Grand Star (2007) s01e24 Episode Script

Chapter XXIV

(Multicom Jingle)
- [Narrator] Previously on "Grand Star".
- Grand Star is a sinking ship.
- Our current rate of energy consumption,
it's only a matter of weeks
before the dome freezes over.
- Well you Damien I've been watching you.
I've noticed someone whose
talents, are being wasted.
- Grand Star's breaking down.
- You're people are the
ones to worry about.
- Palidor's scientist, he
said he give an antidote
if I was good.
- This is a raid?
- You bet, we'll need some hoods.
- What is this?
What is this?
- [Female] Are these the shots for Nara?
- Come on what is it?
- It's a truth serum, to interrogate.
- Do you know what happened to Liam Ragg?
- He's Palidor's special prisoner.
- [Cal] Where is he?
- Cal!
My boy.
(upbeat music)
(suspenseful music)
- [Damien] In the next hours,
I will be taking command of Grand Star.
Before I do so, I come before you now,
your humble servant.
Because I need to know,
whether I, can count on you.
Can I count on you?
- [All] Yes, Lieutenant Damien.
- Unfailing loyalty is expected.
- [All] Yes, Lieutenant Damien!
- Total sacrifice!
- [Group] Yes, Lieutenant Damien!
- Total devotion!
- Yes, Lieutenant Damien!
- I'm very, very proud of you all.
(slow upbeat music)
- Cal this is stupid.
- Look, Hamsun just been arrested,
he said he could take me to my father,
but he's gone, so I don't have a choice.
- You do have a choice.
You can either act like
a brainless hate machine,
or you can use your head.
- Can't stand to see my father
detained and humiliated Suki.
- So what, you gonna storm the place,
take out a couple of dozen pointsmen
you think you're not going to get caught?
- He's my father.
- You're letting your emotions take over.
- Talk like a real leader.
- I talk like someone who loves you.
- Yeah.
- Cal, you already have
the Chamber of the Cannon
and your father gave you
the equation am I right?
- Right.
- You want to jeopardize
the hard work and dreams
of all these people who've
been waiting for them.
- No.
- Cal don't do it.
- Nothing's gonna stop me.
- You're asking me to just
forget all of my feelings.
- Suki, there comes a
time in someones life
where they have to make a choice.
There's greater things in life than,
than just our little selves.
I love you.
- I have to say I'm rather perplexed by a,
report I've just received.
- Regarding what?
- Yes it says here that Cal Ragg,
was led to the detention
room of his father, Liam Ragg
- This young man is my assistant.
- Which means the two communicated.
- Then it must be true.
- What in the world possessed you Hamsun?
- No satisfying explanation.
- I use to so much admire your
Indestructible sense of
I'll have you deported.
Any objections?
- None what so ever.
- See.
Spoken like a true Pointsman.
(sighs) Take care of yourself.
(soulful upbeat music)
- Is Kurt around?
- Since Nara's gone he
spends most of his time
staring at the ice.
I guess he thinks that she's
gonna come back for him,
and take him to some wonderland.
Guess you guys sometimes
forget, that people around you,
have feelings.
Real feelings.
And what binds two people
is stronger than, any object, or weapon.
You should remind your buddy of that.
Tell him I'm waiting for him.
- Kurt.
What are you doing out here?
You know Nara's gone home Kurt.
- Yeah, yeah I know.
I miss her.
- [Cal] I know.
And hey, Margot's waiting for you,
she wanted me to tell you that.
- (sighing) Oh she's so good.
She changed my life, but,
I got so much stuff going on in my head
I don't think I'll ever have
enough words to express it.
- You just, you're just alive
man. It's not an illness.
But I need your help.
- Talk to me.
- I got to get my father out.
- Cal, are you talking real action here?
- You ready?
- We got a plan?
- Uh, no.
- Weapons?
- No.
- Any inside help?
- Um, no.
- Sounds perfect.
I'm in.
- Suki, how nice of you to join us.
- I get worried when you call me.
- Oh you shouldn't.
- What's with the smile?
- Oh there's a, big things coming our way.
- Yes?
- Good news, is on the horizon.
Good for me and for you.
If you play your cards right.
- So I was right to be worried.
- I've been talking to
members of the council.
There's talk of deposing Palidor.
- How could they do that?
- I don't know by, declaring
him unfit to govern I suppose.
- How would that happen?
- Well, already most of them
think he's half crazy so
(laughs) imagine if they discover
he's been trying to turn himself
into a person of the cold.
- These matters belong
to your world not mine.
- [Damien] Well, unless
- Unless what?
- Well, unless I were the
one chosen to replace him.
I think that would be
of some concern to you.
- You?
- Mm hm, me.
Well, can you think of anybody else
better suited, to take on his position?
No I didn't think so.
Time to make a choice Suki.
Time to decide who's side you're on.
or ah, Cal's?
- What about Cal's father?
- Well, his fate largely depends on uh,
your willingness to help, or not.
- And how am I suppose to help?
- I thought you'd never ask.
Testify that Palidor is loosing his mind.
That he tried to inject
himself with the DNA
of the woman of the cold.
That's all.
Think about it.
(techno music)
- I know there area where
my fathers being detained
inside and out.
It's all a matter of doing it discreetly.
Fast, so no one can even
come on to our trail,
- We should get some guys together.
- No, think stealth.
Total absolute discretion, mobility.
- I don't think you get it.
If we get Margot we
can rally up and army--
- No I don't think you get it.
I don't wanna get anyone else in trouble.
- What about me?
Thanks, that means a lot to me.
We're gonna get laminated Cal.
We're gonna get stomped into the ground,
and we're gonna get pressed down
by the stupid Pointsman boots,
and then were gonna get
picked up, diced up,
put in the food processor,
blended up, put it in a cup.
Drink us, chew it up, spit us
out like florescent saliva.
We don't have a chance.
- Of course we do.
- No, it's two of us
verses an infinite number
of brainless blood thirsty pointsmen
and we don't even have a plan.
Yeah you know what this should be easy as,
your mental powers,
how reliable are they on
a scale from 1 to 100?
Come on, high 90s.
High 90's
- 37.4.
- 37.4, not what I wanted to hear.
(eclectic power up music)
(suspenseful music)
- It seems to me,
that my days as head of Grand
Star are coming to an end.
- And you expect me to sympathize?
- No, hardly (inhaling).
I just thought perhaps that we together
could bring hope to our people.
- You're in trouble.
- Seriously Ragg, I'm
talking about our future.
- What do you have in mind?
- Well, I thought we
could go on an expedition.
And dig.
You must know where to dig.
- Dig?
- There must be thousands, and thousands
of places that have gone untapped.
- I have been "digging",
as you put it all my life.
I have dug so many holes, so
deep you wouldn't imagine.
And you know what I found at the bottom?
- What?
- Nothing.
The solution is not below us, it's above.
- What are you talking about.
- I'm talking about the sun Palidor.
The sun!
- Those are tales, the first of tales,
from an ancient world.
- You've been telling lies so
long, you believe it yourself.
- Nonsense.
- Everyone depend on you for heat,
and so you kept it that way.
- Nonsense.
- We could have developed technology,
we could have developed
methods to bring it back
but no you prevented it.
- There is nothing up there.
- That just your Pointsman ideology.
- How dare you.
It was Pointsman ideology
that you despise so much,
that kept you and everyone like you alive!
- He kept everyone in the dark!
- You have any idea!?
Any idea, how difficult it was
to keep Grand Star prosperous?
And united?
No, because you were already obsessing
with your stupid,
pathetic, romantic, dreams,
about blue skies, and sunsets,
and rainbows.
Well I hate blue skies,
and I hate sunsets,
and I hate rainbows.
And it looks as though I'm just
gonna have to leave you here
to rot, for all eternity.
(upbeat music)
- Counselor Masters, this is a rather ah,
delicate matter.
I'm sure you're not unaware of my
total devotion to Electric-Core and ah,
years and years and years
of unflinching loyalty to
our dear President Palidor.
- Makes me dizzy just thinking about it.
- (chuckling) Yes.
But as is in the natural
order of things ah,
the time has come, I believe,
for ah, an evolution.
If I may borrow and analogy
from the ancient world.
A bud must flower, a dog must, bite--
- Lieutenant, can I
summarize the situation.
You want to over throw
Palidor, and take his place.
But in order to do so you
need to know how I will react,
to your proposition.
Is that it?
- Yes, something like that.
- Do you really think
I'm not informed about what goes on here?
You have my full support lieutenant.
- Lovely. (chuckles)
(dramatic music)
(guards fighting)
- This is genius Cal.
You're the man.
This is too good.
(guards grunting)
- This is too good, this is irresistible.
Hey buddy, do you know who I am?
Do you know what I'm gonna do to you?
I'm going to make you regret
that you were ever a pointsman,
is that okay?
Cal this is too good.
Huh? Huh, huh, (vocalizing)
(guard grunting)
(Kurt laughing)
Cal buddy, you are the king
of the universe my friend.
You are the king of the
universe. Somewhere along the way
your bloodline got confused or something,
but everybody should know,
that you are the king of the universe.
- (laughs) let's go, it's this way.
- In your face, in your face.
- Let's go.
- Who's next.
- So are we all set?
- Yes, yes, I've been polishing my speech,
putting on the finishing touches.
- Speech?
What speech?
- My address to the people.
You know.
There's nothing to worry about.
Everything is in order.
Your new leader is, in control.
- Mm hm.
- Et cetera, et cetera
- It's good, et cetera, yes.
Good, I think the topics are
very, very, very interesting,
but I don't quite
catch the part about "my"
address to the people.
- Well yes.
- That was bit of the slip
of the tongue wasn't it.
'cause, the only one addressing
the people would be me.
- I see, I see,
truth is, that part of the
strategy was, never mentioned.
- [Damien] Oh really?
- No.
- Well now it has been.
Of course, if you have
a problem with that.
You know, if you want to
voice any, disapproval.
You have any doubts or any
other forms of treachery.
Do let me know.
I really do need to know who
my friends are Governor Cleary.
Are you my friend Governor Cleary?
- Yes.
- Oh goody.
- Come on do something funny.
Do something.
We could change the world
with your powers man.
Can you make them shrink?
- Oh man.
- Make them shrink, please!
- Look, I'm gonna make you shrink
if you don't shut your mouth.
- Okay, okay, okay.
(tense music)
(guards grunting)
- Glad you came along.
- I'm glad I came along.
- [Suki] I've learned
some, troubling things.
- What have you learned?
Damien wants to sit in this, seat.
That he wants to take over Grand Star.
I know all this.
It'll never happen.
- Yes it will.
It's everywhere can't you hear it?
- I'll fight it with my dying breath.
An army,
of vengeful,
power thirsty,
ungrateful soldiers.
That's what I've surrounded myself with.
And I know it.
It's me that created them.
- Then turn to those who aren't cynical.
Those who still have faith.
- Where did you learn all this?
- In my heart.
It's easy.
What's your heart saying to you?
- Nothing.
- Oh, there is something beating inside.
Hmm, strange.
(gasps) Listen, it's trying
to tell you something.
Good actions,
will bring good.
Free Liam Ragg.
- That simple?
- That simple.
(heavy breathing)
- Come one man.
Come on you can do it.
- I'm tired man, I don't
know if I can do it.
- Think about your father.
He's waiting for you.
You can't give up now.
- Yeah, yeah you're right.
- Come on.
- Hey you?
You know who I am right?
- Kurt I can't.
- Oh see it's gonna take a lot
more than that to impress me.
'Cause see I'm here with my
buddy the king of the universe,
we're planning to shrink you
guys down to little microchips,
so uh--
- Kurt!
- Go, go, go!
I guess we'll never grow up.
- We'll never grow up?
Speak for yourself man, it was your fault.
- It's my fault?
- Yeah.
- I come down here to risk my
life for you and your father
and it's my fault?
- Man you always need to act like a clown,
we almost got crushed back there.
- Okay, I'm sorry!
- Next time I'll shrink them.
- Promise me.
- Promise what?
- You'll never change.
- [Cal] Let's go.
- It is a great honor, for me
to welcome you all here today.
As we have all witnessed,
the chaotic events that have shaken
the very foundations of Grand Star.
These last few,
terrible days.
But I can assure you,
the time for turmoil,
for lawlessness,
for depravity, and hardship are far,
far behind us.
Grease your axle,
and man the furnace.
We are back on track.
We have a new commander.
(quick tempo music)
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