Grand Star (2007) s01e25 Episode Script

Chapter XXV

(Multicom jingle)
- [Narrator] Previously on Grand Star.
- Cal Ragg was spotted on the ice
without the benefit of a thermal suit.
- One day, Cal will need to know.
- Oh Cal, your mother
was a woman of the cold.
- I need your help.
- Talk to me.
- I need to get my father out.
- Damien wants to sit in this seat?
It'll never happen.
- Testify that Palidor is losing his mind.
The only one addressing
the people would be me.
The time for turmoil, for lawlessness
are far behind us!
- You have my full support, lieutenant.
- In the next hours, I will be
taking command of Grand Star.
Can I count on your total devotion?
- [Soldiers] Yes Lieutenant Damien!
(intense music)
(ice crackling)
(pleasant music)
(birds chirping)
- I dreamt of us in another world.
- I have to go, Suki.
I need to go get an army of Renewers,
come back, and free my dad.
- Hey.
Watch your step, ice boy.
- I will.
(emotional music)
- So, Cal Ragg is leaving
us once again, huh?
- I came to say goodbye.
- I'm coming along.
- No you're not.
- I wanna be a part of this.
Giving that missing piece of
the cannon to the Renewers?
Rallying troops to break
your father out of prison?
Are you kidding me?
I wouldn't miss that in 1,000 years.
- I appreciate it buddy, I really do,
but I gotta leave Grand Star alone.
I can't attract any attention to myself.
- Oh and big fat Pacific
and giant red pimple
on the tip of your nose ice
box, are totally discreet.
- I'm not taking them.
- Then how are you getting outta here?
- Kurt, I'm not like you.
Okay, I'm not like everyone else here.
You know that, but,
part of me is of the cold.
So I'm gonna walk out of
here like a man of the cold,
and I'm gonna be able to do it.
- You're Cal.
You're the king of the universe,
and we're the only two that know it.
Just come back.
(dramatic music)
- [Woman] It's like a
cool, free wind in my face.
- [Cal] I was right, Suki.
All along, I was right.
There still is a sun,
just beyond the clouds.
(dramatic music)
- I knew your father.
We have heard that he passed away.
We are sorry.
- There's no need to be
sorry, because he's alive.
I need to get him out of jail.
I was hoping you'd help me set him free.
It won't take too many men
to carry out the rescue.
- The matter will be discussed
by our steering committee.
- Committee?
- Decisions are made collectively here.
We have rules.
- I understand that, but
this is an emergency.
- We determine whether a
matter is urgent or not.
- This is my father we're talking about.
- Is that the only
reason why you came here?
- No.
I brought the chamber and
the formula for the cannon.
- Cal.
- Zel!
- It's good to see you.
How are ya?
- I'm good.
- Cal saved me in Grand Star
when they treated me like an animal.
Cal, the great moment is near.
You've brought the chamber of the cannon,
as well as the formula we needed.
I will take our friend to see
the sighter who was chosen.
- Yes Zel, take him.
Let him join the others.
- Ready for the new battle.
Ready to get the sun back.
I'm so glad you could join us.
Come follow me, come.
(wind whistling)
- I hear you want to change the agenda.
- Yes, CEO Palidor.
We are going to have hearings.
- Regarding what?
- The hearings would be regarding
the question of our leadership.
We feel it is necessary, given
the gravity of our situation
to assess whether our
leadership is fit to rule.
- I see, who are we gonna start with?
Tara Masters, do you know the answer?
- I'm not sure.
- I'm not sure!
- Um, I uh--
- I uh, I uh, I uh.
You want to assess the leadership?
- Actually, we have yet to establish
the precise agenda for the hearings.
There are a couple of details
we'd like to work out.
No reason to be hasty, huh?
- Fit to rule.
Fit to rule?
Get out of here before I decree you all
unfit to live, let alone rule!
Get out now!
You filthy bunch of cowards, now!
(ominous music)
- This small chamber you brought us
can change the world, Cal.
I know it sounds crazy, but it's true.
- To be honest, I'm more concerned
about getting my father away
now than changing the world.
Where are you taking me, Zel?
- We'll find some men, and
we'll go and get him, trust me.
(ominous music)
- You again.
- When I'm gone, you may fall into hands
less lenient than mine.
- What's going on out there?
- Out there, there are people
with a sixth sense for the winning team.
I'm not on it.
- What are you gonna do?
- They're closing in on
me, I can't tell you.
They may arrest you, torture you,
you tell them everything.
- Arrested?
(Liam chuckles)
I'm a captive.
- Good luck, Liam Ragg.
- Good luck to you, Palidor.
- [Palidor] Ragg?
- Yeah?
- The sun.
Does it exist or not?
- Well, what difference
does that make to you now?
- Perhaps it's always better
to believe in something.
(dramatic music)
(intense music)
- Recruits, once again
we've been let down.
Once again, this society has proved itself
to be infested with weak
minds and frail souls.
We tried to abide by the rules.
We tried to depose Palidor lawfully,
but no!
So we will resolve it
the only way we know how.
The Pointsman's way!
Are you ready?
- Yes Lieutenant Damien!
- I know this area!
- I know you know.
- Is this the Renewer's camp?
- Not yet.
- Well then what are we doing here?
- Just, you know, passing
through on our journey.
- I don't understand,
what's this all about?
- It's about you, Cal.
(intense music)
- Kurt.
- Mr. Ragg.
Mr. Ragg, you're out, that's fantastic.
I have to
Cal left Grand Star.
We tried to get you out, but we failed.
He went to go find Renewers
and he's gonna convince them to come back
and storm the cell, but--
- How have you been doing, Kurt?
- I'm, I'm well.
On a personal note, I'm proud of you.
I never knew you were a Renewer.
- What are you talking about, young man?
You should be ashamed of yourself.
Get away from me!
(suspenseful music)
(somber music)
- When do you know if
you've done the right thing?
- Eastern Horizon, this is
Deep Silence, do you read me?
Eastern Horizon to Deep
Silence, do you read me?
Eastern Horizon to Deep
Silence, I need to talk to you.
(Liam sighs)
I've given you my,
my wife and my life, sir.
I wanted to make it up to you.
You know that, don't you?
- Yeah.
- Now you have my only son in your hands.
- For the first time, I'm,
I'm really afraid.
- Suki.
Well we can help each other.
- Are you ready for victory?
- Yes, Lieutenant Damien!
(ominous music)
- I wanted to thank you.
Professor Ragg told me what you did.
- Suki, you're an
extraordinary human being,
but I didn't do it to be nice.
I did it to annoy my successors.
- I have to go now.
- Suki, before you go,
there's one thing you should know.
Even though I never had children,
if I'd had a daughter,
I would've wanted her
to be exactly like you.
- So long, CEO Palidor of
the almighty Pointsmen.
(eerie music)
- What are you doing here?
Did I summons you?
- No, sir.
I'd heard you chose to sleep here.
And I wondered why.
Is anything wrong?
- What could possibly be wrong, Damien?
I like it here.
- It's not comfortable, sir.
- And you've always considered my comfort?
- And your security, of course.
As always.
- Damien, I want you to know,
how good it is to have you by my side.
- Sleep well, sir.
And forgive me.
Forgive me, for my intrusion.
(intense music)
- It's a good thing you're here, Suki.
Damien would've locked me up for sure.
Looks like you've just saved
my life, my little angel.
- [Man] Cal, good to see you again.
- [Cal] You were
expecting me, weren't you?
- Well, in a strange sort of way, yes.
You see, not so long ago you were struck
by a ray of sunshine, yes?
- Yes.
- Well, you're like us, of the cold
and we need to know,
how you react to the sun's rays.
Our survival depends on that.
- Well, I just had a strange reaction
on my arm, that was it.
Except for my powers.
- Yes, we're extremely satisfied.
Nothing really traumatic happened.
- What do you mean?
- Last time we talked,
you asked me a question
about where you came from.
I think he is ready.
Come with us, Cal.
(upbeat music)
(wind whistling)
- Why didn't you ever tell Cal
that he was part of the cold?
- Because, I didn't know
if what he had inside him
was gonna come out.
I was afraid, Suki.
That's all there is to it.
I loved him just the same.
- You better go tell him, fast.
(somber music)
- He's gone.
(dramatic music)
- What about the trial?
Might have been useful.
And the execution.
(dramatic music)
- Yes, the execution.
Could come in handy.
(intense music)
(monitors beeping)
- [Cleary] Damien, now
is your speech ready?
- Yes, it is.
- Good, then the council
will review it at once.
- No, that won't be necessary.
(thunder booms)
- We are people of the cold,
but our hearts and
feelings can get very warm.
- We take care of our people,
and particularly when they're special.
- Your past is here, Cal.
- Where?
- We brought her here.
(dramatic music)
- Who?
- This way, Cal.
All your questions will be answered.
(dramatic music)
(wind whistling)
(dramatic music)
- Why is it that I understand you so well?
- Because your mother
must have been one of us.
(dramatic music)
- Yes.
Yes, Cal.
(intense music)
(Multicom jingle)
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