Gray (2023) s01e06 Episode Script


- Levitsky's dead.
- What?
Sara, I need you to
track down Jacob Aimes.
I just saw his picture on Chase's wall.
(TAGG): Perhaps we should have
given it a little more thought
before bringing her back.
Your mistake. You correct it.
Somebody tried already.
(ABBOTT): Here's our problem:
Can't kill her, or Chase Cornet
will take that as an admission of guilt.
(GRAY): You have to cover for me.
Look at this, sir. She boarded
a flight to Belgrade last night.
When was the last time you two talked?
Have Sara Beckham take care of Gray.
You need to see it.
You just plant a seed.
You see if it grows.
(SARA): Nothing is
real in my life anymore.
Except you. And I don't want the
wedding, I don't want the dress.
Just you and me. Let's get married.
Blake Granger.
Assigned to the freedom
missile program, was kidnapped.
(WITH DIFFICULTY): Eleven north.
I know Ilya was like a son to you.
But losing you would be no better.
You are like my sister.
Someone came for me when
I was in the hospital.
I knew I wouldn't be
able to put up a fight.
I ran.
Ilya tried to stop him.
No, you were only in that
position because of Ilya.
I told him I told him 60 times:
Do not go for the kidney.
Do not nick the artery, Ilya.
- Do not touch the kidney.
- Oh.
You okay?
Because you look like
absolute total shit.
You always know what to say to a girl.
Oh! Oh.
- Sorry.
- No.
I paid Ilya to find
out anything he could
on a-a spy from way back, Jacob Aimes.
- Hm.
- Did he find something?
I think he did. He
I know he wanted to give
you some information.
He was very pleased with himself.
He tried to tell me
something before he died.
"Eleven North." Does
that mean anything to you?
I will go and search his place.
But, you know, he's like you;
he doesn't write anything down.
He keeps everything up here.
Something that you asked.
That was taken four hours ago.
Blake Granger.
- Our missile engineer.
- Hm.
I'll call the bank.
I'll have them wire payment first thing.
For a man who's died twice,
you do outstanding work.
I missed you, Levitsky.
Thank you.
No, she was on this floor.
Can you just check?
She was here.
I'm sorry, sir, there's nothing.
They don't even have a
record of her being here!
No, it's just a mix-up.
She was discharged early. She'll
be at work when I get there.
Yeah, but what about this? In the trash?
Are you kidding? She never
would have left without this.
Maybe Ben picked her up? I
could see it slipping her mind
if her son came in person.
Maybe Sophie came with Rose.
Why didn't you just come inside?
It felt safer.
Coffee's ready.
- What?
- I said coffee's ready.
Oh, you're joining me, Mrs. Westcott.
I'm keeping Beckham, by the way.
So, now, do you want to
tell me what happened?
attacked at the hospital.
With who?
I I never saw them. But the
The person who was
there looking out for me
was killed.
And who was protecting you?
A Russian named Ilya.
You hired a Russian?
I hired a whole organization of
Russians. They're very reliable.
And they're intelligence?
They were once. They're with
a different organization now.
I had Ilya looking for Jacob Aimes.
Chase's old friend the
operative who just vanished?
I think he found something.
He whispered to me before he died
- Eleven North.
Andy says hi.
So there are seven addresses
for Eleven North in cities,
towns, villages, streets, roads,
boulevards in a 200-mile radius.
If it's a partial address,
say 11 North Main Street,
we have 32 possibles.
We're not sure it's this
area, or even this country.
Let's start with the seven.
What are they? Who owns them?
Okay, none linked to Jacob Aimes.
Private home in probate;
the deceased, J. Gordon
Russel, died last May at 92.
A rental property, hair salon,
operated by Laritta Johnson since 2018
and then another business
property, Great Falls, Virginia.
- Ten minutes from Langley.
- Bought 2012 at auction from
Government Services Administration.
- Property seizure.
- Purchased by 11 North Equity Ltd.,
which is owned by Encore
West Financial Group,
- which is owned by
- Let's take a look.
Come on.
Sara's changed phones.
I had Connors track Andy.
Andy went to Mother of Mercy
Hospital early this morning.
He inquired about a Cornelia Beckham.
There's no record of
her ever being there.
So, Andy was there. Was she?
I have Sara leaving the hospital
travelling to your house at 6:33.
- Maybe she dropped her off?
- Jesus.
Is that what we're doing now?
Tracking each other's people?
Gray's car's been on
the move since 8:10.
7th and Langford, ten minutes ago.
The plan to turn Sara
against Cornelia has failed.
There's no doubt that
they're working together.
The prudent course is to end this
now before she sees it coming.
Gold, remind him about the seed.
- The seed has been planted.
- It's a seed, Abbott.
Gray never left the country.
Sara lied about it.
Levitsky is dead.
Chase is God knows where.
If Gray walks in here today,
I'm taking the razor out of
my desk and I'm ending this.
Oh, my God.
You know, we don't
really have rules here.
There's no HR department,
but I did think
we had a tacit agreement;
no weapons in the office.
It's a razor. I shave with it.
- At the office?
- Yes.
- Like when you're on the go?
I have one at home and one here.
Tell me you're not proposing
what I think you're proposing.
You use a straight razor to shave?
Do I look like I use a safety razor?
And I'm not proposing anything.
All she has to do is show up.
No, no, no, no, no!
One of us cannot take action
without the group's approval.
Well, are you talking about killing her,
- or stealing her bra again?
- Fuck sake.
There's no need to act.
Sara will tell me everything she learns.
Sara is holding the internet
by its ankles and shaking it.
- Hm.
- So, we'll know what Gray was looking at
while she was underground.
Sara is with Gray right now.
Gray trusts her.
Gold has planted a seed.
All we have to do is wait.
I should tell you the man who
died at the hospital protecting me
is the same man who stabbed me.
- What?
- It had to be convincing
so the mole would
have to contact Moscow.
The mole would want to know
if Moscow had ordered it,
so then the mole's handler would
then have to contact the mole
to either confirm or deny. Right.
And, wait, that was worth
almost getting yourself killed?!
Exposure can lead to communication.
- When were you going to tell me?
- I'm telling you now.
So, you mean, you knew
he was going to stab you?
You paid him to stab you?!
I would have been fine, except
Ilya missed his mark by an inch.
I didn't know when. He
was supposed to pick a time
when there would have been plenty
of eyes on me, but not so many
Eyes on you? No one saw the attack.
Oh, they all had people there.
- Each head of Cerberus?
Even though Chase has
ordered them to back off?
Chase has been watching
me since I got back.
Everything we do is theater, Sara,
and even if you don't see
them, can't you feel them?
The man standing behind the tree;
the lady who just passed with the
stroller; the balcony up there.
How do you know there isn't a
telescope on that balcony up there?
Because I assume there is
until I'm sure there isn't.
How can you not trust me?
Are you asking as someone
who works for Tagg,
or someone who does
small jobs for Abbott?
Or maybe you're asking as Sara Beckham,
the analyst who claimed
I was falsely accused,
or she's convinced everyone
that's what she thinks.
Maybe you're sure I killed your father
and you're waiting for your moment.
Are you seriously suggesting I
brought you back here to kill you?
I would.
You've grown cold to me recently.
What proof do you have? More
importantly, where'd you get it?
Did you bite into it on your own,
or did someone feed it
to you on a little spoon?
I did not lobby to bring
you back here to kill you.
I analyzed data and I
drew a rational conclusion.
Or, maybe, every day since
you were a little girl,
you hated me.
- I don't hate you!
- It's okay.
People hated me long
before you were born.
I'm not saying I believe any of this.
I'm just telling you
what I had to consider.
I honestly didn't at first.
But now I trust you.
What changed?
An afternoon with Andy.
You couldn't be with that boy
and have a heart of poison.
Is that true?
Why won't you ever just
tell me what's true?
Okay, the owner's
Burke Gorman. Who's he?
I have no idea.
But he had to be CIA.
If Jacob Aimes was ever here,
it hasn't been for a long time.
11 North.
Hold that for me.
Get ready to pull this. Okay.
- Ready.
- When I say pull, pull as hard you can.
(GRUNTING) Come on.
Apparently, Burke Gorman would
import these trophies from China,
then replace the lead
pellets in the base with meth,
then export them out.
But before a raid was set, he
bludgeoned his wife to death
with an eight-pound stone cooking tile
in front of ten witnesses at
an outdoor barbecue in Newhook.
Is this Burke Gorman?
Yeah, that's him. Why?
Burke Gorman is Jacob Aimes.
Standing with Chase.
I have altered the prison visitor's log
so you won't have a problem getting in.
You work for his
lawyers, Stafford & Grant.
Cameras? Audio?
Not in the consultation room.
My God, Gray.
Who would have thunk?
The last time I saw you,
a bunch of us went to that roadhouse.
All of us got shitfaced
and you were dry humping
Bob by the jukebox.
I loved that place!
It's called dancing, by the way.
Bob what's-her-name's
husband. What's her name?
- Christina Gold.
- Gold. Right.
I bet she remembers you dancing.
Oh, I bet she does.
How is she?
Too bad for the rest of us.
I heard she put on 100 pounds.
She had that, uh, stomach surgery.
She lost her hair for a
while. Bit of a train wreck.
Oh, you're not exactly
on the tracks yourself.
Old Presto is trying to
pull a rabbit out of a hat.
Sent you in here to kill me, didn't he?
You two were like that.
That's what comes with people
that have that kind of money.
We got on, but I was
never, ever in the club.
If you were friends, you
wouldn't still be in here.
Preston could have me
outta here in a minute.
I'd be enjoying
retirement on some island right now.
I know it's a tricky
situation. I crossed the line.
Some people (CHUCKLING)
just shouldn't be married.
But I know where the
bodies are all buried.
I've got a TV/VCR combo in my cell.
They won't get me a DVD player
and they won't explain why.
I've got a tape called Cartoon Carnival
featuring Little Audrey and Baby Huey.
I've got four El Santo tapes
that I inherited from a
trustee when he passed.
I got a boxed set of The
World's Most Beloved Operas.
I hate opera.
And yet a year ago,
when the tape of The Magic
Flute jammed in my machine,
I went berserk.
Straight jacket, sedation.
Three days in the prison hospital.
(CHUCKLING) The Magic Flute?
put a bullet between my eyes, Gray.
And then you slit Chase
Cornet's slimy throat for me.
I could get you out.
Oh, my God! Cornelia
hacked Tagg. How ?
Oh, shit.
If I do, I'm going to be in a bad spot.
I don't know why he
left you here to rot,
or what he's going to do to me, darling.
They tried to pick me clean,
- but they didn't get all of my accounts.
- Hm.
So you pick a number, put a
dollar sign in front of it.
Give me something on Chase.
Beckham used to drop hints about him.
Be nice to have something against him.
Just think of all the years
he left you here to rot.
Is he playing both sides?
I'll tell whatever truth
you tell me to tell.
Tell me the truth.
The truth?
I'll testify before
Congress, hand on my heart.
I'll swear to God over
the grave of my wife.
I'll defeat any lie
detector test woman, man,
or science can concoct.
I need leverage if I'm going to do this.
Soon as I'm out.
Some sign of good faith?
The answers you seek,
my dear Cornelia
are in the bible.
He told me where to look.
Really? Did I just see
Gray go into Tagg's office?
Ask Tagg.
Oh, did you come into
work with Cornelia today?
- Little walk of shame?
- What? No!
Oh, I see.
- There's nothing to see.
- She's made you her pet.
Sorry. Can I have a really quick word?
- Later.
- Abbott, this is important.
- What?
- It's just about the, uh, email you sent me.
How was Belgrade?
Never lovelier.
You aren't ill, are you?
That recirculated air on
the plane can kill you.
I take vitamins when I travel.
I have a giant drawer full of them:
B, D, Zinc,
E, Rose hip.
I buy 'em with the best intentions,
but after a few days
I really need to start taking them, uh,
At your age? Yes.
I shouldn't share this, but
I have to trust you.
I know where they're
holding Blake Granger.
Excuse me.
(SHUSHING): I don't think this is
(INDISTINCT) Let's take a rain check.
Where is he?
- Can we get to him?
- Only I can.
We'll run it past Chase first thing
in the morning when he gets back.
It can come out of his budget.
Good work.
Impeccable timing.
What'd Abbott want?
Just now.
Hm? Oh.
Uh, he had some thoughts
about redecorating my office.
Not interested.
I see.
Color scheme?
And red.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
There's something we have to do.
You up for a ride?
Well, I'm supposed to meet Andy.
- Do you want me to cancel?
- No, no! Please.
How about tonight?
Yeah. Sure.
What did Gray tell Tagg
about Blake Granger?
I didn't know she had anything to tell.
Did you tell her about
my association with him?
I swear.
Gray said you had someone
there when she was stabbed.
Did you?
Do you know why I took
an interest in you?
"No one ever gave me a thing.
I don't return favors
because I don't accept favors.
I set a goal and then
when I reach that goal,
I have all satisfaction in knowing
that I don't owe anyone anything.
I celebrate reaching that
goal by setting my next goal."
My application to Princeton.
Could have written it myself.
Landed on my desk the day
after you applied and I knew
Winston Beckham's
daughter was not like him.
She was just like me.
How did you know I saw that?
Because I monitored the communications
of the acceptance committee.
Who attacked Gray in Mother of Mercy?
She doesn't know.
Why did she go to Silk
Ridge Correctional?
To visit someone. Burke Gorman.
Someone she knew 20 years ago, I guess?
Can I ask you something, sir?
Were you going to kill her today?
Just remember, Sara.
You and I?
We're on the same side.
(LAUGHING) What? What?
What was it like being a spy?
I was basically a civil servant
who racked up a ton of
frequent flier miles.
I watched houses.
I camped in airports.
I sifted through trash.
I practically lived
in the subbasement of the
Bucharest Ramada for a month.
- Is there a party going on there?
- What happened in Bucharest?
- Nothing!
I was monitoring the wiretap
of a government minister
who never received
or sent a single call!
Incredible waste of tax dollars.
Don't ever get old, Ben.
Uh, I gotta go.
Uh, where are we
having dinner this week?
- Same place?
- Same place.
Okay. Uh, bye, Mom.
I can't let Gray take
the Blake Granger mission.
- Did you tell her that?
- Well, not in so many words.
Get her to give you the information,
then I can send in somebody I trust.
Where did Gray get that photo?
I don't know.
Where are they holding him in Seoul?
She didn't tell me.
You haven't gained her
trust at all, have you?
I'm sorry.
This literally seems to be my day
- for disappointing people.
- Yeah.
I do have one thing to report, sir.
You've been breached, sir.
Gray's been inside your
home network for over a year.
Mostly personal files,
but there were some classified
documents you viewed at home,
against protocol, I must add.
She told you?
I saw her footprints.
I finally hit on one of the providers
she highjacked and
untangled the proxies.
She viewed scores of operational files
in the weeks prior to her arrest,
which is how she had time
to get rid of the computer,
the phone and anything else
she didn't want us to find.
Oh. And the money.
She knew we were coming.
Sir, not only did she know we
were coming, she invited us in.
Is Cornelia Gray the mole?
Chase is the mole.
Even if it's not him, he knows who is.
No. No way.
Aimes as much as swore to it.
You don't have to come in. I
don't want you to lose your job,
but I do need you to access
the cameras and the alarms.
We're just going to look around.
If not Chase, then who?
Might be you.
- Done?
- Uh-huh.
If he isn't hiding anything,
why did he point me at Tagg.
Tagg? Seriously Tagg? Tagg is Tagg.
And before that he hinted at Abbott.
Abbott is pride, ambition, power.
The person we're
searching for is satisfied
watching from the background.
A rooster doesn't hide
behind the barn when he crows.
Are we sure there aren't
armed guards? Or dogs?
He's not Pablo Escobar.
Chase's thing is everyone loves him.
And even though the rich
and powerful only love him
because he has a treasure
trove of damaging info on them,
he's convinced he's safe.
And he's allergic to dogs.
So, if Abbott's power
and ambition, what am I?
Thought? That's boring.
What are you?
No. It's a
so-it-can-stop-a-bullet-sized bible.
When Chase and Aimes were marines,
a charity handed them
out for free and some men
tossed them and some used
the pages for toilet paper.
Chase wrote notes in his,
in code, of course, over
the word of God because
we know whose word he
thought was more important.
Even after he entered in intelligence.
Contacts in the US. Contacts in Russia.
"Pearl-handled pistol
belonging to Eleanor Roosevelt."
"Presented by Franklin
Delano Roosevelt Jr.
To Chase Cornet, September 10, 1982."
I love Eleanor Roosevelt!
Wait! Eleanor Roosevelt owned a gun?!
Uh, several.
Nice ones, too.
You know, Chase didn't
stop carrying the Bible
'til long after he realized
there were some things
that were never meant
to be written down.
Wouldn't he have burned
it or shredded it?
Aimes said he saw it in this
room less than ten years ago.
I mean, look at this.
In Chase's mind,
everything he touches has
to be preserved for history.
You don't know that it's in there.
Well, are you gonna break it open?
Well, I can't. The only person
who can open that is Chase.
So ?
I'm gonna let him open it.
Are you fucking insane?!
You should probably go.
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