Gray (2023) s01e04 Episode Script


(ROUSSEAU): I saw those men again.
(SARA): What men?
Not Gold's men, the other ones.
So, in the interrogation,
Gray admitted that she hid
a stash of cash before
she went underground.
It's gone now, but from these wrappers,
I guess it was several
million dollars here.
- (GRAY): Is that Russian?
- (SARA): Code.
My stepmother had coded communication.
I received some intelligence
about our friend, Levitsky.
Cerberus only found out he was alive
when they learned it from me.
A week later, he's murdered?
Mm, that confirms that the mole
was one of the heads of Cerberus.
I need a peek at Abbott's
financial records.
You must be Celia. It's
so nice to meet you.
Your mother is so dear.
You crossed a line.
I'm counting on you to bark
if she comes up behind me.
Yes, I-I'd like to speak with
George Liang in new accounts.
No, I can only speak with Mr. Liang.
Please, have him call this
number as soon as he can.
Rough night, Abbott?
Defense is keeping this quiet, but
there was an incident this morning.
Personnel file must have been leaked.
Blake Granger, American engineer,
assigned to the Freedom
Missile program in Seoul.
He was lured to the DMZ.
- He was kidnapped.
- Ooh.
That's your program, isn't it, Abbott?
Could they have used the IEP on Granger?
That's the concern. If they did,
the intel he could spill would
have catastrophic results.
Everyone have a great weekend?
If there's still a problem,
why the fuck is she still here?
Valid point.
This is so good.
We used to have the worst
coffee back when I started.
Oh, let's table this for now.
All right. We'll pick this up later.
You found it.
Tagg, we need to talk.
In my office.
I sleep so well at your house.
David has very expensive taste.
My husband, David?
Oh, I see.
You rattled Gold's cage and Abbott's,
and now it's my turn, hmm?
I looked at your financials.
Around the time that you met David,
you started having these
unexplained influxes of cash.
We are not having this conversation.
You bought the house you're in now,
a bungalow in Virginia Beach.
You pay for the surrogate,
you pay for the country club membership,
you paid for David's cosmetic dentistry,
you paid for David's therapy,
you paid for David's riding lessons
Blah, blah, blah.
You are this close to going
back into your concrete box.
For pointing out that your much
younger husband is expensive?
Or is that just something
you say to friends?
Open this if I don't come back.
Don't show Tagg.
We only have each other now.
Let's go for a ride.
I know what I said. Of course,
I know. I said it, didn't I?
But what I'm saying now is things
are busier than I expected them to be.
I can't do one week
on, one week off, David.
- It has to stay Come in!
It has to stay every other day.
B-but you see I-I'm not
asking to change things.
I'm asking for the
opposite of changing things.
I'm asking for not to change things.
I'm asking for no cha
Sure. Th-that's just for
right now; that could cha
Yes, the change could
change today, for all
I don't know. I wish I did.
Sure. Fine.
You'll be the first to find out. Okay.
Okay. Yep.
Yep. Yep.
Love you.
Did you give Gray my financials?
Mm, yeah, along with everyone else's.
You said to do whatever she
Sure. It's fine, it's fine. It's just,
she's just Ugh!
How did she react when you told
her about the storage locker?
Mm, I haven't told her.
I mean, should I?
She had a great deal of
money in that storage locker.
Where did it go?
She could be funding a whole war
with that fucking storage locker.
She's in your head.
I need you in her head,
but she's in yours, isn't she?
What? No.
Do I need to take you off of this?
She's not in my head.
Here's the question
you need to be asking,
and this goes for every
interaction you have with her:
"How does what I'm doing
benefit Cornelia Gray?"
- I'm sorry?
- What will she gain
by letting you find the locker?
- She didn't "let me."
- Oh, it's best to assume that she did.
Sir, I think you're giving
her way too much credit.
I've studied her files.
I know what she is.
I'm actually a lot
like her, only better.
I've been playing along,
the wide-eyed protégée.
- I know what I'm doing.
- Look at me. I'm shaking.
I just spent two minutes with her.
Did you see what she did to Abbott?
- No, what did she do?
- I don't know.
But did Abbott seem even
vaguely Abbott-like to you?
And what was he doing with her bra?
- Well, I don't
- Okay, look
Let's say "Sara finds the money"
wasn't part of her original plan,
which I doubt. But you
still have to ask yourself
how will she benefit if you
tell her you found the locker?
And how does she benefit
if you don't tell her?
How does she benefit if we
keep having this conversation?
And how does she benefit if we stop?
Did your father ever tell you the
moment he knew he had to hire Gray?
Gray has an older sister, Margaret.
She also had a brother, Paul,
but, well, that's something else.
Mm-hmm. That's all in her file.
Yes, well, this isn't.
Gray was six, or seven.
Margaret was a teenager.
Gray was her grandmother's favorite;
precocious, already
smarter than Margaret,
even with the age gap.
One hot summer day,
Margaret padlocked her in
a toy chest in the garage
and then went off with her friends.
Gray screamed herself hoarse,
but no one heard.
She banged, she kicked,
she pushed for three hours,
but the box was made of oak.
Finally, exhausted, dehydrated,
she managed to remove a hinge
by tearing off the
toenail of her big toe,
folding it over, and
using it as a screwdriver.
You're not like her, Sara.
- Did John ever learn about ?
- No.
And at this point, he-he's not going to.
I came across snapshots
of us just last night.
Beach or bedroom?
Antigua, remember?
How could I forget that
sprawling place your father owns?
Well, it's mine now. Well, practically.
Has he passed?
He's hanging on, but he can't travel.
Parkinson's, Alzheimer's.
That must be sad.
Yes, it must be.
Did I ever tell you he
tried something on that trip?
- But he did.
- Oh.
- Sweet old lech.
- He was very proud, too.
Kept a written record.
You know, I found it when I was seven.
Ah, caused such a stir at Easter dinner
when I asked why my three
aunts all had a different
number of stars next to their
name in my father's red book.
Did you bring me out just to reminisce?
I have information
I've decided to share,
which might be critical
for your investigation.
Did you hear Tagg asking about the IEP?
If you're not familiar with it,
it's the Interrogation
Enhancement Program.
It was developed under Christina Gold.
And she may have
mentioned it in my bathtub.
Six months ago, a sample of
it found its way into the hands
of the Reconnaissance General Bureau,
who enlisted the aid of the
SVR to reverse engineer it.
- The mole?
- Feeling at the time
was your friend Tagg may
have been behind its sale.
Are y Are you saying Tagg's the mole?
He vehemently opposed the IEP.
It's success vaulted Gold ahead of him
with the pecking order of Cerberus.
If a copy of the IEP
is used on Blake Granger
and he exposes the
Freedom Missile program,
Gold's career will never recover.
Tagg is the one who benefits.
Something wrong?
Just looking for Gray's
footprints on the internet.
All the material on the IEP is
under lock and key at the Pentagon.
We'll bring you in under my clearance.
No photos, no notes.
- I don't need notes.
- Oh, yes, of course. How could I forget?
The amazing memory of Cornelia Gray.
of 20 life-sentence prisoners
were each issued a playing card.
Each was informed if they
did not reveal the card
to interrogators within 48 hours,
they would be rewarded
with a full pardon.
This prisoner revealed his
card nine hours, 22 minutes
after administration of IEP-485.
Eighteen prisoners revealed
card within 27 hours
- of administration of IEP-485.
Eighteen prisoners who revealed
card died of various causes
within 14 days of
administration of IEP-485.
Names and causes of death are attached.
They're all dead.
If Chase comes back,
tell him I went to get
something to eat. Excuse me.
George Liang, Grand Liberty Savings,
returning your phone call.
How can I help you today?
Hi. George, w-we don't
actually know each other,
but this is Cornelia Gray.
Oh. Uh, hi.
Well, it's great to finally meet you.
Even though it's over the phone.
Did Sophie know you were
going to call, or ?
- No.
- No, of course not.
The last thing I want to do is
put you in the middle of anything,
so please feel free to say no,
or hang up and we can
pretend we never talked.
But would you
Would you ever have time to meet me?
I'd really like that.
Are you free tomorrow
morning around eight?
Sure. Eight o'clock where?
How's Sunset Grill? On 11th?
Um, I'm sorry. I-I'm having
trouble hearing you. Where?
- Sunset Grill.
- Oh, I know that place!
Yes, eight o'clock.
Thank you. Thank you.
You don't know what this means to me.
- Of course.
- Take care.
You, too.
- All right?
- Yeah, in the back.
Thank you. (CHUCKLING)
Excuse me.
Why didn't you pick up? What happened?
I-it's okay.
I need help does not mean it's okay.
One of those statements is a lie.
You're angry. You've
been angry all morning.
Why did you have these?
I-I wanted to see how Winston
Beckham's daughter turned out.
You found out I was
the one looking for you.
Also, these dust marks
match the configuration
of a desktop computer that
sat underneath a worktable,
but I thought you
didn't have a computer?
I never said, I never said that.
These pictures were snatched from
my friend Ann-Marie's Facebook page.
I didn't want to be traced.
I knew they would find me
if I looked up Ben or Sophie or John.
Do you know how hard that was?
And where's the computer?
In a landfill. This is Tagg.
He's trying to drive a wedge between us.
He knows you're the
only person I can trust.
You say that, yet you
won't stop playing games!
And that book you gave me.
What am I meant to do with that?
What's going on? Oh, my God!
You okay? Shit. What happened?
Come in. Come in. What happened?
Well, I barely even knew what
happened. I didn't even
That's why I just texted.
I didn't even feel
it. I didn't, oh, God.
Leaving Sophie and Ben left a hole.
But when Elizabeth next door was born,
for the first time, I had
a-a substitute.
I would babysit once or twice a month.
Oh, they may have nicked a kidney.
I've been stabbed before,
trust me, it missed the kidney.
And I fed her. I bathed
her. I dressed her.
I bandaged her knee when
she fell off her bike. I
I was proud of her when she
won her school spelling bee.
What little girl knows
how to spell "peninsula"?
I was part of a family again.
But one night, when
her parents were out,
she had a-a bad cough.
I sat with her in my arms
on the edge of the tub
and ran the water as
hot as I could get it,
but the steam wouldn't help it.
I wrapped her in a blanket
and raced her to the hospital.
Trachea infection, turns out,
n-not very common. They had to intubate.
The doctor told me she
she might have died had I
waited one minute longer.
Then what happened?
It was pretend.
Her parents came.
I-I mean they were
grateful, beyond grateful.
Elizabeth was in the
hospital for seven days.
Her mother was allowed
at her bedside the entire time.
The hospital wouldn't let me visit.
I wasn't family.
Even when they brought her home,
her mother wouldn't allow
me to see her because
of the risk of reinfection.
I-I-I don't blame her,
but it made me remember
I have a family.
And they're not pretend.
Yesterday with Ben? His eyes.
Those were his eyes! The
eyes don't change, do they?
I held him so tightly and for a second,
he was my child again.
We should have gone to Urgent Care.
He's He's so handsome and shy.
That's the best combination, isn't it?
We talked for about an hour;
he really started to open up.
They could have got your kidney.
They missed the kidney.
And now
I'm going to see
Rose's dad, and that means
I'm going to meet Rose soon.
And when
when I hold her, I'm
never going to let her go.
This was a bad idea.
Sara, I've been stabbed before.
If it was the kidney, I
would have gone into shock
and been pissing blood, believe me.
You at least need stitches.
It's-it's Grab the clear nail polish
and just put it on, and then
slap this covering back on. Just
- This?
- Oh Mm-hmm.
- Wait.
- Yeah, just slap it back on.
This isn't a bandage. It's a scarf.
It's actually quite nice.
Well, it's cotton.
And I didn't see an apothecary.
Sometimes you have to take
what God puts in your path.
- Did you actually say that?
- What?
Apothecary. Wh-what do you say?
I don't know? Chemist?
Drug store? Pharmacy?
(CORNET): What do you mean, missing?
That makes it twice
she's disappeared on us.
She's your responsibility, Tagg.
You brought her in. You get to find her.
I want an update first
thing in the morning.
Don't spoil me. You'll
never get rid of me.
Was this your father's?
Yeah. He let me wear
it whenever I got sick.
So, I scrubbed the security
footage at the boutique.
I didn't have to at the
mall because all the cameras
conveniently went offline an
hour before you were attacked.
Either way, I'm really pleased
he didn't do more damage.
Can you explain this?
I got that in the mail yesterday.
Before I slipped it to you.
It's supposed to be Levitsky's,
but it's just not his style.
This can't be real. This
implicates my father.
Levitsky didn't write that.
The mole did.
Sara. Where have you
been? Your phone was off.
I'm sorry. I lost track
of time, compiling data.
Have you heard from Gray?
We lose her again?
This actually smells of Tagg.
Wait, Tagg?
She didn't come home last night.
With what happened to Levitsky,
I'd feel terrible if
anything happened to her.
We can't trust him, Sara.
Let me know if she makes contact.
We can't trust anyone, but each other.
It's so nice to meet you.
Please, have a seat.
I'd appreciate it if this
meeting stayed between us.
If Sophie found out, I'd
be sleeping in the garage.
- Hmm.
- But look
I think you should be
allowed to see Rose.
But it's not my call.
I only ever met one of my grandparents,
and she passed away when I was four.
I have no memories of her.
It's not fair to deprive
Rose. It's not right.
What has my daughter told you about me?
Sophie's never said one word.
No pictures, no keepsakes. Nothing.
And I had assumed you were
dead and it was too painful
for her to talk about.
You know, the first I ever heard of you
was when Sophie's dad
got drunk off his ass
at our rehearsal dinner.
Since then, I've heard a lot from Ben.
He idolizes you.
I'm sure Sophie blames you
for all of his drug problems.
What? Wh what?
No. No. No.
Ben's Ben's a great kid.
Agree, totally.
We don't send him money
anymore. We just can't.
I guess last semester. He sold
his textbooks to buy some ketamine.
I'm late.
I-I-I need you to-I need
you to help me see Rose.
You can let me know when
you're taking her out
to a park maybe, or do you
ever pick her up from school?
I-I could go with you one day.
You could say I'm a friend, a co-worker.
Um, I'm sorry.
- Who is he?
- Oh, he's
Tagg's oldest friend from way back.
You really think it could be Tagg?
For all I know, it could be you.
None for me.
Hmm. Yeah, why not?
Oh, Winston's little girl, all right.
He never turned down a drink.
Can we talk about your friend Tagg?
That fuck.
You know, his father was an oral surgeon
and his mother was a psychiatrist.
I used to say to him, "That's
what you are, all right:
a mindfuck that's like pulling teeth."
Never spent a day in the field.
Syria, Yemen, Libya? Not Tagg.
He liked telling other men what to do,
taking credit for other men's work
and blaming other men when
an operation ran aground.
Showed his ass when
you went down, Nelly.
He might not have been first
to point a finger at you,
but point, well he did.
Everything you went through
was Tagg's doing. Everything.
Those years you lost? Your family?
It was lockdown after that.
I would sit in Tagg's
office and he'd literally
be working on his résumé. (SCOFFS)
Months and months, then
Chase "Presto" Cornet
sashays in, stinking
of baby powder and gin.
You know why we called him Presto?
Any sign of trouble,
presto! He'd disappear.
Anyway, Chase calls in Tagg.
- Abbott calls in, uh
- Gold.
Gold. Gold.
And out walks Cerberus.
And they're going to tell us how to act.
They're going to watch us.
I'm lucky Tagg just fired me.
He could have put a
bullet through my head
in Macy's window on a whim.
No one would bat an eye.
He did you wrong, Nelly, once.
Watch your back.
(GRAY): What were they working on?
Come on, Cornelia,
I cannot divulge that.
You're my prisoner.
You may never see daylight
again, but I'm your suspect.
You don't have to share the details,
but I can only buy you so much time.
Just tell me the progress you're making.
Oh my God.
I saw how upset you were on the phone.
Come on. Talk to me.
You know you want to.
Did you get bad news?
Jesus. Jesus Christ.
- I came to tuck you in.
- Oh.
You were talking with Chase
before I left with him yesterday.
- So?
- Did he tell you he was taking me
to the Pentagon? Or did
you have me followed?
N-no. Neither!
Or did you task someone with killing me?
- Hmm.
- God.
- Yeah.
Cornelia, we're friends.
Yes, you're the friend I thought about
every day for 20 years.
Okay, look.
I regret saying that thing
about the concrete box.
I'm sorry. I apologize for saying that.
If you're the mole
and I will find out if you are,
I won't put you in a concrete box.
I'll put you in a brass urn.
Tell me about the, uh, IEP 485.
The IEP-485?
- Yeah.
- Oh.
this is fantasy.
I opposed the IEP just to sell it?
(CHUCKLING) So I could
buy a beach house?
And, uh, riding lessons?
I read your testimony.
You're not the type to be bothered
by high fatality rates.
Why did you really oppose it?
I don't care who's lying and who's not.
You want the truth? My job has
never been to get the truth.
My job has been to craft the truth.
And to hell with Christina Gold.
Well, what does David think about that?
Oh, what did you do? Where is he?
On the sofa. He must have
dozed off watching the news.
David doesn't doze. He's never dozed.
Well, maybe he took
something to help him sleep?
Jesus Christ!
Lydia! Oh, baby.
Oh, baby, there you
are. Thank God for that.
- Daddy's here. Don't worry.
- Are you okay?
I really came to say
I'm okay, in case you were worried
that Chase left me in a ditch somewhere,
- or the person you say you didn't
- I did not send anyone.
I believe you.
Because we're friends.
Sorry. I got spooked.
No. I'm sorry.
No. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
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