Grand Star (2007) s01e18 Episode Script

Chapter XVIII

(Multicom Jingle)
- [Narrator] Previously on "Grand Star."
- I can't believe Palidor has
decided that we want a way
that determines who
goes to the new station.
You gotta listen to my plan.
We hook into Palidor's broadcast system.
(electricity humming)
(bolt cutter snapping)
We the people of Grand Star
are entitled to the truth.
This lottery is a lie.
If you are not chosen today, you will die.
- Terminate all power to
the broadcast center now.
(tense music)
- The Renewers have agreed with your plan.
The new station is to
be destroyed, tonight
- But that's not possible.
There are gonna be people there, my son.
- [Conductor] Now
approaching nurse station
- There's a vehicle station on the tracks.
The exodus is in jeopardy
- I want to tell you
things about your mother.
She was--
(bomb exploding)
(dramatic music)
- Sir.
Thank you.
Did you hear what happened?
- New station?
- Gone, exploded.
They think the Renewers did it.
My mom's ready to have
a nervous breakdown.
- And I have no idea where my dad is.
No, he didn't say anything,
he never says anything.
Look, something happened
to him, I can feel it.
- This is one of your
prophetic intuitions?
- I'm serious, Kurt.
- Why would something have
happened to your father?
- Cal, your father goes
out on the ice for days.
Half the time he doesn't even
tell you when he gets back.
- You think I don't know that?
- Hey, look, everything is gonna be okay.
There's no need to panic.
- No guys, something happened
to him, I just know it.
- New station exploding has
nothing to do with the fact
that your father's late.
Cal, is there something
that your hiding from us?
Something that we should know?
(Cal sighs)
- I think my dad was doing
stuff with the Renewers.
(man screaming)
- Despite what you see on my face,
behind the mask, is shear panic.
New station was supposed to
be my life's achievement.
- Palidor.
(tense music)
Sir, Grand Star would
descend into total anarchy
if we do not react quickly and forcefully.
- New station was supposed
to be our forceful response.
Now I'm like Grand Star.
I've run out of energy.
- Please sir, you're frightening me.
- Energy, energy, it's all about energy,
and we've used too much of it.
- Well if the problem is energy,
we have to get Liam back.
- How?
And even if we did,
do you think he'd tell us anything?
- Look, the exodus has failed,
new station was blown up,
hell, he must be involved.
Therefore, he must be punished.
And any information from him
extracted, by whatever means.
- Damien.
- [Damien] Mmm.
- Do you know why you're a
lieutenant and I'm a leader?
- Well I'm sure there
are many reasons, sir.
- Do you believe we should
fight and defeat our enemies?
- Huh, yes, sir
- Wrong!
We should harness our anger,
use our enemies,
make them work for us.
That's what we should do, Damien.
And I have a plan.
It involves Liam Ragg.
Bring him to me.
Bring him quick.
Before I descend into the black trough
that was once my soul.
- Well he never actually told me anything,
but one day we were out on
the ice in a forbidden zone,
and he asked me to work the radio.
He said he had to go inside
and talk to some people,
who I think are the Renewers.
I was afraid I'd never see him
again, but at the same time,
I felt so strong and so useful.
- Cal, if your father really is a Renewer,
you should be proud of him, no?
- Yeah, for lying to me
every day of my life?
- It's called protecting you
- Look, I shouldn't even
be telling you guys this.
- Hey.
We're family.
- Yeah.
- Cal.
(Liam sighs)
So, what happened to the happy smiles?
- Dad, are you okay?
- I'm fine, never been better.
- Did you hear what happened?
- Yeah, the trains
couldn't leave the station.
- Just as well.
- No, about new station.
- Oh, the explosion, yeah, incredible.
Lucky no one was there.
- [Cal] Hey, and you, Dad?
- Me?
Well I'm alive (laughs) and kicking.
- And hungry?
Have you eaten, Mr Ragg?
- Oh, thank you Suki.
No I have an invitation I can't refuse.
- No, Dad, stay with us.
Where were you?
I was worried about you.
- Yeah well, when I come back,
I have things to tell you.
- Things?
- Yeah, I'm coming back
(light music)
- Ragg, you were right about new station.
I should have listened to you.
- [Liam] I'm worried.
- Please tell me.
Please sit down and eat.
With everything that's
happening at the moment,
I plunged into a deep meditative state.
- Now I'm really worried.
- (chuckles) I should have
named you my special advisor.
So much depends upon you, Ragg.
- Well, I do my best.
- You should have more funding.
You should be able to
come and go as you please.
Everything you're doing for the community
is very impressive.
Have some eggs.
They're over 400 years old.
- I guess that resolves once
and for all the question
of which left first,
the chicken or the egg.
No, I'm not hungry.
- Chin-chin.
(glasses clinking)
- Well, that's good news.
I have a sector of the ice
that I would like to
(suspenseful music)
I have a sector of the ice
on the other side of the
(breathing heavily)
What have you?
What have you?
(dramatic music)
- Oh, Ragg,
there's no need to get agitated.
It's just a few drops of truth serum.
In a couple of minutes
you'll be vomiting the truth
like a newborn babe.
Oh I'm sorry, did you want
your eggs sunny side up?
- Palidor.
(suspenseful music)
- Wait for me here, boys.
(doorbell ringing)
Professor Ragg's expected
at CEO Palidor's.
His absence is curious, to say the least.
Should he be in contact with you,
tell him to inform the
council immediately.
- He's a big boy, he knows what to do.
- When did you see him last?
- (snickers) Don't you have
more important things to do,
like find out who bombed new station?
- Funny enough, that's probably
why we want to speak to him.
When did you see him last?
- You know what,
my whole sense of time
right now is really fuzzy.
I don't know.
Suki, what do you think?
- Suki, you don't have to answer that.
- Are you deciding for me?
- Yeah Damien, don't you
wanna hear her answer?
- Don't get involved.
- How 'bout letting me handle this?
- Hey.
Damien, I think it's time for you to go.
- Oh, really?
I'll leave when I see fit.
Haven't you heard?
I can do whatever I like, yeah.
- Not in my home.
(Damien chuckling)
- Push me?
(dramatic music)
- That's enough, boys.
- You're lucky we're in the presence
of such a delightful woman,
hmm, of whom I have much respect.
- Yeah?
(Damien sneers)
What would you do otherwise?
- Tell your father we're looking for him.
There's a good boy.
- He's bigger than you,
he could've chopped you
up with his pinkies.
- Yeah.
(Suki gasps)
Well that makes me very courageous.
- Yeah, or stupid. (chuckles)
(tense music)
- [Liam] Palidor.
- Professor Ragg, listen to me.
- I'm reading ya loud and clear.
- I need to know,
I need to know of a station
with enough resources
to keep us all alive.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- [Palidor] Oh yes, you do.
- Oh, I've become your personal advisor,
I've been promoted. (chuckles)
- [Palidor] Indeed you are.
- Well, nice quarters you've given me.
- Concentrate on the question, Ragg.
You've been all over the earth looking
for geothermal sources.
You know the ice inside out.
- You over-estimate me, sir.
- Oh, no, I don't.
You know what the people
of Grand Star can relocate.
- And if I tell you, what would you do?
- Not necessarily, although
it's an idea, Liam.
May I call you Liam?
- You're a fool.
May I call you a fool?
- I said not necessarily.
- Well I say necessarily.
I will continue to call you
a fool 'cause in my opinion,
only a fool will expect me to lend myself
to such a ridiculous scheme.
- Stubbornness is a sign of
intelligence, or so they say.
You can go on playing this
little, pathetic game.
I'm actually quite enjoying it,
and I have all the time in the world.
All the time, Liam.
Certainly more time than you.
(suspenseful music)
(metal clanking)
- My father went to dinner
and now it's like he's
disappeared into nowhere.
- He'll come back, Cal,
he always comes back.
- It's unbelievable, Suki,
I mean, they're playing games with me.
They're playing games with my mind.
- Is it true what you said earlier
about your father now
working with Renewers?
(dramatic music)
- Yeah.
Yeah, I think so.
- Okay, well then maybe
it has to do with that.
He had to meet someone, he
wanted to keep it secret.
- Mom!
- Yes?
- Cal has something that
he wants to ask you.
- Oh hello Cal, how are you?
- I'm so-so.
- Ah yes, I understand.
Your father hasn't reappeared yet.
- Yeah, actually that's why we're here.
My father said he had an
important meeting to go to
and since then I haven't
seen him, he's vanished.
- It's not the first time though, is it?
- No, but Kurt said that
you might be able to tell me
some things about my father.
- He did?
- Yeah, mom, I know that
you know some things.
You've known Cal's father
for a really long time.
- [Tara] Oh, I really
wish I could help you.
- Oh, you gotta know something?
I mean, hasn't he ever told you
'bout any of his activities?
- Well no, he hasn't said a word.
What are you suggesting, Cal?
- I don't know, I just,
I need to know anything.
Anything about the past, the present,
anything that will help me understand.
I mean, you've known him
since before I was born
- No Cal, I really wish I
could tell you something.
Apart from
- Apart from what?
- Look Cal, I really don't know, but.
But it dates from then.
- Yes.
- There was a derailment.
- A derailment?
What, when?
- Well a train derailed,
apparently it was a really bad accident.
Pointsmen tried to cover it up,
but there were lots and lots of victims.
I never really knew what happened.
Your father, he changed from then on.
- When was it?
- [Tara] About the time
you were born, I suppose.
- And where?
- I'm sorry, Cal, I just don't know.
I did ask him but,
well, he never seemed to
want to talk about it.
You know your father's
very secretive, Cal.
- Yeah, I know.
- [Tara] Look, I've got to go.
- Tara, is there anything
else that I need to know?
(tense music)
- Polar.
Polar station.
- [Palidor] Polar station?
Could it be our salvation?
- It could be, it's an interesting area.
You see, there are natural
sub-surface fractures in the ice.
And we could install geothermal
system by ejecting water.
It would increase the
permeability of the rock.
Then the water would be
generated to the surface
through the pretention wells.
It's so simple, makes you want to cry.
- Yes, Liam, it does make me want to cry.
The engineers at Polar station,
have they tapped into it?
- No, they don't understand
the significance of it.
- Could it be that simple?
(dramatic music)
(train engine roaring)
(dramatic music)
- Kill me.
Kill me please.
(Cal breathing heavily)
- Cal, you're dreaming.
- Please, please.
(train loudly thudding)
- Cal.
Wake up.
(train brakes screeching)
(Cal gasping)
(Suki shushing)
(Cal breathing heavily)
It's okay.
(Suki shushing)
You're dreaming.
(Suki shushing)
It's okay.
- [Cal] Yeah.
(dramatic music)
- I have Polar station in my sights.
We'll negotiate when
they let our people in.
- They have been hostile in the past.
There's been some tension
- A while ago.
They might capture me.
No, I'll send an emissary,
and you'll help me find him.
- Yes, sir.
- I need someone reliable, courteous,
knows how to keep his mouth shut.
- Yes, I see, sir.
I'll draw up an appropriate list.
- There's no need.
He's standing right in front of me.
(tense music)
- It's an
It's a great honor, sir.
- Oh come on, Damien, I
know you've got the metal.
I know you have.
- Thank you, sir.
And if we don't reach an agreement?
- Then we'll have no choice,
we'll have to wage war.
- Very good, sir.
(soft music)
- Oh, Cal.
(sighs) I wish I could have told you.
- If only he knew how much I
needed to know about my mother.
- All the hopes and
dreams she had for you.
- The way she looked.
- How her smile would shine in the night.
- [Cal] If only he had said a few words.
- [Liam] If only I had
said just a few words.
- Golo.
- [Golo] Cal.
It's been a while, how are you?
- [Cal] My father's gone missing
and I had this nightmare.
When we have dreams and
nightmares is it maybe for real?
- [Golo] Depends, what was the nightmare?
- [Cal] A train, it went off track,
it derailed and people were scattered
and I was propelled in the air.
- [Golo] And it all felt very real?
- [Cal] Yes.
- [Golo] Go there.
- [Cal] Where?
- [Golo] Find where.
- [Cal] Golo, tell me more, please.
- [Golo] You will have to go and find out.
Please don't stay, we're being watched.
(downcast music)
(train engine roaring)
(machines beeping)
- [Cal] Requesting access to Sector C.
- [Controller] Pacific?
- Yes, access to Sector C.
- [Controller] Copy, clearance
verification underway.
- Verification useless,
clearance is already given.
Update your charts.
(train engine roaring)
(machines beeping)
- You've been denied clearance.
Return immediately.
Do you read me?
Do you read me?
- Copy
(brakes squealing)
- Leaving so soon, Cal?
This isn't about getting a demerit, Cal.
- Look my father has an unfinished task,
he was drilling out on the
glacier lake sector, so.
- You went on an unauthorized trip,
that had little to nothing
to do with exploration,
and quite a lot to do with sabotage.
- What are you talking about?
- Oh not quite sure really,
could be anything ranging
from the relocation fiasco
to something that really
went off with a bang!
The completely unwanted
destruction of new station!
- Sure, sure, put the blame on Cal Ragg.
Be inefficient and then
put the blame on Cal Ragg.
- Come back here.
We will find out soon enough.
- Oh and, by the way,
I could really use some credits right now,
so do you usually pay your scape goats?
(Damien chuckles)
- I don't know, but you know what?
Why don't you ask Palidor.
He's expecting you.
- You must recognize that
I'm a compassionate man.
We all hold your father in great esteem
and we're as anxious
as you are to find him.
- We need him, Cal.
We can help you find your father.
- What do you want from me?
- Just do what you always do,
take the Pacific out exploring.
Except this time you'll have
Lieutenant Damien with you.
He's my emissary in some
secret negotiations.
- Why me?
(tense music)
- If you take the Pacific out as usual,
it won't cause any undue attention,
whereas if we use the pointman's train,
it could capsize the torques.
- Well do I have a choice?
- Now there, I recognize
the metal of the Raggs.
(intense music)
- What's going on?
Are you guys going somewhere?
- Ah, yeah, we're going
on out into to the ice.
We gotta do a little bit more exploring.
- Okay.
- Cal, when you're quite ready.
- Take care.
- Just going on a little
trip, Suki, back soon.
- Cal.
(tense music)
(light music)
(Multicom Jingle)
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