Grantchester (2014) s09e07 Episode Script

Series 9, Episode 7

You brought me
here for a reason,
I'm sure of it.
Mind if I join you?
I can't remember the last
time I saw you smile.
I'm just so tired.
I don't have endless
reserves, I'm sorry.
Begging on Sam's behalf.
Sam said you'd do this.
Oh, Sam, Sam, Sam!
God gives us a sign.
When he does, we must follow it.
How'd you do this, Dora?
I'm not a suspect.
That's exactly what
a suspect would say.
If it was that Evans
boy playing rough
He won't come near us
since you said you'd arrest
him; he's only seven?
Mm-hmm then tell me
you weren't nicking
apples again.
Oh, the silent treatment.
Trust me, in the end,
the truth will out.
Ah, it can't have
been too bad a cut.
She just shot off down
the street like a rocket.
How's the book?
I don't know.
Found these in the cupboard.
When did you start
taking them, Cath?
Dr. Bennett said to
try them for a month.
Mood stabilizers.
This is better,
though, isn't it?
Less screaming and fighting.
Less Cathy.
Just like Mum.
Do you remember?
Seeing her disappear,
bit by bit.
It's not the same.
It's exactly the same.
You said I was starting
to sound like her.
I just meant you were worked up.
Worst day of my life.
Out on the street,
watching her get
put into that van.
It might take longer,
but I'll end up just the same.
That awful institution.
I will never let that happen.
What is it, Larry?
A woman's gone missing.
There's a lot of it about.
Ah, Geordie.
You have to try some of these
Chelsea buns from Fitzbillies.
Had them before, yeah.
Oh, right.
Well, while I'm still here,
I'm working through some
Cambridge traditions.
You shouldn't have to go.
A lot of us would rather you
weren't leaving, you know.
Thank you, Mrs. C.,
but I've made my peace with it.
The future is an open
road of possibilities.
Mm, not for everyone.
Okay, I'll bite who's died?
No one yet, but there
is a missing student.
Call came in this morning
from her distraught father.
There was me thinking
you were drawn here
by the smell of cinnamon.
Oh, there's more milk
if it's too hot.
Is this a joke?
What, you know her?
Wait thank you, Mrs. C.
She's a student at Girton.
How do you know her?
She's not the one
Yeah, Geordie
It's Caroline Stansham
you know who her dad is?
Hugh Stansham.
Very big in plastics.
Supplies half the
country, apparently.
I'll be honest,
it didn't come up.
Wasn't that last week?
Same night as the break-in here.
Her dad says she's been missing
for at least a fortnight,
which could make you the
last person to have seen her.
I've found it helps having one
of you lot to grease the wheels.
One of my lot?
Gets you past the podge quicker
when you know your
Tripos from your pidges.
Come again? Well, you
know, college-speak.
Well, I never went to Cambridge.
London Bible College.
Well, what bloody use is that?
Oh, sorry to disappoint.
Detective Inspector
Keating. Morning.
Any of this familiar?
Bare walls didn't
strike you as odd?
It was dark, and I was occupied.
Caroline Stansham.
Reading classics.
And waiting on her results.
Dad said there was no boyfriend.
Though clearly he didn't know
about the randy reverend.
She's a writer. Hm?
At a student paper.
Editor's an Eric Delgado.
Oh, there's an address
for submissions.
NIGEL Sir Roger
Throbbingdon's residence.
Please do slip yourself inside.
You two are The Honest Ducks?
It depends on who's inquiring.
Detective Inspector Keating
and Mr. Kottaram.
We're in for it now.
I stand by every word we
said about that chaplain.
He never should have sniffed
that woman's underwear.
Particularly at her funeral.
All right, cut it out.
Which one of you
is Eric Delgado?
Neither he's Nigel Rivers.
And he's Innes Clark.
Delgado's a tutor.
Helped set us up.
Checks in every now and then.
Whenever he fancies a gossip.
When did you last see
Caroline Stansham?
A month ago, why?
What's happened to her?
Well, that's what we're
trying to establish.
She worked here? One
of our contributors.
She penned a string of
girl about town spoofs.
She's wonderful.
Close, were you?
Joined at the hips.
Once or twice.
Went to a couple of
dances, that's all.
She wanted to do
more proper stuff,
so we said, "Bring us a story,"
and she never came back.
"Proper stuff"?
The serious side.
You have one of those?
Comedy is camouflage.
Between the gags, we
skewer the establishment.
Profound nutrition sandwiched
between two fart jokes.
That one's for the Fringe.
My dear, late mum
God rest her soul. used to say,
"Hold the bastards to account!"
And the brilliance of
modern publishing is,
anyone can do it. Huh.
That's just what the world
needs: idiots in their rooms
able to share their every
thought with the public.
What was Caroline looking into?
That's what we have to find out.
And how're we gonna do that?
We'll retrace her steps.
And you've never
seen her here before.
She wasn't a regular.
Then why come here on
that particular night?
What on Earth brought you here?
I was blowing off steam.
Besides, I like it.
Salt of the earth, you know?
I mean, was she in trouble?
You know, disappeared for weeks,
only to throw herself
at a complete stranger,
in a bar like this.
She wasn't running or hiding.
Oh, 'cause you knew her so well.
We did have a connection.
Well, it's a dead end now.
Sorry, you're giving up?
She's 21, finished her studies.
Wealthy as the day is long
she could be anywhere.
We've done all we can. That
what you'll tell her father?
I want to find her, too.
But without a body, wanting
doesn't get us very far.
Now I need to get on.
What do you want?
What's that mean?
It's unnerving being
summoned by you,
like this, of an evening.
Would you ever
consider coming back?
You've one less in your nest.
I thought that would help.
Bit of space between
Esme and Cathy?
You know, refocus
on the other three?
I can barely corral
them out the front door.
And Cathy?
She's gone on the pills.
They're strong ones.
For what? For her moods.
She had a lot of anger.
She couldn't sleep.
These pills, they've helped her?
She's not as angry.
But now it feels like they're
just masking the problem.
Masking Cathy.
Truthfully, I am at a loss.
I'll pop round tomorrow.
See what's to be done.
Thank you, Mrs. C.
Morning, Larry.
I should've kept my trap shut.
Boss? I said we needed a body.
Caroline Stansham, isn't it?
No, Boss.
Innes Clark.
Another student found
him this morning.
Throat's been cut.
I'm so sorry, I simply
don't have the room.
I know I sound
like the innkeeper.
No one wants to
be the innkeeper.
But we're fit to burst here.
Maybe try St. Jude's
A little bit of
peace would be nice.
You're not the one to blame
for these feelings, Alice.
Oh, sorry.
I didn't mean to
SAM Sorry.
Daniel, you take it from here.
Shall we?
Sorry about that.
Leonard shouldn't
My fault I need
an "occupied" sign.
That looked a little intense.
Mm, it is.
Sharing their deepest fears,
everything the stiff
upper lip suppresses.
It's quite a shift from those
inspiring, spiritual talks.
Well, that was the theory,
this is the practice.
Personal spiritual improvement.
Studied these
techniques at Corpus.
I'm pretty sure Daniel didn't.
And he's offering counsel now.
Well, he's giving back.
You know how much this
has helped him, Leonard.
It's made such a difference.
He just wants other people
to have that chance.
Besides, it's only right,
since he's investing
in our work.
You could be so proud,
Leonard I am.
So he was your student.
Mr. Delgado.
It's unthinkable.
Innes was a, a true
moral crusader.
After yesterday's chat,
I imagine he had a
sizeable list of enemies.
What is it they say
about judging a man
by the quality of his enemies?
I'd take quantity every time.
Any enemies who'd do
something about it?
If I do your job for you,
do I get to carry a badge?
Answer the question, Nigel.
We accused the dean of deviancy,
the bursar of bigamy,
a lovely little spread
about gonorrhea in Girton.
We do love a little
What's littering
got to do with it?
Sharp as a marble, this one.
What, it's acceptable
for him to be an idiot,
but I can't point it out?
This isn't a game, son.
There's still some
of your friend
on the floor over there.
Look, killing Innes would be
a ridiculous overreaction.
Plus, it's left me
short of a cover story.
Where were you last night?
Studying in my room.
Nigel's a thunderous talent.
I wholly vouch
for his character.
We'll be in touch.
See if his neighbors
heard anything. Boss.
Yesterday, we're here
looking for Caroline,
and today Innes is dead.
Someone picking off journalists?
We have to find her, Geordie.
Some of these
look like they've
been stepped on.
Printing with Letrasets
that's not cheap.
Geordie. Mm?
Someone's exposed
this roll of film.
Destroying evidence? Yeah.
There's some still in the reel.
Oh, I'm sorry.
It's all go here. I'm well
aware what do you want?
Is Daniel about?
He's the only one
of Sam's little
project who isn't.
He had to run home.
Oh, bear with me
Derek, compost.
I'd like a word with him, too.
Slow down, Leonard.
He's not going anywhere.
What in God's name?
Or maybe he is.
You look like a committee.
Have you lost your mind?
Nice to see you, too.
When were you going
to tell me about this?
It's my house,
Leonard my choice.
As much as you'd like
to think otherwise.
We need a favor.
Can we take this inside?
Sylvia, what are you doing here?
Geordie asked me to come
back for the odd day.
To help out. Oh okay.
When a man takes notice
of his wife's health,
something's truly amiss.
This is a wonderful home.
You hate it.
You've begged me to
move into Cambridge.
This is Sam, isn't it?
God forbid I listen to someone
other than the
all-knowing Leonard.
Shall we concentrate
on the matter at hand?
You'll regret this.
All so you can throw more money
at this self-analysis nonsense.
And how much money
has Jack thrown
at your nonsense over the years?
How long's left?
Here we are.
That's Eric Delgado.
Their tutor. Mm-hmm.
And that is a very flexible
young fella with him.
Also known as motive.
What? Can you print these?
Please, go now.
I should never have
agreed to this.
You're helping the police.
To destroy the
lives of men out!
I was feeling blue.
Then suddenly
anxious and fizzing.
I couldn't sleep.
I forgot things, or I
couldn't concentrate.
I was awful with the kids.
Just so angry, all the time.
No wonder Esme moved out.
I had no interest
in poor Geordie.
It was just like Mum,
the way it all built up.
And now it's the opposite.
The pills just flatten me.
I feel like I'm only half here.
You've just
described the Change.
Have you gone through it yet?
No, it's all in my head.
Have you? No, but the pills.
They're just like Mum's.
They are working.
They smothered you.
It's all still
going on underneath.
How much did your mum
and sisters tell you?
Well, they gave me
maybe a sense of it.
My Ronnie had run off, so
I went through it alone.
Just the daft old
vicar to shout at.
Sylvia, how's that gonna help?
It's the last thing I
need! How am I gonna cope?
It's as natural
as going from girl to woman.
And once you've gone through it,
you'll feel better than ever.
You don't need pills.
You've got me.
You've a husband who loves you.
Bit of space and patience,
we'll get you there.
You're named as "The
Honest Duck's" editor.
So you're across
everything they publish?
Of course.
The boys keep me informed.
So you've seen the
many potentially
slanderous claims made.
Against public figures.
Well, I did warn them
about stirring the pot.
We found this here.
It's been over-exposed,
ruining most of the shots,
but three remain.
You might want to take a look.
Did you know about this?
Did they blackmail you
to let them print
whatever they liked?
Did you come here,
kill Innes Clark,
and attempt to
destroy this evidence?
Those boys wouldn't do this.
It's some vile Peeping Tom.
Did you kill Innes, Mr. Delgado?
Where were you last night?
I was at home.
Your family can vouch for you?
I'm innocent.
I wasn't here.
Then tell us.
Your alibi.
Is he in that picture?
I have a wife.
A daughter.
Mr. Delgado, in my experience,
not much good comes
from policing personal affairs.
Our concern is murder.
If you're innocent, your friend
has to make a statement.
We can do that quietly.
Thank you, Inspector.
Did you know all the
student journalists?
Did you know Caroline Stansham?
Yes, I, I was always running
into her around campus.
She seemed to be everywhere.
When did you last
see her? Month ago.
In rapt attention to some
campus beatnik.
All that self-help guff.
Sam something.
Sam White?
Yes, that's the one.
Is Sam White here?
I've no idea.
Damn it.
You have me at a disadvantage
Reverend Alphaeus.
You two know each other?
It's just Alphy.
Are you all right?
Where have you
Miss Stansham.
I'd like a word
down the station.
It's okay. Without any
conflicts of interest.
Innes was such a darling.
You know, he took a
chance on me as a writer.
No one had ever
done that before.
You think of anyone who might
have wanted to silence him?
How long have you got?
They treated complaints
like badges of honor.
Where were you last night?
With Sam.
We've been doing up a place
together on the edge of town.
So he's your boyfriend?
He's quite wonderful.
For how long?
Four glorious weeks.
You sound evangelical.
I guess so.
I found my purpose.
Helping Sam,
recording his work, and
funding his ambitions.
With your father's money.
My money.
I'm 21,
and it's a far better use of it
than anything he's ever done.
So, are you two
We are.
You know Caroline how, exactly?
We met at a bar.
Were you together?
Well, uh, briefly.
And how long ago?
Would it be all right
if I had a private word
with Miss Stansham?
My office. Thank you.
A vicar.
You kept that quiet.
Never show your hand.
Said the card shark
in the cassock.
I didn't think I'd
ever see you again.
And then Inspector Keating
asked for help finding you
I'm with Sam.
I'm in love with him.
But I had fun with you.
Have I broken a commandment?
I had fun, too.
Did you meet Sam at the college?
All thanks to Innes.
He said, "Find a story,"
so I went looking.
I came across one
of Sam's talks.
I met his group, and
I was inspired.
It's like what church
is supposed to be,
but without all of the
dreadfully boring bits.
No offense.
Reporter turned do-gooder?
What, you don't
believe me? No, uh
Satire and earnestness.
Well, they seem an uneasy fit.
Come along to the halfway
house tomorrow night.
There's a party.
Sam's organized it.
Be in the story,
instead of sniping from the
sidelines like Innes and Nigel.
I think that's where the two
of them felt most comfortable.
Not if they were
together for too long.
All of the fighting
and jealousy
It could get quite vicious.
Why was she at
that bar that night
if she's so happy with Sam?
Because she's greedy?
Or maybe it's not all
sunshine and roses.
Hm, maybe.
You listen to this?
Nah, more of a Goons man.
Mind if I?
Be my guest.
INNES Nigel, listen.
I've got a great idea
for a comedy sketch.
Prime Minister, there is
a visitor in reception.
Quite insistent. Oh!
Do they have an
appointment? Well, no.
But I believe it
may be pertinent,
as they are, in fact,
the Four Horsemen
of the Apocalypse.
Four? But I only
have three chairs.
Could one of them wait outside?
I believe they
come as a quartet.
I just think that's
a better out.
"A better out,"
oh, how technical.
One show at the Footlights
and you think you're
Alan bloody Bennett!
Please, Nigel.
They gave you it out of pity.
Maybe if my mum died,
I could get three lines
in a crap show, too. Nigel.
NIGEL You drag me down, Innes.
I should have got
shot of you years ago.
Oh, that's him!
What have you got?
This little satirist has a bite.
What's all this?
If you stop with the pills,
you'll start getting all
those feelings again.
Angry, fizzing.
Be angry if you
want to be angry.
I went through a whole
Staffordshire set
during my turn.
A little.
Besides the blue moods
and sleeplessness,
the menopause is a
bugger for hot flushes,
night sweats,
and dryness in your downstairs.
I'll, um
I'll leave you two to it.
You little runt! Who
do you think you are?
Get off me! Larry!
Get your hands off me, you
moron! Oi, cut it out oi.
Look what he's written.
Almost went with
"Dumblock Holmes."
Interview room, now.
Larry, I didn't mean
You did!
I know what you think of
me I know that much.
NIGEL I should thank
you, Inspector.
You just handed me
the next special issue
on police brutality. Enough.
You're nothing but a
gobby prat with a soapbox.
Innes justified your approach
as "skewering the
but this?
This is just a petty
personal attack.
Blame Innes.
He left me short.
Your simpleton was
obvious filler.
What was Innes working on?
No doubt some worthy tirade.
But I'll never know.
It wasn't on his desk
or anywhere in the room.
It was taken.
And he never told you
what it was about?
After you left,
all he could talk
about was Caroline.
Who took the photographs
of Mr. Delgado?
What photos?
The Peeping Tom
shots you know.
I don't!
Look, Innes and I were
sent stuff separately,
often anonymously.
If it was worth
sharing, we would,
but more often than not,
he'd handle the worthy
and I handled the funny.
NIGEL One show at the Footlights
and you think you're
Alan bloody Bennett!
INNES Please, Nigel.
They gave you it out of pity.
Maybe if my mum died,
I could get three lines
in a crap show, too. Nigel.
NIGEL You drag me down, Innes.
I should have got
shot of you years ago.
Oh, it was meant to be a
collaboration, but you
You turned it into
a competition.
Against someone warmer.
More charming.
Do you know what I think, Nigel?
I think you've
got a mean streak.
It's made worse with drink.
You're mean enough
to kill Innes Clark.
He was the charmer.
People liked him.
That's why I needed him.
I'm just a gobby
prat with a soapbox.
He's more likely
to use a poison pen
than to cut a throat.
And Delgado's close
friend popped in
to confirm his alibi.
Someone tried to
destroy those photos.
And Innes was writing an
article that's disappeared.
Maybe someone else at
the paper held a grudge.
Maybe Caroline can help.
Aren't you lot meant to avoid
coveting another man's wife?
It's a genuine line of inquiry.
NIGEL So you're the smart one?
An island in a sea of idiots.
My paper's always
looking for someone good.
There's no F in catastrophic,
bloodletting has two Ts,
and if you're trying to imply
that the chancellor of
Cambridge University
likes to fornicate outdoors,
you'll want bare B-A-R-E,
not the grizzly mammal kind.
We could really use you.
Detective Peters is
more of an investigator
than you'll ever be,
and I wouldn't use your
paper to wrap up my chips.
You're free to go.
You give me good love ♪
Good love ♪
Talkin' 'bout that good love ♪
Good love ♪
What's all this in aid of?
I've no idea.
Wednesday night is
usually crumpet night.
Yeah, yeah ♪
This is all Sam's group?
They have a name now.
The Way Finders. Oh.
Sounds like something
to do with orienteering.
Bit different to your
congregation, is it?
I don't know.
Same spirit, different tempo.
Although you've definitely
grown your crowd.
Long may it continue.
Excuse me.
She told me.
About you two.
Don't worry, I get it.
It's not easy, but
I've come to realize
that I can't be
Why you hiding out here?
Trying to find some
peace and quiet,
but Del Shannon pierced the
walls like uranium anyway.
If you don't like
it, don't stay.
This is my house!
But I suppose that's your
answer to everything.
Sell up and move on.
You're becoming very bitter.
And you're becoming
very condescending.
I'm trying to captain
my life, for once.
You should do the same.
Oh, I'm going to.
Wishin' you were here by me ♪
To end this misery ♪
And I wonder ♪
I wo-wo-wo-wo-wonder ♪
Sam, I'd like to have a word.
Yeah, of course, fire away.
I think we've reached the limit
of how much I can help you.
The limit?
What I mean is,
I began this halfway
house to help ex-convicts,
those struggling to adjust,
get them back on their feet.
And now I'm having to turn
those same people away.
"I mean", "I began,"
"I'm turning people away."
When did this all become
about you, Leonard?
Was your little halfway
house ever this successful?
I'm building something
special here.
And I won't let
little traitor
threaten it.
You test me again
and I'll show you what
my limit really is.
Do you understand?
Say it.
I understand.
Yeah, well, on and off.
Oh, really? Yeah.
Do you mind if I have a word?
You were a part of that paper.
Did you know anyone
who held a grudge or
Did you know about the
photos of the editor?
Is this a party or
an interrogation?
I got out because
it's a nest of vipers.
And darling Innes was
becoming a limpet.
Have you been in touch
with your father?
My father's a
tragically strict man.
I spent my life,
until I came here,
living in his dominion.
And Innes was like that, too?
Thank you.
For looking for me.
Now we really must dance.
You better leave ♪
Oh, you go ahead.
Meow ♪
I need a drink.
My kitten alone ♪
Meow ♪
You better leave ♪
You all right?
No, not really. ♪
My kitten alone ♪
I think I might go.
Oh, go where?
I done told you,
Big Bad Bulldog ♪
Leonard, what is it?
Alphy, this man has
opened his home to us,
and his heart.
Helped connect people.
Made all this possible.
He's one of the good ones.
Excuse me.
Meow ♪
So get your hands off of her ♪
'Cause I'm her lovin' man ♪
Meow ♪
Mr. Dog, I'm gonna hit you ♪
On the top of your head ♪
And you'll wish
that you were dead ♪
If you don't leave ♪
Meow ♪
Are these your
shoes, Miss Stansham?
You've got fine print
on your footprint.
Those letters are
from a Letraset,
one of the typeface sheets
used for dry transfers.
Used by Innes Clark.
I know what they are.
They're probably on the feet
of everyone that
went to that office.
But a set of these were
knocked to the floor
the night of Innes's murder.
I was with Sam that night.
He's hardly unbiased.
Delgado said he saw you
all over the campus.
Because you were tailing him.
Getting Innes the photographs
to blackmail him with.
had been rattled by
a few complaints,
so Innes wanted a grubby
story to hold over him.
There was one, and
I got the pictures.
But I found something
more important.
I found Sam, and I
I realized there's more to
life than cutting people down.
But when you needed someone to
take the fall for the murder,
you still had those photographs.
Why not sell Delgado
down the river?
But when that didn't work out
you pointed us to Nigel.
Why exactly would I kill Innes?
You told me men try
to dominate your life.
I poured my heart out to you.
After we told Innes
you were missing
I think he tracked you down.
I think he wanted you.
He wanted you to be his girl,
but if you weren't going
to be Daddy's little girl,
you damn well weren't
going to be his, either.
You're twisting my words.
Did you see red and lash out?
Did you kill Innes Clark
because he tried to control you?
I didn't kill him for
me, I killed him for Sam!
Innes wrote a vicious
little hatchet job
smearing Sam, and me, and
all of the Way Finders.
How dare he?!
What has he ever done?
What does he stand for?
He's billowing out lies
from the top of
his pathetic hill.
I had to protect
Sam from that bile!
I can't take it in.
You gave her an alibi.
I didn't want to give a
bad impression of her.
Did you know Innes Clark?
I never met him.
I heard the name from Caroline.
Did you know he drafted
a piece about you?
Caroline says she burned it.
Real hatchet job, apparently.
It being gone does you a favor.
Inspector, I welcome criticism.
If you rock the boat,
someone will shout.
I, I don't dismiss that.
I'd never shut it down.
She never spoke to you about it.
Not a word.
She kept her own counsel.
I wish she had, I just
You all right?
I wanted an answer to
what was driving her.
I didn't think it would be this.
For better or worse
the truth will out.
That being said,
she wasn't a murderer
before you slept with her.
Shut up.
Too soon?
You all right?
You know you can talk to me.
Talking won't solve my
problems Cathy's problems.
Don't give up just yet.
I know the road we're on, Alphy.
It doesn't end well.
Then make the most of life now.
Oh, Christ, you okay?
It's fine, Geordie.
Cruddy hell.
I've been thinking.
I'll put in for a sabbatical.
Effective immediately.
I don't know what it is you're
going through, or what you need,
but I am going to
be here with you,
every step of the way.
Geordie Keating,
I bloody love you.
You are a wonderful husband.
But you don't have to do that.
I may be anxious,
and I've had some right
stresses this year, but
I am not going the
way of my mother.
You're not?
Thank you for getting Sylvia.
I'd got so fixed on thinking
I knew where I was headed,
and she gave me a
different perspective.
A woman's perspective.
Come again?
Great detective, my arse.
A lady of my age
It's my time
It's not going to be easy.
Is anything?
Or painless
certainly not quick.
Slow and painful
is my middle name.
I'm going to stop
taking them pills.
They are not the answer.
Well, it depends.
Are they more or less
expensive than the crockery?
LEONARD Last night,
I stayed with Mrs. C.
And Jack after
an altercation with Sam.
I suggested that
his group had
outgrown the house.
And he
He called me a
"pathetic traitor."
He threatened me.
Sounds out of character, but
Leonard, if you say
it, I believe you.
I just don't know anymore.
I don't trust him,
and he's got his
hooks into Daniel.
And all those others.
I'm worried.
Is anyone in?
Never seen it this quiet before.
It never is.
"Leonard, we won't be a
hindrance to you anymore.
All the best, Sam."
That's it?
Well, where have they all gone?
No forwarding address, nothing.
This isn't normal.
I'm sure it's fine.
No, this is all wrong.
And where's Daniel?
Sam's a dangerous man.
He's stealing your job.
It's not his fault, Mrs. C.
Every time I got a letter,
there was a break-in soon after.
Don't try to find me.
The victim came out
the third-floor window.
No one knew the fella.
Except Sam White.
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