Grand Star (2007) s01e21 Episode Script

Chapter XXI

(joyful music)
- [Narrator] Previously on GrandStar.
- Po, I need your help.
- Do you know where your
little friend is, right now.
- She's attending a council meeting.
- As Palador's special guest.
- Margo thinks that I betrayed everybody.
- Well what do you expect?
We're talking about Palador
here, he's my worst enemy.
- We have lost all hope of new resources
because of your arrogance.
- You told me specifically
to be clear with them.
- Shut up!
- Well, Edison?
- We were successful in making contact.
- [Ma Ker] How so?
- [Edison] Seashell, his
reaction was violent.
- [Ma Ker] The boy must know,
I can't believe his father
didn't tell him.
- Who are you, what do you want with me?
(intense music)
- Maybe we were born in the wrong period.
Imagine just to walk on grass.
Just that.
We'll never know.
- Suki, I'm very disappointed
in your behavior.
If I'm going to help
you, you have to help me.
- I thought you wanted
me to be honest with you.
- I do, I need that.
Otherwise you wouldn't be here.
- Well I need you to be honest too.
- About what?
- What Cal said.
- The grand outburst.
- One day I was walking down
the main platform of Grandstar
and I was daydreaming
because I had just seen you
you for the first time.
The most beautiful girl.
- By the way I think that
young man is very fond of you.
- And I think that's my business.
- But what he said, do you truly believe
that it's entirely false?
- I was hit by this bright light.
And it was so strong that
I couldn't even move.
So I looked up and I saw something.
I saw something I would never forget.
I saw the sun.
- That's utter nonsense.
It's a dream, I've got
nothing against dreams.
But that particular one, forget it.
- I can't forget it.
- Suki be like me.
Have your dreams, but make sure
they're anchored in reality.
- You wanted honesty,
I'll tell you what's real.
People need somewhere
warm, somewhere safe to go.
- Like Polar station?
But thanks to your friend Damien,
we no longer have chance for
an attack that's a surprise.
- We need know that your
station possesses untapped
quantities of geothermal resources.
We know how to find them
and how to convert them.
Should you choose not to cooperate
with us in this venture, we
will obliged to obliterate you
and your population without
the least hesitation.
Do you follow me, your excellency?
- You mean you want to go to war?
- No not anymore no.
- You imbecile, we have lost
all hope of new resources,
because of your arrogance!
- You told me specifically
to be clear with them.
- Shut up!
- What are you going to do then?
- You really just won't let
me off the hook won't you?
I'll do like I always do,
find another solution.
- You think there is one?
- Maybe.
But first I'll have to talk
to my friends the scientists.
- Your scientists, about what?
- Surprise.
- Kurt, it's me, I need
to talk to you now.
It's about my father.
Got to face the truth.
- What do you mean?
- I was looking for some messages, my dad
used to leave them.
And I checked his computer
and this is what I found.
- That's the cannon.
- Yeah it's a renewers cannon.
You aim it at the sky to
help bring the sun back.
- Do you think we could use
this to build a new one?
So now you're sure that your father
was working with the renewers right?
Maybe they might know where he is.
- Like I said I got to face the truth.
- Cal, I'm going to get
down from the train.
I have some important
business, I'm not going to tell
you where I'm going.
I'm not going to tell you why I'm going.
And then I'm going to return and you are
never going to ask me a single
question about all this.
- He's not with them, he's not with us.
It's because Palador found
out and had him killed.
- Are you a renewer?
- Cal no.
- No I got to put two
and two together man.
I've been hiding from the
truth for so long I just got
to face it.
- Thank you for these images, Hamson.
You know these creatures
like the back of your hand.
You're the only person in
my entourage that I trust.
- I'm honored, sir.
- But what you're showing me here
is just their exterior envelope.
If we're gonna carry out a succesful graft
I have to know what we're grafting.
How these creatures were crafted.
I asked you to look into this.
- And I have.
Several centuries ago, a
team of genetic engineers
managed to isolate and extract the genes
necessary to endure the cold.
They boosted them up
and created new beings.
- Genetically modified beings.
Your colleagues from
the past were brilliant.
- Absolutely but they
underestimated one thing,
these creatures were meant
to wither and die after use.
They've proliferated.
Leaving us with their
offspring which we don't need.
- No, what we need now is to obtain
samples of that crucial genetic material.
- And if we get some, can we
carry out a succesful graft?
- You mean capturing
some people of the cold
to extract the genetic material?
- Yes, I do.
- I'm afraid that's not in
my field of competence, sir.
- Well then in that case,
Hamson, you better go
and see Lieutenant Damien.
Tell him exactly what we need.
(upbeat music)
- Cal, you wanted to see me?
I'm here.
Something wrong?
- Yeah, there's something
I think I should tell you.
- Okay.
What is it?
- Suki, my father's dead.
- Cal.
I'm so sorry.
- Yeah, everyone's sorry.
- No, no really.
I'm truly sorry.
When did it happen?
- I don't know.
- Have you seen him?
- No.
- Cal I'm not really sure I understand,
when did you find out?
- I figured it out.
- You figured it out, Cal how do you know
for sure, you don't.
- Look, Suki, what I'm
telling you right now
is gonna be repeated
back at Palador's palace.
- Don't say that and
don't jump to conclusions
about your father.
- What other possibility
could it be, Suki?
He was killed by Palador.
(intense music)
- It won't work, we'll never find
enough pieces for a cannon.
- Well, if we can find
just one sample then--
- What, and ask our
friends to do the same?
I mean go and get pieces
and bring them back
bit by bit, secretly.
- Yeah, yeah, exactly.
And then we can assemble it.
- Where?
- Here, we'll assemble it in here.
- Great plan, Kurt.
We're bound to get discovered and besides
you said this road would be fun.
- It is, you're not having fun?
I'm having fun.
What's wrong with you?
We gotta do this for Cal,
we gotta give it a shot.
- Okay.
- So help me with some of this crap.
There's gotta be something
on this we can use.
It's more awkward than heavy.
I think I just ripped my pants.
- This is better, much better.
- Yeah, we gave it a shot, right?
- Yeah, we did our best.
(calm music)
- Well, Edison, file your report.
Did you try again?
- Yes.
And we were unsuccessful.
- Well, once again I
must handle this myself.
I shall go see Cal Rag, tell
him that I need his help.
- That's too dangerous.
- What's really dangerous
is your stupidity.
Even blind I can see it clearly.
Now leave me alone, go away.
I said go away.
- [Suki] I wanna know
what happened to Liam Rag.
- I don't know, things happen to people,
things happen to people all the time.
How am I supposed to know?
- He vanished off the face of the earth.
- Well maybe he feel through the ice
while he was drilling, that happens.
Maybe he'll be found like some mammoth.
- Please.
- It's true.
Maybe he's one of the lucky ones
who'll be dug up in a
thousand years and be intact
and he won't have to
live through this hell.
- Palador.
- The thing is, people
don't realize about me
is I'm a leader and a pioneer.
I'm about to take a big risk
with my own flesh and blood.
- What are you going to do?
You gonna go into battle,
I thought you said--
- Yes, I'm going into battle, with myself.
Even though I decided
never to have offspring,
I'm about to be reborn,
reborn from myself.
The mind of a conquerer, the
body of a toughened slave.
- Is this dangerous?
- Of course it's dangerous.
It's not worth having
if it's not dangerous,
haven't you learnt that?
- Yeah, yeah I guess so.
- And after me, Suki, you too can have it.
'Cause you too are a survivor.
- I'm fine the way I am.
You better cool it.
- Cool it, that's exactly
what I'm gonna do.
Cool it, I'll be as cool as a cucumber.
Cool as a person of the cold.
- That's what this is about?
You wanna become a person of the cold?
- Yes.
And I will.
And you'll be proud of me.
I'll be a leader and a pioneer.
(upbeat music)
- Hey, Cal.
- Hey.
- [Kurt] What you been doing?
- I just sit here all day and I brew.
Anything wrong with that?
- No, Cal, it's great,
I think I'll join you.
- Kurt, I can't even mourn, man.
There's no body, so there's no funeral.
(punch thudding)
- Hang in there, okay, I'm
with you, I'm your friend.
- Yeah, I know.
So what you been up to?
- The cannon, Cal.
Margo and I are working on it.
We haven't gotten that
far but I'm confident.
- Yeah, well I'm not.
- Don't be like that.
- Don't be like what, Kurt?
I have no past, I have no future.
I have no mother and now I have no father.
- You've got us.
Did you talk to Suki?
(intense music)
- You're not being careful, you know.
- Really Suki?
Is there something I should be aware of?
When word gets out about
what happened to Liam Rag,
you won't be able to blame Palador.
- Sorry I don't know what
you're talking about.
- When it gets around
that Liam Rag was killed.
Everyone's going to say
you're the one who did it.
- Well if that be the case I wouldn't get
in such a state about it.
I'm sure I can live with the consequences.
- [Liam] My name will
no longer protect you.
- I'm not scared.
- Well you should be.
- [Woman] It was the sun.
Don't be afraid of the truth.
(bell beeps)
(calm music)
- Thank you.
- Sure.
- Oh Cal it's so good
to be with you again.
- Ma Ker, it's good to see you too.
You doing well?
- Ever since you saved my life
I've been doing very well.
Cal I hear you haven't
responded to our call for help,
is that true?
- Your call for help?
- We sent someone.
With a shell.
- Oh that's who that was.
It was a renewer.
Oh yeah, I didn't respond,
I guess you heard right.
- [Ma Ker] That sea shell
is our call for help,
I thought your father would have told you.
- And he's no longer here.
- I'm sorry Cal, we don't know
what happened to Liam either.
He often mentioned you.
He was proud of you.
- How do you know?
- I know.
- Did he say anything else?
- We never had time to talk
about personal matters.
Cal, other people are now
carrying on your father's work.
- With the cannon.
- Listen to me carefully.
When you found me, after the Pointsmen
had killed our people, we
already had the cannon.
- The one you shoot at the sky.
- Yes, to dissolve a mass of particles
blocking out the sun.
- Yeah, but the Pointsmen destroyed it.
- Yes and they took the most precious
part with them, the chamber.
- Pointsmen have it, huh?
- And there's a formula we need, Cal.
So we can fire that cannon
at the exact right moment.
And your father was
working on that formula.
Cal we need you to help us.
- Kurt.
- Hey.
- Hey, is there any news about
your dad, what's going on?
- No that's not it, I just
got a visit from someone.
You remember that old woman we saved?
- No, Ma Ker.
- Attacked the Pointsmen
took a part of the cannon
that we need to get back.
- The Pointsmen took it, huh?
- We have to get it back, we just have to.
- It's good to see you up and out.
So what did that old
lady tell you this time?
- She just reminded me of some things.
- You know my Pointsmen
buddies aren't gonna listen
to me anymore.
- [Cal] They're not?
- No, but I do think I have something
that will speak to them.
- What's that?
- Credits, Cal.
Hey credits talk.
- You're gonna bribe them?
- Yes I am.
I have actually figured
out how to add credits.
I just take someone's card
and make them a little richer.
(machine beeps)
- Have you done that on your own card yet?
- No, this is only for the cause.
Hey, don't tell Margo about this okay?
- Okay, why?
- 'Cause she'll wanna use it to have fun
and to party and before you know it
half the underworld's gonna know
and we're the ones who
are gonna get busted.
- All right.
- I think this is gonna work.
- We'll see.
(gentle music)
- We have to do something about Damien.
- Why, what did he do to you?
- Nothing.
But he killed Liam Rag.
And you know what, you ordered it.
- He did, did he?
- Yes but you ordered it, he would never
have done it on his own.
- And that upsets you?
(fork clangs)
- I can't stay here among killers.
- Suki, stop.
- No, I never wanna see you again.
- Stop, you don't have to go.
You don't have to go.
Do you want to know why?
- Why?
- Because your friend is still alive.
- He's alive?
- Yes.
- Is he your prisoner?
- No.
- Even if he was, I guess
sometimes you have to do
things like that.
- Suki, you're incredible.
All the fire of youth,
all the wisdom of age.
I knew I could trust you.
- Of course you can trust me.
Do you know where he is?
- No.
(intense music)
- [Liam] Palador.
- Professor Rag, listen to me.
I will be attempting a bold experiment
with the people of the cold.
And I know for a fact
that you have in-depth
knowledge of their species.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Oh yes you do.
Lieutenant Damien will
bring me some test subjects.
You will help me, you will
help me or you will die.
(intense music)
(joyful music)
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