Grand Star (2007) s01e15 Episode Script

Chapter XV

(Multicom jingle)
- [Announcer] Previously on "Grand Star."
- Sorry to leave like this,
but there's something inside
of me pulling me away.
- Have any of you seen Cal?
- A few days ago.
- [Liam] I haven't talked to
you much about your mother.
- I know, and I'm tired of
getting bits and pieces.
I'm here to find the Renewers.
- [Woman] Oh no, not again.
- My home and permasuit are gone.
He can read my thoughts
and I can read his.
- Well, so he's telepathic.
That doesn't make you anything other
than a normal human being.
- You know very many human
beings who can do that?
Who are you?
- [Woman] I'm a very big
star who fell on the Earth.
- [Cal] Please, help me.
(dramatic music)
(thunder booming)
(suspenseful music)
- [Announcer] Attention,
citizens of "Grand Star."
Due to the category four
storm outside our walls,
outgoing trains have now
been delayed indefinitely.
Electric Corps will
advise you of any changes.
Message repeat.
Due to the category four.
(thunder booming)
(machine beeping)
- [Machine] Access denied.
(machine beeping)
Access denied.
Due to climatic conditions
all expeditions out of Grand Star Station
have been suspended.
Please contact the Authorization Bureau
for any special--
- I need clearance
for Ice Fox 37.
- [Machine] Please wait for assistance.
- I cannot wait!
- [Machine] Access denied.
(hands thudding)
Please contact the Authorization Bureau.
- Listen, I wanna talk to the supervisor!
- Please wait for--
- I cannot wait!
- Please contact the--
- My son is in danger!
I have authorization to leave this site!
I am Professor Liam Ragg!
I have authorization to leave this.
You have no right to take me!
(wind blowing)
(thunder booming)
- [Liam] He can't have
gone far, he's on foot.
- I'm sorry, I can't risk my men's lives.
Besides, nobody asked
for him to go out there.
- We're talking about my
son, Lieutenant Damien.
- Yes, and approximately
how many of my men's lives
do you think your son is worth?
- I'm not asking for your men.
I'm asking for your permission
to go look for myself.
- I can't make any exceptions.
I'm sorry.
But I think you should
consider the possibility
that by now your son is dead.
I'm sorry, there's
really nothing we can do.
- If anything happens to him
and I find that I could have helped him,
you'll pay for this for
the rest of your life.
(tense music)
(thunder booming)
- I'm gonna show you my home.
You can stay as long as you want.
- Where am I?
- You are in my country.
Nara's Country.
Nobody comes here.
- No, no, you should let me go.
- No, no.
- I've got things to do.
- You can't go, you're
my brother of the warm.
I'm your sister of the cold.
(Cal shivering)
So you let that little
storm knock you around.
- I was doing, I was doing great.
What are you doing?
- Shh.
Nothing warms you faster than body heat.
You're thinking of someone.
- [Cal] Her name is Suki.
- You know what?
You do seem like one of us.
- Really?
- Not completely, but very much.
- [Cal] Nara, I'm scared.
- [Nara] It's okay, Cal.
You mustn't be afraid of who you are.
- [Cal] I feel at peace.
- [Nara] You need to sleep now.
(gentle music)
- I mean, I can't just
sit around and do nothing.
It's unbearable.
- I'm worried too, Mr. Ragg,
but there's nothing we can do.
- There's always something we can do!
- [Suki] You're just like him.
- What?
- You think you're stronger than nature
or stronger than the storm.
You're just like him.
- What do you expect?
Just sit around here,
waiting for them to
bring in a frozen body,
is that what you think?
Anyway, I don't think he was thinking
he was stronger than nature,
I think he was pushed.
Yes, you've been pushing him, Suki.
You're always hammering on
about seeking his destiny,
looking for the Sun, he told me.
You've all been pressuring him.
You're all responsible.
- I can't tell you why he left.
All I can say is that there are too many
unanswered questions
floating around in his head.
- What sort of questions?
- You're his father, Mr. Ragg.
I think you know what I mean.
- His mother.
(wind blowing)
- So, why did you leave your home?
- There's something inside
of me that's pulling me.
It's like a machine that won't stop.
- The Sun.
- Yeah, yeah, I believe
the Sun still exists,
and I'm gonna help bring it back.
- A lovely little Sun that
would make life happy again.
Why would you want the Sun to come back?
We will melt.
People like you and me won't survive.
Don't you like the cold?
- No, no, I don't like the cold.
And my fingers and my toes hate it.
- So you're like all the others.
They only want what they don't have.
Me, I'm happy here.
- No, I just want the truth.
- Why, what difference does it make?
Don't you see it's making you sick?
- No, it's not making sick.
It's the lies that are making me sick.
- Pff, the truth, the
lies, the lies, the truth,
the cold, the Sun, the cold, the Sun.
- Do you live here alone?
- Hm-hmm.
- But where are your parents?
- They're gone.
They all went to get the
Sun, never came back.
You are my family.
(gentle music)
(shoes thudding)
- [Guard] Ah!
(guard mumbling)
- Give me the exit code.
Give me the exit code.
(machine beeping)
- [Machine] Tracking device initiated.
(dramatic music)
(car whooshing)
(tense music)
- You never did show up at that dinner.
That dinner which your
friends and yourself stole.
- Oh, oh the one I crashed and
we ran into each other, yeah.
Yeah, I guess I started to
feel bad about what I'd done.
Sneaking in, I mean.
- Hmm.
I should have you arrested.
- Well, if you believe I
had something to do with it,
then arrest it.
- I can't prove it.
- But you know it.
- (laughs) Yes.
- Arrest me.
- Hm?
- I'm here about Cal.
- If he's out there in the storm,
he'll probably die, if
he's not dead already.
- He's not, I'd know it.
- How, instinct?
How romantic.
The door's over there.
Cal's not the only one
with feelings, you know?
(dramatic music)
(car whooshing)
(machine beeping)
Ohhh ♪
Ohhh ♪
Ohhh ♪
(Liam breathing heavily)
- [Liam] Cal.
(ice creaking)
(gentle music)
- You kept him here?
- Yes, I couldn't send
him back in the storm.
I just couldn't.
He's my brother of the warm.
- [Man] And you talked to him?
- Yes, he said odd things.
- Yes, of course.
Let me hear him out.
What is your name?
- [Cal] Cal.
- [Man] Who are your parents?
Who is your father?
- [Cal] Liam Ragg, we live
at Grand Star Station.
- [Man] Who is your mother?
- [Nara] Leave him alone.
- We have to know, Nara.
We have to know where he is from.
Who is your mother?
Who is your mother?
- I don't know, I don't know.
I don't know!
- Don't worry, little man.
Don't worry.
(tense music)
(wind blowing)
(machine beeping)
(car whooshing)
- Why are you here?
- I came to find the Renewers.
But I got lost in the storm,
and luckily Nara saved me.
- You seek for the Renewers?
- Yes.
Yeah, I believe the Sun still exists
and I wanna do whatever I
can to help bring it back.
Do you know something about the Sun?
- I know a man like me. (laughs)
So you think you can change things?
- Yeah, I do.
I think if one man knows the
truth, he can tell another,
who will tell another, until
everyone knows the truth,
and knows that there are
people out there hiding it.
- So you think the Sun is out there,
somewhere in the mist?
- Or hidden.
- In my family, going
back seven generations,
we have told the story of the
Sun and of its disappearance.
That is our truth.
The truth is what you believe.
I will tell you my grandfather's story.
It is there.
Some of our ancestors did this.
(suspenseful music)
- [Suki] Storm's letting up.
We have to go out there,
I asked Damien but.
- He's not gonna help.
- The Pointsmen are supposed
to look after the people
who live here.
- I don't think Damien
is gonna help Cal ever.
- Why, because of me?
- No.
We hated Cal long before you showed up.
- Well, if Damien won't
go out there and help us
then we have to get
out there and find him.
- If we do that, Cal's
just gonna return to find
two frozen friends.
- How can you be so calm about this?
What's the matter with you?
He needs our help.
- Cal doesn't even remember this,
but when we were really little
he got stuck out on the ice for two days.
He was fine then.
He's gonna be fine now.
(wind blowing)
- My ancestor, he worked
on a military base.
His job was to monitor the transportation
of the nuclear waste and
warheads to the Moon,
as that was the compromise agreed on
by the nations of the world.
Better the Moon than the Earth.
- We had a moon?
And it was destroyed deliberately?
- Some say it was an accident,
some say it was deliberate,
but while they were all agreeing
the sky every day became darker.
My ancestor traced those explosions.
He found six rift valleys
all lined with nuclear waste and warheads,
all close enough together to
allow for a chain reaction.
People were told to move
to the larger cities,
but he was obsessed with
the pattern he was finding.
He kept on telling people about
the destruction of the Moon
and how the dust blotted out the Sun.
Ah but far many people, they
didn't want to believe it.
For them, it was easier to believe
that the Sun just went out.
(car whooshing)
- [Man] Liam, come warm
yourself by the fire.
- [Liam] Thanks for seeing me, Zel.
I need your help.
- Your son saved me.
- Yeah.
I tried to help you at the trial,
but he was the one who set you free.
- We talked, you know?
- What do you mean?
- I communicated with him,
the way we People of the Cold communicate.
The words keep flying out of our heads.
We don't need to use our mouths.
- Oh please, not now!
- The air is so cold, it's
our way of saving energy.
Don't need to get alarmed.
Liam, remain calm.
- I can't be calm.
I have to find my son!
- So the Sun is still above us?
I knew it!
And so all we need to do is just
remove the dust from the
Sun and we'll have it back.
- Ah, the people who caused
this are still with us,
and more powerful than they ever were
when the Earth was light.
- Who?
The Pointsmen and the Company?
- When this happened, they
were given another name.
The Destroyers.
(gentle music)
- Look.
Could you hear him?
I mean, I mean, could you
enter into contact with him
by no talking?
- No.
But I think you should keep
going in the same direction.
- North?
- Just keep going.
I'm sure you expected
this to happen, though.
- I suppose I didn't wanna face it.
- One day, Cal will need to know.
- [Nara] What are you doing?
- I'm doing what I set out to do.
- But you'll never reach
the Renewers, not on foot.
- Yeah, well, you know where they are.
Take me, please.
- If the Renewers want
you, they will find you.
- I wanna help them.
- Okay.
If I see the Renewers, I will
tell them they have an ally.
- Well, can I say goodbye to the old man?
- He's ill.
Telling you his story took
a lot of his strength.
Cal, his story is yours now.
(dramatic music)
(car whooshing)
- Let me see.
No, no Pointsmen.
That's my father.
- I suppose we should let
your father know you're alive.
(flare whooshes)
(flare booms)
- [Machine] Emergency flare detected.
- [Liam] Cal, Cal.
- [Cal] Thank you, for everything.
- [Nara] Thank you, Cal,
my brother of the warm.
- [Cal] I won't forget you, Nara.
- You are in real trouble with me.
- Dad, I'm sorry.
I don't know how many
more times I can say it.
- I'm glad you're back.
I'm going to get some
food, you must be starving.
(gentle music)
(door whooshing)
- Where did that come from?
- I was right, Suki.
All along I was right.
There's still a Sun
just beyond the clouds.
- [Suki] How do you know?
- [Cal] An old man told me.
- I thought you were going
to die out there in the cold.
How did you survive the storm?
- [Cal] The People of
the Cold, they saved me.
(gentle music)
(Multicom jingle)
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