Graveyard (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Gunesten Daha Sicak

To the elements it came from
Everything will return,
Our bodies to earth, blood to water,
heat to FIRE, breath to air.
They were well born,
they will be well entomb'd.
Welcome, dear viewers.
We will cover violence against women
with Metin Güreli on Sıcak Gündem.
However, I would firstly like to introduce
Assistant Professor Erdal Bilgin
who will be joining us
on this program from now on.
And now
I would like to invite
Captain Önem Özülkü to the microphone.
are hate crimes
committed by men against women
based on gender
only because they are women.
While the majority of victims are murdered
by their close relatives,
six out of a thousand of these are killed
by their colleagues
or by their acquaintances.
This is so boring.
Yes, the systematic murder of women
is boring, you're right.
Mom, you know I'm not talking about that.
Are you really going to read that?
What should I do, Sude?
The police department's PR team
prepared it.
What should I do?
- I'm not keen on it either.
- I wonder what else they've written.
Don't Sude.
"The number of femicides"
compared to 2019
has in 2020
seen a substantial
This is all nonsense.
Nothing is decreasing.
- Oh well, I'm running late for school.
- Sude.
As Captain Önem Özülkü noted,
the police have made great progress
in hate crimes against women.
However these accomplishments are only
the beginning compared to the achievements
that will be reached in the special crimes
unit under Captain Önem's command.
- The Special Crimes Unit
- Hello.
will be working seamlessly
- Welcome Captain.
- together with
its dynamic specialized personnel,
a cutting edge lab,
and access to international databases.
Thank you.
Hello. I am Önem Özülkü.
- Special crimes u
- Welcome. Follow me.
- Why don't we take the lift?
- It doesn't go down.
- You are?
- Officer Hasan Duru.
- Are you in SCU?
- It's my 33rd year on the force.
I was assigned to the archives
two years ago.
- I see, you came from archives?
- No. You came to archives.
Don't mind that it says archives.
They call it something else on the force.
Welcome to the Graveyard.
Mr. Haluk is unavailable right now,
he's on the phone.
I'll let our Captain know.
Don't you worry sir, my respects.
"Önem, this time everything
will be different.
You'll have all the resources
of the force at your disposal."
Don't forget that I outrank you.
I apologize Mr. Deputy Chief.
You screwed me over real good, sir.
It's the best I could do.
The force does not want to spend more.
Even so, I've sent you
the latest model plasma TV.
Is this a joke to you?
Do you think what I need is
a new plasma TV?
Phones are ringing non-stop
to congratulate you.
- Good.
- Fine. Right now they're clapping.
But they hope that we'll stumble.
Look Önem.
I took a risk placing you at the head of
a unit that was hard enough to assemble.
- So?
- You're no longer at the district office.
You'll follow the rules here.
I've read the text you gave me.
- Have you?
- Yes I have.
Not all of it.
Don't worry, I was scolded for that.
Look, if I didn't think you could make
a difference, I wouldn't have chosen you.
I just want you to be more diplomatic.
Okay. I'll be more diplomatic.
How can I solve murders
in the archives with
someone waiting to retire?
What do you expect?
Surely not.
I've appointed Serdar to your unit.
Just as I taught you in the past,
I expect you to do the same.
He's expecting you at the crime scene.
At the crime scene
- Serdar.
- Mr. Prosecutor.
Should I congratulate you or
hope that it will pass soon?
Let's not say anything Mr. Prosecutor.
Do you see that female firefighter?
She's carrying more than she can bear.
If she stumbles and falls,
she'll end up hurting herself
as well as others.
- She seems to manage it.
- Now
once the fire is out, yes.
Will she be able to perform as well
when she's completely surrounded by fire?
I'm afraid you'll be
in the same situation.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Prosecutor Gökhan Demirdelen.
I'm on this case.
Glad to meet you.
I need to be at the courthouse.
My clerk is here,
you can share your findings with him.
Of course.
Firefighters receive the call at around
eight in the morning.
They arrive, put out the fire, and find
a fully burnt corpse.
Who owns the factory?
- Have you found out?
- We have.
A businessman.
Bankrupt, fled the country, no trace.
This place was abandoned
and empty for years.
- Was there no groundskeeper?
- No.
And no witnesses.
- No.
- Önem!
Congratulations on the promotion.
I don't know if we can call it a promotion
but thank you anyway.
It's too early to tell the cause
or the time of death.
- I don't have enough data yet.
- Come on!
Come on! What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Go forward! What are you doing, man?
What the hell?
- Come on! Calm down.
- Slow down.
- Calm down!
- Hey!
What's going on? Come on we're all
in the same boat.
Hasan, come on man, I have work to do.
- Come on. Go inside.
- Go on.
They're destroying evidence.
- Are you okay?
- I am.
By the way I'm Berk, I was assigned
to your team from the criminal bureau.
Nice to meet you.
Calm down man.
- Berk.
- Hasan.
Weren't you at the Public Order Office?
I was.
- Did you find something?
- Fire scene.
Fire scenes compared to other crime scenes
are both more difficult and more specific.
- Right.
- Let me explain it like this
if the regular crime scene is a color TV
then the fire scene is a
black and white CRT TV.
- 50 shades of gr
- Okay, now look.
Tell us what you've found on this
black and white TV, picture
photograph whatever.
- The fire started on the driver's side.
- Yes.
Analyzing the hood, we can see that
fuel was used
as a combustible. I didn't go inside but
I can eliminate the chance of an accident.
I'm sorry.
That's incredible, really.
You're saying it wasn't an accident?
It's great to know, right?
And we were about to pass
the case to traffic.
I didn't mean it like that.
All right, okay.
It's burnt up.
We won't get anything out of it.
- Still, let IT take look at it.
- The ID is burnt too.
Mr. Hasan.
What do you think about this?
That woman had a whistle and pepper spray.
So, she was afraid of someone.
The devil wouldn't have thought about it.
Look Önem, do you see inside the lungs?
She breathed hot air during the fire,
so her lungs were scorched.
- She was burnt alive.
- Yes.
That's not all.
She has cracks on her cheekbones.
- Her skull.
- Micro cracks on her skull
and two broken fingers.
And my guess is, just before the fire.
So, right before she was killed
she was also tortured.
- All right.
- Look I found something else.
- See?
- The clavicle, is it a healed injury?
- Yeah.
- Hmm.
Look at that break at the radius.
I get it.
And around two years ago
somebody made her suffer
a very serious trauma.
Her fingerprints are gone.
- Teeth?
- Nothing came out of her dental records.
- But
- What's that?
Can you focus on that?
I'll do you one better.
Alev Gölpınar. 28 years old.
She was working as assistant
guest coordinator at a private TV channel.
We don't have a record of her address
since last year.
Mr. Hasan, I'd like you to go over
all Alev's records.
Namely the prosecutor's, and the police's.
It's clear she was exposed to violence.
She must've appealed somewhere.
All right?
Analyze all the fuel stations and
surveillance cameras
around the crime scene. Okay?
Understood, Captain.
Guys you see the minutes.
Look, here, a woman is being killed by her
husband in the middle of the street,
and the ratings are peaking.
That's the kind of news we need.
Do I make myself clear? We need just
that kind of news.
I'm sorry, hello.
- I think you're in the wrong place.
- Mr. Metin?
I'm from the Special Crimes Unit.
I would like to ask you about
Alev Gölpınar.
Now I remember.
You're the woman captain
heading the new unit?
My name is Önem Özülkü. My being a woman
has nothing to do with my job.
Of course not.
Guys, could you give us a minute?
- I'm sorry.
- Please.
Thank you.
Has Alev Gölpınar come to work today,
have you seen her?
Alev I didn't see her today.
Ms. Yasemin will know better,
she's the production coordinator.
She didn't come to work. We called
but her phone was switched off.
Did something happen, why do you ask?
Her family reported her missing.
Her family?
Why are you surprised?
- I thought they didn't speak.
- Is that so?
- Why not?
- How can I put it
Her family were somewhat
narrow minded, uneducated.
- Isn't that so Yasemin?
- Yes
If I'm not wrong, her older sister
was subject to an honor killing.
That's why I thought she wasn't in touch
with her family for years.
Okay, was there someone at the station
who Alev didn't get along with
or had a grudge against her?
- No.
- Did you know? You?
That can't be. We're like a family,
for many years.
How close exactly is this family?
- I don't understand.
- Did Alev have a relationship
a boyfriend, a lover, anyone?
No, to my knowledge
she didn't have a lover.
Are you close?
Alev was the type of person
to distance herself a bit.
- She wasn't close to anyone.
- I understand.
All right.
Would you be able to give me
Alev's home address?
Sure, I'll ask HR and send it to you.
Okay, thank you. If you don't mind,
I'd also like to talk
to Alev's other colleagues.
- Of course.
- Thank you.
Checking surveillance cameras
like a rookie.
What is it Berk?
All right, we're coming.
Berk found something.
We shouldn't get too excited
if the kid's found something.
He probably found
that the car works with fuel.
- Mr. Prosecutor.
- I had a meeting with your father.
I wanted to check where you were with
the investigation.
We've determined the victim's ID.
Alev Gölpınar.
Following your Captain's request
the coroner has moved up your case.
- That's good.
- I'm sorry?
That's good, Mr. Prosecutor.
Finding the culprit who's burned
someone alive should be
the police's highest priority.
She was burned alive?
Yes, Mr. Prosecutor.
- Even so, procedures must be
- Pardon me, sir.
There's been a development in the case.
- Keep me informed.
- Yes, Mr. Prosecutor.
- What has he found?
- He'll be right with us.
Come on man. Do we have to wait for you?
What have you found?
How do you register a vehicle
in the system?
Licence plate.
Yes. That's what comes to mind.
I thought so too
but the license plate
was destroyed in the fire.
So I fixed it and found it.
It belongs to a 4x4 from Adana.
So it's a fake. VIN number?
Chassis number, namely VIN,
the Vehicle Identification Number.
All vehicles have it standard since 1981.
It's formed of 17 characters. The letters
I, O, Q are invalid characters.
The reason being to avoid resemblances.
No man, I don't understand.
- Did you find the VIN num
- Did you know that
the VIN number is on eight different parts
of a car?
The one on the front panel and engine were
unusable, due to the fire.
I've managed to combine the others
to reach 12 of the 17 characters.
If we find the other five, we'll determine
who the vehicle is registered to.
The first three give you the make
of the car. The others are different
- This is burnt. It's unreadable.
- Unreadable for now. Let me take that.
- positive and negatively charged
- Enough.
When will you have it?
In a short while.
Ahmet Gölpınar, the victim's brother,
he's a crime machine.
Born in Istanbul but from
Diyarbakır, he's a middle child.
- His sisters are Alev, and Zelal, 14
- Slow down.
One by one.
- Yes.
- Ahmet Gölpınar, the victim's brother.
He's a real crime machine, a nutcase.
He murdered his older sister Zelal
when he was 14.
The reason was because she'd eloped.
It was an honor killing.
Gets out of jail, gets conscripted.
He wants to stay in the military,
but is refused
due to psychological reasons.
He is wounded in a conflict and
discharged early.
Upon his return, he quickly enters
the criminal world.
- What has he done?
- A little bit of everything.
Blackmail, threats, assault, he even
put someone in the hospital. All in there.
He is out on probation,
and would you believe he hasn't been in to
see his probation officer today.
All right.
The address Alev Gölpınar
gave her employer is outdated.
Someone else is living there.
Furthermore, her colleagues
say Alev requested some time off
in September for family reasons.
She was back in November.
Family reasons.
Nutcase of a brother, simple case.
We've solved it.
The brother is the killer.
Well done Sherlock,
you've solved it in a flash.
Hey, grandpa, were you here?
Show us what you're working on? Let's see.
Six letters, old geezer.
Serdar, any news from the phone?
IT couldn't do anything, but the
GSM operator sent Alev's phone records.
Most of her recent calls were work related
but one number caught my attention.
And that number was registered to her.
She must have gotten
a phone number for someone.
Why are you being a buzzkill bro?
Get over there and play.
Come on, men!
That's enough! Sit down Mr. Hasan.
this is not a preschool, do you get that?
And I am not your peer.
I am your superior.
Is that understood?
Do you want to work in this unit or not?
- I don't.
- Lower that hand.
Lower that hand.
Tough luck,
I want to work with grown-ups,
but all I got was you.
So I have to make do.
Until this case is closed,
you will follow my orders, understood?
After that you can ask for a transfer,
retirement, whatever you want.
Captain, I want to.
I want to work in the unit.
Okay. This is not the time.
Don't you worry Mr. Prosecutor.
Captain Önem follows all the protocols.
We won't have any problems later on.
Come on in Önem, come in,
I've been expecting you.
Mr. Prosecutor.
I was just leaving.
Keep me updated about the case.
Of course.
- You've moved up the autopsy.
- What a thing.
Önem moved up the autopsy.
Look Önem,
we've set the wheels in motion for change.
Those like Gökhan are scared that
it will spread to them.
That's why you can't afford
to make a mistake.
- I'm sorry.
- Önem.
Nobody expects a speedy conviction
on your first case.
Our priority is to show that this new unit
can work in harmony with everyone.
- Harmony?
- Yes, harmony.
We're on thin ice.
We'll all go down if this ice breaks.
Anyway. How is the case going?
- Are you happy with your team?
- Very much so.
They are working in great harmony. Really.
But, IT couldn't unlock the phone.
Okay, that's no problem. Place
a written request, they'll send an expert.
Wait a minute, anybody but her.
- Önem!
- See you later.
Hackers can monitor phones,
modems, or even smart TVs.
To protect these end nodes, security
I'm sorry, it's my mistake.
Are you stupid?
You're can't even do
the simplest job in the world.
What is it? What happened?
You're getting up from this table,
and you'll apologize to that waitress.
Then, you'll get the fuck out of here.
Get lost.
Don't mess with me.
I don't have the time to deal with you.
- I'm talking to you.
- I heard you
I need to make a decision.
Should I send these texts
from your mistress
to your wife or your father-in-law?
Or maybe, wait a minute, if I dig in more,
what other dirty
I'll report you to the police.
What will you say?
"Officer, a girl broke my finger."
Thank you.
You don't say, he said that?
That's great.
After you retire, you should do stand-up.
What's that? Hasan?
You got in the car, you're silent.
I'm bored, don't you get it?
I'm bored, There's nothing to read there.
The case is obvious, as usual.
We know the guy,
we'll go and pick him up.
For God's sake.
Are you angry with me?
Let's talk it out.
We're colleagues,
we should be open with each other.
Are you mad that I called you a geezer?
Enjoy it, man.
These will be the last cases
you will work on.
It's game over for you.
90 minutes plus 4, the referee is about to
blow the last whistle.
Look these special crimes and so on
They'll be shut down soon.
They will turn it back to archives,
and plant you there.
What's more
When they close it down,
who knows where I'll be exiled.
Don't worry, your father will save you.
He'll save me. Yes.
He will save me.
My father always saves me.
He'll save me in such a way that
he might make me police chief.
You want me to work with the cops.
Not with the cops.
I want you to work with me.
I can make a difference in this new unit.
- are hate crimes
- You'll make a difference like this?
I know that you'll say
those are not your words.
Then you know I had to say them.
The old Önem would tear that paper up
and speak her mind.
Sofia, that Önem couldn't head this unit.
This is the phone that belonged
to a woman burned alive.
If I am to bring justice to her
and others like her,
this time I need to do
everything by the book.
Do you understand?
What if somebody's life is at stake
and that book tells you to wait and see,
what will you do?
I have to take this, sorry.
Is this the place?
It looks empty?
Man the weather is like a joke.
It's sunny, then rainy.
Just like you.
Is anyone home?
What are you doing?
Look at the geezer. Respect, man.
You're saying it's not over yet.
- Good, you're not only solving crosswords.
- Can I help you?
Hey brother, we were looking for Ahmet.
I'm a friend of Ahmet's from the army.
We were in the same company.
Don't worry about him. He's our commander.
He got shot in the head. He's lost it.
He was a cannoneer, he can't hear.
I'm Ahmet's buddy.
We used to spend a lot of time together.
We had some important things to tell him.
A matter of life and death.
Where can we find him?
Hotter than the sun.
Let's see how hot it is.
Come on. It's really burning.
We don't have our guns, let's see.
Let's not blow our cover.
Pull yourself together!
- Ahmet is inside!
- I know.
- Are you the guy?
- What?
- Do we place our bets with you?
- Yes.
- How much for shirtless?
- Two to one.
- The other?
- Three.
On shirtless!
- Are there any more?
- No.
I see. Do I get a receipt or something?
- No.
- So how do I
Is that the method?
Come on man!
Mind your left. Your left side.
There it is!
That's it!
Your guard!
Come on! Don't make this a losing night.
Come on, on your guard!
- Welcome home.
- Hello.
- How was school today?
- The usual.
- Good. Your exam?
- The exam
It was fine. Why?
- It was biology, right?
- Don't be a policewoman Mom.
What are you after?
- You weren't at school today.
- Did they call you?
I'm not in the mood. Can we talk later?
We'll talk now, Sude.
Yes Mr. Hasan?
I'm expecting your call, okay.
Come on Ahmet! Come on son!
He's winning!
Where were you?
Don't get lost! You'll get crushed
under these big men.
Come on!
Go, Ahmet!
Get up son! Up! Come on!
Come on son! Come on!
Let's get him.
Get lost man. Out.
Look here! Look! I'm counting to three!
Anyone left I'll cuff one by one!
I'll fuck you!
One, two, three!
Fuck off man!
Come on man, come on.
On your way, sir, please.
What's going on, hello?
- Look, here. Hey!
- What's going on?
What's up with you? Slow down.
- Who are you?
- What's it to you?
- Look now girl
- Girl?
If you're here for a control,
it's on the third floor,
- first to the bathroom, than the control.
- Fuck off.
Look here, talking trash won't fly here.
- I'm looking. So what?
- What's going on?
The Captain is here. She's talking trash.
- Who's your daddy?
- Shush. Sofia.
It's okay, no worries.
The place is cool, who's your architect?
- What about the phone?
- You're not surprised I'm here?
- I'm not, because you took the phone.
- Okay, only for this case.
We'll see.
Now, what I don't get is
how can this girl solve
what the great IT department couldn't.
If I tell you my secret,
I'd have to kill you.
I like this girl.
She doesn't have any messages, call logs,
photographs, nothing.
But still
the memory is nearly half full.
- She's hiding something.
- Exactly what I thought.
She has two calculators in her apps.
So? What happens
when she has two calculators?
Nobody uses two calculators
on their phone.
An app. Directly downloadable.
It's an interface
to hide messages and calls.
That's right. It's not an app that you can
download directly from the store.
Most probably all the messages
and photographs are in this app.
But why would anyone install such a thing?
To protect the information in case
the phone is hacked.
Okay, how soon can you crack it?
The password is 12 characters long,
so I guess it might take a week or so.
With a single computer that's true.
But we could speed it up if we connect
to the force's server
and make use of their processing power.
- Exactly.
- Exactly?
How so?
Is this an internet café?
What are you doing?
Do I have this right?
We will be connecting an unknown computer
to the police force's secure network,
is that it?
Very brave.
Let's do it from my computer.
We found your car at the crime scene.
It was stolen last week.
What would anyone want
with your crappy car?
We found your car at the crime scene
with the woman you burnt.
You killed your younger sister
just as you killed your older sister.
You bastard!
Let me go!
Ahmet! Place your hands on the wall!
- Okay Serdar, calm down.
- Captain, stay away.
- You don't get it.
- Explain it then, Ahmet!
Look I'm the one standing between the gun
and you. You don't want me to move away.
You don't get it.
Once you go to jail
you're always in.
You're the same in people's opinion.
You're always the villain.
Always a murderer.
only Alev didn't see it like that.
In this world, only Alev
saw me as a human.
You didn't kill your older sister.
And Alev knew this?
Hmm, Ahmet?
My father
sold my sister for a large sum.
When my sister ran away, he said we needed
to kill her for our honor.
I couldn't do it.
I mean
How could I?
But he didn't have mercy.
No mercy for his own daughter.
He killed his own daughter.
I took the blame.
Come on. Let's get up.
There you go.
Is your father still alive?
He died.
From cancer. Three years ago.
Did you give your car to Alev?
She came two months ago.
She needed a car so I gave her my spare.
Why the fake license plate?
- For work.
- Ahmet,
Someone was abusing her for some time.
They were hurting her.
You know who that was, don't you?
You know them.
Right, Ahmet?
No. I don't know them.
- Look me in the eyes.
- I don't know.
You said "you bastard" back then,
do you remember?
If you want to get him yourself,
you'll have to wait a long time.
I'll have you followed 24/7. You won't be
able to wipe your ass without me knowing.
And Alev's murderer will get away,
do you understand?
Last year
it seems she disappeared
between September and November.
We thought she was afraid of you,
and reappeared once you were in jail.
But we were wrong, weren't we?
Will you remember?
Firstly I would like to thank you.
Speaking on an important issue
like violence against women
Once Ahmet learns that Alev
is being abused, he starts following her.
He finds out that she's seeing this guy.
He sees them fight, breaks his nose,
puts him in hospital.
This is our guy.
Erdal Bilgin.
Ahmet, beats this guy up in November 2020,
breaks his probation conditions and
spends 10 months in jail.
So during this time,
namely these 10 months,
has there been any communication
between Alev and Erdal?
- Alev blocked the guy's number.
- I'm not surprised.
All right, Mr. Hasan,
anything on the credit cards?
About a year ago, Mr. Erdal made
payments to various private clinics.
I've spoken to two of these and
they remembered Alev.
So why didn't this girl go to the police
even though she was
beaten repeatedly?
- Because the police don't do shit.
- What?
Alev was afraid to be killed just like
all the other murdered girls, Serdar.
She was also afraid that her brother would
kill Erdal and go back to jail.
Mr. Erdal, what do you think is the reason
behind the increase in femicides
in our country?
Mr. Metin, we should first ask this:
are men and women equal?
If they aren't then why not,
if they are then why this discrimination.
Men and women are equal
in the eyes of the law, right?
But in our country this matter
is evolving unhealthily.
While trying to protect women's rights,
men become discredited
and their words don't mean anything.
Man or woman doesn't matter.
When unqualified people get promoted,
because of this positive discrimination,
qualified men become rather passive.
However in society, passive men
shatter the family structure.
A society or family with passive men
is bound to crumble.
- Mr. Erdal
- One minute, I haven't finished.
Something else,
the woman's word is to be trusted.
What does that mean?
Were we not equal, right?
Isn't a man's word as worthy as a woman's?
You're changing the subject.
And you're interrupting me? Are you aware?
In conclusion, you can't act based on
a woman's word.
Mr. Metin. I'm sorry I'm late.
Yes dear viewers, another guest today is
from the newly founded SCU
of the Istanbul Police Force
and heading it, Captain Önem
Ms. Özülkü, could you tell us
and our viewers
why you are here today?
Of course. First of all hello.
I would like to point out that,
I found Mr. Erdal's statements
to be insincere and malicious.
I see, which ones did you find
insincere and malicious?
Even though you are aware of
how hard it is for a woman
to say they were attacked
or subjected to violence
you still use the concept of
equality of men and women
for manipulation.
- God, were you even listening?
- With both ears.
I heard you clearly,
but right now I don't have the time to
analyze your sentences.
But I can say this in summary,
you're a miserable man who wants
women to live under
the hegemony of men.
- How can you talk to me like this?
- Is it bothering you?
But I don't care about that. I would like
to tell you why I'm here.
I'm sorry Mr. Metin.
We've discovered the victim's identity
who was burnt alive yesterday morning.
She's the guest coordinator of this
show, Alev Gölpınar.
Unfortunately, this is not
all that we've found out.
Erdal Bilgin, who's a married man, has
been having an affair with Alev Gölpınar.
When the victim learns about this
and wants to end the relation
he subjects her to violence.
Violence so extreme
that it dislocates her shoulder
and hospitalizes her.
You're lying!
- Cut, cut the show. She's lying!
- You're the real liar.
You've subjected your lover
to violence numerous times,
hospitalizing her, and yet you're here
in front of the cameras
- I'll finish you off. Who are you
- You can't do anything to me.
I am Captain Önem Özülkü,
arresting you on suspicion
of murdering Alev Gölpınar
- She's lying, What's she saying?
- We're sorry.
She's lying!
- She's lying!
- I'm sorry again.
Let me leave this microphone here.
Congratulations, boss.
Right now you're the most viewed woman
in Turkey who still has her clothes on.
By the way I found something
on the guy's phone
- Do you know what you've done?
- Haluk.
Get out.
- Sofia.
- I said get out.
Can we talk inside, Chief?
- I told you not to hire her.
- She was the only one to crack the phone.
- Is that why you're here?
- No it's not.
I came to ask if you know
what you've done today.
- What have I done?
- Önem.
I told you they didn't want this unit, and
all eyes were on us, and to be careful.
- What did you do?
- What did I do?
You not only arrested him on live TV
but you also tried to break his wrist.
- No.
- What's going on?
Daddy and mommy are fighting.
- Who?
- That's what he says!
- He can say whatever he wants!
- I told you.
You told me this and that.
You told me everything,
well then you should have
hired a puppet to do exactly as you
asked, Haluk.
Do you need me at all?
You shouldn't have hired me, then.
- Here.
- What's this?
I'm as clear as you are.
- What's this?
- My resignation.
Process it at your leisure.
Want to play with fire?
All right.
Play with fire.
One mistake, just one more mistake,
and I won't have a choice.
Yes. What were you going to show me?
Show me.
One day before, Erdal was asked
to become a permanent guest on the show
that Alev worked on.
What a coincidence.
That's why, the first show Erdal is on
is the last show Alev is alive in.
What are you saying?
His lawyer is here.
Let him come.
Why is the sound off?
Why don't we turn the sound on?
Why haven't we thought about that?
Miss, the police can't listen on the
discussions of a lawyer and his defender.
I'm not a cop.
But you're working for the police.
Should I remind you again?
And we can't use what we hear here.
It's inadmissible, it won't help us.
And despite the way he was treated
he would like to help you find Alev's
When did your relationship
with Alev start?
Two years ago.
Alev wanted to find an expert guest
for another show.
Then she found me.
Our relationship continued after the show.
When did she leave you?
About a year ago.
Was that before or after
you broke her clavicle?
I never did such a thing.
Whenever she was subject to violence
from you, she was treated on your account.
I've never done anything
that wasn't deserved.
Are you the one who decides
on who deserves what?
Look, Mr. Erdal accepts that he made
some mistakes.
My client is a passionate man.
He gets easily emotional.
The fight was reciprocal.
Following Alev's provocations
my client could not contain his anger.
And once they broke it off,
he never saw her again.
- If we don't count yesterday's show.
- Your first show
was by sheer coincidence Alev's last day
on this earth.
My client is a highly respected
He receives offers from many shows.
Erdal Bilgin.
One last question.
- Why did Alev leave you?
- Was it because you were married?
Or because you beat her repeatedly?
- I didn't kill Alev! You
- This meeting is over.
Thank you.
I want to know what he's eaten, drunk,
who he's met with in the last year.
I want all sorts of information.
I want everything on Erdal Bilgin.
I studied Alev's phone signals
between September-November.
The phone gave off
a signal at certain times.
Okay, right, from where?
From Kurtuluş. She didn't leave Kurtuluş
for two months.
Okay, that's great, Mr. Hasan please find
anyone who might know her around Kurtuluş.
And you, look at the past medical records.
Investigate medical centers,
anything you can find.
- Okay.
- She must have left an address
to a medical facility.
Maybe we can manage
to find her new address.
If we're lucky.
Hello? Mr. Sezgin.
Sude beat up two male students today.
Up to now we have been lenient
toward her absences,
her fights with her teachers,
and her failure to submit her homework.
However we couldn't tolerate her
fighting and beating up
her friends at the same school.
Sude has crossed the line.
I told you I didn't start it. They did.
The kids' families are complaining.
Ms. Önem please remove your daughter
from this school before things escalade.
I'm sorry.
Are you expelling the other two kids
as well, are all three being expelled?
I didn't catch that.
A disciplinary inquiry
will be conducted for them as well.
When they manage to get back to school.
Ms. Önem one of the kids has
a twisted wrist,
while the other has cracked ribs.
Let me get this straight.
The other two kids start the fight.
My daughter protects herself.
You're only conducting
a disciplinary inquiry
for the other two And you're expelling
my daughter, did I get it right?
Ms. Önem, Sude is having difficulties
adapting to school this year.
As an educator, you decide to expel her?
I don't get it.
- I can't make you see
- You can.
Ms. Önem,
this school has certain principles.
We can't allow for such a thing.
Either you remove Sude from school
or the disciplinary board will expel her.
If that happens, it will be in
her records. Do you want that?
Okay, I get it. Then let's do this
assemble the disciplinary board
Mr. Principal. Get up Sude.
Start the inquiries but be fair.
If not, let me inform you that
I will seek my rights as a parent.
Ms. Önem.
Way to go mom, you were like
the Terminator in there.
Shut up, Sude. We'll talk at home.
- Captain's not here, if you came for her.
- I came to see you.
You're working out gloveless,
you'll get injured.
So what?
You've buried me in this graveyard.
Are you here to throw some dirt over me?
I'm not the reason why you're here.
It's what you did in Public Order.
What have I done there? What?
I did what I had to do. A life was over.
That doesn't mean anything
to you, does it?
Of course not. Let me ask you this.
Did you ever care for someone?
Including your precious Captain,
have you ever cared for someone?
- I protected
- Don't protect me! What for? Don't!
- Son!
- Fuck off!
Don't protect me. Each time you do that
my life gets fucked.
Don't protect me.
Your concern is your career.
Your road to governorship
can't be hampered by any hurdles.
Staying on track.
That's your only concern.
- Nothing else.
- Son.
What "son"? Serdar shouldn't be
reproached, get told off
- shouldn't piss about.
- Son!
What "son," come on? No more son.
Serdar is unreachable here.
Do you do this to the suspects too?
What is that?
Using silence as a weapon.
Is that what I'm doing?
Do you want to talk?
Let's talk. I'm listening.
I protected myself.
Sude you didn't protect yourself. You beat
them up and hospitalized them.
Why did you beat them up?
- Do you really want to know?
- Of course I do.
All right. Okay.
Look, those imbeciles watched the video
like all the others at school, okay?
- So?
- They made fun.
They said "Your feminist mom beat the guy
up on TV, did she beat your dad too?"
And you attacked them because of this?
I told you I didn't attack them.
Don't you listen to me?
Okay, I'm sorry.
You're right, go on, I'm listening.
I swore at them.
They couldn't take
being sworn at by a woman.
They attacked.
When they attacked I
You know the rest. Okay? Are you happy?
Are you done?
Don't be stupid, why should I be happy?
You don't have to protect me, darling.
I'm not protecting you.
I'm protecting myself.
As always.
But if my father was here
What if your father was here?
Sude go on, what if your father was here?
You start a sentence, finish it off.
I'm sick of it, you know?
I'm sick of you using your father
every time you're in the wrong.
Get up. Give me your phone.
The conversation is over. Come on.
Give it.
- No phone for a week. That's it.
- Is that a joke? What will I do?
If something happens, will I send
smoke signals?
You're really funny. Here.
You'll manage with this.
And for one week,
to make sure that you're at school,
I'll drop you off and pick you up.
Here is your SIM card. There we go.
I swear I'll go and run away
to a women's shelter.
Go on, as if they were expecting you,
weren't they?
Do you know how offensive it is,
what you've just said?
Women's shelters,
as if you know how they are!
Why didn't I think of that?
You continue.
Yes Önem?
- Can I ask you something?
- Of course, tell me.
Alev might have gone to women's shelters.
They might not tell me anything
if I call them as the police.
- Could I ask you to
- Me, working at the association
- they might talk to me.
- Exactly.
Okay, send me the information on Alev,
I'll see to it right away.
- Good morning Feriha.
- Good morning Önem.
I found the shelter Alev was in.
That's wonderful, okay.
Mom, you're going the wrong way.
Where are we going? I'm going to be late.
Mom, why did you bring me here?
Mom, answer me, why are we here,
are we going to do something here?
Come on, get out.
- Come on.
- Why are we here?
Because this is the place where both
our lives changed.
You blamed me for your father's death.
- I'm not blaming you.
- You are.
I also blame myself.
If I had been
on time with you at your school that day
your father could be with us today.
But you weren't, okay? You were late,
late as usual!
That's it! Önem Özülkü's most important
thing in her life is her work, okay?
You were late!
Okay, look, that's why we're here now.
Whenever I get stuck
or I can't solve something,
I come here to unburden myself.
You can let go of your anger at me here.
- Önem.
- Sude?
- She's fine. She's alive.
- Sude! My baby.
My baby. Thank God.
Ba Bahadır.
- Bahadır!
- Önem! Don't go, Önem!
Bahadır enough!
I'm worn out, I'm worn out
because I can't reach my daughter.
I've had enough of fighting
with her every single day, Bahadır!
- Bahadır!
- Önem! Don't go, Önem!
Dad it's not fair!
Why did you leave me and go?
Nobody gets me, nobody!
I hate Mom and everyone at school.
I hate them all.
All right.
- My love, all right.
- I hate it all.
All right my love.
Look, I'm right here, I'm here.
I promise I'll never leave you.
- Welcome.
- How are you Feriha?
- Fine and you?
- Good, my dear.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Ms. Feriha right?
Please, Ms. Didem is expecting you.
- Can I take you're phones please?
- Of course.
- Welcome.
- Hello.
Good luck with that
- Welcome Feriha.
- Hello.
Thank you for seeing us.
How may I be of assistance?
Actually Feriha told me on the phone
you wanted to speak about Alev.
Yes, she stayed at your shelter
for a while right?
It was a year ago.
How long did she stay?
About two months.
She was very afraid of her old boyfriend.
Is this him?
Well, we've never see him. Alev was
really scared of the man.
She said they had a strong relationship.
That's why she came to us.
She never filed a complaint though.
She told us she wouldn't go to the police
because she was scared.
He said that he'd kill her if she did.
If she was that afraid, why did she leave
after two months?
At the end of the day, this is a shelter.
There are rules to be followed.
When Alev was here, she couldn't
go to work. Phones are not allowed.
Our guests are only allowed
to leave the shelter
at certain times of the day.
And that's only for work.
Alev's work hours did not suit that.
Alev couldn't stay here
because her work hours didn't work out.
- I see.
- Look.
We have a limited capacity.
When certain conditions are met,
the women have to leave
and live their lives.
I understand.
Do you have the address she was living at
after she left here?
Unfortunately no.
Ms. Didem, I'm going to ask you a
hypothetical question.
Let's say two women had a problem
here at your shelter.
What happens then?
It doesn't happen often,
but it does occur.
So what's the procedure
when it does happen?
The first time we warn them. Unfortunately
the second time, they're expelled.
They are thrown out.
You have to understand.
Was there anyone Alev had a problem with?
- Hello, Meltem.
- Hello.
Thank you for accepting.
You didn't leave me another option.
Do you remember me?
Yes, you're the Captain
at the scene of the burning car.
We spoke to your Captain
before bringing you in.
- You were late to work on Monday.
- You came directly to the crime scene.
Do you know the victim who lost her life
in the burning car, Meltem?
The woman you fought with at the
Beyaz Papatya s helter.
I swear I had no idea
until you said it on live TV.
Why didn't you come forward afterwards?
What was I going to say?
You had already arrested Erdal.
When did you meet?
With Alev? How?
When the district set up an exam for
firefighters, I applied with my husband.
It was a physical endurance test.
I passed, he couldn't.
He couldn't accept being beaten by me.
He threw a tantrum first,
and then we would fight for no reason.
One day, I fought back.
Next thing I know I was in the hospital.
Why didn't you tell anyone?
It was tough to be the only woman
at the station.
They would treat me differently.
Can I have some water?
Fight with the woman.
Go burn her.
Then try to put it out.
That's great.
It would suit you, right?
- Are you talking to me?
- Woman kills woman, case closed.
The patriarchal order is not disturbed.
That's what I'm saying.
Did I say that?
What I was What's going on?
A hacker's inside the force's network.
Fuck. What are we going to do?
Calm down champ, I'm just joking.
I found the ghost driver's password.
Say something, what's going on?
Let's not get in trouble.
I searched on the internet.
I called the association, they told me
I could come. But I didn't stay long.
About two weeks, until I found a house.
That's where I met Alev.
You couldn't stay long because you
fought with Alev and had to leave.
Look, it's not easy for anyone.
Sharing five square meters with people
you don't know. I was angry.
What Gürkan did, all that happened to me.
So I lashed out at Alev,
but we made up afterwards.
How so?
After I left the shelter I'd sometimes
stay at my friend's
or I'd sleep at the station.
My chief noticed
and I was getting in trouble.
When Alev found me.
She took me in.
Are you still staying at her house?
No. I moved about four months ago.
Once my divorce was finalized.
Önem, I found something.
Meltem, Alev sent you a message
a couple of hours before she died.
And she said "PH is following. I have to
go home pick up the guest."
Is this right?
Meltem, who is PH?
Who was Alev hiding at home?
Alev might have died because of this.
The shelters have a certain limit.
So you were helping those
who couldn't find a place there, right?
Who was Alev hiding at home?
- I don't know.
- Meltem, who is PH?
I don't know.
It's really not the right time
to hide information.
Look, I really don't know.
PH is an abbreviation we use
for Psycho Husband.
That's why I was late for work
that morning.
I called Alev but couldn't reach her.
No one was there when I went over.
Meltem, why are you telling us
all this right now?
Why didn't you say before?
Alev might have lost her life
because of this.
Do you know how many women are killed by
their husband after they go to the police?
It's safer for them to stay in hiding.
It was safer for Alev too.
who was Alev hiding at home?
I really don't know.
That was the system. The less people knew,
the better it was.
I just know the guest arrived
two days before.
Okay. We need Alev's address.
You stay there.
This place is 1.5 km from the crime scene.
So a psycho husband followed Alev.
What's going on?
Broken glass. Look at it.
A broken ashtray.
This is all we have for the time being.
No it's not.
That's not all we have.
Everything is too clean and organized.
What is it?
- Blonde.
- Alev was a brunette.
You're hanging by a thread
as thin as a strand of hair,
- I hope you're aware.
- Sorry Mr. Prosecutor,
but it doesn't matter much to me anymore.
It should. We need officers like you.
Önem heading this unit is nothing more
than a PR move.
Your father chose the wrong person.
- But you can show him the truth.
- I
- I will show the truth to my father?
- I know.
You don't approve of his actions.
He's a politician. He has other concerns.
You and me, we have a common concern.
So, Mr. Prosecutor?
You should have been Captain
instead of Önem a long time ago.
That would have been right.
Önem sees this unit as
just a step for promotion.
Haluk too for that matter.
Whereas you want to do the right thing.
But you're acting on your emotions.
Even if I think it was wrong,
you did what you had to do.
What did your father do in return?
He threw you in the Graveyard
to work under that woman.
You're talented, intelligent.
Don't get angry and waste your potential
because of your father's weakness.
Let me help you.
- Where's Serdar?
- I'm here.
Okay, did we get anything
out of the piece of glass?
Since ancient times it has been known
that fingerprints are unique.
The Bible says,
"He sealeth up the hand of every man,
that all men may know his work."
The Holy Quran says,
"We are able to make whole
his very finger-tips."
My dear brother, did you find anything
on the glass pieces? That's the question.
Unfortunately it's impossible to reach
a conclusion from such a small sample.
That is if you don't have Interpol's
AFIS software.
Download it then.
Did I miss something or did Interpol open
a store?
This can't be found on the internet.
What's it do?
The algorithm transforms the
fingerprint to a numeric model
and comparing it to a database
can closely estimate the original.
It creates a new model.
Wait a minute.
This program combines the fingerprints
on its database with the one
that we provide using
- its algorithm?
- It does.
- Yes.
- But it's impossible to find the program.
What's that? A.I. FIS.
Wait a second, how'd you do that?
Where did you get it?
- What did you do? Hack Interpol?
- No.
- I hacked the company that created it.
- Wait a second, Captain.
That's too far.
Okay, look I thought I was oblivious,
but this is too much.
As if he never used any pirated software.
Captain, to my understanding
this isn't like the regular
office programs that we use.
Did you suddenly decide
to follow the rules?
Önem, a woman's life is at stake.
You've downloaded it, will we get
in trouble if we delete it now?
Not if I'm here.
Okay, then let's do this. Everyone other
than Sofia can leave.
Nobody has to collude. Okay?
I think I gave an order.
I'm sorry, it must be old age,
I'm hard of hearing.
I had some work to do.
Have it your way.
Sofia, use the software quickly
and then delete it.
But quickly.
I may have a suggestion, if you will.
I'm listening.
Be more careful when Serdar is around.
Do you know what he did in Public Order?
No I don't, but I think you do Mr. Hasan?
Am I correct?
Not connected to any crime.
Let's check the fingerprints for
passport and ID applications.
It's a match.
Is it here?
Serdar stay here.
Can we talk please?
- Please.
- I heard about Public Order.
You beat your colleagues and
hospitalized them.
Did Mr. Hasan tell you?
I don't care who said what.
I know what Hasan doesn't know.
Those in the Public Order were
responsible in the death
of your informant. I'm sorry.
You're playing the tough guy
to protect yourself.
I can see and understand that.
- You don't get it.
- I do.
You don't.
Look, there are things you don't know.
You don't know anything about me.
I'm sorry but at this moment,
I don't have to explain myself to you.
Look, if we're going to work together
we have to trust each other.
Don't forget that.
- Do we have to?
- Yes we have to.
We have to trust.
That kid trusted me.
The informant.
He wasn't just an informant living
in the streets and helping out
cops once in a while.
He was a kid who wanted
to escape the streets.
He was helping us.
He was inspired by us,
and felt good about it
when he was helping us.
He felt he was being useful.
And we were getting information
from time to time.
We thought we were doing
intelligence work.
One day, the guys told us about a raid
and said we'd catch them red handed.
They asked me to make my guy a courier,
I said fine but asked them
to be careful to avoid problems.
They said that nothing would happen.
They asked me to trust them.
I trusted them.
And that kid trusted me.
What happened then?
We held his funeral.
I didn't plan to do that.
I went to ask for explanations.
I wasn't planning on causing trouble.
I saw them with their phones,
watching movies, laughing about it.
And then I lost it.
So Captain Önem.
When I last trusted someone I buried
a 15-year-old kid.
That's why I can't trust anyone
since then.
I'm sorry, but no one
should trust me either.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I was here to see Sevda Güreli.
That's me.
I'm Captain Önem Özülkü from
special crimes.
I would like to ask you a couple of
questions about Alev Gölpınar.
Ms. Önem.
- Hello Mr. Metin.
- Hello.
- I didn't know her that much.
- Really?
But your fingerprints were found
at her home.
Didn't you help her when she was moving?
It's probably from then.
Anything else?
We need to ask Ms. Sevda
a couple of questions.
We have to take her for questioning.
I'm sorry Captain
but she's feeling unwell today.
If you have any more questions
please contact our lawyer.
I'm sorry we've disturbed you.
15 days ago I told Metin that I wanted
to leave him.
That's why he beat me for days on end.
I thought about running away
Metin realized that.
He began taking me to the station
so I was always around him.
Alev must have suspected something
since I was at the station every day.
Three days ago, she came and told me
what had happened to her.
She told you that
she could hide you at her place.
The next day I left before Metin woke up.
We met with Alev at five in the morning.
She took me to her place.
She gave me a new phone.
She told me not to talk to anyone.
But that last day Alev told me that Metin
might be suspicious of her.
Thinking that he might learn something
he invited Alev's ex Erdal
to the show as a guest.
- Did he get the address from him?
- Alev called me later on in the evening.
She said Metin was following her.
She said she was trying to reach a friend
who would pick me up.
But nobody came.
I was waiting at her place, so afraid.
Then Alev called back.
But it was Metin on the phone.
He said if I didn't tell him where I was
he'd kill Alev.
You told him.
After a while Metin came.
Alev wasn't with him.
I asked him but he didn't tell me.
I knew what he'd done.
I tried very hard
to save myself from Metin.
He was much stronger than me.
He brought me back home.
I couldn't save Alev.
We weren't close but she
put her life in danger for me
but I couldn't save her. I couldn't.
You did everything you could.
- Believe me.
- I couldn't.
There is only one person to blame here.
Metin Güreli,
your wife told us everything.
You understood that Alev
was trying to distract you.
You held her up at the first occasion,
tortured her until she passed out.
When that didn't do,
you convinced her that you'd let her go
if she called your wife in tears.
When Sevda answered,
you killed her without mercy.
- Is that what I did?
- Yes it is.
Because you got what you wanted.
In order not to leave
any evidence or trace
and to continue
that shitty career of yours
you put that woman in the car,
and burned her alive.
- Then you went to the house to Sevda
- Do you have any proof?
Why are you smirking man?
Why are you smirking?
Pull yourself together, scumbag.
This isn't like your TV show.
Don't you hear?
She says your wife told us all.
Sevda didn't see any of the things
you just told me.
Her testimony is not valid.
As for kidnapping her
it's Sevda's word against mine.
So far, I haven't seen any evidence
tying me to this crime.
You only have the
delirious statements of my wife, right?
He burns her alive, and then smirks
like the Cheshire Cat.
Sofia did you find anything on
this guy's phone?
The last signal
on his phone was from a base station
close to the station.
He didn't calibrate the GPS.
His car was stationary for three hours
1.5 km from the factory where
Alev was killed.
From there he went to Alev's and then
to his own house.
Not enough.
He'll say he went to get his wife after
speaking to Alev, and get away with it.
I'm going mad.
Do you trust me?
It isn't over yet.
I'll sue you all one by one.
Can you get your man out of here?
He's not my man.
He's Alev's brother Ahmet.
Actually he was our first suspect.
Let me remind you,
he's the one who hospitalized
Erdal when Erdal beat Alev.
Who knows what he'll do to her murderer.
- You have to protect me.
- Why should I?
You told us you weren't her murderer, no?
Get out.
- Out.
- You can't make me.
Come on.
Get out.
I want to change my deposition.
Thank you Ahmet for coming.
You're welcome
but I don't know you've asked me here.
I think there was a misunderstanding.
We have your sister's murderer.
- No.
- No.
Mr. Prosecutor, all the evidence and
depositions are in the file, here.
Well done, Captain.
I'd like to congratulate you.
Thank you.
I never stopped believing in you.
Are you sure you don't want to keep it?
there is something we need to discuss.
Congratulations guys,
we've successfully solved our first case.
I would like to thank you all.
But there is a shitty detail.
This asshole Erdal Bilgin
wants us to apologize to him.
Otherwise apparently he is going to sue
the force for defamation.
What if you spoke to Mr. Haluk?
- What if I told you I heard it from him.
- Let him sue.
He can't do anything.
Yes but the force wants us
to formally apologize.
I think so too.
Mr. Hasan.
I was going to make a complaint.
Yes. Your name?
Gülseren. Gülseren Bilgin.
Erdal Bilgin's wife Gülseren Bilgin.
The Special Crimes Unit solved
its first case very quickly
achieving phenomenal results
in the arrest of Metin Güreli
for the murder of Alev Gölpınar.
The name behind this great success
is as you know none other than
Captain Önem Özülkü.
I would like thank her on behalf
of the force and leave the floor to her.
Alev Gölpınar was a brave woman.
Just like many others, she was subject
to violence yet she didn't yield to it
and even tried to save her fellow women
who were subjected to violence.
One of those was Sevda Güreli.
We've made a number of mistakes
during our investigations.
I would like to apologize for those here
in front of you.
I would like to apologize
to Alev Gölpınar.
For not being able to give the necessary
reassurance as a police force to make her
feel confident enough to file
a complaint against Mr. Bilgin who
systematically subjected her to violence.
I am also sorry about Erdal Bilgin.
Thinking that he was
Alev Gölpınar's murderer
we lost time in finding Sevda Güreli,
who was being held captive
by her husband Metin Güreli.
Mr. Erdal,
unfortunately I can't arrest you for
what you've done to Alev Gölpınar.
But, here guys.
Erdal Bilgin,
- following Mrs. Bilgin's complaint
- What?
we are detaining you for violence
against women
and breach of their rights.
- Here.
- What are you looking at? Do something!
Did you know?
Yes. I personally gave the order.
I apologize to every
single woman in the country,
on behalf of the police for not being able
to provide the necessary security for them
to walk without having to glance behind.
For them having to hide when
they're raped or harassed
because they have no faith
in the justice system.
I apologize to all the children
in the country.
Because their murderers are
free to walk away
when these children are killed in violent
and barbarous ways.
It doesn't matter if it's a woman,
man, or child.
I would like to apologize to every
single citizen
who was mistreated and couldn't
find justice when they sought it.
Those who believe they're untouchable
mistreating and defrauding
the innocent, those who are fleeing
the justice system,
I am calling out to you.
Things will change.
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