Grantchester (2014) s09e02 Episode Script

Series 9, Episode 2

WILL: The bishop's
offered me another job.
You don't want that, do you?

LEONARD: Stability
isn't always happiness.
BONNIE: Maybe we
could both do more.
What about Geordie?
I've been offered a job.
CATHY: She applied
behind our backs.
We're undercover. Just
do what you'd normally do
on a night out.
I hope I'm not too late.
About the position?
Not yet.

(thunder claps)

(Will sighs)

(quietly): I'm leaving.
I'm leaving.
(aloud): I'm leaving.
DAVID: My go watch this.
DORA: Mind.
WILL: Sorry sorry.
If frogs are made of frog spawn,
are we made of human spawn?
Well, in a, a manner
of speaking, yes.
You're such a baby.
Shut up. Hey, Ernie.
We don't tell people
to shut up, okay?
That's not very kind.
(phone ringing) Shut
up, shut up, shut up.
This bloody phone
won't stop ringing.
Where's Geordie?
In the living room.
(Dickens whimpers and barks)
GEORDIE: Tell her what?
BONNIE: Hello, good
morning, vicarage.
How may I direct your call?
ESME: May does it.
jumped off a cliff,
would you go after
her? BONNIE: Oh.
(exhales): Mum. No, no, no.
(forcefully): No.
Tell her, Will.
Uh, no.
All my friends smoke.
You smoke.
I've given up.
Such a liar. (gasps)
BONNIE: I can get him
for you, if you want.
Geordie, do you, uh,
do you have a moment?
(calling): Geordie!
ESME: May says there's
nothing wrong with smoking.
Apparently not. CATHY:
You are not smoking,
and that's my final
word. GEORDIE: Who is it?
BONNIE: Larry.
This better be good, Larry.
We're having roast beef.
We, uh, might need to
have the chat with Ernie
about the birds and the bees.
Not the only chat we
need to have, is it?
I'm just trying to
find a quiet moment.
Davenport, potatoes.
LEONARD: I'm doing potatoes.
No, you're talking.
Which does not a potato peel.
Right, who's coming to church?
Pass. GEORDIE: I'm on my way.
(sighs): Oh, is it
that time already?
Oh, such devotion,
Mrs. Davenport.
DANIEL: I'd rather
peel potatoes.
GEORDIE: Count me
out of the roast.
Body in a hotel.
On a Sunday.
Is nothing sacred?
(door opens)
(sighs): Geordie
BONNIE: Ern, come on.
We've got to go.
You are gonna miss
a great sermon.
Merits of conversing with God.
Need any help with that body?
Children! In a line!
(softly): If you don't
fire her, I will.
She's not that bad.
Shoulders back.
We are not Neanderthals.
BONNIE: Just tell him.
It's literally two
words: "We're leaving."
Well, it's three, if we're
being a massive pedant.
I feel sick every
time I think about it.
(sighs): He's a
grown-up, he'll cope.
I just want to find
the right moment.
What, candlelight?
The scent of roses on the air?
How about before the
removal van turns up?
Oh, God.
You have booked it?
No, I, I will, I will.
You having second thoughts?
A little bit.
Okay, one.
You got a list?
Big fish, small pond.
You don't want to
get bored. True.
Two, if we're gonna do
it, we should do it now,
before the kids get settled.
And how many points
do you have? Seven.
Eight, if you include that the
new place has an extra bedroom.
And why would we need
an extra bedroom?
Two boys.
Nice to round it
off with a girl.
You just don't like
being outnumbered.
What, here? (chuckles)
Why not? God on our side.

(baby fussing)
Wow, He works fast nowadays.
(baby cooing)
GEORDIE: Good morning.
SISSY: There's
nothing good about it.
It's Mr. Daniels, the manager.
Although I call
him Mr. Damnuels.
Do you want to know why?
I could hazard a guess.
Because he's always swearing.
It's damn you this,
damn you that.
It's every other word.
He's definitely dead.
I know 'cause I poked him.
Stiffer than he was in life,
which is saying something.

Thank you
Sissy it's
short for Cecilia.
Isn't he a funny color?
Thank you, Sissy.
I was doing the dusting when I found him.
You might want to write
that down. (phone ringing)
(phone ringing)
River View Hotel.
Cecilia speaking.
How may I help you?
Could've taken a tumble.
Shoelace is undone.
Roast beef, Yorkshire pud, and
an uninterrupted snooze, hmm?
One Sunday off.
Is it too much to ask?
Talking of which
Talking of what?
Asking. Tenuous, but go ahead.
In accordance with
police protocol,
I am required to ask my
manager about getting married.
Sorry, Larry, I'm taken.
No, I mean, I need
your permission.
It's, well
Miss Scott.
Our Miss Scott?
I think she's warming to me.
You got to hope so.
What does she think
about getting married?
I haven't asked her yet.
I'd say it's protocol to give
the bride-to-be an inkling.
Get these dusted. Inspector?
Telephone call from
a Reverend Davenport.
Says it's a small
matter of some urgency.

GEORDIE: Well (exhales)
It's a baby.
That answers all my questions.
Can't be more than
a few hours old.
WILL: Leaving her in church
on a Sunday.
They wanted her to be found.
CATHY: What's this?
BONNIE (chuckles): Hiya.
"I'm sorry I couldn't love you
as you deserve to be loved."
(sighs): So sad.
Poor thing.
Poor thing? She's just
abandoned a newborn.
ALL: Geordie.
You were my favorite uncle.
All right, I'm just saying.
BONNIE: At least it got me
out of a Sunday service.
"RVH." Well, would
you believe it?
River View bloody Hotel.
LARRY: Might just
be a coincidence.
Ever heard of the
River View before?
Well, no.
Now twice in one day.
Last name to check in,
and the only woman,
Mrs. Smith, room five.
9:30 p.m. yesterday.
What's the betting
that's our girl?
Though I doubt her name's Smith.
And I very much
doubt she's a "Mrs."

Larry, speak to the operator.
See if any calls were
made from this. Boss.
(door unlocks)
(Larry speaking on phone)

Our Mrs. Smith
comes here in labor.
The manager discovers her
secret, sees the baby.
She fears he'll tell someone,
so she does him in.
I'm leaving.
I took the job.
In Newcastle.
I, uh, I changed my
mind, and I took it.
I, I was trying to find
the right moment, but
Well, there never
seemed to be one, so,
here we are, very much
not in the right moment.
Just "right"?
What else do you want me to say?
LARRY: One telephone call
made at 9:56 last night.
She called the halfway house.
It's Leonard's number.

LEONARD: Honestly, I could've
thumped Reggie's lights out.
(chuckling): Well, he's
got previous for assault,
so I'm not sure you'd
come out so well.
LEONARD: Silly sod
an ice cream van.
I mean SAM: Maybe he just
really wanted a choc ice.
We shouldn't laugh.
Ah, afternoon, chaps.
Kettle's on.
We're not staying.
wonderful, isn't he?
But you didn't come here to
talk about our finer qualities.
Of course you didn't.
I ought to charge a penny every
time the police come here,
leaping to conclusions.
Only call she made was
to this place, Leonard,
so not exactly leaping
to conclusions.
I'm teasing you, Geordie.
Did any of the men receive
a call just before 10:00?
I wouldn't know.
They only write down
calls they make,
not ones they receive.
Could one of them have got
a girl in the family way?
I've tried lecturing them
on the use of precautions.
They just fell about laughing.
I'll take that,
if you don't mind.
Well, someone's wearing
his grumpy trousers.
No, try the whole
three-piece suit.

Do you want to
talk about it or
Talk about what?
Me, leaving.
Oh, that.
Well, it's just, I thought
you might have some questions.
Not really.
(inhales): Right, well,
we're going next week, so
Next week?
Yeah, just thought
we'd take the plunge.
(hands drop against
coat): Right.
(footsteps approaching)
Uh, Miss Scott!
Are congratulations in order?
No, why would they be?
No reason.
You're an odd man sometimes.
(mutters): Only sometimes?
We have a witness.
Saw a woman walking into
the church with a baby
just before you found it.
WILL: Ernie?
GEORDIE: What about my
kids? They see anything?
Let's just say they
haven't inherited
your keen eye, Geordie.
(people talking in background,
typewriters clacking)
(faintly): Really?
I was playing marbles
with Dora in the garden.
What did she look like?
She's your daughter.
Uh, no, not, not Dora.
The lady you saw
walking past the gate.
BONNIE: Did she have dark
hair or hair like mine?
Okay, it's not really a
yes or no question, Ern.
I can't remember.
Okay, why don't
you close your eyes
and try and picture yourself
back in the garden?
BONNIE: You're
playing marbles.
A lady walks past the gate.
What do you see?
I won a pretty green one.
It was a very pretty green one.
Sorry, Dad.
No, I'm just pleased about
the marble. (knock at door)
(telephone ringing
in background)
LARRY: Boss.
Background on our victim.
By all accounts,
Mr. Daniels was a quiet man.
No family, no enemies.
What about a lady friend?
BONNIE: Perhaps
he knew the girl.
Perhaps he was the
child's father.
Perhaps he wanted
to take the child.
She panicked, hit him
You're good!
Don't sound so surprised.
ERNIE: She had a coat.
Like I had for school?
A blazer?
It's a schoolgirl.
What color was the blazer?
With a yellow badge.
I think it's a lion.

GEORDIE: It's not a lion.
It's a phoenix.
(closes door): Still, it's
pretty good for a nine-year-old.
Yeah, we'll make a Cambridge
copper out of him yet.
Well, maybe not Cambridge.
Thank you for your time, Miss
Bradley, but you may
call me Headmistress.
Perhaps now you can
explain all the subterfuge.
We found a baby abandoned.
No, absolutely not.
WILL: Well, perhaps we could
speak to your older girls.
Fide, Decus, Castitas, Vicar.
Faith, honor, purity.
It's Latin.
I gathered that much.
These young ladies are
from fine families,
Debrett's families.
The offspring of
lords and dukes.
They're generally the worst.
These girls are
taught to be chaste.
I can assure you,
none of them will be
responsible for this
unfortunate state of affairs.
"State of affairs"
being a dead man.
And an innocent child abandoned.
BRADLEY: Born out of
wedlock in a seedy back room
is hardly innocent.
Even so, if we
could speak to them.
Miss Shirley,
show these gentlemen
to your classroom
and summon the fifth-
and sixth-formers.
Yes, Headmistress.
I trust you will
behave with decorum.
If you'll follow me?
I think we just got detention.
WILL: The baby is safe.
But we're worried for the
mother, whoever she may be.
If anyone has any
information on her
or the death of Mr. Daniels,
it'll be treated with
the utmost confidence.
Any questions?
How are babies made?
(students laugh) Now, now, Holly,
let's not embarrass our guests.
HOLLY: I hear it's
something a man
and a woman do when
they're feeling
especially loving.
(students giggle)
(evenly): Holly,
that's enough.
(laughter stops)
Decent questions only, please.
Is the baby a boy or a girl?
It's a girl.
I have a question for the vicar.
Course you do.
Do you have sinful
thoughts, Vicar?
Because I'm having
them right now.
WARNE: Do you want
me to keep you behind
after class? Depends
whether or not
he's gonna be here, sir.
(students giggling)
Shh please.
(laughter stops)
We're done.

(cabinet closes)
He's just shocked.
It's like he doesn't care.
Course he cares.
In his own gruff
man-of-few-words way.
(footsteps approaching)
I'll just leave you
two to talk about
whatever it is you talk about.
(trailing off): I don't know, cars
do you, do you talk about cars?
(softly): Sorry.
(clears throat)
GEORDIE: Lola McCallum.
The fifth-former.
Been withdrawn recently.
Not eating.
Hard to believe a
young woman like that
could push a fella
down the stairs, but
I wouldn't put anything
past those Fidelis girls.
I love this place.
I love having a family
here, and, and you.
Especially you.
But I don't want to
end up here in 30 years
and realize I've
missed my chance.
This new parish, I can,
I can really help people.
I can rock some boats.
I'm not gonna be rocking
any boats here, am I?
I hope I have your blessing.
It would mean more
than anything to me
that you understand.
Well, I don't.
I don't understand, Will.
You're being selfish.
Putting yourself first,
like you always do.
You're not giving a damn
about those of us left behind.
I mean, what about Cathy?
She loves having Bonnie around.
And dragging Ernie
out of school?
Taking him away from his
cousins, the people he loves?
It's not on!
So, no.
You do not have my blessing.
Geordie, come on.
(people talking in background)
CATHY: Be in trouble now.
Bonnie and Will are leaving.
Yeah, off to Newcastle.
It's next week, in fact, yeah?
Off forever!
So, let's raise a glass
to their future.
You're leaving us?
I don't understand.
CATHY: Next week?
Why didn't you tell us?
We were waiting
for the right time.
It's wonderful news.
Did you put him up to it?
It was her idea, wasn't it?
WILL: No, it was our idea.
Both of us.
So much for the right moment.
I am so sorry. (door opens)
(footsteps retreating)
What the hell was that?
You might want to
try it sometime.
Don't you dare take
this out on Bonnie.
I'm not. Yes, you are.
My opinion's important
to you now, is it?
You know it is.
Why didn't you tell me you'd
changed your mind, then?
I knew you'd be upset.
I didn't think
you'd act like this.
Like what?
Like my dad.
Just trampling over everything.
I'm not your dad, Will.
And thank God for that.

(inhales through teeth)
(clears throat)

(calling): Larry!
Where's the note?
One left on the baby.

One of the hotel guests
reckons some fella was banging
on the girl's door.
Causing a ruckus, apparently.
Witness get a look at him?
No, heard it through the walls.
Paper-thin, apparently.
Handwriting on the
fifth-form register.
LARRY: It's the same.
Here again.
Our Mrs. Smith isn't
one of the girls.
She's the teacher.
Miss Shirley?
(moaning, crying)
Larry, call an ambulance.
Boss. (Shirley moans)
No, no, I don't want a fuss.
It's nothing.
Yeah, you need to be
checked over, don't you?
No one can know.
(gasps, panting)
No one can know about the baby.
(talking softly)
Postmortem results.
Neck broken in two
places pretty gruesome.
Are you okay? Is it your knee?
You do have particularly
spindly knees.
Miss Scott.
Jennifer. Oh, God!
Would you do me the honor
Don't you dare
finish that sentence.
Well, I was gonna
ask you to marry me.
Why would you do that?
Because I like you.
No, you don't.
Yes, I do.
No, you do not.
Well, not when you're
like this, I don't, no.
(sighs): It was sex, Larry.
It was just sex.
So you don't want to marry me.
More to the point, you
don't want to marry me.
Don't I?
Geordie Keating.
What a pillock. Strong words!
Oh, but he is, though, isn't he?
I let myself in.
So, uh, Miss Shirley's
feeling much better.
If you're
Sure, I'll, uh, just
All you had to do
was be happy for him.
It's hard to be when you're not.
Oh, my God.
I just want to punch you in
your pillocky face right now.
You're the one
dragging him away. No.
You're the one holding him back.
Would you let me speak?
He would stay here
to please you.
He would live an unfulfilled
life to please you.
And that's not fair.
It's not fair, George.

(baby cooing)
left her in here.
I asked them not to.
They're hoping I'll warm to her.
A witness heard a man
outside your hotel door.
Was it the father?
What happened?
(breath catches)
I went there.
Um, I had
I had, I had the baby.
I mean after that.
I left, went to the church.
So there wasn't an altercation.
With the hotel manager.
No, nothing like
that. (fussing)
I wish she'd been born a boy.
The world isn't kind to girls.
She seems pretty
strong-willed to me.
I think she'll hold her own.
(crying continues)
(crying softens)
(footsteps approaching)

I'm sorry.
Please don't be angry with me.
Why didn't you tell me?

(lighter clicks shut)
I promised my sister
I'd keep an eye on her.
Rose is your niece?
I would've helped
her if I'd known.
Do you know who the
baby's father might be?
There was a man.
They spoke every Saturday
night for a while.
You know his name?
Why didn't she feel
she could come to me?
I would've understood.
I would've tried to
understand, at least.
That's what you do when you
love somebody, isn't it?

(telephone ringing
in background)
What about the, uh, call
logs from the halfway house?
Miss Bradley said Rose
and the boy spoke most
Most Saturdays. (murmurs)
If it's someone from there,
it'll be in the book.
How are we both?
I'll hold off on renting
that wedding suit, shall I?
MISS SCOTT: You told Geordie?
You're such a man.
it's been the most
difficult part.
The thought of leaving you.
I've changed my
mind a dozen times.
Stay, then.
Geordie. If you've
changed your mind
a dozen times, who's to say
you won't change it again?
You are not making this easy.
Every Saturday night.
And there again.
And there.
Sam White.

Rose used to come to some
of my talks for a while.
Always on her own.
She seemed unhappy,
I suppose. Is the baby yours?
Geordie. SAM: No, it's
all right, Leonard.
I don't mind.
But she confided in
me about the child.
Did she say who the father was?
All she said was that she
didn't want to keep it.
So, I gave her the
number of a man I knew.
A doctor kind.
Non-judgmental. Mm.
She phoned you when
she was in labor.
I was surprised.
Been such a while.
She seemed scared.
Someone was there.
Did she say who it was?
Just, "They're here."
That was it.
GEORDIE: Maybe you went to
the hotel after she called.
Manager tries to chuck
you out, you lamp him.
If Sam says he never went there,
he never went there, Geordie.
You don't have to say any more.

(dog barking in distance)
I'm very fond of Geordie,
but sometimes I could
Happily throttle
him? With some gusto.
I keep waiting for
things to get easier.
I think that's
just life, Leonard.
(both chuckle)
Bugger, isn't it?
Perhaps I should pack my
bags and come with you.
You inspired me, you know?
You never settle.
You just keep striving.
And failing an awful
lot in the process.
It's incredible all of this.
You are incredible.

If I asked you to stay, if I
told you I loved you too much
to lose you, would
you change your mind?
Oh, don't you do this, too.
Sorry, that was
very unfair of me.
You go and be brilliant
and deliriously happy.
I absolutely demand it.
My brother, William
Davenport. (chuckles)
My brother, Leonard Finch.
(both chuckle)

Are you coming or not?
We'll look after him.
Don't worry.

If there was such a ruckus,
some fella trying to
bang the door down,
why didn't she
mention it before?
Who? Sissy.
Short for Cecilia.
SISSY: I was doing the dusting
when I found Mr. Damnuels.
(giggles): Do you want to
know why I call him that?
Did you or did you not
see a man trying to get
into room five on
Saturday evening?
(sharply): Sissy!
Did this man
push Mr. Damnuels
Damn it.
Mr. Daniels down the stairs?
All I know is, there
was this fella,
and he was hollering
and shouting,
"Rose, Rose, let me in!"
And did he frighten
you, this man?
Him? Stiff breeze
would blow him over.
He gave me five quid
not to say anything.
Who, Sissy?

The baby wasn't mine, if
that's what you're thinking.
You can prove that, can you?
I moved back from Dublin
three months ago, so
Rose had hidden the pregnancy.
That night,
she was scared.
Didn't want anyone to know
she was in labor.
Not her aunt?
Especially not her aunt.
So you helped her to the hotel?
Signed her in.
That was that.
GEORDIE: Mr. Warne,
you were seen upstairs
trying to get into her room.
I just wanted to make
sure she was all right.
And there was no struggle.
With Rose? No.
How about with the manager?
Look, Rose didn't want
me there, so I left.
Bribing the chambermaid
on the way out.
I wanted the situation to
be treated with discretion.
Look, bring me a Bible.
I'll swear on it.
I left Rose there.
And I didn't hurt a soul.

Did you buy a ring?
It was my old mum's.
I think she'd want you
to give it to someone
who really deserved it.
Would never have worked,
would it, you and me?
We'd have killed each other
before we made it
down the aisle.
It was good, wasn't it?
The other night
we both had a
nice time, didn't we?
I have no complaints
in that department.
There's a Mrs. Peters out there.
And she's beautiful
and clever and not quite
as obstinate as me.
You're not
obstinate. Yes, I am.
No, you're not.
(footsteps approaching)

Imagine those two married.
Be hell on Earth.
Let's say Sam's
telling the truth.
Rose phones, says,
"They're here."
Who's they?
The manager? With
someone else, maybe?
(exhales): None
of this adds up.
Sam said Rose wanted
to get rid of the baby.
So why'd she change
her mind? She didn't.
She still doesn't
want to keep her.
All those months of
hiding, lying to everyone.
Months of no one noticing.
God forbid Esme got pregnant.
Cathy would know in a flash.

Born out of wedlock
in a seedy back room
is hardly innocent.
She did know.
Her aunt knew.
"A seedy back room," she said.
We didn't mention the hotel.

(footsteps approaching)
(fusses softly)

(doorknob rattles)
(knocking loudly)
Miss Bradley's gone, I'm afraid.
Where's she gone?
She's taken a sabbatical.
A year in the countryside.
For her nerves, apparently.
Nerves, my arse
only one reason a woman
takes an unexplained
trip to the countryside.
(breath trembling)
(footsteps approaching)
Have you found her?
Not yet we will.
This is my fault. WILL: No.
I prayed to God to
make this all go away.
Was it always the plan?
For your aunt to pass
the baby off as her own?
It's not my plan.
Wait, she, she forced
you to keep it?
It's what she does.
Bullies, cajoles she
keeps on and on at you
till you don't know
your own mind anymore.
And where would she go?
Wherever he is.
Who? Mr. Warne.
They're in a relationship?
Of a sort, I suppose.
She bullies him like she
bullies everyone else.
He said he helped
you to the hotel.
He didn't help me.
She sent him to look for me.
Sam. (inhales sharply)
SAM (on phone): Rose?
What is it?
Oh, God, they're here.
(receiver slams)
(lock turns)
(knob rattles)
Rose? Open the door.
(knocking loudly) (softly):
Open the damn door.
(knob rattling)

ROSE (voiceover): I
knew if I let him in,
he'd just take us back to her.
I couldn't have that.
I couldn't have her ruining
that baby's life, too.

(baby crying)
GEORDIE: Miss Bradley?
Drive. Just drive!
You're not going anywhere.
Do as I say!
Do as I say, you stupid man!
You stupid, bloody man.
(baby whimpering)
It's about the one sensible
thing he's done so far,
I'd say, Miss Bradley.
(crying softens)
(Will shushing)
WILL: You're used
to it, aren't you?
People doing exactly
what you say.
Even your own niece.
I know what's best for her.
Or what's best for you.
She didn't want to have a baby.
I'm a woman of a certain age.
I wanted a child,
and fate intervened.
GEORDIE: Bollocks.
You don't want that baby.
Not really.
It's just another
way to control.
To keep Rose under your thumb.
You make me sound
so calculating.
You forced her to have a
child against her will.
She agreed to have the child.
She was afraid not to.
I don't see that I've
done anything wrong.
What, aside from kill a man?
Mr. Warne told you
Rose had run away.
GEORDIE: He was afraid to
tell you, though, wasn't he?
Left it till hours later.
For the first time,
everyone was defying you
Rose, Mr. Warne and
that made you angry.
(pounding on door) Open
the door! Open the door!
(doorknob rattles) Is
there a problem, madam?
GEORDIE: Angry enough to take it
out on whoever stood in your way.
Do not do this to me, Rose.
(pounding on door, knob rattles)
Perhaps we should talk downstairs.
(keys jangle)
Give me the key.
Give me the key! I'm afraid
I can't give them to you.
Give me the key! (yelps)
(bones crack)

(lock turns)
WILL: But Rose
was already gone.
Did you ever stop to think
what it was your niece wanted?
Did you even ask her?
Course you didn't.
She may be young.
She may have made decisions
you don't agree with, but
they are her decisions.
It's her life.
To do with as she wants.
I love her.
And I know what's best for her!
That's not love, Miss Bradley.


Just give us a second.
The adoption lady's here.
They'll find her a good
family, won't they?
Be fighting them off.
I have one question, Rose,
if you don't mind my prying.
Why wear the blazer
from the school,
if you didn't want anyone to
trace the baby back to you?
I wasn't thinking straight.
Or maybe you were.
Maybe on some level,
you wanted to be found.
You wanted to be
reunited with her.
Damn what your aunt wants and
damn what everyone else wants.
What do you want, Rose?
(sobbing): I can't.
I can't bring up a child alone.
What about the father?
He didn't want to know.
It's all so impossible.
You know, when I was your age,
I had a bust-up with my dad.
Walked out of that house
and didn't once look back.
I was afraid of
being alone, too.
But then, one day, you find
yourself surrounded by friends.
A new family.
One you love more than you
ever realized you could.
So if a cantankerous old
bastard like me can do it,
so can you.
(crying softly)

(baby laughs)

WILL: As I stand here today,
I can't help but think
of my first few weeks
here all those years ago.
I realize now I
was still a child.
In the eyes of God, I had
so much growing up to do.
But none of us can grow,
none of us can reach
our true potential,
without guidance.
Without love.
And along the way,
I have received so much of both.
From my wife.
My children.
(voice cracks):
And my friends.
(chuckles, sniffles): Sorry.
I will cherish the
friendships I've made here
for the rest of my life.


Time to go, Isabel.
(Isabel coos)

(birds chirping)
(Dickens whimpers)
Good boy.
Look after the next
chap, won't you?
(footsteps approaching)
Come with me.
We've got a surprise.
It's a really big, shiny car!
So not that much of a surprise.
WILL: Oh, you didn't
need to do that.
Anything to get you off that
blooming awful motorbike.
Promise me one
thing. Anything.
Don't give us a second thought.
I mean it.
I was born in this village.
I'll die here.
But you,
you are going to do so
many wonderful things.

(Bonnie sighs)
I'm gonna miss you so much.
Never thought I'd see the day.
My seventh vicar come and gone.
Eighth time's the
charm, perhaps.
Seventh time was
pretty wonderful.
(talking in background)
Look after him.
Of course I will.
You've made me a better person.
I think you did that all
by yourself, Leonard.
I thank God for you
every day, I really do.

(both chuckle)
(car engine starts)
(honks twice)
(all exclaiming)
Bye! Bye!

BONNIE: I'm sorry
Geordie didn't make it.
Go on.
Go and find him.
Changing the world
can wait a little bit.
(brakes squeak)
Thank you.
(door opens and closes)

I didn't miss you, then.
You didn't miss us.
Just let me
Let me say this.
Look, meeting you
It's been a godsend.
You're a godsend, Will.
You saved me.
You, you have.
When I've struggled,
when I've been down,
you saved me.
And I'm so grateful.
I am so (muted)damn grateful.
You have my blessing.
That's what I'm trying to say.
Whatever you want to
do with your life,
you have my blessing.
I love you.
I love you,
Go on, then.
Off you go.
Crimes won't solve themselves.
(chuckles, sniffles)
(hoarsely): Geordie.
I hope I made you proud.
Every day, son.
Every day.


There's a gentleman
breaking into the vicarage!
Reverend Alphy Kotteram
I'm the new vicar.
Dad was murdered,
and I can prove it.
GEORDIE: I have, in the past,
come to your predecessors
to ask for help.
I need your help with a case.

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