Grand Star (2007) s01e19 Episode Script

Chapter XIX

(Multicom jingle)
- [Narrator] Previously on Grand Star.
- I'm a Renewer.
(explosion booms)
- [Kurt] Did you hear what happened?
- Our new station?
- Gone!
They think the Renewers did it.
My mom's ready to have
a nervous breakdown.
- And I have no idea where my dad is.
Something happened to him, I just know it.
- He must be involved.
He must be punished.
- Shin chin.
Oh Ragg, it's just a few
drops of truth serum.
In a couple of minutes,
you'll be vomiting the truth.
- Palidor!
- Cal.
- Yeah?
- Wake up.
(metal crashing)
(Cal panting)
(intense music)
(ice crackling)
He kissed me goodbye, and that was it.
I mean his father disappears,
and now he goes on a
field trip with Damien.
This seems normal to you?
- They needed some oxygen, what do I know?
- I'll go see Palidor.
I'll ask him.
- Actually that works
out perfectly for me,
'cause I'm running late for my appointment
with the emperor of the universe,
and I should get going,
so we'll talk later.
- I'm serious.
- He's gonna be mad.
You wanna meet with Palidor, huh?
- Uh-huh.
- How you gonna make that happen?
- Simple.
You're gonna help me.
Kurt Masters is going to tell
his loving mother, Tara Masters,
that you remember Suki from the cabaret
wants to set up a meeting with
Grant Palidor of Grand Star.
Yeah, it should work.
You'll see.
(intense music)
- [Announcer] Connecting to
Grand Star communication grid.
Incoming transmission.
- Lieutenant, the
leadership of Polo Station
seemed divided and distrustful.
They need a little enticing.
I'm working on it.
- Should we head home sir?
- No, just wait.
- So, do we know where
the meeting's being held?
- No.
It'll be decided at the last minute.
- So we're on standby?
- Correct.
- Well this isn't a good place to stay.
We should move to another area.
- Don't try anything fancy, Cal.
I should really hate
to have to arrest you.
- I gave you my word.
- Sure you did.
Lead on.
(intense music)
(suspenseful music)
- When Tara Masters said
a friend of her son's
wanted to meet with me, I
leapt at the opportunity.
Because of my responsibilities
there's a certain distance
between me and the people of Grand Star.
To tell you the absolute truth,
I'm very lonely.
- CEO Palidor, I'm sorry to hear that,
but I didn't come to listen to you
complain about your situation.
- You're telling the
truth, how very refreshing.
- Most people don't say what they think.
They're too scared.
- Cautious, aware of the
consequences of their actions.
- CEO Palidor, I'm really worried
about what happened to Professor Ragg,
and I want you to tell me why his son Cal
left with Lieutenant
Damien without any notice.
- You are expecting a lot of me.
- Don't you have monitors
set up all over the place
to see what's going on
throughout the dome,
so that you can control people
and put them behind bars if
they don't think like you?
- Not as organized as you might think.
I don't know where Professor Ragg is.
- That's not true.
- Suki, I like you more and more.
But I don't know where Professor Ragg is,
and as for his son, he's on a mission
with Lieutenant Damien.
He'll soon be back safe and sound.
- I don't believe you.
- You must.
What can I do to make you trust me?
I can help you if you help me.
Think about it, Suki.
(intense music)
- [Announcer] Main drive powering down.
- [Damien] Why are we stopping, Ragg?
- We don't come to this sector very often,
so have to go pick up some equipment
my father left outside
for future readings.
- Drills?
- No, sensors.
The thing is, the people of the
cold might have stolen them.
- Well, I'll come with you.
- No, you shouldn't lieutenant.
Someone needs to watch the train.
- [Damien] You've got one hour, Cal.
(eerie music)
- Oh Cal.
- Why don't they know about the resources?
Because they don't have the
technology and the know-how
to access them.
- [Palidor] Do we have the means?
- Well, if the elite and the Pointsmen
didn't siphon off so much for themselves,
it would be possible.
It's a choice, really.
- [Palidor] Do we have the know-how?
- Sitting on the floor in front of you.
- [Palidor] You're just saying that
to try and save your skin.
- Maybe, not necessarily.
So, what are you gonna do?
- We have information they need.
Maybe I'll give it to them.
Liam Ragg.
- Palidor!
- I'm truly sorry to
have to do this to you.
(somber music)
- Oh me too.
(intense music)
- [Cal] There's something
you need to know.
That's why I came to you.
- What is troubling you, Cal?
- Well there was a development.
It was long ago around
the time of my birth,
and I need to know if you
know anything about it.
- Why do you need to know?
- Because that was the
beginning of my life.
If I can work out the beginning,
maybe I can work out the rest.
- What is troubling you, Cal?
- Please find out about my mother.
- I will ask some people around me.
- We can't divert power anymore.
We're getting colder every day.
- Why don't you Margot up to your place?
Up to the Grand Inn?
- Me and his mom under the same roof?
I don't think so.
- So you guys gonna move outta here, or?
- No, Kurt's found a place
where we can get some
stuff to keep us warm.
- Pointsman warehouse.
They've got supplies, tons of it.
- It's too dangerous and you know it.
- Being too cold is dangerous.
- Yeah, we could freeze to death.
And besides, he can't keep
me warm 24 hours a day.
- I try.
- Kurt, don't do it.
- I'm very touched at your
concern for my safety, Suki,
but we pulled off the lottery broadcast.
I think we can do this.
Right Margot?
- Yeah, you bet.
- The Pointsmen aren't going to be
taken by surprise next time.
Can't you see he's doing
this to impress you?
- He's not.
He doesn't need to do that to impress me.
- Margot, don't do it.
- Nice try, Suki.
(wind whistling)
- [Damien] Cal, are you there?
We have to get back.
- Why is this Pointsman
here with you, why?
- I can't tell you.
- You don't trust me?
- It's a secret mission.
I had to accept it.
I'm telling you the truth.
- Yes, you are telling the truth.
But he is head of the Pointsmen.
He has caused suffering to our people.
You have no idea, Cal.
- I know.
- And he will cause more suffering.
It is our duty to prevent him
by capturing him.
This is an opportunity
that will not arise again.
- But I've given him my word.
- But we have not.
Get some men together, and
bring me back the Pointsman.
(dramatic music)
(suspenseful music)
(pleasant music)
- What can I do to make you trust them?
I can help you if you help me.
Think about it, Suki.
So have you thought about it?
- Yes sir.
But first I wanna make sure
you understand the situation.
You're in trouble.
- What sort of trouble,
a rebellion in the making?
- When people are cold, and
they don't see a way out,
they stop being reasonable.
- So this rebellion in the making,
is it inside the dome?
Is it mostly young people?
Do they have precise objectives?
Suki, you have to answer
at least one question.
- I have no idea.
Well, if somehow
I could get some things done for them,
provide them with a few things,
maybe they'd start to trust me.
And I should have a better
idea of what's going on.
- All right.
What sort of things?
- Surprise.
(Palidor chuckles)
- You tell us.
You tell us what your crimes are.
- None, none whatsoever.
But you, Cal.
You have committed the most despicable act
of treachery there is.
- Cal was against it.
It was I who decided
you would go on trial.
- Trial?
- Yeah, but every man on trial
has a right to be defended.
- I'll defend myself, thank you very much.
With what am I being charged?
- With killing our people.
- Oh, any witnesses?
- [Cal] I have to get back to the train.
They might try to contact us.
- [Announcer] Connecting to
Grand Star communication grid.
Incoming transmission.
- [Cal] Suki, is that you?
How you been?
- Good, Cal, good.
- So what's happening?
- Nothing.
I'm just trying to help our friends.
- What do you mean?
- I can't go into it.
So, how are things with Damien?
- Damien?
They're fine.
He, well it's a long story.
What about you?
Are you in danger?
- No, I'm fine Cal, I'm fine.
- Where are you calling from?
- Someplace.
- Is that Palidor's headquarters?
- Why not, he gets it all for free.
- How did you get in there,
Suki, what's going on?
- [Palidor] Suki, I'm waiting.
- I'll tell you later, okay?
- Okay, you can't talk, I get it.
- How are you?
- It's difficult.
I can't get into it either.
- I have to go.
- [Announcer] Transmission
terminated at source.
(tense music)
- None of this is true.
It's entirely out of context.
- It's the truth.
You were leading the men
who killed my family.
- These creatures refuse
to be part of a workforce,
and they kept on stealing food supplies.
- They were starving!
You treated them as if they were not real.
- Well, they should've just gone on
scavenging from the
ancient carcasses then.
- You see, even now your hate
comes out with the same force!
- They were merely trying to survive,
and you had them killed.
You had no right.
- We had every right, I'm a Pointsman.
Pointsmen are entitled to take
whatever measures necessary
to protect the rule of the law.
- And what gives them the right?
- History, for one.
Everyone knows that the
Pointsmen saved this planet.
After the great panic,
we were the ones with the presence of mind
and the force of will
to construct the stations
and link them all
through the graceful iron of rail.
- That is your version of history.
- A version generally
accepted as truth by most.
Except the ignorant, the immoral,
and the idle.
Those who do not respect rail law.
- Rail law was invented
by a privileged part of
the people of the warm.
- It's what makes it possible
for people to survive.
- It is an iron heel grinding
the face of our people
from the moment they're born.
- You people want chaos.
We fight it, stamp it out.
And you don't like that.
That's why you subjected
me to this sham, hm?
So tell me, old man,
what are you going to do with me?
- We could do to you what
you did to your foes,
leave you out in the cold,
let you try to survive.
(intense music)
- Oh, come on Margot,
the others are waiting.
- Hey, I wanna do this properly.
This is my big moment.
- Sh sh sh.
(footsteps tapping)
What do you want now?
- You change your mind,
you coming with us?
- I need to show you something.
- Later.
- Now.
Now, or your plan will fail.
- Why, what is it?
- Not here.
- Where then?
- Listen, the Pointsmen
are on the lookout, okay?
- How'd you know that?
- I just know, okay?
I'll show you what I mean.
(Kurt sighs)
- Okay, show us what you've gotta show us,
and then we'll go do what we have to do.
Come on, let's go.
Let's move fast, we don't have much time.
(ominous music)
- I hate Damien, and I hate the Pointsmen
but I could never see myself
making him endure what
he did to your family.
- Let the old man decide, Cal.
- What do you think?
- Remembering all that has made me sad,
I can only think sadly.
But I can't let it stop me from living.
- I feel at peace here.
- That's because my little house
is also a little bit your home.
(emotional music)
- If you give me your word,
will you keep it?
- Oh we are ignorant, immoral creatures,
but somehow honor is part of our culture.
- So I have it, your word
that you won't repeat
what I'm going to tell you?
- You have it.
- We have Cal's father captive.
If anything should happen to me,
my leader would take it very badly.
And take it very badly out on him indeed.
- And if we treat you well,
will you treat him well?
You say this now.
Perhaps even you feel it.
Maybe some trace of this
will remain in your heart.
Your heart has been wounded, has it not?
And you hurt ours to forget.
And you hurt ours to forget.
- Are you a shaman?
- I'm just a tired old
man who's seen too much.
I will let you go.
And perhaps you can heal your heart,
and stop hurting others.
(ominous music)
- [Kurt] Yay, the cabaret!
- [Margot] What is this about?
- [Kurt] Yeah, what are we getting
a private performance,
Suki or what's going on?
- You feel anything?
- [Kurt] No.
- It's warm, it's heated.
- Wow, so what?
- So, well you guys can use it.
- For what?
- Instead of those cold,
miserable places you hang out in.
You're just asking to get sick.
- But aren't we gonna
get busted all the time?
- Nope.
- How can you possibly know that?
- You guys are gonna get
busted down there, okay?
It's just a matter of time, here.
Got something for ya.
For you, and all your friends.
- This is PI, this is Pointsman issue.
- That's right.
- Isn't that what we
were supposed to raid?
- Yeah, it is.
How are you doing all this?
- Just trying to help.
- That doesn't answer my question.
- Okay people, this place is all yours.
Heated, with supplies.
Take it or leave it.
- Kurt, what have we got to lose?
This is great.
- All right, Suki.
You win this round.
- You're welcome.
- [Kurt] This is all right, this is home!
(computer chirps)
- Lieutenant Damien, you seem shaken.
Am I right?
- No sir, just some apprehension
about the task ahead.
The negotiations with the
people from Polo Station.
- It worked.
Polo people have given their accord.
- Good.
So, the meeting's going ahead?
- Yes, you can go to the meeting
with my full blessing
and my complete trust.
Over and out.
(Damien sighs)
(eerie music)
- [Cal] I have to get back to the Pacific.
- It is time to continue your journey.
He mustn't find out.
- What, what is it I mustn't find out?
- I must think of something else.
I must think of the girl, Nara.
- What do you know that I mustn't?
- Oh, you are not strong enough
to break into my thoughts.
- Well if it's something
I must know, then tell me.
- What you must know is that
you will need to be brave.
- What have you found out?
- About your mother.
(emotional music)
Your quest for the sun, Cal,
will lead you to old truths.
- What do you know?
You must know more.
- No Cal, there's nothing more.
There is nothing more.
- What are you hiding from me?
What do you know about my mother?
- The truth is in the sun, Cal.
Now you must let me rest, Cal.
I'm tired.
- Why is it that I understand you so well?
- Because your mother
must have been one of us.
(emotional music)
(intense music)
(Multicom jingle)
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