Gray (2023) s01e01 Episode Script


- See you tomorrow.
- Thanks, Jenny.
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Don't make a pest of yourself.
- I know, I'm glad you're here.
- Hey! Hi, Miss Lester.
- Hey!
- I need your help with something.
- Okay.
Just three.
It's okay, Mittens.
Two Three.
Thank you.
How did she hurt her eye?
Well, the vet said
it was probably a thorn and, um,
she must have wanted something so badly,
and she jumped into the rose bush.
Something like like a bird?
We lost another agent today. The fourth.
This time in Lebanon.
A dead drop between Cerberus
and Korean intelligence.
We have no security footage,
no suspects. No leads.
We have a mole in Cerberus.
If we don't catch 'em
we'll have bigger problems
than a couple of agents executed.
Mm. Four dead agents
in less than a month.
If we don't take care of it,
Chase could limit our powers,
strip our autonomy or
disband Cerberus completely.
Why don't we just
subcontract someone from CIA?
Mm-mm. We let CIA in the door,
- we will never get rid of 'em.
- Private contractor then?
Check with Defense.
What if we bring back Gray?
You're very funny.
We need a real solution.
- She was good.
- All she was good at
was murdering people. Cerberus exists
because she killed her boss.
She's good at disappearing.
Christ, we've been looking for
her for, what? Twenty years?
Have you found her?
One of my analysts
has some interesting suggestions.
Beckham's daughter.
Sara Beckham.
We're bringing her in.
I need you to be ready
for what comes next.
I know what I'm getting
into when it comes
to Cornelia Gray, sir.
Step up and put your
bag down on the counter.
Turn around for me.
Come in.
And that's when you
decided to go to Montana.
I didn't decide. I
boarded a bus headed east.
Mm-hmm. Alamogordo bus station.
Lubbock, Texas. And then
I boarded a connecting bus
to Amarillo and then rented a car.
It's all you, Sara.
She wouldn't be here without you.
A very fine piece of
analysis, if I may say so.
The other two heads are quite
aware of your contribution.
Even Chase Cornet, very impressed.
Although, I don't know if
you want to be on his radar.
Well, that sounds like I'll be blamed
- if something goes wrong, sir.
- Absolutely.
I can't believe that's really her.
Oh, yes. Cornelia Gray in the flesh.
- Should we turn the sound up?
- Oh, don't bother.
It's just the minutiae of
being on the run for 20 years.
Every half hour or so,
they'll try to trip her up
on something she already said.
I prefer to watch the
vocal stress analyzer.
But, of course, it's next to pointless
with someone like Cornelia Gray.
I feel like I've lived with
her for the last six months
while trying to track her down.
Studied every report of every operation
she was ever involved in at the agency.
Not everything she was
involved in is in the report.
Maybe I just built her up in my head.
Are you still confident
she didn't kill your father?
Hundred percent.
Your stepmother is convinced.
Well, she was blinded by emotion.
- And you're not?
- No.
Evidence proves she was in the hospital
with her son that night.
It would have been impossible
for her to have slipped away,
gotten across town and
shot my father in time.
I've studied every detail of that night.
She didn't kill my father.
What do you see when you look at her?
I see a woman who's alone and afraid.
Someone who's worn down from
looking over her shoulder
for the last 20 years.
Whatever she once was, sir,
she's a shadow of that now.
What do you see?
Hm. I see patience.
Could hardly believe
it when they told me.
I thought I'd, uh, poke my head in
before they move you to holding.
Did I hear correctly? A tea shop?
Taking nickels from rustics
for tepid cups of water
and serving sad, old women
yesterday's scones.
You really capture the romance.
Oh, I see. Cornelia Gray, the romantic.
What an awful life.
It's called work, Chase.
Something you've never had to do.
Though it looks like you still
managed to come out on top,
as usual.
You implying that
glad-handing and family connections
suddenly aren't work?
Please, Cornelia, don't be a snob.
I only meant you must
have been so bored.
No one around to keep you on your toes.
- What about you?
- What about me?
I'm an open book.
Once was enough.
Eleven years' worth.
Least you tried to make it work.
Are you kidding? I tried to make it end.
Eleven years. She lived with me for two,
slept with me for one.
Well. I'm glad to see
you after all these years.
Wish there was more I could do for you.
Knock 'em dead.
Where are you? Come on in.
Hm, such manners.
Still the southern belle.
We'll have to talk this
way for today, I'm afraid.
You sound old.
That was rude.
I-I still picture you as a freshman.
If I'm bleeding in the picture,
that would make it the
day you threw me down
the steps of the dorm.
One time.
I'm here hat in hand.
I need your help.
We have a mole.
Why would I help you, Tagg?
I thought you might
like your old life back.
Well "a" life.
How long would I have?
That's up to my associates.
Who? Chase?
No. He doesn't have a say.
Wendell Abbott and Christina Gold.
I-I don't think so.
You've been underground for so long.
I'm sure you'd like
to contact your family.
If my disappearance made
anyone happy, it was my husband.
Have you been in contact with John?
Given him the bad news?
I have a child now.
I had never realized
the bond.
I don't think that goes away.
And I think you're of an
age where you might want
to rebuild what you lost.
Or, if we tell the truth, build
what you never quite had.
Are they okay?
Yes. Your son Ben, actually
He's been fighting to clear your name.
When I think of the time I missed, I
I think of the time I had instead.
Every precious minute.
And I'm thankful, Tagg.
Maybe I didn't deserve any time at all.
So, really, I've
I've come out ahead, haven't I?
Her name's Rose.
She's your granddaughter.
So, Tessa called again.
Something about florals?
Your stepmom knows this
isn't her wedding, right?
And I got a text from my dad;
said if you change your
mind, the offer's still good.
He's sweet, but it's not that far.
I'm fine walking myself down the aisle.
Besides, my dad taught
me to be independent
in every facet of my life.
I think it's what he would have wanted.
Ah, I wish he was here for you.
Me, too.
Dial stepmom.
Finally! I was just screaming at people
because they say you can't have flowers
because they might stain the carpet!
Can you believe it? A
wedding without flowers?
I'm sure you'll figure it out.
There's something else,
though. You know Mandy?
Yeah, your little friend from London?
Exactly. Her grandmother's
going to be in town.
Oh, Sara No.
I can't not let her bring her.
We can put them on table seven.
Every addition, you say
put them at table seven.
Just how immense is table
seven in your mind's eye?
Honestly, honey, I don't
want to lecture you,
but if you want to
have a perfect wedding,
you're going to have to start
saying no to some people.
Sorry, Mum! I've got to go.
All right. I love you.
There was a faction
in the CIA that thought
that Beckham had turned,
so that's why there had been leaks.
There were those that thought
Beckham was about to expose you
as the mole
so you killed him.
Either way the leaks stopped
when you went underground.
The organization knew
steps had to be taken.
Chase Cornet created a splinter
group within the CIA called Cerberus.
Three heads:
Wendell Abbott.
Christina Gold.
And myself.
- Abbott?
- Hm.
That peacock?
Why would Chase pick him?
Gold used to worry me, though.
Always went out of her
way to make people think
she wasn't as smart as she was.
The heads meet once a week.
We each have our own
staff, our own operations.
- Reporting to Chase?
- No.
Chase funds us through the CIA,
but we're completely autonomous.
Our original function was to
perform internal investigations
with the right to investigate
someone as high up as Beckham.
Or Chase Cornet himself.
Spies spying on spies.
And the three heads watching each other.
It's a paranoiac hall of mirrors.
Cerberus has a mole.
I'll find him.
Which head's assets were compromised?
The last time I saw you,
you were a child.
Look at you.
Look at you.
You like it?
Tagg dressed me.
They tell me you're
the one who found me.
How'd you do that?
Standard methods of
narrowing down a search
and then I just looked for
women who seldom, if ever,
went to the doctor. My
stepmother's your age.
You still keep in touch with her?
I never lost touch with her.
I lived in London with
my uncle until he died
and then I was 17
when I moved back here.
Tessa helped me get into Princeton.
Uh, Tessa thinks you killed my father.
So I've been told.
Well, she goes to the doctor
three, four times a year
and she's in perfect health.
The same with all of her friends,
but I just thought that you wouldn't.
If you were desperately ill,
I'd assume you'd go to a clinic,
you'd pay cash instead of risking
digital record of the scars you
accumulated in your line of work.
You found me because I didn't
go for regular checkups?
The final cross-reference
was identifying outlets
with steady orders of
long-fibered black paper
favored in Scherenschnitte.
I don't remember much, but I
remember you loved doing that.
Your father would be proud.
Your mother, too.
Your real mother.
If you ever feel like it,
I have so many stories I could tell you.
Glad to see you two getting acquainted.
I recognize those blue eyes.
Weren't they in my bedroom recently
shoving something into
my face. What was it?
Oh! A rifle.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Gray is going to help us
find the mole in Cerberus.
Well, if she wants to help us,
she can give us her list of contacts.
Then we could stick
her in a six-by-nine
and get on with our investigation.
All kidding aside, there's something
so familiar about your face.
You've had four operatives
killed in a month.
The mole could be anyone in Cerberus.
If I give you my contacts,
they're compromised.
We'll give you the names of the agents
and the places and
dates of their captures.
What were they working on?
Come on, Cornelia.
I cannot divulge that.
You have enough information to start.
How does she know you?
She doesn't. It's a mind game.
I know guys on the team that
picked her up 20 years ago.
That's what makes her so dangerous.
The woman was living and working
in the same community for 15 years.
She had no internet,
no computer, no cell.
Well, she took your father's
head off with a Remington 700
from a 1,000 meters out.
They've established that she didn't.
Guilty or not, do you
think we can trust her?
I don't know.
I understand
congratulations are in order.
I wish you both so
much joy and happiness.
I hope you're better at
holding on to it than I was.
Still interested in field work?
Mm-hmm. Yes. Always.
I know Gray far too well to trust her.
I'm putting her up in
my guest house for now.
When she leaves, Rousseau will follow
to keep track of her progress.
See where she goes, who she talks to.
I want you with him.
Am I watching Gray or Rousseau?
Very good.
I hope everything was okay.
Kevin didn't say we were having a guest.
It was delicious.
Thank you for having me.
Well, I think it's
time for Lydia's bath.
Say good night, Lydia.
I'll see you in a few.
- Let's go.
- Jesus.
What-what did you say David does, mm?
He works in the Pentagon.
It's hard to imagine.
Twenty years ago
when we were working together
And David was in high school?
I was going to say it's hard to imagine
you with a family and a
a beautiful house like this.
- Hm.
- How?
I'm very lucky.
Gold hasn't changed.
Every inch the sweetheart
you love and remember.
Oh. Oh.
And Abbott?
Has a bullet lodged in his femur
from an op in 2003,
so they gave him a desk job.
He's been in a bad mood ever since.
Hm. Hm
Here's the guest house.
After you.
Keys. Guest house. Vehicle.
And, uh, we found these.
- Those were my grandmother's.
- I know.
Just don't go killing anyone with them.
How'd you get here ahead of me?
I could have sworn you were
on my tail the whole way over.
Must have been someone else.
You are so
Do you just live in the gym
whenever you're not here?
Not really, no.
Your arms. Here.
Feel my muscle. Come on, come on.
Come on, feel it. Feel
it, come on, come on.
Not bad, I think, for someone like me.
But you? Those arms.
I want you to tell me
what you think, honestly.
Feel my abs. Mm!
Come on. Hit me. Hit me!
Yeah, some other time.
Do you want to touch my hand?
My skin is as soft as rabbit's fur.
Just close your eyes.
I'll prove it to you.
What do you know about Rousseau?
I don't want to come out
and ask, but can you find out
if his mother was a secretary
at the CIA or the Bureau?
Nice office, by the way.
Oh! No, no, no. This is, um
Th-there's this new analyst,
Connors, and she's always
Ugh, it's weird. It's office politics.
You don't have your own office?
No, I just look at data.
Why haven't they promoted you?
They looked under every rock
in this country for 20
years. They didn't find me.
You did.
I worshipped your father.
I know.
I have studied every
file, every account,
every record of every op. I feel like
sometimes I know you
better than I know myself.
I hope I don't disappoint you.
Cerberus could never figure
out who Gray's contacts were.
Could be secretaries,
boyfriends, people close to intel
who fly under the radar.
So, her network could be anyone.
If it still exists.
Did your mother used
to work for the CIA?
Barely knew my mother.
Where does your fiancé work?
You looking forward to the wedding?
Mm. Yes and no. I don't really like
being the center of attention.
Prefer to stand back and
watch. I get it, sure.
- Mm-hmm.
- You meet in Washington?
- Princeton. Married?
- No.
Burner phones.
I'll grab the store records.
What's she giving her?
Is that a hand-off?
Could be.
Which one do we follow?
I'm staying with Gray.
Six o'clock. Has to be one of hers.
I don't recognize him
from my research on Gray.
So he could be anyone.
Shit. It's her daughter's house.
Thought her kids supported her?
Uh-uh. Just the son.
Shit. She's onto us.
Rose, come finish your snack, please.
What do you want?
I I don't really know what to say.
May I come in?
Can we go to the playground now?
Will you please Please go away?
We looked at this place
for our wedding reception.
My stepmother claims it's plebeian.
This is the fourth time this week.
She sits in a parked
car for half an hour.
She goes in the hotel, she
checks in under her real name
and she stays? How long?
Mm. There's no pattern,
like, half hour to an hour.
We haven't seen a single
person go in or out with her.
Who's she meeting with?
If she is not fucking with us,
then what is she doing in there?
I'm in their system.
She's checked in under Cornelia Gray.
Given her room 802.
Different room every time.
Pick her up in the elevator.
Eighth-floor camera.
As usual, no one else in sight.
802 is around the corner.
Can you not get that angle?
Mm Log says camera's down for repair.
She's not screwing us
around. She's trying to run.
Damn it.
You go down. I'm going to go up.
I can't do what I need to
do with you following me.
You know I'll come back.
I left Ben and Sophie once.
Never again.
I can't lie for you.
If you don't let me find the mole,
you'll never find the person
who killed your father.
- Any sign of her?
- No.
We finally picked up her trail.
There's footage of her passing through
Riga International
Airport ten hours ago.
Took some time to piece
together how she did it.
Two days before she escaped,
she was given room 901 in
the, uh, Wimberly Place hotel.
She used her time in that room
to break a pipe
and flood the place.
The night you lost her,
she requested room 802.
She did not go to room 802.
She knew the room upstairs
would still be empty
while the carpet dried.
She hid in room 901
until the next afternoon.
There was no way we could have known.
She left the hotel and retrieved a car
she'd rented under the
name Leslie Stafford
with a stolen driver's licence.
She used the license
to get a rush passport
and then she drove
all the way to Atlanta.
She flew to Paris as
part of a tour group
and then on to Latvia.
Bottoms up.
And has she gone underground again?
She might be looking for her contact
who can expose the mole.
Either way,
we're going to find the person
responsible for the current leaks.
And my father's death.
Yes, of course.
If it makes you feel any better,
Cornelia Gray has spent her life
making people look in one direction
while she went off in the other.
So, for the next 24
hours, forget about her.
I believe you have a wedding to get to.
- I'm so nervous.
- You're taking it. You look so good.
It's magnificent.
Ooh. I promised the florist
I'd approve the bouquet.
- Oh, nonsense! I'll take care of it.
- Oh, don't worry.
- Andy won't see me. It's fine.
- Oh!
Jesus. Cornelia?
Huh. What rock have you
been keeping yourself under
the past 20 years?
I had a shop.
- I sold tea.
- Wherever it was, I wish you would go back.
You here to see Sara?
No. I came to see you.
You kill my husband, you vanish,
and after all this time,
you come back to ruin
- my daughter's wedding day?
- Tessa, you don't care about Sara.
And we both know you didn't
care about her father.
I just came to give you regards
from a mutual friend in Riga.
Oh, yes.
Hm. I had a long talk with Levitsky.
You remember hydrogen cyanide.
I waited 20 years for this.
Twenty years.
Mom? Ah! Oh my God, help her!
Sara? Sara?!
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