Gray (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Mother of Mercy

Blake Granger. Assigned to
the freedom missile program.
- Was kidnapped.
- That's your program, isn't it, Abbott?
If a copy of the IEP is
used on Blake Granger,
then Gold's career will never recover.
Tagg is the one who benefits.
What has my daughter told you about me?
Nothing. Sophie's never said one word.
I think you should be
allowed to see Rose.
Sara, I've been stabbed before.
If it was the kidney, I
would have gone into shock
and been pissing blood.
You rattled Gold's cage. And Abbott's.
And now it's my turn.
- She's in your head, isn't she?
- No.
This actually smells of Tagg.
Here's the question
you need to be asking,
and this goes for every
interaction you have with her:
How does what I'm doing
benefit Cornelia Gray?
- We can't trust him, Sara.
- We're friends.
You're the friend I thought
about every day for 20 years.
She's everything you were at that age.
No, she's better than
me. She's stronger.
She has you to protect her. Hm.
I close my eyes and I still see it.
Through my eyelids, through my tears,
through my face crushed against
the pillow, I still see it.
When I was a girl,
I had a pair of patent leather shoes
my grandmother bought me for Easter,
and she would polish those shoes for me
every Sunday before church.
But she would only do the front.
I'd beg her to do the
back, but she wouldn't.
She said, "A good soldier
never looks behind, Nellie."
And I used to think it meant
no one's going to see the back.
I'm too tired to do the back.
But it meant so much more than that.
A good soldier never
looks behind, Soph.
104.6. Does your mother
have any drug allergies?
- No.
- Currently taking any medications or supplements?
- None.
- Asthma, COPD, diabetes?
- No.
- Has she been out of the country in the last few weeks?
- No. Uh, I'm not sure.
- I can't move.
Sh-sh-sh. Can you unbuckle her?
- Ma'am, you've gotta relax.
- No, unbuckle the restraint.
- It's for her safety.
- Yeah, but she doesn't like being confined.
- You just open it.
- Ma'am, there are rules I have to follow.
This woman will dislocate her
fucking shoulder to free herself!
Just calm down, ma'am. We'll
be there in about five minutes.
Mom, Mom. It's me, it's me. It's me.
It's Sara. It's Sara. It's okay.
It's fine. You're in
the back of an ambulance.
This man is trying to help you,
okay? It's fine. It's fine. It's fine.
Everything's okay. Okay? We're
on our way to the hospital.
It's fine. It's fine.
Okay? Come on, let's just unbuckle this.
There we go. There we go. Fine.
It's not a problem, is
it? Everything's fine.
- It's okay.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
- I'm sorry.
No. It's okay, you have
nothing to be sorry about.
- It's fine. You're okay.
- I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's all right.
I admit it.
Perhaps we should have given
it a little more thought
before bringing her back.
She's finally up your ass, too.
Well, your mistake.
Correct it.
Somebody tried already.
Every camera disabled in the mall.
Steel fillet knife
recovered from the scene.
- Mm. Sounds Russian.
- She probably did it herself.
Blood on her front door this morning.
Anything from your girl about it?
Well, if either of you
started it, finish it.
I won't stand in your way.
- Neither will I.
- Mm.
You think it was me?
I have said it from the start:
She is here to settle old scores.
And she's using this to
destroy all three of us.
Here's our problem:
The mole can't touch Gray
without exposing him or her.
The other two can't do it either
or Chase Cornet will take
that as an admission of guilt.
- We can't kill her.
- Of course we can kill her.
- We can kill her
- Can we please stop using that word?
- Kill, kill, kill, kill.
- Okay.
What if we try finesse?
- Send a warning.
- Oh! You want to warn her?
Sure. Sure. She's just playing with us.
Oh, you think she's playing,
so your plan is to piss her off?
What about Sara?
She's on the table, have Sara do it.
Do what?
Have Sara Beckham take care of Gray.
I can't order that.
You don't even have to suggest it.
Oh, my God. He's right. You're right!
You just plant a seed.
You see if it grows.
And how exactly d
Oh, God!
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Cornelia, oh, my God!
- Oh, God. What's going on?
- I'm okay.
What happened? You're burning up!
No. You have to get me out of here.
- What the
- You can't let them see me.
- Who?
- Chase and Tagg and Gold.
If I don't show up,
they're gonna track my car.
- I have to buy some time.
- Okay, Chase is in Amsterdam.
- What do you want me to say to the others?
- Just tell them
I don't know, just
tell them I'm in Serbia.
- Serbia?
- I don't know.
- Just tell them I'm in Serbia.
- I called 9-1-1!
- The ambulance'll be here soon!
- I said to wait.
Oh, God, look at her. Are you okay?
- I can't drive at night.
- Why did you ?
The headlights. I can't see!
Everybody can drive at night.
No, no! She can't drive at night.
- Andy drove me.
- Okay.
- No hospital.
- He got the kidney. Did he?
- No. No.
- How can I help?
Just go and wait by the car.
- Please? Wait. By the car.
- No hospital.
- Get me out of here.
- Okay.
- Okay. Okay, do
- Get me out of here.
Do you have ID on you? Stand, stand.
Okay, good. We'll say you're my mom,
you were in the attic and
you backed into a board
with a nail poking out of it.
You tried to drive yourself
to the hospital, then you got
confused and you pulled up here.
If you take me to a hospital,
they're just gonna finish
the job they started.
Uh-uh. I'll scrub the records.
You'll be out before before
they know you're in. Come on.
A little bit further. And
then, I'll take care of it.
Andy, sweetheart? Door. Door.
- Can you help me, please?
- Uh, yeah.
You're okay. Um
- What are we doing?
- I'm going to ride with Cornelia in the ambulance.
I need you to I need
you to take her car.
- What about my car?
- I'll pick it up later.
You can go to my stepmom's when
you're done and use her car.
Don't speed, take the roundabout
route and make some stops.
- Like what?
- I don't know!
Gas station, Trader Joe's,
Lincoln Memorial, if you want!
- Stash her car near Tagg's house.
- Why?
Because there's probably a tracker in it
and it'd be bad if
they find her like this.
I wish I could tell you more. Go, now!
Cat and mouse. This
is spy stuff, isn't it?
I mean, is it? Am I the cat?
Andy, go. Go!
Ben isn't into drugs and I don't know
why Sophie's husband would say that.
- I don't know.
- You know, your mother
was a NICU nurse in this hospital.
- Yeah, I know.
- When your father
introduced me to her, I
couldn't get over her
eyes. They were like
they were like crushed velvet.
- I was so jealous of her eyes.
- Okay, I'll do your paperwork
and I'll head back to the office.
I'll be back as soon as
I can slip away, okay?
They were really just like crushed
They were crushed velvet.
Yes. I've just brought in
my mother, Cornelia Beckham.
It's B-E-C-K-H-A-M.
It's me.
Gray's gone.
The sooner the better.
I got it.
Lincoln Memorial?
It's Rousseau.
No luck yet, but I thought
you should know, uh,
I recovered a burner phone.
Gray made a call to Sara
Beckham at 4:08 this morning.
You there?
Sorry I was late.
Still looking for IPs
Gray may have hijacked
and used from the storage locker?
I was until this morning.
Look at this, sir.
She boarded a flight
to Belgrade last night.
Who could she be meeting in Serbia?
- No idea.
- When was the flight?
- Did she tell you she was going?
- No.
When was the last time you two talked?
Show me the source
material for that clip.
It would take me awhile to go back.
I'm sifting through
footage at Belgrade airport.
Very tedious.
See ya.
Please don't rush me, for God's sake.
Oh hey.
Sweetie, you okay?
I got a call from someone
at Mother of Mercy.
About your mom.
Yeah, they called here, too.
Am I expected to rush
to the woman's bedside?
Well, I didn't know they called you.
I thought you'd need to know.
She is Rose's grandmother.
here's something that will cheer you up.
Jack Chambers is taking
on early retirement.
You're looking at the next
manager of Grand Liberty Savings.
I'll have a lot more
work, but with a big raise,
we might even be able to
swing private school for Rose.
- Just like that?
- Mm-hm.
Just like that.
How's your sister?
When I was little, she told
me that she was a witch.
I pretended I didn't believe her.
Even before I went into
hiding, we didn't speak.
She was a witch.
Now she's an old witch.
- You had a brother, too, didn't you?
- Hm.
Thank God for Paul.
I would never have made
it growing up without Paul.
Do you want me to contact him?
He killed himself.
How'd you find me?
I thought you were in Amsterdam.
- Maybe I am, Nelly.
- Mm.
- Maybe this is a dream.
- Oh.
- You can't argue with a dream.
- No, you can't.
Dr. Stevenson to triage please.
Dr. Stevenson to triage.
So, we found her at the entrance.
On the escalator and
here at the TSA screening.
Then, right after she landed,
she boarded a bus to the Tesla museum,
where she met this woman.
There aren't many photos of her,
but I think she could
be Levitsky's daughter.
And I know I can get Gray to talk
about Serbia when she gets back.
- You okay?
- Oh!
Just in the nick of time.
- You want me to take both?
- No. No.
I'm right over there.
So, you and Andy set a new date yet?
Not yet. There just hasn't been time.
Well, don't wait too long.
- Yeah, that's what people say.
- Yeah.
You know, when you hold
onto something real,
never let it go. Really.
I did and look at me.
Well, that's ancient history.
What happened between our
mutual friend and my ex.
Oh. You're not moving offices, are you?
No, no. I, uh,
yeah, I finally decided
I was sick of climbing
over them to get to my coffee maker.
You know, I haven't used it in so long,
there's a spider living in it.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
I had a dream when I was 13, 14.
I was naked on my bedroom floor
covered in a blanket of spiders.
Slept with the light on
for the next five years.
You know, actually I'm, uh
I'm glad I ran into you. I, um,
I came across something and, uh
Yeah, I think, um
You need to see it.
It's a Remington 700
with a .308 cartridge:
type of sniper rifle used
to kill Winston Beckham.
These look doctored.
Maybe but why?
They were never in the file.
By the time I got them,
she'd already killed
two of our best and was running.
We didn't need evidence.
There wasn't going to be a trial.
Why would anyone go through
the trouble of doctoring photos?
The fact remains she had no
reason to do anything to my father.
She wouldn't. I know her.
Maybe you didn't know your father.
What're you talking about?
20 years ago
Chase Cornet showed me proof.
Your father was a great
man, but he was human.
No. No.
And, I think, given time, he
would have done the right thing.
So, your theory is Gray
killed my father
because he'd been turned?
Gray killed Winston
because she was the one who turned him.
She couldn't risk being
exposed if we brought him in.
Dr. Pritchard, 1-5-6.
Dr. Pritchard, 1-5-6.
Oh, that's crazy. That's crazy!
Hey! Join the party!
Cornelia was just telling me how
she broke out of a holding cell
in Thailand using dental floss!
- Wait 'til you hear this.
- No. Maybe later.
Okay. Well, have a seat.
I've been sitting all day.
Andy's taken very good care of me.
I did what you said with the car.
Got this for you.
And then I decided, can't
just leave her here on her own,
so I called in sick.
Ben sent this.
Ben? Ben, your son?
It's hilarious?
They said, "Don't you want
something that says get well?"
"No! She'll like, 'It's a boy.'"
- Funny.
He's just so sharp.
He wanted to come, but he has classes.
All right. Well, um, I
told Tagg you were away
and he didn't believe me for a second.
But he was impressed
he couldn't prove it.
I feel like I'll lose my job.
He won't fire you. He'll promote you.
Well, we'll let you rest.
Come on, Andy. Let's go.
Andy. Andy.
You're a lucky young woman.
She's not an accountant.
Didn't you tell me
she was an accountant?
- What happened?
- It's pretty serious.
That nail she backed
into nicked her kidney.
She was delirious half the time.
She kept saying she was in Amsterdam.
The first doctor thought it was a knife,
so I just said I saw the whole thing.
You can't be involved in this.
I shouldn't have had you drive her car.
She was on a drip.
Fever broke at about ten.
She was gone less than
an hour for surgery.
It was laparoscopic, like my knee.
No problems. She slept most of the day.
They'll probably keep
her here for a few days,
but they might let her go home tomorrow.
- Okay. That's great
- The surgeon prescribed antibiotics.
Told me to make sure
that she finishes them.
Light activity for the
next six weeks and then,
uh, make an appointment to follow up.
- Stitches dissolve
- Now, Andy.
How did Ben know she was here?
Oh, she had me call.
Ben appreciated it so much.
I left messages with her,
uh, ex and her daughter,
and then when, um, Cornelia
came back from recovery
she had me try her son-in-law.
- But no one's supposed to know.
- It's her family, Sara!
I only told them the room number.
I didn't say she's
using the name Beckham.
Should we pick up some food?
Are you really that mad?
I didn't think I was
doing anything wrong
staying here with her. I just
She seemed so helpless.
Oh, it's not that.
Someone just said something
about my father today.
What'd they say?
I don't know. Old stories.
What do you want, Tagg?
I've been going through the
whole situation in my mind.
I don't know.
Did we jump the gun?
Maybe we should rethink.
- Aww. Too late.
- What?
Yeah, I caught up with
her in the parking garage.
- What did you say?
- Very little.
- I had pictures.
- And?
Well, no. Who can tell?
A week? A month? We might
hear something tonight.
It's a seed. Water it, and
fertilize it, fuss over it, nothing.
And other times, you
look down and there's
a tree growing out of a
crack in the goddamn sidewalk.
Who can explain nature, huh?
A lot of people, Christina.
It's a very large field of study.
But okay
So we let nature take its course.
Which one were you having
second thoughts about:
Gray or Sara?
I don't know.
Getting soft in your old age.
- Hanging up.
- Kev. Hey!
- Hey!
Let's go.
So, August is going to
meet us there with Lydia.
Where's your friend?
- Cornelia?
- Mm-hmm.
Oh. Somewhere. I don't know.
To be honest,
I don't even know if
she's my friend anymore.
Kevin, she's staying at
our guest house. She'd
she'd better be your friend.
Don't pay attention to me.
It's just, uh, it's
just one of those days.
Did you remember to renew your Zoloft?
Let's go.
Let's go.
Knock, knock.
You know it's a
it's a good thing the fellow who
called gave me your room number.
The hospital has no
record of a Cornelia Gray.
Well, it's just a mix-up.
I can't believe you came.
Can only stay a minute.
Oh, that's so nice.
Did you look at this?
That's what Ben sent.
- Huh.
Um, George says Ben has
a problem with drugs?
Oh, no, no, no. That's
that's over. That's done.
Don't Never listen to George.
So, what happened?
I backed into a nail sticking
out of a wall in the attic.
I'm staying in Tagg's guest house.
You remember Kevin.
The only one I haven't
heard from is Sophie.
Oh. Sophie doesn't like
hospitals. She, uh
Well, when she had Rose,
they had to keep her for
a couple of weeks and
- No.
- No. It's fine.
She's fine now. She's great.
And Rose is
Rose is such a sweetheart.
Yeah. She's so smart.
I meant what I said when I called you.
Leave the past where it is.
- Sorry.
- Yeah, I just came to check on you.
- I'm not here for anything else.
- Sorry.
I'm just
It means so much that you
that you came.
Is it the truth?
That part about you,
uh, backing into a nail?
I would have crafted
a much better story.
Take care of yourself, Cornelia.
Take care.
Let's get married.
Last time was such a tragedy,
I thought you might want
to wait a little bit longer
- before we started planning.
- No, no planning.
- I mean tonight.
- Elope?
A college friend of my
mother's is a judge in Bethesda.
I bet if I called her, she'd do it.
What do you say?
Why right now?
It's it's just like nothing is
real in my life anymore except you.
And I don't want the wedding,
I don't want the dress.
What about our friends? My family?
My brother's not going to
care, but, oh my God, my mom?
No, you're right. We should wait.
Plan it out.
I don't know what's wrong with me.
You know, I don't think
I've ever met impulsive Sara.
I like her.
Just you and me. Let's get married.
Call your mom's friend.
(CRYING) Paul.
They told me they told me that you
Is it really you?
Eleven north.
Eleven north.
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