Grand Star (2007) s01e14 Episode Script

Chapter XIV

(Multicom Jingle)
- [Narrator] Previously on "Grand Star."
- Jonah.
- Suki.
- What are you doing here?
- Jumped train.
I was a cabaret acrobat.
- You're on the run?
- What are you gonna do,
a blackout?
- You got it.
- But that's crazy.
- Shut up.
(electronic buzzing)
(alarm blaring)
- Now I just feel stuck with
this guy who just wants to control me.
Cal, what are you doing?
- [Man Of The Cold] I
can read your thoughts
as you can read mine, you are one of us.
- One of what?
- Do you know who we are?
- You're the People of the Cold.
- Our bodies can only survive
at extremely low temperatures.
- [Man Of The Cold]
Well, are you one of us?
- I don't know, can you tell me?
(dramatic electronic music)
(anxious electronic, violin music)
I'd like to tell you it's easy
for me to explain this but it's not.
I'm sorry to leave like
this but it's just that
there's something inside
of me pulling me away.
I don't know what it is but
I must follow my instincts.
(soft piano music)
Ever since I saw a glimpse of the sun,
I knew my life had to change
and now the time has come.
- [Man Of The Cold] Go home.
Go home.
- [Cal] I've made my decision.
- [Man Of The Cold] Welcome to our world.
Don't be afraid of the cold.
Don't be afraid of the People of the Cold.
It's the heart that brings warmth.
I wish you good luck, Cal.
- Kurt, where's my sunbed?
- All right people, get naked,
10 minutes of Vitamin D comin' up.
- You don't think Kurt's
mom has noticed yet?
(mid tempo electronic music)
(upbeat electronic music)
- Hey, you look pale.
- Yeah well you know, I
live in a sunless world.
Plus I had 15 minutes yesterday.
- 15.
You must be the son of
a prominent individual.
Most people around here have to
be content with five minutes a week.
- If they can afford it.
- You guys can stop acting stupid.
I know that you took my mom's sunbed.
- [Suki] Us?
- [Zel] You're stealing
from your friends now, huh?
That's no good.
- Why does every Counselor
need their own sunbed anyway?
- I agree 100%.
- Yeah?
Well if you really feel that
way, you should join us.
- You know what you did is not
gonna make a difference in the long run.
- What will?
- Cal thinks it's finding the
Renewers, helping them out.
That's the only way things
are actually gonna change around here.
Hey, Mr. Ragg.
- [Suki] Hi, Mr. Ragg.
- Have any of you seen Cal?
- No.
- When was the last time?
- A few days ago.
- Me too.
- If you knew something,
you'd tell me, right?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, of course.
Did Cal tell you anything?
- No, he hasn't been the same
over the past little while.
- Do you think it's 'cause of me?
(anxious violin tones)
- [Male Liaison Agent] I'm sorry.
(mid tempo drumbeat)
- You wanted to see me?
- [Female Liaison Agent]
We have heard reports
stating your behavior has
been somewhat erratic.
This is very puzzling to us.
We know you disagree with
our intentions regarding your station.
- So what is this meeting all about?
- [Female Liaison Agent]
You have something we need,
a document.
- What kind of document?
- You know very well.
You were asked for it and
you failed to hand it over.
Should you fail again,
that would cause us to terminate
our relationship with you.
- I can't do anything
against my conscience.
- [Female Liaison Agent]
This meeting is over.
- Can you hear me?
- This meeting is over.
(tense violin tones)
(wind howling)
(electronic beeping)
- [Damien] Professor Ragg,
please open the door.
I'm here to invite you to a party.
- When will this take place?
- Tonight, CEO Palidor
specifically asked that you attend.
So will you be there?
- Oh yeah, yes, I'll be there.
I'll be going through
my usual circus routine.
- I'm sorry?
- You don't ever feel
like a circus animal,
jumping through hoops?
- No, never.
- Well you should look
at yourself sometime.
- I'll pretend I didn't
hear that, shall I?
Will your son be attending?
- My son?
- Yes, your son Cal, he
can come too if he wants.
- Oh yes, I'll ask him.
- Good, see you tonight
then, Professor Ragg.
- [Liam] I haven't talked to
you much about your mother.
- [Cal] I know and I'm tired
of getting bits and pieces.
(anxious electronic tones)
(tense rising violin tones)
- You, what do you want from us?
You have destroyed everything.
I have no more son, I
have no more husband.
- I don't know if all of
that was my fault or not.
Look, I'm here to find the Renewers.
I know you can help me,
you must know something.
- They come, they go,
they don't talk very much.
They say that someday
the sun's gonna come back
and then they vanish and
I never see them again.
You won't find them here.
They're very far away, Cal.
They're very, very far from here.
- [Suki] Do you think this is smart?
- Yeah.
- Okay, let me get this straight.
You want to steal food
right under Palidor's nose?
- You could get in, couldn't you?
- Me?
- Yeah.
I hear you're on good terms
with Lieutenant Damien.
- Well yeah but I just
don't, I don't really--
- Hey Suk, what's the deal?
Are you two lovers?
- Oh no.
- Are you
fond of him?
- I'm with Suki, it seems pretty risky.
- Of course it is but once
people see that we pull it off,
maybe they'll think that
the Pointsmen aren't so invulnerable.
You'll do it?
- Hey.
- Hey, I'm a friend, hey Suki.
- Kurt, I know him, he's okay.
What are you doing here?
- I'm looking for soulmates, I wanna join.
- Clean and soft hands,
you must be a rich kid.
- If only you could see my
heart, you wouldn't believe it.
- Wise guy, huh?
- That's right.
(low anxious electronic tones)
- Bogdan could tell you
more but he's gone off.
They found a whale, a great frozen whale.
It would mean food and
oil for us for months
if they can salvage some of it.
I don't know whether he'll be coming back.
He was really upset about
what happened to our son.
- Jonah's fine.
- But now here the sad truth is that
a long family line has come to an end.
The last time he came back from
a scavenging trip, he brought this back.
- This feels good.
- Yeah.
- Did a Person of the
Cold give this to him?
- [Yana] Yes.
Oh no, not again.
- [Cal] Yana, what's wrong?
(anxious violin music)
- They keep coming back, they
steal anything they can take.
They steal everything.
- My helmet and thermal suit are gone.
I have to, I need to know the truth.
- [Man Of The Cold] Are you one of us?
- [Cal] I don't know, can you tell me?
Didn't you just say that
you actually read somebody's
thoughts and that you exploded
that glass booth at Zel's?
I mean you can't invent that.
He could read my thoughts
and I could read his.
- Well, so he's telepathic.
That doesn't make you anything
other than a normal human being.
- Do you know very many
human beings who can do that?
- I'm amazed you wanted to come.
- I thought I would check out
you Counselors live in action.
Plus my mother needed a date.
- Just don't say anything
to get us into trouble.
- I'm not gonna say a word, mom.
(anxious violin music)
- [Kurt] There is something
behind this crazy sky box.
The Pointsmen and Palidor
are hiding something huge.
- [Cal] Yeah, I know that Kurt
but it's me that I'm unsure about.
(ominous whirring)
- Suki.
What are you doing here?
- Crashing.
- I can see that.
You just vanished like a thief
in the night, what happened?
- Well ever since I was mysteriously freed
from the evil clutches of the
cabaret, I'm moving around.
- Glad to see you're enjoying
your newfound freedom.
I can help you go further, you know.
- Yes Damien, I know.
- No you don't, not yet.
Have you ever heard of Paradise Station?
It's a secret resort.
Warm, fragrant, lush.
Full of fountains and streams
and trees swaying softly in the breeze.
Pretty much how the Old World
must have been like, they imagine.
- [Suki] Go on.
- It's for Pointsmen and their
families and their loved ones.
Why did you come here?
- The truth,
because I was hungry, all right?
You're not gonna tell on me, are you?
- Not if you stay with me.
(mid tempo electronic music)
(relaxed violin music)
(lightning crackling)
(mid tempo electronic music)
- Kurt.
How are you?
- Good, good, Mr. Ragg, nice to see you.
- Yeah.
Oh, she's the girl that's
breaking my son's heart.
- It's not quite that simple, Mr. Ragg.
- No?
- Have you seen Cal?
- No, no.
- Damien.
- [Damien] Sir.
- If something's not done
about the food situation soon,
we'll have to send out for some
400 year old frozen pizzas.
- I'll see to it straightaway, sir.
- Do.
(anxious violin, electronic music)
- Lock all the entrances and
exits, something's going on.
- Sorry, I guess I'll talk to you later.
Get down, get down, they're onto us.
- Behave, little rich boy
or I'll teach you the rules of life.
- Please do.
- NS-Five, I want a complete body search
of anyone entering or exiting the palace.
Unit Eight, send three
teams to the back market.
Anyone recently selling fresh food,
please arrest them immediately.
(anxious electronic music)
(playful ensemble music)
- Here, enjoy.
- Here's your salad, missus.
(anxious violin music)
(lightning crackling)
- Help me, please.
Please help me.
Please help me.
Who are you?
- [Nara] I'm a very little
star that fell on the earth.
- [Cal] I'm Cal.
- [Nara] Where is your home, young man?
- I think we might as well get settled in,
we're gonna be here for a bit.
We could have a little fruit party.
(Kurt chuckling)
- Be quiet.
Shut up.
Be quiet, be quiet, be
quiet, breathe, shh.
(relaxed violin, flute music)
(relaxed electronic, violin music)
- If only my mother
could taste one of these.
- Maybe now you shouldn't think
about telling her where you are.
- Yeah, I know.
- I hope you saved us some.
(anxious electronic music)
- We don't decide for someone
if he's one of us or not,
you should know that.
- But I know he is, he talks.
- Reading our thoughts does
not make him one of us.
Nara, you should let him go,
let him go while you still can.
- He will die.
- That is his choice.
- But why treat him like an enemy?
- Oh,
Nara, Nara.
You must not change the
course of his journey.
- But he doesn't have
a home, he's an orphan.
- How do you know that?
- Because I know.
- Do not ever do that again.
If he is of the Cold, he must
find that out for himself.
(anxious violin music)
- He doesn't know it but
he's breaking my heart.
Listen to what I found.
- [Cal] I'd like to tell you
it's easy for me to
explain this but it's not.
I'm sorry to leave like
this but it's just that
there's something inside
of me pulling me away.
I don't know what it is but
I must follow my instincts.
It's nothing against you, dad
and it's nothing against anybody.
I love you.
(dramatic electronic ensemble music)
(Multicom Jingle)
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