Grand Star (2007) s01e16 Episode Script

Chapter XVI

(Multicom jingle)
- [Announcer] Previously on "Grand Star."
- Hey, I'm her friend, it's Suki.
- I know him, he's okay.
- What are you doing here?
- I wanna join.
- I should have you arrested.
- Well, if you believe I
had something to do with it,
then arrest me.
- My ancestor kept on telling people
about the destruction of the Moon
and how the dust blotted out the Sun.
- So, the Sun is still above us.
- I was right, Suki.
All along I was right.
There's still a Sun
just beyond the clouds.
- [Suki] How do you know?
- [Cal] An old man told me.
- We must move on!
- There'll be more and more
of these power failures.
What will happen if we leave
30,000 people behind to die?
(dramatic music)
(ice creaking)
(dramatic music)
- [Kurt] Trust me, I just
talked to my mom about it,
this lottery thing is gonna happen.
- So, a lottery like
eeny, meeny, miny, moe,
you're the one to stay and die.
- Yeah.
A lot has happened since you
went on your quest thing.
I can't believe Palidor decided
that a lottery determines
who goes to New Station.
- Yeah, so like, so I
get to go New Station,
and then you have to
stay here at Grand Star,
or Suki gets to go and I need stay here.
- Yeah, or vice versa.
- We better go tell her.
- Yeah, I gotta go tell Margot.
- Margot?
Are you two like seeing each other?
- Yeah, something like that.
- Well, we better hurry up
before they start
raiding Palidor's expats.
- No no no, they won't be doing that.
I'm working icing the next one.
You gotta listen to my plan.
- Yeah, what is it?
- First, we hook into
Palidor's broadcast system.
- Yeah, yeah, okay.
- I'm serious!
I'm gonna do it.
(machine beeping)
- [Woman] Cal Ragg?
- Yeah.
- My name is Solveg and
I want to talk to you.
- Please, come in.
(door whooshes)
- Events may separate us, so
I wanted to meet you know.
- Oh, why is that?
- Well, you know, rumors are
there's gonna be a lottery
and some will stay and some will go.
So, it's now or never, really.
- So, what can I do for you, Solveg?
- Tell me about the People of the Cold.
I just think it's so unfair
the way they're treated.
These people work day in and day out.
- Yeah, they sure do.
- I find it difficult to live
when there's so much injustice so close.
- Me too, it's terrible.
- I was saved by them once.
I was out on a mission, rail maintenance.
- [Cal] Really?
- Yeah, and one of them had a, well,
I don't know how to put it, like, a gift.
- Oh.
- So I was wondering if
you'd already encountered
the same type of thing.
You see, during one of my outings,
they told me a person from our people,
the People of the Warm, as they say,
had been nice to them.
A glaciologist and his son?
- Sounds like someone I know.
- They have such a rich culture
but yet they're so despised.
- Yeah, I know, I know.
Listen, how about you come back later
and we can talk some more?
- Sure, like, for dinner?
Tomorrow night?
- Dinner tomorrow night.
Yeah, yeah, sure.
(door whooshes)
- [Liam] You're not listening to me, Tara.
- I am.
- You are not.
If you were, you would not
be adopting this attitude.
Listen, the conditions under
which this dome was built
was that the People of the
Cold would clear the ice
and keep the rail links open.
- A cursed lot, aren't they?
- Well, maybe, but that cursed
lot can survive the cold
and you cannot.
And when the Pointsmen officers move on,
they'll move on too.
- What, the ice won't be cleared?
- That's right.
And Grand Star will be cut off,
and the sewers will freeze over,
and there'll be no water,
there'll no ventilation, no air.
- Well, that mustn't happen.
- Well, what if it does?
You don't know what it's like to be cold.
- Of course I do, I run a
dozen frozen timber factories.
- Oh yeah, you run them from
the comfort of your train.
You don't know what it's like to freeze
and to feel your body closing down.
- Of course not.
I wouldn't be here, would I?
And neither would you.
- Oh yes, I know exactly what it's like.
(dramatic music)
(ice creaking)
- Really?
- Oh I had a walk on the
ice with Lieutenant Damien.
- Ah, Damien.
It happened in one of my work domes, Liam.
Men got trapped, they died, it was tragic.
I won't let it happen again.
Not to my son.
I'm really very fond of you, Liam.
And I'm fond of Cal.
But I have to put my son first.
I just have to.
Protect him.
- My mom's frantic,
says she's gonna pull all sorts of strings
to make sure we get
selected in the lottery.
- Do you think she'll manage?
- I don't know, she
knows the right people.
- [Palidor] I will not
allow a rebel element
to disturb either my exodus or my lottery.
- Sir, although not absolutely certain,
the figure spotted on the ice
without the benefit of a thermal suit
certainly matches the description
of a certain Cal Ragg.
- Plus, there's the business
of the alarms going off
without there being any contact.
- Could it be a sign of the gift?
- He hasn't said anything definite yet.
Could he be a Person of the Cold?
There is one way to know.
(people chattering)
- Look, we can try and get Kurt's mom
to have you chosen by the lottery.
- Chosen?
You mean like cheating?
- Yeah, she can rig it somehow.
- Have you been chosen?
- I'm gonna be, but
- Good for you.
(lips smack)
I'm happy for you.
- Yeah, but I'm not.
- You should be.
- Go for it, Kurt.
You're a winner, you deserve it.
- What about you?
- No, not me.
My family carries bad blood, bad genes.
We betrayed the Pointsmen cast.
We became outcasts.
- That was ages ago, that's the past.
- Nice try, Kurt.
I'm doomed and I know it.
But that doesn't mean that
I can't have fun, you know?
- You know what?
Tomorrow night my mom's
gonna be out politicking
with Cal's dad and all
the other big shots.
I thought that maybe we could
- Have a party at your
place, that sounds great.
Hey guys!
How about we double date
over at Kurt's place,
have a party, take it over?
- When?
- Tomorrow night.
- I can't.
- What, why not?
- I've gotta work.
- [Announcer] Attention
citizens of Grand Star.
The day we are to choose our
new pioneers is almost upon us.
In 48 hours everyone must
assemble on the main platform
for the lottery where chance will decide
who will become citizens of New Station.
- So tell me, Counselor Masters,
why should I give your son
preferential treatment?
What makes him so great?
And don't think for an
instant that I'm not aware
of your trying to rig the lottery.
- Well, for one thing, he's
a very devoted young man.
- [Palidor] Continue.
- He has a future.
- Oh, as what?
In the service of the community?
- Well, of course.
- He didn't want to be a Pointsman.
- No, he was not cut out for that.
- Well, what is he cut out for?
- Well, one day he will
give us all new babies
who'll become loyal to their leader.
- [Palidor] One day, will
you be quiet, young man?
This is your future we're
deciding, so be quiet!
- Sorry, sir.
- When is this one day going to happen?
- Well, when he's ready, when he's mature.
- Oh ma.
- I will close my eyes, Counselor Masters.
Close my eyes at what you're
trying to do for your son.
This exceptional young man.
Young man?
- Yes, sir.
- Am I right?
Is my decision well founded?
- Yes, sir, I think it is.
- It better be, for your sake.
Thank you, goodbye.
- Thank you.
Oh wow, that was very good,
thanks, that was perfect.
(suspenseful music)
(train whooshing)
- A train like this one could
take us to Paradise Station
where we could have a very good time.
- Oh Damien, do you actually believe
that I could even begin to enjoy myself
knowing that my friends are in Grand Star
freezing to death?
- Your friends talk a lot
but when the chips are down,
they're running for cover
just like everybody else.
Every man for himself, I say.
- They're not like that.
- You'd be surprised.
Trust me, Suki.
I can have arrangements made.
If it's Cal you're wondering about,
I'd say he's in paradise already.
- What do you mean?
- You don't want to know.
Or do you?
- I learnt about this dish at Leg Station.
They found former green
cells deep under the ice.
(sighs) Hard work.
- Well, let me help you.
- They found them after they
noticed the People of the Cold
digging to get at it.
And then, of course, the
silos were taken over
and the People of the
Cold were driven away.
(static buzzes)
- Coming.
(door whooshes)
(tense music)
Suki, eh
Come in.
- Oh, may I?
- Hey, I'm Solveg.
- Suki, it's nice to meet you.
- We were just making a fish, a dish.
We got some flour, we got
- Just water.
- Hm, patty-cake, patty-cake, huh?
Well, obviously I've
interrupted something here,
so I'm just gonna go and
leave you two to your cooking.
- [Cal] Suki
(door whooshes)
- I don't believe that New
Station is ready to be occupied.
- I have experts on my staff
who say quite the contrary.
- There's something else.
- [Palidor] Yes.
- I believe the Renewers are
preparing subversive action.
- Let them.
I have no reason to be
afraid of the Renewers.
Oh and Ragg,
when did you come into
contact with the Renewers?
- Never.
These are rumors I heard.
I'm surprised you haven't heard them too.
- First of all, you tell
me there isn't enough power
for New Station, that was a lie.
And now that my exodus
is about to get underway,
you're telling tales about the Renewers.
What are you up to, Ragg?
- I'm opposed to leaving
people behind to die.
- Some must die so that others,
like you and I, may live.
(dramatic music)
- [Margot] My family used to
have a carriage like this,
before they were sent away.
- Why didn't get you?
- I hid.
(lips smack)
And ran off, and I've
been running ever since.
(lips smack)
Do you think I'll win the lottery?
- Of course I do.
- I don't think so.
I can read it in my wrinkles.
- What wrinkles?
Oh you sound like my mother.
That's a little bit weird. (laughs)
I say you'll live forever.
(lips smack)
- Well, if I don't, I'll
need to have lived intensely.
(lips smack)
- [Announcer] And for those not selected
to go to New Station,
life will continue on
as normal in Grand Star.
Remember, your safety is our mission.
(gentle music)
- I thought it over.
I would love to go with you.
- Oh Suki.
You make me a very happy man.
- I just figured
when everything and
everyone disappoints you,
you might as well just
have a little bit of fun.
- Absolutely.
I mean, you're entitled to some fun.
You've given enough fun
and entertainment to others
for far too long.
- Yeah, I was a little girl
when the cabaret pounced on me
and turned me into their slave, you know?
My whole life was just
practice, practice, practice.
- Well, now the time for practice is over.
Not it's the time for some real fun.
Here's to Paradise.
(glasses clink)
(suspenseful music)
- [Liam] Blow it up.
- [Woman] What?
- New Station, tell
the base to blow it up.
- Sabotage, I thought you wanted peace.
- Well, that's what it takes.
But tell them to do it fast.
Tomorrow is the lottery
and the evacuation will begin at once.
- But I thought you--
- Give them this.
That's what you asked for.
I designed the place.
If they wanna set explosives,
everything they need is in there.
- I will pass on the information,
but I can't promise they'll do it.
- From what I hear,
their ancestors were
made to endure the cold.
You don't feel good?
(suspenseful music)
It's okay, shh.
Close your eyes.
I get spells like this too, from the ice.
Or maybe it's 'cause all of
the Men of the Cold you see.
Maybe you've caught their diseases.
Or maybe it's in your blood.
Or maybe it's 'cause
you're a Man of the Cold.
You need a blood test.
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music)
- You're the one who needs a
blood test, Pretty Pointsman.
- Cal Ragg, no trace of Person of the Cold
to be found in his blood.
So Damien, your theory was pure fantasy.
And as for you, thank you, goodbye.
- Yes, sir.
- No, wait.
Turn around, slowly.
You have a rather pleasing
profile, you can stay.
You can be my lottery assistant.
I've been very busy these past few days.
I've had to look out for everyone.
- I'm sorry to hear that, sir.
I always endeavor to do my best
to ensure the station's security.
- Yes, but there's
someone you haven't been
keeping a look out for, isn't there?
Yourself, Damien.
- I don't quite follow you, sir.
- Paradise Station mean anything to you?
I've heard that you've filed
for furlough for two people.
One male, one female, unmarried.
Sharing the same living accommodation.
- It's a perfectly accepted
Pointsmen custom, sir.
- Yes, perfectly acceptable.
But is your timing perfectly acceptable?
- No, sir.
- Then perhaps we'll postpone it, ay?
- Yes, sir.
- [Palidor] Oh, and Damien,
don't forget to tell your little friend.
(door whooshes)
- Kurt, wake up, man.
We can't keep doing this,
they're manipulating us.
- [Kurt] What?
- And we need to start
telling people the truth.
- What are you, get out of here!
Hey, the lottery is coming up, man, and--
- Yeah, I know, and we've gotta expose it.
- What are you doing up here?
- Now what was your plan?
- Cal, I've already been chosen.
- The lottery hasn't taken place yet.
- Yeah, I know, Cal.
But, you know, my mom,
she made sure that I'm gonna be chosen.
- What about the others, man?
- Oh.
Yeah, right, the others.
Oh, I don't know what came over me.
They should have a (mumbles), don't they?
- Who's they?
- Palidor, my mom, what
are you doing up here?
- Let's go, get dressed.
Let's go!
(suspenseful music)
Hey, she was a spy, but I
turned the tables on her.
Do you believe me?
- Yeah.
Except, did you really have
to make pancakes with her?
- I wanted--
- You know what?
I can't really blame you.
Aren't you gonna ask why?
- Why?
- Because while you were making pancakes,
I was making plans for a
train ride to Paradise.
- What do you, what?
- Just forget about it,
it's postponed or canceled.
Anyway, all I'm saying
is that I'm not exactly
in any position to attack you.
- Okay.
Well, speaking of attacking,
we should probably go over that plan.
- Reading out individual
names will take far too long,
so I would suggest, my president,
that the winners be chosen
according to the initials
of their last names.
And then later, Solveg can
pick out those 10 letters.
- Yes, Damien, I get it.
Solveg, what does your surname begin with?
- W for winner.
- Hm.
Now remember, the most important thing is
the people we leave behind
believe themselves to be in safety.
- Of course, sir.
- Solveg.
You're far too sexy.
People may find that offensive.
So I'm sorry, we can't keep you here.
- It's all right, sir,
I'm at your service.
Lieutenant, should I report to command?
- Yes, and tell them you'll
be working for me undercover.
I might be needing your services later.
- Yes, sir.
(suspenseful music)
(ice creaking)
(dramatic music)
(Multicom jingle)
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