Grand Star (2007) s01e26 Episode Script

Chapter XXVI

(Multicom Jingle)
- [Announcer] Previously on "Grand Star."
- Palidor we are going to have hearings.
- Regarding what?
- [Cleary] Whether our
leadership is fit to rule.
- Get out of here!
Before I decree you all unfit to live.
- Kurt I'm not like you.
Part of me is of the cold.
So I'm gonna walk out of
here like a man of the cold,
and I'm gonna be able to do it.
This is my father we're talking about.
I need to get him out of jail,
I was hoping you'd help me set him free.
- [Woman] Is that the only
reason why you came here?
- No, I brought the chamber
and the formula for the cannon.
- When I'm gone you may fall into hands
less lenient than mine.
- [Cal] He's gone.
- [Man] What about the trial?
Might have been useful.
- Why is it that I understand you so well?
- Because your mother
must have been one of us.
- Yes.
Yes, Cal.
(tense music)
(ice crackling)
(tense music)
(vehicle whooshing)
(machines beeping)
(vehicle whooshing)
- This is it, the Renewers'
cannon testing site.
Cal might be here.
- You're always so meticulous,
we don't have time to fuss around.
- Shh.
I cannot concentrate with you
constantly tap dancing around me, huh?
- The future of the world
depends on your examination.
And it's no wonder that some
of us are really very nervous.
- The chamber is in
working order, all right.
And the code is good, and that equation
will tell us when to fire the cannon.
What we have waited for for
generation and generation,
the capacity to make a hole
in that wretched crust of cloud
that has kept us in
darkness for so long, and,
and to let the sun back into our lives.
- [Zel] Liam, I'm so
happy to see you again.
- [Liam] Suki.
- [Zel] Welcome Suki.
- Are you sure the sun is out there?
- Ah (laughs).
You know my dear, if we didn't have
a little bit of a gamble in our affairs
life would be extraordinarily boring.
- Without you, without Cal,
well, we wouldn't have
been able to succeed.
And all of us, we're so grateful to you.
- Where is Cal?
- Liam, Cal showed up at the mine.
He gave us the chamber of
the cannon and the equation,
and, well
- And?
- I brought him to a place
where us people of the cold are gathering.
We found Mai, Liam, we found her.
- Mai?
(emotional music)
What are you telling me?
- [Zel] She's alive.
- [Liam] She's alive?
- Who's Mai?
- She's my wife, Cal's mother.
- My father never told me you were alive.
Why didn't you come see me?
You didn't care?
- Cal, of course I cared.
I had no choice.
- What happened?
- I should start.
- From the beginning.
- Your father was on one of his
journeys, exploring the ice.
As always he took great risks
and he got into trouble.
- Yeah, yeah that sounds familiar.
- Some people of the cold came to help.
And amongst them was a beautiful
young woman of the cold, Mai.
She looked after me.
And when the time came to part.
- We couldn't.
We just couldn't.
- It was the strangest thing.
I just couldn't let her go.
- And so he took me along on his journey.
We spent days and nights together.
- We loved each other.
- [Mai] Finally he had to leave,
and when he came back,
several months later.
- Mai was expecting a child.
- And you were born.
And he took me to
another area, on a train.
- But there was a pointsman's
checkpoint across the track.
I knew that if I stopped
the train she'd be arrested,
and the baby would be taken away
because it was the
offspring of a mixed couple.
- So your father went through,
and the train derailed.
In the confusion I managed to flee.
Your father and the
baby, you, were rescued
and taken care of.
I had to run away.
- I was sure she was dead.
And I searched for her, years.
There was no sign of her.
- I'd been caught and deported
to a very distant zone.
- Why, why didn't you come and see me?
- I tried, again and again.
They sent me away to a labor camp.
That's where your friends
found me and freed me.
(suspenseful music)
- Everywhere, every
train, every compartment,
every little hole.
I want Palidor found.
Can't be that hard to find (laughs).
Bring him to me, dead or alive.
- Commander Damien, the
clean up is going well.
Anti-social and rebellious elements
are being picked up one after the other.
- Good.
- That's not all, sir.
Among those picked up in
the vicinity of the dome
was this creature.
Under interrogation he
corroborated some reports
we had from our surveillance units.
- [Damien] Yes?
- Groups of Renewers have been moving
throughout our territory.
They may all be gathering
in the same area.
- Where?
Which area?
- We are not sure yet.
- Does it know?
- Maybe.
- Well come back when you've found out.
Oh, and Solveg,
give precise instructions
to all departments.
Martial law is to be
enforced, immediately.
(suspenseful music)
(footsteps thumping)
(gun beeping)
(guns beeping)
- I'm sure we can come to
some kind of arrangement.
- [Guard] I don't think so.
(tense music)
- Margot!
Can I talk to you for a second?
Damien's clamping down
out there, you have to go.
- What do I risk?
I've been respectful and nice
to the pointsman's rules.
I deserve a medal actually.
- This isn't a joke, Margot.
Damien's capable of the worst, if he--
- Well I'll go and ask for my medal.
- People are gonna talk.
Everybody's gonna know that
we were behind the power cuts,
we were the ones that were
behind stealing the food,
and everything else that we did.
We have to go.
- You know what?
This is when we should
be doing a blackout.
It's the only way we can fight Damien.
A blackout.
We're gonna do a blackout right now.
I'm gonna do it anyway,
so follow me if you want.
- Margot.
(tense music)
- Our authentication
codes have been decrypted.
Change to the other code now, go!
They've cracked our communication system.
- Well that leaves us no choice,
we have to leave right away.
Get the cannon ready.
Put everyone on high alert.
- Why didn't you ever tell Cal
his mother was of the cold?
- Because if he knew
he'd always be in danger
of telling someone.
- They would have taken you away too
and made a slave out of you.
- Now I understand why I'm
different from everyone else.
- Yes, Cal, you are unique.
You are mixed.
The world is not ready to accept that.
- [Cal] I'm not ashamed of who I am.
- Cal's strong, strong enough
to deal with who he is.
- Maybe.
Maybe you're right.
- Sir, the creature talked.
We've pinpointed the area.
- The Renewers?
- Yes, sir.
We've also intercepted communications.
It seems the Renewers have
managed to assemble their cannon.
And large groups of People of
the Cold are moving in too.
There's going to be a massive uprising
combined with their operation.
- Operation?
- The Renewers are ready to shoot
a hole in the sky, Commander.
- (laughs) Shoot a hole in the sky.
This isn't an operation
it's an opportunity, Solveg.
An opportunity for us to wipe
them out once and for all.
Prepare the special squadrons.
Get Palidor out of his cell
and get my train ready.
Prepare the battle to end all battles.
(tense dramatic music)
- I never thought that
I'd see this day, never.
- Neither did I.
I have to go.
I have to go to the Renewers' camp
and see if I can get a group of people
to help break my dad free.
- Yes, do that.
I will stay here.
- I'll miss you.
- So will I.
From now on, I'll always be close to you.
(trains rumbling)
- [Palidor] Why didn't you kill me?
Or put me in a cage?
- I want to keep you in good health, sir.
(Palidor laughs)
- I was hoping you
wanted me as an advisor.
(Damien laughs)
- I think I can fend perfectly
well myself, thank you.
(Palidor laughs)
- The Renewers are probably
testing your leadership,
Commander Damien.
Drawing you out of Grand Star,
because that's where their
grand attack will take place.
- Listen, quiet, quiet everybody.
Squadrons of pointsmen have
been seen leaving Grand Star.
They must be headed this way.
Secure all the exists.
- Do you know what hydra is Damien?
- No, sir.
- A mythological creature with many heads.
And when you cut them off
they grow back immediately.
- You wouldn't be trying
to confuse me, now, sir?
- Oh, no Damien.
You're doing that all by yourself.
No, I'm just trying to warn you
as to who the Renewers really are.
- Everybody take up your position.
A pointsman train is approaching.
- [Ma Ker] How do you know?
- It was spotted by one of
our mobile sentry groups,
it's very, very close.
- Rajak, can you fire the cannon now?
- If we consider the inclination
and the power of the cannon,
with regard to the mass of dust particles
and the stratospheric streams, I, eh, no.
- When?
- 36 hours.
- [Damien] Solveg.
- Sir, we're approaching the area.
- Good.
Now we must wait.
(serious music)
(train horn blaring)
(tense techno music)
- I didn't realize.
- What?
- How much you cared about me.
About how much I care about you.
- You do?
- Would I be here?
- You two, whoa.
Well, well citizen, what do we have here?
- Wake up people,
we don't want another Palidor,
we don't want another Damien.
- Sir, what do we do?
- We want to live
the way we want
and not be told
- Stay back,
remain clear.
- What to say or think.
- Come on, wake up.
We're fed up with this, right?
Come on!
We wanna say what we want!
We wanna say that we want the sun.
- [All] We want the sun.
We want the sun.
We want the sun.
We want the sun.
We want the sun.
- This is an illegal
We want the sun.
We want the sun.
We want the sun.
- This is an illegal
- We want the sun.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
- We want the sun.
We want the sun.
We want the sun.
- This is an illegal.
- We want the sun.
- Demonstration.
We want the sun.
We want the sun.
We want the sun.
We want the sun.
We want the sun.
(tense music)
- [Announcer] Attention Renewers,
stand by for a communication
from your Supreme Leader, CEO Damien.
- [Damien] The game is over.
This is an ultimatum.
You are to surrender
unconditionally and totally.
- I say no surrender.
- You're right, Liam, no surrender.
- We'll drive them back,
we'll fight them on the ice,
in the trains, in the domes.
But first we fire the cannon.
- Are you mad?
It's bound to fail if we fire now.
- We have no choice.
- Can't you see?
Even if we manage to
shoot a hole in the cloud
it will only be temporary
because the explosion
won't be powerful enough.
- Well you can't be sure of that.
- I think we should shoot
the cannon at Damien's train.
- It was not made for that.
- [Liam] It's now or never,
we have to fire the cannon.
- [Rajak] The cannon is not ready.
Can't you understand, it is not ready yet.
Please, not now, not now, bound to fail.
(tense music)
- We have an unidentified
individual coming towards us.
- Well go and get it, and bring it to me.
- [Mai] Your friends are in
danger Cal, go help them.
- [Damien] Attention Renewers,
you have exactly five minutes to surrender
or we will take no prisoners.
(computer beeping)
- Search her and make sure she
has no weapons of any kind.
Here she is.
- Solveg, take everybody
to the control room.
We want to be alone, don't we Suki?
- Damien,
leave these people alone.
If you ever cared for me, just
let them do what they want.
They want peace.
And what have you got to lose?
If they fail then you were right,
but, Damien, if they succeed,
if they succeed in bringing back the sun
we will all gain from it,
it'll be everybody's victory.
- To Suki!
The voice of purity.
Total innocence and genuine love of life.
But it's too late.
(glass smashing)
You've humiliated me,
taken me for a fool,
and treated me like a dog,
too often, too much.
- I've come in peace.
- Now I will fix the rules.
- I've come to avoid violence,
isn't there enough violence out there?
- And I have come to seek revenge.
And it looks like I'm
going to start with you.
Sorry, Suki, but the world can't always be
the way you'd like it to be,
it also contains people like me.
- You make one move Damien,
I swear I'll rip your rotten head off.
Go, Suki, go.
Go, now, go, go!
(Damien grunting)
(wind whistling)
(dramatic music)
- Listen, even if we all get wiped out
at least we'll have brought
back the sun, shoot!
- Suki, I'm here, okay?
You're gonna be all right, okay.
I'm here.
Look at me, look at me Suki.
Everything's gonna be all
right, okay, I'm here.
- I'm sorry.
- You're gonna be okay.
Suki, stay with me, don't let go.
I need you with me.
- Find her and shoot her.
- Shoot!
- For one moment in time,
you saw the past and the future together.
- We've done it.
We've brought back the sun.
We brought back the sun.
(dramatic music)
(men laughing)
- Cal it's warm.
Kiss me in the sun.
(tense techno music)
(Multicom Jingle)
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