Grantchester (2014) s09e06 Episode Script

Series 9, Episode 6

We're winding this church down.
It's for the best.
I deserve to have answers.
What do you want to know?
That I'm out before
I've even started?!
You need me.
Cathy she needs
you more than I do.
You have no idea what
happens in places like that!
You're starting to
sound like your mother.
Mood stabilizers.
"Amazing Grace" hm.
"I once was lost,
but now I'm found."
Never really understood
those words before.
You found me, and
I don't know.
Maybe this is the first
time I've ever felt
abandoned by you.
You brought me here for
a reason, I'm sure of it.
So, do I fight this?
Or do I go?
What is it you want from me?
Sorry, um, sounding
a bit churlish there.
But if you could
just give me a sign.
Find all manner of rubbish out
here on the dirt, but this
Not your average day at
the office, I imagine.
Gave me the shock of my life.
Could be that girl
who went missing
after going to the pictures.
Not her, Larry.
How can you tell?
Skull shape?
And I doubt she popped out
to see the latest flick
with a bloody great
sword in her purse.
Alphy? Alphy!
There is a Roman
soldier in our village.
Huh lost, is he?
Alphy's working, my love.
Our very own Roman,
imagine that!
Trumpington doesn't
have a Roman.
There are architecturalists
in Marcus Blakely's field
as we speak. Archaeologists.
That's what I said archi
From Oxford.
But we're not gonna hold
that against them, are we?
Oh, she will she has
a thing about Oxford.
Well, it's no Cambridge, is it?
Say cheese!
The archi-whatsits are
looking for buried treasure.
How do you know all this?
She picks up gossip by osmosis.
On your feet, Alphy Kottaram.
I'm working, Mrs. C.
This is the most
exciting thing to happen
since Mrs. Harris
drank too many ciders
and walked down the
road in her nethers.
Work can wait.
I have absolutely no
choice in the matter, do I?
Funnily enough, I was reading
about this only the other day.
70 A.D., the Romans
came to Cambridge.
Mostly avoided
this area, though.
It was too wet and
marshy for them.
Nothing worse than getting
your sandals muddy.
You know your stuff, Jack.
I dabbled back in the day.
Worked digs in Agra,
Egypt, Alexandretta. Hm.
I had no idea.
I had no idea!
Billy! Kate!
Cross perfect condition!
And look at the
detail it's exquisite.
It's better than sex!
I'm not sure Billy would know.
To think that was
here all this time.
Aw, there's more out there,
I can feel it.
We're on the precipice
of a great discovery.
Bloody hope so, amount of mud
you've trod through my house.
Be sure to come to our talk
this evening Village Hall.
7:00 p.m come on.
Kate Earnshaw.
Curator of archaeology
at the Ashmolean.
Ah, Alphy Kottaram
plain old man of God.
Ashmolean Museum?
That's in Oxford, isn't it?
Have you been?
Never felt the need.
We have lots of
museums in Cambridge.
Not fond of interlopers?
Oh, she's not fond of anyone.
Don't take it personally.
Will you be there tonight?
That rather depends.
If you will.
I'll be there.
Then so will I.
Come on.
An evening with a
bunch of academics.
Think I'd rather have a
chat with the skeleton.
The brown or the brown?
Whatever you think, Geordie.
Nah, it's a joke 'cause
they're pretty much the same?
But if you have to
explain a joke, you
One of those days?
It was fine.
There's still time.
It was Milburn!
It was me sorry.
I wish getting a confession
was always that easy.
Good boy.
It was your vase
sorry, Cathy.
I think I'd rather not go out
I think I'd rather turn in.
I'll buy you a new one.
It's a vase, Geordie. I
know how much you loved it.
It's just a vase.
Why are we doing this again?
You got me.
Alphy? It's good
for the village.
And what's good for the
village is good for the church.
Cathy had the right idea.
There's a slide show.
Ooh, slides! You love a slide.
No one loves a slide.
I do! I love a slide!
You know, Cambridge was a very
significant Roman settlement.
Celts from the
Northern Alps, mainly.
And there's beer
lots of beer.
Now you're talking.
Not only did we
find our skeleton,
the rather poetically
named Exhibit 5358,
but we also found this
clutched in his hand.
An attempt to curry
favor in the afterlife.
What's it worth?
Couple of hundred.
It's hand-forged
bronze, Byzantine era.
I'd say £300?
£300, eh?
I wouldn't give
them three pennies.
It can't be Byzantine, can it?
I mean, I thought
Britain wasn't a part
of the Byzantine Empire
in its early days, so
It couldn't belong to our
chap, unless I'm mistaken.
Who are you, Jack?
Yes, it's more likely Flavian.
Our young apprentice still has
much to learn, don't you, Billy?
Yes, professor.
Are you hoping to find more?
Oh, we're certain of it, with
enough time and resources,
and financial support
apologies for the clumsy segue.
But as that great academic
Professor Munger once said,
you have to speculate
to accumulate.
And if you would like
to make a donation,
it will be put to good use.
From one antiquarian to another.
May our lives
always lie in ruins.
Thank you.
Excuse me for a moment.
Red, please.
Good day?
Barely glanced up.
Spend my life looking
at the ground.
Well, I spend mine looking
to the heavens, so
Both searching for the
same thing, I think.
Something I've failed
to find recently.
Such a winning combination.
Devout and troubled.
I'm not troubled.
I'm not!
Look, look at this face, huh?
Sunny, upbeat.
Oh, I'm sorry, excuse
me for just a second.
Alphy, my boy.
Quite the shindig.
Shame I didn't get an invite.
Well, I only just found
out about it myself, so
Yes well.
Thought I'd pop by,
meet my new flock.
Of course. Anyone
I should avoid?
No, no, they're all lovely.
I heard the housekeeper's
an absolute harridan.
Red or white?
Well, if it's good,
I'll have the red.
White it is, then. Oh.
White, please, thank you.
What's he doing here?
His job?
Stomping all over
your grave, more like.
And you're not even gone yet.
Thank you.
We're gonna talk
about this later.
You all right, champ?
Well, it just felt like
a "champ" kind of moment.
You know, the new vicar.
It is what it is.
Have they put
something in the water?
Why is everyone so bloody calm?
You, Cathy.
Don't know what's got
into her recently.
Well, it's good, isn't it?
Calm is good.
It's unnerving is what it is.
You should be out
there, causing a ruckus.
And what would it change, hm?
I'd still be out of a job.
You might feel better, though.
Geordie, if I'm supposed to
go, then that's what I'll do.
Ah, leaving it to the
fella upstairs, mm.
Mm-hmm. When he's ready,
he'll give me a sign.
Well, what are you
hoping for? Burning bush?
I'll know when I see it.
Well, let's bloody hope so.
Ladies and gentlemen,
please take your seats.
This evening's slide show

Another Roman, Mr. Blakely?
You'd best take a look.
Laid out just like the
skeleton same position.
Maybe it's a sign.
I thought he was in his tent.
I thought he was sleeping.
Come sit down.
You'd known him a while?
He was my tutor at Oxford.
Once slipped up in a
seminar and called him Dad.
Everyone thought it
was hysterical, but
I don't know.
That's what it felt like.
He seemed like an
impressive man.
Sometimes you meet greatness.
Sometimes you're lucky enough
to bask in it for a while.
Perhaps these things
are never meant to last.
Where is it?
You left it out, didn't you?
Left what out?
You bloody fool.
It's been stolen!
The cross was here
I left it right here.
Well, I didn't touch it. Well,
you didn't keep an eye on it,
either, did you? Well, I can't
be responsible for everything.
Is anything else missing?
No, I don't think so.
My rock hammer.
It was in my kit.
It's not my job
Tempers are fraying. Yeah.
And it was right
there! They're upset.
Well, at least
someone is, I suppose.
You know, expressing
their emotion.
You are so Insightful?
Unsubtle, I was going to say.
Like a rock hammer to the
back of the head. Mmm.
Larry, we're looking
for a rock hammer.
What's one of them?
Hazard a guess.
A hammer for rocks?
There you go.
I saw them arguing.
Mrs. Blakely and Henry.
I saw them arguing last night.
I can't say I'm surprised.
He was a charlatan.
Barely cold, Della.
He was playing you, Marcus.
Is that what you
were arguing about?
Did you see how much
money was changing hands?
How much money ended
up in that tin of his?
Do you think we'll
see any of it?
Well, he promised us a cut.
You're so naive. Henry
took us for lunch.
He took us for fools.
Maybe you decided
to get what was owed you.
And when Henry
wouldn't give it
Oh, I took what was
owed us, all right.
It's our land it's
our bloody cross.
Did you kill him?
I know you think I'm
a terrible old nag,
but I'm not a murderer.
Della, just give it back.
It's ours, Marcus.
It's the museum's.
Well, technically, it
belongs to the state.
This is theft. Says
the grave robber.
Archaeology is
not grave-robbing.
What's the difference?
It's a rather complex topic.
There's no point in
trying to explain.
Too thick to understand, are we?
That's not what she said.
And what makes you
the authority on it?
How about a Ph.D.,
for starters?
Oh, whoop-de-doo,
she's got a Ph.D.!
Everyone, bow down! Enough!
I'll keep the damn
cross, how about that?
I'll keep it till a decision
is made about where it belongs.
You good? Good?
Good. Take a seat.
Someone'll take your
statements shortly.
Letting off a bit
of steam there?
No. No? Not getting
a bit agitated?
I'm fine.
Professor's bag's on your
desk, Boss. Thanks, Larry.
Funny thing to
dedicate your life to.
Not too different
from what we do.
Digging through
other people's dirt?
We're all just trying to
make sense of the world.
You fancy her.
I don't fancy her.
She's just
She's intriguing.
What's this?
Nice try. No, really.
"Declan Miller, fine
arts and antiquities."
There Henry was
supposed to meet him today.
What's "NQA"?
They might know.
They might.
Although they might lie.
They might.
We need someone impartial.
We need an expert.
So, this is where you hide out.
And Sylvia is not to know.
What do you know about the
antiquities business, Jack?
Try me.
What does NQA stand for?
Some kind of qualification?
"No questions asked."
Ah, of course.
I'd say your Declan
Miller was black market.
So, if our victim Henry had
an appointment with him
Then the professor
was black market, too.
The professor seemed aboveboard.
It's only a thin line between
an archaeologist and a thief.
And which were you?
That's a story for another time.
What about the rest of the team?
Would they be thieves, too?
Birds of a feather and all that.
I'd keep my eye on the
whole damn lot of them.
Kate's not a thief.
Too "intriguing" for that?
She works for a museum.
What's a museum if not a
building full of stolen stuff?
Oh, what's this?
Taking tea.
And why aren't you at
each other's throats?
We're getting on quite
nicely at the moment.
Very nicely, as it happens.
Speak to the Ashmolean Museum.
Find out what you can
about Miss Earnshaw.
I'll do it, if you like.
No, you enjoy your tea.
Why's everyone so bloody calm?
Quick as you can, Miss Scott!
So this is where you hide out.
Don't tell Sylvia.
I probably shouldn't.
Me, neither.
Two more over here,
please. Of course.
So Love or money?
The latter how
did you guess?
Us Brits can happily
converse about anything
but love or money.
I saw you donated to the dig.
Rather wishing I hadn't now.
I just, I've been
working with Sam.
The preacher from
the halfway house.
He's been doing such
wonderful things.
He's a fantastic young man.
He's helped so many people.
And we are hoping to
expand our operation.
Reach more people and
You're grimacing.
I gave Sam £20 a few weeks back.
And we are so grateful
for that, but
You need more. We need more.
I consider you
family, you know I do.
I just
No, no, it's fine.
I can't keep putting
my hand in my pocket
every time someone asks.
I don't have endless reserves.
No, of course.
I'm sorry.
You have endless
reserves for Leonard.
That's a little different.
In what way?
In what way is it different?
Ah, I suppose there's family,
and then there's family.
It's not like that at all.
No, please.
Don't go. I think I've probably
wasted enough of your time.
What have you got?
Seems like your Miss Earnshaw
has a somewhat checkered past.
Her old boss at the
Ashmolean Museum
had quite a lot to say about
her and the professor.
We've been doing some
digging of our own.
What would you
say if we told you
Henry was a grave robber?
Absolutely not.
The professor was the most
upstanding fellow I, I ever met.
It was almost spiritual to him.
The pursuit of knowledge,
the wisdom of the ancients.
The ten grand in
his bank account?
He already had a buyer
for that cross of yours.
Henry was double-crossing you.
I don't believe you.
Were you part of it, too?
Kate is
She is prodigious in her field.
Not gonna argue with that.
I work for the Ashmolean.
Might argue with that, though.
You worked for the Ashmolean.
Past tense.
Suspended a year ago.
Pilfering from the exhibits.
Is this yours?
Any other stolen
artifacts in here?
Go ahead.
What did you do, Kate?
We asked your boss at the museum
if you're the kind of woman
who would kill for a crucifix.
You know what he said?
"She'd kill for the
fillings in your teeth."
So how does it
work, Miss Earnshaw?
I'm more interested
in how this works.
Do you steal to order?
Anglo-Saxon necklace here,
Roman crucifix there.
You fascinate me, Vicar.
What's going on in
that head of yours?
I'm asking the questions.
Did you and Henry
have a falling-out?
I don't remember.
I'd had a few to drink.
See, I'm wondering
if you found out
he was gonna sell that cross
to a black-market dealer
behind your back.
Cut you out of the deal.
Does the name Declan
Miller ring any bells?
That's what it is.
You look lost.
Miss Earnshaw I'm not lost.
Mr. Kottaram.
Did you kill Henry?
What happened to you?
What happened to me?
There's something in
your past, isn't there?
I don't think about the past.
The most interesting things
are always behind us.
Miss Earnshaw.
The murder weapon was
in your belongings.
Henry and I didn't argue.
He didn't double-cross me.
And I'm pretty sure I'd remember
plunging a rock
hammer into his skull.
Welcome to the first meeting
of the emergency committee
for the reinstatement
of Alphy Kottaram to the
good parish of Grantchester.
Great name.
Rolls off the tongue.
Who's taking minutes?
It's just the three of
us having a conversation.
Yes, my love.
First order.
Reinstatement of Alphy Kottaram
to the good parish
of Grantchester?
You are being very
facetious this evening.
But yes, exactly that.
I'm not sure there's
much we can do, Sylvia.
I'm not letting him
go without a fight.
Me, neither. Did you
see his replacement?
Smiles, but not with his eyes.
The absolute brute.
Letter writing
that's what we'll do.
Straight to the nuclear option.
We'll write to everyone we
know demanding Alphy stays.
I'll get the envelopes
Leonard, you lick the stamps.
I've been meaning to apologize.
For Mrs. C.?
To Daniel.
I very much want to support both
your endeavors, you know that.
But, uh, his work with Sam,
it's obviously very
important to him, but
I have to be a little
careful with the pennies.
Of course.
I understand we both do.
Daniel was sorry he asked.
Actually, Jack should do stamps.
I'm not sure you could be
trusted with alignment.
Your wife, on the other hand
Evening, fellas.
Uh, deal me in?
Here is how it's going to go.
You are going to wear this.
Which, according to the shop
assistant, is "beyond darling,"
whatever that means.
You're gonna whack on
some of that perfume
that makes me feel things
I've not felt in a while,
and we're off to a restaurant
I can neither
pronounce nor afford.
Too darling for you?
No, it's lovely.
I'm just so tired.
Not to worry.
You don't mind, do you?
I can barely keep my eyes open.
I don't mind.
Course I don't mind.
Whatever you want.
What is it, Cathy?
Hm? You don't shout,
you don't laugh.
I can't remember the last
time I saw you smile.
I thought this is
how you wanted me.
This is what you want, isn't it?
I don't understand.
I'm just tired.
Will Marcus be back
soon? Oh, I don't know.
He was talking
to Billy. Was he?
Mm what would
that be about?
Buried treasure, no doubt.
He's talked about nothing
else since they got here.
You don't approve of
Marcus's enthusiasm?
There's no gold in that field.
It's nice for him to have a
bit of hope still, though.
It's not hope.
It's delusion.
I just wish he could be
happy with what he's got.
He's not happy? He's always
striving for something.
Like what we've got
isn't enough for him.
Like you're not enough for him.
So maybe Marcus found
a way to make money.
Killed the professor for
Not Marcus, no.
Just, no.
Good night.
Congratulations, good night.
Mind if I join you?
Not sure I'll be much company.
That's not your name.
That's not your name, either.
You a student?
Third-year classics. Mm.
But you don't want
to talk about that.
Don't I?
I have a feeling
you don't want to talk at all.
Pleasure to meet you
Shh, wait, wait, wait.
If you're caught here,
I'm done for, okay?
Yeah, it was so much fun.
What about maths? Or
chemistry? Chemistry? No!
We can talk now if you like.
No? No talking?
No talking.
What's your real name?
Really? Yes, really.
Biblical, is it?
New Testament.
No one special.
Are we going to do that thing
where we'll insist
we'll keep in touch?
I had a wonderful time.
Mrs. C.?
Mrs. Chapman!
These break-ins are becoming
a bit of a regular occurrence.
Almost time your watch by them.
This is it, Geordie.
This is the sign I've
been waiting for.
God is not going
to come down here
and fling about your paperwork.
It's not exactly saying,
"Stay, you're welcome," is it?
It's not a sign,
you daft bugger.
Did you see anyone?
Hear anyone? When I
got home this morning,
it was just, well, you can see.
When you came home.
This morning.
Sly old dog.
Miss Earnshaw?
You sly, sly, sly
Stop. Ah, and now
follows the guilt
and the self-recrimination.
Yeah, I've seen this
whole vicar hoopla before.
Actually, I feel pretty good.
Yeah, sex'll do that.
Seem to remember, anyway.
Is anything missing?
Oh, God.
The cross.
Break-in's nothing to
do with the cross, then.
So what is it to do with?
Saw young Billy last night.
Handing an envelope
to the farmer.
Perhaps Marcus was in
cahoots with Billy,
who was double-crossing Henry.
I thought Henry was
double-crossing Kate.
Maybe Billy was
double-crossing them both.
More bloody crosses than
the Church of England.
But why would Billy
pay off Marcus?
Unless he was doing
the right thing.
Paying Marcus when everyone
else was taking advantage.
What if it was to
do with the cross?
The break-ins?
The murder.
Now you've lost me.
It was everything to
do with the cross.
What? Nothing.
That's the third "nothing"
and it's only 8:00.
Jack is family.
He's not a bank manager.
He's not a blank check. Right.
Begging on Sam's behalf
it's embarrassing.
Nothing. Oh, very good.
Very droll.
Your whole life, this place,
is built on Jack's handouts.
I have worked very hard.
Oh, and I haven't.
I didn't mean that.
What does it matter, anyway?
You're the chosen one.
Oh, don't be so dramatic.
I'm just your, your shadow.
Your plus-one to a party
no one wants me at.
You're so paranoid.
It's how I feel, Leonard.
When did you get so bitter?
I'm just stating facts.
I don't know about you,
but I've had enough
of this tedious spat.
Sam said you'd do this.
Walk away. Oh, Sam, Sam, Sam!
Bloody Sam.
Billy said the cross was
from the Byzantine era,
but you said it couldn't be.
It just seemed odd to me
that a cross of that era
was buried with a Roman soldier.
Perhaps you could
take a closer look.
Strange. Hm?
It is Byzantine.
How can you tell?
Well, you see
this small bar here.
It was for Christ
to rest his feet on.
This is, at the
earliest, 500 A.D.
Hadn't the Romans left
England long before then?
Don't look at me. Exactly.
It couldn't belong to
our skeleton friend.
He died hundreds of years
before this was even made.
When you pointed
out the discrepancy,
that's when Billy realized.
Henry was lying.
So this is where
you've been hiding.
That envelope Billy
gave you, Marcus.
What was in it?
The young chap
said it's what the
professor owed us.
Said he always made
it a point of honor
to pay his debts before they go.
Funny, isn't it, Marcus?
They made all those
promises treasures galore.
And now off they pop.
They're leaving?
Billy Randall.
What did you do, Billy?
You called him Dad
by mistake once.
Did you think of the professor
like that, like a father?
In your eyes, he
could do no wrong.
Until the day he did.
You realized the
skeleton and the cross,
they weren't from the same era.
Yes, it's more likely Flavian.
Our young apprentice
still has much to learn.
That's when you knew.
The professor was everything
he claimed to stand against.
He was a common
black-market thief.
Kate stole the cross
from the museum.
Henry planted it to
fool the Blakelys.
To give them hope that there was
more out there in that field.
And then he got the villagers
to put their hands
in their pockets.
And if there was
nothing in that field,
He'd already made
a small fortune.
He understood the
value of a sign.
That cross was a sign to
the Blakelys, to all of us.
Keep digging
there's more out there.
The first lecture I
ever saw him give,
he told us archaeology
isn't about money.
It's not about riches.
It's about the
search for meaning.
We had to be scrupulous
in our actions,
or that meaning would be lost.
"We should never lose
our way," he said.
Then he did exactly that.
You tricked them, Henry!
You lied! You told us
never to tell lies!
Oh, grow up, Billy.
You're becoming a real bore.
I thought he believed
in what we did.
If you don't believe,
if there's no meaning,
then what else is there?
Come to return the cross?
I'm not sure it was
yours to be returned.
Keep it if you like.
Funds for the needy.
How about if I bury it again?
Dig it up in a hundred years?
Who knows? Might
make your fortune.
But then again,
I don't think it's a fortune
you're looking for, is it?
And what am I looking for?
Somewhere you belong.
Same as the rest of us.
Do you believe in signs?
Lot of nonsense.
Well, I believe in God, so
it's not much of a leap.
Have you had a sign?
I think so.
And I have my answer now.
What was the question?
Stay or go.
What's the fun in staying?
Life is a search for meaning.
We search for
meaning everywhere.
We look for signs in the stars.
We look for them in the
earth beneath our feet.
We look for it in the faces
of the people we love.
Perhaps they have the answers.
We try to find meaning in
the smallest of things.
Because without meaning, what
is the purpose of our lives?
The struggles we endure,
the worries, the fears,
it all has to amount to
something, doesn't it?
And so we search.
We find it here,
in this very building.
And there is value
in that search.
Because in searching,
we find answers.
And in answers, we find truth.
He has a plan for us,
even if we don't
see it straightaway.
He will let us know.
God gives us a sign when
we need it most, and
When he does, we must follow
it, wherever it takes us.
Even if it means leaving a place
and people we have
grown to love.
Who's died?
No one yet,
but there is a missing student.
Is this a joke?
Destroying evidence?
When were you going
to tell me about this?
Would you ever
consider coming back?
And Cathy?
Truthfully, I am at a loss.
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