Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) (1999) s01e07 Episode Script

The Mother of All Crushes

My adrenaline's always flowin' So it feels like I'll overheat Even if I explode and turn to ashes I'll probably still be laughing Just like this Blowing past the town To the ends of the world Let's burn rubber And die together like lovers Let's cut loose Until we reach our limit So we can reach the horizon Crash! Into the rolling morning Flash! I'm in the coolest driver's high Toward the finish line Listen up! A home visit by a teacher starts tomorrow.
That bastard Onizuka will come to our homes anytime.
But we can't acknowledge that bastard as our homeroom teacher.
None of us will let him in our homes.
If your parent lets him in, harass him so that he will leave soon.
Do you understand? It's just a home visit.
Why is he so upset about it? Funny guy.
Isn't it because Murai's mother is--? -You will cooperate, won't you? -I will, I will.
That Onizuka.
I will never let him pay a home visit to my house! Regarding the home visits to students' homes tomorrow-- Home visits? It's too much hassle.
Then you aren't going? I see parents at teacher-parent conferences anyway.
Why do I need to go out of my way to meet with women in their 40s? That sounds reasonable.
You aren't the type for home visits.
Cut it out.
I'm pretty sure Murai's mother is still in her 20s.
That's right.
She is also hot and single-- What did you say?! Is it true?! Answer me! It's true.
Sexier than Ever! Bewitching Bunny Not yet? Where is Murai's young mom? Instead of this, you can officially visit her home.
Not until I see whether she is stunning or not.
Students like you haven't had enough life experiences to know what real beauties look like.
Hey, where is her photo? During the school sports festival I think had one that focused on her.
-What? -You are a man too.
-It's not that-- -Let me see the whole thing.
I'll take it out.
Raw Sexual Massage She is really hot! -What are you doing?! -That's my line.
Why are you staring at my photo in such a weird position? Wow, the real thing! -Teacher.
-Teacher? It's so noisy out here.
What's going on? Hey, Mom! Why are you staring into space? Isn't he a student at your school? Didn't he say "teacher"? Maybe a teacher at a cram school.
By the way, I'm hungry.
Could you make me dinner soon? Oh, it's this late.
Sorry, I'll get it right away.
Shit! He saw my mom.
Now, he will come visit us.
He'll come definitely.
Hello there! This is a home visit! I'm sorry, but Kunio is not home yet.
Oh, that's not a problem.
Let's talk about grownup stuff.
And then, and then.
As a single mother you raised him by yourself.
It must be tough.
He's been a handful.
But from now on, I will become his father.
No, it's not right.
You're his teacher, and I'm his parent.
When we take everything off, we are just a man and a woman.
That line makes me melt.
Very good! What are you doing, Kunio? He has such a dirty mind.
He will definitely come to our house first.
Shit! What should I do? Hey, everyone! I heard there were no home visits for our class! -What? -Are you sure? Yeah.
I heard other teachers talking about it in the teachers' lounge.
-How come? -Whatever it is, we lucked out.
Murai, come here for a second.
What did you say? Are you sure? It was too dark to see clearly.
Right, Saeko? Right.
I'm sure it was Onizuka and your mother.
She did get a call last night and was gone for a while.
If it's true, we smell something here.
They seemed close.
Your mother would hit it off with Onizuka-- I will never let that bastard have my mother! No matter what happens, never betray us like Kikuchi and Yoshikawa.
-I know.
-I sure hope so.
Home visits by a teacher are nothing but a formality.
So it doesn't matter if I do it or not.
I sure hope my mother wouldn't fall for this dumb guy.
But she doesn't have good eyes to evaluate guys.
This is why there are no home visits for our class.
Make up excuses for your parents.
Murai, aren't you gonna come with me? No, I'll pass today.
Mom! Oh, Kunio.
You just got home? Just in time.
I'll be gone for a bit.
Mom, look at what you're wearing.
Don't I look good? I don't look like your mother, do I? Where in the world are you going in such an outfit? On a date.
I might be late.
So order whatever you like for dinner.
Did you say a date? Don't tell me.
I don't think so, but I hope her date isn't that dumb guy.
Who the hell is that? No sweat.
He was just trying to pick her up.
That's someone from her work.
Mom made me nervous.
She was just meeting her female co-worker.
I thought she was meeting Onizuka.
Mother! Sorry to keep you waiting! -What? -You are late.
The thought of going out with you made me so excited I had to do this and that.
Well, we don't wanna talk standing.
Onizuka! Okonomi-yaki Teppan-yaki: Miyaji He was born when I was in eighth grade.
Eighth grade? Eighth grade is.
Thirteen years old.
Back then, I was determined to give birth to my baby.
That's amazing.
You thought that way when you were only 13.
But it was pretty tough after that.
When they found out I was pregnant, my boyfriend left and my parents disowned me.
So I left home, came to Tokyo and started living in a tiny apartment.
That's probably why my son hasn't been able to trust grown men.
He runs away from tough situations.
Just like adults do, he thinks.
Whenever things get too tough, he runs away from it? But that is to be expected because he's never had a father.
Shit, I wish I could hear what they're talking about.
Excuse me.
Are you ready for more orders? Oh, no.
I'm fine with this.
Unfortunately, that's not how it works.
We can't allow you to order one juice and stay for hours! If I ordered a juice, I'm a customer! Kunio! What the hell are you doing here? Shit! He was so worried about his mother that he followed her.
He was a "tail" boy instead of a "fail" boy! That was a funny rhyme, wasn't it? "Tail" instead of "fail"-- I just happened to walk by! What are you doing with this guy? Why are you calling him a guy? He's your homeroom teacher! Apologize.
I'm not gonna apologize to this guy! You're so naive.
That's why men betray you! I won't console you when it goes bad.
Kunio! That bastard really pisses me off! "A tail boy"? What a joke! I just wanna kill that bastard! Don't you agree, Fujiyoshi? -So you left them alone and came back? -Yeah.
That's the worst thing you could have done.
Because your mother said she was going on a date, right? When adults go on a date, they usually go to a certain place after a meal.
-A certain place? -Hotel.
A Love Hotel.
Love Hotel That bastard Onizuka! I'm gonna kill him if he ever touches my mom! Okonomi-yaki Teppan-yaki: Miyaji They left a while ago in a good mood.
Miyaji They were going to the next place.
Hotel New York It can't be.
My mom and Onizuka.
What if they make a baby together? See, Kunio? This is your baby sister.
And, Kunio, I'm your new dad! From now on, your name will be Kunio Onizuka! Kunio Onizuka No! That blond bastard! I'm gonna kill him! You bumped into me and you're gonna leave without a word? Who did you say you were gonna kill? Wait! You bastard punk! Mom? Really? She came home.
That's good.
My mom wasn't stupid.
But there's no proof of what happened.
Aizawa, did you want something to happen? It's not that.
I don't care about what happened.
But if there was such a rumor, that's an excuse to expel him.
A perverted teacher who flirts with his student's mother! -That's a great idea! -Isn't it? Don't! Don't use my mom.
Even if it's for the sake of our class, I won't let that happen! Murai.
I'll come up with something for the Onizuka situation.
-So don't hurt my mom! -Murai.
-Let's go, Saeko.
-So he was a wimp too, after all.
-Hey! Come here! -What? Is that his bathing place? Here we go.
He sprayed a pheromone perfume in his crotch! He must be going on a date.
He wants to get lucky tonight! -That dork! -Murai! -Hey, Onizuka! -What? If you want to date my mother, you need to beat me! Fine with me.
I once was a champion at a competition in Ikebukuro.
I'll win this one! A national competition? Impressive.
Just because you ride a real motorbike doesn't mean you can be so relaxed! I'm gonna beat you in no time! So sorry! You need to cancel your date today! Here I go! Onizuka is catching up with amazing speed! -Murai in a pinch! -What?! What a dirty trick, hiding your cards! Justice I gave you a handicap.
Or there'd be no competition.
Who do you think you are? How about this? What?! You won a national competition? What a petty reason to be merry! I'll teach you that there's always someone above you! Shit! I can't let him pass! I'll never let him pass me! You are so easy! What? It can't be! All right! Well a promise is a promise.
I'm going on a date.
You finally give up.
What? Idiot! Why would I want to shake hands with you? I won't allow you to go on a date! Hey, you guys! Wait! Murai! Hey, Murai.
Don't you think you went too far? -I don't care! That bastard! -Wait! That voice.
Wait! If you don't, I'm gonna kill you little devils! -Onizuka! -What is he, a monster? Give me the key.
The key! I can't go on a date with this thing! I've already told you, I won't let you go! Kunio! -Mom! -Wait, you bastards! Get on! Hurry up! -It's you, Mother! -Teacher! -Thank you for last night.
-Thank you.
Don't talk to that guy! I'll protect you forever, Mom.
Don't count on such a flaky bastard! -Murai, don't make me laugh! -Teacher! You can't accept that you lost.
When things go wrong, you run away.
You're acting just like the grownups you hate! Do you think such a wimp could protect a woman? Shut up! Shut up! Mom! You idiot! Watch out! -Are you all right? -Yes, thank you.
-Kunio! Are you all right? Listen, Murai.
To protect someone means risking your own life.
You can't do it half-heartedly.
Now, time for a date.
Mother, see you later.
-Have fun! -He said a date.
Who's he going with? Someone's mother in your class.
Well, the next one is your mother, Kusano.
He calls it "A Dating-style Home Visit by a Teacher: Together With Mother.
" -What? -Well, that's what it is.
See you.
I don't wanna be late.
A regular home visit is nothing but a formality.
He couldn't get to know the parents in such a setting.
He is truly unique and strange.
-That guy.
-He has such a unique perspective.
He wanted my opinion the day before yesterday.
What about setting it up as a date? That's sounds cool! I totally agree with you.
So, I was the first one yesterday.
We had drinks at the first place but we only talked about you after that.
Such a thing.
How can I believe such a thing? He's Onizuka! That perverted teacher! There's no doubt that he was only after your body! He doesn't really care about home visits! When did you start thinking like a loser? You say that because you don't know how he is most of the time.
No matter how he normally is, he does what he needs to do.
That's how a man should really be.
You saw him when he saved me, didn't you? That guy, that guy.
I will never acknowledge him! Never! -Murai! -Hey, wait! You and me, let's go away To look for new emotions today Together we can overcome Because I want to enjoy a new tomorrow Open your eyes and open the door The world in front of your eyes I want to go out With my favorite sounds I will taste my childhood emotions I'm here to enjoy the sunlight I'm enjoying myself More than in the past I want to see you, but I can't So I just embrace my love Even walking on a crowded street Your smile makes my head spin Next Episode If I jump, I'll never let you touch my mother! Doraemon If I were a teacher, I'd probably tell you guys this: You should be man enough to sow your own seeds.