Grantchester (2014) s06e08 Episode Script

Series 6, Episode 8

"You shall not wear a mingled stuff, wool and linen together.
"When men fight one another, "and the wife of one draws near to rescue her husband "from the hand of him who is beating him "and seizes him by his private parts, "you shall cut off her hand.
"You shall not lie with a male as with a woman.
"It is an abomination.
" All verses from the Old Testament, since perfected by Christ's new law of love and forgiveness.
What is the value of outdated rituals and conventions, of attitudes that condemn more people than they save? I am imploring you, imploring us to perfect our rules in the same way.
And to reaffirm our commitment to redemption, to compassion, to love.
And be a force for change in the law, the country and ourselves.
I think it's admirable to demand change.
But a shepherd has to be conscious of how fast his flock can move.
Too fast, and some may fall behind.
And too slow, and we'll be left in the dark.
Good morning, Bishop.
Mr Jones.
Mr Davenport, thank you for sending me your speech.
But I'm afraid you won't be speaking today.
Attitudes to sexual morality are not on the agenda this year.
I have a right to speak.
They're taking their seats, Mr Jones.
I'll be making an appointment to visit your parish in the next day or two.
I'll need to take everything into account, so it would be wise not to have any more half-naked girls - parading themselves when I visit.
- That was my sist How do you? Rules, reputations, that is all they care about.
Well, if they don't wanna change, then maybe I don't want to be there anyway.
Drink? Have you been listening? It's a job, Will.
And sometimes jobs have rules that you don't agree with.
Trust me, I know.
There's a call, a woman saying her husband attacked her.
Where? What, a domestic? Send Larry.
Er, she asked for you specifically.
Nice place.
So was mine, from the outside.
Oh, sorry! I'll be with you in a minute.
Rita Daltrey? Sorry, sir, I'm just the maid.
- Is Mrs Daltrey all right? - No, no, no, no! Dorie, you need to ask me to disable it before you open the door! Mr Daltrey, poli Apologies, gentlemen.
I just need to telephone your station.
It's connected directly.
Dorie where's Rita? - Ah, hello.
- Er, yes, this is Gene Daltrey.
No, false alarm, I'm afraid.
Thank you.
What's happening here? Er, she tripped on the stairs.
Hit her face on the banister.
Is it bad? I'm still beautiful, aren't I? Of course you are! You're my sunny girl.
You always will be.
Ah, that'll be the doctor.
Get that, will you, Dorie? Mrs Daltrey, can you tell us, in your own words, how you received that injury? It's as Gene said.
But you told the operator you were being attacked.
Must've been the bump on the head.
And possibly the gin and tonics.
Thank you, Dorie.
Oh, not again! I'm sorry, Doctor.
- So, you're a singer? - Yes - The best in clubland.
- The magic's in the production.
That's where my husband's talents are.
Doctor, do Rita's injuries look consistent with a fall or something else? Perhaps a strike with a fist? - Oh, now, hang on - Well, it's a large bruise.
Even contact.
So more likely a banister.
Er, yes.
I'd say so, yes.
Er, Vicar.
I understand how this looks, and I appreciate your concern.
But please be assured it was an accident.
Take these.
And rest.
- We can't just leave her in there.
- Just give it a sec.
Inspector! Your hat.
What really happened? I didn't see nothing, sir.
Madam asked me to give you this.
What is it? It's Johnny's business card.
Thanks for ringing.
This is exactly why I told her to ask for you.
How long's it been going on for? Will, listen, I appreciate your interest.
But Rita's a client, so I think it's better if I speak to Geordie in private.
- I know situations like this.
- Oh, don't worry.
We'll nail the bastard.
I wish I could share your optimism.
I've been trying to nail Gene Daltrey for years.
There's not much I can do, Johnny, if Rita won't talk.
I've been looking after her since she was singing in pubs.
Beautiful voice.
But if she used it to speak out against him, what would he get? A slap on the wrist, at best.
- So? - So she wants to get away, she wants to leave him.
But she's scared.
- He's got this alarm.
- Yeah, we heard it.
Well, it's got nothing to do with burglars.
It's all about keeping her in.
It's on a timer, connected directly to here.
And if you could If you could find out what time it goes on and off, - I could help her escape.
- What? He's got her trapped.
Drunk, drugged up, until he needs another record.
Why can't she give you the timings herself? Because she doesn't know them.
He changes them, and then he won't tell her.
At least, when we were prisoners, we had each other.
Afang soup? - It's full of vitamins.
- Or mutton pie? Full of gravy.
I'm not hungry, thanks.
What's this about you being thrown out of the conference? You just can't help yourself, can you? Told you not to use that line about private parts.
I think it has less to do with my speech than someone telling the Bishop about Tamara being here.
Well, it wasn't me.
He's coming here in the next few days.
He wants me to reconsider my position.
It wasn't my intention to get anyone in trouble.
Of course not.
Judas Iscariot! Morning.
Let's arrest Rita Daltrey.
The rules are ridiculous, so we may as well make them work for us.
Arrest her for what? Er, making a false complaint.
At least then we can get her alone.
I think we can move on from that case, Will.
There's a call from the same house as yesterday.
The maid's hysterical.
Someone broke in last night.
They shot Mr Gene.
I woke up.
I came downstairs and found sir like this.
I woke madam, and then telephoned Dr Harvey.
I thought maybe he could be saved.
Sadly not.
He's been dead for a few hours now.
But you didn't hear the gunshot? No, sir.
They could've used a silencer.
Mrs Daltrey Rita I never really woke up from the pills Harvey gave me last night.
You didn't hear the alarm either? That started when I arrived.
So the intruder must've got in before the alarm was put on last night.
What time did you go to bed, Dorie? Early.
Around nine.
So between nine and when the alarm was put on, - which we can get from the station.
- Right, boss? Er, right.
If there was an intruder.
Of course there was.
It's a robbery, weren't it? Daltrey's walked in on them.
Well, that's what it looks like.
What are you getting at, Vicar? I'm just saying that we should explore all possibilities at this stage.
That's what the Inspector usually says.
Geordie? Er, Larry, have a look around.
Check all the access points, you know, broken locks, latches.
And maybe we should continue this conversation with Mrs Daltrey down at the police station.
It must be very difficult for her here.
With your solicitor present, of course.
How's she doing? Well, her husband's just been murdered.
How do you think? Any idea who did it? - Well, it looks like a burglary, but - Thanks, Will.
She's Johnny's client, as you know.
I'm sure they'll want some privacy.
Actually, it might be better to have a man of the cloth present.
She's just lost her husband, as you said.
Is she in here? As I understand, my client has outlined her movements last night and the sad discovery of her husband this morning.
And you've invited her here to give a further witness statement to the best of her knowledge.
Yeah, that's right.
We're trying to establish exactly what happened to Gene Daltrey.
I told you, I was asleep.
Rita, I can imagine you're experiencing some quite conflicting emotions.
Primarily shock and anguish, as anyone would feel, having lost their spouse in such a violent and unexpected way.
Of course.
But in light of your call to the police yesterday I don't see how that's relevant.
Well, erm if Mr Daltrey did attack Mrs Daltrey, - I could fully understand if - Vicar.
Are you saying that my client is now a suspect rather than a witness? And didn't the call yesterday transpire to be nothing more than an accident? You said yourself that Rita had been a victim of abuse at the hands of Mr Daltrey.
That was off the record.
And not relevant to this case.
You said it was a burglary.
- No, I said it looked like a burglary.
- Then, surely that is the angle you should be pursuing, instead of making baseless allegations - against a grieving widow.
- Gentlemen, please! My husband and I had our ups and downs, like all couples, I'm sure.
And sometimes I wish I had fought back.
But the truth is I was never strong enough.
Rita - Did you see that? - Hmm? Well, she's a long-time client.
- The way he tried to railroad me.
- So what? Look, er take Rita home.
I'll talk to Johnny.
Sorry about that, Will.
But it's my job to protect my client.
Isn't that right? May I offer you a lift home? - Yeah.
- Thank you.
My office, now.
I'm sorry.
You say you're sorry? What the hell happened? He just jumped out on me.
I got in through the back door, I made it to the living room, and there he was, swinging at me like a madman.
- So you shot him? - I had no choice.
- You took a gun with you! - Just in case.
My old service revolver.
I didn't mean to do it, it just happened.
"It just happened"? What do you mean, "it just happened"? - Have you got a drink? - Hmm? Have you got a drink? Top drawer.
I didn't know what to do.
Erm, so I pulled out some drawers.
I took a few trinkets to make it look like a robbery, just to you know, give us a get-out.
Us? Gene Daltrey deserved everything he got.
What about Rita? Did she see you? No, I didn't even make it as far as her before he jumped out on me.
She didn't know I was coming last night.
She would never have been able to keep it from him.
And you're sure she's just a client? That's not why I did it.
- Christ - You saw what he did to her.
I would have wanted to help her regardless.
And so would you.
And you You did.
We did.
Are you all right? It's going to feel different without him.
Madam, how are you? Would you get me a stiff drink, please, Dorie? I don't think that's a good idea, Rita.
You've had a big shock to the system.
But I need something.
Well, I can help with that.
Thank you, Vicar.
Might I have a quick word? Can we get these tested? - For what? - Sedatives.
I took samples of drinks from the Daltrey house.
- You what? - What if that's why Rita and Dorie were so tired last night, because they were drugged? - By who? - The doctor.
We know he was giving them to Rita.
And he knew about the alarm.
Larry No, thanks, Will.
That Yeah, that's good work, yeah.
- Hello there, proud builder.
- How was the trip? Fine, except for the calluses on my back and the calluses on my hips.
Will Did you see Mrs Chapman's note about the Bishop coming tomorrow? I guessed from the smell of polish.
Er I wanted to apologise.
The Bishop asked me to report back about the Vicarage, - and I couldn't exactly lie, could I? - Clearly not.
You may have the luxury of bending the rules, but I've always been held to a higher standard.
Including by myself.
So, for that, I can't apologise.
Well, maybe my luck's run out now, too.
It's probably fair enough.
"Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God ".
and the prisoners were listening to them.
"And suddenly, there was a great earthquake, "so that the foundations of the prison were shaken.
"And immediately all the doors opened" "and everyone's fetters were unfastened.
" Finch A word if you please.
Bible group seems to be going well.
It's wonderful.
Well, it's not your concern any more.
Oh? You've found a new chaplain? No, but the prison board, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to reduce your sentence.
In the light of your help exposing the Reverend Mr Byatt.
You must be delighted.
I am.
Is, er, Geordie in? Not yet.
Larry, have you got those test results back yet? Oh, the boss changed his mind.
He said not to bother with them.
Do you think Geordie's been himself recently? I mean, when was the last time he was late for work or didn't follow up leads? Will, the other day, when Mrs Daltrey's solicitor was here Johnny.
Inspector Keating showed him these.
The Daltrey alarm codes.
- Are we having a party? - No.
Henry Jones is.
- Henry? - I didn't think he had it in him.
Neither does he.
He's had the nerve to be telling tales about Will.
And now the Bishop's coming to see us! She Knelt Before Him? Obscenity! Let's see what the Bishop says when he sees what Henry's been up to.
Excuse me Er, you're not supposed to be sleeping here.
Oh Good morning, Inspector.
I didn't expect to find you here.
Yeah, that makes two of us, yes.
Do you know where he is? He wasn't with you last night, then, either? I wouldn't worry.
He's, er, probably just with Johnny.
Well, that is what I'm worried about.
- Why are you worried? - If I have to answer that, you're not as good a vicar as I thought you were.
- You're the one who came here.
- So, something is up.
You tell me.
I'm just concerned he's making mistakes at work.
Cos that's the most important thing.
- Ha! - What does that mean? You saw the state of him at our anniversary.
You didn't come round here then, did you? I'm sorry, has something happened? I shouldn't be telling you this.
You're his friend.
I don't feel much like it at the moment.
Cathy "Just a lover's tiff.
" That's what my mother used to say.
Oh, he didn't hit me.
He never has.
But he wanted to.
You don't ever raise your hand to Cathy! What? - I never touched her! - You shouldn't have even come close! What, do you want to hit me now? Well, go on, then! Fine, I deserve it.
Get off me.
I'm not your father.
No, you're not.
I expected better from you.
Yeah, well, that's your fault, not mine.
I know you gave Johnny the alarm timings.
Did you know he was going to kill Daltrey? Of course not! It was self-defence.
But he's seeing Rita.
Let go.
It makes no difference.
You saw the state of her.
You want to be angry with me? You should be pleased Daltrey's dead.
That is not our decision to make.
Whose is it?! - It's his?! - It's the law's! Like it was with Leonard? You said yourself rules, laws, nonsense! No.
No, the law is who you are.
You have no idea who I am.
I know I will never understand what you and Johnny went through.
But what is it you owe him? Geordie? What's this? It's a list.
Of the men that died in our time at the prison of war camp.
It was the last man's job to tell the families what had happened to their boys.
I was the last man.
By the end of the war, they knew they were losing.
The guards would take one of us out every couple of days.
It started with the sick, those who couldn't work.
And they shot him.
To save food.
Not that we got much.
Keep the rest of us on our toes.
But by the end we were all broken.
So, there was no order, no rhyme nor reason.
They just picked someone.
Until there was only two of us left.
You and Johnny.
That last night I said, "I hope they pick me.
" And he said the same.
But when I rolled over to sleep that night, do you know what I did? I prayed they'd pick Johnny instead of me.
Can you imagine praying for your friend to die? - Geordie - Then, in the morning, he was gone.
And then there was a shot.
And then another.
And another.
The Yanks had armed up the Burmese and and they liberated the camp.
When we got home, I lost him after demob.
On purpose.
And I never saw him again, until he turned up here.
But you both survived.
But it doesn't matter.
I prayed for him to die.
I begged for it.
That's who I am! I know it.
- God knows it.
- No.
No, God heard your prayer for what it was.
Fear, desperation.
You didn't pray for Johnny to die.
You prayed to live.
And look what you've built.
Cathy, the kids, your job.
And you cannot throw that away, not for anything.
I'll come with you.
And we can talk to him together.
Whatever happens it's between me and Johnny.
There he is! Daniel told me you didn't want to be seen with him.
- Well - Very wise.
We don't want you going straight back in, do we? No.
He also told me that you felt you were lacking purpose.
Well, look no further.
It's Sylvia.
She needs you.
Or rather, Henry does, the new curate.
- She's taken against him.
- Whatever for? He's too tidy.
Too competent, too perfect.
- Hmm - He's just not you.
You have to talk to her, Leonard.
She won't listen to anyone else.
There's, er, some chocolate for you.
- And dandelion and burdock.
- Oh Oh! Could we just get going? My knees are killing me.
- Have you found the boss? - Not yet.
I got those drinks tested.
'And you were right, they were spiked.
Looks like the doctor was putting the whole house to sleep.
Hey, mate.
Are we in the clear? My lord Leonard?! Uh-uh.
Mrs C, I have heard some shocking allegations of bullying during my absence.
You should see what Henry's done to your room.
And this is all Henry? I'd know this shade anywhere.
He's a tell-tale.
He's going to lose Will his job.
He doesn't even eat meat! Sidney was a drunk.
Will rides a motorbike.
I've been to prison.
You were very hard on us all.
And rightly so.
But you were always fair.
Well, mostly.
We both need to accept this isn't my room any more.
But that doesn't mean I won't always love you.
Oh, I love you, too.
I've missed you so much! Hello? Mrs Chapman? You, tidy up.
I'll stall him.
Don't worry, I haven't escaped.
The notorious Leonard Finch.
Henry Jones.
Oh, hello, boy! Oh, I've missed you, too.
- How do you get him to sit like that? - Oh, it just takes time.
And biscuits.
A bit like Mrs C.
How are you finding it? Well The parish is lovely.
And the congregation seem very nice, but I don't think Mrs Chapman likes me very much.
Which is credit to you, I'm sure.
Mrs C's a rite of passage.
We have similar things in prison.
You'll come out stronger.
And Will I accidentally got him into some trouble and Will's more than capable of getting himself into trouble.
But only because he wants to be out there saving souls, lives, helping the police.
He's the kind of vicar I'd have liked to have been.
Maybe you will be, too.
- Single malt? - Hmm? I'm all right.
I usually get a suite.
But it was only supposed to be a couple of nights, then I bumped into you and Rita.
Are you sure? - Only the best.
- I can't let you get away with it.
I'll help you.
We'll tell them the truth.
That you were protecting Rita, that it was self-defence.
- It'll be manslaughter, not murder.
- Geordie, come on.
Gene Daltrey was a bully.
- He had it coming.
- I can't lie for you.
After everything we went through together in that hut and you can't let me go? You let me go back then all right, didn't you? "When we get out.
" That's what you used to say.
Do you remember? "When we get out of this "we're gonna go out every weekend.
"Chicken dinners.
" You kept me going.
And then you were gone.
- I couldn't do it.
- What? I couldn't face you.
Because I'd prayed for you to die.
I'm sorry.
I'd have gone for you.
I really would.
Is Dr Harvey here? - Doctor! - Dorie Do you see much of him and Johnny together, Rita's solicitor? We think they drugged you, that's why you and Rita were so tired the night of the murder.
Excuse me? I prescribed those pills solely and legitimately for Mrs Daltrey.
She's She's been very agitated, hurting herself.
Mr Gene never touched her.
He loved her.
Protected her.
Maybe too much sometimes.
He didn't want anyone to know how bad it was.
Those drinks you brought down the other day, they weren't yours and Rita's? They were mine and Mr Gene's.
So Rita wasn't the one sedated.
Where is she? Hello, my love! It's all right, Geordie understands.
He knows that I did it to protect you.
I wanted to thank you for intervening when you did.
And for taking a chance to help us.
I don't know what I would've done without you both.
Johnny tells me you have a beautiful family.
Yeah, we We just want what you've got.
- Where's Geordie? - He's not here.
- Hey, you! - Are you all right? I know the truth.
Oh, give it up, Will.
He's not sending us down.
You don't owe him anything.
- What, and he does you? - No, he owes himself.
Who even is he to you? You want him to put in a good word for you, is that it? Ask him upstairs to take back your prayers.
- We have been through this.
- So have we! When people are trapped in awful situations, - they do the things they have to.
- What does he know? That's what you'd have us believe, isn't it, Rita? Geordie did what he had to.
And then he came back home and he turned that awfulness into something good.
A job, a family, a life.
And it takes strength and courage.
More than stealing money or killing a man ever could.
- What do you mean? - Gene never touched tou, did he? But you drugged and killed him.
Let me guess, she had you write Gene's will.
She saw the pain you were in and told you the story you wanted to hear.
She is using you, Johnny.
Just like you're using Geordie.
I love you.
They're just words from a song.
You don't get to stand on stage as long as I have without getting to know what men want.
I made Gene that money and he was never gonna let me go! Like you say, people do what they have to when they're trapped.
Rita! Just let them go, Will.
Will Fine! Give me that! Rita Daltrey, I'm arresting you for the murder of Gene Daltrey.
I'm sorry.
I knew you never had it in you! Johnny Richards, I'm arresting you for conspiracy to cover up a murder.
Not too tight, eh? Another sandwich, my lord? Where did you say he went? Urgent police business, I believe.
- I'm so sorry, Bishop.
- It's too late for that.
This is exactly the kind of dereliction I've come to expect from you.
Disrespect, disobedience, without even the common courtesy to arrive on time to defend your job.
Bishop, if I may be so bold.
I think it's important we don't mistake my naivety for Mr Davenport's negligence.
What I mistook for distraction from work was actually the fight against injustice.
I misread the rescue of a fallen women for wanton lust.
I like to see myself as a practical clergyman and I'm very much looking forward to learning from Will in the months and years to come.
Well, actually, I think there's a lot I could learn from Henry, too about temperance, decorum and, of course, punctuality.
Lardy cake? Are you all right? What's that? No, Cathy.
Listen I know things haven't been right recently.
I want some time apart.
How long? We'll see.
Cathy Please I'll be better.
I'll tell the kids it's just for now.
Dear, God it's been a while.
I don't really remember how this works.
But hopefully you still forgive.
I'm hoping you can make me a better man.
To my family.
To my friends.
And to you.
Mind if I join you? He's your boss.
I've got Will Davenport on line two, sir.
He says he'll meet us at the pub.
Are you all right? No.
But at least I know it now.
I do not think any less of you for not serving.
In fact, I'm glad you didn't.
Because you can see the world as it ought to be.
The only reason I didn't have to is because of men like you and Johnny.
I'm gonna get her back, you know.
- Cathy.
- I know.
And I'll help.
What, with your track record? I'll take my own chances.

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