Graveyard (2022) s01e04 Episode Script


To the elements it came from
everything will return,
Our bodies to EARTH, blood to water,
heat to fire, breath to air.
They were well born,
they will be well entomb'd
Don't worry.
I'll come back soon.
I've found him.
- You need anything else?
- No, thanks.
Mr. Haluk, it has been a week
since the fourth murder of Sailor Killer.
How is the investigation going?
How many more women must die?
- Sorry, can I have the check, please?
- Sure.
I'm so sorry. The traffic was terrible.
- I'm so sorry.
- It's fine, really.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'm Adem.
- Sezen. Nice to meet you.
- You, too.
It's fine. We all know about the traffic.
- You look very classy.
- Thanks.
- Shall we?
- Sure.
I said "No, man.
The owner of the vehicle is dead.
We're on our way to his funeral."
Nice strategy.
I really
haven't laughed this much in a while.
Thanks, really.
- I'm glad we met.
- Me, too.
Actually, I need to thank you, Sezen.
By the way, I have a confession to make.
Nothing to be scared of.
As a matter of fact, I wasn't late.
There was no traffic.
- Welcome.
- Thanks. Here's to us meeting.
- Sorry?
- To us meeting.
I mean
This is my first date
since my wife passed away.
I wasn't sure,
so I waited for 15 minutes outside
trying to decide.
- I'm glad I came in.
- Me, too.
- When did you lose your wife?
- It'll be two years this March. Cancer.
I'm so sorry.
My husband passed away, too.
It has just been a year.
- Sorry for your loss.
- Thanks.
My bad. This is not the place
to talk about such things.
- No, it's fine.
- And I
I've forgotten how to do this.
It's been a while.
It was my son who set up my profile.
My friend did the same for me.
Then let me make another confession.
- No, nothing to worry about, listen.
- Okay.
Adem is not my real name.
I was a little embarrassed
to be doing this at 45, to be honest.
Try something different?
Again. Of course.
I'm Tarık.
The art of shibari, inspired by hojojutsu,
originated in medieval Japan
to restrict the movement of captives.
- Beautiful.
- Yes. This is an art.
And I'm an artist.
I don't think I need to repeat my name.
You are my canvas.
Must be Ms. Sezen.
- Nice to meet you.
- You too.
The core of shibari
is to create contrasts
to the natural curves of the female body
and patterns matching those contrasts.
- Beautiful philosophy.
- The real beauty is juxtaposition.
- Right.
- A rough rope against the naked body.
Just for once, can you give up all control
to someone else?
- Maybe.
- Maybe.
Don't be scared. We can stop at any time.
In fact, let's choose a safe word.
My favorite color is red. Let's say "Red."
- Red. Great.
- Yes, red.
Tarık, maybe slow down a bit?
- I said maybe slow down a bit.
- No.
- Stop!
- No.
- Wait a minute. Easy.
- No.
Okay, easy.
- Let go.
- Tarık. Tarık, easy.
- Red, Tarık. Red!
- There's no "Red"!
No safe word.
None of you are safe. Okay?
Wait a minute. Wait Stop it. Just stop.
Are you, by any chance, the "Sailor"
I keep seeing on the news?
- Sailor? Damn.
- Sailor
- I never liked that name. So crude.
- Cut it out!
I show those women the truth.
- Okay then, give me a drink.
- A drink?
You won't kill me, right?
- I will.
- Don't.
I will kill you.
Your safe word didn't work, Tarık.
Why don't we try mine?
Don't you move.
- How did you catch me?
- With art.
I performed my art.
All of the women you murdered
had the same app on their phones.
You deleted it,
but we were able to recover it.
When we investigated
the victims' conversations,
we discovered that the last person
they spoke to was the same.
Your turn. Tell me. Why did you do it?
I'd known I was different from my peers
since I was a child.
So did my family, I guess.
I liked ripping butterflies' wings off.
My father used to beat me a lot
because I liked to rip off
lizards' tails and legs.
When these didn't work anymore,
I moved on to cats
and dogs.
You love hearing these kinds of stories,
don't you?
"The boy who enjoyed torturing animals
grew up to become a violent murderer."
Then everything falls into place, huh?
I had a very ordinary childhood.
A very ordinary mother.
A very ordinary father.
A very ordinary school.
A very ordinary life.
In fact,
I had three dogs after I turned 10.
Don't worry. I didn't hurt any of them.
These four women.
They each have different profiles.
Sociocultural patterns,
socioeconomic patterns.
Family patterns.
They have nothing in common.
They do.
They were all sheep,
content with their place
in this sick, crippled civilization
that I despise.
You asked why.
To impress others.
To make them see the world like I do.
Safety is an illusion.
Nobody is safe.
I don't think you've impressed anyone.
Come on. You said otherwise two hours ago.
Get a hold of yourself.
I'm capable of much more than
simply cuffing you here.
I'd love it.
Before my interest in Japanese culture,
I was a fan of Greek mythology.
They have a creature.
You sever one of her heads
and two more appear.
I'm sure you've caught a lot of people.
Now let me ask you. What changed?
Have murders declined
since you became a cop?
- On the contrary.
- Are women no longer killed?
Has the world gotten better?
At least I helped
get those guys locked up.
I will lock you up, too.
Are you sure? All of them?
Everything is getting worse.
Nobody is safe.
Even you.
Have you killed anyone
besides these four women?
- No.
- But you did murder them.
In a world full of unknowns,
all three of them thought they were safe.
I showed them the truth.
You skipped one.
- Nilüfer Steen.
- No, I didn't.
I didn't kill Nilüfer Steen.
Same rope, same bonding, same method.
I was shocked by the news, too.
But, on reflection, I rather enjoyed it.
I was flattered.
Finally, I thought,
someone sees the world the way I do.
I had inspired someone with my method,
even if he botched it up.
What do you think?
play games with me.
Did you kill her or not?
One more, one less. Doesn't matter for me.
This isn't my art.
But this is my art.
- Önem.
- Yes, honey.
There's a noise upstairs. Like cracking.
- What noise?
- Not sure. Come, look.
For heaven's sake. Okay, wait.
Don't panic, we'll check it out.
- Okay.
- Easy.
Be careful.
- Önem, watch it.
- It's okay, honey. Stop it.
Don't drag me around.
See, everything's fine.
- Sude?
- Mom.
What did you do, my love?
I made it for you guys.
- I'll pour some tea.
- Let me do it. Wait.
See the little mouse?
Önem, dear.
When you messaged me last night,
I asked for Nilüfer's file again.
Look, this is the autopsy report.
The other victims were strangled by hand.
But see these marks?
- Rope burns.
- Exactly.
- Feriha.
- Yeah?
I'll request another autopsy.
I know that you're on leave.
But can you do it?
Please, I want you to do it.
I will.
I have to do it anyway, right?
It's been so long.
I guess so.
Okay. I'll go get ready then.
Thank you.
- Yes?
- Come here please.
Okay. I'm coming.
- Can we talk?
- What are we going to talk about, Mom?
A psycho tried to kill me and Aunt Feriha
and you shot him.
That's all. Talk about what?
You know, that's not all.
I'm fine, Mom. Don't worry, okay?
I'm fine, okay?
Can you please talk to Sude?
She doesn't talk to me.
Önem, you know
Sude has experienced a serious trauma.
An unlikely thing to happen
to a kid her age.
That's exactly what I'm saying, honey.
She isn't talking.
She shut down just like when her dad died.
You're right.
- Is that normal?
- Normal?
Who's been acting normal lately?
You went on a date with a killer
to catch him.
We call it an operation.
- Operation?
- Yes, operation.
So, what should I do?
Just sit and do nothing?
How many women will die then?
Do you have to risk your own life
to do that?
After all we've been through,
do I have a choice?
You're right. What can I say?
- Please talk to her, okay?
- Okay. I will.
Nilüfer Steen, age 35. Born in Kartal.
She moved to Belgium 17 years ago.
She got a degree in journalism
and started her career there.
She got married five years ago.
to a man named Michael Steen.
Returned to Turkey
a month before her death.
Phone and wallet are
missing from the crime scene. A classic.
I looked through
Nilüfer's social media and blogs,
hoping to find something
related to her tattoo,
but nothing about "Earth" popped up.
Homicide Unit contacted
the apartment she had rented online.
She didn't have much stuff.
Only this journal stood out,
and a few clothes.
The strange thing is that this journalist
doesn't have a camera or a computer.
A journalist?
Without a camera and a computer?
- The killer might have taken it.
- Sure.
I looked into the journal. It's messy.
Partly Turkish, partly English and Dutch,
and I think some of the parts were written
in her own coded language.
Two things caught my eye.
The first one is that the initials "MS"
show up a lot in the journal.
Could be the initials of her husband,
Michael Steen.
- Sure, but let's check alternatives.
- Let's see.
MS Informatics, MS Biology, MS Holding,
MS Organization, MS Chemicals.
Symbol for morphine or Mara Salvatrucha.
- Originated in California
- Stop, Berk. What the
Skip California.
Let's see what we have first.
Michael Steen. I checked with
the newspaper he works for.
He went to research rainforests
and nobody's heard from him for 10 days.
The second thing that caught my attention
is this sentence:
"Ik kan Levent weer niigt brege."
Don't write it down. I had it translated.
"I can't reach Levent again."
She wrote it several times.
It's a foreign mobile service provider.
They won't give us a transcript
due to privacy concerns
but Sofia took care of it.
Last, she talked to her husband
in Netherlands.
Apart from that, she frequently texted
and called Ferit and Melodi Şahoğlu,
who owns the news site called
I told them you'll visit.
They're expecting you.
Her only relative in Turkey is
Kâmuran Ekin.
Lives in Kartal. Hasan found her.
- We'll go visit her.
- Okay, Serdar.
You got this.
The first known case
of a copycat serial killer was in 1916.
Jack the Rip
In London
Whitechapel District.
But I told them you'll come.
I don't get it, he always does this.
- Can it be fixed?
- We'll fix it. No problem at all.
Hi, I'm Captain Ön
- I'm sorry.
- It's fine.
Just an accident.
- Okay.
- How can I help you?
Well, I'm here to see
Mr. Ferit and Ms. Melodi, but
- Please.
- Thanks Umut, dear.
Our son. He'll take over the business.
- How nice.
- Yes.
That's why we changed
ViHaber's style a bit.
We turned into a social life platform
rather than just a news site.
Old-fashioned journalism is no longer
appealing to young people.
Unfortunately. Yes.
Ms. Önem, we're really grateful to you
for catching that psycho
who also killed Nilüfer.
Thanks. Don't mention it. It's my job.
I'd like to thank you
because the news you released
significantly influenced public opinion.
As the co-editor of ViHaber
and as a woman, I follow you closely.
How can we help you?
Actually, Ms. Melodi, I'd like to
talk to you about Nilüfer Steen.
- Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?
- Not at all.
How did you meet Nilüfer Steen?
She emailed us
about a month and a half or two months ago
to work on a joint project.
At first we hesitated.
Nilüfer is a renowned journalist in Europe
despite her lack of fame in Turkey.
Aside from the domestic violence
and abuse faced by Turkish women there,
she made news that exposed
many political scandals.
You know, a successful journalist
always has more foes than friends.
- Right.
- We preferred a milder approach.
Like, personality quizzes and such.
So, what happened?
Why did you change your mind?
We wanted to do something right.
As we used to do.
Did Ms. Nilüfer have a workstation
here in your office?
Yes. She worked in the room next door.
I told the police before.
- I haven't talked to Nilüfer in years.
- Why?
- Is there a particular reason?
- No.
We were just scared.
Your son
What's his condition?
It started when he was 16.
The pain, the tremors.
At first, I didn't notice.
Thought they were growing pains.
But then the pain got worse.
He was having trouble walking.
We took him to a doctor.
It's called MS. Apparently it's genetic.
He got it from his pathetic father.
Now he can't even talk.
Has your niece Nilüfer ever talked to you
about your son's MS?
I told you we haven't talked.
Was she in contact with anyone else?
Nilüfer's parents died
the year she started high school.
She stayed with me until Belgium.
She doesn't have anyone there.
- Captain.
- How's it going there, Serdar?
Frankly, not good. How is it over there?
I think I discovered
what Nilüfer was working on.
Police. Open the gate.
May I ask why?
Yes, you may.
- Have a good one.
- Thanks.
Captain Önem Özülkü
from Special Crimes Unit.
I'd like to talk to your manager.
Wait a minute.
0512, dispatch.
Hold on a second, please.
What happened with Kâmuran?
She said they weren't in touch.
But I think we found out what MS means.
Multi Multiple sclerosis.
It's a neurological disease.
- Kâmuran's son has MS.
- I'm familiar with it.
But they weren't in touch in years.
So, maybe Nilüfer had MS as well.
Maybe. What did you find out?
Nilüfer messed with this company a lot.
Several operations in Europe were halted.
- Then she challenged them here.
- Exactly.
- Hi.
- Yes?
I'm Captain Önem Özülkü
with the Special Crimes Unit.
Stephan Andre.
I'm the security chief here.
You wanted to see me.
Can we talk inside, Mr. Stephan?
Sadly, no. Per corporate policy,
I don't let non-employees in.
- Have you seen this woman before?
- No.
You didn't even look at it.
Where were you a week ago?
Sorry. Per corporate policy,
I can't answer any further questions.
Mr. Stephan, listen.
I'm conducting a murder investigation
and if you refuse to help us now,
you are going to be charged with
obstruction of justice.
You have a warrant?
- We'll get it.
- I suggest you do.
Or talk to Mr. Levent.
Otherwise, it's not possible
for me to let you in or speak with you.
Does Mr. Levent have a phone number?
Or any other contact info?
He is the Middle East director
of the company. I don't have his number.
Have a nice day.
This won't be easy.
I don't have any business with you.
We just need to talk to Mr. Levent.
Please hold.
Screw you.
- Come on.
- What?
Let's do something.
What can we do, Berk?
Hasan made his decision.
- We can talk.
- What does it matter?
We can't know if we don't try, right?
You're right.
But there are things you don't know.
Like What?
I talked to the Prosecutor. I'm afraid
He couldn't find
sufficient grounds for the warrant.
Are you okay?
I'm not.
Alev Gölpınar.
Our first case.
A verdict was reached yesterday.
Metin Güreli
that asshole
that bastard
that inhuman monster, scumbag
was sentenced to
only 18 years and two months in prison.
As per the law on criminal execution
he'll serve
just two thirds of this sentence.
I'm not okay at all.
You go to the hearing,
impress the judge with your fancy suit
and bam, sentence reduced.
Tell them you're sorry.
Bam, sentence reduced again.
He'll say she provoked him.
He'll say he was provoked,
she provoked him.
He'll tell them to let him go on parole.
Another reduction.
He'll serve only eight or ten years.
I'll be damned.
Captain, can I
A smoke
- Can I bum a smoke?
- You can't.
No smoke for you. It's harmful.
Don't smoke.
Now I have to talk to Mr. Hasan.
He requested retirement.
But I doubt my job and myself now.
I'm losing my faith.
What am I am going to say
to that man, Serdar?
How can I say it?
Yes, Feriha? I was going to call you.
Sorry for rushing you.
I just finished the autopsy.
She was healthy. I didn't detect MS
or any other neurological disease.
She was definitely strangled with a rope.
Look what I found on the injury.
This wasn't the only oversight.
12 cubic centimeters of soil
were found in her stomach.
- Can it be post-mortem?
- Not likely.
There are lesions in her mouth and throat.
Before she died,
someone shoved soil down her throat.
I'm sending it to Berk for analysis.
Okay, Feriha. Thanks.
You're welcome.
Special Crimes Unit.
Yes. I need to speak with Mr. Levent.
What do you mean, sir?
It's for an official investigation. Hello?
- What's up, man?
- I couldn't even reach his assistant.
After an hour,
the legal department took over.
They threatened me implicitly
and then hung up.
- Who the hell are they?
- Vergif Mining.
The branch that runs
the mining operations of VDT Group,
which also has agriculture,
genetic food engineering,
pharmacology, and mining branches.
Has a bad reputation
in both Europe and the U.S.
So, they had to move many of their
branches and operations, like mining,
from Northern Europe
to South America and the Middle East.
ViHaber said the same.
Nilüfer gave them a lot of trouble.
They had to go through countless audits
because of a story Nilüfer broke
two years ago.
And they had to close down
half of their mines in Europe.
She alone
brought the company to its knees.
Damn them.
After all of these events, the company
promoted the European manager Levent Kemal
to Middle East regional manager.
Are you talking about
the unreachable Mr. Levent?
I don't think I'm that unreachable.
What the hell?
I've known Mr. Levent for a long time.
They provide substantial contributions
to the police department.
Captain Önem.
I came right over as soon as I heard.
At Vergif, we take great effort
to collaborate with local law enforcement
in the areas where we operate.
Yes. Okay then. I need to leave. Önem.
Levent, mate. There's no need to get up.
- See you. Cheers.
- See you.
Could you tell me the time please?
Mine has stopped or broken maybe.
- 8:41 p.m.
- Thank you.
Nice watch. How much?
Haluk told me that you think Ms. Nilüfer
wasn't killed by that Sailor Killer.
That must be
the purpose of your visit earlier.
Look. Let's be honest with each other,
Mr. Levent.
You're here now
because you want me to give up
the Nilüfer Steen investigation,
but I'm afraid
you will not like my answer.
Because I believe your company
has some connection to Nilüfer Steen case,
even if it isn't direct,
and I will continue investigating.
Ms. Önem, I'm not here
simply to represent my company.
As a truly responsible citizen,
I hope Ms. Nilüfer's killer
gets what he deserves.
And I'm willing to help you with this
in any way I can.
I'll be retiring in a couple of weeks.
Do you need an employee?
Look at you.
A Swiss watch, an Italian suit.
Security chiefs seem to be well-paid.
Okay then, Mr. Levent.
Why are you here today?
Tell me.
Look, Captain.
Our company servers were hacked
a few days ago.
Valuable information was stolen.
- So?
- So, we think Nilüfer Steen did that.
Don't you think
this will make you seem more suspicious?
- Are you aware of that?
- As I said.
We don't have anything to hide
as a company.
Except for the information
you thought she had stolen.
I assure you,
there's nothing incriminating there.
But it brought you all the way here.
Of course.
Very valuable business secrets
we don't want our competitors to obtain.
But if you happen to find her computer
while investigating,
I believe you'll do the right thing.
Define "right."
Well. I took up too much of your time.
Mr. Levent.
If you truly want to help,
let our team to do a survey on your site.
Come on, sonny. Your boss is leaving.
Unfortunately, Mr. Levent refused
to let us do a survey on his site.
Why did he come all the way here then?
It's obvious.
He showed up with Director Haluk
to intimidate us.
Not exactly.
That's right.
But apparently,
Nilüfer Steen hacked Vergif's servers
a few days before her death.
- They want the computer.
- Exactly.
By the way, Levent's henchman
is not a security chief.
I know these guys.
They are problem solvers.
Hasan is right.
The companies use scumbags like him
to get rid of their troubles.
And Nilüfer Steen
has been troubling them for a while.
The reddish yellow soil is holozoic
and is found in the A2 horizon.
Its molecules are formed as a result of
podzolization and laterization.
- Red and yellow
- Berk!
Look, pal. We don't understand anything
from these values.
What was in the soil
in the victim's stomach?
I discovered reddish, yellow soil
in the victim's stomach.
There's a high amount of toxicity.
It contains hydrogen cyanide,
sulfuric acid, and arsenic.
These are the chemicals
used in gold prospecting.
Does it match with the soil
in the mine area?
I'll call the prosecutor.
Just like in the movies.
The firm is poisoning the land,
Nilüfer finds out
and they make her disappear
before she exposes them.
And put the blame on the serial killer.
A genuine corporate conspiracy.
Let's say these guys are complicit.
How can we prove that?
What do you mean how, mate?
They made her eat cyanide-tainted soil.
He says it contained cyanide.
- We'll get the warrant and go raid them.
- We couldn't.
What do you mean?
The prosecution didn't grant us a warrant
to search Vergif's land.
She had cyanide-tainted soil
in her stomach.
What more evidence do they need?
I don't know.
Maybe they don't want any evidence.
All they say is that our soil sample
must match with the soil at the mine.
Good night, guys. Good job.
Let's call it a day.
I'm going nuts.
How is this possible?
They made her eat cyanide-tainted soil
for crying out loud!
The soil in her stomach
is the same as their soil.
And we're still looking
for concrete evidence.
We need to search the mine for evidence,
and we need evidence to search the mine.
- A chicken-and-egg situation.
- Guys.
Do you know how I knew
Special Crimes Unit was founded?
- You received a task order?
- Nope.
That fluorescent lightbulb
in the garage that flickers?
They came to replace that.
It's still broken.
That's what I'm saying.
Lamp's replaced, but the line is broken.
That's why it doesn't work.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Here's the soil. We'll stay up all night.
Wake up.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I made B61 for you. Berk's version.
Brings a man around in no time.
"Man"? Not a woman?
No, not in the masculine sense.
It was just a figure of speech.
I meant a human.
- Okay, got it.
- I don't have anything against women
Shut up, pour it.
What's this? B60.
61, current version. Berk.
Any word on the soil?
- Yes, just now.
- Yes?
- Same as the soil in the stomach.
- Why didn't you say something?
I just found out.
Let the Captain know.
I'm going to the Prosecutor.
Enjoy, Lieutenant.
He liked it
It's delicious.
Lieutenant liked it.
- Good afternoon, Mr. Levent.
- You, too.
Sadly, the soil in the victim's stomach
has matched with the soil in your land.
Can I see a warrant?
May I ask how you got this sample?
It was sent to us anonymously.
This warrant
only covers the outer grounds.
You can't enter the buildings.
Good luck.
I have work to attend to.
Stephan will assist you.
Good day.
Good job!
Get me a fingerprint kit!
Come on. Drive!
I want the fingerprints of everyone
in Vergif.
No need.
I did it.
I was on patrol last Wednesday.
What patrol?
Aren't you the gatekeeper?
Well, we take turns.
I was at the north gate last week.
I heard a noise.
I saw someone come in from the back.
- Was it this woman?
- Yes.
We were told
to keep an eye out for that woman.
She got scared and ran when she saw me.
I chased after her.
She didn't get very far. I grabbed her.
Then I took her camera and the card in it.
I smashed it and threw it away.
- What did Nilüfer do?
- She hit me. To escape.
I got pissed off.
- Then?
- I hit her, too.
When I hit her, she dropped the cup
she put the sample in.
She went in under my watch.
She was going to get me in trouble.
When I see that cup with the sample,
I saw red.
I grabbed her hair and pushed it back.
I forced the soil down her throat.
I was pissed off. She'd get me in trouble.
- You killed the woman, right?
- I swear, I didn't kill anyone.
I just heard she's dead.
When I see you were searching the area,
I had to tell Mr. Stephan.
Would I leave the camera if I killed her?
It has my prints on it.
- I swear, I didn't do it.
- What happened after that?
Then I called Cevat. He's also security.
He came.
We threw her out from the northwest gate.
You threw her out.
Who the hell do you think you are?
Who the hell are you?
Throwing her out,
forcing soil down her throat. Prick!
Are you fucking bullies?
If she's trespassing
you call the police. Asshole!
- Sir
- Fuck you!
These guys have no mercy.
They fire you for the tiniest mistake.
I was terrified I'd get fired.
I swear I didn't do anything.
Ask Cevat if you want.
Check the security camera.
She was alive
when we were kicking her out.
As you can see, sir,
Nilüfer Steen was still alive
when she left our grounds.
- Why didn't you bring the footage earlier?
- I didn't know.
Yasin and Cevat told me today.
Yes. You preferred to tell us after
we found the camera. How convenient.
- Captain. You have to understand.
- What?
Vergif is an international company.
I don't have the power
to make such decisions on my own.
There are people who should be consulted.
And the only one to blame in this case
is Ms. Nilüfer,
who trespassed on our property
and stole company information.
So your men who forced a woman
to eat dirt are blameless?
Don't you worry.
Both security guards have been fired.
The soil in Ms. Nilüfer's stomach
matched with the soil on your grounds.
And a substantial amount of sodium,
cyanide, arsenic, and sulfuric acid
was found in the victim's stomach.
All at levels that are legally acceptable.
I'm afraid we disagree.
I believe your machines
have made an error.
The department's resources are limited.
Your equipment is older than ours.
Even if you remeasure,
it'll still be wrong.
I'd like to go to the company
and update my bosses on the situation.
If you don't mind.
- Sure, go on.
- Thanks, sir.
I thought you'd found something real
when you called me here.
Sorry, we're working on it, sir.
I want to talk to you
about something else.
I know what you'll say.
- The Alev Gölpınar case.
- Exactly.
It's been three days.
We need to appeal right away.
You know it.
Sorry, I can't.
Excuse me?
Why, sir?
You told me justice is your only concern.
Did I misunderstand?
If it were up to me, Metin Güreli
deserves the harshest punishment.
But, like you, I have people to answer to
at the end of the day.
And they don't want this case to drag on.
I'm sorry, Captain.
My hands are tied.
Have a good one.
So, why are you still here?
Yes, I stayed. I mean
I'm not in a hurry.
I don't have anybody waiting at home.
So, I'm in no hurry.
I see.
Did you find anything?
Well, I'm at the backdoor.
There's just a mess of code.
They updated security after the hack.
I couldn't get in.
Oh. I see.
Maybe you should
rest a little and pick it up tomorrow.
That's what I always do.
All over again, with a clear head.
In fact, according to a study
Berk Drop it, never mind.
What's your story?
I mean, how did you get into this?
How can you remember all this stuff?
I'm curious.
I don't know.
I didn't have many friends as a child.
A typical nerd introduction, I know.
Yep, it's lame.
My dad used to buy me books
when I was a child.
Scientific and technical.
Kids' books.
I used to read them all day.
Then, when he came home from work,
he would ask me about the books.
I answered his questions.
We told each other things.
I didn't feel lonely at all.
Your dad?
We lost him.
A long time ago.
I'm so sorry.
But now I have you
I mean, I have you guys.
Lieutenant Serdar, Captain Önem
Mr. Hasan
Mr. Hasan is leaving.
Why does it happen?
Why does everyone you love always leave?
Can't we do something?
Maybe talk to Mr. Hasan to convince him?
I'm not sure.
Do you know something I don't?
I don't know, Berk, I'm
I'm not very good at this.
He lost his daughter three years ago.
He was unable to find the killer.
After that, he lost it, so to speak.
Let's solve it.
Special Crimes Unit.
What are we here for? For this.
- Come on.
- Berk.
Maybe all he wants is some peace.
It doesn't do any good
to dwell on the past.
- He's trying to forget.
- He can't.
If he doesn't solve this now,
it'll haunt him for the rest of his life.
He must solve it.
But he made his decision.
He just wants some peace,
away from this chaos.
That's why he's leaving.
- What's this, man? Where is V60?
- That's V61. This is cold brew.
- It's cold.
- Cold brew. It's served cold.
Cold brew was first
I'll explain later, Lieutenant.
What the hell, Berk?
Hasan's daughter's file.
There are inconsistencies.
- Seher Duru.
- What did I say last night?
Hasan wants some peace.
You're not doing him any favors.
Sofia, one of us
has to do something, okay?
Ignoring the truth
doesn't make it go away.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Morning Captain.
Good morning.
- What's this?
- Cold brew. It's served cold.
What's the latest?
I think I found the hacker
who helped Nilüfer.
Code is messy, but they left a trace.
Please don't tell me you hacked Vergif.
Calm down. Don't worry.
I'm at the backdoor, didn't get in.
- It's probably some teen show-off.
- How do you know?
There's a nickname hidden in the code.
Mendax. Julian Assange's old handle.
As I said, a show-off teen.
Teen or not, they hacked Vergif.
Yes, but someone noticed it.
Nilüfer may be killed because of that.
Ms. Önem.
Once again, what happened to Ms. Nilüfer
has nothing to do with our company.
Did you come here to repeat yourself,
Mr. Stephan?
Nilüfer Steen's camera card
was taken by security.
I wanted to hand it over to you.
Consider it a show of goodwill.
If you'd given it yesterday,
I'd think you meant well.
- We didn't tamper with the card, Captain.
- Of course not.
What do you want in return?
Obviously you want something.
Our company's business secrets were
among the information Nilüfer stole.
Captain, I expect you to do
whatever is necessary about this matter.
You won't believe this.
- Nothing was deleted.
- What?
Who's this boy?
Wait a minute.
Isn't this the ViHaber journalists' son?
Zoom in.
It's him.
What's the connection?
- Why so many photos of him?
- Maybe they were dating.
- Sofia, can you send me the photos?
- Right away.
First of all, thank you so much
for your discretion in Nilüfer Steen case.
It worked well for all of us.
You're welcome.
How can we help you this time?
The thing is, Ms. Melodi,
we can't locate Nilüfer's computer.
I couldn't find it in her room before.
It didn't turn up at the house either.
Captain, excuse me.
- The restroom?
- Right ahead, on the right.
We didn't touch her room.
It's not what you think.
What do I think?
I don't get it.
Why did she take so many photos of Umut?
That's what we're trying to figure out.
As far as I see,
they spent too much time together.
- Maybe they had a romantic relationship?
- Are you aware of what you are saying?
Ferit, dear.
I'm perfectly aware, Mr. Ferit.
I'm questioning you per standard procedure
so I'm not sure what upsets you so much.
That your son has so many photos with her,
or the possibility of a relationship?
That you draw stupid conclusions
from these innocent photos.
Maybe you're the one drawing
stupid conclusions, no?
It's easier to blame two journalists
and exonerate the company that killed her.
Mr. Ferit, I'm warning you.
Sorry, I have more important things to do.
Ms. Melodi,
I'm sorry if I offended you somehow.
This is the procedure.
I'm asking standard questions.
Don't you find these photos a bit odd?
It's impossible.
She had a similar trauma in the past.
- She wouldn't do the same to Umut.
- What kind of a trauma?
Husband of a relative raped her
when she was young.
We were talking about children.
She told me then. I wish I hadn't asked.
Asked what?
I asked her if she wanted children,
just casually. Nilüfer told me then.
She got pregnant,
but the baby died at birth.
She still wanted children.
- But?
- But
She couldn't have children.
Do you mean she thought of you as a child?
Ms. Nilüfer was always
like a mentor to me.
You're close. Seems like a good mentor.
Pretty woman.
You loved her?
- Were you in love?
- No way!
- Just asking, buddy.
- I said no.
Okay, no. Why do you have her computer?
She asked me to keep it
in case something happened to her.
Did you know
that Ms. Nilüfer
had stolen very private information
from the mining company?
She told me they were very important
and not to tell anyone.
I didn't know what to do
when she was killed.
I panicked.
I was going to hand it over to you now.
You said "mentor." What did she teach you?
Your parents are journalist, buddy.
Learn it from them.
She is a real journalist.
She worked with Amanpour and Assange.
My parents are editors of silly news
that people read in the bathroom.
Just to get clicks.
- Essen Assen Assange.
- Assange.
What was Assange? Sounds familiar.
- Julian Assange.
- Julian Assange. That's
The founder of
- WikiLeaks.
- WikiLeaks.
With Well
What was his nickname? Or username?
Men Met Men Mendax.
Mendax. Mendax, right?
Right, Mendax?
I can play this game all day.
But I don't have time.
Look, buddy.
Tell me everything you know
and every fucking thing you've done.
I promise that I will help you.
Did you hack Vergif?
I didn't mean any harm.
I was just trying to help Ms. Nilüfer.
Did she ask you to do it?
She didn't even know it.
She found out
when I used her computer to access Vergif.
I see What did she do then?
I thought she'd be happy, but she got mad.
She told me those guys were dangerous
and had no regard for human life.
Hand me that bag.
Did she die because of me?
Nilüfer was raped
by her aunt's husband back then
and had a child, but it was stillborn.
Because of a complication
during the birth,
Nilüfer found out
she couldn't have any more children.
So that's why she was so fond of Umut.
So Kâmuran hid this from us
to cover up what her husband did.
Yes, Sofia?
I accessed Kâmuran's phone logs
as you asked, boss.
Ten days ago, she talked to
a ViHaber number for 12 minutes.
Hasan went to see her, he'll be back soon.
Okay, Sofia. Thanks.
- And we found the computer.
- Okay, boss. Awesome.
- Kâmuran is lying, obviously.
- Exactly.
Let me tell Hasan about the baby thing.
Nilüfer had a baby when she was 17.
Why didn't you tell us earlier?
We know your husband raped her.
You told us you weren't in touch,
but we found out Nilüfer called you.
Yes, that's right. She called me.
She told me there was a new treatment
for my son's condition.
- And?
- And I told her we're not interested.
Don't you want him to get better?
You wouldn't know
what it's like to have false hope.
I spent years waiting at hospital doors.
But is this better?
Better than having your hopes crushed
over and over again.
Ms. Kâmuran, obviously
you and your niece have suffered greatly.
We don't want to reopen old wounds.
We're trying to understand
what happened to Nilüfer.
When they made me marry Kasım,
I was even younger than Nilüfer.
If I even
breathed wrong
he would beat me.
I understood what had happened
when Nilüfer got pregnant.
I wanted to save her.
I sent her to our relatives abroad
so she would be safe.
What else could I do?
Your husband?
He died 15 years ago.
Long-distance driver.
Accident on the road.
He had an episode.
That's when we understood.
My son got the condition from his dad.
He's gone.
But his curse lives on.
Okay, stop whatever you're doing.
Nilüfer's computer.
- How long before you can get in?
- Patience, it's still in the bag.
- One or two hours, I guess.
- Önem!
- Don't touch that PC.
- Excuse me, Chief?
As I said earlier,
it contains Vergif's business secrets.
Then you should have
protected them better.
This computer is evidence
in an ongoing murder investigation.
We don't intent to hand it over,
as I said earlier.
- You may have it after we're done with it.
- We need it now.
Come and get it. Come here.
Catching a killer is far more important
than your business secrets, Mr. Levent.
How come you still don't get it?
We're lucky that
the warrant says differently.
What the hell?
"The computer in question,
which was seized with the decision number
as evidence in a murder investigation,
contains national security secrets
as well as business secrets
belonging to Vergif Mining,
so I request that it be returned
to the company's authorities."
What's this about the national security?
It contains critical info about
the underground resources of this country.
And we can't let dangerous people
get their hands on it.
Wait till I get my hands on you!
Who's more dangerous than you?
You poison the soil and once exposed,
call it a state secret! Fuck you!
Sorry, but how did you
get this warrant so quickly?
- We will object to it.
- We have grounds, Captain.
You may object to the warrant,
but we will keep this laptop for now.
Serdar, let it go. Serdar.
Let it go, Serdar.
There's nothing to do.
Let it go.
Thank you very much, Captain.
Don't worry,
I'll return it as soon as possible.
Fuck you very much.
Aren't we going to do something?
There's nothing we can do, Berk.
We've lost.
I started after you died.
I'm sorry.
I'm so tired, Bahadır.
I'm so tired.
I feel like everything is my fault.
Mr. Hasan has requested retirement
because of me.
The Metin Güreli case
What we've been through in this case
What am I doing wrong?
I almost lost Sude.
I almost lost our daughter.
She was dying because of me.
I couldn't even protect her.
What kind of a mother am I?
Say something, Bahadır.
Tell me it's all going to be okay.
Please, say something. Anything.
How did they know we had the PC?
Thanks to our dear Deputy Chief Mr. Haluk.
No. Chief Haluk couldn't have told them.
He didn't know.
They found out somehow.
What does it matter?
A lot.
There has to be a logical explanation.
It means they are more powerful than us
and there is nothing to be done.
Good night, guys.
There is nothing
There is nothing to be done, is that it?
Sorry, what does it matter for Hasan?
You'll be retired after all!
- Berk, don't.
- Wait.
Putting all the blame on the system
with the "lightbulb" metaphor
- We can find other excuses. Such as
- Berk!
Wait. This time Berk will speak.
Berk will not be silenced.
- Let him talk. Talk!
- I will talk! We will!
We are all aware of everything, dude.
You're not alone.
We're all busting our asses
to catch a killer, okay?
Just to catch one! What happens?
Another woman is murdered.
Then another, and another
Just when we're about
to catch those killers,
we find out that
the first one we caught is released.
He even says
he enjoys the sun and the beach.
They have the nerve to say this!
- Berk, please.
- Wait.
You'll tell me to cut to the chase
like Lieutenant Serdar.
Berk cuts to the chase, watch it.
What are we going to do?
Do we just step aside and say
"Nothing to be done"?
Or do something about it?
Give up and leave like you?
Are you the only one
who's lost a loved one, dude?
What the hell, man?
- How dare you
- They killed my dad!
I was 13 years old!
They killed my dad. My dad!
They stabbed him right in front of me.
They stabbed him, dude.
The police caught the killer.
Do you know what everybody said?
"There is nothing to be done."
"There is nothing to be done.
Sorry for your loss."
His killer was released
in less than five years.
Is this justice?
Where is the justice, dude?
Is there any justice?
There is nothing to be done, huh? No.
You can do things that are
beyond your wildest imagination, right?
What you can't do is run away
with your tail between your legs
like a coward!
What? Wait, what's going on?
Did I offend you?
Tough luck, there is nothing to be done.
Right, Sofia?
We are here, dude.
We are here for you.
Does that mean nothing to you?
We are here for you.
Doesn't that matter to you, dude?
What an imbecile!
You don't understand anything!
- What kind of a man you are?
- Don't! What are you doing?
- Mom.
- Don't be scared. It's me.
Welcome home, Mom.
Hey, sweetie.
What did you cook again?
Creamy pasta. You made just in time.
Aunt Feriha is on her way.
- Good, you called her?
- I did.
- Sude
- Yes?
- I'm not doing something right, am I?
- What makes you think that?
Everything that's happened
You shutting me down,
refusing to talk to me
I feel like I can't help you
heal your wounds as your mother.
You wouldn't let me get hurt.
Even if I get hurt,
you'll get me a band aid.
I knew you would show up on that day, too.
Feriha and I fought like hell anyway.
Thanks to you.
I'm doing what I learned from you.
You don't ever give up.
You don't ever back down.
I'm doing what you have taught me.
I'm Önem Özülkü's daughter.
We're fighters.
And I'm fighting.
I'm not going to hold back.
You do the same.
- I'm so lucky to have you.
- Me, too.
Good evening.
- Can I get a hug, too?
- Come here.
Looks awesome. I'm not late, am I?
- You're not.
- You're not.
- Smells delicious.
- Yes, great.
- We'll set the table.
- Yes.
- Let me wrap it up then.
- Okay.
- Önem. Here.
- Oh, thanks, honey.
Yes, Sofia?
Boss, it's urgent. Come to the Graveyard.
This coffee is cortado. It comes from the
Spanish word cortar, meaning "to cut."
The first step to making a good cortado
is a good shot of espresso.
Unlike many milk-based beverages,
a good cortado is made
with a single shot of espresso.
- Low volume
- What's up?
Telling my recipe.
8.2 grams of dark roasted Arabica blend
and 28 ml single shot espresso.
Some folks use double shot espresso.
But as the height decreases,
so does the intensity of aroma.
Some use the same amount of milk foam.
So while the ratio remains the same,
the coffee will be concentrated.
Okay, they can't hear us now.
- You sure?
- Yes. A Faraday cage.
Michael Faraday
used the formula for semiconductors
- Berk. Tell us what's happening.
- Captain.
- They planted a bug.
- Pardon me?
- They tried to listen in on the police.
- How did you notice?
Berk noticed. He is a persistent one.
Good job! Great job. Tell us, man.
We'll stay up all night to listen.
There is nothing else to tell,
but we have a complete fingerprint.
That's good, but we don't have any samples
to compare it with.
The company won't provide it.
Even if we get a warrant,
the man will vanish until then.
We had another print, right, Berk?
100% match.
Good job.
Way to go.
Going somewhere?
I'm transferring to Kazakhstan.
The company thinks it's best.
That trip's going to have to wait.
You're charged with
illegally eavesdropping on police,
collecting unauthorized information,
covering up the truth
by interfering with an investigation
and tampering with evidence.
And the warrant you got in rush yesterday
was overturned.
You'll hand over Nilüfer Steen's computer.
This wasn't necessary.
We were going to hand it over.
We had trouble turning it on
as it was encrypted.
- It's slightly damaged.
- No surprise there.
Give me your hands.
Rest assured, I'll be released
before you even process me.
Don't be so sure.
You didn't simply tamper with evidence.
You planted a bug
in a law enforcement building.
Stephan Andre,
in addition to the charges listed,
you're under arrest
for obtaining information
that should remain confidential
for national security
in an act of espionage.
You have the right to remain silent.
Take him.
Espionage? That's ridiculous.
Sorry, you crossed wrong people.
- Hard disk is broken.
- Nothing to be done?
- I don't think so.
- Sofia
You turned on the burnt phone, right?
I'm sure you can do something.
In that case, the magnetic disk's rubber
protected the memory.
- Here it's smashed.
- Put it together.
Really? I haven't thought of that!
That's not how it works.
Actually, maybe that's exactly
how it works.
- How?
- 1998.
The Orlando police case got stuck
when the only piece of evidence, a CD,
was smashed by a murder suspect.
Police grabbed the pieces
before he could destroy it.
As Lieutenant Serdar said,
they tried to put it together,
but they couldn't.
A criminalist
had an ingenious or insane idea
a day before the end
of the detention period.
He didn't combine pieces on the same disc,
but with pieces from a blank disc.
After a long and sleepless night,
he managed to recover
more than half of the data.
Sir, dust is coming in. Do you mind
Good luck.
- I think it's done.
- What?
120. I raise you.
Serdar. Don't think out loud please.
- 130.350.
- Serdar.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Sir. Well
62% of the data has been recovered.
Berk is still looking through
Vergif's hacked data.
Sofia's looking over
Nilüfer's personal info.
The real rates of soil toxicity.
The chemicals used are all dangerous.
Here's a list of mines
planned to be opened
in first-degree protected areas.
Internal correspondence
about the bribes to be given,
the names of the officers who take bribes
and the bank transfers to their accounts.
I investigated the names on the accounts
one by one.
My father's not there. At least for now.
We don't always
see eye to eye with Chief Haluk,
but I don't think
he'd be involved in this.
Out of the question.
Good job, everyone.
As the Prosecutor, I'll file
a criminal complaint against Vergif.
But I'm not sure if we can tie all these
to Nilüfer's murder.
We'll see. Thanks, sir.
- Have a good one.
- Thanks.
Boss, I found something.
Looks like a medical document.
What's this? Wait a minute.
I think it's in Dutch.
A legal maternity test.
This is a DNA test.
Donor's name is Nilüfer Steen.
The other donor?
It doesn't say.
We may have been looking for her killer
in the wrong place since the beginning.
In completely the wrong place.
- What?
- We need to talk.
I don't have anything else to say.
Ms. Kâmuran, it's time to tell the truth.
What truth?
- That Umut is not your biological son.
- What are you talking about?
What are we talking about?
It's not just us, Mr. Ferit.
It's the documents.
This is in Dutch,
but we had it translated for you.
Check the back page.
This is a DNA report for
a parent-child match from a lab abroad.
One of the donors is Ms. Nilüfer.
- We think the other one is your son.
- Yes, we adopted Umut.
His family didn't want him.
He'd be sent to an orphanage.
What does it have to do with Nilüfer?
Won't you say anything, Mr. Ferit?
Yes, as Melodi said,
Umut is adopted.
But please don't tell him.
We hid it from him.
Didn't you know that Nilüfer Steen
was your son's biological mother?
- We worked with a mediator.
- Kâmuran Ekin.
Nilüfer Steen's paternal aunt.
About 28 years ago,
when Nilüfer was living with her aunt,
she was raped by Kâmuran's husband.
After a while,
it became impossible to hide this secret.
Back then,
I worked as a tea server for Mr. Ferit.
One day he approached me.
He had heard what happened.
He asked me to give them the child.
Everybody at the paper knew.
They tried everything,
but couldn't have children.
He said he'd pay.
I didn't accept at first. A month later,
I brought my son to the doctor.
But the insurance didn't cover anything.
And we couldn't afford it.
The next day, I went to him.
I said okay.
But you should send Nilüfer to Belgium.
Because otherwise she would cause trouble.
No. I didn't want her
to waste her life here.
She used that money to study
and get a degree.
All for nothing.
We had a horrible fate.
We didn't even know Nilüfer.
Kâmuran handled everything.
They had family in Belgium.
We just gave the money.
As for Kâmuran,
I haven't spoken to her in years.
Ferit, we have the phone logs
between Kâmuran and ViHaber.
We thought Nilüfer called Kâmuran,
but it was you, right, Mr. Ferit?
Did Nilüfer know about this deal?
We told her the baby was stillborn.
But she came to my door two months ago.
She found out the truth.
She followed the money transfers.
She knew everything.
She asked me about the journalists.
She said, "How could you?"
I couldn't say anything.
I was at a loss for words.
Then she saw my son
and told me she understood why I did it.
Do you think she forgave me?
- Were you the one who told Ferit?
- No.
I was afraid
he would stop sending money for my son.
Ferit called.
I'm aware why we are here.
You're accusing us of killing Nilüfer.
Mr. Ferit, we also checked
the servers of ViHaber
and saw that "shibari method"
was searched several times from your IP.
That's normal.
Research for the Sailor Killer story.
Normal. Okay.
Is it also normal that you bought a rope
that precisely matches the one
Nilüfer was tied with
using your wife's credit card?
Wait a minute.
There must be a mistake.
There is no mistake, Ms. Melodi.
Let me show you this. Here.
- I don't have to answer.
- Really?
- Ferit
- Please don't speak, Melodi.
Ferit, please say you didn't do it.
Tell them it's a lie.
Say something, for God's sake!
What can I say?
I heard her on the phone.
She was going to reveal everything.
Umut wouldn't want to see us again!
- We would talk, Ferit.
- And say what?
"We told your mother you were dead
and bought you from your aunt"?
And you came up with this solution?
You killed someone!
What if he told us he wanted to
live with her and not see us?
I'm afraid you're mistaken.
Because Nilüfer didn't come to take him,
but to help him get treatment.
What are you talking about?
My son wasn't sick.
Didn't you notice muscle aches, tremors,
and a little bit of clumsiness?
It started when he was 16.
The pain, the tremors.
At first
I thought they were growing pains.
But then the pain got worse.
He was having trouble walking.
We took him to a doctor.
It's called MS. Apparently it's genetic.
Nilüfer knew that her rapist uncle
and his son Serkan both had MS.
She noticed everything long before you.
Yes, she intended to tell your son that
she was her biological mother at first.
She changed her mind
after seeing how happy he was with you.
She discovered an experimental treatment.
The treatment wasn't very promising,
but at least Umut would have a chance.
And by killing an innocent woman,
you also have stolen
your son's chance to live.
Stephan Andre will be in custody
pending trial. I made sure of that.
I was able to get a motion
to cease mining operations.
- But I'm not sure how long it will last.
- As long as we fight, sir.
Nilüfer Steen's file.
You've found the victim's husband.
Yes, we did.
He will pay for Umut's treatment.
It was Nilüfer's dying wish after all.
If you'll excuse me.
- Captain.
- Yes.
We filed an appeal
for the Alev Gölpınar case.
We'll demand aggravated life imprisonment
for Metin Güreli.
Thank you very much, sir.
Have a good one.
Chief. You called for me.
I wanted to talk to you.
I know
you don't approve most of my actions.
You're probably right.
But remember, I didn't create this world.
Yes, but you adapted just fine.
Don't we all somehow?
To survive.
What's this?
- Did you call me for a deep discussion?
- No, I didn't.
For once, I wanted
to have a father-son chat.
I've been thinking for a while.
Which one of us is right?
Even though
I always accuse you of being reckless,
you are a brave man.
And I'm
I'm proud to have such a son.
I'm proud of you.
You know, Serdar,
I've been very cautious all my life.
Instead of
dying alone in a corner with nothing,
like my father did
I do what I need to do.
I swear
I don't know any other way to survive.
I mean
There are other ways, for sure.
Sure, maybe.
Maybe you're right and I missed them.
Maybe This was just easier for me.
But I don't know.
The only thing I know
is that I cannot change.
And I don't expect you to.
Walk your own path.
You're able to take risks.
Who knows, maybe someday
you'll see my point of view.
What's up?
- Why are you telling me all this?
- No reason.
You don't have to stay
in the Graveyard anymore.
You can be transferred to Homicide
if you want.
Get above ground.
This will be a fresh start for you.
God only knows what strings you pulled.
Believe it or not, this offer
came directly from the Homicide.
To me?
That's not an offer.
It's a favor.
Favor to you.
Makes sense.
It's nice to gift-wrap
Istanbul's new Chief of Police's son.
I'm not Istanbul's new Chief of Police.
Every step we take in this life
has a price.
The Vergif investigation
pissed of a lot of people.
Someone has to pay a price.
Apparently that someone is me.
The one who completely deserved
to pay that price.
- I'm sorry.
- Fuck it, don't be.
For once in my life,
I did something that led to a good thing.
As you know,
I'm typically reluctant to do so.
Companies like Vergif
will no longer have free rein.
Never mind.
What do you think?
Will you accept the offer?
I think for me,
it was the Nefes Keskin case.
I would have never imagined
we could turn on the phone that way.
Me, too. Thanks to Sofia.
Come in, Mr. Hasan.
Guys, I need your help.
Is that
Mr. Hasan, of course.
I'll take that, please.
I'll handle it personally, don't worry.
By the way, guys,
I'd like to thank all of you.
It was a very, very difficult case.
We couldn't have pulled it off
without your extraordinary efforts.
Thank you so much.
I also have some exciting news.
I visited Prosecutor Gökhan today
to drop off a file.
He had some excellent news.
The prosecution has filed an appeal
in the Alev Gölpınar case.
That's right. So, Metin Güreli
will be retried.
That's it, boss!
- Prosecutor Gökhan has appealed? Really?
- Yes.
- Captain, can I also say something?
- Sure.
You know
I requested retirement a month ago.
But at the end of the day, I realized
that it's not like me to give up,
quit, or lose hope.
No matter what, I'd like to
keep working with you until the very end.
I applaud you.
Great call.
- Can I admit something?
- Sure.
When Önem invited me to this unit
I wasn't hopeful at all, to be honest.
I mean,
I thought what could possibly happen?
Like the boy who throws the starfish
back into the ocean.
What could a single unit change?
Let's celebrate.
Mr. Hasan, they say you have a tavern.
Is that right?
- His fava beans are excellent.
- Sofia.
- Sure.
- Okay, let's go.
Let's go. Pretty please.
Okay. But before we go,
let's take a photo. As a souvenir.
- Come on. Let's do it.
- What? Okay.
- Selfie?
- Why selfie, man?
Put the phone down, Berk.
- Here.
- You know everything.
Do something with it.
Gather together.
- Let me get in there.
- 10 seconds.
Hasan, you want a filter?
Nine, eight
- Selfie. Turkish version is
- Berk, for God's sake!
Five, four, three, two, one
What was that?
- Heck. Let me get it.
- I think it worked.
Special Crimes?
No animals were harmed
during the making of this film.
All characters and events depicted
are fictional.
Subtitle translation by
Eda Söylerkaya
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