Grand Star (2007) s01e23 Episode Script

Chapter XXIII

(Multicom jingle)
- (Narrator) Previously on Grand Star.
intense music ♪
- You were leading the
man who killed my family.
- Genetically modified beings.
They're calling from past but brilliant.
- He wants to be able to
endure low temperatures
so that he's not left out in the cold.
- Please help me.
- Come on, it's now or never.
- When you found me, we
already had the cannon
to dissolve massive particles
plucking out the sun.
- After the attack took place,
the cannon was destroyed,
I saved small pieces.
- You think that we could
use this to build a new one?
- We have to get it
back or we just have to.
- I gotta do this for Kath.
Okay I'm going to get it a shot.
- Your father, he's
alive, he's a prisoner.
Did you hear me?
Your father's alive Cal.
intriguing music ♪
(Ice cracking)
- That creature's gone.
- Sorry to hear that.
- No you're not, don't lie Suki.
(water pouring)
- That's not worthy of you.
- You're right.
The Palidor wasn't really worthy of you,
what you tried to do to her.
- I didn't kill her.
- Who knows?
- I'm sorry to interrupt but I have to
give you your last after
treatment injection.
- Don't worry.
You can do it in front of
Suki, Suki doesn't care.
(needle goes into skin)
(heavy breathing)
Hamsun, how long can one of
those creatures from the cold
exist outside their own environment?
- Depends really, sir.
- You've given her description
to all the patrols.
She's probably rotting
somewhere in the dome.
I do hope she doesn't fade away.
( echoed noise )
- That's enough for now.
- Are you sure?
- Yes Kurt.
I'm fine.
- Okay.
- She's getting stronger
cause you're feeding her,
but you know it's too warm for her here.
- Yeah, well we can't bring
her back into the cold
she's too weak and everyone's
out on the lookout for her.
- Well down below then, it's cooler.
- Yeah.
- Nara, Kurt knows the
under world really well.
You're in good hands.
- Listen, Hamsun
Palidor's scientist.
He gave me some shots, he
said he'd give me an antidote
if I was good.
I never got those other shots.
- We could get them.
- How?
- Suki?
- Yeah.
- Suki don't go.
- I can't just leae Nara in that state.
What are you gonna do now?
Work on the cannon?
- Well that's the plan,
that's what my father would want me to do.
- Getting Mo to jail
will just have to wait.
Suki don't go back to Palidor.
I mean I can handle this.
- No you can't.
And I'm in a position to help, period.
- It's just so dangerous
Suki, you've done enough.
- I have to do anything
I can to help Nara.
Gump music starts playing ♪
(scanning sounds)
- CEO Palidor, each of our
council members have now
outlined the dire consequences
faced by our population.
Let us now examine the
solutions that our scientists
as commissioned and led by CEO Palidor
are considering, Dr. Hamsun.
- Yes.
Our staff has made a complete inventory
of all influencer vaccines.
- Ah!
Influencer vaccines, brilliant.
Our people are going to freeze to death.
What good are shots against the flu?
Where is Liam Ragg?
What would he have to say?
- Liam Ragg seems to have disappeared.
- Disappeared?
- Yes disappeared.
He fled.
Probably to save his own skin.
- Just what are you telling us?
Are you saying that it's
each man for himself?
- That would be a good way
of putting this, wouldn't it?
Dr. Hamsun, please proceed.
(ruffling of metals)
- It's nice and cold,
I can already feel it.
- Good, good, good, good.
See everything's gonna be fine.
- Sure.
(Heavy breathing)
- Kurt?
- Yeah.
- What if people come?
- They won't.
It's way to cold for them.
It's actually getting colder
and colder up there too.
- And will it stop?
- Grand Star's breaking down.
- Then, you people are
the ones to worry about.
- No, no, no, no.
We'll pull through.
(Deep sigh)
Me and my buddies got a plan.
- Against Palidor?
- Not just him, we think big.
We want to bring back the sun.
- Ah you too.
( echoed noises )
- As you all know, our preserves
are being rapidly depleted
with out current raid
of energy consumption
it's only a matter of weeks
before the dome freezes over.
- Dr. Hamsun please tell us,
what energy saving measures
has CEO Palidor suggested that you find?
- Energy saving measures?
- Yes.
- All possible measures have
already been carried out, sir.
- That's enough.
Grand Star is a sinking ship,
all that's missing is an orchestra.
- I beg your pardon?
- I see the icebergs but I
don't hear the orchestra.
- I don't quite see the importance,
CEO Palidor would you
please explain it to us.
- Oh, there's a surprise Cleary.
You don't get it.
Well ladies and gentlemen,
let's all pretend that
it's been a pleasure.
Thank you, good bye.
( foot steps )
Adventure music plays ♪
(gate opens and closes)
- Rise and shine Mr.
Ragg, time for your shots.
- Margo
Hey Margo.
Where's Kurt?
- Down with Nara.
(heavy breathing)
- Okay, okay I need 4 or 5 volunteers.
- I'm in.
- Excellent.
- Guys too, yeah?
- Is this a raid?
- You bet.
Grab some coats and hoods,
we'll need some hoods.
- Now you're talking, we
needed some action around here.
- What's the plan?
- Let's go.
( laughter )
- You're under arrest.
- What is this?
How dare you?
What is this?!
- Special arrest.
- Calm down doctor, we
have a patient for you.
- Who are you?
(muffled grunts)
- I'd think to sue if I were you.
Gimme the case!
Gimme the case!
- Ah, bingo.
We got it.
- We got it.
- Come with us doctor.
Case's orders.
Let's go.
- Let's go.
( eerie noise )
(wind )
Dark music plays ♪
Are these the shots for Nara?
(gasps and chuckles)
- No.
- Those are just vitamins you know,
probably just give you strength.
- And what about this?
- Oh, nothing.
More of the same really.
- It looks different.
- Yes, yes, yes.
Actually those are kind of tranquilizer.
- Oh, good.
So I'll give you a shot
cause you seem kind of jumpy.
- No, no, no, no.
- Yes.
Why, what is it?
What is it?
- What is it Hamsun?
Why don't you just tell us?
Come on, what is it.
What it it?
Tell me what it is!
- It's a truth serum to interrogate.
Oh no.
- How bout a little taste
of your own medicine Hamsun?
( bubbling noise )
- We gave him the serum 20 minutes ago,
it's starting to work.
- Where are the antidotes
for Nara, Hamsun?
- I have no antidotes for Nara.
She simply has to be out in the cold.
There is no antidote.
- Are you sure?
- Yes I'm sure,
that was just a carrot
to keep her in line.
Quite cute creature I must-
- Shut up Hamsun!
- Doctor, doctor, those truth serums
What are they used for?
Interrogation right?
- You should hear the
things our patients say
once they get going.
- Doctor, do you know what
happened to Liam Ragg?
- That useless pretentious fool.
They let him do what ever
he wanted for too long
but that's over now.
- What do you mean?
- He's in Palidor's special prison.
- Where is he?
- Where is the useless fool?
- In our detention house.
- Did you hurt him?
- No.
I would like to
but I wasn't necessary.
My chemicals work better.
- I'm gonna feed Hamsun.
( muffled speech )
- So you think I'm a cute creature.
- Yes, in a way.
- And have you ever been close
to a creature of the cold?
Real close.
Would you like to
Be real close?
- Why not?
- Have you ever been disloyal to Palidor?
- Answer the question!
- I have considered it.
He's no longer apt to rule.
Governor Cleary approached me recently
and I was willing to help.
- You see this Hamsun?
If you don't help us find Liam Ragg,
you might as well have said
everything you just said
directly to Palidor.
You got that?
Drum music ♪
Liam's cell is in a
guarded place just below,
I'll get you to him.
- The girl stays here, Cal follow me.
I'll do all the talking.
- Dr. Hamsun.
- This young man is my assistant.
- Very good sir.
(doors creak open and close)
- I brought you some more supplies.
( solar electricity noises )
Mellow music ♪
Cause you finished
everything I brought before.
- I can't.
- Come on, don't tell me
I'm going to have to spoon feed you.
- I'm sure you would like that.
- Nah.
As a matter of fact I would.
- There's other things you can do.
- Like what?
- Like listening to me
talk about the cold.
- If I imagine it hard enough,
will I feel it?
- Yeah.
Tell me what it's like for you
- It's like a wind.
Cool, free wind in my face.
- Cal?
My boy.
( shaky breathing )
- I was worried about you dad.
- How have you been?
- Good.
- Oh thank goodness.
Thank goodness.
- Dad, I was the one that
thought you were dead.
- No, I'm fine.
I'm a little weak.
( shivering breaths )
- Dad
I met with some of your friends.
- Your friends, I know exactly
what you mean, my friends.
- Dad,
I decided to be apart of them.
Apart of everything you've been doing.
- Well that's good news.
That's the best news I've had in
Oh I'm scared.
- Dad don't be, I can't
walk away form what I am.
- I know.
My problem is with these drugs but if
I might just pass out
before I can tell you.
- Tell me what?
- The formula for the cannon.
- What is it?
- It's C
Sigma 10
(electronic sounds and keyboard)
0 to N
- I'll remember it then.
- You give that to our people,
the technicians will
know what to do with it.
- I can do that.
- Cal we have to go now.
- I'm gonna get you out of here, okay?
I promise.
- Of course.
- I promise.
- Cal
your mother was a woman of the cold.
( eerie noise )
- Kurt.
- It's my friend.
- Kurt I need your help,
I just saw my father again
and I need to get you
the renewers right now.
- Cal.
- You okay Nara.
- You guys know each other?
- Yes we met,
in a different world.
A world of ice.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Well, you gonna help me or what?
- What about Nara?
- I hear there's a lot less patrols now,
we can take a change and-
- That's so risky.
Yeah, but she needs to get outside.
- What if she gets caught?
- Kurt, she's just getting
weaker and weaker man.
We have to take that chance.
- Your friend is right
Kurt, I can't stay here.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Dramatic music plays ♪
- You like her, don't you?
- Yeah we all do, we all took care of her.
- You especially.
You really put you heart into it.
- Like everybody else.
- Don't deny it.
You're a cool guy and she's
a nice woman of the cold.
- What are you saying, I'm with you.
- Not anymore.
It was fun, it really was.
We did a lot.
- We'll do more.
- You're crazy about her.
Aren't you?
- Maybe.
- It's hard seeing him like that.
- My father has always
been someone who's strong.
We gotta get him out of there Suki,
I don't know how much
longer he'll survive.
- Cal, Palidor needs him.
Your father's like a
treasure trove for him
he's full of knowledge
he thinks he can use.
I'll go and see him.
- No, you gotta be careful Suki.
I don't want you to end
up in jail too or worse.
- Palidor needs me too in his way.
I love you Cal.
- I love you too.
- So you're gonna be all better soon.
Do you think I'll ever see you again?
- You'll stay in my mind, always.
- So will you.
- You've been very helpful, I need you.
You're the only person I can trust.
- Prove it.
- How?
- Release Liam Ragg.
(eerie sound)
Upbeat outro music plays ♪
(Multicom jingle)
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