Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) (1999) s01e08 Episode Script

Bungee Jumping Made Easy

My adrenaline's always flowin' So it feels like I'll overheat Even if I explode and turn to ashes I'll probably still be laughing Just like this Blowing past the town To the ends of the world Let's burn rubber And die together like lovers Let's cut loose Until we reach our limit So we can reach the horizon Crash! Into the rolling morning Flash! I'm the coolest driver's high Toward the finish line Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san.
Tell us whom Kamioka likes.
Hi, To, Mi It's Hitomi! Don't you really like Hitomi? No.
That's not true.
Look, Hitomi is blushing too.
Hitomi Does this mean a bookworm couple is born? -Teacher, how about Takahashi? -No, I'll pass.
-Well, Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san.
-Come on! Stop it! Oh, Kokkuri-san? It's so dumb.
Don't play such a stupid game just before the bell.
Playing Kokkuri-san is for little kids.
Oh, it's so dumb.
You know that Kokkuri-san is a self-hypnotic trick.
I heard it on TV.
Kokkuri-san, who has the stinkiest feet in our class? Mu, Ra, I See, it is Murai! -Well, I thought so.
-Maybe he's growing natto fungi there.
Kokkuri-san is the rumor true that he has crotch rot? It says he does! Who says so? You bastard! I'll kill you! Kokkuri-san, until what age did Murai wet his bed? What are you asking? You don't believe in Kokkuri-san, right? Then it shouldn't bother you.
Kokkuri-san, who has a serious mother complex here? Murai.
-I knew it! -Because Murai's mother is a babe.
We declare you King of Mother Complexes.
You baboon! Don't you be barking! I'm gonna crack your head open! Today's homeroom meeting's over.
-Someone, put up the attendance book.
-I'm gonna get you one day! What? Let's do more.
Sorry, but I have a previous engagement I can't change.
See you! Hey, hey.
You! What was that sound? Why in the world is a pack of natto here? I vaguely remember that Onizuka-sensei brought it during lunchtime.
Stinky! Onizuka! -Whose feet stinks and has crotch rot? -Calm down.
-And who has a mother complex? -Kunio! Mom.
What kind of outfit is that? You like it? Don't I look good in this? Of course it looks good.
But not in public! Your underwear's almost showing! I was waiting for you guys.
Let's go bowling! Come on.
Bowling with a parent? In the ninth grade? Let's go.
Let's go.
-Let me carry it for you.
-Thank you.
Hey, you guys! That's strange.
I thought he was waiting here.
-Is there anyone else coming? -Sorry to keep you waiting! Hello, teacher! Onizuka! Damn it! Why did you come? Is this the previous engagement he was talking about? You guys! That's exactly why I invited him today.
I really need you to get along with your teacher.
Let's go bowling together.
Oh! He clearly frowned just now! He was saying, "Shh! Shh!" What are you saying? A teacher wouldn't do that.
Mom, you're being deceived! I'm not gonna make dinner tonight! I'm sorry for his attitude.
Oh, no problem.
Let's enjoy today.
Come on.
Hurry, hurry.
Finally, finally, my Cresta is back.
It was worth begging.
Technically, I didn't destroy it.
So it shouldn't have been an issue.
-Vice Principal, we'll all be gone.
Please don't forget to lock up.
If I park it by the back gate, it won't be damaged by Onizuka.
Don't touch it with your dirty hands! Who the hell are you? Damn it! I need to polish it.
Let's make you nice and shiny, my Cresta! Staff Room She's gone, she's gone, she's gone! Oh, my Cresta! Rock and paper! Team Smile Team Frown Then I'll go first.
-She did it! -I did it, I did it, I did it! Your form was excellent! I know! You might not know, but I wanted to be a pro bowler.
No wonder you are so good! I'll kill you if you gutter-ball it.
Don't talk in your sleep, baboon! Dear Kunio, the first throw goes into the gutter? Don't worry! It's a strike.
Teacher, don't pull my leg.
What is that submarine throw? It's not baseball! You're not Satonaka! You idiot! It's going into the next lane! What?! Strike! Victory! What do you mean? The pins are in pieces! No pins are standing, so it's a strike.
Hello, this is Murai.
What? Really? Yes, yes, I understand.
Okay, okay.
You'd do the same for me if I were in trouble.
I'm sorry.
I need to go to the construction site.
The other crane driver, Naka-chan, got hurt.
But enjoy the rest among yourselves.
I'm going straight to the site.
I'll pay! Teacher, take care of the rest! Oh, wait! Wait, mother! Oh, man.
Why do I need to bowl with you? With a kid with stinky feet.
That's my line, you baboon.
I'm gonna send you back to Africa! -No way, Murai.
Serious? -That's not good.
Ouch! You bastard! You idiot! It happens when a baboon challenges humans.
You brat.
I was being easy on you because you're a student.
Very well.
I'm gonna kill you! What fun! What's with this? I can't take my fingers out.
Could it be a curse? You got tricked! I thought this might happen! So I put some crazy glue in the holes.
You idiot! What? Spend your life with balls for hands like Doraemon! Wait! Call a rescue crew! -See you, Doraemon! -Hey, wait a minute! Murai.
That was the best! The dumb look on Onizuka's face! -Wasn't that too much? -He was getting panicky.
Don't tell me you guys are gonna be on Onizuka's side.
-It's not that.
-It's just that he is a teacher.
What are you afraid of? It doesn't matter.
That baboon is gonna get fired soon anyway.
Shit! Someone parked at the wrong place on the street! Hey, little boys! Do you have a problem with our car? Can you not touch it with your dirty feet? This is disastrous.
It's a brand-new car.
Oh, no.
What are you gonna do about all the scratches? Scratched? I don't think so.
I just kicked the tire.
I couldn't have scratched it.
But there are scratches.
The only way to fix it is to repaint it.
Do you know that repainting a car costs a fortune? -Look, here's a scratch too.
-You're just blowing smoke! Ouch! I have a broken bone! -Hang in there! -Are you all right? What? How could that break his bone? It is broken.
We are calcium-deprived.
Or are you trying to say my friends are lying? It is broken big-time.
I would say it'll take 500 years to recover.
What will you do? Car repairs, medical bills, plus punitive damage.
-It'll cost over a million yen.
-That's outrageous.
We'll kidnap and beat you guys up.
Then decide if you want to pay.
-Run! -Bratty kids! Kusano! What's wrong? Aren't you gonna run away? If you wanna run, go ahead! If you go, we'll take really good care of this guy.
In place of you.
-You guys fight dirty! -What shall we do? Is something wrong? That's Onizuka.
We're saved! I'm not Onizuka.
I'm Doraemon from the 22nd century.
Doraemon -Onizuka? -Don't joke around, teacher! Teacher? What are you talking about? I told you I was Doraemon.
Hey, guys.
Are you harassing these kids? Looks like fun.
Can I join you? -Could you give me a light? -Oh, sure.
Who are you? Me? I'm Doraemon.
I'm the head of the Santama group.
-You're the head of Santama? -Right.
Nice to meet you.
Why are you befriending them? Aren't you a teacher? You guys are so annoying.
I am Doraemon.
I don't know you guys.
Unbelievable! Well, if I were a teacher, I would probably tell you guys this: You should be men enough to take care of your own problems.
-Let go of me! Shit! -I'm telling you to stop! -They look so dorky, like larvae! -They look nice and warm! -Now we have human punching bags! -Hitting them should feel very real.
Do you think you can get away with this? We'll report it! Then you guys will-- A punching bag shouldn't be talking.
Hey, Joe! Show your punches to the children of Namidabashi! Rule number one for tomorrow: Left jab to the inside.
-Hit! Hit! -Please don't! I will burn out till I turn to ashes.
-One, two-- -Wait! -Teacher! -What is it, Doraemon? You guys are too lenient.
How long have you been gang members? As a bystander, I wouldn't be satisfied until I see your manhood by dragging them with a motorcycle around the city.
-Really? -How about burning them alive? -Target practice? -Dipping them into the pond? All of them lack true originality.
-What the hell?! -Save us, teacher! Oh, I know.
Push them over! A bungee jump from the Bay Bridge.
Isn't that cool? Hey, Onizuka! You're joking, right? -You're gonna kill us? -Teacher, please! Ready, set, go! -Wow, it's outrageously high! -It took five seconds! Are you crazy? Are you seriously gonna let them do this, Onizuka? You'll be fine.
We have rope.
-Those are for packing boxes! -You usually use a bungee cord! The right way is to use a rope.
Plastic stretches.
If you double it, it'll be fine.
-Okay, do you wanna get started? -Yeah! Stop, stop! Hey, let go! Help, someone! What a wimp! You act so big at school.
When things get tough, don't whine and count on others.
Show some guts.
Aren't you man enough? Or are you just a guy with a mother complex? What did you say? You couldn't protect the most important thing for you the other day too.
No matter how he normally is, he does what he needs to do.
That's how a man should be.
Very well, I'll show you I can jump! -Murai.
-Don't be ridiculous! If I jump, I'll never let you touch my mother! -Murai! -Are you all right? A perfect score, Kunio.
-Hold on! We'll pull you up.
-Murai! This is entertaining! Which brat will challenge his fear of Bay Bridge bungee jumping? Wait a second.
Doraemon, what are you doing? What am I doing? The next is your turn.
You know, taking turns.
What are you saying? Don't make stupid jokes! You're just Doraemon! Who the hell is that? What is it? I've come to save Yuria from you villains.
I'm Kenshiro! Kenshiro No joke! Monster! I won't let you get away! The key is gone! Get in, guys! He is so used to it.
Is he really a teacher? What an ordeal.
You bastard! Damn it! He's coming after me! Slow down! You dummy! You're gonna end up letting them get away! I'll show you my skills! What's up, Murai? What are you looking at? This is the vice principal's car! Those guys stole his car! What did you say? Now we have to get revenge for him! -You destroyed a trash can! -Shut up! Be quiet! Wow! A bicycle! Wow! Traffic signs! A mailbox! Wow! A vending machine! Hey, wait! You villain! Please! Don't come! Those two cars! Stop! Hold up! Stop! I'll never let him get away! Please spare me, Doraemon! Good morning! My Cresta, where have you gone? Vice Principal! Your car is in the parking lot! Was it found? Let me through.
Please move over! My Cresta! You must be the owner.
We need to ask you some questions about a car chase.
-What? -It won't take very long.
What is this? -The vice principal in a car chase? -I didn't do anything! I'm the victim! Look at my Cresta! I.
Midnight Car Chase Amazing! It's the top story! Let me see.
The criminal was an animation character? So stupid! It can't be true.
But it's amazing that we got away from the police.
My driving technique is as good as Initial D.
What? The car was totaled! The streets in Tokyo are too narrow.
But I've never been so excited! I thought so.
Hey, Kunio! Dearest Kunio! Could you pass me my cigarettes and lighter? Hey, Murai.
Are you still upset about the bungee jump? Just let it go.
It got us away from those jerks.
Come on, hurry up.
You hold grudges, don't you? Kunio, don't take too much time-- You got tricked! So corny! When you were busy reading the paper, I turned the flame up.
Well, I'll call it even now.
You want me to be friendly with you.
I guess that's okay.
How can you call it even? I'll get change.
What about my hair?! You look like a juvenile delinquent in an old cartoon! Silver Fly Don't laugh! I'm gonna make all of you bungee jump again! You and me, let's go away To look for new emotions today Together we can overcome Because I want to enjoy a new tomorrow Open your eyes and open the door The world in front of your eyes I want to go out With my favorite sounds I will taste my childhood emotions I'm here to enjoy the sunlight I'm enjoying myself More than in the past I want to see you, but I can't So I just embrace my love Even walking on a crowded street Your smile makes my head spin Next Episode What? An underwear thief! Isn't it possible that a teacher is the thief? That hurts.
Are you okay? Wait, you're in my class.
My name is Tomoko Nomura.
But please call me Tomo-chan!