Graveyard (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Bir Nefes Kadar Yakin

To the elements it came from
Everything will return,
Our bodies to earth, blood to water,
heat to fire, breath to AIR.
They were well born,
they will be well entomb'd.
Okay, I'm coming. Okay.
No, I'm not talking about that.
Yes, exactly.
That's what I'm talking about.
No, no. It's ex. Yes, ex.
Yes, she said so.
I'll call you later.
Why are you still up?
I couldn't sleep.
I'm talking to my friend.
It's a school night. You'll talk tomorrow.
You talk at this hour?
What do you talk so much about?
First a curfew,
and now you're controlling my bedtime?
Hello? Where were we?
Please help. He's following me.
- What the hell?
- Someone's following me.
Don't be scared. Who?
- Tell him you know me.
- I'll handle it. Calm down.
- What gives?
- Don't pry.
What? She's my cousin, get lost!
- What cousin?
- Look, you prick!
Do you keep track of family trees?
She's my aunt's daughter!
What's that to you?
- You got me wrong.
- The only wrong thing is you!
Don't! We were filming
a social experiment, that's all.
- What?
- Just an experiment.
- You got it all?
- Yes.
See? it's not my fault.
- You pulled a knife on him.
- I thought the girl was in trouble.
But the guy told you.
It was an experiment.
- You broke his nose.
- He did nothing wrong, is that it?
That parasite was exploiting
violence against women to gain followers.
- What could I do?
- Sofia.
I didn't ask you to come save me.
You can no longer do as you please.
Everything you do now has an impact
on our Unit, not just on you.
- Don't grunt.
- Okay.
Yes, Serdar? Good morning.
I missed your call.
Okay, we're on our way.
Dumpster. You know the story of dumpsters?
Paris, March 7th, 1884.
Monsieur Poubelle, whose name is
French for garbage and garbage can now,
but not back then. That's irrelevant.
He starts putting bins for garbage
in front of his building.
- In the bins
- Berk!
Shut up.
The girl was found by two people
on December 24th, 2021 at 3.30 a.m.
in Nevzemin Street of Kadıköy.
Do you know why women and children
are placed in lifeboats first
when there's a crisis on a ship?
They're more important?
So that the men can be left alone
to find a solution in peace.
- Morning, Captain.
- Morning.
A couple found her like this at 3:00.
There are no security cameras around.
Wow, good morning Captain.
Good morning, sir. You're early.
I'm not early. You're late.
I was late. Sorry, my bad.
- I informed her late.
- Next time, inform her on time.
Come on. Never mind.
No blunt or sharp force trauma,
or lacerations on the body.
Cause of death?
Early to tell.
- See the petechial hemorrhages?
- So, was she strangled?
Maybe. Or her blood might have run
out of oxygen as a result of an OD.
We don't know if she was using drugs.
See this stain? Let's find out.
- Yes?
- No ID, no bag.
Berk couldn't find anything
in the dumpster.
Ms. Feriha ran another test.
Positive again.
A drug like MDMA, she says.
Like ecstasy.
We checked that house
hoping they saw something but it's vacant.
What the hell?
What's your name?
What a nice name, Daisy.
Did you see what happened tonight?
Blue Devil did it.
- Who?
- Blue Devil did it.
Did you know the girl?
Blue Devil.
Is that your bag? The black one.
Or did you take it from the dumpster?
- Okay. Easy.
- Okay.
- Easy. Calm down.
- It's okay. We won't hurt you.
- Easy.
- Is it yours or got it from the dumpster?
Daisy, Blue Devil may hurt you, too.
Don't you want us to catch him?
Come on. Here.
Give it to me.
- Stop, come here!
- Okay, let her go.
- Captain
- Let her go.
We can find her if we want.
Look in that bag.
Nefise Keskin.
I need all info about this girl
on my desk by daybreak.
Yes, ma'am.
Nergis Üzmez. Sofia is her alias.
She broke the law for the first time
at age 15
when she hacked Social Security Agency.
The list goes on.
Her last arrest was in 2015.
- By you, actually.
- Yes.
For a violent crime.
She stabbed her father.
Do you know why Sofia did that, sir?
It's sad, but
Due to that chain of events,
she turned into a criminal.
And you think it's better for her
to keep living as a criminal
than as a decent person?
And your solution is to get
this crime machine into the force?
- You're putting a wild card into the mix.
- I vouch for Sofia, Mr. Prosecutor.
I don't want Nergis Üzmez
to work on my cases.
Mr. Prosecutor.
Haluk, please don't start saying
"I told you so," okay?
I won't. Nobody could have pulled off
what you've done in the last weeks.
This unit gained credibility.
- So we're doing something right.
- No doubt.
But there are also some
who are against us.
You've played a huge part in that.
You could've given a milder speech
after the case.
Haluk, somebody
had to say something and I did.
But you didn't stop there.
What should I do?
Not much.
I'll take care of the prosecutor.
You keep an eye on Sofia.
Don't take her to crime scenes.
Make sure she keeps a low profile.
Don't let her make a scene.
That's all.
God! I didn't mean that!
Hasan, get her off my back!
She's giving me a headache!
She doesn't know what she's
- What the hell?
- Calm down, kids!
You don't know the job, don't comment.
You're a newbie, keep quiet.
What's going on here?
Is this a high school?
Boss, this douche
is trying to cover up a murder.
Whoa! Cover up a murder?
You'll say I'm the killer next!
- Girl, are you crazy?
- Don't call me "girl"!
- What else can I call you?
- Sofia! Serdar!
Captain, I simply said
we can't call this a murder yet.
We can call it a suspicious death.
Maybe it's a case of OD. That's all.
Sure! The girl ODed
and then threw herself
into the dumpster, right?
No, dude. She and her friends
got drunk, she ODed,
they panicked, put her there.
We've seen this before.
That's all I said.
We can't call this a murder.
For now,
this is simply a suspicious death.
Serdar is right.
If we don't have enough evidence
to call this a murder,
we can't call it a murder case.
What? Önem, I can't believe you.
Pardon me?
Do you realize where you are, Sofia?
A girl has lost her life
and you're here arguing?
- Bravo!
- Captain, sorry, but I'm doing my job.
- She pissed me off with her bullshit.
- Watch your mouth, you
- Hey! Just walk away.
- Go on. Come on, go.
You come here.
They are your teammates.
Don't treat them like enemies.
- They're not my friends for sure.
- I said teammates.
Don't roll your eyes.
You told me you believed in this unit
and wanted to work with this team, right?
Right. Then act like it.
Nobody has to agree with you,
but you need to respect everybody.
You're not fighting windmills
on your own anymore.
Get yourself together.
You're not 15 anymore.
Nefise Keskin.
The youngest of three siblings.
What is it, man?
I searched every dumpster nearby,
but I couldn't find Nefise's phone.
Okay, man, but just get off that suit.
It smells horrible.
You stink.
They live in Sultanbeyli.
How could they?
How could they kill my daughter?
- It's okay, Mom.
- I'm a wreck. A total wreck.
When did you last see her?
We spoke yesterday.
She said she'd stay with a friend.
They were going to study.
Do you know which friend?
Beats me.
A friend from school, she said.
What was Nefise studying?
Theology. Third year.
Okay. So, do you know if it's possible
that your sister was using drugs?
How could you say that?
My daughter has nothing to do with drugs.
She is a devout Muslim.
- She was.
- I'm sure she was, sir. Calm down.
Mr. Feyzullah, we need to investigate
every little detail.
So, bear with me, okay?
My daughter was going to be an orator!
And you're talking about drugs.
May Allah forgive us.
Bury me with her. Just bury me beside her.
God, why are you testing us again?
Don't defy Allah's wish. It's a sin.
What sin did we commit
to deserve this fate?
Okay, Mom. Let's put you to bed.
Mr. Feyzullah,
your daughter might have been murdered.
So we need to investigate everything.
So, please help us, okay?
It's His will.
Almighty Allah's will.
That's how long Allah wanted her to live.
But Mr. Feyzullah,
isn't murder a sin in the eyes of Allah?
Yes, it's the greatest sin.
Almighty Allah says in a verse:
"Whoever kills a believer intentionally,
their reward will be Hell,
where they will stay indefinitely.
Allah will be displeased with them,
condemn them, and will prepare
a tremendous punishment for them."
That's exactly what we're trying to do,
Mr. Feyzullah.
We're trying to punish the person
who did this.
Even if that's the case,
Allah will give his punishment.
There's nothing we can do.
Münevver, right? Can I see Nefise's room?
Sure, please come.
Don't be nervous.
Can I look at these?
- Who's this?
- My older brother Mehmet.
Did you know she was interested in music?
- She wrote songs. You knew this notebook?
- No. I hadn't seen it before.
My sister recited
Surah Yaseen beautifully.
Actually, she has a video,
let me show you.
Here it is.
She wasn't a musician or anything.
As I said, she was studying theology.
By the wise Qur'an
Indeed you are from among the messengers
Münevver, in case you hesitated to speak
in front of your father,
I'd like to ask you
some personal questions.
Did you know
she took off her hijab outside?
No. My sister wouldn't do such things.
Okay. Did she tell you
who she stayed with last night?
No, I don't know.
For the last few months,
she would go to her friends' to study.
And she'd stay there.
I'd like to ask you again,
did she use drugs?
Never. My sister would never do that.
But your mother reacted
when she heard about the drugs.
What did she mean by
"Why are you testing us again?"
Where's your brother?
- He's suffering for his sins in a convent.
- What sins?
He went down the wrong path in the past.
He yielded to temptation.
Are you in touch?
- No.
- What's he doing there?
As I said, he's suffering.
He's atoning for his sins in that way.
We got that, sister.
What was his sin?
I can't. No one can come
between Allah and his servants. Never.
It's not my place to question his sins.
He was the one using drugs, right?
I was raw, then I got cooked,
now I'm burned
Peace be upon you.
And peace be upon you.
- Welcome.
- Hi. I'm
- I'm with the police.
- I hope nothing's wrong.
Mehmet Keskin.
- Follow me, I'll take you to him.
- I'd appreciate it.
If "Ana'l-Ḥaqq" means "I am the Truth",
what did Al-Hallaj mean
by saying "Ana'l-Ḥaqq"?
In my humble opinion,
this is what it means:
you know, the name Allah
is a reflection
of the Creator's attributes,
who said "I wished to be known."
Peace be upon you.
And peace be upon you.
Brother, I'm with the police.
Put that thing down and let's talk.
I'm sorry for your loss.
May Allah forgive her sins.
Where were you last night?
Thank Allah,
I was in the same place I've been
for the past four years.
- Meaning?
- Here.
Here? For four years?
Didn't you go out even once
during the past four years?
Didn't you want to see what's out there?
- Thank Allah, I didn't.
- Good.
You'll go out for her funeral.
If Allah wills it.
Your sister wanted to see you.
She came by a few times,
but you refused to see her.
Last night, I said to myself,
"Keep saying 'La ilaha illallah'
till daybreak."
Then I thought of my sins.
I felt shame.
I couldn't pray,
no matter how hard I tried.
What I mean is that it's my job
to wait in this holy place.
No one should have to wait for me.
How come you didn't see your sister?
Were you ashamed of her as well?
They say there are three motives
for asking a question.
To learn. So that the person asking
is informed.
Two. So that the others learn.
This is called a guidance question.
To make one feel ashamed.
Whoever tries to shame someone else
shames himself.
Because all it takes to feel shame
is to look inside oneself.
"I was raw,
then I got cooked,
now I'm burned."
Praise be to Allah.
Okay, I got it. I'll hold.
Hasan, try searching for "Nefes."
That's her Instagram name.
- Nefes?
- Nefise's username on Instagram.
Hold on.
Can you search her as "Nefes Keskin"?
Okay, thanks.
No luck?
I called the theology schools
of four colleges.
Nefise Keskin
is not registered in any of them.
- Because she doesn't study theology.
- What? Her older sister said she does.
Don't mind what the sister said.
- Nefise, aka Nefes, is in a conservatory.
- No way.
She's leading a double life.
On the one hand there is Nefise,
a conservative theology student
who lives with her family,
and on the other, there is Nefes,
a young girl who aspires to be a singer
and attends a conservatory.
I wonder which one the killer
had a problem with, Nefes or Nefise?
We'll find out, Mr. Hasan.
We'll find out.
- Wow, look how awesome this school is.
- It really is.
Kids are lucky to be study here.
Right? Lively.
Sometimes you question your decisions.
Perhaps I shouldn't have been a cop.
Why? Didn't you always want to be a cop?
Your father was so proud.
- Proud?
- Yes.
That's my dad. Complete bullshit.
Like everyone else,
he tells tales to look good.
Weird, right? A man who never loved anyone
says he's proud of his son.
We all make mistakes, Serdar.
We hurt the ones we love the most.
- Is that right?
- Yes.
Well, that's not what I do.
- Let's get back to business.
- Sure.
You talk to the teachers.
I'll go see the students.
She was full of life, so joyful.
She signed her first album deal
before even graduating.
What kind of monster
Did she tell you about her family?
She told me a little.
Do you think her family knew about
the conservatory,
or that she took off her hijab
or that she sang?
I'm not sure.
- Did she date anyone?
- No.
Music was all Nefes cared about.
- Was she planning to stay with you?
- Yes.
Were you two close?
- But then she decided not to stay.
- Why?
We wanted to hang out after the bar.
But she was tired and wanted to go home.
Did she use drugs?
Or do any one of you?
I never saw anything.
- But everyone uses these days, right?
- No.
I'd have to arrest all of you then.
- Right?
- Sure.
Okay, let's say
Nefes was using drugs.
Do you know anyone she had issues with,
who got her drugs
or who did drugs with her?
No. I don't think so.
It wouldn't go that far.
I see.
Do you any videos from last night?
Did you film anything?
Is there anyone at school
Nefes had issues with?
- Anything comes to mind?
- There is Gülgün, actually.
Who's Gülgün?
Sevda Güneş's daughter. You'd know her.
She was a star in the nineties.
Yeah, I remember.
Gülgün was trying to be a singer.
That's why she was jealous of Nefes.
She caused a scene when she found out
Nefes got an album deal.
- Was she with you last night?
- Yes, but she left early.
She told us she was going home.
Do you think Gülgün did it?
You left the bar early last night.
Yes, I had to practice.
I worked late at home.
Do you have someone who can confirm this?
No, my mom's on tour. I was alone at home.
Wait, are you
Yes, Sevda Güneş is my mother.
How nice.
I'm a fan.
How lucky you are.
I'm sure she's proud of you.
You seem to be following her footsteps.
That's great.
Do you dream of releasing an album?
School takes up too much time.
I think it's early for that.
Sure, you're right.
But as far as I know,
Nefes didn't just make an album,
or rather an album deal,
- but she also sang at a bar, right?
- Yes.
Nefes was a bit much energetic.
A bit much?
Can you elaborate on that?
I mean she was on something.
- Like what?
- I'm not talking about vitamins.
I got that.
- Are you implying she was doing drugs?
- Yes.
Did you witness it?
No, but I heard things.
- Where?
- Here and there.
Here and there.
Here and there.
So, Gülgün.
Why did you argue with Nefes?
That's normal stuff.
Conservatory is competitive.
Don't fall
for "best friends forever" acts.
If given the opportunity,
they will go to any length to get ahead.
Are you one of those people?
Do you have lines you wouldn't cross?
I do. But Nefes didn't.
She was well-connected.
That got her the job and the album deal.
Can you name this connection?
Your hand is kind of hovering.
Push it harder.
See you, honey. Take care, bye.
Take care. See you.
See you.
One more time Yes.
Mr. Emrah.
I heard it from the students.
I was shocked. We're all upset.
Doesn't seem like it.
The place was buzzing with music
when we got there.
You're right, but life goes on.
We need to give the students
the education they need.
Life doesn't go on
for one of your students, Mr. Emrah.
Nefes was singing in a bar in Kadıköy
and we found her body near that bar.
- What's your connection with that bar?
- The owner is a close friend of mine.
I suggested Nefes to get on the stage.
- Did you also get the album deal done?
- No, but I moved it along.
If you had seen Nefes,
I mean, heard her sing
You'd say a new star was on the rise.
Were you at the bar last night, Mr. Emrah?
Yes, the kids and I went there
to show our support for Nefes.
Do you usually go to bars
with your students?
When there is a special occasion.
To be there for them when they succeed.
- Were there any other teachers?
- No.
Teachers are mostly married with kids.
They have a lot to do at home.
- There was no one else.
- But you're single.
The students are single.
What do you guys do?
You hang out as bachelors?
No. I mean
When did you leave the bar?
Around 10:00 or 10:30.
Did you notice anything strange outside?
- Everything was totally normal.
- Were you?
- Yes.
- You were?
- Yes.
- What did you do?
- Did you hang out anywhere else?
- I went home.
- I went home right away.
- Okay. Please tell me your address.
We'll knock your door
if we need further info.
Sure, I can give you my address.
Önem, I accessed information
about the complex he lives in.
Emrah arrived at home around 5 a.m.
Got it, Sofia. Keep looking.
I want every bit of information
about Emrah Söylemez.
Tell Mr. Hasan not to skip
getting the permits this time.
Also, contact the GSM operator.
What's wrong, jerk?
You were showing off yesterday!
Get the fuck up!
Drop that!
- Drop that!
- Don't move!
Drop it!
Drop that!
Don't move!
Go to a hospital just in case.
- Get well.
- Thanks.
Thank you very much indeed.
- You saved my life.
- Don't mention it. It's our job.
- The reason we're here is
- I know, sir. You're here for Nefes.
- Emrah called to tell me.
- Was he here last night?
Yes, he came to see Nefes play
with students.
And then?
You don't suspect Emrah, do you?
Let us decide who we suspect or not.
Emrah is not someone
who could hurt anybody.
He liked Nefes, his best student.
Maybe he liked her too much?
Obsessed with her?
Emrah, sir?
Emrah plays for the other team.
He wears those jerseys and all.
- You sure?
- We go way back. No way he's not.
Okay, what were those men doing here?
One of them was obsessed with Nefes.
I told him to stay away, but he didn't.
Last night he was here
and I had him kicked out by security.
He came back
with two of his men to get even.
- Which one?
- He ran away. Tekin.
- Last name?
- I don't know.
But he's a bus driver.
- You know him?
- Unfortunately, yes.
Why unfortunately?
Last month, when Nefes got on his bus
after work, it was empty.
He came on to her,
but let her go when she started yelling.
- There was no report.
- She didn't report it.
She was afraid her family would find out.
I started sending her home by cab
so she would be safe.
But that bastard found out she worked here
and started showing up.
- What happened last night?
- He was beaten up and got the fuck out.
- Right away?
- Well, he left the bar.
But I'm not sure if he waited for her
on the street.
Did Nefes use drugs?
Guys like you can tell.
I had some doubts, to be honest.
I gave her a few warnings.
Because she had a weird look in her eyes,
like she was out of it.
I said, "Don't do it, kid."
She said she was studying all night,
but I knew something was off.
Did she use or not?
I don't want to blame a dead girl.
I'm not sure, I was just suspicious.
I quit my corporate job to open this bar.
I put everything into it.
I don't want my reputation ruined.
I run a respectable business.
So I warned her a couple of times.
Show us the security footage.
Our cameras don't work.
- What do you mean?
- These are just for show.
That's the case for every bar and club
on this street. It's just for precaution.
- I got them at a discount store.
- Well done.
- Hope you'll feel better soon.
- Thanks.
We need to investigate
that Tekin guy, Serdar.
I will, Captain.
I'd follow him but I feared for you.
That's why I missed him.
Okay. No worries.
Your mom's looking at us.
See you.
- Mom, what's up? Are you okay?
- Yes, I'm fine.
Who are they?
Your friends?
They don't look like students.
Are you profiling, Mom?
I have homework. Come on.
- Sorry I'm a bit late.
- No problem.
I don't know, Feriha.
Really. Every time I think
things are on track
and we're working as a team,
something goes wrong and we fall apart.
They're all like children.
Unbelievable. Especially Sofia
You have to see her.
Throwing tantrums like a toddler.
Worse than Sude.
- How is Sude?
- That's another issue.
I don't know. I don't get it.
- Something's up?
- Yes.
- What?
- You're a doctor. You'd know.
Depression. Lack of sleep and appetite.
Sudden outbursts, always ready to fight.
Aren't these signs of drug use?
Yes, these are among the signs.
- But
- Yes?
The first thing to watch out for
is unnecessary paranoia, Önem.
Thank you so much. Is that sarcasm?
Önem, how about you talk to Sude?
That's also an option.
How? She's a shut-down 16-year-old girl.
She doesn't talk.
- Don't you think I'm trying?
- Look, Önem.
You're a great cop and a wonderful mom.
But you try to control
everyone and everything.
- What can I do?
- You're a total control freak sometimes.
- Are you aware of that?
- Easy!
Why are you laughing?
Enjoying this? Nutjob.
No. I laughed because my patients
don't reach much.
- I'm fragile.
- I know.
- I fought with someone today.
- You're sweet.
- Thanks.
- That's all.
Önem, honey.
- I was wrong.
- About?
I ran her blood and stomach contents.
She didn't use drugs.
No way.
Maybe she used before, like a month ago?
Maybe, but MDMA pills
pass through the system quickly.
- Really? I thought it took longer.
- No.
So, it's not a good idea
to make any assumptions.
But she tested positive on site.
Yes, because she has drug traces
on her face
and I think it's due to contact.
Cause of death is asphyxia.
She ran out of oxygen.
They strangled her with a drug bag.
Yes, Önem.
This is a murder case now.
- Damn.
- Unfortunately.
What's this?
I found Emrah's location on that night
from his phone operator.
- Where was he?
- Israfil was right.
He was at a bar called One Way
in Taksim from 11 p.m. till 4 a.m.
One Way, Hasan. One Way.
Not like the bars you know.
How would you know what I know about?
Whatever you say.
That's why he lied about going home.
He didn't want to expose himself.
How could he? It would cost his career.
Okay, thank you.
By the way, Serdar found the identity
of the driver who was harassing Nefes.
Who is he?
This is our man. Tekin Maçkan.
He did time
for drug possession and distribution.
Serdar went to find him,
but he's disappeared.
Where is Serdar?
- Stay away!
- Easy.
I swear to God, I'll burn myself!
- Easy!
- I didn't do anything!
Stay away! I'll burn myself!
I swear to God, I'll burn myself!
Easy. Take it easy.
I'll burn myself!
Tekin Maçkan threatens to burn himself
in the middle of the
Here's the deal,
you and Serdar investigate
where this Tekin Maçkan guy can be, okay?
- No need.
- Why?
Look at the TV.
Drop it, we'll talk.
No! No talking!
Calm down. Come here.
I didn't deserve this!
- What's going on here?
- Wait a minute.
- Cameras are here?
- Is that Serdar?
That's Serdar for sure.
I love you so much, Betül!
Look at him.
- Calm down.
- Burn it, man! What happened to loyalty?
Is he insane?
She left! She took my child and left!
All bitches are the same!
We'll burn ourselves!
Stay the fuck away!
Stay away!
Did you love your woman, too?
I loved her so much.
So, so much.
- You were dumped, too?
- I didn't dump her.
She's gone She's gone forever
and I couldn't do anything.
- Forever.
- Is she dead?
She's dead.
Sorry for your loss.
- Did you love her so much?
- So much.
I loved her so much that
it's pointless to keep on living.
I was hitting her.
I was hitting her too much.
Then one day, I woke up and
She was gone. Did you hit her?
How could I hurt her?
I loved her so much.
- You nuts? Toss the cigarette.
- Fuck you!
Light it up.
Get the hell up.
- What the hell? What's going on?
- Get up. Take him.
Take him!
Okay, don't make a big deal out of it.
You saw me on TV? Did I look handsome?
Serdar. What the hell are you doing?
What were you thinking?
I don't want that to happen again.
Just one wrong move will put us in a place
we don't want to be
Bravo! You're doing great!
Great! Congrats.
I want to congratulate you.
Bravo, bravo!
You, son of the Deputy Chief himself,
son of an officer,
is showing off on cameras,
pouring gas on him
while holding a lighter in one hand.
What a show-off!
When will you grow up to be a man?
Be a man according to whom or what?
Be a man by whose standards?
If it's yours, I prefer not to be a man.
- Excuse me.
- Go on.
You fucked up and made it worse as always.
I'll talk to my team if necessary
and you can rest assured that I will.
If you'll excuse me,
I have to interrogate a suspect.
Go on.
- Why the hell are you crying?
- The woman I loved died.
Prick! You tried to rape her in the bus.
You call that love?
Who said that? It's a lie!
Mr. Hasan!
- You okay?
- Going for a smoke.
I went to the bar,
but I was serious about her.
You went to show how serious you were?
Yes, ma'am. I even bought a ring.
We were going to talk.
Then that jerk started rambling on.
Then what happened?
I left to avoid a fight.
I didn't do anything.
And you attacked him with your pals.
Yes. I heard Nefes was dead
when I went home.
The owner kicked you out.
- Didn't you wait for Nefes outside?
- No.
- To talk?
- I didn't.
You didn't.
Did you give up on her so quickly?
Of course not, ma'am.
I loved her to death.
I mean I wouldn't give up till I died.
We had our whole lives ahead of us.
I would have found a way
and waited for her till she said yes.
- So you didn't kill her?
- How can you kill someone you love?
- Her death shattered me.
- Is that why you wanted to burn yourself?
I can't go on living, ma'am.
How can I live without Nefes?
Also, I know who did it.
- I'll take care of him after.
- Who are you to take care of someone?
You will tell us.
- Who?
- Her junkie brother, that's who.
He pretends to be pious now.
He didn't approve her singing.
Don't fall for his religious acts.
He was the top dealer in the neighborhood.
That junkie got high on his own stash
and killed his best friend.
I apologize.
No problem, Mr. Hasan.
He killed his friend Yusuf Eren.
Because he was under the influence,
he only served five years in prison.
Was he involved in any crime after?
I don't know,
but he wasn't caught even if he did.
I checked the cameras near the convent.
Some of the cameras show the main gate,
but he might have exited through another.
Are you okay?
What are you doing?
- Police.
- I didn't ask who you were.
I asked what you were doing.
You have a warrant?
Are you in charge, sir?
Of course not, Allah is in charge.
I'm just responsible for these souls.
Please leave if you don't have a warrant.
What do you expect to find
in such a tiny place?
Your follower's connection to murder.
You're slandering a person
who has made atonement for his sins.
What can you do, sir?
We're all sinners.
I have a question.
Isn't using a cellphone forbidden here?
Yes, the souls in here want
limited contact with the outside world.
Mehmet didn't want to cut off his contact
with the outside world that much.
Can you turn it on?
Turn it on.
No password. You can turn it on.
Maybe you couldn't let this slide.
You went to talk to Nefise.
Maybe you argued.
She told you things you didn't like.
And you lost control.
You did things you didn't intend to do.
Is that possible?
I didn't kill Nefes.
You call her Nefes, then. Not Nefise.
This video didn't make you angry at all?
I wasn't angry.
You weren't angry.
Why did you hide your phone?
sometimes when I got tired
and worried I'd go back to my old ways
I called Nefes.
It felt good.
You felt good.
Old ways, huh?
Here are the old ways.
Did this feel good, too?
Do you recognize it?
Found in the pocket of a 15-year-old boy
in the corner of your convent's street.
Did you put it there?
- Put that away.
- Don't tell me what to do.
- Answer me, 15-year-old
- Put that away.
- He didn't talk, but
- Put that away.
Hey! Sit down! I'll bash your brains in!
Nefise knew, didn't she?
Tell me. She knew, right?
She came to you.
She knew you were a dealer.
You weren't angry she was singing,
but she was angry you were dealing.
She told you the truth.
That you were a dealer and a parasite!
And you strangled her like your friend!
Right? You strangled your sister!
Answer me! Did you sell this?
Was it because of this shit?
Why did you stop?
- Captain
- Don't mind her.
- We're not doing it for ourselves.
- But actually, the procedure
What's going on here?
What are you doing?
- Ecstasy.
- Pardon me?
What the hell?
I found a recipe on the dark web
that I think has the same chemicals
as the one on her face.
This is different than the ones
on the market, more custom.
- We wanted to check
- Sofia, what are you doing?
You talk about permits and rules.
These are all ridiculous protocols.
- We don't have time.
- And that's your call?
- Someone must have taken the liberty.
- What? And that someone is you? Get out!
- Önem, look
- Sofia!
Go away.
We'll talk later.
What the hell?
Is this a zoo?
Put that out.
Hold on a minute!
Your mom's here.
- What did you do?
- Nothing.
- What did you put in her pocket?
- Mom, don't!
- What did you put in it?
- Nothing, ma'am, I swear!
Hard drugs or pills?
- Tell me!
- Mom, what are you talking about?
I didn't put anything, I swear!
Sude, I saw it. He put something there.
What's this? Tell me what's in it!
Songs of our band.
I wanted to surprise Sude.
Everyone dismissed!
Are you okay?
Do you realize what you did today?
Okay, I thought
he put something in your pocket.
- You thought he put drugs.
- Yes.
Suppose he did.
What did you think would happen?
I'd thought it was a candy and eat it?
Or I'd get curious and taste it?
Sude, it's for your sake
I was worried about you.
Whenever you get mad at me,
you tell me to grow up.
But you never stop
treating me like a child.
Not just me.
You're doing that to everyone.
You say you respect everyone,
but you don't even listen.
You walk right over everyone.
I'll apologize to your friends tomorrow.
I think my punishment ends here.
Don't come to school for a while, okay?
- Good morning.
- Captain, good morning.
Ms. Münevver wants to talk to you.
Sure. Good morning Münevver. Come in.
Good morning.
I heard you arrested Mehmet.
Yes, he needs to be detained for a while.
He couldn't have done something to her.
Did you know your sister
was singing in a bar?
She sent Mehmet this video. Check it out.
Did you know about this?
We're worried that Mehmet got furious
and did something wrong.
Mehmet loved Nefes the most.
You called her Nefes twice now.
You know about Nefes, right?
How long have you known?
Tell me.
About one and a half months ago
a girl came to our house.
She said she was
Nefise's friend from school.
- I was surprised.
- Why?
She didn't look like a theology student.
No hijab, earrings and all
She said Nefise was fooling us.
That she studied music, not theology.
She said she was singing in bars.
I confronted Nefes.
I spilled my guts.
But she was adamant.
If I told my father,
he'd cause a big scene.
I decided to go and talk to Mehmet.
I told him everything.
I said she'd end up in Hell.
Didn't you worry that he would hurt Nefes?
No. As I said, he loved Nefes the most.
I thought Mehmet could convince her.
He talked to me instead.
What did he say?
"Everyone is in charge of their own path.
Only Allah knows who will end up where.
Before judging,
go and see what she's doing."
Did you go?
She sounded like an angel, ma'am.
I accepted it right away.
Mehmet was right.
She was walking down her own path.
Please ma'am, don't tell my parents.
They wouldn't understand.
I was still processing it myself.
And what does it matter now
that my sister is dead and buried?
That girl who came to your door,
Nefes's friend?
Do you know her?
Her name?
Can we talk?
Why did you do it?
Wasn't Nefes your best friend, Özge?
I sacrificed everything
to get into this school.
My parents spent a lot of money for years.
Singing lessons, piano, solfeggio.
My dad is a public servant.
I'm their only hope.
At least you're lucky.
Your family supports you.
Despite her family,
Nefes struggled with them all alone.
She led a double life.
You know this very well.
But Nefes had an excellent natural talent.
Even though
she didn't have a musical background.
It didn't take long for Mr. Emrah
to discover her.
He found her a job,
introduced her to producers.
She signed an album deal
before graduation.
And you decided to tell on her
out of jealousy, is that it?
- I did what I had to do.
- What the hell does it mean?
You took care of it yourself
when her family didn't, right?
You knew there were no cameras outside.
Nobody suspects you since she knows you.
- I didn't kill anyone.
- Why am I having trouble believing you?
- Did you know her brother killed someone?
- Yes.
Do you know who?
- Yusuf Eren.
- Yes. Zahide Eren's son.
Nefes told me.
The woman called herself "Daisy."
Her son bought her daisies
when he was alive.
Nefes was helping her
to overcome her guilt.
We brought her food a few times.
She didn't even know who Nefes was.
And you told her.
There, I saw her.
Stop, ma'am. Take it easy.
We won't hurt you. Take it easy. Let go!
Take it easy. Stop.
- Okay.
- Let me go!
Police. Easy. I'm a cop.
- Go!
- Okay, ma'am. It's okay.
Stop it! Stop!
Stop! Don't move!
- Calm down.
- How can I? I'm rummaging shit.
Like A Breath
It would take IT a month to turn it on.
Can you do it?
I'll try my best, Captain.
Blue Devil.
Blue Devil took Nefes away.
Blue Devil did it.
Blue Devil did it.
Blue Devil did it.
This woman had a motive
to kill Nefise Keskin.
She was carrying 50 plastic bags.
She could have strangled her with it.
She also had her phone.
You still haven't turned her over to us.
- Yes.
- Why?
Because we couldn't turn on the phone.
And the bags and evidence
from Daisy's cart
As the person in charge, I'm telling you
the evidence is enough
to conclude the case.
Send Zahide Eren to prosecution
in two hours.
Prosecutor may be right.
We need three basic things
to catch the killer.
One, motive. Two, opportunity.
Three, murder weapon.
- Yes.
- Zahide Eren, aka Daisy has motive.
Revenge for her son.
She had opportunity.
And she had the victim's phone.
The only thing we need
is the murder weapon.
She had many plastic bags in her cart.
Couldn't she have killed her with one?
- You checked the bags?
- Clearly taken from the bin.
Covered with residues.
It'd take time to analyze them.
It would take time.
Then what are you doing?
- Coffee break.
- Coffee break? Great.
What's he doing?
- One Mississippi, two Mississippi.
- Hasan?
Three Mississippi
- Hasan!
- God!
- Seven Mississippi, eight Mississippi
- Hasan!
What the hell?
A cop of 33 years caught you off guard,
but you broke free in 8 seconds.
But I'm not a 20-year-old girl.
She can't be as strong as me.
- Maybe she couldn't handle it.
- Come here.
Do you see her hands?
- What about them?
- She has arthritis.
Rheumatoid arthritis.
Inflammatory rheumatism. Hasan's right.
Strangling takes more than a minute,
which is impossible with these hands.
No offense, pal.
I'm going for a smoke.
Turn on that phone. Now.
- I heard it got tense with the prosecutor.
- Well, he was tense as usual.
Nothing to do with me.
- Correct.
- He's always tense.
- What is it?
- She didn't activate face recognition.
Try fingerprints.
Okay. Try the other hand.
I don't know why it doesn't work.
It has to.
I'm going crazy.
Maybe she didn't use her fingerprints.
- Why?
- I don't use them.
- Why?
- I don't, man.
You're wasting your time.
That phone was released a month ago.
Fingerprint detection is not optical,
it's biometric.
It doesn't have optical scan?
It scans the body's electricity
as well as the fingerprint pattern.
So, in order to turn it on,
Nefes has to be alive right now.
- Correct.
- Can you get it done?
It'll take one or two days,
but there is an easier way.
What? Will you resurrect her?
Did you read Frankenstein?
Feriha. Are you nervous?
I may be the first doctor
to use these in a morgue.
Are you ready?
Three, two, one.
- Didn't work.
- Okay, I'll raise it.
Three, two, one.
- Yes, it's on!
- Wow! Awesome.
I'll get in now.
Photo gallery.
She filmed a video before she died.
Brother, how are you? I hope you're well.
I had another show today.
I wish you'd seen it.
The place was packed. My best friends,
my teacher, everyone watched me on stage.
I know you don't want to go out.
I hope you'll come someday.
Let's say hello to Israfil if he's here.
What are they doing?
Nefes? Stop it! What are you doing?
How do you pronounce this?
- What does it mean? Does it have a story?
- We had a band in college.
- It was called Blue Devil.
- "Blue Devil."
Pills are sold on the street
outside this guy's bar,
and they're happened to be called
"Blue Devil."
Watch that, Israfil.
What are they doing?
Nefes? Stop it! What are you doing?
Nefes filmed this for her brother,
but she couldn't send it.
Drink this. You'll need it.
I'm not a dealer.
Fuck you!
You know, I believe you, Israfil.
I really do.
Do you know what Israfil was doing
before the bar stuff?
His title in corporate?
Beats me. IT or something?
No. Chemical engineer.
Right, Israfil?
Chemical engineer.
What a coincidence.
The second one. What a coincidence.
Our white collar was a chemical engineer.
That's why I believe you, Israfil.
I really do, because you
Of course you're not the dealer
of that pill, Blue Devil.
- You're the manufacturer himself!
- No!
Captain, I'm curious.
This is a serious question.
Does a person name the pill he produces
after his own tattoo?
If he does, what can we call him?
Do we call him bold, narcissistic
- or just plain old stupid?
- Look
Search my house, my car or my bar
if you want. Okay?
I didn't do it.
- Plain old stupid.
- No, he's smart.
So smart that he manipulates us.
You idiot
What did you think we've been doing
for the past three hours you've been here?
What have we been doing in the meantime?
But I admire you. Nice.
Nice work.
You disguised the bar very well.
Well done, good work.
But we have much smarter friends than you.
Our colleagues found your stash.
Don't mention it, Captain. It's my job.
Those smart friends of mine
also looked through your computer.
They found a recipe
for an MDMA-like stimulant
and several correspondences with someone.
Normally it'd take us weeks to solve it,
but one of my friends,
who is much more smarter than you,
found the formula of the stimulant online
and tried it.
What's interesting is, Israfil,
the trace on Nefes's nose
was a match for that formula.
Did you take me in for this?
Why would I kill Nefes?
I liked Nefes very much.
Sorry, Captain. Cut the crap.
Did we make you watch the video
for nothing?
So what?
What does it have to do with murder?
- Just theories, assumptions.
- You think you're smart?
Nefes always helped you.
Do you want to help her, too?
Look at these.
Blue Devil.
You're wrong, Israfil.
I have a witness who saw you put Nefes
in that dumpster after strangling her.
It's a lie! I didn't do that!
Okay, Israfil. What do you say
about the traces found on the plastic bag
in your stash?
Did you know biological samples
and makeup residue was found?
Just think about it,
whose DNA will match the DNA there?
Huh, Israfil?
Come on!
Look at me, man.
Look at me, man.
Now, listen.
We have you cornered.
Let me tell you,
you have no way out of this.
Let us try to help you.
You're clearly a naive man.
You don't have the balls
to get involved in this.
You were forced to do it.
Tell us why you did it,
tell us how you did it
and what happened afterwards.
If there is anything we can do,
we will help you.
Our Captain is understanding. Right?
We'll see. Speak.
I had so many big dreams!
I had big dreams when I opened that bar.
I put all of my money into that bar.
In just a few months,
I was facing bankruptcy!
No one gave me loans or anything.
And the ones I could find
are so dangerous
They're threatening me.
I tried to tell her.
She didn't listen.
I told Nefes,
"Please, don't do that to me."
You told her and she didn't listen.
You mean you argued.
I begged her.
I told her, "Nefes. I'll quit
when I pay off my debts."
She ran away with the bag.
She was going to give it to the police.
I followed her.
- To take the bag.
- Let me go!
She fought so hard
Then the pills spilled all over.
That's when I lost control.
I put the bag over her head.
Captain. He says the pills were spilled,
but we couldn't find them.
I took them all to avoid being traced.
I put it in the bag.
I threw the rest in a manhole.
I looked for her phone.
I must have thrown it somewhere.
I couldn't find it.
Scared of being seen, I fled.
But someone saw you.
Blue Devil.
Right, Israfil?
I tried to tell Nefes.
She didn't listen.
Because you were selling drugs
to her friends from conservatory, Israfil!
And you chose to fix this
by killing that beautiful girl.
- Right, Israfil?
- I had no choice. She'd cause trouble.
She'd wreck my file, you see?
I only wanted the bag!
She threatened to tell the police.
I was desperate.
The people I worked with are so dangerous
that they wouldn't let me live a second.
What shall I do with you, scumbag?
What shall I do with you?
I'm not alone in the drug business.
If we collaborate, I can help you
take down a very large network.
I don't want to go to jail.
It was an outburst of rage.
I'm truly sorry. Please help me.
- Please.
- Who will help Nefes?
Who will help Nefes?
- I'm sorry.
- Shut up!
Come here.
Come on, Mehmet.
Go on.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Old boy.
No hard feelings
about the bag stuff, right?
There is.
But I'm terrified to say anything
in case you'll do worse.
Come in, honey.
- I'm not very good at this, but
- Sofia.
I apologize.
What? I was going to apologize.
I asked you to act
like someone you're not.
I'm aware. So, I apologize.
- So you weren't pissed about the ecstasy.
- Of course I was pissed about it.
Please tell me in advance
before doing anything like it.
- Önem
- Honey?
I mean, Captain.
Thank you.
I love you.
Deputy Chief.
Are you here to lecture me about Sofia?
I'm here to help you.
- This is
- Gökhan's.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
By the way, do me a favor.
Please don't yell at my team
in my presence
and undermine my authority again.
Even if he's your son,
it's my duty to run the unit.
Let me do it, okay? Or tell me.
Aye aye, Captain.
Okay then
You know what happiest day
of my childhood was?
- The belly dancer on New Year's special?
- Nope.
April, 1978. My father
was going out of town for a month.
A whole month without beatings.
Then I grew up, became a cop, got married.
I've seen the filthiest side of the world.
And one day,
when I held my daughter in my arms,
I promised myself
that even if I dealt
with scum every single day,
she would never see or experience
the things I've been through.
It was a mistake.
Yes, we should protect our children
from this world,
but we should prepare them for it, too.
What's up, old man?
- Why are you telling me this?
- What I mean is
Every father has a way of keeping their
kids safe, whether it's right or wrong.
I mean, maybe you father means well.
Your turn.
You threw files on my desk twice.
I wanted to offer
the same courtesy to you, sir.
Congratulations, you've found the killer.
Thanks. It's our duty.
IT Expert
Nergis Üzmez
I told you I didn't want Nergis Üzmez
on my cases.
You did.
I took the liberty of ignoring your wish.
And not just for this case.
Sofia will work with us.
And you can't do anything about it.
Why is that?
Why is that?
Because of the other file I brought.
Under the file of Nefise Keskin.
Please take a look at it.
What's in it? Are you blackmailing me?
- A public prosecutor?
- Not at all.
No, sir. Please just open it and look.
The list you see,
or rather, you cannot see on that page,
is the list of individuals
you've successfully convicted
or proven guilty before our unit.
Unfortunately, you've botched every case
you've worked on since you got this job,
and now you're at the end of your career.
So, you need the Special Crimes Unit.
Sofia is a part of that unit,
whether you like it or not.
It doesn't matter if you hate it,
she'll continue working with us.
You need us, sir.
I hope I was clear. With all due respect.
This will have consequences.
Of course.
Bring it on, sir.
You're welcome, sir.
No animals were harmed
during the making of this film.
All characters and events depicted
are fictional.
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