.
- Angelus
- Suki, they don't even
understand our language.
- [Suki] What are you
going to do with them?
- Nothing.
- Buy them.
- [Angelis] No
Not all railway orphans
have your talent Suki.
- I'll teach them, okay, I will
make good cabaret girls out of them.
- No, you won't teach them anything.
- Just give them a chance. Please.
- [Angelis] No Suki,
business is bad here.
I want out of Grand Star
before it becomes a cemetery.
- [Suki] What do you mean?
- We're moving out of this dump.
- We're going?
- [Angelus] Yes, we are going.
- Where to?
- Alpha Star. Three month engagement.
- But
- [Angelus] But nothing
- When do you plan on leaving?
- [Angelis] Tomorrow morning
- What?
- You heard me
- He's leaving? Where?
- Alpha Star. Three months.
- Three months, well I
mean, that's not that bad,
I mean, then you'll be back.
- This is goodbye
- No, no I'll come with
you, I can do that.
- Cal, you've got important things to do.
Things you believe in.
- Not as important as you.
- [Suki] Oh Cal,
they're more important.
You've got a destiny to fulfill, remember?
- Suki
- There's nothing I can do about it.
I am the property of the cabaret.
I have to go, it's my life.
- Please, you can't go.
- Cal, don't make this
harder than it already is.
Take me in your arms
- Yeah
- And tell me you'll remember me
And promise me you'll never
stop trying to save the world.
(melancholy music)
That's what I love the best in you.
(melancholy music)
(Suki crying)
- Kurt, you've got some visitors,
maybe you should come over, hmm?
- It's freezing down
there, there's no food,
no way to get proper clothes.
- Oh mercy
- Your father is not made for poverty,
he's going to wilt like
a flower with no light.
- How poetic, I might just cry.
What do you want from us?
- Help us to get out of here,
Marcus said you could.
- Marcus said, Marcus said.
Do you want to know what I say?
- We can pay you, we have lots of credits.
- Whoa, wait a minute,
do you have any idea
who you're talking to?
- No, no, no Kurt, let me handle this.
Do you know Marcus left his family?
Like a prisoner leaves his jail.
Without the slightest remorse.
And now we're supposed to risk our lives
to help him?
Him and his two psychedelic giraffes.
Oh please, tell me this is some crazy joke
that you don't expect me to believe?
The answer is no, never.
And now get out of here.
Don't ever come back.
(dramatic music)
- (Cal telepathically) Hello, hello
My name's Cal, please listen to me
(Prisoner telepathically)
Are you one of us?
- I don't know, can you tell me?
- I'll tell you this,
you're inside the station,
and I'm on the outside.
- Nothings keeping me
in Grand Star anymore.
I think I'm going to join you.
- Stay where you are,
it's better than here.
Now let me work
I'll get into trouble because of you.
(sad piano music)
- Hey Cal
Your mother used to say
that she could see you
before you were born.
Parents always want to
imagine what their kid's
going to be like before they appear.
In her case I think it was true.
I sometimes think she's
still watching over you.
- Yeah, I feel her too dad.
- She made me promise that I would always
see that you were free, and I
asked her what she meant, she laughed.
- Why are you telling me
all of this right now?
- Because I haven't talked to
you much about your mother.
- I know, and I'm tired of
getting bits and pieces.
- I gotta go Cal.
- Dad you can't do this.
- I've got important things to do.
- Oh yeah, make sure Palidor's relocation
is going properly?
- See you later Cal.
(sad piano music)
- What's your name?
- (foreign space language)
- Suki
What's your name?
- Adelie, Shani
- You gotta get outta here,
you don't want to stay here,
it's a bad place, it's bad here, it's bad.
Don't you understand?
Go! Get outta here,
it's bad for you, go! Go! Go!
- [Suki] I want to leave the cabaret.
- [Angelus] You're so
sweet my little angel.
But that will never happen.
- I gave you my life.
- And I saved you from a miserable fate.
- I know, I know what you did Angelus.
But now I'm, I'm asking you to let me go.
I gave you everything I had
I gave it all to you, to the cabaret.
I know you own me, but
haven't I paid off my debt?
- If it weren't for me, you'd be wandering
like all the thousands of railway orphans.
I pulled you out of that Suki.
- My heart belongs to Grand Star now.
- Your heart?
Do you think our world
cares about the heart?
Wake up Suki.
What about my heart?
Who cares about my heart?
I'm going to make all this easier for you.
Those two orphan girls who came earlier.
- What about them?
- I'll buy them.
- You will?
- Yeah, and you can teach
the girls your craft.
Will that make it easy for you to continue
living with the cabaret?
- Yes
- Cal, it's Damien.
- Don't you have anything
better to do than
waste your time here?
- Have you seen your friend
Kurt Masters recently?
Well then, let me get directly
to the point, shall I?
You know very well that
we've been searching
for his father everywhere.
I find it hard to imagine that
you two haven't been
discussing the situation.
- Did you really come here
to talk about Kurt's father?
- No,
not really.
Cal, we used to be friends.
I don't suppose you remember that.
- Of course I do.
- I suppose in a way I was like a,
yes, like a big brother to you.
I don't suppose you remember that either.
- To be honeest,
it didn't take much to forget.
- Do you ever wonder where
friendship goes when it ends?
- No
- I do.
I know that the people from the cabaret
are leaving tomorrow.
I know very well because
I signed the authorization
for their departure.
And as I signed
the authorization, I
couldn't help thinking about
- Suki?
- [Damien] Yes, Suki.
She your source of light, isn't she?
I thought about her,
about you,
thought about me.
- Let's end this conversation now.
I think you should go.
- I'm going.
Before I do, I want you to know one thing.
I want Suki to stay.
Cal, I have the power to
ensure that this happens,
but if it comes directly from me,
she will never accept it.
- You should definitely go.
- I'm going.
Bear this in mind, all right,
I would rather know that
Suki was with you, safe.
Yes, with you,
than out there bullied.
Cal, if there's anything
I can do, tell me.
- Go!
- I suppose you think I was
a fool to have come here.
- [Cal] No,
just leave
- Thank you.
- [Kurt's Mother] I don't
want you to go there.
It's pure and simple, and I'm your mother.
I don't know why on Earth
I should give you a reason.
- I'm not going to let
my father rot in oblivion
just because you don't like
two psychedelic giraffes.
- I'm sorry Kurt, but your
father is nothing but trouble.
Every time he turns up
there's some catastrophe.
- Well you know what, I'd
rather have a catastrophe
doing something than a
catastrophe doing nothing.
- You're not going to the underworld.
- Yeah, I am.
- No, you're not.
- I am.
- You are not.
(whimsical orchestra music)
(sawing sound)
(girl giggling)
- Anyone from the audience
like to take her place?
(girl giggling)
(audience clapping)
- Thank you, thank you very much.
All donations gratefully received.
Thank you sir, thank you sir.
Thank you madam, thank you.
Thank you so much, thank you sir.
Too kind, too kind sir, thank you.
Thank you, thank you all.
Thank you!
- That was an exceptional trick.
- What are you doing here?
- I'm happy nothing's happened to you dad.
How you doing dad?
- This is fantastic.
There's nothing like being an entertainer.
- Dad.
- Come on.
Coming to say goodbye, are we?
This whole departure
thing is traumatizing her.
I'll say goodbye for you to her.
- I need to talk to Suki,
it's very important.
So if you don't mind, I need to get by.
- Yes I do mind.
- You and I have this strange failure
of communication here.
I'm going to say it one
more time for your sake.
I need to get by, do you mind?
- Yes, I mind.
- Oh, okay.
- Oh, ow, oh.
- Thanks.
(groaning in pain)
- I'm not letting you go.
- Cal, you're making this
painful for both of us.
- You're the one who said I'd never stop
wanting to change the world,
and I'm starting, I'm starting with you.
- I'm not the world Cal.
I'm just a little orphan
child who grew up too fast.
My destiny has nothing to do with yours.
- I can't do it without you.
My dreams don't mean anything
if I can't achieve them.
And without you, I can't achieve them.
- I'm attached to the cabaret for always.
It's inside me, it's written
in me, it flows in my blood.
- Why are you a slave like this, huh?
What have you done to deserve this?
Have you been convicted
of some sort of crime?
- It's just the way it is.
- Why? Why does it have to be like this?
Why does your past have
to determine your future
for ever and ever?
- Cal, it's not only about that.
I've promised to take
care of two orphan girls.
If I don't, they're lost.
They'll vanish, they will end up with the
same life I escaped from.
- So being a slave for
the cabaret is better?
- At least at the cabaret
you have a chance.
I wanted to give these
girls a break like I had.
Do you understand, Cal?
It seems this is the best
solution for now, you know.
Food, shelter,
you can't survive on fantasies.
(dramatic music)
- I need you.
I need you.
- [Kurt] How you doing dad?
- It's hell.
Oh, maybe I deserve it.
You know, like the polity
is cleansing me of all
the vices and terrible deeds I did before.
But boy, it's tough.
I'm used to wearing silk underwear
and cashmere socks, imagine.
What does your mother say?
- She'd like to see you rot
down here until the end of time.
- Bless her, she's right.
- I'm going to get you out of here.
- I didn't ask for anything son.
- I know you didn't, that's
why I'm going to do it.
I'm going to find you a
safe exit out of here.
That's what you want, right?
- You'd do that?
- Yeah.
(train whistle)
(dramatic music)
- Hello Cal, are you all right?
- Look, first there was my mother,
and now there's this
this person I've met,
and it's the person I love the most.
She'll be gone soon.
- Soon, then you shouldn't be here.
You should be with her.
- [Cal] She says it's too hard
for her to say goodbye.
- Say goodbye only after you've done
everything you can to
keep her from leaving.
Have you done that?
- I can't
- Grab it then, put it in your hands,
put it in your hands Cal.
(dramatic music)
- [Kurt] That's the only possibility left.
Palidor's after him and
Damien wants his head.
He's gotta get out of Grand Star.
The Ice Fox is the only way
out that I can think of.
- Well, my dad took it.
- Well when is he back?
- I don't know.
- [Kurt] Cal, you gotta help me here.
You know that I've never
asked you for anything.
This is my dad we're talking about.
If they find him, they're
going to destroy him.
- Huh? What?
- Man, I'm asking you for help here
and you're not even listening.
(dramatic music)
- That was quick.
- Let's get to the point.
- I'm all ears.
- There are two girls, they're orphans.
They need to break away from the cabaret.
- Railway slaves.
- [Cal] Yeah, they need shelter.
- And I'll do this all because
- Because if they find
a home, Suki will stay,
and that's what you want, isn't it?
- Starting to like the way you think.
- Look Damien, I hate you.
But I love Suki more than I hate you.
- On that encouraging note,
I think I can help you.
- I'm not finished.
- [Damien] What?
- Kurt's father.
- [Damien] What about him?
- You let him go.
- Aren't you getting just a
little bit greedy now, hmm?
- [Cal] I thought you knew.
There's a price to pay to become a hero.
- Sorry for the intrusion.
- [Angelus] You're always
welcome, Lieutenant Damien.
- Why, thank you Mister Angelus.
You do realize that these
two railway children
were legally purchased.
And I'm sorry to inform you,
but you'll have to return
them to their rightful owners.
Could we speak in private somewhere?
Allow me to tell you
what's going to happen.
- [Suki Voiceover] Amazing,
who would have thought
Damien would follow
through with your plan?
He's proven to me he's not
the monster you think he is.
- I'll find homes for you.
- (girl speaking space language)
- [Suki Voiceover] He just
left, took the two girls away.
I never thought he would
be capable of that.
And Kurt's father made his escape.
(Inspiring slow music)
And Angelus told me to go.
- [Cal] So I guess you're free then.
- [Suki] Yes
- [Cal] How does it feel?
- [Suki] I don't know yet.
- Someone once told me that
- Yes
- That you can't be free unless you have
a lot of love to give.
- Well then, give me some of that please.
(romantic piano music)
(Grand Star theme music)
(Multicom Jingle)
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