Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) (1999) s01e09 Episode Script

Onizuka and the Art of War

My adrenaline's always flowin' So it feels like I'll overheat Even if I explode and turn to ashes I'll probably still be laughing Just like this Blowing past the town To the ends of the world Let's burn together And die together like lovers Let's cut loose Until we reach our limit So we can reach the horizon Crash! Into the rolling morning Flash! I'm in the coolest driver's high Toward the finish line Come on! Raise your thighs higher! Run more briskly! Brisk! Hajime Fukuroda Nippori Sports College graduate.
Hobby: weight-training.
Favorite saying: "Don't think.
Grasp with your body.
" Hey, Miyazaki! Who told you you could wear sweatpants? -What? What? But-- -No buts! Take them off right away! Yes, sir.
Very well.
No! You girls are slacking off! Around the field three more times! Fukuroda is the worst! -He's a bossy jerk! -He's like a Hokuroda.
-He's a sadomasochist! -What's with the megaphone? It's pathetic how students nowadays grow up so big but psychologically they aren't disciplined.
I need to treat them more strictly.
Teacher, watch out! How was it? Did it fly? It did fly, but.
What flew was Fukuroda.
It was a direct hit in his face.
He got up! He's coming this way! -Run! -What are you talking about? Who did this?! -Onizuka-sensei? -Withdraw! What are you doing in the middle of class? Wait a second! -What was that? -A P.
teacher couldn't avoid it? Who said that? Come forward! Right here! Answer me! -Let's get back.
-Let's go.
Hey! All of you! Ten more laps! The bell already rang.
Thank you very much.
That bastard! Onizuka! What are you guys thinking? You're having fun hanging out with your teacher.
What the hell are you guys thinking? Don't be quiet.
Say something! How about you, Murai? Why does it matter? Don't worry about it.
What do you mean? There is something about him.
He's like a race of his own.
I don't know what it is.
-He's not even human! -He's got guardian spirits.
That's right.
He is definitely protected by someone like Hyakutaro.
If you still wanna play tricks on him, do it on your own.
It won't work, though.
Fukuroda went totally nuts! He's looking for Onizuka.
-Are you serious? -Being hit in the face did it.
-It's not good.
-Let's run! What do we do? If they won't participate it means that half the class is for Onizuka.
-It doesn't matter.
I'll never forget.
Absolutely no teachers are trustworthy.
No one! Onizuka.
You play with your students during your class, disturbing my class.
I never liked you.
Now I will never forgive you! Fukuroda-sensei! Fukuroda-sensei, I understand how you feel.
But violence is not good.
What if we need to involve the police? Do not worry.
I am just going to crush his rotten attitude with my fists of wrath! Now, excuse me.
Onizuka! No violence, please! No violence! Onizuka-sensei! So you like my kick from my karate team days.
Wow! A karate team captain! -Probably learned it in fights.
-More, more! Oh, Fukuroda-sensei.
Do you need me? Well, no.
-I would like to talk to you.
-What? Listen to me, Onizuka-sensei.
A teacher is supposed to be a good role model for students.
However, look at you.
You have way too little awareness as a teacher.
He may know karate, but I was trained physically and emotionally at Nippori and will teach him that there is always someone better.
If you lose this swim race, you must swear to never do anything a teacher is not expected to do.
Excuse me! What the hell are you doing? -Well, I'm eating.
-I can see what you are doing! The school lunch is not enough.
That's not the point! To eat within you could die! Don't you know that? Is that so? Anyway, hurry up and go get changed.
I ate so much! Now what? This is a competition between two men.
Competition? Who? Don't you ever listen to others? -As I've been saying many times.
-Finely ground.
Original blend.
I wanted to see a fight.
Even monkeys don't do such a thing to decide who's the boss.
Well, well.
If it's boring, we need to make it fun.
-Oh, yeah! -Yeah! The girls are impressed with my perfect form.
But this is far from the essence of my magnificent swimming technique.
Now look at this butterfly style! This is the authentic butterfly stroke.
-Look at his waist move! -I'll have nightmares! -I'm gonna puke! -It's gross, but he's fast! -I bet on Hokuroda.
Teacher Race Totocalcio -Thank you! -Shimizu also bet on Hokuroda.
Hey, all bets are on Hokuroda.
There's no gamble.
What about Onizuka? What? Where did he go? -I don't like Hokuroda, but he's fast.
-I'll bet on Hokuroda too.
Inugami Family.
I'm drowning.
Mikako Kotani, gold medalist.
-Shit! Get serious! -We wanna make a living out of this! What? What are you guys doing? Give me that! -What are the odds? -You are about 15 times.
Hokuroda is the favorite.
Oh, really? Do you wanna bet too, Fukuroda-sensei? -Stupid! -What are you doing? You think of yourself as a teacher? Gambling with students! It's a joke.
A joke! Or you don't think you can defeat me? Fine.
Then I'll bet on myself.
Let me see.
One, two, three.
Wow, you have more than enough! I'll bet all my money! -If Onizuka wins, he'll buy us food.
-Then I don't care if I lose my bet.
You think you can win in shorts with so much resistance? You just don't understand! Get set! Ready! -Beat Hokuroda! -Go, Onizuka! Who is proud of his stamina? Don't take me lightly.
I'm a P.
I trained rigorously for four years at Nippori Sports College.
Eikichi Onizuka is not worthy of my fear.
My college nickname was "Wolf Fish.
" He won't win! Five more meters! Four, three, two, one-- He did it! You bastard, what did you do? You cheated, didn't you? You must have! -He didn't cheat.
-He was swimming.
He dove all the way.
Dove? It can't be.
A smoker like him swam 50 meters without taking a breath? No! That's impossible! I know! This is a case of doping! It can't be anything else! Stay there! I'll be right back, you bastard! It was so awesome, teacher! -Fukuroda was really intimidated.
-Justice prevails.
Look who's talking.
You had no intention of competing.
Your wallet is empty.
You wait, cheater.
If that's your attitude, I'll use any tactics I choose.
Don't worry! It will be on me today! One more try, Onizuka-kun! I cannot be beaten by you.
One more time! It'll be the same no matter how many times you try! Shut up! One more time! This time.
This time I will win! I will win! I will win! This time! It's unreal! I can't believe it! One more time! More? I can't let you beat.
Somehow everyone falls into Onizuka's pace.
How stupid! -Miyabi.
-Don't worry.
It's taken care of.
Here I am.
I'd better hurry up.
Let's see.
This is it! Onizuka Here I am! Ouch! Oh, are you all right? What? Aren't you in my class? Tomoko Nomura.
Class 3-4.
Attendance number 27.
Just call me Tomo-chan! Okay.
Oh, that's right.
Tomoko Nomura.
No wonder you look familiar.
Here we go.
Wow, big.
What's your size? -It's F.
-F! Aren't you still 14? I've been drinking a lot of milk since I was little.
Then suddenly they became big when I was a fourth-grader.
Fourth grade.
Would you like to touch them? I don't mind.
Don't tease me! Oh, I was on my way to see Miyabi.
I almost forgot.
See you later! Oh, sure.
See you.
Isn't that good? -Miyabi-chan! -Did it go well? Yes.
Tomo-chan put all of our underwear in Onizuka-sensei's locker, just like you told me to.
-No one was watching you, right? -Yes! Now all we need to do is wait.
Onizuka will be fired as a panty thief.
He could even be sent to jail.
-You're so good.
-And evil.
Of course.
I'll do anything to destroy Onizuka.
But I won't dirty my own hands.
-You mean? -Tomoko is the only yogore? -What is yogore? -It's short for "Yoh, go-rippa redi.
" -Tomo-chan is fine? -Fine, very fine.
I'm fine! She is naturally slow.
That's why your nickname is Toroko.
Maybe your nutrients went to your boobs, not your brain.
-That makes sense.
-She's an F cup at 14.
She'll be dragging her boobs in high school.
But I don't know if it was okay.
Onizuka-sensei will get in trouble.
Shut up! Just shut your mouth and do what I tell you to! I'm so sorry, Miyabi-chan.
Do you understand? If you tell on us, you'll be excommunicated.
Okay, I'll never tell.
Cheer up, Fukuroda-sensei.
I'm finished.
I'm no longer.
What? A panty thief?! All the girls in class are missing underwear.
It must be someone within the school.
Please find the thief.
We feel uneasy taking classes when there's a pervert on our campus.
But how can we? Leave it to me! Let's do a surprise school inspection.
Then we'll find out who the criminal is! But, Fukuroda-sensei, pinpointing someone as a criminal might damage our trust with the students.
That's cowardly! Gossip lasts for 75 days.
If I catch the criminal for this case people will forget about me losing to Onizuka.
I, Hajime Fukuroda, will catch the criminal.
We'll be inspecting all of your belongings.
Everyone should show their items in their lockers, desks and bags.
-Hey, what's taking so long? -They are suspicious of us! I'm glad.
It doesn't look like the students are to blame.
That can't be! We should be able to find the criminal! We haven't released anyone from their classrooms! Isn't there a possibility that a teacher is the criminal? What? Students were all in their classes.
The ones with no alibi are teachers who don't have class.
Inspect those lockers too.
Begin with Onizuka-sensei's locker, since he wasn't teaching.
-No, don't! -Onizuka-sensei? The fact you resist so intensely makes us wonder if you are hiding something, Onizuka-sensei.
No, no.
It's not that I'm hiding something.
Fukuroda-sensei! Open Onizuka-sensei's locker! -Yes, sir! -Why start with me? You resist so much, we're more curious! Please don't touch my locker! -Move over! -I don't want to! What is that? So pathetic.
He's fighting it.
He might know about the underwear.
Even so, he wouldn't know about us.
Just watch.
When they open his locker he'll be fired on the spot, as the thief.
Stop! It's a privacy violation! Quiet! Vice principal, go ahead! Okay.
No! Go ahead and open it.
You will be labeled a panty thief in front of everyone! Wow! Underwear! What? It smells! -Oh, no.
That's why I warned you.
-Dirty! Why have you stacked up so much dirty laundry in your locker? Well, it would make my room dirty.
You're such a pig.
Don't you have self-respect as a teacher? Listen, Onizuka-sensei! Teachers are supposed to be role models for students! A teacher should be extremely organized like me.
Just like this.
It can't be.
This is some kind of mistake! Or it is a bad dream! Underwear.
What's wrong, Fukuroda-sensei? Oh, nothing.
Today, a teacher was arrested for panty theft.
The suspect is Holy Forest Academy's P.
teacher, 32-year-old Fukuroda.
This is the news.
A panty thief.
I thought he might do it someday.
Oh, I didn't mean to, but my upper arm muscles went overboard.
Now my locker is completely out of order.
Are you trying to escape? What? Why are you staring at me? Don't tell me you are suspicious of me.
I'm shocked.
I, Hajime Fukuroda, have devoted my entire being to teaching, a sacred vocation.
I would never steal underwear! Teacher! Stupid bitch! You put them in the wrong locker! Now our plan went down the drain! Miyabi, help me! I'm going to drown! It was my mistake to ask someone like you! Help! Miyabi-chan! Miyabi, Toroko is going to drown! It's not that deep.
Never talk to me again! I'm through with you! Well, later on, we confirmed Fukuroda-sensei's alibi and he was not the bloomer thief.
But we haven't been able to find the real suspect.
We only created student animosity towards teachers.
Now we need to strive hard to regain their trust.
You and me, let's go away To look for new emotions today Together we can overcome Because I want to enjoy a new tomorrow Open your eyes and open the door The world in front of your eyes I want to go out With my favorite sounds I will taste my childhood emotions I'm here to enjoy the sunlight I'm enjoying myself More than in the past I want to see you, but I can't So I just embrace my love Even walking on a crowded street Your smile makes my head spin Next Episode -What? -You're gonna be an idol! -What's worse, she's sitting there.
-Were you selling ice here? -Miyabi-chan, can I come? -Trash like you can't come.
That's the way you pump in air.
Parari, parari.
I'm the replacement for Chonan Kenji.
That's right, I'm a cow.
A cow with many boobs.
Here's your favorite hamburger.
I'll let you produce.