Gray (2023) s01e02 Episode Script


We lost another agent
today, this time in Lebanon.
We have a mole on Cerberus.
What if we bring back Gray?
Cerberus exists because
she killed her boss.
It's all you, Sara. She
wouldn't be here without you.
Are you still confident
she didn't kill your father?
Hundred percent.
Why would I help you, Tagg?
You've been underground for so long,
I'm sure you'd like
to contact your family.
She's your granddaughter.
Shit, it's her daughter's house.
Sophie, may I come in?
Chase Cornet created a splinter
group within the CIA called Cerberus.
Three heads. Wendell Abbott.
Christina Gold. And myself.
The last time I saw
you, you were a child.
You've had four operatives
killed in a month.
The mole could be anyone in Cerberus.
I can't do what I need to
do with you following me.
If you don't let me find the mole,
you'll never find the person
who killed your father.
And has she gone underground again?
She might be looking for her
contact who can expose the mole.
She flew to Paris and then on to Latvia.
I had a long talk with Levitsky.
Aah! Oh my God! Help her!
I said this would happen, right?
Didn't I tell you this would happen?
Let me put a bag over her
head, take her out of here
before it's too late.
As much as I love her,
you may have a point.
You giving the okay?
Remind me: what do
you have against Gray?
I don't have to have
anything against a snake
- not to want it in my yard.
- Snakes are very helpful.
- They eat rodents.
- Yeah and they bite you in the ass.
And they shed their skin.
Let's see if she's brought us anything.
- Just don't mention the bag.
- Oh, my God.
Police say it had to be a crazy guy.
I think maybe a homeless
person, a drug addict.
Yeah. Absolutely.
You know, they should, um
they should round those people up,
do something with them, huh?
Who else walks into a wedding
with a hypodermic needle?
Right? That's right. Excuse me.
Knock, knock.
Ah. I don't know what to say.
I know you two were close.
Oh, everyone in Washington
loved your stepmother.
I mean, Tessa always thought
of other's needs above her own.
I just don't know anyone
who isn't beside themselves with grief.
Well, everyone except Cornelia.
It was hardly a secret
she always blamed Tessa
for everything that went
wrong in her own life.
Gray's in Latvia.
Sara, I need you to listen to me:
if she comes back, don't let her
slither her way into your life.
Anyone who ever does comes to regret it.
Don't let her in.
Honey. You okay?
No, actually, I was wondering if I
could stay here for a night or two,
- just alone.
- Here?
At Tessa's?
It was my father's house first, sweetie.
I lived here until I was eight
and then when I first
came back from London.
It's going to be my house again soon.
I'm fine. I'm fine. I
just I need some time.
I could start to go through her things.
If there's anything I can do.
Ah, there is. Can you take this?
- I don't want it.
- I will keep it safe for you.
- No, get rid of it.
Drop it in a Goodwill box.
Not coming home,
giving away your wedding gown.
Should I be worried?
I'm going to marry you
someday, Andy Westcott.
I'm going to marry the
hell out of you, but
it's not going to be in that dress.
I know those baby blues.
Always picking me up and
dropping me off, watching me.
Watching me, picking me up again.
What's the term? Errand boy?
Soccer mom? Is that it?
You were much easier to
deal with back when I smoked.
Smoking gave you those lines.
It can never be easy with
you, can it, Cornelia?
No handcuffs this time around.
Feel like I'm earning your trust.
This is not a game.
You are this close
to spending the rest of your life
in a windowless, concrete box.
And that thought that carried
you through your exile
that one day you might
see your family again?
You won't have that this time.
I can't talk to the people
who will give me
information about your mole
if someone is watching me.
If that information gets to the mole,
my contact is dead within the hour.
Did you really go to Latvia?
Your blue-eyed boy met me at the plane.
A private plane
that made an unscheduled
stop in Baltimore.
I love soft -shell crab.
If you won't tell me the
name of your contact
will you at least share
the information you received?
One of the people in contact
with the mole is Vladimir Orlov.
Remember him?
The interrogation centers in Fallujah?
Iraq is ancient history.
He's retired.
Mm-mm. He still runs
people in the Middle East.
And he's an advisor to Reconnaissance
General Bureau in Korea.
You lost agents in both places.
Okay. What else?
Oh, I'm a suspect? (SCOFFS)
You're my prisoner,
you may never see daylight
again, but I'm your suspect?
While you were supposedly "gone,"
Tessa Blair was murdered.
Moments before Sara Beckham's
wedding was due to start.
You don't look very surprised.
You know you can trust me, Cornelia.
The cameras are off;
microphones are disabled.
Did you kill Tessa Blair?
As much as I would have savored it
This is bullshit.
She's still running circles
around you, isn't she?
If she thought the cameras were off,
why was she still playing for them?
We're all familiar with Colonel Orlov.
And other intelligence confirms
he is indeed active again.
Gray's intelligence was correct.
He was suspected in the past
of attempting to turn our agents.
If Winston Beckham was turned,
he reported to Orlov.
Orlov was ruthless when it came
to gaining US intelligence
for the Russians.
If Orlov was in contact with
a mole, we are in trouble.
(SIGHS) There's crumbs in the butter.
I mean, is it really that complicated?
You use the butter knife to
spread the butter on your plate.
You then use your own knife to
spread the butter on your scone.
You don't use the butter knife
to spread the butter on your scone
and then go back for more butter.
That's how you get crumbs in the butter!
Do we know yet what was
used to kill Tessa Blair?
Hydrogen cyanide.
Not potassium cyanide? Hydrogen?
Nobody's used prussic acid since
since the Nazis.
- Abbott has.
- Mm-hm.
Used it on that Iranian
in Paris in 1998.
She makes a good point about autonomy.
We have to let her investigate
if we want her to get results.
Give her to me.
What makes you think
she'll tell you anything?
You couldn't make her talk 20 years ago.
Yeah, I didn't have my
new method at my disposal.
Oh. You want to use the
IEP on Cornelia Gray?
An experimental interrogation
tactic like that?
You want to kill her?
No, I want the truth. Cripe!
Can nobody see what's happening here?
We let her loose and
already she's out of control.
This is what she does!
She has us suspecting each other.
Right? So we have to put a
stop to it before it gets worse.
'Member what happened to Winston.
You're so sure it was her?
- Yeah.
- Who cares?
I don't.
Maybe Gray killed Tessa Blair.
The Russians, the Iranians, Koreans?
I don't give a rat's
ass. I won't miss her.
I've got real problems.
We need to take care of this
before they remove more
of my assets from play.
This is from the lobby of the
First International Bank of Latvia
around the time of,
uh Tessa Blair's death.
Is that Levitsky?
Gray's contact in Riga.
He must have told Gray about Orlov.
Jesus. She found Levitsky.
Levitsky is dead.
That's Andrei Levitsky.
You can't even be sure that's Gray.
This is bullshit.
Okay, that's it. Let her go.
She has a lead. That's
more than any of you got.
Unless there's someone here
who would rather Gray not
continue searching for the mole?
Now, the three of you made a good
decision bringing her back in.
Just have to live with it now.
Crumbs on you.
Crumbs in the butter.
Same crumbs.
Thank you, Sherlock fucking Holmes.
Rousseau, right? Tagg's man?
Nice work on picking up Gray.
I don't know what to tell
you, sir. She was sound asleep.
Even her steak knives were dull.
Oh, don't sell yourself short.
A cool mind is the best weapon.
Gray is known for creating mayhem.
So I've noticed, sir.
Maybe we should have lunch
together someday soon.
- Two of us?
- Yeah.
- Together?
- Why not?
Stories I could tell you.
If you feel you're
being wasted at Tagg's,
call my office. Can you do that for me?
I'm happy where I am but thank you
Should I find a new place to live?
I feel better knowing you're here.
- Gold has it out for you.
- Ah
If her people had picked you up at
the airport, you'd be dead by now.
Lydia said her first word last night.
How sweet. Shoe?
Clear as a bell.
David was in the kitchen,
and he doesn't believe me,
- but she said, "shoe."
- Shoe.
Meet me halfway, Cornelia.
- You don't have to share the details,
but I can only buy you so much time.
Just tell me the progress you're making.
Do you trust me, Tagg?
I've known you a long time, Cornelia.
I couldn't possibly trust you more.
It's Cornelia.
Why are you calling me, Cornelia?
You don't have to say anything,
- you don't really even have to listen.
- All right.
What do you want then?
I don't want to be forgiven.
I mean, I-I want to be forgiven,
but I don't expect that from you at all.
When they pulled me out of the house
in front of you, in front of
little Ben, in front of Sophie
I knew I would be dead
to you from that moment on.
I've wanted to do this in person,
not over the phone.
I've thought about all three of you
every day.
Every day, 20 years.
Every day.
- Meet me, John.
- Cornelia
There's a bar called the
Red Lizard on 19th and M.
Friday, six o'clock.
(SIGHS) For 20 years,
I thought you were dead.
I-I don't know how I'm
supposed to see you again,
or if I should.
Give me time to think about it.
(TAGG): If you won't tell
us the name of your contact,
will you at least share the
information you received?
(GRAY): One of the people
in contact with the mole
is Vladimir Orlov. Remember him?
The interrogation centers in Fallujah.
(SIGHS) Iraq is ancient history.
- He's retired.
- Mm-mm.
He's still running
people in the Middle East
and he's an advisor
to Reconnaissance
General Bureau in Korea.
You've lost agents in both places.
- Okay, what else?
Oh, hi.
Tagg told me what
happened at the wedding.
I'm so sorry.
Mind if I come in?
Um ah, sure, yeah. Come in.
(TAGG): When you were supposedly
Did I catch you in the
middle of something?
No, I'm just going through
my stepmother's things.
Twenty years ago Tessa
got rid of everything.
Well, almost everything of my
father's within a day or two.
- Said it was for the best.
- Must be upsetting.
No. And it's not why I went to
live with my uncle in London,
if that's what you're thinking.
Tessa had a lot of secrets.
Ah, no. I-I've heard it before.
It-it's not true.
My stepmother was not a foreign agent.
Your father told me
a week before he was killed.
If we find anything, Sara,
it could lead us to the mole.
I found this in one of her shoes.
It's from a unit in Maryland.
Could be nothing.
It doesn't mean she was a spy.
Why does Christina Gold hate you?
Does she?
Uh -huh. She warned me not to
have anything to do with you.
She was, like, "Don't let her in."
I thought I was in some sort
of vampire movie. (CHUCKLES)
I-I won't say anything
bad about poor Christina.
She's had some rough times, years ago.
I'll just say
everyone makes mistakes sometimes.
God knows, I have.
You're very young, but
I'll bet you have, too.
Everyone makes mistakes.
Some people own up to them,
some people point fingers.
Hm. Maybe she emptied
it before she died?
Then who broke the lock?
Look at these.
These are rusted and these aren't.
(KNOCKS ON IT) Loose paneling.
Looser than this one, anyway.
- Is that Russian?
- Code.
My stepmother had coded communication.
Looks like maybe a stack
of documents got wet and
then some of the ink bled
through to the concrete.
- Tell me.
- It's an account number.
- Whose?
- Cerberus discretionary fund.
- They call it Epsilon.
- Could it be from your father's files
- that Tessa had removed after his death?
- Mm-mm.
Two years ago, an
internal study suggested
that the Cayman Island
accounts were no longer secure,
so the money was moved to Nevis.
The document in this locker has
to be less than two years old.
Does anyone else at the
agency use the Epsilon account?
Only Cerberus.
And only the heads of Cerberus
can access the money
in the Epsilon account.
- We have to go in and tell Tagg.
- Mm.
Well, until we have the mole,
no one can be trusted. No one.
And don't do anything if-if you
think they're going to be able to see.
No, no. It's okay. This is what I do.
I just need a little more
- Okay. I'm in.
- Shit.
- If that's what you wanted.
- Everything's fine.
Can they track this back to you?
I-I used a dozen proxies.
They'll come up with
the location eventually,
but I'll have this wiped by then.
I don't think you should stay
in Tessa's house alone tonight.
What are you doing here?
The night we lost Gray,
you help her escape?
Are you really asking me that?
Were you following me?
Tell me about Gray.
She was at your house.
You were in her car.
- What are you two, old friends?
- No, she came to offer her condolences.
If you must know, she then helped me
sort through my stepmother's clothes.
And the locker?
It was Tessa's. I found this, okay?
I didn't want to go by myself.
It turned out Tessa had already
emptied it by the time we got there.
Why are you being this way?
I was supposed to keep an eye on Gray,
and I thought it would be a
lot easier if I was with her.
Sorry about your stepmother
and I'm sorry about the wedding.
I should have reached out.
I wasn't the only one watching
you two at the storage unit.
Checking in to see if you're okay
with your, uh, accommodations.
Well, Tagg has impeccable taste.
- Is the bed comfortable?
- Hm.
If not, there's the floor
or the kitchen table.
Well, believe it or not, I
haven't tried any of them.
Well, if you need help.
I'll make sure to call you first.
I wouldn't want to lose track of you.
- Come in.
Sara, come in. Take a seat.
I'm surprised to see you so soon.
You know you can take
as much time as you need.
Yeah, I'd rather be working.
Well, you can take your
mind off the funeral.
I'm so happy to see you here.
I want you back on Gray.
Rousseau tells me she came to
the house to offer condolences.
Mm-hm, she did. She helped
me clean up a little bit.
Mm. Oh, very nice, very nice.
Anyway, were you able to get
any information about her trip?
The investigation?
No, sir.
We only really talked about Tessa.
Well, you're doing exactly
what you should be doing.
Spend as much time with her as you can,
don't question her,
just become her friend.
Draw her uh into your confidence.
Pretend to get close. Hm?
It's what she'd do to you
if she were in your shoes.
Yeah, yeah.
Sure, yeah, 9:30 is fine.
Okay. Thank you.
Here's Daddy.
Oh, my goodness.
Yeah, I don't think
anyone's ever had a worse day
- than the one I'm about to have.
- Oh, really?
- Oh, come on.
He's always on the phone,
- isn't he?
- Hey, John. I promise I won't call again.
I'll be waiting
at the Red Lizard, uh,
Friday night at six o'clock.
I hope to see you there.
Okay, in the tub.
- Ooh, she's a kicker.
- Whoo.
Oh, I forgot my damned glasses.
Hold her down.
Okay, there.
Let me introduce you to a
new friend of mine, the IEP.
- Okay, Cornelia, listen to me.
You're going to hurt yourself.
It's just saline and a
mild sedative for now.
Try holding out on us
with this in your system.
What's going on up there?
Don't fight it.
She's going to be puking
her guts out in half an hour.
(KNOCKING) (TAGG): Cornelia?
- Cornelia?
Stay out! Oh, she hacked into Epsilon.
- Fuck you both.
- Now get out!
Get my kit and let's go!
(TAGG): Get out! Come on!
That's my good guest towel.
Get out!!
Cornelia, are you okay?
- Come on. Easy, easy, easy.
Oh, God.
I'm so sorry.
My condolences about Tessa.
(WHISPERING): Any luck with the code?
It's gonna take a while to
break. I'll break it, though.
Is Andy here? I-I was
hoping to meet him.
He's just running a little late.
(SARA): Where are all
of Tessa's friends?
This is my fear; to go unmourned.
"She died as she lived," they'll say.
"Surrounded by strangers."
Sorry I'm late.
- Oh, hey.
- Hey.
Sweetheart, Andy, uh, Cornelia Gray.
- W we work together.
- Ah, hi.
It's nice to see you, Andy.
I'm sorry, there's something
I have to take care of.
Nice lady.
(SARA): Mm.
- Oof oof
All right. Go on.
You don't show up to say
goodbye to your closest friend?
Why should I go to the funeral
of someone who's not
going to come to mine?
Why did you pay Tessa out of Epsilon?
Tagg can't protect you forever.
Was it in exchange for her silence
about something in the past?
That you secretly supplied the
information that got Beckham killed?
Oh! "Information" got Beckham killed.
Christ, you know, I haven't
had a good night's sleep
since you've been back.
Hm. Well, you know
what that sounds like?
Guilty conscience.
- You took everything from me.
- I didn't take a thing from you.
You destroyed my marriage.
Is that why you tortured
me for three days straight
20 years ago?
No. That's why I enjoyed it.
You're not the mole, though.
You don't have the balls.
Sara's a smart kid, Cornelia,
and she's going to figure you out.
And when she does,
I just hope to God she
slits your scrawny throat.
I-I enjoyed our chat, Christina.
Sophie? It's Mom.
I'm seeing your father
tonight. Wanna come?
(SIGHS) Look, um,
I-I don't want to be the bad guy.
I just I wasn't, um, ready.
Maybe I
will never be ready, maybe I'll
be ready tomorrow, but, um
No matter what
I don't want my daughter to
get hurt the way that I was.
Don't say you mean well.
I know you mean well.
You always meant well.
But Rose comes first.
I-I'm so glad Rose has
you to look out for her.
Okay. Bye, Mom.
Can I ask?
What is that?
It's for a colleague's wedding.
Someone at work.
Not just someone, a friend.
Probably my only friend.
How you doing today?
I'm good.
Just waiting.
Waiting for who?
My husband.
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