Grantchester (2014) s08e04 Episode Script

Series 8, Episode 4


You have to retire.

I'm Martha.
I'm here about the job?
I know you blame yourself
for what happened.
If you don't open
up, then
Look, you will never understand,
I have faith and you don't.
Will is definitely not happy.
Why did you say we were worried?
Because we are.
I'm lucky to have you
and God on my side.

(thunder claps)

DUNCAN: Come on, Vicar.
(bell rings)
MIKEY: Nice one.
(table tennis ball bouncing)
Come on, Alfie, my son.
(man groans)
MAN 2:
Come on, Vicar.
MAN 1:
Ooh, go on, Alfie.
MAN 3:
Good shot.
Great shot.
(squeaking loudly)
What on Earth are you doing?
Well, what's it look like?
I'm not having another
baby, Geordie Keating.
You're about to retire.
It's for Ernie's go-kart.
And I'm not retired yet.
Talking of retirement
Which we weren't.
Gina on haberdashery
says her husband, Robert, got
an allotment when he retired.
Well, good for Robert.
Something to bear
in mind.
There's always lawn bowls.
Cathy, where's all this
coming from?
I've been offered a promotion.
20 girls under me.
Seven pound, two bob a week.
I'd like to take it.
Well, this is a turnup
for the books.
Is that all you've got to say?
I'd best drop this off
at Will's.
(trunk closes)

(men cheering and exclaiming)
Come on, Alfie, my boy.
ALFIE (speaking Italian):
WILL (speaking Italian):
Well played, lads.
(shutter clicks)
I'll whip your arse.
Come on, boys.
My stovies need
warming through.
And my beef needs cooking.
Leonard specifically
asked for stovies.
Leonard wouldn't know a stovie
if it slapped him on the face.
He's a brisket boy at heart.
He'll be having stovies.
Ooh, that's it, that's it.
Foul-- edge ball.
There is no edge--
you're pissed.
You're a cheating git.
Let's just take the point
Keith, it's just a game.
Come on, Alfie.
(ball bouncing)
(men exclaim)
(speaking Italian):
Dirty I-tie git.
JACK: Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.
WILL: That's not on, Keith.
Well, that's exactly
what he is, Vicar.
A dirty I-tie git.
Let's all just
calm down.

It's all kicking off.
It certainly is.
We're leaving.
But shouldn't
we stay and help?
And have Fanny Cradock
insult my gravy?
Over my dead body.
Ooh, yes, yes, yes, yes, Alfie!
Gentlemen, we're all hungry.
(men exclaim)
I'm gonna need you to calm down.
Just a bit
of healthy competitiveness.
Stay out of this, Duncan.
Hey, are you
all right, mate?
I'm not your mate.
What'd you do that for?
Do you want to fight?
Let's fight.
Please-- Duncan?
All right, then.
Outside now.
Mr. Finch!
Medical assistance, now.
Come with me, Judith.
Oh, God,
I think I'm gonna faint.
Mikey, are you okay?
MIKEY: Yeah, I'm fine,
I'm fine.
You all right?
It's not too deep--
it'll be right as rain
in a jiffy.
That's not the
point, Leonard.
Three weeks I've been on at you
about that crappy little sink.
The dishy vicar.
Just in time.
(water running)
Do the honors.
You're still here.
Bringing sunshine
to the needy.
You should come
to prayer group.
I would, Vicar, but,
(clicks tongue):
God and I, we're on
a need-to-know basis.
You need to raise it in
the air, Judy, like this.
Here, let me.
It's Judith.
And I told you before,
keep your creepy little
sausage fingers off me.
Oi, tea leaf!
Cigs, now.
Thanks, Vicar.
Couple of days, you said.
It's been three weeks.
Well, she's a woman in need.
Of a good hiding.
She's got as much
right to be here
as any of the other
And I got to thinking,
a woman here, permanently,
could have a,
a calming influence
over the men.
JUDITH (laughing):
Not on your nelly!
Filthy bugger.
(both laughing)
Just men being men--
stags at dawn.
Keith nearly broke Alfie's jaw.
How's about we
go for a drive?
After dinner,
just you and me.
Or a night in at mine.
If you can remember
where that is.
Of course, but
I said to Martha
that I'd be back
Fine-- yours it is.
I swear on this holy ball
we'll spend the night together.
(ball bounces)

(lighter clicks)
(Mikey and Judith talking
quietly in background)
Are you sure you won't
stay for supper?
Sorry, I'm, uh, building a
go-kart for my son's birthday.
So used to having you here, it
seems strange when you're not.
(Judith and Mikey
You know,
when they're not squabbling,
they're nice folk, really.
clean, too.
Except for the
cigarette smoke.
That I can do without.
It's like the muir-burnings
down there.
Muir-burnings? What
LEONARD: Martha!
Stovies' burning.
How's the jaw?
Is everything all right?
I have to confess.
Well, I'm, I'm not
a Catholic priest.
God is God, no?
Sometimes the guilt
at what I've done is so bad
that I want it to end.
Take my own life.
It's like il diavolo is inside
my head telling me to do it.
And I want him to stop.
I need him to stop.
(voice breaking):
I want him
to stop.
Alfie, look at me.
I know your pain.
I know your suffering,
believe me.
You don't know.
You don't know my life,
my mistakes.
No one is without sin,
But if we repent,
God forgives us.
Then why do I not feel forgiven?
Because first,
we have to forgive ourselves.
Before I went to prison,
I fell in love with a girl.
We had to meet in secret,
being an immigrant.
It all got too much,
and I hurt her.
I didn't lay a finger on her,
lo giuro.
I made her sad.
At night she comes to me,
she's crying, saying
a life must pay for a life.
To stop my mind from racing.
Help me find peace.
Please take.
Just in case I
I can't trust
myself not to.
Whatever sins we've committed,
they don't define who we are.
Who we are is who
we choose to become.
I want to become
a good person.
Like you, Vicario.

Will you help me pray, Vicario?
(inhales deeply)
Oh, Lord,
we come before you to repent.
To ask for forgiveness.

No, I'm
I'm sorry, I, uh
No, I, I can't.

(door opens)
(door closes)
(exhales softly)
Help me.
Help me to hear you again.
Please help me.


(rain falling)
Good morning.
Wretched man.
(door closes)
Oh, no.
Oh! Oh, thank goodness,
It's okay, it's all right.
Keith, easy, sit up.
(Keith gasping)
There we are.
The camera.
For goodness' sake!
My camera's gone!
(door bangs outside)
(door creaking and banging)
Hello, is someone there?
(door banging)
(thunder quietly rumbles)

He's, he's dead.
His poor family in Italy.
And the residents.
What do I tell them?
Maybe go with him.
I, uh
Alfie spoke to me yesterday
about wanting to end it.
And I told him to pray,
and that God would hear him.
What use is prayer when
He came to me for help,
and, as a man of God, I,
I failed him.
I let him down, Leonard.
He gave me these, in case
it all became too much for him.
(door banging)
Let me out!
(pounding on door)
Somebody! Let me out!
(banging on door)
Drunken nutter Keith
locked me in me room.
Why would he do that?

Alfie tried to tell me
last night.
I can't believe he actually
went through with it.
Maybe he didn't.
The knife wounds on his wrist
correlate with this,
but there's
very little blood.
Which suggests to me
that his heart
stopped pumping blood
before this happened.
So made to look like suicide?
There's a nasty wound
on the back of his head.
Spot the odd one out.
Clean as a whistle--
all the others caked in mud.
I think this man was murdered.

Are the residents free
to come and go as they please?
You think one of them
did this?
I'm just trying
to understand what happened.
I don't lock 'em in,
they're not
It's not a prison.
And the camera
was on the dresser?
Well, that's
clearly what happened.
(voice trembling):
An outsider came in,
stole the camera, and
Alfie startled them.
Well, whatever happened,
I need to speak to
everyone in the house.
Including you two.
I've no idea where she is.
Right, firstly,
could I ask you all
not to leave
the premises
until we've carried out
a full investigation?
Pinning the blame on us.
I knew it.
No one's blaming anyone, Keith.
The only one missing
is Judith.
A resident?
Judith Evans.
She's been here three weeks.
Her bed's not been slept in.
Any idea where she is?
Try Northumberland Street.
It's where most
of the girls hang out.
I need to ask
your whereabouts
between the hours of
10:00 p.m. last night
and 7:00 a.m. this morning.
Mikey, would you like to start?
Well, I was with a mate,
in Newtown.
And they can vouch for you?
I played cards with Keith.
He got drunk,
hated losing,
so locked me in me room.
I was there all night.
That right?
No idea.
Blanked out.
I need to look
at everyone's files.
I don't have them.
It's a principle of
the house-- clean slate.
No curfews, no files.
Drinking, soliciting.
What kind of place
is he running here?
A place
without judgment.
Does Leonard not realize it
could be him lying out there?
Do you really think one
of the residents did this?
They've all done time, Will.
So, because of that,
they're marked forever?
No chance of forgiveness?
Giving them a toothbrush
and a bed for the night
doesn't mean
they're magically reformed.
So, what?
What, you just
abandon them?
Let them fend for themselves?
No-- some rules would be good.
Might save some lives,
you never know.
Can you smell bleach?

It's chloroform.
Bleach and alcohol
mixed together.
Now, why would
the killer do that?
To make sure Alfie
didn't fight back.
And the camera
was on the dresser?
So, say Alfie did
disturb a burglar.
That means they brought him
back up here,
they knocked him out, they
took him back down the stairs
to an outhouse
to bludgeon him to death.
Why not do it down there,
save all the hassle?
Unless the camera's
nothing to do with this.
And the sole target was Alfie.
(people murmuring)
None of the neighbors heard
or saw anything, boss.
Spoke to the housekeeper,
She was at her digs
on Jesus Green.
Landlady said she heard her
come in around 8:00 p.m.
Still no sign of Judith.
Put one of our lads up
in Northumberland Street.
We need to find her.
I never had anything
against him personally,
but the war's
not that long ago, Inspector.
Where did you serve?
I didn't.
I fed the men instead.
Farmed the land.
What'd you do time for?
Something I want to forget.
The Double Diamond
You gave us quite the
runaround, if I recall.
Never forget a face.
Yeah, and I'll never forget your
face trying to row that boat.
It was like the pensioners'
fun day out.
You selling in here, too?
Lot of booze kicking about.
Well, that's nowt to do
with me.
Just tell us who you were with
last night, Mikey.
A name's all we need.
Well, I want to say Jeff?
But then I keep
thinking Jack.
Or was it Jimmy?
You deliberately provoked Alfie
to start a fight.
got a lot to answer for.
So you held a grudge
against Alfie?
Damn right I did.
After what his lot
put us through?
(faucet squeaks, water runs)
I need you and Daniel
to come down to the station.
(faucet stops)
But we've given our statement.
It's boss's orders, I'm afraid.
And I'm taking Keith in
for more questioning.
He's not a murderer.
None of these men are.
A robbery got
out of hand
There's no sign
of forced entry.
No windows broken.
Now, in my experience,
robbers want in and out.
They don't drag men
up and down stairs,
and then cut
their wrists
to make it look
like suicide, Leonard.
I hate to say it, but someone
in this house killed Alfie.

See where they were last night--
have they got any alibis?
This is what happens
when you put rats
in the hamster cage.
It's only a matter of time,
Mr. Finch,
before your doors
are closed for good.
I was just trying
to do something good.
I was just trying
I've briefed
Detective Peters here
to take your statements--
I'd do it myself,
but I'm having to deal
with complaints
coming in
about your establishment.
Apparently, he had
a date last night
who went to the bathroom after
pudding and never came back.
The gentleman you're
interviewing is in room two.
Yeah, get everything we've got
on the halfway house residents.
Quick as you can.
Already on it.
Do you always get violent
on the sauce, Keith?
When it doesn't come
quick enough, yeah.
Peace up here.
That's when I lose it.
The cobra.
Southill Boys.
Ooh, quite a gang,
if I remember.
Only because we had to be.
What does the
"SJ" stand for?
Sanjiv Joshi.
My birth name.
We changed it when we came
here to, uh, fit in,
my dad said.
Not that I ever did.
When we got back from the war,
they, uh,
spat at us on the street.
Like they'd forgotten that, uh,
we'd put our arses on the line
for king and country, as well.
So we stuck together, yeah.
Did what we did to survive.
It's not who I am anymore.
And who are you now, Keith?
Not a bloody killer.
You think Alfie was some
kind of saint, don't you?
Well, day before last,
I, I walked in on him
threatening Judith with a knife.
He would have killed her
if I hadn't shown up.
So you stayed the entire night
at the vicarage.
I went to see Mr. Davenport,
uh, about, um
Prayer group.
And you were at home?
Yes, reading.
"The Heart in Exile."
You read it?
A psychiatrist
called Anthony
investigates the suicide
of his lover, Julian.
Well worth a read.
I'll lend it to you,
if you like.
There's no need
to provoke him.
We're being treated like
suspects-- what do you expect?
A man's dead, under my care.
And that ghastly policeman
is trying to close us down.
I don't need you
stoking the flames.
Keith just wants
to get drunk to forget.
Like most people in that place.
They're all running away
from something.
(bottle corking)
(breathes deeply)
I mean, you saw how he was.
The idea he could do all this.
What about Duncan?
He was locked in his room.
Yeah, but he did
mention the war.
It's hardly a motive.
And the narrowboat
booze king?
Yeah, I know.
He's a petty thief,
not a murderer.
Hm, yesterday,
when Judith cut her finger,
he almost passed out.
But unless he gives us
the name
of the fella
he was drinking with,
he's still in the frame.
So that leaves Judith.
And if what Keith said is true,
she certainly had motive.
But where the bloody hell
is she?

What's happened?
Like that when I arrived.
Bloody eggs.
Oh, Leonard.
We just heard.
Poor Alfie.
Have they caught whoever did it?
They're still looking
into it.
But they must have some idea?
Any sign of Judith?
(glass smashes)

MAN (in distance):
You're not welcome here!
The lot of you!
Bloody cowards.
Could've killed someone.
But it didn't, Mrs. C.
Everyone's fine.
We're all fine.
Aren't we?
Alfio Cappobianco.
Alfie to his friends.
He served three years
for robbery.
And on page four,
you'll see that
he was questioned over a girl's
death in Stanley, but released.
(page turns)
He threatens Judith
with a knife, now this.
Bit of a
dark horse.
Derbyshire, if memory serves.
Send a telegram to immigration.
Find out who Alfie's
sponsor was.
Mmm, he would've needed
someone here
to vouch for him
to be able to work.
(glass shards tinkling)
Call the police.
No-- it was a one-off.
But there are people out there
wanting to harm you.
What next, a bomb?
You're not helping,
Mrs. C.
Why don't you go
and make some tea?
What are you gonna
do about this, Leonard?
To them out there,
we're the dregs.
No, it's just some idiot
fooling around.
It's, it's not aimed at you.
It bloody is!
Wake up, man!
Would you talk to him, please?
I can't let these men
be bullied out of their home.
(door closes in distance)
(drawer opening in room)

And the rest?
So where were you between the
hours of 10:00 p.m. last night
and 7:00 a.m.
this morning?
Out and about-- working.
You need to be more specific.
An alleyway at 11:00,
an Hillman Minx at 12:00,
and role-playing
a barrister's mother
in Milton Park
for the remainder.
You stole Alfie's wallet.
I was returning it.
I owed him.
A surprise
for when he got back.
From where, the dead?
Don't give us that.
(exhales softly)
Just give her a moment.
She's at it, boss.
I said
give her
a moment.

Keith said that Alfie
threatened you with a knife.
Is that true?
What was that about?
Were you in a relationship
with him?
You think I killed him?
If I killed every man who
held a knife to my throat,
I'd be a bloody
mass murderer.
You took money
from his room;
you stole his wallet;
you have got no alibi.
Well, not one that'll
hold up in court, anyway.
Sunday, late morning,
I get back from work.
I'd had a rough night.
Some poshos in Christ College
had done a runner
without paying.
I asked Alfie if he
could rough 'em up a bit.
He said he don't
want no trouble.
Well, I said
I'll make it worth his while.
So, I leaned in to kiss him,
but he pulls back.
I thought he was
just being shy,
so I tried again, and
He pulls out a knife
and jumps back.
Terrified, he was.
Told me to get out.
Then Keith appeared.
Was he ever violent
before this?
Means nothing.
Most fellas are nice one minute,
Norman Bates the next.
I'll need you to stay
at Leonard's
until the
investigation's over.
Do I have to?
It's just that
I don't like staying
in one place for too long.
People get
to know ya.
Is that such a bad thing?
It is when they're
trying to convert you to God.
Or worse,
play Tarzan the protector.
What do you mean?
Fella Duncan.
Always lecturing me
on the evils of men,
especially Alfie.
He's worse
than my bloody dad.

I've seen Duncan with her.
He can be
Well, unless he's Houdini,
how could he have left
a locked room?
Are those from
Alfie's wallet?
A woman took her own life.
It's badly faded.
But does that say
Heather something?
It's the same girl.
Alfie was questioned
over a woman's death.
But released.
Before he went
to prison for robbery,
he said he was seeing
a girl in secret.
He said he felt guilty
for hurting her.
You think he killed her?
No, I don't think
he was physically violent.
Said he made her sad.
Maybe he felt responsible
for her death.
Judith said he,
he jumped back from her.
And terrified--
told her to, to get out.
And when Mikey tried
to help him yesterday,
he shoved him away.
You know, maybe
Maybe when Alfie
gets close to anyone,
it reminds him of this girl,
of the hurt he caused.
So he actively avoids it.
But it still doesn't
point me to the killer.

(inhales deeply)
Lord, I beg you
to show me the way.
(breathes heavily)
Leonard says
if I ever need sound advice
to chat to the Big Fella.
I, uh, I don't
know if I can.
I'm in a spot of bother, Vicar.
I lied.
To you and the police.
Lucinda's Sunday,
Pat's Wednesday,
and Rina's Friday.
It's a juggle,
but if I plan it
well, it works.
Like a dream.
I was with Lucinda
the night Alfie died.
In her dorm.
Then why not
tell the police that?
'Cause I really
like Lucinda.
I like who I am
with her.
And if she found out
who I really was, the
It'd be over.
And if all three
found out, then
(blows out)
Hell hath no fury
like three posh birds scorned.
We want to help.
To get away
and think.
See if this place is
still the right thing for you.
You, of all people,
know it is.
You're dealing
with troubled men, Leonard,
with complicated pasts.
Jack's even offered to pay
for a hotel for the men.
Well, that won't be necessary,
because I've no intention
of going anywhere,
so, if you don't mind
Well, we know
when we're not wanted.
I'll take my roasting
tray, if you don't mind.
(footsteps receding)
Thanks, Will.
Well, apparently, Mikey's
been burning the candle
at three ends up at Newnham.
Excuse me?
He's seeing three girls at once.
(replaces receiver):
Gave us one who could
verify his location
the night Alfie died.
A Miss Lucinda Bonham.
Greedy sod.
You will inform the others?
If not, I'll gladly pop up
and do it myself.
This just came.
Alfie's work was agriculture.
I'm still waiting to hear
about the named sponsor.
Duncan farmed during the war.
Get a copy of
Kelly's Directory.
Look up Stanley, Derbyshire.
See if any of the farms up there
employed a Duncan Williamson.
Right, Duncan's file--
where is it?
He doesn't have one.
I've checked

(footsteps approaching)
Martha said you were here.
Duncan never served
time in prison.
Did you know that?
I didn't.
Well, if he lied
about that, what else?
All my residents have alibis,
and yet here you are again.
147 signatures,
all wanting us to leave.
You should sign it.
Why would Duncan lie?
To get a bed
for the night.
Never set foot
in a prison in me life.
I was homeless.
I just presumed this
place was ex-cons only.
I'm sorry, Leonard.
I'll leave right away.
This is your home, Duncan,
for as long as you need it.
You warned Judith
against Alfie-- why?
I'd catch him staring.
Lusting after her--
wasn't right.
I was locked
in me bedroom the entire night.
You tell me
how I could've got to Alfie.
Through the keyhole?
Taking a trip up north?
See old farming pals.
Get work, start over.
Ever farmed in Derbyshire?
Never been there in me life.
(Will grunting)
Everything all right?
Yeah, fine.
You don't look it.
You know, we've worked on
lots of cases.
Why are you so troubled
by Alfie's?
I don't know.
Feels like divine retribution.
Oh, so you think Alfie died
because of the sins
he committed.
And you think
the same might happen to you.
I didn't expect you
to understand.
I know what it's like
to suffer, Will.
I understand
when you're desperate for sleep,
but it won't come.
Or if it does, you end up
reliving it over and over
until you think
you're going mad.
I understand
your need to forget.
I also understand having
a friend who intervenes.
Who reminds you
this is not who you truly are.
You help so many people,
Will, every day.
Me included.
So surely in God's eyes,
that restores the balance.
He's on your side.
We all are.
But you need to talk to me.
Or to God, to Bonnie.
Otherwise, it'll rot inside.
And steer clear of Leonard's
place for a bit, hmm?
It can't be helping.
Strangely, it does.
They understand the guilt.
The mark of sin
that never leaves you.
Judith, Mikey, Alfie.
Even Leonard on his
quest to save the world.
We're all the same--
seeking redemption.
What about Duncan?
What about him?
He lied about prison
so he could get
a bed at Leonard's.
Only found out because he
didn't have a criminal record.
Do you think
he's seeking redemption?
I thought since him and Alfie
worked in agriculture,
there might be a connection
to Stanley.
And was there?
he'd never been to Derbyshire.
Duncan farmed in Scotland.
There's a Stanley in Scotland.
Bloody hell.
What this place needs
is structure, rules.
At least take time away
to put that in place.
I keep thinking.
If I hadn't let you persuade
me to leave that night
Alfie might still be alive.
And you might be dead.
Do you know what hurts the most?
I thought you, of all people,
would support
what I'm trying to do.
Just so I'm clear, are we
Are we talking support for
the café that I ended up running
while you gave counsel to
the homeless at the back door?
Or support for the trial,
the endless questioning
that I had to,
and still have to, endure
by the police?
One week in Morocco,
that's all I've had.
One blissful week
of not having to compete
with your guilt
for abandoning God.
So don't talk
to me about support.
And don't you dare
put Alfie's death on me!
(door opens)
It's all falling
apart, Martha.
(door closes)
There's so much pain,
All round.
(inhales sharply)
My resignation.
I'm sorry with everything
that's been going on, but

No, no, I'll wait.
Yeah, I'm trying to find out if
you ever had a Duncan Williamson
working on your estate.
A, uh, a Heather Williamson,
father possibly Duncan?
Okay, thanks,
you've been really helpful.
No, no, that's everything--
thanks for your time.
We've got a match for a Duncan
Williamson in Stanley, Scotland.
Duncan was married
to a Phyllida Williamson,
according to the minister.
They had a daughter, Heather.
He confirmed
that Heather and Alfie
had been seeing
one another in secret.
And her parents didn't know?
No, not till after her death.
They refused to believe that
she would take her own life.
And when they found out
about Alfie, they blamed him.
You check the garden,
I'll look upstairs.
What's happened?
Where's Duncan?
What's happening?
Have you seen Duncan?
(inhales deeply)
The, the muir-burnings.
What are they exactly?
The burning of the heather
to bring in new life.


Can you verify
this is Heather Williamson,
your daughter?
(breathing heavily)
The pathologist's report.
Information you were given at
the time but chose not to read.
Because it's not true.
That bastard
killed her.
Everyone knew it.
There was no evidence.
He ran away.
What more do you need?
Well, maybe he ran away
because he was scared of what
you two would do to him.
We wanted justice and truth.
So you tracked him down here,
concocted a backstory to fit,
then waited for the right time.
Sunday evening-- Leonard
decides not to stay.
This is your chance.
You knew Mikey and
Judith would be out.
Just Keith
was the problem.
So you ply him with Scotch
during a game of cards.
And then you go
and get Alfie.
You knock him out
with chloroform,
then carry him to the outhouse.
You're now face-to-face
with the man
you think
(slaps hard)
killed your daughter.
Wake up!
And you beg him
to tell the police.
Admit it!
Remove the shame on your family.
(slaps hard)
And when he doesn't
(metal clatters)
you pick up the spade
and hit him.
Panicking, you make it
look like suicide,
then lock Duncan in his room,
giving him his alibi.
Leonard said
you've got daughters.
Esme, your eldest.
So picture Esme leaving
one morning, happy.
And then, an hour later,
a policeman comes to the door
and tells you that she's dead.
Two days later,
you hear about a man.
Never heard of him before.
A foreigner.
And he's seen
trying to seduce her.
And when she rejects him,
he kills her.
The minister in Stanley told me
that a week before her death,
Heather and Alfie
had asked him to marry them,
in secret.
No, that's not true.
He refused, knowing
how strongly you'd disapprove.
She would never go
behind our backs.
A few days later,
Alfie broke it off.
If they couldn't be together
in God's eyes, then.
The next day,
Heather took her own life.
He walked into her life,
and he took our baby girl.
(inhales deeply):
In our eyes, and in God's,
he can never be forgiven.

To the work we do.
It can redeem us.
You're right.
(glasses clink)

ERNIE (on phone):
She said she has "injigestion"
after eating 32 pickles
and needed to lie down.
If the baby comes
on my birthday,
will I still get
a cake and presents?
WILL (over phone):
Of course.
It'll be a double celebration.
(knock at door)
Oh, I have to go.
We're going to collect
minnows at the pond.
(voice catching):
Of course-- love to Mum.
Bye, Dad.
(dial tone buzzing)
Bonnie, I miss you.
I miss having you
here to talk to.
(takes deep breath)
I've been struggling
with what happened.
I thought I could deal with it
myself, but the truth is
The truth is
If I don't deal with this now,
I'm scared it'll rot inside
and contaminate
everything I love.

(bottle closes)
(drawer opens and closes)



Suspected poison.
A Soviet spy?
She saw you with a gentleman.
Oi! Police!
I was bloody betrayed!
Your authority is a sham.

Why would I ever trust you?
(pills rattle)
You are better than this.

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