Grantchester (2014) s07e01 Episode Script

Series 7, Episode 1

1 EXHALES A bit dapper for The Eagle.
Well, I thought we'd try somewhere new.
Eh? Just because I'm living at yours, do we always have to go where you want? You'll love it.
INDISTINCT CONVERSATION, JAZZ MUSIC PLAYS Christ on a bike! It's nearly a new decade.
WOMAN: Didn't expect to see you tonight? I got jilted by a frisky vicar.
What's your excuse? Er, new diktat from Captain Efficiency.
"The filing system is incompatible with modern policing methods.
" He's changing everything! SIGHS Anything else happening? Actually, someone heard a woman scream in Grantchester.
Police attended the address but failed to apprehend the offending mouse.
Even the criminals can't be bothered to work in this heat.
JAZZ MUSIC PLAYS Hey, wait! I'm sorry.
My landlady turns into a dragon at half past ten.
Well, can I have your number? I'm not sure.
You're very pretty, but your dancing is terrible.
Well, I was thinking the exact same thing about you.
SCOFFS APPLAUSE I'll call you.
Wait! What's your name? CLICKING Hot.
City is hot.
No cat is movin'.
No cat is groovin'.
It's too hot.
Any thoughts? Are you not boiling in that jumper? BIRDS SINGING WOMAN: Oi, you lazy lot! - We've got visitors! - GEORDIE: I'll be down in a minute.
Oh! Lovely place for a honeymoon.
- I hope Henry's wife knows how lucky she is.
- Hm.
Him giving up all this, so she could stay close to her mother.
- Mm.
- And he's fully house-trained.
Unlike some I could mention.
Ah, this is a surprise.
- Is it? - Mm? DOG BARKING CHILDREN LAUGHING Ah! Saturday! Well, they thought you'd forgotten, but I told them you were busy planning something special for your day with them, so you better had.
Er, swimming, wasn't it? - That's right.
- Once a year the Fitzgeralds open their garden and pool to the village.
They haven't got their bathers.
I'm sure they could borrow some.
I need to get on.
Thank you, Sylvia.
See you later, Will.
Have 'em back by five.
All right.
Cath! Look, I'll make it up to you.
Look, how about next Saturday we take a run down the coast, all of us together? Hm? That would be lovely.
But we best not.
I don't wanna confuse the kids.
Though my name's still mud in some parts.
She didn't wanna get her hair wet.
Spent all morning curling it, apparently.
They're growing up while I'm not looking.
So where did you get to last night? I nipped off when the dancing started.
I use the term loosely.
She looked like a live wire.
She was.
Has she got a name? I didn't get it.
Or her number.
You're losing your touch, vicar.
WOMAN: Oh, Will! You must come and say hello.
WOMAN 2: Out! Out! - Out! - Oi! Come on! Back to the pool! Thank you.
I don't know why I bother with the sign.
I I hear this is all your doing? Well, you have very green fingers.
And dirty nails.
My glamorous sister Adele despairs.
You can't feel what you're doing with gloves on.
- Agreed! - Oh Any tips on growing cornflowers? They're the wife's favourites, but I'm not having much joy bringing them on.
It doesn't do to spoil them.
I'll keep that in mind.
CHILD SHOUTS BUZZING - Mr Davenport! - Adele.
It really is so nice of you to do all of this.
- And will you be taking the plunge? - Ah LAUGHTER I am afraid not.
I have a wedding later.
You must be positively choking on confetti.
You'll be heading up the aisle in a few months.
- No fool like an old fool.
- Nonsense.
I'm looking forward to meeting the groom WOMAN: Help! Help! In the outhouse.
He's dead.
ADELE: Madam! I'm so sorry.
Thank you.
I'm sorry, but if you'd make your way to the front gates INDISTINCT CONVERSATION Oi.
There's nothing to see.
Go on.
Scram! Esme.
Let's go.
He looks like a vagrant.
But he's wearing a very expensive ring.
MAN: Police! Clear the area.
Ah, buckle up.
It's the new gaffer.
Inspector Keating! Aren't you off duty? Well, I was already here when the body was found.
Then what the hell are you doing giving a civilian access to the crime scene? Well, er, my fault.
I was offering a final prayer.
But if it helps, I do think the poor man was here all night Thank you, sir.
You can be on your way.
OFFICER: Boss! This is the third dead tramp we've had this year.
There could be a link.
I'd like to close off the area and do a proper search.
Thank you, but I won't trouble you on your day off.
This one's yours, DC Peters.
Show me what you've got.
Get him down the morgue, find out who he is.
OFFICER: Yes, guv.
Well, he was wearing a signet ring.
Might point you to his family.
Yeah, or the family he nicked it off.
BOY: That was the best day ever.
GIRL: And we saw a dead man.
He was just having a nap.
He was dead as a dodo.
Maybe don't mention that to your mum.
Your hair looks lovely.
See you next Saturday! SIGHS DC PETERS: He was wearing the family signet ring? Yes.
That's my brother.
SOBBING But your sister didn't recognise him when she found him? He's changed.
He's been abroad for 20 years and apart from the odd telegram, we lost touch.
How you getting on? - DOOR CLOSES - Easy.
Looks like a heart attack.
I reckon he was taking a wander through the grounds and his heart went.
Collapsed against the wall, and it fell in on him.
Just make sure he gets a proper onceover.
And don't go cutting any corners just because the boss wants it done yesterday.
I don't mind the new guv'nor.
It's good having a young guy at the top.
- DOOR CLOSES - I reckon he's more in touch.
Miss Fitzgerald is keen to complete the paperwork.
- DOOR CLOSES - You were right about the ring.
Though Edmund Fitzgerald doesn't look much like a lord of the manor to me.
Even the best families have their renegades.
He looks like a tramp, but clearly he wasn't.
Had an old love letter in his pocket.
From someone called Irene.
That's a long time to carry a torch.
Question is, did that wall fall, or were those bricks a decoy? For what? He died of heart failure.
Ah, lots of things can cause a heart to stop beating.
Like a punch - You're suspicious? - Hm? It's not my case.
But if it was, I'd be suspicious as hell.
FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING Pockets! Laundry! - Sorry.
Larry really is an absolute twerp.
That's doing a disservice to twerps.
Listen, I can't be seen to interfere with another man's investigation But? I'm wondering if Edmund Fitzgerald sent a telegram to anyone else to say he was coming home.
My poker chum Patricia works at the Post Office.
She's completely without scruples.
I could ask her to check, on the sly? Perfect.
Poker, eh? That's what you do for fun, is it? No.
Conversational Russian is for fun.
Poker is purely for cash.
Inspector Keating.
I understand you're at a loose end.
Well, actually, in light of the Fitzgerald death, I'm revisiting the investigation into the dead homeless men - Fitzgerald wasn't homeless.
- No, but Let's not waste time on cold cases, Inspector.
I've got some paperwork that needs to be signed off.
It's boring admin mainly, but, er, the devil's in the detail.
TAPS ON DESK ADELE: All Edmund cared about was flying.
When the war ended, he refused to come in to land.
He was last heard of piloting bush planes in the back of beyond.
Or Brisbane.
I didn't keep up.
He never settled anywhere for long.
You held the fort while he squandered the family fortune? It was his to spend.
Inheritance in the Fitzgerald family is a male affair.
All this is his.
Adele and I are here on sufferance.
When was the last time that you heard from Edmund? He sent a telegram, to say he was coming home for the wedding.
He wanted us to send the airfare.
We didn't have the funds.
He must have come overland instead.
It was probably too much for his heart.
It's a family thing.
Fitzgerald men are notoriously short-lived.
The police think he cut across the fields and came in through the back gate.
And he took a turn Oh, Maude.
- Do stop going over it.
- Sorry.
Oh! Find another body, did you? I see you're taking down the tents.
Er, did you put them up as well? Are you from the press? If I was, would you have something to tell me? If this is about the dead man, I never saw nothing.
Now clear off.
We had so many rooms like this.
My mother knew the telephone number for Sotheby's off by heart.
So do I.
Oh, Edmund.
You selfish bloody idiot! Sorry.
Don't be.
He was such a glorious little boy.
Tearing about the place, not a thought for rules, or consequences.
Such marvellous fun.
Problem is, he never grew up.
And this place paid the price.
I'm pretty sure that wall didn't fall down yesterday.
Someone arranged those old bricks on Edmund as a cover-up.
So it was murder? I'd like to see a will.
Find out who stood to gain.
Well, Edmund blew most of it.
What's left goes to the next male Fitzgerald.
- Did you get his name? - No.
He won't be hard to find.
I'll makes some calls when we get back.
Oh, about that.
The new boss is a bit of a stickler.
Maybe it's best you steer clear of the station for a bit? Hm? SIGHS HORN SOUNDING - Where do you want Anton? - Ooh.
Next to Montgomery.
They can talk Stanislavski.
It looks all right, doesn't it? - Yeah, it's great.
- Like a Beat poets' cafe? Yes.
Have some faith in yourself.
It's a new adventure.
I was thinking the poetry stage could go here, but I'm worried about noise from the expresso machine.
You can always drown it out with your bongos.
Well, yes, but some of the other poets might not be such confident performers.
DOOR BELL CHIMES Welcome to The Cherry Orchard! Almost ready for the grand opening? You'll be getting rid of those gloomy articles.
They're all wrong for an English tearoom.
Actually, I took those.
Let's see this kitchen, then.
You, er, mustn't let her run away with herself.
Oh, I don't mind.
UTENSILS CLANGING I never could have done this without you and Mrs C.
I'll never be able to repay you.
Be happy.
That's all the payment we need.
This is a surprise.
I, er I thought we should talk about your brother's funeral, but, er, perhaps this isn't the time.
Howard, come and meet the vicar.
William Davenport, Howard Fitzgerald.
William will be presiding at our wedding.
Lovely to finally meet you.
Sorry to have been so elusive.
I'm hoping to spend a lot more time here once we're hitched.
So, er, the new Lord Fitzgerald is happy for you to continue to live in this house? Oh, he won't see his wife and her sister homeless.
Now I'm confused.
I'm the new Lord Fitzgerald.
And Adele's fiance.
I'm both! CHUCKLES DOOR BELL CHIMES Howard David Fitzgerald.
He's Edmund's fifth cousin.
There wasn't anyone closer to inherit the estate? It's a heart problem.
Here we are.
I popped in an ice cube.
Very kind, Mrs C.
Solved the case yet? No, afraid not.
Well, if anyone bumped him off, it was Irene Gibbons.
Gibbons? Any relation to the handyman? His daughter.
The letter in Edmund's pocket was from an Irene.
Young Lord Fitzgerald let her down.
She never forgot it.
The minute we laid eyes on each other, that was it.
Well, when you know, you know.
Don't you? Hm.
Edmund didn't care that I weren't posh.
If he wanted something, there was no stopping him.
And he wanted me.
We'd wait until my dad had gone up for the night, and then Edmund would sneak in through that window and we'd So what happened? He went off to war and I wrote twice a week for four years.
He never wrote back.
And then on VE day, a letter finally came and he was saying he wanted to break off the engagement.
Never even came home, he just disappeared off on his travels.
And I never knew where.
That must have made you very angry.
He was my one and only.
He said he would put a ring on my finger.
SOBBING The night Edmund died, a witness saw him crossing those fields.
He must have been coming to see Irene.
Maybe she walloped him with something.
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
No, we're missing something.
How did he get from Brisbane to Grantchester without so much as a wallet or passport? He didn't.
You know, Larry should be searching this place top to toe.
All those years Irene spent pining for Edmund.
The one who got away.
What a waste of time.
She could have met someone else.
Spoken like a man who's never been in love.
What, when I met Cathy, every other woman in the world just melted away.
Yeah, and look how that worked out.
It's a temporary blip, that's all.
Geordie? Bingo.
Henderson's Travel, Mayfair.
Looks like someone bought Edmund's ticket for him.
First class all the way.
That's the new Lord Fitzgerald's stomping ground, isn't it? Even if Howard Fitzgerald did buy the flights, it doesn't tell us anything.
It tells us he knew when Edmund was arriving home.
He could've been lying in wait.
I need you to bring me evidence.
I don't need to bring you anything, Larry, it's not my case! But you need to investigate whether Edmund was dispatched by the man who has just inherited his estate.
PHONE RINGING What have we got here, gents? Bag belonging to the heart attack victim.
Doesn't give us anything.
How did we get hold of this? A member of the public found it.
You've caught the sun, Inspector.
You been away from your desk? I think Peters is on the wrong track, sir.
Based on what? A hunch? And years of experience.
There used to be a place for the maverick in our game.
But we're training the new boys to be methodical and professional.
Leave Peters to it.
Don't want him picking up bad habits.
Yes, sir.
BELL TOLLS WOMAN: So it's true.
You really are a vicar.
How did you find me? I followed a star.
Actually, the barman at The Nouveau let the cat out of the bag.
You made quite the impression on him.
Well, maybe I should have asked for his number, not yours.
What's your name? Maya.
What's yours? Will.
Well, I can think of cheerier places for a rendezvous.
But it does serve as a reminder that life is short, and must be lived at full tilt.
So What now? I've no idea.
What does one do for fun at a vicarage? DOOR BELL CHIMES CRIES OU Ta-dah! Amazing what you can do with some old curtains and a pair of pinking shears! It's lovely.
But it's not quite the look I'm going for.
The Cherry Orchard is a place for writers and intellectuals.
When someone walks in, it should feel like they're in London, or New York, or Paris.
And those places don't do chintz.
Well, Cambridge does.
And cream teas.
In a proper tearoom.
Anything else, you might as well throw Jack's money down the drain.
Do you think I'm a terrible sinner? I think you're the most amazing woman I have ever met.
What am I doing? You're a vicar! There is more to me than my work Yeah, I think you've just proved that.
I'm sorry, I really have to run.
No, no.
We have to We have to talk.
- Mm-hm.
- I wanna get to know everything about you.
Trust me, you don't.
We have had the best time together, but we should quit while we're ahead.
You're not even gonna give us a chance? There is no "us".
We're entirely different people.
No, we don't know that.
What if we are actually perfect together? Well, then love will out.
SIGHS Hey, I tell you what.
Those cornflowers have perked up since I started giving them the cold shoulder.
And you've perked up as well.
What have you been up to? Ah, I'd rather not say.
You sly old dog! It was the woman I met in the club.
Her name's Maya.
And she is Oh, she's incredible.
You're smitten! You know what that means? She's the one! Two more beers coming up.
Oh, and while I'm in there, I'm gonna tell Mrs C to buy a hat.
CHUCKLING In January, Edmund sent this telegram to his sisters.
"Intend to return for marriage.
Send single fare.
" That fits with Adele's story.
There's no record of her sending a reply.
But before Edmund sent the telegram to his sisters, he sent this to Irene Gibbons.
"Still have ring.
"Will you wear it?" Well, looks like a proposal to me.
She sent her reply by return.
Why didn't you tell us about this? I never heard back from him.
I thought he'd let me down again.
Irene, when Edmund died, he was carrying this letter.
You wrote it to him in 1946.
A love letter.
When he was still on his travels.
How did you know where to send it? GASPING I never posted it.
I only wrote it to clear my mind.
I keep it in my jewellery box.
Did Edmund know about that box? He made it for me when we were courting.
He promised that one day he would fill it with diamonds.
May I? I think this might be for you.
GEORDIE: The day he got back from Australia, Edmund came straight from the station.
He climbed through that window like when you were courting.
He wanted to put that ring on your finger.
Irene? But you weren't home.
So, he thought he'd surprise you by leaving it in the jewellery box.
And that's when he found the letter you never sent.
- But he was interrupted - DOOR OPENS What the hell's going on? I was coming home from the WI.
Dad was wrestling with a man.
I screamed.
That was the scream reported by neighbours.
Did you see who that man was? No.
GRUNTING, SCREAMS Stay back! I thought it was some old tramp who had broken into the house.
That was Edmund.
But you recognised him.
Didn't you, Mr Gibbons? That was the same night you delivered the changing tents to the Fitzgerald garden.
Maybe you delivered a body at the same time? Get out, or I'll call the police.
There's no need.
They're already here.
I stopped their letters getting through during the war.
She thought he never wrote.
He thought she never wrote.
In the end, he broke off the engagement.
You tricked your daughter out of the love of her life.
She'd have been a laughing stock if she'd married him! Irene She no lady of the manor.
Returning to the night in question You killed Fitzgerald before the pair of them could work out what was going on.
- Thank you, DI Keat - You wrapped him in tarpaulin and delivered him to the manor house.
I punched him.
And he scarpered into the field.
I threw his bag after him.
If you lot had bothered to check up on what time that scream was reported, you'd know I found Fitzgerald in my house after I come back from putting up the tents at the manor house.
For your sake, sir, I'm gonna pretend that never happened.
I'd have invited half of London, but Adele wants something low key.
SCOFFING Oh, it seems a bit silly to make a fuss at our age.
D'you know, I don't think I've heard the story of how you two met? We're distant cousins, known each other forever.
I've been chasing this one for years.
But she wouldn't touch me with a bargepole.
Don't be silly.
I'd resigned myself to the bachelor life.
Then, March-time, the blower goes, and it's Delzer, inviting me to a concert at the Albert Hall.
Ghastly stuff, you know.
Give me Perez Prado any day.
You can't compare Mambo to Mahler.
By the end of the night, she'd agreed to marry me! You seem happy together.
I've been head over heels and this isn't it.
But he's kind.
And rich.
You never thought to marry any of the men you were in love with? They always had estates of their own, and I couldn't abandon Maude.
She's not as robust as she looks.
- She could have married too.
- Oh.
I'm afraid Maude prefers plants to people.
I have to do what's best for all of us.
FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING Lovely evening for it.
I'm just waiting for Mr Davenport to finish his marriage instruction with the happy couple.
Oh, you mean my sister and Lord Fitzgerald.
Gardening gloves? CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY Three-line whip from the bride.
My nails must be tip top for the big day.
Adele and Howard didn't get engaged until March.
But Edmund mentioned the wedding in January.
When he sent his telegram.
He must have been talking about a different marriage.
His own.
To Irene Gibbons.
LEONARD: I'm so nervous about tomorrow.
I feel like I did before I gave my first sermon.
To fresh starts.
And courage.
"Life is given only once and one wants to live it boldly.
" You do have a way with words.
Oh, that was Mr Chekov.
Not me.
I just hope the customers like what I've done.
When people came into the church, it was God on display, not me, but when they come in here, well this is Leonard Finch.
DOOR BELL CHIMES Evening, all.
You get off home.
I'll lock up.
No, no argument.
Night, Jack.
DOOR BELL CHIMES You're looking tired.
There'll be plenty of time to rest after the big opening.
Now, I need my step ladder.
That bunting is coming down.
Edmund Fitzgerald had a heart attack.
Yes, but what caused it? I mean, was there anything in the post-mortem about toxins? Drugs, alcohol, poison? No, nothing.
What about the stomach contents? Well, I'd have to check back.
Well, go on, then.
For the boss.
All the I's dotted, all the T's crossed.
Er, I've got telegram news.
Patricia's been asking around.
Adele Fitzgerald did reply to the telegram her brother sent in January.
But she sent her reply from a post office in Sudbury.
"Congrats on engagement.
Ticket to follow.
" WILL: Bye.
I've spoken to the auction house in Sudbury.
Adele went there in January with a small painting she wanted to sell.
It reached £500 at auction and the funds cleared in March.
Then she hotfoots it to Mayfair, uses the cash to buy Edmund's travel tickets, then persuades Howard to marry her.
It's all very efficient.
Except she booked Edmund's flights for June, when she could have brought him home in March and been done with it.
Well, maybe she needed time to work up the courage? - Hm? - Like you with Cathy.
I'm not working up my courage.
I'm waiting for my plants to grow.
And so were the Fitzgerald sisters.
Hello, Maude.
It's a bumper year for hemlock.
Everything in this family is passed down the male line, including this house.
So when Edmund telegrammed to say he was coming home to get married, it was a good as an eviction notice.
You knew he'd boot you out of his marital home.
So the two of you decided to kill Edmund before he could marry.
But hemlock takes a while to grow, doesn't it, Maude? It's the most poisonous plant on Earth.
Even a touch of it can kill.
And by booking Edmund's travel yourselves, you could time his return for when the hemlock was at its most potent.
So when Edmund finally arrived home and sat down for his last supper it made quick work of him.
And after his encounter with Frank Gibbons, Edmund had a face full of bruising.
Both of you tried to explain that away by making it look like the wall had collapsed on him.
But it wasn't enough just to kill your brother.
Because on his death this house still goes to the next male heir.
It'd be very unlikely for the new Lord Fitzgerald to allow you to stay in his new home.
Unless, of course, one of you happened to be married to him.
- This is preposterous! - You're preposterous! - Maude! - Preposterous and noisy! If it's not your wretched mambo, it's the giggling and the bed springs! I hear you pestering her! It's disgusting.
And pointless! Can't you see she's too old to have a baby? You're the last Fitzgerald man and that's the end of it! Pestering? I thought you enjoyed it? Is that right, Howard? You're the last of the Fitzgerald men? That hardly seems relevant! GEORDIE: I'm afraid it is, sir.
Because when you die, the sisters finally get everything.
Next, you'll be saying they plan to bump me off too! Don't be ridiculous! Is it ridiculous, Maude? Is that why you didn't get rid of the hemlock? Because you planned to use it again? No! Maude! Tell them it's not true.
I prefer it just the two of us.
Oh, Maudsey.
MAUDE EXHALES Coffee, thanks.
We meet again, vicar.
Er, pastoral visit.
The Fitzgerald sisters are parishioners, so Ah.
And you got there in the end, Inspector.
The paperwork you reviewed for me.
Yes, sir.
But you should know, I intend to revisit the deaths of the homeless gentlemen.
- Vagrant deaths are hardly unusual.
- PHONE RINGING I'd just like to take another look.
Like you say, the devil's in the detail.
You've got a visitor, sir.
Come and meet the men.
DC Peters.
And Inspector Keating and his friend, the vicar.
Gentlemen, this is Maya.
My fiancee.
LEONARD: Ashamed.
I burrow into dark.
Roots emerge.
Limbs stretch.
I have become a tree.
My branches blossoming, pink and proud! I did not fall on barren ground.
But in this place, where friends grow all around.
The Cherry Orchard! APPLAUSE Thank you.
If anyone knows of any local poets who'd like to perform, speak to the manager.
That's me.
Thank you.
I appreciate that, thank you.
I think that went well! Oh, it was wonderful.
There's someone you have to meet.
Cornflowers, your favourites.
Thank Thank you.
I grew them especially.
I've been fretting over them for months.
What I'm saying is Although we've been apart, you're always on my mind, Cathy.
That's not true, Geordie.
If I was on your mind, you'd show up on time to collect the kids, and you wouldn't send them back in dripping, dirty clothes.
- It was Mrs C's day off.
- No! You You could've done it, but it never even occurred to you.
That's because your time is more important than mine.
Well, if my time is so precious, why did I spend months of it growing those flowers? I don't know.
I've told you a hundred times, my favourites are Canterbury Bells.
SIGHS I'll see you Saturday.

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