Gray (2023) s01e08 Episode Script

The Birthday Party

Someone burned down my house.
He's going to find out it was us.
Is there something you want to tell me?
He needs to know if we photographed
the real Bible from his safe,
which means there is a
Bible with his notes in it.
Andrei told you what I needed done?
Why don't we call
your mother and ask her
if she knows Janelle Rousseau?
Where'd you get the
photos of Gold and Orlov?
We used to be close once.
Closer than this, anyway.
Orlov is arriving from Moscow
and will join the
interrogation of Blake.
The Koreans will get the info
on the missile defense system.
Orlov will get to try out the IEP.
Just wondering if Orlov will
know that Gray is coming,
considering that you know?
Oh! What the fuck?!
Whose fault is it? Just write it.
I'm not going to kill you.
Nobody asked me to kill you.
Can you wait until after the party?
That was Blake Granger.
What is wrong with you?! Why?
I am not like you.
- Where's Gray?
- Probably killing the pilot.
Lydia was fussing all
night. I'm a little confused.
Gray murdered three people in Korea.
(SCOFFS) No, no, no, no, no, Sara.
The word murder is a purely
legal term, like insanity.
We're all friends
here. We're not lawyers.
We were sent to rescue Blake Granger.
What do you call shooting him in
between the eyes with a sniper rifle?
Extraction would have been
preferable; it always is.
Waffles are preferable to pancakes,
- but there isn't always time.
- Are you serious?
I know! There was loss of life,
and I shouldn't trivialize
it. I'm sorry. I apologize.
I assume rescue was improbable,
given the circumstances.
It might have ended with one
or both of you being captured.
Never mind the political embarrassment,
just think of the treasure
trove of intelligence
that might be gleaned out of you.
Colonel Orlov has a long
history of torturing civilians.
His bodyguard's job was to shoot anyone
who came within ten feet of him.
As for Blake Granger, he knew the risks
when he signed up to work in the DMZ.
If they'd used the IEP
was there an IV bag?
Mm-hm. Yes.
Well, then he was dead already.
If they got information on
our air defense, for example,
hundreds - no, millions - of
people would have been endangered.
Those people have families,
friends. What about them?
Blake Granger sacrificed his life
for their security and that's our job.
Mm-hm. And is that what
happened to my father?
- He was sacrificed?
- You're upset. You're tired.
Take a day, take a week.
Not everything is black and white, Sara!
I gather congratulations are in order.
I stuck with the plan.
I'd be extra careful if I were you.
Gold got Sara alone.
Planted a seed.
While you were gone, we
found photos, by the way.
Gold and Orlov.
No one's seen her in two days.
Come on.
What the hell?
I'll make some coffee.
You forget your phone and your keys?
- Mr. Cornet?
- Andy.
I've come to see Sara. Is she back yet?
No. Come on in.
I didn't even know she'd left
town until I got so worried,
I called Mr. Tagg at his home.
Has Cornelia Gray tried to contact you?
- What's going on? Is Sara in danger?
- Sit down.
Listen, Andy, does Sara
talk about her work?
Uh, not really.
Cornelia Gray is on a rampage.
She's settling old scores
or something. I don't know.
She's gotten Tagg and
his people to help her.
She may have tried to
get Sara to help her
- and if Sara refused
- What happened?
My house was burned down.
It was only by luck that I wasn't there.
Christina Gold's been missing for days.
Andy, you need to know something.
Twenty years ago, Gray
murdered Sara's father.
That's my cup.
This is your house.
They're all your cups.
That's the cup I always use.
Well, that would explain
why it's in the front.
How did you, um ?
Oh. Um
the key behind the loose brick.
Bob showed it to me when we used to
Well, you know.
Has he seen what you've done
with this place since he left?
- You might win him back.
- Get out.
What happened up there?
Someone didn't know I'm
allergic to Lorazepam.
- Who?
- You know.
Assume I don't.
It was Tagg's man, Rousseau.
Tagg runs Rousseau and you run Tagg.
Where's Gray?
I left her at the airfield.
- What are you doing here?
- Ramos followed her to this area,
but we lost her.
I thought she might come here.
I'm told the rescue was a failure.
There was nothing I could do.
We'd better talk inside.
I blame the job more than anything.
When you live a life
without consequences
I just spoke to him to see
if he knew where you were.
My God.
Your father, your stepmother
and now, your husband.
- It's too much for one person.
What have you ever done
to deserve any of this?
- Sara?
Okay, okay. Sara.
Listen to me.
Look at me.
Let me take care of this, okay?
There's nothing for you to do here.
- I let her in.
- What's that?
Rose's party is
tomorrow and I'm invited.
Oh, that's wonderful. I
knew things would work out.
- (CHUCKLES) I found Gold.
- Mm-hm.
- Uh, she thinks you tried to have her killed.
- What?
At first, she was fairly
certain we planned it together.
I convinced her I was not
involved, that it was all you.
Oh. Thank you so much, Cornelia.
That was so considerate.
What am I supposed to have done?
You sent Rousseau to kill her
and make it look like a suicide.
- Rousseau?
- She's batshit crazy,
but he'd been there.
- What's Rousseau's story?
- Widowed once, divorced twice,
hates everybody.
Is he Janelle Rousseau's son?
Uh, who's she?
A secretary
- at the CIA when I first started.
- Hm.
I-I don't remember meeting her.
- Important?
- I don't know.
- How'd he start?
- Oh, Rousseau?
Ah, he was a SEAL. Saw a lot of action.
State College and not
a good state, either.
Trained as an FBI agent and, uh
- Cornelia?
- How'd he come to Cerberus?
I don't know. Someone
must have recommended him.
Rousseau is the mole.
He blackmailed Chase to
become part of Cerberus;
he sought permission to kill me.
He tried to kill Gold.
You expect me to buy this?
- Will the leaks stop?
- Yes.
All right. Rousseau it is.
Oh, one thing: I need to find Chase.
Why do you have Chase's
location in your phone?
I had him tagged during a
colonoscopy two years ago.
Christina Gold is the mole.
I have some photos I think
you'll find interesting.
The photos of her with Orlov?
I spread those around
through different sources
in case I wanted to bring
her down. They're fake.
You would do that, wouldn't you?
I understand Korea was a success.
Oh, I'm sorry I left sooner than I said.
I didn't want to chance the mole
having someone there waiting for me.
Very prudent.
Would you have sent Rousseau?
Tagg's man?
He was yours long before he was Tagg's.
His mother's Janelle
Rousseau, remember her?
- She was your secretary.
- No.
She was my father's secretary
before he retired from the agency.
Your father.
how long have you been
selling information?
- Cornelia
- I got into your safe.
- No, you didn't get into my safe!
You burned down my fucking house!
This is nothing.
This is a forgery you concocted.
- Is it?
- 'Course it is!
- You willing to bet your life on it?
- Oh, I hope that isn't a threat.
Do you see the name Orlov
written on this page?
And this one? And what
about this one? And here?
Why is his personal information
in your pocket Bible?
I remembered you as being
much smarter than this.
How the years distort our memories.
The answer is you've known him
since you started in intelligence.
You sold him the IEP.
You gave him the names
of our operatives in Korea
and Libya, who were then murdered.
What did you get in return?
I talked to Orlov before I killed him.
No, you didn't.
You shot Orlov with a Remington
700, two-hundred yards away,
the same way that you
shot Winston Beckham.
No, whoever killed Beckham
did so on information
that was leaked to Tagg that
ultimately came from you.
We both know you killed Winston
Beckham, the same way you killed Orlov!
- Stop it.
- I killed Granger.
I killed the bodyguard.
I wounded Orlov.
Let go of my tie, please.
And you're thinking, even if it's true,
there's nothing that could
make Orlov say a word!
But what do you know? Right
there in the room with him
was an IV bag with the IEP in it.
Gold had held me down in my tub
and tried to use it on me,
so I knew exactly what to do.
No one trusts politicians, Cornelia.
No one likes them and, God help us all,
no one wants to live
in a world run by them.
A group of us in intelligence
have that taken care of.
Oh, so, you and your
friends run the world now?
No, the world runs itself
without any help from us,
but what people in the
world think we need is peace.
The world needs balance.
Two sides, in balance.
Tension? Yes. We need tension.
We need to believe our government
is vital to our survival
because without tension, who will
give away a third of every paycheck
if there isn't a threat of war? Tension.
But tension in balance.
You don't believe that.
What makes you say that?
Because you don't believe anything.
One side having the IEP does not work!
Both sides have to have it!
Just like both sides needed the H bomb
and before that, both sides needed
airplanes, or the repeating rifle,
or the catapult, or the sword,
or right back to caveman,
"I have a rock and you have a rock,"
or the whole system falls apart!
So you share things for
the benefit of mankind?
It doesn't matter what I do!
It's what has to happen!
When I'm done, someone'll take my place.
There has to be balance!
Go ahead.
Throw me off the roof,
if you think you can.
You lost 20 years of your life once.
You lost your husband. Your children.
What are you prepared to lose this time?
Your granddaughter?
I decided to protect you.
The investigation's over.
I say Rousseau's the mole
and that's the way it will be.
I didn't come to threaten
you with exposure.
I didn't come to kill you.
Why then?
I came to tell you
I own you.
Mom? Mom!
Draw her into your confidence.
Pretend to get close.
It's what she'd do to you
if she were in your shoes.
(GRAY): We can't trust
anyone. But each other.
(SARA): She has a way
of making you feel like
the most important person in the world,
like she's helpless and you're
the only one that can help.
(GRAY): Everyone makes mistakes
sometimes. God knows I know.
- I worshipped your father.
- Why won't you ever just tell me what's true?
(GRAY): Everything we do is theatre.
It's important you separate
work from real life.
- (SARA): What are you?
- (GRAY): Chaos.
Maybe every day since you were
a little girl, you hated me.
(SARA): So, not only did she know
we were coming, she invited us in.
(TAGG): How does what I'm
doing benefit Cornelia Gray?
(GRAY): I told your dad when
Tessa killed your mother.
(SARA): You won't stop playing games.
(GRAY): Maybe you're
sure I killed your father.
- You've shot people before.
- And you're waiting for your moment.
Gray killed Winston because
she was the one who turned him.
(TAGG): Is Cornelia Gray the mole?
You're a lucky young woman.
You can't be involved in this!
(GOLD): Don't let her slither
her way into your life.
Anyone who ever does comes to regret it.
(CORNET): Your father and your
stepmother and now your husband.
- What's wrong?
- All good. All good.
Sophie had a few ground rules.
Wanted to see if you're okay with them.
Sure, anything. What? What?
You can only stay for half an hour.
You can't bring anything, like food.
And she specifically said
you can't bring a present.
Um, last thing
she's not going to tell Rose.
Not going to tell Rose I'm coming?
She's not going to tell Rose
that you're her grandmother.
We're not going to tell the
parents of the other kids, either.
Who am I supposed to be?
She told us to say you work at the bank.
I guess you're my secretary.
You okay?
I'm fine.
You're a great boss.
I love working there.
I'm never going to retire.
You always get me a cup of coffee
when you get one for yourself.
Last year you gave me extra time off
- when my sister had a small stroke
- Whoa,
let's keep the backstory to a minimum.
- Absolutely.
- Too many details will slip you up.
You're not a very good liar, are you?
- No.
- Um I got to run.
I drove home from church,
and I saw a red unit
kicking in the door to my condo.
Probably some of the guys from the
same red unit I used when I got you.
I drove right past.
I called Chase,
but he didn't answer.
I so regret not doing this the
night of the raid at your place.
Could have just said you made a run;
nobody would have even thought twice.
I don't have a gun.
Cornelia, those baby
blues you like so much,
they're waiting to see you.
You found me, Lee.
I'm going to do this with my bare hands.
And see how soft your skin really is.
Look how you turned out.
I bet your mother must be proud.
I know Janelle is your mother.
There's no sense denying it.
I remember her hair,
her long black hair.
Is it still long?
I had just started.
She must have had a
hundred pictures of you
pinned up behind her desk.
There were rules about
having personal items;
she wouldn't take 'em down.
I've never met a woman
who loved her son more.
Oh, she struggled, Lee.
Just a secretary, but so brilliant.
She was the one who had to get
the men their coffee every morning.
It's like you, isn't it?
You're smarter than Tagg.
You should be a head of Cerberus.
But they keep you down
Like they (MOANING)
Like they kept Janelle
And then I was recruited.
There was your mother
getting me my coffee.
But I don't think that's why she quit.
I think Chase's father made her quit.
I think Chase's father is your father.
Why didn't he do more for you?
Why hasn't your brother?
Yeah. Yeah.
I'm going to kill your
fucking mother, too.
Oh, look. Carrie's home from the prom.
Come on help.
What the hell, Cornelia?!
What do I tell David?!
- What time is it?
- Quarter 'til two.
How long does a kid's
birthday party last?
- I need you to take me to Sophie's.
- No!
We have to clean this up right now!
- Call a crew.
- What? A "cleanup crew?"
What is this? 1998?
I need to get to my
granddaughter's party!
David took Lydia to Fiola
Mare with his mother.
What if he brings her back here?!
- I don't give a damn.
- Oh, I do!
That witch hates me!
She thinks I'm too old for David!
- You are!
- She's always spewing nasty little barbs;
- sharp, frozen pellets of bile.
- Shut up
- and wash my hair.
- I am not
- going to wash your hair!
- I said wash my hair!
- No!
- Do. Not.
Piss me off.
Right. Let's get on with it, then.
He had a lot of blood.
You know, when you're done,
I need you to go grab my green coat.
You're here.
- Late, but, uh
- Oh, John.
- I'm happy you could make it.
Thank you.
Are you hot?
- Do you want a glass of water?
- Oh! That would be divine.
They didn't have cold water.
- Is a juice box okay?
- Oh.
You okay, Mom?
I'm good. Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
You put some soap in here?
- Yeah.
- From here.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'm Janet Lester.
I work with your dad at the bank.
- What's your name?
- I'm Rose.
Oh. You're Rose?
Then this is your party.
Oh, happy birthday, Rose.
I made something for you.
Its eyes are closed. Is it sleeping?
You are such a smart little girl.
You're so smart!
Yes, yes, it's sleeping, so shh.
We have to be careful not to wake him.
Hey, Rose. Rose, come! Let's play.
- Come on!
- Ah, Rose, Rose. This is for you.
Thank you.
- Um, Sophie, thank you for this.
- Hm.
Well, I have to admit
you're on your best behavior.
And I suppose thanks for getting
George the promotion at the bank.
He didn't admit it to me, but I knew.
He really doesn't need
your help, you know?
He fought for everything he has.
And now he fights for me and Rose.
(GEORGE): All right. Hands up, hands up.
Oh! She's such a ham.
Why don't I get a
picture of the two of you?
Okay. Yeah.
- And-and-and
- Ben!
- John? Ben?
- Yeah?
I-I've lost my phone,
but if I take a photo, will
you please send it to me?
- Of course. Here you go.
- I think
I think I know how to handle this.
I I'll try.
I think I know how to do this.
I think
I think I've got this.
This is amazing. I'm glad
you guys are all here.
(GRAY): Oh
S-say cheese.
(ALL): Cheese.
- (CLICK!)
- Beautiful.
Good job.
Cornelia! Cornelia.
Sara, what's going on?
- Come here! Rose!
- You asked me to wait.
- I waited.
- Get in the house!
Get in the house. Get in the house, now!
- Get Rose in the house!
- (SARA): Why did you kill, Andy?
- Why Andy?
- What? No! What happened?
- You know what happened.
- My God.
- You know what happened.
- I'm so sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- What did you hope to accomplish?
Sara? Think. I love Andy.
Don't say his name again.
Did you kill Andy?
This is the last thing you want to do.
- Just think!
- Did you kill Andy?
Did you kill Andy?
- No.
- No?
- No.
- And what about my father?
- Sara.
- Do you know that I heard the mortician
say to my stepmother that
the casket had to be closed
because the top of his head was gone.
They offered to use a plaster and
they'd paint and add hair, too!
- I'm sorry for what happened.
- But they said it would look good from close,
but not from far away
because you killed him!
I'm sorry for everything
you went through!
- Because you killed him, didn't you?
- Sara!
- I've called the cops.
- Ben! Get back!
Let's get inside. Get inside! Hey.
If you kill me, maybe
maybe Tagg or Chase
might fix things for you.
Maybe they won't.
- You're not afraid, are you?
- No.
- You don't think I'll pull the trigger?
- I think you'll pull the trigger.
I'm just not afraid to die.
What made you think
I killed your husband?
Who whispered that in your ear?
No one. No one! No one!
- I've just grown tired of your lies!
- I never lied to you.
Every word that comes out of your mouth.
Y-your eyes. Your thoughts.
Your dreams in the dead of
the night. They're all lies?
I never lied to you, Sara.
If I didn't always tell you everything,
it was only to protect you.
So, you're not lying
about killing my husband?
No, you didn't lie
about killing my father?
- Now, what about my stepmother?
- I killed Tessa.
She murdered your mother.
She turned your father. She
was lying in wait to turn you.
I ruined your wedding.
I admit it, it was wrong.
But I won't let you ruin your life.
just put down the gun.
Put down the gun.
Come on.
Sara, just think.
Come on.
Come on. Sara.
Eleanor Roosevelt would be proud.
Are you sure you're going to be okay?
Mm-hm. Yeah, I'm just going
to the hotel and crash.
- You'll get through this.
- Yeah.
Sure you don't want company?
Maybe some other time.
We'll get you through this.
Lee. Chase.
By now you know they're after
you and you know I sent them.
You need to trust me.
Let them take you and I will get
you out of this, I swear on my life.
It's a shame.
Oh, dear.
Well, that's Bob, the shit,
and Christopher and, uh,
Mack's my baby. (LOUD KISSES)
Well, he was my baby.
You know what strikes me as funny?
Not good funny, bad funny.
- What?
- Uh-uh. Not my place.
Oh, my God! Just say it!
Well, it's funny.
There's this line that no
one seems willing to cross
except Gray.
(WHISPERING): She is always
messing with people's families.
Yeah. We don't do that.
That isn't done.
Right? Who does?
But look, Sara's family.
Maybe Tagg's? Abbott, even?
Your family.
But what do I know? I'm
new here. Do you like tomatoes?
Do you want my tomatoes?
I just said I don't like tomatoes.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
you're the one that called me here.
What do you need?
Your help to isolate her.
Isolate her from whom?
Well up until that point,
everything was perfect. Simple.
Rose is so adorable, so smart.
Where is this place? I'm starving.
- Was there a theme?
- What do you mean?
Lydia turns one in a month.
David says we need a theme
before we pick a venue,
like, "great women in birthday history,"
or "the seven deadly sins of cake."
The theme is "Hooray.
You're one year old."
I know.
So, David and his mother?
Guess who's sleeping by the pool?
Take the guest house! I insist.
I'll be fine, unless it gets too hot.
David sees the kitchen as
his territory. Listen to this:
I put a knife in the wrong slot
in the knife block yesterday.
I thought he was going
to have a heart attack.
So blood on the floor,
on the countertop, on
the sink, on the ceiling?
Uh, it's going to take time.
Any trouble with the body?
Mm. I couldn't help myself.
When people try to kill
me, it really pisses me off.
Sounds perfectly normal to me.
- Did you make a reservation?
- Cornelia, they know me.
It's just over there.
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