Graveyard (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Goldeki Kadin

To the elements it came from
everything will return,
bodies to earth, blood to water,
heat to fire, breath to air.
They were well born,
they will be well entomb'd.
Mommy, how are you?
- I'm fine, sweetie. How are you?
- I'm fine.
Today was busy. I'm tired.
How is your new home?
Are you settled in okay?
Yeah, I'm settling in.
Let me show you something.
I got an award today.
Ilayda, dear
My baby girl. I'm proud of you, honey.
I hope everything goes your way.
My lovely daughter.
But you know what?
I'm still worried that
you're all by yourself there.
I think you rushed into buying that house.
Maybe you'll get back together.
Mom, are we going to
do this again? Come on.
Yalçın and I are divorced.
Please just deal with it.
- Mom, can you hear me?
- Ilayda
My internet appears to be down.
Can you hear me?
Mommy, I'll call you tomorrow, okay?
I knew something was up
when I saw the police cars.
- Do you live nearby?
- Up that hill.
Have you ever seen someone suspicious
around the lake? A stranger maybe.
No, I haven't. By the way,
the locals are quite weird.
They kill dogs for fun
and dump them in the lake.
Okay. First and last name.
Doğan, officer. Doğan Rauf.
Ends with an F.
- Good morning, Captain.
- Morning.
- Morning.
- Morning.
What do we have?
Ranger found a woman's body
wrapped in a tarp in the lake.
- Any other witnesses?
- We're talking to the locals.
Hard to find out, though.
No ID, been underwater for a long time.
- Ms. Feriha's assistant is here.
- I know, okay.
- Morning, sir.
- Morning.
- Morning. guys. Good luck.
- Thanks.
Because the body has been underwater
for a long time,
Ms. Selin can only tell that
the victim is a woman in her 30s or 40s.
When its weight was lifted,
the gas-inflated corpse rose.
- It'd be at the bottom forever otherwise?
- Probably.
Divers also found a few knives.
Puncture or sharp object wounds?
Hard to say for sure,
but I haven't seen any such marks so far.
She has postmortem damage
from underwater life, though.
- Back of the neck
- Did she drown?
It's too early to tell.
Why are you here if you can't tell?
Where's your boss?
Mr. Prosecutor.
Selin says it's early to tell
based on medical and technical data.
She clearly can't.
Everyone keep an eye out.
A person is dead.
Everyone will pitch in at all times.
Call for an urgent autopsy.
Okay, you take it easy.
Do your job. Don't get stressed.
Any word from the underwater team?
Visibility is less than one meter.
They've been able to scour this part
but we've just seen something
with tarp pieces
Are they leaving? Is the dive over?
Three hours maximum. Risk of hypothermia.
But tell them to do an extensive research
with better equipment tomorrow.
Yes, ma'am.
- Have a good one.
- Thanks, Önem.
Sorry, we called you on your day off.
No worries at all, honey.
So, did you move in?
I'm settling in. It's not done yet, but
Can you tell me anything
before the autopsy?
The victim is a healthy woman in general
aged between 30 and 40.
Based on tissue damage,
she was in the water for two weeks.
Look at her teeth.
Upper and lower teeth were covered
with a pricey veneer from abroad.
I also removed implants,
which aren't exactly cheap.
So she had money.
Okay. The eye is a bit weird.
Seems different than the other.
- Selin, can you help me?
- There's something here.
- Let me look at it.
- It's shining.
Let me look.
- The other one must have fallen out.
- Yes.
There's a spot here,
at the back of her neck. Let me show you.
Like a burn.
Yes, like a burn. Look, here.
I haven't figured it out yet.
- I need to check.
- Okay, easy.
- Fingerprints?
- Unfortunately no. Too much damage.
I see.
No worries.
In the last month,
22 women have been reported missing
in Istanbul and nearby provinces.
Nine of them are young girls
between the ages of 15 and 19.
- Rule them out and 13 women are left.
- We can eliminate seven of them.
The power of the victim's lens is -2.50.
Driver's license data show that
seven of them wore contacts or glasses.
- Okay.
- Their names?
Sofia, Feriha said the victim
has expensive implants in her mouth.
Can you check that please?
I'll check bank accounts.
Give me a minute.
Okay. Berk.
Each knot has its own properties
and areas of use.
- To attach a rope to a rope, to an object
- Berk, please.
Brother, what did we say?
Short and simple.
The victim was bound
with a common or quick knot.
And the rope?
Nylon. Every hardware store has it.
Wallace, a chemist,
discovered nylon in 1930
I checked the bank records.
Three of them could afford that procedure.
Şirin Sadık, Ilayda Pınar
and Ayşegül Umut.
Okay. Check the entire
medical records of all three.
Find every single thing
we can pass on to Feriha.
- Okay.
- Mr. Hasan.
You and Serdar look into the people who
reported these three women missing, okay?
As you command, Captain.
Asking, not commanding.
Look, Önem, this has to stay between us.
- Okay.
- Dynamics are shifting here.
We're used to it,
dynamics always shift in the force.
Wherever the wind blows.
Yes, but this time it's different.
Many heads will roll.
Everyone, not just the police.
Prosecutor Gökhan's also gone.
Good riddance.
Did you call me to catch me up
on the latest developments? I'm at a loss.
Look, Önem.
We're at a crossroads.
The Special Crime Unit's
case-solving rate is great so far.
First of all, good job.
- Thanks.
- I'm asking you to please keep it up.
Am I to take this as a positive wish?
Not just a wish. More than a wish.
You know how much I believe in you.
But some cases are difficult.
You may have many suspects or none.
You may not have any evidence.
Haluk, I don't understand what you mean.
Can you be more clear?
Look, when that's the case, come to me.
We'll transfer the case to Homicide.
Definitely not!
I will never cover up a femicide
to keep up the success rate, Haluk.
You're being dramatic.
I'm not covering up anything.
Homicide has more resources.
Then give me more resources, Haluk.
I don't want to discuss this.
I'll never turn over one of my cases
to another department.
You may not have a say.
Yes, Serdar?
Come in, Ms. Macide. Take her bag.
Come in.
I'm really, really sorry.
I want to see my daughter one last time.
Will you be able to handle it?
Ms. Macide.
My daughter.
My daughter.
Here, Ms. Macide.
Ms. Macide.
I have to ask you a few questions.
Will you be able to answer them?
When was the last time
you saw your daughter?
January 7th, Friday night.
We had a video call.
Where did she work?
She worked from home.
She was an investment consultant.
Was she having problems
with anyone from work?
It was the financial world after all.
A client who had lost a lot of money
could have held her responsible.
This is what I told the police
when she went missing:
Everyone was so happy with her work.
She made sure that
her clients invested wisely.
She was cautious, too.
"Mom, I won't do anything risky
and jeopardize anyone's money," she said.
Did you call the police
when you couldn't reach her the next day?
I called, she didn't pick up.
I thought she overslept.
I called again the next day.
When she didn't answer, I panicked.
I went to her house
and had a locksmith open the door.
Her phone was just lying on the table.
I couldn't get it to open.
I panicked even more and called Yalçın.
Her ex-husband.
We went to the police together.
Poor boy did everything he could with me.
Is Ilayda's phone with you?
- No. I gave it to the police.
- Okay.
- Why did she and Yalçın get a divorce?
- She said they couldn't get along.
I told her a couple of times
to try to save their marriage,
but there's only so much you can say.
Any issues during the divorce?
It appears they were partners.
Any problems dividing the property?
No, it was an amicable divorce.
Ms. Macide.
First of all,
I'm sorry to be asking you this,
but maybe something caught your eye
or some detail comes to mind.
Could Mr. Yalçın have done
something to her?
No, it's absolutely impossible.
Yalçın is a very decent boy.
When Ilayda went missing,
he helped me a great deal.
He rushed to the cops with me.
He called me every day
and asked if I needed anything.
Okay. For the sake of the investigation,
I ask you to please not share your loss
with Mr. Yalçın yet.
- Why?
- Please.
Ms. Macide.
As per records,
your daughter was living with you.
She moved in with me after the divorce.
We lived together for a while.
Then she wanted to have her own place.
She had saved some money.
She bought a new house just last month.
Before she could settle in properly
Could you please write down
your daughter's new address?
Ilayda Pınar.
She was trying to start a new life.
Since the locksmith changed the lock,
door brackets have changed.
So it's unclear
if there was a forced entry.
Missing Persons had seized
all electronics. I could only find this.
Car keys.
A 2019 four-wheeler.
Registered to Ilayda Pınar.
Serdar looked around her house,
but hasn't find anything yet.
The Traffic Division will let us know
if they find anything, blah, blah, blah.
Blah, blah, blah?
I spoke to Ilayda's ex.
He's out of town for business.
He's back tomorrow.
I didn't give him any details.
Just that there's an update
about the case.
Okay. Who did they look into?
They followed standard procedure.
Ilayda's clients, ex-husband
and friends were interrogated.
They couldn't turn on her phone,
but got a transcript
from the GSM operator.
They talked to the people she called
and got their statements.
And they couldn't turn on her PC.
- I took care of it.
- You're awesome.
Nothing suspicious.
Work emails, invoices, online shopping.
Who did she talk to
before she went missing?
According to the GSM operator,
her phone was last used on January 7th.
Mostly, she talked to her clients
and the bank.
And tech support.
She ordered food in the evening.
Delivery person doesn't look suspicious.
Ilayda ordered a salad around 7:30 p.m.
He delivered it at 7:50 p.m.
Then she talked to her mom
around 8:30 p.m.
So it must have happened after that.
I went through her phone.
The call log is exactly
how Hasan described it.
But there is one more person
who called and messaged Ilayda Pınar
before and after she died.
Who is it?
Serhat Alkılıç.
Age 27. Fitness trainer at Ilayda's gym.
It seems like
Serhat was constantly hitting on Ilayda.
"Let's drink coffee," that sort of thing.
Every time, she made up an excuse.
Okay. Did the investigators
talk to that guy?
- No. They didn't go to the gym.
- Let's bring him in.
Ilayda's car.
14, 13 Pull in your stomach. Come on!
What's going on?
Sorry. Is this your car?
- Yes.
- I'm sorry.
I scratched it as I was turning.
You gotta be kidding me
Brother, sorry for the inconvenience.
I scratched it.
You've to be careful!
I was, but I couldn't make the turn
and scratched it. Sorry.
How couldn't you? The road is huge.
Three parking spots here.
Okay, calm down! It's fine.
Just scratched the bumper.
This man owns a body shop.
Okay? No problem.
If it's a dent, we'll take it to the shop.
They'll fix it.
- Is it your car?
- Yes.
- It's yours?
- Yes.
License and registration.
Okay, officer. No problem.
I'm so sorry, officer
I'll have it fixed.
I'll take it to a shop.
License and registration.
- Serhat Alkılıç.
- That's me, sir.
But it's registered to Ilayda Pınar.
Yes, she's a friend.
- A friend?
- Yes.
- Can Ms. Ilayda confirm that?
- Of course she can.
- She can?
- Sure, why wouldn't she?
Call her then.
She's a friend after all.
- But sir, really
- Come on, man. We've got a lot to do.
- I don't want to trouble you.
- No trouble. Come on.
The person you have called
cannot be reached
Not picking up.
Sir, I don't want to trouble you.
I know a mechanic. Don't worry about it.
Here's the deal, you chill,
and we'll sort it out between us.
Sure, sir. Whatever you say.
But at the station. Come on.
Come on.
Fortunately the victim's lungs
were relatively unharmed.
Mechanical asphyxia caused by
fluid aspiration is the cause of death.
- She drowned.
- Yes.
- Okay.
- But the water in the lungs
didn't match water from the lake.
The water from Ilayda's lungs contain
high amounts of nitrate,
fluoride and chlorine.
Drowned in tap water.
- Exactly.
- Okay.
The mark on the back of the neck
These are from a taser.
Also, most of the wounds
are concentrated on the left side.
He used his right hand. Okay.
These marks on the wrists
They are antemortem.
He tied up Ilayda.
Tears and injuries in the genital area
and perineum due to forced penetration.
- He raped her, too.
- Not only that.
Taser burns
on the breasts and genital area.
He tortured her for a long time.
Önem, this is not an ordinary case.
This was done by a sadist.
January 6th. 5:50 p.m.
Ilayda parks her car in the parking lot
of the gym and gets out.
The car doesn't move an inch
until January 11th.
Serhat takes the car
on January 11th at 1:54 p.m.
and starts using it regularly.
Almost a week after
Ilayda's disappearance.
- Why wait that long?
- Until the dust settles maybe.
That Serhat scumbag
didn't only hit on Ilayda.
He hit on every woman at the gym
between the ages of 35 and 50.
- His record?
- A few fights, bodily harm.
But three years ago, he was sued by
a client at the gym he worked in Bursa.
- Why?
- She claimed Serhat was his boyfriend,
and that he conned and tried to kill her.
- Verdict?
- Charges dropped.
Another scumbag who should be in jail
was let go and went looking for prey.
Hope we didn't make you wait long.
No problem at all.
Helping law enforcement is a duty.
- I'm Captain Önem Özülkü.
- Serhat.
- Serhat Alkılıç.
- Nice to meet you. Sit down.
I really can't believe I'm here
because I was driving my friend's car.
Can you have us speak
to your friend, Ms. Ilayda?
I'd love to, but I haven't been able
to reach her for a while.
Really? You didn't tell this
to my colleagues.
That lieutenant was a bit aggressive.
- He hit the car and then just
- Okay.
When did you last see Ms. Ilayda?
Must be a few days ago.
You didn't report it to the police?
I mean We weren't that close.
- Yet you didn't mind driving her car.
- I needed a vehicle right away.
- You know how it is.
- How is it?
Ilayda lives a block away.
She always parked her car in our lot
because she thought it was safer.
In case of emergencies,
she left a spare key.
- And then?
- I decided to drive it a few times.
I liked it, to be honest.
When I didn't hear back from her,
I didn't give it a second thought.
I see.
For our records,
can I have your address, please?
I'm at River Residence.
- 11th floor, number 42.
- River Residence.
- 11th floor. Number?
- 42.
Run, Berk!
What was your relationship
with Ms. Ilayda?
I'm calling the Prosecutor,
I'll send the warrant.
You harassed her with unwanted messages.
I knew this wasn't about the car.
- Did she file a complaint?
- You did something to deserve that?
Look, I'm a friendly guy.
Towards everyone.
She politely turned down
your messages many times.
Yes, but she wasn't like that at the gym.
How was she?
She was more involved, closer and warmer.
- How come her texts weren't like that?
- No idea.
Maybe she was afraid of her ex.
They came there together
when they were married.
Yalçın is a jealous man.
I mean extreme jealousy
that borders on sickness.
Dis something happen between you two?
Just a month after joining the gym,
he picked a fight for no reason.
He claimed I was too friendly with Ilayda.
- What did you do?
- I didn't mess with him.
I handed them over to another trainer.
Once he left,
Ilayda and I started working again.
I see.
Is this how your relationship
with Semiramis in Bursa start?
She sued you three years ago.
I was acquitted in that case.
- I don't want to talk about it.
- But we will.
But first, where were you
on January 7th, Friday night?
Friday night
I was with a friend in Sapanca.
You'll give us the contact info
and address of your friend.
You got something?
Yes, Captain.
Apparently he likes to party.
Did you find anything related to victim?
No, Captain.
How does this work?
- Hasan, you'd know how
- Screw you.
I've never felt this peaceful, Önem.
How nice. Enjoy it.
Your house is so peaceful, too.
We couldn't talk about it.
Did Altan cause you trouble in court?
You know the house
my dad left me in Datça?
- I sold it.
- Really?
Yes. I had to.
He realized he couldn't get more, though.
Aunt Feriha, what's this?
That's a Rungu. Maasai tribal weapon.
So it's a weapon.
- So cool.
- Yep.
Where did you get it?
Feriha is a very cool woman,
so she has these cool things.
Can you let it be?
Don't grab everything you see.
Let her touch it.
- Her hands are covered in pizza grease.
- We'll wipe it.
A tribal chief gave it to me
when I was in Kenya.
Leaving it alone.
Why are you being so stubborn?
- Leave it, Sude. Please.
- Mom.
It's not a toy, honey.
It obviously means a lot to her.
Okay, Mom.
What's the Wi-Fi password?
Written on the back of the modem there.
Are you okay, Önem?
I'm a bit tired and sleep-deprived.
But as always. I'm fine.
- You need to rest. You'll get sick.
- Yeah, well
My stomach agrees.
Victim's ex-husband is here.
Okay. Let's interrogate him.
How about Serhat?
Keep him.
We have enough evidence to keep him.
Sapanca's a couple of hours away.
And we found drugs in his house.
Let's ask for extra time to hold him.
Yalçın Gürgen.
He's also an investment consultant.
They ended their partnership
just before the divorce.
Most of the clients remained with Ilayda.
According to the fitness trainer,
this guy is very jealous.
He hated the guy,
thinking he was hitting on his wife.
He's not wrong.
After the divorce,
they didn't have much interaction
but according to old messages,
Yalçın was smothering her during marriage.
What did he do?
Asking her where she was,
why, with whom
- Classic.
- There's something else.
What is it?
This is not Yalçın's first marriage.
Why did they get divorced?
They didn't.
She went missing six years ago.
Ilayda's dead, right?
Why did you think that?
I'm her ex-husband.
- You wouldn't call me if Ilayda was alive.
- Why?
- Maybe we'll ask something else.
- Look, I don't want to play this game.
If you want me to answer your questions,
you answer mine.
Is Ilayda alive?
Mr. Yalçın, I'm sorry to tell you that
we found the body
of your ex-wife, Ilayda Pınar.
How did she die?
Can we ask the questions now?
Why did you two break up? What happened?
I've said this many times.
Tell us as well, and we'll listen.
We have time.
Why couldn't you get along? Money issues?
We've always kept our accounts separate.
You were partners.
Mutual clients.
After the divorce,
Ilayda got all the clients. Correct?
Yes, Ilayda had more clients,
but most of them were small investors.
Not significant people.
She did me a favor actually.
Whatever. Work, work, work.
Never mind that. Now
Tell us, why did you want to break up?
Or did she want to break up?
Did you cheat on her?
Or did she?
Look. I answered your questions.
Now tell me, where and how did she die?
You know who was here before you?
What was his name? It's
- That handsome guy?
- Serhat.
Serhat. You'd know him.
Your wife's gym trainer.
Fit guy. Built like a statue.
He looked so handsome
even on that crappy camera.
Very friendly and talkative,
answered every question. Decent guy.
Apparently, you had something against him.
He hit on your wife and you attacked him?
- You'd like to believe that.
- No, not "believe."
We have your wife's messages.
Look, hear it from me.
After you, they got quite intimate.
- That's a lie.
- No. We have the messages.
- Lie!
- Not a lie.
You can look. We have records.
He told us everything.
I can tell you in detail
or have you watch it. What do you think?
- Lie!
- You knew, right? You went to her house.
- Lie!
- Right?
- You knocked her out.
- Lie!
- Right, prick?
- Enough!
Lawyer. I want my lawyer.
Why the hell did you interrupt me?
I was going for the jugular!
- Why did you interrupt?
- We started wrong.
Before asking him where he was that day,
we started threatening him.
How did he start? You heard him.
"Ilayda's dead, right?" Cheeky bastard.
- Serdar, calm down.
- Captain, you really believe he's upset?
Okay then, go cuff him.
Take him to prosecution.
If he didn't think you were on his side
and called his lawyer,
I would've found out everything he'd done.
Captain, I think
you should interrogate him.
Mr. Yalçın, I'm Captain Önem Özülkü.
Please calm down and take a seat.
Look, I realize the situation you're in.
I really get how you feel.
You have no idea how I feel.
And don't bullshit me.
You lied to me when you called me here.
Look, Mr. Yalçın, we
I tried to speak to you honestly,
but you made me talk to a trickster cop
and told me lies.
Mr. Yalçın! Can you please calm down?
I know I can't interrogate you
without your lawyer present.
But I ask you to please
listen to me carefully.
My team has been working day and night
to solve Ms. Ilayda's murder.
If you cared about her at all,
please help us.
If you don't,
I'll write to the prosecution
and extend your stay here.
And I'll need to interrogate you
as my main suspect.
This will cost us two days at least.
You know what I mean?
But if you're innocent, please help us.
So you won't lose two days of work
or waste my team's time.
Please listen to your conscience.
I withdraw my request for a lawyer.
I'll help you.
Please. Thanks. Have a seat.
- Your ex-wife Ms. Yeşim. How
- What?
Your ex-wife Yeşim Sorry.
Your first wife was Ms. Yeşim.
Your second wife was Ms. Ilayda.
I think Ms. Yeşim
also went missing six years ago.
- A coincidence?
- She didn't go missing.
Yeah? Why does it say so here?
A bit strange.
Her family reported her missing, not you.
I wasn't at home.
- Where were you?
- In Cyprus. For a month, on business.
On business.
Where were you
on January 7th, Friday night?
Here, working.
Seems like you work day and night.
I wonder if it's because
you're a workaholic that your wives
Let's sum up what happened, Mr. Yalçın.
Your ex-wife Yeşim whom you divorced
six years ago is unfortunately missing.
They're still looking for her.
Your wife whom you recently divorced
went missing two weeks ago
and was murdered.
Found in Aydos Lake.
I can't believe this is happening again.
My first wife left me for my best friend.
- How can you be so sure?
- They disappeared on the same day.
Okay. But they haven't resurfaced
after all this time?
They could have called their families.
It was vile. They must be ashamed.
I told her family everything.
My friend Bülent was my neighbor.
He was also married.
We hung out as families.
His wife Şermin and Yeşim's family
were devastated.
They must be living happily in Sweden now.
Bülent had dual citizenship.
After what I went through,
I turned into a jealous man.
My marriage to Ilayda
was over because of me.
Mr. Yalçın.
I can't describe
the gravity of the situation. Look
your first wife is still missing.
And we found the body of your second wife
in Aydos Lake.
Do you realize how this looks?
Do you realize how this makes you look?
I changed my mind. I want to go.
Mr. Yalçın, look.
We found your ex-wife Ms. Ilayda's body
in Aydos Lake.
The murderer raped her numerous times
before she died.
As if that wasn't enough,
he shocked her genitalia
and breasts many times
and then dumped her body
into the lake to rot.
Can you understand
the gravity of the situation?
Serdar, you and Berk will search
Yalçın Gürgen's office and house.
Divers were going to the lake today,
any news?
They had an urgent call from the marina.
A narcotics raid.
Okay. Tell them to continue tomorrow.
They will search the whole lake
if necessary. Okay?
I don't want to hear the words
"low visibility" ever again.
You bet.
Sofia, check out the cell phone,
smart watch and GPS in the car.
Okay, boss.
Mr. Hasan. I need you to speak to
Mr. Yalçın's neighbor, Ms. Şermin,
and Ms. Yeşim's family too. Okay?
Captain. He just found out
his wife was dead.
Didn't we cross a line by showing him
photos before he could process it?
Sorry, why?
I don't have the luxury or time
to think about anyone's mental state,
Mr. Hasan.
Got it? My purpose is to find the killer
and seek for justice for the victim.
Tell me. How did you find me?
You forget who I am, dude.
Okay, I know what we did was wrong,
but what these guys do,
doesn't it piss you off as well?
Isn't it why you bashed the driver
that day?
But was that a right thing to do?
Of course. I think you did right.
Do you know
why they call us the Graveyard?
Because it's full of damaged goods?
Like us.
Not just that.
All cold murder cases that haven't been
solved are in the Archives.
It's the last stop for justice seekers.
The Graveyard.
My daughter is one of them.
- I didn't know. Sorry for your loss.
- Thank you.
They always told me that
I'd forget about it
and my pain would go away in time.
It's been three years.
I didn't forget
and my anger or pain hasn't gone away.
For a long time,
I looked at her file every single day
in case they missed something.
I interrogated people
Homicide talked to and didn't talk to.
I beat up every possible suspect.
Every time I looked at that file,
I felt like
I was losing a piece of myself.
I turned into a wicked man.
Mean, intolerant.
Did you find anything?
Then my wife Nihan
couldn't take it anymore
and left me.
My son no longer speaks to me.
- Oh, man
- Before that, I only lost my daughter.
Then I lost everything.
But then it finally hit me.
At least I thought it did.
That harassing scum reminded me of my girl
and I turned into my old self.
Let me warn you, kid. Our job is an abyss.
You stare at it too long,
it'll lead you to darkness.
You're right.
But, you're not alone anymore.
You have us. We are here for you.
I think we can find a way
if we all pitch in.
Yeah, thanks, but
You need to accept that
some questions will go unanswered
and some problems will not be solved.
I don't accept that.
- Keep this between us, please.
- Sure.
I'll lose my mind.
This is the fourth one.
It keeps coming, Serdar.
Oldest is two to four years old,
newest is one to two months.
All women.
- Same MO?
- Water damage is too much,
but relatively new ones
have the same wounds as Ilayda.
All on the left side
and murdered by someone
who dominantly uses his right hand.
Same kind of rope and knot
were used in all.
We're talking about a serial killer.
I didn't say there was a serial killer,
only possible serial killings.
Get this to Intelligence.
Are you kidding me?
Of course not.
Six bodies were recovered in the same lake
including Ilayda Pınar. Six bodies.
Four-person team can't solve it.
No, don't start with
"Give me more people" shit.
These murders are not related.
I'm just interested in Ilayda's murder.
What does Feriha say?
Bodies have been underwater too long,
she can't say anything for sure.
Are they all women?
Again, she can't say anything right now.
She needs time.
I'll give you two days, that's all.
In case we discover that the murders
are all related before that,
I'll transfer the case to Homicide
right away.
Ilayda Pınar's murder
isn't related to others.
Guys, we need to look at these
six killings as a whole.
Unfortunately, we're up against
a rapist, serial killer.
Psychological calendar.
Common cause of serial rape and murder.
Serial killers
sexually assault victims in some way.
All right.
I sent the ex-wife's info to Feriha.
She'll test it against the bodies.
I reached Yalçın's neighbor Şermin
and Yeşim's family.
Şermin verified what Yalçın said.
She thinks her husband ran away with her.
Yeşim's family didn't want to talk.
But her mom talks to a Karlstad number.
Yalçın may be telling the truth.
Okay, check it out.
Berk. Examine everything
that comes out of the lake.
Don't start
I know they've been underwater
for too long and damaged.
But you'll find something.
Yes, Captain.
Mr. Hasan, you got the archives.
I'll be looking at missing women
of the same demographic.
Could we at least identify one?
- Önem, are you kidding me?
- I'm not kidding, Feriha. I have no time.
Neither do I.
The whole team has been working
for seven hours without stopping to eat.
Then ask for backup.
From whom? There are three of us here.
Anyone fit the profile we had sent?
No. None of them fits
Yeşim Güler's profile.
So you have nothing for me?
Older bodies are mostly skeletons.
But there are fractures and cracks
in ribs and wrists.
Okay. And the new ones?
I didn't look closely,
but I just found taser burns.
How old are we talking about?
Six months to a year.
If you'll excuse me,
I've to get back to work.
- Okay, I'm sorry.
- Okay.
We're far behind, Serdar.
- So far behind.
- I'm thinking out loud. Now
There are no fractures on bodies
up to a year old.
But like the first victim,
they all got tased.
This means the killer changed his MO
no more than a year ago.
Made his attacks more systematic.
- Learned to hurt without leaving a mark.
- Exactly.
Just go ahead!
I'll go through there!
Yes, Sofia?
- Boss, I found Yalçın's ex, Yeşim.
- How?
She has a social media account
linked to the phone number.
As Yalçın said,
Yeşim lives in Sweden with her lover.
She goes by the name of Gunis Schroeder.
I see, Sofia. Okay, thanks.
- Wait a minute.
- Wait.
A bracelet on a body belongs to a woman
who disappeared two months ago.
Deniz Şahoğlu. Age 32, divorced.
- What? Did she live alone?
- Yes, in a house owned by her dad.
They didn't rent the house,
hoping she'd return.
Hasan went to get warrants.
- I'll send the location, we'll meet there.
- Okay. You guys are awesome. Thanks.
Let's light it up.
Did anyone else come to this house
after your daughter went missing?
Other officers searched it two months ago.
They took photos.
Nobody's been here since then.
I see.
Okay. Did your daughter
have a silver bracelet?
Deniz had epilepsy.
Her medical info was on the bracelet.
You found her, right?
I'm here. What is it?
- What's this?
- Looks like a lens.
What the hell?
The entire house is equipped with
hidden cameras.
So this nutcase broke into the houses
and changed the sockets.
Can these transmit footage, Berk?
Each grid generates a magnetic current.
Coils on the device
convert magnetic field to electric field
This simple tech exists
even in cell phones.
- Yes, but making it this small is tricky.
- How can he do that?
- He broke in when nobody was home?
- How did he know?
How can he be so sure
that a divorced woman will move in there?
Must have entered as an electrician
or a plumber. How else?
Maybe when they were away.
The camera is not plugged in.
It's a tiny assembly on the frame.
Video transport
consumes more energy than audio.
Even the finest battery today lasts a day.
How does he do it, Berk?
Inspired by a great genius.
Nikola Tesla.
- Wireless energy transmission.
- Yes.
The device's transmitter
has a 50-meter range at most.
- You mean the killer's close to the house?
- Not necessarily.
By connecting to the home modem,
he can send signals worldwide.
Okay. Did you find any physical trace
on the cameras?
Negative. Entirely damaged.
I think we may be stuck.
- What's this?
- I got it from Ilayda's bathroom.
- Didn't he destroy this?
- Probably tried but failed.
I always cut off water, gas, and power
after examining a crime scene
to prevent accidents.
We call this a veteran, Mr. Hasan.
Thank you.
Good for you.
Yes, it's the same.
The number of women who went missing
within last year is 1,250.
Most of them are children.
- Sude.
- Mom.
Honey. Welcome, sweetie.
Guys, this is my daughter Sude.
- Hi, Sude.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- You're Sofia, right?
- Yes.
Mom told me a lot about you.
I wonder what she said.
You're so smart,
you can figure out anything.
But I heard you were going a bit rogue.
By the way, they stole
my friend's social media account.
- Can you recover it?
- Sure.
Sude, we have important work to do, honey.
Go to my office and do your homework.
- Mom, what are these?
- Okay, come on.
Come on.
Make yourself at home.
- Sorry, Hasan.
- No problem.
Please, carry on.
When we rule out children
and those in distant provinces,
the number of possible victims is 258.
I did a research
on the two victims we identified.
They have nothing in common.
Not a common restaurant
or a mutual friend. Nothing.
The biggest thing they have in common
is that they're both divorced.
But they had different courthouses,
lawyers and judges.
The killer is after divorced women.
We can reach that conclusion.
Boss, I found something.
In a murder forum on the dark web,
a user named Watcher6699
said he had killed countless woman
for the past year without getting caught.
Group members didn't believe him
and made fun of him.
Then he shared this video.
Other users claimed this video was fake.
Then Watcher6699 told them
the time and place of his next murder.
Ilayda Pınar's murder.
Yes. Get ready.
We found fingerprints
on the socket's circuitry
- And?
- And?
Whose is it?
Çetin Asak.
Fraud, smuggling, voyeurism.
Anything you can think of.
He was given the wrong name.
Should be called Parasite.
I don't think he's our killer.
- Why?
- He was jailed last month for fraud.
They will bring him here.
Are you okay?
Is he here?
They're on their way.
Should be here any minute.
Are you okay?
We've run out of time, Serdar.
For what?
I talked to Haluk.
If I can't wrap up this case by tomorrow
he'll hand it over to Homicide.
Fuck him
Sorry, Captain.
Well, what can I say?
Knowing my father,
it's hard to predict. He must have a plan.
Of course he has.
He doesn't want to reduce
Special Crime Unit's success rate.
- He wants to keep it stable.
- Yeah, sure.
What a cheat.
We'll wrap it up by then.
We'll go all out.
That's it. Yes?
Okay, I'll be there.
You go, I'll catch up.
I'm just the salesman.
I don't care who does what
with the product after.
We know who did what, Çetin.
People use your hidden cameras
for perversion.
It depends on how you use it.
I don't see them as hidden cameras.
You're right.
Sometimes I don't see breaking
someone's nose and ribs as beating.
We live in an age of information.
Houses are smarter,
ceiling cameras and stuff.
So are the thieves.
Some put their heads down
and others wear hats.
What do we do?
We take the camera
and mount it inside the socket.
Don't get me wrong. Not made in China.
100% local production.
I produce it myself.
We know.
We found you from your fingerprints.
Did you see the socket?
Tiny circuitry. Work of a real artist.
Difficult to solder with gloves on.
That's why, man.
Çetin, we'll talk about
your art
after the beating.
Who did you sell these to?
- Man
- Fuck you.
I've sold so many, you'll be amazed.
Amaze me.
Çetin, I'll beat you up.
I'll beat you to a pulp.
You'll beg to go back to jail.
Okay, calm down, sir.
I know who you're looking for.
What do you know?
People usually buy
one or two of this shit.
How many did he buy?
- Fifty two.
- Whoa!
I had that many available. He wanted more.
Who was it?
The notebook, please.
Yes. May 6th.
Can you get to 3:30 p.m., sister?
You always take notes?
When he got so many, I was suspicious.
That's why I wrote it down.
Is it him?
- That one with a hoodie?
- Yes, sir.
His face is not visible.
- What a quick purchase.
- He came to order the day before.
Now he's picking it up.
Why didn't you say this before?
What time did he come to order? Check it.
Around 1:00 p.m.
Sofia, get to 1:00.
Is this him?
No, sir.
No face again.
What else did he buy?
Sorry, ma'am?
What else did he buy?
Anything except the socket?
It's been too long.
- Hey! Are you an idiot or just pretending?
- Serdar, don't.
What did she ask you?
What else did he buy?
What did he order?
Well, when my nephew came back from China
He had brought a couple of things.
- Illegal, sir.
- Fuck illegal.
- Sir.
- Okay. Easy.
- What did he want?
- Taser.
He wanted a taser.
When he saw it, he wanted it as well.
- Did you see that man's face?
- Yes, but it's been over six months.
Sofia. Zoom in.
- A logo.
- Can you make it clearer?
- The original resolution is quite low.
- Berk. Can you?
It won't be like in the movies,
but I'll try.
Do it.
- Yes, Captain.
- Good.
Guys, well done.
- See you.
- Good night.
See you. Good night.
Good night.
- Have a good evening.
- You, too.
- Captain Önem.
- Yes.
- You worked overtime.
- We did tonight, yes.
- Sude, please wait in the car.
- Okay.
Here, honey.
I'm listening.
I'll cut to the chase.
Haluk wants Homicide to take over.
- That's correct.
- It would be a big mistake.
Really, why? I mean
They have more resources after all.
You're right,
but it's not why Haluk wants this.
Istanbul's Chief of Police
will resign soon.
Haluk plans to replace him.
This unit, his own project,
should shine until then.
He doesn't want a long, uncertain hunt.
As far as I understand, you don't want him
to be the chief of police.
What I want doesn't matter.
Yes, Homicide has more resources.
That's a fact.
But in my 12 years as a prosecutor,
I've never met anyone
as stubborn and strong-willed as you.
Special Crimes should keep this case.
We don't always see eye to eye,
but I believe you will wrap up this case.
That's my only concern.
- Have a good evening.
- Thanks, Mr. Prosecutor.
What's with the honking?
Always in a hurry.
What can I do, Mom? Just wait?
Yes, wait for a bit, what's the rush
Turning it off won't make you invisible.
Don't you work with Uncle Haluk?
- Yes.
- You'll bump into him at some point.
You haven't said a word
since we got in the car,
but you never miss an opportunity
to take a dig at me.
- Your tongue is like a shovel.
- Not taking a dig at you.
I'm just a good observer.
- I took after my mom.
- Wow, look at that.
You have an answer for everything. Great.
- The girls. Drop me off here, Mom.
- By the way
I might have to work late tonight.
Okay? So tonight, you will
stay at Aunt Feriha's.
Am I a child?
Why can't I stay alone at home?
Don't argue with me for once.
Okay, Mom.
- I love you.
- Okay, Mom. See you.
Good morning, guys.
Where are we on the logo?
We're doing great, Captain.
I'm sorry.
I'm not sure if you're mad at me,
but I lied
No, I'm not mad.
Maybe disappointed, I don't know.
What I know is,
you lied to me
and who knows how many times.
I'm here to take the case in person.
- Have a good one.
- You gave me two days.
Yes, I did. If it wasn't a serial killing.
That was before your lie.
- Haluk, please don't!
- You're off the case!
If you give them this case now,
they will have to start over.
We've come a very long way!
They have more people and resources.
They won't have a hard time
catching up with you, Ms. Önem!
At least let us keep working on it
in the meantime.
We'll collect more data.
You'll send the file with more data.
- It'll help for your promotion.
- What do you want?
Keep your word
and give me the rest of the day.
Seven hours and 29 minutes.
Yes, I managed to
make the logo a bit clearer.
You call this clear? What's this?
AD? What's AD?
Lots of possibilities. Could be anything.
Name of the internet company.
Their logo. Damn, of course!
Both victims had this contract at home.
This is how he gets inside.
In fact, we've taken major efforts
towards affirmative action.
Most of our employees are female.
Not everybody was happy with it.
We had to let some people go.
- Male employees?
- Incapable ones.
We hired women who were better qualified
and more focused instead.
How can I help you?
We need a favor.
Your users Ilayda Pınar and Deniz Şahoğlu
called your tech support.
Ilayda called on December 15th at 4:24 pm
and Deniz on October 30th, 3:20 pm.
I'm sorry.
- If you need a warrant
- No.
I want to help you, but I see
no such records on those dates.
An error maybe?
We keep a minute-by-minute record
of who all of our employees talk to.
- Do you mind if I take a look?
- Sure.
Erased from the system.
- Who can erase these records?
- Well
You just said you keep a minute-by-minute
record of all conversations.
- Yes.
- Okay.
Is there an employee
who didn't answer any calls
during the time
Ilayda Pınar and Deniz Şahoğlu called?
Let me check.
Hi, AD Telecom. I'm Erkut.
How can I help you?
Hello, Mr. Erkut. There seems to be
an issue with my internet.
- Are you close to the modem?
- Yes, I am.
I don't know anything about this.
Please help me, Mr. Erkut.
Don't worry, it's easy.
Can you check if all the lights are on?
Sure. I'm checking right away.
I have a favor to ask, though.
Erkut Gümüş. Police.
Put your hands on your head.
On your head. Get down.
Give me your hands!
Videos were posted online from Erkut's PC.
That Çetin asshole also identified him.
I'm coming.
What is it?
Captain, these are from Erkut's house.
So did he collect souvenirs
from all six murders?
Congratulations, really.
It's a bit late, but you caught me anyway.
So, you accept it.
Why would an artist deny his masterpiece?
Ilayda Pınar, Deniz Şahoğlu.
Did you kill them?
Could you only find them?
- We found four more bodies.
- Wow.
Let me guess,
you couldn't find their names.
Don't bother, I can tell you.
Şebnem Baskın, Meriç Çetin,
Aksu Sancak and Irmak Çalık.
You already know Ilayda and Deniz.
You caught him.
How did you do it?
You couldn't find that either?
It's very easy.
I cut off their system remotely.
They call the call center. I tell them
tech support will be there in the evening.
How did you plant the cameras?
You women are really stupid.
You don't get technology.
Ms. Ilayda, hi.
I think the power line
is the cause of the modem's problem.
Yes. If you don't mind,
I need to check your sockets.
They all bought it. All of them.
The idiots who think they can just
throw away their husbands like trash
and start over.
Like your ex-wife, who divorced you?
You've worked your tail off for ten years
in the same position, doing nothing.
And when you expect to be promoted,
a manager is sent to replace you.
And he had only been married for a year.
What a shame.
What's up?
Her time will come as well.
That whore of a manager.
And yours, too.
Women like you are trying to
castrate us and take away our manhood!
What are you laughing at, pussy?
You became her puppet.
I pity you. Give me some water.
You have water?
But you will fail.
Your time will come.
I think your time has come, Erkut.
You know what I liked the most?
The moment I was done with those women,
I made them believe I'll let them live.
They all bought it.
Then when I say I'll kill them again,
that look on their faces
I liked sending those bitches to hell
every single time.
That moment is like
my drug.
Write it down.
With pleasure.
Good job.
To be honest, I didn't believe
you could wrap up the case so fast.
You captured a very dangerous killer.
This may not be our killer.
- What do you mean?
- He's left-handed.
Feriha, the coroner
said the killer was right-handed.
Maybe he's ambidextrous?
He described everything in great detail.
He even gave the names
of unidentified victims.
Also, there were videos of murders
in his computer, right, Berk?
- Yes, but
- "Yes" is enough for me.
- Killer is a sexual sadist.
- So?
Erkut is just a typical voyeur.
He doesn't fit the profile.
For voyeurs, the stimulus is observation,
not sexual behavior. But sexual sadists
Okay. Let the prosecution deal
with sexual sadists. Transfer him.
Transfer him.
- He's all talk.
- Who's all talk? Who?
Him! Men like Erkut! They just talk.
They don't do anything!
Yap, yap, yap, all day long!
No action, just "I did this and that."
The actual guy does it.
These are just minions! Sick losers.
- He can't do shit!
- Great! Carry on.
He'll get transferred
to the prosecution, period.
You need to give me more time, please.
Erol, send two people to Special Crimes.
Yes, it's downstairs.
They'll take someone to prosecution.
- Serdar.
- Önem.
Now, I'll speak to you once.
- I think
- Sofia, stop recording.
- you're just an asshole
- Captain.
who jerks off
to the videos of this killer.
Tell me who the real killer is
and I will treat you like a human.
Who's the killer?
Who killed them?
I did.
I will fuck you up!
Are you fucking kidding me?
Tell me who fucking killed those women!
- He'll kill the man.
- Who?
Mr. Hasan, Serdar is in charge right now.
I will fuck you up, asshole!
I killed them!
- Come on!
- Let me go!
I will fucking kill you!
You won't make it out of here alive!
- Who killed those women?
- Cap
I will fuck you up!
- Serdar!
- Serdar!
- Enough!
- Let me go!
- Serdar!
- Hasan, let me go!
- Let me, I'll fuck
- Serdar!
I will fuck you up, man!
- Serdar, enough!
- You won't make it out of here alive!
Are you looking for him?
Don't worry, he'll find you.
You don't see him, but he sees you.
He'll kill one more woman today
and you won't be able to do anything.
Get him out.
Sofia, did you find anything?
Nothing from the phone.
Whoever his partner is,
they probably use a secondary phone.
- Probably.
- Nothing from his house, too.
Erkut is a person who is easily swayed
when he is under pressure,
but the killer is not.
The killer is close to him.
He is one of his closest associates.
Maybe same age as him
or slightly older than him,
but definitely more silent
and dominant than Erkut.
Although his intelligence is only average,
he thinks he is a genius.
In fact, a genius who was wronged.
He hates women, especially ones
who left or broke up from their husbands.
He may have a similar experience.
May have an ex-wife or fiancée.
It's possible, Berk.
All of these traumas may have come from
parental figures or childhood patterns.
Maybe his parents got divorced
and he resents his mother.
But this killer is definitely a man
who is part of his immediate inner circle.
He's a close associate of his.
The company underwent reorganization
about one year ago.
Sofia, can you get me a list of the people
who have been laid off
in Erkut's company within the last year?
Right away.
We could have learned this
before beating him up to a pulp.
- Boss.
- As if I didn't know.
Doğan Rauf.
That bastard was in the crime scene,
he lied to my face.
- Mr. Hasan, you couldn't have known.
- Easy, man.
Here's the deal.
Son of a dominant mother
and a silent public servant.
Mom divorced Dad when he was 13
and remarried.
Stepfather died in a car crash
ten years ago.
Mom was found dead in a bathtub
two years ago.
It was ruled an accident.
Oppressive mother, idealist father.
His trigger was losing his job
after the accident.
It's very obvious.
Maybe his mother was his first kill.
But why did Doğan come to the scene?
To see his work, of course.
"I knew something was up
when I saw the police cars." he said.
He even gave me a statement, what a joke!
Okay, Mr. Hasan, take it easy.
- Clear.
- Clear!
Come here, Berk. Here.
Check that out.
It's all yours.
Oh, shit.
Right? What a set-up he has.
I wonder how involved Erkut is.
This was probably Erkut's idea.
You told me that
the killer changed his MO a year ago.
Doğan most likely met Erkut
and then changed his MO.
First of all, Erkut got in the houses
as a tech support and planted the cameras.
Doğan observed the victims
and learned their habits.
When he decided to attack,
Erkut cut off the internet.
And Doğan went in as tech support.
- Sude?
- Hello?
Internet is down again.
I called tech support.
They'll be here any minute. Don't worry.
- That was a cliffhanger.
- Yes, exactly.
I couldn't reach Feriha as well.
Maybe he used a jammer.
Yes, Aunt Feriha?
- Are you hungry?
- No.
- What about fruits?
- Okay.
Sofia, can't you do something?
Send a signal Anything.
Send backup, come on.
Come on. Answer it.
- Feriha Ünver, right?
- Ünver is my old last name.
- It's Mahmutzade.
- Sorry.
- Come in. We were expecting you.
- Okay.
- Aunt Feriha.
- Yes. What's up?
I'm not getting any signal, how about you?
Yes, no signal.
- We'll be there in a bit.
- You have no time.
Doğan is inside right now.
- Excuse me, where's your modem?
- Right there.
- You want water or coffee?
- No, thanks.
Ms. Feriha
there is a problem
with the cable's connection.
What problem?
Aunt Feriha!
Calm down. What's going on?
What do you want?
So, you're divorced.
New home, new life, what a joy.
You have a pretty house.
If you want money, I have plenty inside.
Password to the safe is 4787.
I have a problem with divorcees.
Sude, run!
The door is locked, honey.
- Sude!
- Come here!
Let me go!
- Serdar, where are you?
- We're close.
Come here!
Open the door!
- Sude!
- Feriha
Aunt Feriha!
Let me go!
- You'll die.
- No.
It's okay. You're okay.
I almost died, Önem.
If I was gone,
who would have done my autopsy?
Feriha, is it really what you think about?
I love you so much, Mom.
I love you so much, too. My baby girl.
- You're okay, right?
- I'm sorry.
Thanks, sir.
Captain, I knew you would pull it off.
No rush for the case file.
You went through a lot.
If you need anything,
the prosecution is at your service.
Thank you.
- Appreciate it.
- Look at him.
"No rush, we're at your service." Jerk.
- Call me if you need anything.
- Thanks, Haluk.
Look at these two.
They smile at one another,
yet they'll strangle each other
at the first chance.
Pragmatists and idealists.
What, man?
On the one hand, there are pragmatists
who are dead set on pinching pennies,
on the other hand, there are idealists
who expect everyone to follow their rules.
If you ask me, they are doomed to fight
until the end of time.
It's best not to get in the way.
I guess you're the realist in that story.
Can we talk?
I'll be back.
- Can I come, too?
- Yes.
Mr. Hasan.
I'm truly sorry.
I must admit that
I got a little carried away in this case.
You were under pressure.
- You felt it was best at the time.
- Yes.
This happens in every unit
but it shouldn't have happened in ours.
Special Crimes should have been different.
Be careful when you fight monsters.
At the end of the day,
you can turn into one.
This job is an abyss.
I let it swallow me up.
But I can't watch it swallow you up, too.
I wanted you to hear that from me.
I'll start my retirement process tomorrow.
I plan to retire in a month.
Thanks for everything.
Subtitle translation by
Eda Söylerkaya
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