Grantchester (2014) s08e05 Episode Script

Series 8, Episode 5


Help me to hear you again.

WILL: He gave me these--
I failed him.
MRS. CHAPMAN: You're dealing
with troubled men, Leonard,
with complicated pasts.
Don't talk to me about support!
GEORDIE: I know what it's like
to suffer, Will.
God's on your side-- we all are.
WILL: I've been struggling
with what happened.

(thunder claps)

(church bells ringing)
No! Wake up!
No one said the path to God
was easy.
That we wouldn't face
challenges along the way.
Life can throw the most
terrible obstacles at us.
But if we dwell on our past
and re-live our mistakes,
we will miss out on life,
both here in the present
and what we can achieve
in the future.
Imagine if, if Peter, Paul,
or Matthew
had never moved on
from their past.
What would we have lost
if the apostles
had let their failures
overwhelm them?
What great works and great deeds
have been lost
to such self-doubt?
Do not let your yesterdays
take up all your todays.
had never moved on
from their pasts
Follow instead the path
laid out by God.
And let Jesus be your guide.
Marching as to war ♪
With the cross of Jesus ♪
Going on before ♪
Two men were admitted
to Addenbrooke's last night.
Suspected poison.
One man died in the night,
the other in serious condition.
How serious?
Miss Scott?
I'm sorry, Inspector.
Elliot assigned
this one to Larry.
He was quite insistent
that you start clearing
the backlog in the archives.
You what?
That's bloody desk duty.
Well, go, before
the other fella croaks!


(pills rattling)
Will's probably out
or too busy.
Oh, yes, now that he's back
to his old self.
(car horn beeps)
But Leonard needs help.
I swear, I'll hear the seven
trumpets of Revelation
before the two of them
are happy
at the same time.
Mrs. C, Jack,
I am off to Leonard's!
So are we!
Jack and I were saying,
maybe it's time he knocked
this halfway house on the head.
I did not say that!
Leonard needs our help,
and with the three of us
in his corner,
we can put anything right.
Slow down, Will!
(traffic humming in background)
Dr. Bill Lambert.
No spouse or children.
Just a surgery on Totters Lane.
Poor bugger.
These are his effects.
Oh, thanks.
(curtain sliding)
Mrs. Cotton?
DC Peters.
I'm sorry about your
husband's condition.
The doctors don't know
when he will wake up.
Or if.
I was here with my mum,
right at the end.
She reckoned they made
the food bad
so you'd either scarper back
or it'd finish you off.
Caught an accent-- French?
No, I'm from Hungary originally.
Your husband collapsed at
the Week End Club last night.
He a regular?
He's the barman.
The other fella who died
Poor Dr. Lambert.
You knew him?
He was our GP.
I think maybe Dr. Lambert
frequented the bar.
They wouldn't tell me anything.
He will be okay,
won't he?
They're doing all they can.
Guess he's got a good chance.
I'll be back.
Soon as he wakes up.
Bloody archive.
Miss Scott?
Where's Elliot?
These archives are a joke.
He's at a conference
till Thursday.
Although he's being kept abreast
of everything going on here.
Yeah, course he is.
All come to gloat,
have they?

Doc Lambert had been here
for hours-- three sheets
to the wind he was.
Then he puked
all over the toilets.
Dropped like a sack of potatoes
right off that one there.
I thought he just fainted,
poor sod.
Was the doctor drinking
with Mr. Cotton last night?
Oh, he only served the doc.
Is he gonna be okay?
We're still waiting
for him to come round.
Has anyone else been ill?
Any idea what
they were drinking?
Not a clue-- though I did
just clear their glasses.
You remember which were theirs?
You're joking, right?
Was Lambert with anyone else?
I was rushed
off my feet at the tables.
I heard him giving the boss
an earful, about an hour
before he dropped.
Bernie Palmer at your service.
Law enforcement is always
welcome at the Week End Club.
Your barmaid said
you and Dr. Lambert
were having a right barney
before he popped his clogs.
Did she? Huh.
What a very talkative
young woman.
Tragic-- about the doc.
Wonderful man.
You know, he, um, he requested
a, a glass
of our Special Reserve,
although by then, he was
already rather
"Special Reserve"?
The Kreizler, it's
a 50-year-old cognac,
salvaged from a German U-Boat.
Oh, yes-- you know,
I always like to have at least
one exceptional spirit on hand.
You know,
for our favored punters.
And he was drinking
this with Mr. Cotton?
Mm, I guess, yeah.
Yeah, but the reserve,
it's been out plenty,
throughout the year.
And no one has ever been ill.

I'll need to
take these for testing.
And you'll have
to stay shut till we know
where the poison
came from.
Is that necessary?
I mean, Lambert could've
drunk God knows what else
before stepping
across our threshold.
It's Larry,
isn't it--
may I call you Larry?
Perhaps we could
come to some
I mean, mi casa, su casa.

The law's the law, Mr. Palmer.
And I don't speak French.

No Daniel?
It's just myself
and Keith now.
Still here.
And some fabulous scones.
They're to win support.
I've invited
the local councilor over
to put her fears to rest
before the neighbors' petition
shuts us down.
It takes more than
baked goods to forget
a murder
on your doorstep.
I think it's a great idea.
Will and I were saying,
maybe it's time you knocked this
whole halfway house idea
on the head anyway.
Really, Mrs. C!
You could re-open the tearoom.
We are gonna turn
this around together.
What can we do to help?
Could you be here?
Of course!
I'll happily
vouch for your work.
Keith himself is one soul
already saved.
Indeed I am.
And Mrs. C and Jack
will put on the perfect show.
With your new housekeeper
and latest resident.

The case driven
you to drink, Larry?
What have you got?
The chief was
pretty clear I shouldn't
bother you with this.
He didn't say not to keep
Inspector Keating across
ongoing cases.
Good chance the poison's
in the fancy bottle.
Both victims drank from it.
Did you find out
who had access to it?
Yeah, course, just the manager.
Locks it in his office.
He only gave it to the barman,
Mike, the other victim.
Did you go
to the dead man's house?
I've got the keys to his
What did you find?
I'll go take a look.
(brake engages, engine stops)
(door closes)
(keys jangling)
(door opens)
(objects clattering)
Oi, police!
I can explain.
Book her into
interview room three.
Come with me.
(typewriters clacking,
phones ringing)
Open and shut.
I'll be out of here
before you have time
to make me a cuppa.
If you're going to be that
quick, you can make your own.
Interviews are desk duty,
Miss Scott.
Just a different desk.
I'll be quiet as a mouse.
Debbie Stephens,
Dr. Lambert's niece, correct?
And you worked for him, too.
For about a year.
He asked me to help out.
Helping yourself,
more like.
Caught red-handed
stealing from him.
With access to a dispensary
full of drugs,
or poisons.
Easy enough for you to follow
him to the Week End club
and spike his drink.
Looks to me like you killed him.
And almost killed a barman.
No, I didn't poison anyone.
So why were
you stealing his cash?
Because Uncle Bill
owed me two months' wages.
It wasn't that much,
but I needed it.
My husband can't work.
He's bedridden.
Your uncle's not even
cold yet
and you're clearing out
his cash box.
I know I shouldn't
speak ill of the dead,
but he wasn't
who people thought he was.
I'm not proud of it,
but I was only taking
what was due-- no more.
Where were you last night?
At home.
With your bedridden husband.
You could've sneaked out.
Your fella
could even be in on this.
Do you enjoy making
up these fanciful stories?
I told you, I was at home.

What's all this?
Elliot's punishment.
An inspector
sorting archives,
like I'm work-shy or
How does that look?
Do you care how you look?
Can't do my job stuck here,
Well, come
and help Leonard, then.
We could do
with a police inspector.
What's the worst
that could happen?
Well, Larry's in charge,
so we're possibly looking
at World War III.
Got nothing to link the niece
with the poison
till the lab get back.
She's got means
and motive, though.
How about his patients?
Any disgruntled ones
at his practice?
Have you checked his books?
Well, unless he'd got a copy
of "Lady Chatterley"
with all the mucky bits,
I doubt anyone would kill
him over a book.
I mean, his personal papers.
Any records in his home?
Maybe someone else held a
Yeah, that's good--
I owe you.
Milk and one sugar,
if you would.
(door opens)

No, I, I wouldn't do that.
Sod it!
This game takes too bloody long.
Look who I found to join us!
What's all this, then?
Cathy, Geordie!
This means the world.
Well, I mean, I can't
speak on behalf
of the entire constabulary.
Your presence alone speaks
Fitzbillies treats and
namedropping "Lady Chatterley."
Is this your cultural
renaissance, Larry?
I was wondering,
you had such good thought
about checking motives,
do you ever wanna get a bit
of experience
working a case?
Is this you trying to get me to
look at the book in your hands?
I went back to Dr. Lambert's.
I found this
hidden in his drawers.
It looks like a code.
But I can't
make heads nor tails.
Fine, let's swap--
the hospital got back.
Mike Cotton's awake?
Not yet,
but they have
identified the poison: cyanide.
The so-called
"Special Reserve" is full of it.
Plus traces
in two of the glasses.
Murderer must've known
the doctor would be drinking it.
Barman was just unlucky.
Pretty heavy-duty stuff--
not easy to acquire.
Only one fella had the chance
to get it in the bottle.
You told me you kept
your "Special Reserve"
locked in your office.
Only brought out with your
You gave your say-so
last night,
for the benefit of Dr. Lambert.
He's a valued customer.
So why did
you fill it with cyanide?
That's nonsense!
I've got a report
from some clever people
which says otherwise.
Well, they're not clever
enough-- I didn't do it.
(glasses clinking in bar)
I gave Sharon the key.
I only offered to fetch
the bottle
'cause Mike was busy,
then I handed it
straight to him.
So you didn't
serve Lambert at all.
None of us liked serving the
leery old sod when he was drunk.
(phone ringing)
Did Dr. Lambert
ever take it too far?
You decided
to do something about it?
Doc was all mouth.
(Palmer answers phone)
You saying I, I handed him
Wait, it was in the bottle?
Uh, phone call from
the station, Detective.
It's the hospital.
Mike's awake.

(talking softly)
Everything okay?
Pretty much, I mean.
Well, just about.
It's gonna be fine.
I'm just not
sure about this charade.
Well, sometimes
the ends justify the means.
Have faith.
(dish clanks in distance)
(pills rattling)

Oi, Fred Astaire.
Take it easy.
(door opens)
This way, Mrs. Taylor,
we're just
It's Miss Taylor.
this is Miss Taylor.
Miss Taylor, may I introduce you
to our current residents,
Keith Pruitt and Jack Chapman?
And this is our housekeeper,
Mrs. Cha
Scone and tea?
No, thank you.
This won't take long.
Oh, well, uh, this is
Will Davenport
from the church
in Grantchester,
and this is
Inspector Keating
and his wife.
Two pillars of the community.
You're aware
of the recent murder.
Well, yes.
But there's been no trouble
at all, apart from that.
A right walk in the park
this place has been.
Miss Taylor,
you will find no greater example
of God's good work
than in Leonard Finch's efforts
here with the lost
and lonely of Cambridge.

It seems to be an account,
but it's in a code.
I need more data to crack it.
Never seen
you outside the office.
Don't expect
it to become a habit.
Elliot'll go atomic if
he finds I've left my desk.
If I tell him it's for training,
he'll understand.
Funny how that works,
the male prerogative.
He's not a monster.
Why are you such a fan?
Well, I'm not.
It's just, he treats me
like I'm allowed to be here.
To work cases.
But with Geordie,
the way he looks at me.
And you, too, sometimes.
I know I'm not the sharpest
and I've got a lot to learn.
But I am trying.
(inhales sharply)
I knew I, I wanted
to give up the drink.
But it was always around
and, uh,
no one wanted to talk
about it.
Until I came here.
Having this space and a,
and a friendly ear, it's, uh
It's changed my life.
And you, Jack, a similar story?
(audio distorts)
Uh, well, uh, yes, I
I stole a very rare prize.
Old carvings.
Worth quite a fortune
to the right people.
You got caught,
went to prison.
You think you know what
people will do in extremis.
But you throw men in a pit,
away from the world
there's no bottom to the
But coming here
Saved me.
Brought me back
into the light.
This has been most educational,
Obviously, there
are steps we must take,
the petition and complaints,
I'm glad I came.
Sorry, is that
Is that all you can say?
I beg your pardon?
Well, you've seen all the good
work done here, we all have.
So say now you'll support us.
Unless the truth is
you intend
to abandon these people.
Because what?
What, the,
the sinners are a bit too
close to home for this
glorious neighborhood?
Will, please
No, no, no, when we, when we
care more
about keeping up appearances
than helping those in need,
then we have truly
lost our way.
So damn you for teasing hope
when you intend to deliver none!
Will, just sit down.
No, no, no, no--
let me finish!
Your authority,
Miss Taylor, is a sham,
your interest an insult,
and frankly,
Miss Taylor, you're just
another heartless bureaucrat!
(high-pitched ringing)
(ringing fades)
I'm so sorry, Miss Taylor.
I was expecting a showcase,
Mr. Finch, not an ambush.
What the hell
has gotten into you?
Someone needed to stand
up to her.
She'll come around.
You'll all see.
You're like a man possessed.
Look, I need to check
on Larry and a poisoning.
Come with me.
Put this fire to use.
(traffic humming)
I poured the drinks,
that is all.
Dr. Lambert
invited me to join him.
He said it was his treat.
So I had a glass.
He had half the bottle.
And then I felt very unwell.
I went to sit down,
and that was the last thing
I remember.
(speaking Hungarian):
Why'd he ask?
Were you good friends?
He always drank alone.
It seemed nobody liked
him there.
I felt sorry for him.
Thank you for your time.
You're from Hungary?
Yes, we moved here
few years ago.
After the uprising in '56?
Must have been
a very scary time.
Were you together?
We had each other.
And we are very happy here now.
Thank you.
Much appreciated.
What have you got?
Oh, tell him.
He's just bitten the head off
a councilor for hesitating.
Anna Cotton emigrated here in
'56 under the name Alina Papp.
She married Mike Cotton,
formally Mikhail Kurakin.
If this uprising
had been so horrible,
they probably
wanted to forget about it.
And it would help
'em fit in here, too.
No, most Hungarian refugees
didn't change their name.
They loved their country.
They wanted to go back.
But Mike's accent--
I recognized it,
it isn't the same as
his wife's; he's Russian.
Home Office just confirmed
that's where he emigrated from.
Russia? Like a Soviet spy?
Or a defector.
Then Mike could've been
the target of the poisoning.
So, you think it's the KGB?
Could be.
Feels like this could
be bigger than us.
Bigger than desk duty.
We need to meet this couple.
You two, go back over
Lambert's black book.
He had it hidden for a reason.
Yes, boss.
(telephone ringing)
Put him through.
Give me a minute, will you?
(door closes)
(background audio distorts)

(high-pitched ringing)
I'm just saying
I've got a family.
That's nearly
a two-hour round trip.
A case in Ramsey?
Why's Elliot sending you halfway
across Cambridgeshire?
Because he's heard
I'm not playing ball here.
So now he's posting me
to the arse end of nowhere!
Put my life into this place,
and that petty little bastard
is gonna piss all over it.
We'll find a way to beat this.
Can't sermon your way
out of this one, Will.
It'll be transfer
after bloody transfer.
And then it's getting
home too late to see the kids,
never seeing Cathy.
Ramsey can wait.
Right now,
I'm more worried about Moscow.
(door opens)
(footsteps approaching slowly)
I've let you down
No, this is just a,
a rough patch.
And no Daniel
to help you through it.
Love changes everything.
Makes the greatest of
feel somehow achievable.
Why don't you speak to him?
He was pretty upset.
In my experience, people
want to forgive each other.
Just needs one of you
to take the first step.
I'm not sure Mrs. C
thinks I should take that step.
I think she's happier
it's over.
Then you don't know
Sylvia as well as I thought.
Look, she might not,
um, understand
what you two have.
But she knows
how happy he makes you.

Hurry up, Jack!
What's the rush?
I need to show Leonard
just how much I understand.
(car door opens)
(footsteps approaching)
Mike Cotton?
I'm Inspector Keating.
This is Mr. Will Davenport.
Last rites are a bit premature,
I hope.
Just wanna ask you
a few questions, if that's okay.
Your wife told
my colleagues
that you fled Hungary
after the '56 uprising.
That is correct.
Can I ask why?
We do not
agree with Soviet rule.
But you, Mike-- or Mikhail--
are from Russia.
It's okay, kedves.
Mike was born in Russia,
but moved to Hungary
as a young man,
fell in love
with our country.
And you.
He's no Soviet agent,
if that's what concerns you.
So why did you have to run?
I was a university professor.
against the Soviet policies.
Things got out of hand,
and people were killed.
The state blamed us.
They said some of my
students died because of me.
Why'd you change your names?
We wanted to build new lives.
I worked at the bar,
Anna as a teacher.
She wanted
to keep doing some good.
Move on from the past.
But you never forget.

Or so I thought.

(match ignites)
It's a record.
That's the date,
then initials, then money.
What if it's
people paying Lambert
under the table?
Like a robber
needing a doctor?
But it's just initials.
We need actual names.
I'll tally 'em all up,
like football scores.
Compare them with the names
in the surgery register.
(telephones ringing
in background)
Are you all right?
Lost all that fire already?
I think I messed things
up for Leonard.
You don't say.
Seen your punch bags
take less of a beating
than that councilor.
Look, you're
pushing yourself too hard.
Get over to Bonnie
early tonight.
For Ernie's birthday.
Boss! Lambert's book.
It's dozens of initials,
marked against money.
Two sets of handwriting.
He had an accomplice.
We checked the initials
against the surgery register.
So far, they all match
He was taking
payments from them.
That's not all.
The handwriting in the register
matches the second
set in the black book.
The same register
Debbie Stephens used.

Uncle Bill
had information as a GP.
He'd use that information
to blackmail patients for money,
or whatever he could get.
And your role
in all of this?
I helped him keep his records
straight-- that's all.
That's aiding and abetting.
What choice did I have?
You could've told somebody.
Well, he was the great
Dr. Lambert.
Pillar of the community--
who would've believed me?
And is that why you killed him,
because you wanted
it all to end?
I didn't kill him.
And even if I wanted to,
I was nowhere near the club.
This isn't the first
time you've lied,
or withheld
You want to talk to someone
who was at the club?
Talk to Bernie Palmer.
Why Mr. Palmer?
Because he was one of the people
Uncle Bill was blackmailing.
First you shut me down,
and now you detain me?
(sucks teeth)
We know Dr. Lambert
was blackmailing you.
Been bleeding you since
February this year.
(sighs deeply)
I'd been seeing this, um
(clears throat):
lady friend, for a while,
Things started off right,
and then things went wrong.
Down there.
So he got me a prescription,
I paid for it,
and everything cleared up.
But then he started
turning up at the bar,
threatening to tell my wife if
I didn't give him free drinks.
(sucks teeth)
So you were angry?
(hits table):
I was bloody betrayed!
You still sure Sharon
was lying about
hearing you and the doc
arguing last night?
I'd had enough.
I told him.
I wasn't gonna stand for it
The Special Reserve
laced with cyanide
was stored in your office.
The doc poisoned
in your bar.
And you finally off the hook.
Oh, hang on!
Yes, he was a smug, cocky
bastard, but I didn't kill him.
I would've smashed the bottle
and gotten rid of the evidence.
My mother didn't raise a fool.

(pills rattling)

(breathing deeply)

Can't wait-- see you soon!
All sorted, Geordie, I am gonna
see Bonnie and Ernie tonight!
He's gonna have
the best birthday ever!
A word.
(telephones ringing,
people talking in background)
What's this?
Hand them over.
Hand over what?
You have been up and down
and acting strange all day.
I know you're on something--
now hand it over.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Oh, we're gonna do this,
are we?
I told you,
I don't know what
You're really gonna make me
do this?
All right, but this is your
No, Geordie, look-- off me!
Wait, no, Geordie,
no, get off me,
Geordie, no!

This isn't you, Will.
You are better than this.
Maybe I'm not
as good as you think.
John's death was an accident.
I know.
Do you?
Is this who you are now?
Popping pills
and preaching sermons?
Look, I thought
I could shake the guilt.
(voice trembles):
But I can't.
And the pills, they,
they help bring me focus.
Pills are not the answer.
Now, I've seen what they do
to people, and so have you.
I thought God was your help.
You are gonna have
to knock this on the head, son.
I'm trying.
Well, you try harder!
(voice trembles):
I mean it.
(voice breaking):
I'm so sorry, Geordie.
I know you are.

(footsteps approaching rapidly)
It's Miss Taylor, isn't it?
I've lost this place.
No, it's Daniel.
I'm so sorry.
Look here.
We added 'em all up.
A.P. appears ten times
since spring.
Ten bob every month.
Then we looked in
the surgery's official register.
A week before the first "A.P.,"
Lambert sees Anna Cotton.
Her first and only appointment.
Anna Cotton,
formerly Alina Papp.
He discovered who she was,
and Mike Cotton
poisoned the doc to protect her.
This is really good work.
We know Lambert was
blackmailing your wife.
Which gives
you a motive to kill him.
And poisoning yourself,
as well.
That was a clever and risky way
to avoid suspicion.
You really think
I poisoned Dr Lambert?
You had means and motive.
Mike Cotton,
I'm arresting you for the murder
of Dr. Bill Lambert.
But I could never
do anything like that! Please!
Mike wouldn't hurt anyone!
You have to believe me,
I didn't kill him!
You do not have to say anything
unless you wish to do so.
But what you say
will be written down

For processing.
I don't think it's him.
He poured the drinks,
so the evidence says otherwise.
Okay, but poison?
How would he know
how much to use
so that he lives
and Lambert dies?
And where does a refugee
barman get cyanide from?
Well, maybe one of the punters
at the bar gave it to him.

Or a professor.
The wife.
Professor Alina Papp.
University of Budapest.
Chemistry department.
Organic and inorganic
specializing in nitriles.
Ah, the silent
treatment won't work, love.
We know he was blackmailing you.
You're right.
I killed him.
Lambert worked out who I was.
He said he knew people at
the Russian Embassy,
and unless I paid him, he
would tell them where I lived.
But you did pay him.
Ten bob a month.
I was biding my time,
playing the part
of a compliant woman.
How did you get
the cyanide in the bottle?
Mike told me Lambert came in
every night at 7:00 p.m.

So, I visited the bar
and I asked to see it.
I've seen predators
like Lambert before.
I knew the money was
just the start.

And Mike?
I didn't mean for him
to get hurt.
You risked killing your husband.
I wasn't going
to let Lambert
dig up my past
and destroy our life.
It's haunted me long enough.
Anna Cotton,
I am arresting you
for the murder
Do you still carry that guilt?
It never goes away.

(speaking Russian)
(speaking Hungarian):

You're nothing like her.
How can you be so sure?
Because I know you, Will.
You need a break from this.
Go be with your family.
I need to see Leonard first,
to apologize.
What crisis prompted this?
What, a man can't
sweep his wife off her feet?
Sure, right classy you are.
Come on.
Elliot's gunning for me, Cath,
running me out.
Can you complain?
He's got the ear of the
top brass.
He can move me
around wherever he wants.
Whenever he wants.
You can't give in to him.
Well, life will be
very different if I stay.
Be harder, for all of us.
But now
with your promotion,
maybe it's time
I stepped aside.
I mean, Larry and Miss Scott
did a hell of a job today.
I said if you hung around vicars
long enough, we'd get a miracle.
I wanna be around.
For you and the kids.
I'll keep an eye on Will,
Hey, you don't have
to ask my permission.
Well, I do.
'Cause we're a team, Cath.
And if I'm gonna retire, it's
gotta work for the both of us.

Is that how much I meant
to you?
I'm sorry?
I know you were angry,
but this?
What are you talking about?
Mrs. C saw you.
(lowers voice):
With another man.
That's why
you've come to see me,
because you think
I'm having an affair.
She said she saw you being
intimate with a gentleman.
And of course, Mrs. C couldn't
have mistaken
an innocent exchange between
with a full-blown love affair.
She said she
I mean, she sounded
Have you any idea
how much I've missed you?
And yet,
thinking I'm having an affair
is the only reason you're here.
Daniel, I'm, I'm sorry.
You should've led with that.
(door opens and shuts)

I wanted to apologize.
For my behavior with
Miss Taylor-- I wasn't myself.
There's just been so
much noise in my head since,
since what happened
that I can't hear God.
It's been so
long since I heard him,
I feel unworthy
at being a vicar.
You're not the only one
having a hard time of it, Will.
No, I know,
I know, and I'm, I am sorry.
I poured my life into
this place.
Jack's money, too.
After your performance
with Miss Taylor,
you've ruined everything.
I am truly, truly sorry.
Is that all you've got?
I think you enjoy the pandering
and fussing around "poor Will."
I know you're upset.
So please just tell
me what I can do to help.
Why would I ever trust you
to do anything ever again?
What use are you, to anyone,
when all you do is wallow
in self-pity?


(inhales sharply)
I know I haven't been
the man you need me to be.
I've let you all down.

I've tried to be better,
but it's just too hard.
And the guilt I carry
won't go away.

I've had Bonnie
on the telephone.
Will's not there.
He never made it.
So, I've done the only thing
I can.
The only thing that makes sense.
Will? You there?
Bonnie is going spare!
Where's Will, eh, Dickens?
Where is the daft sod?

Everything will be better
now I'm gone.

This is a footprint.
BONNIE: Why isn't he here?
What if he doesn't want
this baby?
Put him in a cell, Larry.
Let's just get this
over with.
You destroy yourself, Will.
They deserve so much better
than this.

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