Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) (1999) s01e14 Episode Script

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

My adrenaline's always flowin' So it feels like I'll overheat Even if I explode and turn to ashes I'll probably still be laughing Just like this Blowing past the town To the ends of the world Let's burn rubber And die together like lovers Let's cut loose Until we reach our limit So we can reach the horizon Crash! Into the rolling morning Flash! I'm in the coolest driver's high Toward the finish line Next problem.
Who performed the Taika Reforms? Hantaro Nagaoka? Who's that? It's wrong.
It's leyasu Tokugawa! -Idiot, it's Nobunaga Oda! -You're the dumbhead! It's leyasu! -Shut up! It's Nobunaga! -You bastard! -You guys are both dumb.
-What? It was performed by Prince Nakano-Oeno and Kamatari Nakatomi.
The Taika Reforms were political reforms in the first year of Taika after they destroyed the Soga clan.
Kotoku took the throne, Nakano-Oeno became prince and Kamatari became minister.
They established a new era and moved the capitol to Namba.
They established the family registration system.
They also enforced the Handen-Shuju Law as well as taxation systems.
The central government and bureaucracy were solidified in this era.
There are theories which deny the reforms.
By the way, Hantaro Nagaoka was a physics scholar.
Born in 1865 and died in 1950.
A professor at Tokyo University and the first dean of Osaka University he contributed to the fields of optics and physics.
-Who cares about that stuff? -This is no time to be laughing! Japanese History Unless you score highest on the exam, you'll be fired! -You have only a week.
-What are you gonna do? I'll manage somehow.
You can't! Oh, there you are! I've been looking all over for you.
What did you need me for? What's wrong? You look pretty serious.
I have something important to tell you.
Would you like to sleep over at my place for a week and study? I'll be waiting for you completely prepared.
I think Fuyutsuki-sensei lives alone in a one-room apartment in Kugayama.
What? Is it true? Are you sure? I'll kill you if it's not true! What are you getting excited about? You said it was a one-room? She lives by herself? Hey, come on! Tell me! Hey, hey, hey! One room means a young man and woman stay together alone under the same roof for a week! I wonder what we are going to study.
-It's crowded.
Are you sure you don't mind letting me stay here? What are you talking about? You're on the verge of being fired.
Here we are.
Please come in.
It's very spacious for a one-room unit.
That's why I decided to rent this place.
Relax and make yourself comfortable.
A treasure mound! Smells feminine.
Wow! Awesome! I'm in a woman's room.
A woman! Starting today, a young man and woman will sleep under one roof for a week.
And every night we'll have a "love " study session.
Make sure you solve one problem at a time.
Love Soldier O.
I'll solve problems! I'll solve problems! Come on, you Y-curve, you! Geography No, start with geography.
ChiChiBu Basin -Come on, ChiChiBu Basin! -That's the Southern Alps.
The Northern Alps! Wow, the Fossa Magna! Next is a rain forest.
Tropical Rain Forest What kind of study group is this? What about a rain forest? Oh, no, I was just studying geography.
-Wow, you're so motivated! -Very! Then let's begin! Energy drinks? Is it going to be an all-night session? I won't let you sleep tonight.
I bought plenty of equipment.
Wow, are we using equipment? Just leave it to me.
Just between you and me, I don't have much experience so I'll let you lead me.
What is this? They're man-power development equipment.
Man-power development? It's an excellent product to cultivate potential capability.
Did you feel the alpha wave? I can feel a lot of cold sweat running down my back.
Here's dinner.
Please eat a lot.
This? A grilled tuna head contains a lot of DHA which helps your brain function better.
Especially in here.
You want me to eat the eyeballs? Of course! I also made a tuna eyeball salad.
So help yourself.
Mathematics: Basic Questions -We'll work on workbooks all night.
-Workbooks? -Not the rain forest? -Leave it to me.
One Week Schedule ENDURANCE If you follow this schedule you'll be able to score highest in the national exam.
I won't let you get fired, no matter what! I see an assignment during sleep time.
This is a "learning while sleeping" method.
Learning while sleeping? Why is he there? Kiosk Onizuka-kun at your place? Leave it to me.
We'll surprise the Vice Principal and everybody else.
Is that so? I'm confident in you.
But I have mixed feelings as a principal about teachers from the same school living together.
No! It's not living together! That's not the case.
I'm teasing.
Onizuka-kun will overcome any obstacles.
I believe in him.
Principal! You're wasting your time and energy trying to help such a loser.
-Who founded the Mongolian Empire? -Yoshitsune Minamono.
Who is the 8th Tokugawa shogun? Ken Matsudaira.
No, Toshiyuki Nishida.
Goal for Tokyo University You're tired.
You've been studying for 10 hours straight now.
Let's take a break and have some snacks.
What? Snacks? Yeah! Yeah! The tuna head didn't look appetizing so I made it into a dessert.
Doesn't it look delicious? I can't stand this lifestyle! Calm down! Why don't you listen to the alpha wave music? "Want to" means shitai.
"To be able to" means dekiru.
"May" means shite yoi.
"Had better" means shita hoga yoi.
"Desire," yokubo.
How much longer does this last? He'll be fired.
It's almost 100% sure.
Even though it's only junior high school level that idiot won't be able to score the highest.
But Murai and the others have been hanging out with Onizuka.
Also, Kikuchi is in their group.
That's true.
That guy is supersmart, isn't he? Miyabi? Bread that makes you smart I heard that it contained what's called DOHC.
DOHC? That's an engine, isn't it? DHA, docosahexaenoic acid.
Are you all right? You look pale.
Onizuka-sensei! It's time.
Let's review what you learned yesterday.
That's hell.
He's probably expecting heaven.
He might actually go to heaven.
His brain is not meant for studying.
Now, as the last resort, we should do him a favor.
Isn't it too risky? -Do you want Onizuka to be fired? -But, still.
Don't do it.
If someone finds out, you'll get expelled.
It's too risky.
Shut up.
Do you have any better ideas? I'm indebted to Onizuka in a way.
So I can't abandon him.
I'll do it myself, even if you don't.
I'll do it tonight.
? ChiChiBu Basin.
Name - Eikichi Onizuka [Hold Out! Japan!.]
Time is up.
Wow, I'm sure all the answers are correct! Your hard work must be paying off.
-Look at these! -Then I'll grade your papers.
I'm so impressed that I solved all those problems all by myself.
I have this feeling of accomplishment.
I might get hooked on studying.
How was it? It can't be! I wrote all the answers.
Did you make mistakes grading? Such bad scores! Let's do it again.
I'll be dead serious this time.
Are you sure the national exam papers are in here? I saw the Vice Principal putting them in this safe.
I also saw the combination.
Hurry! If we're too slow, we'll get caught by the security guards.
It's open! We did it! As long as we have this National Scholastic Trial Examination Onizuka will-- That's it, you guys! You guys are stupid.
Did you think you could get away with it? You guys are so naive.
To get expelled for the sake of a dumb teacher.
-They're the ones! -What are you guys doing? This is the end.
Why don't you give up and take your masks off? You betrayers, Murai and friends! -Let me see your face! -We'll hand you over to the police! -I can't turn on the light! -Check the breakers! They got away.
-What happened? -I don't know.
That's why I said it was too much risk.
It's impossible.
Unless somebody performs transformation surgery on me I can't score highest.
With a strong will and muscles I can manage in anything but academic fields.
Maybe I'm not suited to be a teacher.
Don't pretend you don't know anything.
It won't do you any good.
We know what you did last night.
It was a criminal act.
That wench, Aizawa, she told on us! You don't mind getting expelled for that piece of trash Onizuka? -Is there any proof that it was us? -Right.
Do you have proof? What? All right.
If you do it one more time you will definitely get caught and be expelled.
Be prepared! If we don't get caught, we won't get expelled or punished.
We'll do it again! Don't interfere in my business! They're only thinking of you.
I'm not so helpless and downtrodden that you need to take pity on me.
Besides, I can't let my students take any more risks for a teacher.
You guys stay put and watch.
I'll show you what it takes to be a teacher.
Goal for Tokyo University Wow, I almost fell asleep.
You're pushing too far.
You don't need to put needles on your forehead.
Don't worry.
I can't learn the lesson unless I go to such an extreme.
It was good stimulation.
Wow, I almost fell asleep.
Please stop! You will bleed to death before the exam! Leave me alone.
What happened? All of a sudden, you're so motivated.
I declared to them that I will score highest and show them what it takes to be a teacher.
When you make such a declaration, there's no choice but to do it.
Why don't you take a bath? You haven't bathed in a week.
It will help you relax.
That's right.
It's already tomorrow.
The test of destiny.
Tomorrow will be doomsday for that perverted Cro-Magnon man who embarrassed you and your mother.
He'll be taken away in disgrace from our school and from the world of education.
Eikichi Onizuka, what an annoying man! Who does he think I am? It's no fun to punish you! Dear Hidemi.
Onizuka-sensei, he has already left.
Holy Forest Academy In 1946, proclamation of Constitution in Japan.
It's no use.
You're gonna be fired anyway.
Hey, it's you again.
It's not too late.
If you don't want to lose your job, just lick my feet.
I'm sorry, but I have no intention of asking you to help me.
Understand? Idiot! Are you making light of me, you incompetent teacher? If you want your feet licked, find a dog or a cat.
What? You lick them! -No.
-Lick them! What a persistent child! Please lick them! How come only you won't do what I tell you to? Never mind.
You irritate me.
I'm going home! Yeah, yeah.
Do whatever you like.
What in the world is wrong with her? She's gotta be a pervert.
What are you doing to me? Stop it! Sorry, kid.
I need you to come with me.
Don't worry.
I won't be rash only if your father, the assemblyman does what we ask him to do.
Futogaki-san, a weird newspaper delivery guy is following us.
What is that? In the year 645, the family of Soga-no-Ohji perished.
In 752, the giant Buddha of Todai-ji was established.
In 794, the capitol was transferred to Heian-kyo.
In 1053, Ho-oh-doh of Byodo-in was built.
In 1059, the revolution by the Heike clan began.
You bastards! I need to take an exam! You and me, let's go away To look for new emotions today Together we can overcome Because I want to enjoy a new tomorrow Open your eyes and open the door The world in front of your eyes I want to go out With my favorite sounds I will taste my childhood emotions I'm here to enjoy the sunlight I'm enjoying myself More than in the past I want to see you, but I can't So I just embrace my love Even walking on a crowded street Your smile makes my head spin Next Episode Which gang do I belong to? This isn't child's play, you know, teacher.
Then, goodbye.