Gray (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

Three Buckets

And now I'm going to
see Rose's dad. George.
I think you should be
allowed to see Rose,
but it's not my call.
All kidding aside, there's something
so familiar about your face.
That was taken four
hours ago. Blake Granger.
Our missile engineer.
I know where they're
holding Blake Granger.
I can't let Gray take
the Blake Granger mission.
Get her to give you the information,
then I can send in somebody I trust.
Six months ago, a sample
of the IEP found its way
into the hands of the
Reconnaissance General Bureau,
who enlisted the aid of the
SVR to reverse engineer it.
Ar you seriously suggesting I
brought you back here to kill you?
You've grown cold to me recently.
What proof do you
have? More importantly,
did you bite into it on your own,
or did someone feed it
to you on a little spoon?
Gray killed Winston because
she was the one who turned him.
Gray's been inside your
home network for over a year.
She knew we were coming.
So not only did she know we were coming,
she invited us in.
I paid Ilya to find out
anything he could on a spy
from way back, Jacob Aimes.
I could get you out.
Give me something on Chase.
Chase is the mole.
Aimes as much as swore to it.
The answers you seek, my dear Cornelia,
are in the Bible.
Aimes said he saw it in this room
less than ten years ago,
pearl-handled pistol
belonging to Eleanor Roosevelt.
It's in there.
Are you fucking insane?!
You should have been
there. It went perfectly.
He came home, sent Ramos for the safe.
Chase opened it and there it was.
He's going to find out it was us.
Well, he knows it was me.
Doesn't it strike you as
odd he didn't send commandos
to break down my door?
He knows, but he can't
do anything about it
because he's afraid we
know more than we do.
What if there was a
housekeeper upstairs?
Or a firefighter got hurt?
Would that have mattered to you?
- And what if he's not the mole at all?
- What if he is?
He doesn't have rules. Why should I?
It's important you separate
work from real life.
It was work, Sara.
Oh, Rousseau.
Are you sure it's her?
What about the man with
her, Vladimir Orlov?
Chase's counterpart in Russia.
You tell Sara Beckham
to meet me downstairs.
You should look at these.
Oh, Sara?
Chase Cornet wants you downstairs.
Is there something you want to tell me?
I'm a little hurt.
Your father and I
were very good friends,
- you know that?
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
I understand.
You got married.
How did you know?
I don't want to keep you.
I think you and Andy are
going to be very happy.
May I?
I had a thought.
Why don't we call your mother
and ask her if she
knows Janelle Rousseau?
I don't know Janelle Rousseau.
My mother does not
know Janelle Rousseau.
But if we ask her, then
we'll be sure, right?
Give me your mom's number.
I'll-I'll talk to her.
Just curious: Do you have an off switch?
Want to feel around for it?
I'm kidding.
I'll go.
They're sending Vladimir
Orlov from Moscow
as an unofficial advisor.
- You know what that means.
- The IEP.
- We can send anyone.
- It's my contact.
He's got people on the inside.
The whole operation is a
matter of timing and trust.
I'm not giving you my
information while you have a mole!
Either I do it, or nobody does!
How's it going with Sara?
- She's brilliant.
- But?
Hmm. She's not ready for
the field yet, is she?
Uh, it's not that. I'm
not sure she wants it.
She thinks she does, but it
takes a certain type of person.
She told me you'd gotten
into my computer files
over a year ago.
Did she tell you she told me?
Did she tell you she'd found out?
No. Smart.
Did you tell her you
let me into the files?
Well, didn't see the advantage, no.
- Wedding present?
- Mm-hmm.
I'm doing the thank you
notes, so you get to open it.
Chase Cornet.
"Love is a fire that burns unseen,
a wound that aches, yet isn't felt,
an always discontent contentment,
a pain that rages painlessly."
Put it away. Let's
have a look at it later.
This is so dark!
"It's being imprisoned
of your own free will.
It's counting your defeat a victory.
It's staying loyal to your murderer."
Ooh! The best part.
Ten bucks?
Who is this guy? My Aunt Helen?
When do you leave?
No, I make my own arrangements.
I mean, you can imagine
the danger I'd be in if
the mole knew the details of my trip.
- Mm. Agreed.
- Mm.
Someone burned down my house.
- My God.
- Mm-hmm.
I lost everything but
the contents of my safe.
- Security footage?
- No.
Oh, this-this is terrible.
Well, it was a double
dose of tragedy, really.
- Hmm.
- Old friend of mine,
Jacob Aimes. Do you
happen to remember him?
Hanged himself this morning.
I mean, it puts things into perspective.
The loss of material possessions
is nothing compared to
the loss of an old friend.
- You better be careful.
- Why?
These things come in threes.
Are you sure the person in
question didn't open your safe,
look at what was inside,
and then burned down your
house to cover his tracks?
That's what I'd do.
If there's something he'd
wanted, he'd have taken it.
Maybe he just wanted to
take pictures of something.
Years ago, a man was giving
these out on the street,
and he said, "Son, have
you heard the good news?"
And I said, "Sir, even
the very worst news
is good news for someone."
This is perfect.
- Hello?
- Cornelia?
George Liang. Catch you
in the middle of something?
Just planning a quick trip out of town.
I hope you'll be back by Sunday.
Yeah, do
Does that mean ?
The party starts at one.
Thank you, George.
Like I said, it's for Rose.
Take care.
Are we having a psychotic break?
Or just a paranoid episode?
Is that rock from my border outside?
Jesus Christ.
It was in there to help
the boxwood grow straight.
Someone was here.
I didn't see anybody.
Not long ago. I still smell his sweat.
All set for Seoul?
- Leaving in three days.
- Did you hear the news?
Big fire at Chase Cornet's.
National Historic Register,
ten years older than
Washington's Mt. Vernon home.
Faulty wiring, apparently.
What's that?
Remember to put that
rock back in my boxwood.
Do you ever say what you mean?
Of course. Don't you?
Connors, right?
- Get in.
- Wait, what?
Christ. Don't play stupid,
please. I hate that.
You're a woman, I'm a woman.
We can help each other, right?
You strike me as the kind of person
who knows opportunity
when it's staring you in the face.
Am I wrong here, Connors?
Gray leaves for Korea in three days.
- Is Tagg having you accompany her?
- Just following her.
Did he ask you to do
more than follow her?
- Ask Tagg.
- I will.
Where'd you get the
photos of Gold and Orlov?
We used to be close once.
Closer than this, anyway.
I must've built up a
tolerance to your charm.
What's it going to take for us
to have a real relationship again?
- More than colleagues.
- Friends?
More than friends.
I saw you getting out of
Chase's car this morning.
What'd he say?
He congratulated me on getting married.
He knew I'd see you
and doubt your loyalty.
He's trying to drive a wedge between us.
We're getting close.
He knows I was there in his house.
I told you: There's nothing he can do
until he knows what we know.
Until then, he's fishing.
That's why he gave me this.
There's no writing in it.
I thought you said he'd have
written his Russian contacts in it?
This means he's not the mole.
No. It means he gave
me a different Bible.
He knows I talked to Jacob Aimes.
He found out what Jacob
told me about the Bible
and then had him killed.
He needs to know if we
photographed the real Bible
from his safe, which means there
is a Bible with his notes in it.
Sara, if he's been the
mole this whole time,
it means he killed your father.
You don't know it.
- Just like you don't know if he's the mole!
- Sara,
I'm trying to clear my name
and give you some peace of mind.
If you want to walk
away, I'll understand.
There's something you
need to know about Tagg.
I looked over the
hospital security footage
from the night you were attacked.
Rousseau was there that night.
Rousseau tracked me to the
basement of the hospital.
Ilya tried to stop him.
- Rousseau killed Ilya.
- No, don't you see?
Rousseau is Tagg's man.
Chase isn't the mole.
Tagg's the mole.
Cornelia, where are we going?
To play poker with Russians.
- Beckham.
- Mm-hmm.
I knew your father.
Sorry, I didn't get your name?
Andrei Levitsky.
Andrei told you what I needed done?
We'll take care of it.
I think the first time
Gray killed me was
about, uh, 20 years ago?
She cut my throat from
behind in the Romincka Forest
and left me to the wolves.
So she told her people,
her people told my people
and then she smuggled me
into this country and
I made a new life.
A good life.
Never thirsty.
The footage I saw of you and
Gray in the cafe in Latvia?
My nephew can do
anything with a computer.
Your people were very
surprised I was still alive.
Yes, I know. I had to be killed again.
This time it was with a garrote. Yeah.
Always from behind they catch me.
My grandmother had a saying:
It's terrible when a man
isn't the man you thought he was.
It's worse when that man
isn't the man he thought he was himself.
You are not like your father.
You're strong
like Gray.
- Oh!
- Spasibo.
Why did you tell me Levitsky was dead?
Chase, Gold, Abbott
they had to believe it so I could see
what they'd do in response.
You didn't you trust me. You
even gave me a fake diary.
- Were you trying to humiliate me?
- No.
What then?
We're dealing with professionals
who know how to read people.
I knew if I could upset you,
you'd try to hide it
and they'd pick up on it.
You're right, though.
- I should have trusted you.
- Wait, whose car is this?
- Are you getting in?
- Where are we going?
- Korea.
- Now?!
You wanted to be a field agent.
I say we have a team follow her in,
take care of the situation
as soon as she's done.
- When's she leaving?
- Three days.
Well, timing depends on when the
interrogator is due to arrive.
Vladimir Orlov.
Just wondering if Orlov will
know that Gray is coming,
considering that you know.
You both make me sick.
I've got a dog to walk.
Do we need to pick up equipment?
Everything is arranged.
Oh! I thought the plane
was bad. How much further?
Oh, no. No, no, no. Oh, no, no. No.
What is it? What?
I forgot about Ben.
This was all I wanted
out of all of this,
to get my family back.
I forgot I was meeting Ben tonight.
How could I forget?
It's okay, it's okay.
No. No, no, no. Don't blame yourself.
That's what I always
do. I did it with Tessa.
I did it with my mother. My father, too.
Oh, no, don't look at me,
don't look at my face, don't look at me.
- Okay. Okay. Okay. It's okay.
- Don't. Don't.
When you tell him, he'll understand.
It was never my fault,
and it isn't yours now.
You and I are so much alike in that way.
Oh, why am I doing this for
Why am I playing this game again?
I think you missed it
more than you realized.
Ah! I forgot about Ben.
It's okay. Hey, um
So, I heard somewhere you and Chase
used to be together. Is it true?
You'd have to ask Chase.
Oh, you won't kiss and tell?
I think he gets a lot of women.
Well, they get to know
him and then they get out
as fast as they can.
- Oh, really? Why?
- I-I don't know, Sara.
Chase is a complicated man.
He has a voracious appetite
for everything. Everything.
He lives life like it's his sponge
and he has to squeeze
it all out and in bed?
Well, I don't know how to put this.
He wants things that are not
suited to everyone's taste.
What do you mean exactly?
Ugh. I don't want to know.
No, you don't want to know.
How are you and Andy in bed?
Uh Yeah, no. It's nice.
It's just, it's fine. I love Andy.
Okay, let's try a different subject:
What would you be doing
if you didn't do this?
- I don't
- What made you happy?
- Happy?
- When you were a child.
When I was nine
I wanted to make dresses.
- Why?
- It's a good question.
I didn't wear them myself
back then. Kind of a tomboy.
So was I.
I made doll dresses.
You just don't strike me as
someone who would have a doll.
My sister had them. I
I wasn't allowed to touch
them, even when she got older,
and she didn't touch them herself.
I could not go near them.
- You didn't have any of your own?
- No.
No one ever gave you one as
a gift, or handed one down?
I would make these little dresses
take her dolls in the
night and dress them up.
That's so sweet.
'Til my sister caught me.
- And what? She was furious?
- No.
No, strangely enough.
How could I forget about Ben?
Even for a second?
Cornelia, what happened
with the dresses?
My sister helped me put all
the dresses on the dolls.
We put the dolls back up
on the shelf in her room,
taking extra time and making sure
everything was just right.
And I was happy.
And then something bad
happened, didn't it?
What happened to the dresses?
Did she take them off in the night
and rip them into pieces,
or burn them in front of you?
I decided she didn't deserve them.
So I took them when she was asleep,
went outside, dug a
hole, and I buried them.
She never found them.
she never asked me where they were.
I never made another dress.
Have you ever thought
about killing anyone, Sara?
What? Uh, no.
I guess the person
that killed my father.
There is someone, though, more recent.
- Who?
- It's not serious.
- It's embarrassing.
- Tell me.
- Connors.
- Who?
She works in the office, next cubicle.
- Oh, office politics.
- No, no, no. She's always
She stares at me and then
she takes photos of my screen
and I think she's keeping tabs on me.
- Who is she?
- That's the thing. She's not important.
Tagg brought her in from treasury.
Well, how would you do it?
- I I don't want to do it.
- I'm just curious.
No, no, no.
You're going to go back
and kill her, are you?
This isn't a Strangers
on a Train situation?
It-it's a long trip.
- Yeah, I know!
- It's not going to happen.
Yeah, of course not.
I'm just curious.
I don't know.
I need something to
keep my mind off Ben.
All right. Um
a brick.
A brick?
So with the dolls, did you,
uh, do anything to them
before you buried them?
- What do you mean?
- Did you cut their heads off?
No, Sara, what's wrong with you?
- You kept their clothes on?
- Of course.
But I did bury them head down.
I-I wasn't holding back. I just forgot.
- Had you been reading Dante?
- Pardon?
The eighth circle of
Hell. Dante's Inferno.
- You familiar with it?
- If I read it, it was in college.
Wh-what is the eighth circle?
Well, the ninth is the absolute worst.
- That I know.
- Yeah, but the eighth circle
is for people who have
brought about the downfall
of the people they love.
They're buried with the head down
and then their feet sticking out
and then their feet are set on fire.
As more people are cast
into the eighth circle,
they're thrown on top of the others
and the old bodies are
pushed down and down,
body after body, until finally they fall
through the ground into
an abyss of despair.
Sara, ask yourself:
Would a child read a book like that?
A child who makes doll dresses?
- I read it when I was thirteen.
- You were very advanced.
Okay. Perhaps.
I-I was nine when the
whole doll thing happened.
You-you made a leap with me.
No, I just asked.
Everything'll be okay.
And I'll explain to Ben
myself when we get back.
I know how you feel,
but we'll take care of it.
I feel so bad, too. I'm just like you.
Oh! What the fuck?!?
Oh! What? Did Tagg send you?
- Did Tagg send you?!
- Easy, easy, easy.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Fuck you.
Easy. Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Fuck. Huh.
Shh. Good girl.
Write it.
- Whose fault was it, huh?
- What?
Whose fault is it?
Whose fault?
Just write it.
That's good.
That's so good.
Just a little bit more.
Open, open, open.
Mm-hmm. Swallow, swallow.
Close. Swallow.
Can you take two for Daddy?
Can you take two at a time?
- Ah-ha.
- Good.
One. Two.
Such a good girl.
Mm-hmm. That's good.
Wakey, wakey, eggsy bakey.
Can you have one more?
One more for Daddy?
Your chair, my chair, toilet.
Orlov is arriving from Moscow
and will join the
interrogation of Blake.
The Koreans will get the info
on the missile defense system.
Orlov will get to try out the IEP.
Wait, Christina Gold's program?
A sample was stolen by our mole
and given to Orlov's division.
The interrogation
takes place down there.
Once I take out Orlov,
the guard will bring Blake
down to a waiting car.
There's another car waiting
for us behind this building.
Let's go.
Do you remember your real mother?
Her hands were always warm.
Whenever she'd touch my cheek,
or lifted me out of the bath,
or held my hand when
we crossed the street.
This is weird. Turn around.
If Tagg is the mole, won't he
just send someone to stop us?
He doesn't even know
we left Washington yet.
I remember my mother's funeral.
I was five and everyone
was looking at me,
everyone was coming over to me,
everyone was talking to me and then,
you saved me.
- I saved you?
- Mm-hmm.
You said, "Let's take a
walk," so we took a walk
around the block and
you didn't say anything
about how wonderful my mother was,
or how sad I must be,
or how beautiful she was,
or how I had her eyes,
or how she'd be looking
down at me from heaven.
We just walked.
The second you took me
by the hand, I was safe.
My hands are always cold. My nose, too.
Mm-hmm. So is mine!
It's like an ice cube half the time.
It wasn't long after
that Tessa moved in.
Did you know that she
helped me get into Princeton?
I told your dad
that Tessa killed your mother.
My mother died of cancer.
Small amounts of arsenic over
a long period can mimic cancer.
Tessa befriended her,
slowly poisoned her.
- No.
- She was a Russian agent.
Your mother was in her way.
Your father didn't believe me, either.
We never spoke again.
Don't you close one eye to shoot?
My right eye sees what's in the scope.
My left eye stays
open to see what's not.
- You've shot people before?
- Yes.
- Long range?
- Yes.
Not in your record.
Did Chase tell you to kill
me after this operation
- when you were in his car?
- No, I told you
- everything that he said
- Did Tagg, Abbott, Gold,
convince you I killed your father?
Can you do me a favor?
Oh, there they are.
Can you wait until after Sunday?
I'm not going to kill you.
Nobody asked me to kill you.
Ah, the IEP's already in. Jesus.
Rose's party is at one.
That's Orlov.
When I was your age, I
didn't have a single regret.
No matter what I did, what I said,
I told myself my path was chosen by fate
and any deviation would
have unforeseen consequences.
Fate gave me no choice.
So, I lived without regret.
But now I regret everything.
Every word I ever said,
every action I took,
every choice I made was wrong.
Funny how things got flipped.
Can you wait until after the party?
That was Blake Granger! What
is wrong with you?! Why?!
Leave everything.
Someone else will get it.
I got a text from Ben.
He said he forgot about the dinner, too.
If I'd showed up, I He
wouldn't have been there.
I-I don't know if that's true.
It's sweet that he said that.
I don't know about these
things. What do you think?
I am not like you.
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