Grand Star (2007) s01e20 Episode Script

Chapter XX

(Multicom jingle)
- Previously on "Grand Star."
- You saved my life, thank you.
But there are many more to be saved.
- I don't know if I can do that.
- That's why you're here.
- How do you know all this about me?
- I'm really worried about what
happened to Professor Ragg.
- You know what the people
of Grand Star can relocate.
- And if I tell you, what
would you do, invade?
- [Palidor] I have Polo
Station in my sights.
- And if we don't reach an agreement?
- I will have no choice.
We have to wage war.
(intense music)
- I'll come with you.
- No, you shouldn't, lieutenant.
- [Man] Why is this
Pointsman here with you, why?
- I can't tell you.
- [Man] He will cause more suffering.
It is our duty to capture him.
- [Cal] But I've given him my word.
(intense music)
(ice crackling)
(gentle music)
- Yes, to all the questions
going through your mind
right now, the answer is yes.
Am I normal, yes.
Am I different, yes.
Is it driving me crazy, yes.
- Will I do something about it, no.
- Why not?
- There's one satisfactory answer.
Perhaps I am changing.
Seeing the world in a different way.
- Well I have to tell you something.
What happened back there
with the people of the cold,
and capturing you, and
them prosecuting you,
it wasn't intentional.
I hate you, Damien.
And I hate everything you represent,
but I would never do that.
- Very well.
So why did you come
here in the first place?
- I wanted to know who my mother was.
- We've received a go ahead.
The leader of Polo Station
has agreed to a meeting.
We should go.
(intense music)
Thank you for accepting to
see me today, your excellency.
My mission here today is simple,
so I'll come straight to the point.
We know that your station possesses
untapped quantities of
geothermal resources.
We know how to find them,
and how to convert them.
Purpose of my trip here
today, your excellency,
is to inform you that we intend
to take possession of
these resources quickly,
but in a peaceful manner.
Should you choose not to
cooperate with us in this venture,
we will be obliged to obliterate you,
and your population without
the least hesitation.
Do you follow me, your excellency?
Good, my superior, CEO Palidor,
further wishes to inform you
that our forces are ready
to strike at any given time.
However, we're more than willing
to accord you a period of grace.
Let's say, 100 hours,
to ensure successful transfer of power.
- This is very interesting.
Your words raise very important
philosophical questions.
Thank you, thank you lieutenant.
(intense music)
(somber music)
- Hey Suki.
I thought you should know
the Pacific is due back any minute now.
- So, Mr. Sunshine's back?
I miss him too.
He's different.
He's emotional and sentimental.
Not like you, you big monkey.
- Hey I can be emotional too.
- When was the last time you cried?
- The first time I saw you.
- Hey Suki.
What are you still doing here?
You should be going to see your man,
and screaming with your heart pounding,
"You're my sunshine man!"
Come on, get up.
What's wrong?
- I'm afraid.
I'm afraid to see him.
I'm afraid he's changed.
- Do you love him?
- Yes.
- Well then what are you still doing here?
You should already be
there, get up, come on.
(somber music)
- [Cal] Hey!
- I missed you so much.
- I missed you too.
- [Suki] Did you get any
news from your father?
- No, nothing yet.
- What happened out on
the ice with Damien?
- Suki, I'll tell you later, okay?
- Tell me now.
- No Suki I'll tell you later.
- [Suki] Cal.
(intense music)
- So Damien, how did our meeting go?
- Quite well, I must say.
I warned Polo that if he didn't cooperate,
that he didn't stand a chance.
He seemed quite receptive.
I predict in the next couple of hours,
we should receive an invitation
to come and enjoy their
geothermal resources.
- In the next couple of hours?
- [Damien] Yes sir.
- Any other predictions?
- That the future of Grand
Star has been secured.
- So, let me get this clear.
You told Polo that we would eradicate them
if they didn't comply with
our wishes immediately.
- [Damien] Yes.
- And that our troops
were ready to attack.
- Yes sir.
- And that our attack was imminent.
- Yes.
- You imbecile!
Did it ever occur to you
in that tiny little pea brain of yours
that they might reply immediately?
- Did they sir?
- Yes of course they did, and they said
they would resist any
attack with all their might!
We have lost all hope of new resources
because of your arrogance!
- But you told me--
- Shut up!
- You told me specifically
to be clear with them!
- Shut up!
The only reason that you're
still here and not arrested
is because I don't want the council
to know of our confused fate.
Otherwise Damien, rest assured,
I would have you incarcerated
and flayed alive.
Now get out of my sight!
- With pleasure.
(intense music)
(suspenseful music)
- Hey!
(intense music)
Who are you, what do you want with me?
Huh, why'd you come round, who sent you?
Oh you're not gonna speak, huh?
(bell dings)
(man grunts)
(ominous music)
- Boo.
- You should not have come here.
- Came to see how the
young people were doing.
No I didn't.
I came to see you, Suki.
- Why?
- I've never said this out loud,
but I've always wanted a child.
Perhaps to show the world
that my life wasn't entirely pointless.
- Okay Daddy, why don't you just tell that
to the parents who lost me
and let me be taken away by the Pointsmen?
- Or perhaps I could
repair their mistakes.
- You didn't come all the way here
to tell me you wanted to be
my foster father, did ya?
- No, I didn't.
I want you to come to a council meeting.
- A council meeting, are you crazy?
- Yes I am, that's why I need your help.
It's all the fault of your friend, Damien
and his wretched arrogance.
He's ruined all our plans
to go to Polo Station.
The council members are
becoming increasingly nervous
and they need reassurance.
- How am I supposed to do that?
- Just tell them the people
aren't as rebellious as they seem.
Suki, all I'm asking is
that you think about it.
A present.
I'll see you soon.
(somber music)
- Who was that?
- A friend.
- You didn't seem too happy to see him.
I can tell by your eyes that you're lying.
- I'm not, Margot, okay?
It's just complicated.
- Complicated, what's going on?
Look, Suki.
If I find out that you're
double-crossing us,
I'll fix that pretty little face of yours.
Am I being understood?
- You have no idea what
you're talking about.
- Hey that's enough, what's going on?
- Nothing.
- Nothing.
(somber music)
- Well, Edison?
File your report.
- We were successful in making
contact with the target.
Cal Ragg, that is.
- How so?
- Seashell.
- Reaction?
- His reaction was violent.
He clearly doesn't have
the slightest idea what our codes are.
- The boy must know.
I can't believe his
father didn't tell him.
- No, it doesn't seem to be the case.
- You're all so incompetent.
(somber music)
(bell dinging)
(dramatic music)
- Suki.
I need to speak to you quite urgently.
- Uh.
- Shall we?
- Let's get outta here.
- And you're gonna tell
me that that is normal?
- Relax, I know Suki.
There's nothing to worry about.
- [Damien] I've heard about
your encounter with Palidor.
- And?
- And, he's requested your presence
at the next council meeting.
- Mhmm, and?
- And Suki, how can I put this?
CEO Palidor's under quite a
lot of strain at the moment.
He's not quite himself.
- You think he's crazy.
- Oh no, I wouldn't say that.
Let's just say his reason's
taken a rather long leave of absence.
I'd be careful if I were you.
- Not doing anything dangerous.
- No, no.
But, seeing as you do have his ear,
maybe you could think about
telling him a few things.
- Things like what, like
how extraordinary you are?
(Damien chuckles)
- Well, if the appropriate
moment arises, why not?
(somber music)
- Suki, I was just coming to see you.
What are you doing out here?
Why didn't you just come inside?
- We need to talk, Cal.
After you left with Damien, I got scared.
You didn't say where you were
going, what you were doing,
and then with your father's
disappearance I was scared, Cal.
- [Cal] And?
- And, I went to see Palidor.
- Just like that?
I mean you walked in
and said, "Hi, I'm Suki.
"I'd love to talk to you.
"Oh, and thanks for letting me in."
- Tara got me in.
Palidor needs help, he's--
- He's what, huh?
Oh poor old Palidor.
- Cal, I came because I
really wanted to talk to you.
I really need to talk to someone, okay?
Margot thinks that I betrayed every--
- Well what do you expect?
- You feel the same way.
- What do you expect me to think, Suki?
We're talking about Palidor
here, he's my worst enemy.
- Sometimes it's good to
know what your enemies think.
You start to realize
that they're people too,
and life isn't as simple
as you'd like to believe.
- The people of Grand Star are restless.
Now since our relocation
plan met with total disaster,
rebellion is definitely in the air.
CEO Palidor, not only
do people have no heat,
they now practically have
no more food, and rats,
rats have been seen
for the first time since the Great Panic!
- Oh, Cleary give me strength!
You're more and more
like an Italian opera singer
from the 19th century,
with a certain talent
for trilling and tragedy.
But luckily, that epoch is far behind us.
And anything you have to say
about the people is completely obsolete.
However, I happen to
have here a young woman
who goes by the name of Suki.
A real witness to her times.
Someone that knows what the people
are thinking, and doing,
more than anyone else here.
I would like her to have the floor.
Suki, if you please.
- Well.
The people I see
are very unhappy.
They don't understand what's going on.
This might not be exactly
what you want to hear,
CEO Palidor, but that's
the reality out there.
(intense music)
- Hey.
Where is she?
- Princess Suki seems to be a
lot in demand at the moment.
I'm afraid we've lost track
of her many, many appointments
with her many, many fans.
Do you know
where your little friend is right now?
- No, I thought she'd
be here with you guys.
- She's attending the council meeting.
- As Palidor's special guest.
- Well she's gotta have a good reason.
(Cal sighs)
- I know you expected me
to tell the council that
everyone still trusts you.
Well, I can't do that,
because the truth is,
they don't, not anymore.
People have lost their faith.
They're losing hope, and they're scared.
Scared for the future.
- Let me in, let me through!
I need to see CEO Palidor, let me through!
- These proceedings cannot be interrupted.
- Wait, wait.
- No please, please CEO Palidor,
you gave this young person the floor.
She's addressing the council now,
I must say with extreme pertinence.
I insist that this intruder
be thrown out immediately.
Suki is it?
You have the floor.
- Wait.
Let the young man in!
(suspenseful music)
Well young man, what's this all about?
I'm giving you the opportunity to speak.
Do you have something to say?
- Yeah, as a matter of fact I do.
- [Palidor] Well?
- Well one day I was walking down
the main platform of Grand Star,
and I was daydreaming
because I'd just seen for the first time,
the most beautiful girl,
and before I even knew
I was in love, I was hit
by this bright light.
It was so strong I couldn't even move,
so I looked up, and I saw something.
I saw something I would never forget.
I saw the sun.
I wasn't looking for it.
I wasn't trying to contradict
what everyone believes.
I saw it!
I saw it just as real as I see you now.
And I wanted to know why.
Why did what I thought was the sun,
just suddenly appear in my life?
Was it really there?
Is it really there?
And are the Pointsmen trying to hide it?
And if so, why?
Why is it so terrible to
know that the sun exists?
- And?
- And nothing.
I found a world of lies and deceit.
People of the cold are
treated like slaves,
barely given enough food to even survive,
and people of Grand Star
are left in the dark.
- What a grim, grim world
you're describing, young man.
- Nobody cares about the
truth, and that's the truth.
- Oh, bravo, bravo!
Thank you so much for this
fantastic romantic intel,
but it's all nonsense!
And look at you, you're pathetic.
Lapping it up like dogs.
It's all absolute
nonsense that you're using
to avoid your real responsibilities!
Real solutions for our very real problems!
- What is this, Palidor?
Another one of your speeches,
another one of your--
- [Palidor] From the bottom
of what passes for my heart.
- These proceedings have
turned into a circus
and you're the master of ceremonies here!
- As a meeting, oh you shut up!
- I will not allow this anymore!
All these rantings and ravings!
- [Palidor] Out!
- [Cleary] We talk of real substance,
and you cannot handle it, can you?
- [Palidor] Get out of here!
- You haven't seen the last of me!
- [Palidor] Get out of here now!
(somber music)
(intense music)
(Multicom jingle)
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