Grand Star (2007) s01e17 Episode Script

Chapter XVII

(Multicom Jingle)
- [Narrator] Previously on "Grand Star."
- I can't believe Palidor decided that
a lottery determines
who goes to New Station.
You gotta listen to my plan.
We hook into Palidor's broadcast system.
- [Solveg] Cal Ragg?
My name is Solveg and
I want to talk to you.
- I'm really very fond of you, Liam
and I'm fond of Cal but I
have to put my son first.
- Cal Ragg was spotted on the ice
without the benefit of a thermal suit.
- One day, Cal will need to know.
- New Station, tell the
brass to blow it up.
If they want to set explosives,
everything they need is in there.
- [Solveg] I get spells like this too,
only these come to you
or a Man of the Cold
or maybe it's in your blood.
There is one way to know.
You need a blood test.
- You're the one who needs a blood test.
(dramatic electronic music)
We the people of Grand Star.
We the people of Grand Star Station.
- Cal, you're
really terrible.
- I'm not an actor.
- Obviously, but right now you sound
like a two million year old politician.
Just loosen up, be natural.
Try to remember you're a person.
- Okay.
We the people of Grand Star,
- Nothing.
Nothing, just a block of
wood has more emotions.
Come on Cal, okay?
Just talk simply, talk
like you talk to me.
- I don't see the point 'cause we don't
even know if we can break
into the transmission yet.
- Did you not tell me that people
staying behind will face a death sentence?
- Yeah.
- Then you gotta do it.
You've got to.
Come on.
- We the people of Grand Star Station
are entitled to the truth.
- Not bad.
- A lottery has been
organized and it is now
time for us to know what
is really happening.
- We can access the feed from here.
- If this is at all accurate,
then we should be able
to hard tap in there.
All I have to do is jack
into their output line,
film you laying it all down and we're off.
- How long do you think I'll have?
- It'll take 'em 30
seconds to kill the feed.
- Is there any risk of being recognized?
- No, I can alter his face and
change the tone of his voice.
- Yeah, but if you do that,
people might not believe me.
- They might not believe
you anyway, buddy.
- Yeah but still--
- No, forget it.
I'm not gonna transmit
your actual identity.
Damien will lock you up for
the rest of your life, no.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Let's do it.
(mid tempo rock music)
- So how are you gonna do this exactly?
- The broadcast center is a closed system.
So it's got one outgoing
transmission line.
If I can tap into that line,
then we can send whatever we want.
- What happens when you
break into the cable?
- Well, if someone can turn
off the power for as long
as it takes for me to make
the connection, then nothing.
- And what if he doesn't?
- Well then you guys will
be seeing a couple new dance moves.
(anxious electronic tones)
- So I just choose 10 letters, right?
- [Damien] Yes sir.
- Well, well, well.
If only all life and death
decisions were that easy.
- [Technician] Stand by,
we are live in two minutes.
- Hey, let's grab these.
(anxious ensemble music)
Wait for the announcement to be made.
- Just getting ready,
I know what I'm doing.
- [Suki] Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm just fine, I'm fine.
(anxious trumpet tones)
- Welcome ladies and gentlemen
to the day you've all been waiting for.
The day where we choose our new pioneers.
And the first letter selected is
Congratulations to all those
whose surnames begin with an M.
They will be going to New Station.
- Congratulations, Kurt Masters.
Looks like you're a brave new pioneer.
- And the last three letters selected are
- No.
- You want me to hook up?
- Gimme a second.
- And--
- Okay, Cal.
- W.
- [Kurt] Don't move.
- [Palidor] Congratulations
to our new pioneers.
- [Suki] Okay.
- Stay right there.
- You have one day--
- [Suki] It's okay, Cal.
- Guys, I don't think I can do this.
- To say goodbye.
- Wait.
You can do it.
- And farewell to your friends and--
(electric buzzing, crackling)
- You're on.
- We the people of Grand Star
are entitled to the truth.
- Come on, man.
- This lottery's a lie.
If you're not chosen today,
you're not going to New Station.
If you are not chosen today, you will die.
ElectriCorp plans on
cutting off all the power
to Grand Star and using it
for the power at New Station.
So if you're not chosen,
you will stay here and freeze to death.
This is not a lie.
- Terminate all power to
the broadcast center now.
- All those people who were not chosen
will stay here with the cold and the ice.
- I repeat, terminate all
power to the broadcast center.
- But it doesn't have to be this way.
- Okay, that's good.
- [Suki] I'm so proud of you.
- Nice, come on, let's go.
- Brave citizens of Grand Star,
there is absolutely no cause for alarm.
That last announcement
was a tissue of lies
from beginning to end and we are currently
hunting down the
perpetrators even as I speak.
CEO Palidor himself will see to it
that no one comes to any harm whatsoever.
- [Suki] See someone you know?
- [Cal] Yeah.
- Who?
- A vampire.
- What's that?
- The people who used to feed on blood.
- Yuck.
- Remaining on Grand Star will
continue to enjoy the full reflection--
- Let's go.
- And consideration
of the company and its brave Pointsmen.
CEO Palidor himself will see to it.
(anxious violin music)
- And you think that was a good idea?
- Excuse me?
- I mean you can use all
the processes you like,
I would recognize the voice of my son.
When I look at you two,
I think of the future.
- Oh, dad.
- No, I see two young people
reaching out for their
destinies and you know what?
I feel at peace.
Because whatever happens to me,
I will have passed on the flame.
- Whatever happens to you?
What could happen to you, Mr. Ragg?
- Oh, you know, out on the ice,
I mean you have a hole
in your thermal gear
and the cold begins to get in, gets into
your whole body just like
it's got into the whole world.
(anxious electronic tones)
But not your hearts.
- No, it hasn't.
(Liam chuckling)
(relaxed guitar music)
Remember that burn from
the flash of light?
- Yeah, yeah, it's gone on my arm
but in my mind, that
ray of light was like,
it was like a taste of what
the world could be like.
- I just got a taste of what
the world could be like.
- [Cal] I did too.
- Did she do that to you?
- No, you creep, I saw it
in an old ancient picture.
- I used to be an acrobat, you know.
- Yeah, but you haven't practiced.
- Well,
I can practice with you.
- This isn't the cabaret.
- Well what is it?
- It's
Paradise Station.
(anxious electronic, violin music)
(electronic beeping)
- [Pointsman] There she is.
- Would you mind coming with us?
(anxious mid tempo drumbeat)
- [Suki] What do you want from me, Damien?
- I know everything.
You were seen by my agents.
- [Suki] Seen doing what?
- Actively participating
in the sabotage of a
presidential broadcast.
I have no choice now but
to tell Palidor everything.
- Unless?
- We could be pioneers.
We could be a model pioneer
couple at New Station.
- What, Damien?
- I'm talking about a new life.
You know,
a home.
- Stop.
- Well what would you prefer, hmm?
That Palidor knows that
the former cabaret artist
known as Suki is now
a lowly rabble rouser?
- That's a lie, I'm not like that.
- Reconsider my offer.
- I'm considering
slapping you across the face.
Will you arrest me?
- I am a Pointsman Officer.
Any act of violence against me
is automatically an offense
against the Pointsman caste.
- Just let me go, okay?
Goodbye, pioneer.
Enjoy the exodus.
(mid tempo rock tones)
- [Zel] Proceed to rendezvous
point Delta Second.
We are now jamming your global locator.
- Got it.
All engines stop.
(mid tempo drumbeat)
- There'll be a table and register
at the end of this line of people.
- [Solveg] Yes sir.
- And one over here.
Be careful.
There'll be the usual bunch of reprobates
trying to cheat their way out of here.
Are the registers in order?
- Yes sir, I saw to it all
the names have been updated.
- Good work.
You know Solveg, if this
exodus is a success,
I'll see to it personally
that you get a promotion.
(electronic beeping)
(mechanical whirring)
(anxious steady tempo
electronic, violin music)
- [Computer] Identify yourself.
- Eastern Horizon.
- [Computer] Access authorized.
- Liam.
It's good to see you.
- It's good to see you, Zel.
- [Cal] Hey, we should get you outta here.
- Sure.
- No Suki, I mean it, we could take
the Pacific and we can
go wherever we want.
- And what about your dad?
- I'll tell him where we are
and he'll be able to find us.
- Cal, the Pointsmen would
never give you clearance.
- I know a way we can get clearance.
- You do, and then we can go anywhere?
- [Cal] Yeah Suki, anywhere.
- Start a new life somewhere.
- A new life, a home.
- We could go to Alpha Star,
except my cabaret is there.
- We could go to this fishing camp.
I mean it's deserted now.
- Sounds good to me.
- Yeah, but sometimes they
go days on end without food.
- Well, we could just keep traveling
across the world until
we find the right place.
- Yeah, well what if we
don't find the right dome?
I mean what if they're all the same?
With the Pointsmen and the ice,
no sun and the lies.
- We'll never find the right place.
- No Suki, we won't.
- [Liam] You told me you had some news.
- I do, the Renewers have
agreed with your plan.
The New Station is to be destroyed.
- When?
- Tonight.
- But that's not possible.
The exodus has begun, it's
taking place as we speak.
- That's not what my informers told us.
- No, but plans have changed.
There are gonna be people there now,
pioneers, settlers, my son.
- The timers have been
set, it's too late, Liam.
- [Announcer] Attention lottery winners,
please prepare your identification card
and proceed to the trains
bound for New Station.
- We warned them all for nothing.
The broadcast didn't work,
people are still gonna go off,
I am gonna go off and let the
poor ones who stay like you--
- Slowly perish in the cold,
Cal, we can't let that happen.
- I know, no, we gotta stop
those trains from leaving.
That's the only way we can
save these people's lives.
- Oh yeah, just stop
those trains from leaving.
- Exactly.
- This is madness, let me talk to someone.
- It's too late, Liam.
- The people.
- People die in warfare,
Liam and that's what this is.
A war between the Renewers
and the Pointsmen.
- Why didn't you use the particle cannon
you used to blow apart the clouds?
- Well it's been destroyed.
It'll take months to build a new one.
- Well then you'll just have to wait.
- No.
What do you think of Palidor?
- Palidor?
Palidor's a tyrant.
- Compared to leaders at
some of the other stations,
Palidor is a kitten.
- Arrest me.
You need to arrest me,
Lieutenant, you were right.
I took part in unlawful actions.
- Yes, I know you did but
right now's not the moment.
I have many things to take care of.
- I'll stir up unrest among
the young people of Grand Star.
- Let her go.
- Arrest me.
- Ow.
- Do it or I will go and
I will tell them to riot.
- I'm fully aware of that.
Suki, I'm going to be
obliged, get out of my way,
I'm going to be obliged
to Palidor about this.
I tried to save you, ungrateful female.
(electronic beeping)
What's he doing here?
Come to admire the choo-choo trains,
toerag or just to witness my humiliation?
- No, actually I came to support Suki.
I thought she could use it
when she turns herself in.
- Oh, shut up.
Get out, both of you.
I have an exodus to prepare,
do you remember that?
That's the one where you were chosen to go
and you chose to remain
behind in this hellhole.
Good luck to you both.
Get outta here.
- [Pointsman] Lieutenant,
it's all jammed up.
(electronic beeping)
- What's going on?
- We can't get trains
lined up for the exodus.
They've been re-routed and sidetracked.
- I suggest this is an act
of sabotage on your behalf.
- Sir, I take offense.
- Oh great, a sensitive Pointsman.
Just get back to work and sort this out.
- The time has come.
- Then I will stop it.
- How?
- I'll diffuse the bombs.
- You don't even know where the bombs are.
- No, but you do, Zel.
- I don't know where they are.
No one here knows.
(anxious violin music)
(mid tempo drumbeat)
- Get outta my way.
Get out of my way.
(steady tempo drumbeat)
(relaxed electronic music)
- [Computer] Now approaching New Station.
Warning, this sector is off-limits.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy, easy.
(electronic beeping)
- The trains can't leave, sir.
There's a vehicle stationed on the tracks.
The first train that will hit
this will obviously derail.
It will take us days to
open up the line again.
I'm sorry sir but it would seem
that the exodus is in jeopardy.
- I'll have you sent to a penal colony.
First the broadcast, now this.
I'll have you eating and
sleeping with the inmates.
- No, sir, please.
(Palidor laughing)
- It's just a threat, Damien.
But I find that threats work.
Now get that vehicle off the tracks
and my trains to new station.
(soft somber guitar, violin music)
(electronic beeping)
- Cal.
When you get this message,
I will either be in prison or dead.
But there are some important
things that I want you to know.
I've lied to you many times over
the years and I'm not proud of it.
But I felt it was necessary at the time.
I'm a Renewer.
That will surprise you.
I've denied it many
times, but there it is.
More important, I want to tell
you things about your mother.
She was--
(electronic beeping)
(distant explosions booming)
(dramatic electronic ensemble music)
(Multicom Jingle)
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