Grantchester (2014) s09e08 Episode Script

Series 9, Episode 8

Be angry if you
want to be angry.
It's the second quote
I've had through the door.
There is a missing student.
I came across one
of Sam's talks.
I think we've reached the limit.
I'll show you what
my limit really is!
He threatened me
no forwarding address.
And where's Daniel?
Turn around.
I am a capable,
grown man, Mrs. C.
When David gets here,
what are we going to be?
Polite, respectful.
Kind we're going to be kind.
I won't mean it, though.
Not in my heart.
Ah, that's very
Christian of you.
He's a thief.
He's not a thief.
He's stealing your job.
It's not his fault, Mrs. C.
I simply won't like
him, and that's that.
Kind, please, for me.
Morning. Morning, David.
You remember Mrs. Chapman?
How could I forget?
How are you, my poppet?
I thought this would
be a good opportunity
for you to meet some
of your congregants.
Entice them to Newnham.
Oh, we'll be trying to
keep them away after this.
Pulled out one of
the greatest hits.
Morning! Good to
see you Welcome!
Glorious day.
I I've got it from here.
Right. Good morning
Reverend Lane.
Good morning! Morning.
Do come inside.
Morning. Reverend Lane
lovely to meet you.
Dear Leonard,
I'm sorry for leaving
in the way I did.
Sam said it was for the best
if we all went without a fuss.
This is the right
decision for me, Leonard,
and now that I've made it,
I know there's no going back.
It feels like the start of
something quite special.
I'm close to selling my house.
"Forget half
measures," Sam says.
"Take the leap and commit!"
I wish you saw in
him what I saw.
He's inspired me in ways
I didn't think possible.
I now know where
I'm meant to be.
I now know what my purpose is.
Don't try to find me.
If you love me,
you'll give me space.
Can I help you? No.
No, sorry.
Wait! Sorry, wait!
What have you got, Larry?
Neighbor heard the crunch
just after 8:00 this morning.
He came out the
third-floor window.
The victim, not the neighbor.
Barely time for his life
to pass before his eyes.
Get a name?
Fred Eccles.
Did the accounts for a
publisher off Kingston Street.
Lodger, single, 32 years old.
Didn't have a dog, but he
liked 'em. Uh, no, Larry.
What was suspicious
about his death?
Oh, best talk to the landlady.
Well, he was a good tenant.
Bit lonely, poor chap.
Had he been here long?
Three years no
friends, no sweethearts.
No trouble, till now. Mm-hmm.
Well, lonely men have
done worse things than
Well, this. No.
Not Mr. Eccles.
Not with the state
of the battalion.
Come again? He
paint all these?
Said it relaxed him.
Paint's still wet. Exactly.
Why would he paint them
if he was going to, you know?
And that flag bearer
is in the wrong place.
I moved a few once, cleaning,
and Mr. Eccles got
quite agitated.
I mean, very precise,
he was.
Well, if he was
contemplating suicide,
he'd hardly be
thinking straight.
Someone else was in here.
Someone else helped
him on his way.
Corpus Christi.
Knock, knock.
Only me.
I don't suppose I could
bother you for a
cup of tea, could I?
I could very much
do with the company.
What about weekends
and evenings?
He get up to much?
Well, he had his church group.
But last week, he said
he'd thrown it all in.
Sold half his troops
for them to raise money.
You meet any of these church
people? Oh, one of them
used to call round for him,
and they'd go off
handing out leaflets.
Did you hear Mr. Eccles
and this man talk?
Whole street did last night!
Something about the other fella
owing Mr. Eccles some money.
I'd never heard him raise
his voice like that.
And the language!
What church was this?
Oh, one of those modern ones.
Silly name. The Way Finders?
That's the one.
Inn't he clever?
Was the chap who called
round called Sam?
Sam, yes lovely eyes.
And you said Sam would take
him to hand out leaflets.
Where would they go?
Oh, one of the streets
off King's Parade.
Try and nab a few students.
There's no address, no sign-off.
He'd always sign
off his letters.
"With all my heart."
"With all my heart, Daniel."
He'll come back to you.
Leonard, he'll
find his way back.
And what if he doesn't
want to be found?
I'm fine, go.
I'm fine.
GEORDIE I've got Sam.
Brought him in for questioning.
Is Daniel with him?
No, he's not.
What's that about
Daniel? It's Geordie.
Just a sec I'm on my way.
Geordie's found Sam.
Fred was a gentle soul.
Perhaps too gentle
for this world.
When did you last see him?
A week ago, maybe.
The landlady says you
were there last night.
So not a week ago, then.
Why lie?
Because it wasn't important.
Voices were raised, apparently.
Fred was stealing.
What did he take?
Fifty pounds.
No church has that kind
of money lying around.
What I'm doing is so much
more than a church, so
No offense.
Fred came and spoke
to me in confidence.
But in light of this What?
He told me he considered
ending his life.
And I'm sorry I couldn't
help him, but
Beyond that, I have nothing
to feel guilty about.
And you have no reason
to keep me here.
Nothing, boss clean
as a whistle. Right.
You need to have more
trust in people, Inspector.
How's Daniel?
Hasn't he called you?
You're taking advantage of him.
You, your church
whatever it is.
Daniel's throwing all
his money into it,
all his time, and you
You're just keeping him from me.
I want him home!
And what does Daniel want?
Why don't you come and ask him?
He can tell you
himself if he thinks
he's wasting his money.
Thank you.
SAM We've got power
now, running water.
We're planting a garden.
Well, I leave that
to the others.
Kill a plant soon
as I look at it.
Why "The Way Finders"?
Well, if you are lost, we
can help you find yourselves.
Luke 15:10.
"I once was lost,
but now I'm found."
The Bible has you covered.
Yeah, but church isn't for
everyone, though, is it?
Didn't even welcome you. Sam!
Ah, Rox.
Miss me?
Always where's Daniel?
Bible study.
Roxy welcome.
Oh, I'm not staying.
That's what everyone says.
Come through.
I think it's very brave
of you to admit that.
This is what we're here for.
By having these
honest conversations
with ourselves,
we're finding real truths.
Looks happy, doesn't he?
Taken me four
decades to get there.
No one knew the fella.
No one said a word to him.
Not a how do you do or nothing.
Except Sam White.
Except Sam White.
I want everything
we've got on him.
Every parking ticket,
every dodgy tax return.
No stone unturned.
Can't we just find out
where Sam lives and
I've no evidence to
get a warrant, Alphy.
Tell me you don't find
him and his church dodgy.
Could say the same of your lot.
Good one.
Yeah, well, our lot
aren't swimming in cash.
Leaving bodies in our wake.
Yes, I'll hold.
Uh, swimming in cash how?
Well, Daniel's
selling his house.
Everyone has to chip in.
How are they getting
people to put their hands
in their pockets?
Sam White's handsome.
Charismatic, broad
shoulders, piercing eyes
All right.
What I don't understand is,
the landlady thought
Sam owed Fred money.
But Sam says the opposite.
He had a book of
accounts in his bag.
I'd like to get
my hands on those.
Thought you might.
Must've dropped on the floor.
Butterfingers, Larry.
War games.
The cover's been
swapped. Oh, careful
there's a fingerprint.
Sam seem like a war
games man to you?
Mr. Eccles, on the other hand
It's my house, my room.
I can rent it out
as soon as I want.
It's still a crime
scene, Mrs. Dormer.
It's not a crime
to make a living.
Got you, you bastard.
I want to understand.
I want you to help
me understand.
Working with Sam,
I've really begun to
understand what's held me back.
And what is it
that's held you back?
A lot of things.
My parents.
I'm happy, Leonard.
For the first time in my life,
I feel accepted.
You were happy with me.
With our friends.
Your friends.
They love you.
No, they love you.
I finally find a group of
people who love me for who I am,
and all you want to
do is pick that apart.
I know why.
Because for once, this
isn't all about you.
Your past, your
dreams, your future.
This is about mine, and
you can't stand that.
You can't stand to see me happy.
For someone so happy,
you seem awfully angry.
What color would
you say that is?
Cerulean blue.
I've been looking for a
dress just that color.
And I found the real
accounts book, too.
The paint Fred used
for his soldiers.
Humbrol plastic enamel.
See, the big selling point
is the drying time: one hour.
I was a kid once.
The paint was still wet
when we got there.
Sam was with Fred
in the hour before he died.
What else you got?
There was a Sam White
that studied theology
at Corpus Christi.
Sam studied at Corpus.
But it can't be him.
Why not?
Because he's dead.
Sam White died in 1948.
According to the university,
a fire started,
burnt down Sam White's
digs with him in it.
And that's Sam White.
The Sam we know
takes a dead
man's name why?
To hide who he really is.
Sam, or whoever the hell he is,
has been in and out of our
orbit like a bloody yo-yo.
Three times we questioned him.
One, baby in the church.
the dead journalist,
who was writing an
article about Sam.
Innes Clark. And three,
Mr. Eccles, who takes a
nosedive onto the pavement.
But Sam was only ever
a witness, a bystander.
And you don't think that's odd?
That he was always there?
The baby abandoned
in the church.
The letters I've been
getting, the Bible passages.
A woman brought one to
the house this morning.
A woman with her baby.
The teacher.
From the girls' school.
Rose something?
Shirley Rose Shirley.
She knew Sam.
We questioned him.
Thought he might be
the baby's father.
She was warning us about him.
Get me an address
for Rose Shirley.
Those Bible pages?
I'll get them.
I'm on the right path now.
It's just a shame.
I thought we were already on it.
SAM You can be very
forthright sometimes.
I love you.
Do you love me?
Well, the only love we need
comes from within,
doesn't it? Mm.
Course I do. You tease.
Didn't think I'd see you again.
Oh, I don't know.
I think you had a feeling
there was trouble coming.
Amos 5:7.
We could do so much
more with this space.
Well, yeah, yeah, we could.
Grow our own vegetables!
Sam finds a thread
and he pulls it.
He wants to know
every little secret,
bad days from across a
lifetime, and then
he draws them all together,
like beads on a necklace..
He made me see all of
the flaws in my life,
of which there were many.
When I got pregnant
That's when you saw who he was.
Took a letter to the vicarage.
Sam saw me.
He said if I ever
went back there again,
he would burn me and
my baby up in a fire,
and no one would ever know.
You've been trying
to warn us about him.
Sending those Bible passages.
His name isn't Sam.
So who is he, Rose?
So much money coming in.
Everyone's giving up their
houses, their savings.
Let me guess.
The worthy causes aren't
getting a look in.
It's all going to Sam.
What if that's what
Fred found out?
Sam's as dodgy as hell.
So he stole the
accounts book as proof.
Sam goes after Fred
Fred Eccles takes a
tumble out of the window.
Sam bought a house
with it and all.
Alexander House.
Ten bob says that's
where they all are.
I thought it was
the Gospel of John
and the Book of Amos, but
John 19:30, Amos 5:7.
That's not about
verses. It's his name.
John Amos, and
his date of birth.
Fifth of the seventh, 1930.
DC Peters.
It's the boss.
His name John Amos.
I know.
He's a nasty piece
of work, Alphy.
Controlling, violent.
What if he tried to
stop us finding out?
You know, every
time I got a letter,
there was a break-in soon after.
It was him.
He was following Rose.
The fire Sam White died in
the real Sam White, I mean
he had a surviving housemate.
What if he killed
his housemate in '48?
That was just the start.
We need to find the bastard.
LARRY I've got an address.
Boss, it's Alexander House.
West of Milton, out
towards the river.
Leonard left with him.
He left with John Amos.
I was lost.
And now you're found.
I came to see Daniel.
And if you'd just
Perhaps if you'd let
him come home with me.
You want to see Daniel again,
you'll stay put.
You don't say a word.
JOHN Alphy!
How are we? Come in.
DANIEL for what you want to say.
We have a guest.
Did Leonard send you?
We're just about
to start a session,
but we should be done by
No, we're speaking now.
Well, we can wrap
this up in an hour.
We're speaking now.
Apologies, we'll, um
We'll pick this up after supper.
I'm tired of people coming
here thinking they know
what's best for me.
His name isn't Sam.
It's John Amos.
This, all of it, it's a sham.
He manipulates and he controls,
gets people to give him money.
John Amos was a thief.
And a sinner.
I'm not proud of who I was.
I'd gone down a
bad path, Daniel.
I couldn't see a way out.
And then I met an
incredible young man
named Sam White.
He taught me
another way he
He saved me.
And then, when he died,
I realized that his story would,
would end before
it had even begun.
When Sam died or
when you killed him?
Your life is a lie..
I'm helping people.
You're using them.
No one's done more
for me than Sam.
His name isn't Sam!
Who better to preach
redemption, Alphy,
than one who's been redeemed?
No, no, no, this isn't
about redemption.
This is about power,
and money. What power?
I'm one man, I'm
trying to do some good.
And what do you ask
for in return, hm?
How much have you given him?
It's a con, the whole thing.
Your church is the
one that swindles.
We're talking about you, John.
Your church calls
me an abomination.
They don't even want you, Alphy.
People here have been failed,
and failed, and failed again.
Is it any wonder
that they come to me?
Now here you are, too.
Daniel, tell me if
you've heard this:
"It was never your fault.
"Every problem in your life
is because of someone else,
and the best person to
solve it all is him."
Sam doesn't claim to
solve every problem.
It's okay, Daniel.
I can manage, thank you.
Does everyone always
do as you say?
Well, you'd know more
about Caroline than I do.
You got her to sleep with me.
You set me up.
I'm not responsible
for your mistakes.
Did she kill for you, too?
The journalist?
I know all about you.
Everything there is
to know, at least.
Which isn't much.
This is how you do it, isn't it?
This is how you get people.
You've never felt wanted.
Don't even try.
Yeah, that's it.
Isn't it?
You don't know what
it is to be wanted.
No home, no family.
No love. You have
no idea who I am.
I have everything
that you don't have,
and you can't bear it.
It's over, John
you're finished.
ROXY What's going on?!
What did you do?
Sam? They're shooting at us.
That's not true.
I always said they'd
do this, didn't I?
They weren't shooting.
Go to your room, Rox.
They'll bring more police.
You don't want to
hurt these people.
Go room to room, tell
them to stay put.
Daniel, go!
Do you reckon I'll get one
of them medals for bravery?
All the medals
and all the girls.
Push this against it hard.
Don't do this, John.
You stay put.
You can't go in
on your own, boss.
You giving me
orders now, are you?
You're gonna be fine.
You're gonna be fine.
Everybody, stay calm.
Try and stay calm.
I'm so sorry.
Don't move.
Just stay here for me, okay?
Police are on their way.
Why the hell did you stay?
Well, because there's
nothing without you.
Cambridgeshire Police.
LARRY Geordie's on his
own we, we need help.
What do you mean? A shooting.
He shot me.
Just gonna, oh, just
gonna sit down for a bit.
No, don't sit
down stand up!
I'm sending help
keep talking to me.
Really? You never
want me to talk.
I wouldn't expect
someone like you
to understand what
I've done here.
This place is
It's my life.
I put everything into it.
My heart, my soul all of me.
I built this place on love.
I built it from nothing.
For the glory of God.
This isn't about God's glory.
This is about yours.
These people love me.
John, listen to me.
You say these people love you.
They're afraid of you.
No, no, no, no, no you are.
You're afraid.
Because I've done more
than you ever could.
You've lied to
these people, John.
You've taken their money and
you've abused their trust.
You can tear down what
I do all you like.
But the idea of it.
The idea of people coming
together in the name of God.
There is nothing more
beautiful than that.
John Amos.
I'm arresting you
for the murder of Fred Eccles.
Rox, you see this?
This is persecution they're,
they're trying to silence me.
I'm a man of God
I'm a man of God!
And that's for Larry.
DANIEL Help! Please!
Somebody, help!
I'm so sorry.
Why are you apologizing?
Oh, God.
For being so selfish, for
never giving you space.
You idiot.
It's the two of us.
Remember, me and you.
With all of my heart.
Bullet's in the ceiling.
Leonard, stay still.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's a wood chip.
It's a splinter.
It's a bloody splinter.
are you still there?
Please, just talk to me!
Everything's all right.
Right day?
Excuse me.
It's a bit moth-eaten,
but I'll take it,
and, um
that picture there.
Right you are.
Oh, what about
the chalice and whatnot?
They'd get a few bob
for that, I'm sure.
Go on!
He comes with the
position, so
He's not coming with me.
Absolutely not.
Go on, bugger off!
Anything in the kitchen?
No point it going to waste.
Do you know where you're off to?
The bishop hasn't
decided. Yeah.
Nice mission, maybe.
Somewhere that feels
a bit more like home.
Now, the lady who does for you,
I could use one over at Newnham.
Is she quiet or is she a talker?
I can't be doing
with the talkers.
Used to be the, uh,
women of the parish had a
healthy reverence for us, but
You throw that away, I
will punch your lights out.
Saying your goodbyes?
That man is not a good man.
And whatever you
may think of me,
the people of this parish
deserve better than him.
And that's you, is it?
This place is full
of wonderful people.
Caring, and kind,
and they deserve to worship
in their own church,
to pray with their own vicar,
one who gives a damn about them.
And if it's not gonna be me,
then by God I'll fight like hell
to make sure it's the
kind of man they deserve.
Did you put them up to it?
Did you put your
housekeeper up to it?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Well, it was one
letter a week at first.
Then once a day, from her.
Then others, dozens of them.
Increasing in number and venom.
She even wrote to the archbishop
suggesting that I'd
acted illegally.
I suspect
she was one step
away from writing
to the good Lord himself.
And what did they say?
The letters.
That you belong here.
They want you to stay,
and the archbishop agrees.
Mrs., um
Well, put it this way, she was
very forthcoming in her opinion.
Her name is Mrs. Chapman.
Mrs. Sylvia Chapman.
Try and remember that, at least.
Well done!
All right, sit down.
He might start to get ideas.
Well, you might
not get the girl,
but there's still
hope for the medal.
Seize the day, boss.
Seize the day.
Go away don't look at me.
Why not?
I'm scared
that if I look at you,
I'll want to kiss you.
That wouldn't be such
a bad thing, would it?
I've never wanted to kiss you
and I don't want to start now.
Damn you, Larry.
Damn you.
Where's he gone?
He forgot his picture.
Oops! Mind yourselves,
this is hot.
Wash your hands before you eat!
Spuds are ready.
Watch the gravy!
I'm on peas.
Does it seem lumpy to you?
I like it lumpy.
No one likes it lumpy.
All right!
No canoodling in the kitchen.
Sorry party last night.
Esme, stop them
canoodling, would you?
Hello, lovely, how are you?
Good, thanks.
I think I might be in love.
No, no, no, no,
no, no. No, no, no.
In case of emergency.
I think I might've overdone
the sherry in the trifle.
Before you know it,
Mrs. C.'ll be
putting on records
and demanding a spin.
What if I'm not welcome?
They're your friends, Daniel.
Sorry I'm sorry.
There you are!
Come in.
Daniel! Just the man.
We need you for the gravy.
You do make the best gravy.
Hurry up, it's getting cold!
"The Famous Hand Waver."
Is it "Singing in the Rain"?
"Psycho"! Oh, no.
"Journey to the
Center of the Earth."
"Pillow Talk"!
Oh, sod it
you're all useless!
It was "Spartacus."
The bit, you know, the bit
where they all stand up!
What was in that
trifle, turpentine?
I want to dance.
Oh, Lord.
Here she goes.
Somebody spin me.
I've been shot, Mrs. C.
I've had worse splinters
from a wooden spoon.
It was very painful, actually.
I'll spin you. Oh,
thank you, Daniel.
Manners, you see? Hm.
At this (muted)damn
watering hole ♪
Carry me home ♪
Carry me home ♪
Well, he won't
pull the lever ♪
And he won't save your soul ♪
I can't stop the fever ♪
At this no-good
watering hole ♪
You can't beat that sound.
What, drunk pensioners?
You know what I mean.
You know when they say
in moments of peril,
your life flashes
before your eyes?
Yeah, that's not true,
that's just, um
What do they call it, a fallacy?
What did you see?
Nothing. Liar.
You're standing at the
wrong end of a rifle,
and you saw
Dickens I saw Dickens.
You saw the dog? Not like a
vision or anything, just
Well, who's gonna feed
him if I'm not there?
We need to find you a wife.
I'm happy I'm
happy being single.
Your last thought was of a dog.
Wasn't my last thoughts,
though, were they? So
Even Larry's got a girl.
I'm fine as I am.
I've got Dickens.
Mrs. C.
And you.
I'm a glass
half-full kind of guy.
Talking of which pub?
Hold on, what about
the washing up?
Ah, let the rest of
the family do it.
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